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01472 358610
Grimsby Minster is offering a unique
opportunity to boys and girls in
North East Lincolnshire to become
choristers in Grimsby Minster Choir.
Humans have been making music for tens of
thousands of years. Singing bonds people
together, exercises a range of muscles and makes
you feel happy.
The camaraderie of communal singing is of
benefit to people - have you noticed how much
everyone enjoys singing en masse at football
matches with no thought of their own ability?
You don't get that feeling when listening to a
Singing is good for your health, it lifts the spirits
and you can do it for free (if you're really lucky,
people will actually pay you to do it!) - so what
are you waiting for? There's so much you can
Gareth Malone from the BBC’s ‘The Choir’ says
Why become a Chorister?
Term Time schedule of rehearsals &
services that Choristers are required
to attend

Tuesdays and Thursdays
4.30pm - 6.00pm Girls & Boys rehearsal
Supervision and light refreshments available
at the Minster from 3.30pm.

9.30am Rehearsal
followed Choral Eucharist at 10.30am
finishing at 12noon

Over time, Girls and Boys will rehearse and perform at
different times, but the overall commitment will remain.
as above .
Becoming a chorister needs commitment from
children and parents, but the rewards are enormous.
Being a chorister at Grimsby Minster offers
potentially life changing opportunities and will make
a real difference to your work and character. You
may like to talk this over with your school’s music
coordinator and with Mr Steven Maxson, our
Director of Music.
What are we looking for ?

We are looking for children who enjoy singing,
being part of a close-knit team and who, with
parents, will commit to an immensely rewarding
schedule. It is always useful if a child has some
experience of a musical instrument but it is by
no means essential. We look more for potential
and enthusiasm than for the finished article.
As a member of Grimsby Minster Choir
each child will:

What do Rolling Stone Keith Richard, comedian
Dudley Moore, X Factor’s Charlie Bick, and opera
tenor Pavarotti have in common?

As children they all sang in church choirs.
We are recruiting children who have potential to
sing in the choir of Grimsby Minster, this involves a
simple audition with Mr Steven Maxson our Director
of Music. If you have any questions or would like to
talk about this further, Mr Maxson is always happy
to discuss potential recruits .

Most boys choose to stay in the Choir until their
voices break and many continue their singing with
the men in the back rows.

Girls voices develop in a different way and their
voices often continue to develop and grow well into
their adulthood.

Much of the music learned is religious in nature but
some contemporary, fun but challenging pieces are
also part of the repertoire and the Choir will perform
in concerts as well as in church. Taking part in
broadcasts, making recordings, and touring abroad
are all possibilities for our Choristers!

Potential recruits from all religious backgrounds or
none are more than welcome to audition for the

If you would like to discuss choir membership for
your son or daughter please complete the form
below, or telephone the Minster Office on 01472
358610 or email

Name ......................................................

Address ....................................................


Email ........................................................
Choristers will need to be collected after any service or
rehearsal by an appropriate named adult .
Enjoy a first class musical tuition,
professional voice coaching &
training in choral singing.
Learn to be a team player as well as
a solo singer.
Be trained to perform as a profes-
sional and enjoy the responsibility
and sense of achievement that
Find that their school work im-
Take part in choir tours, possibly
abroad as well as in the UK.
Enjoy the opportunity to take part
in broadcasts and recordings.
The potential to earn some fees
Have lots of fun and make new
We are recruiting boys and girls to sing in the choir
of Grimsby Minster. Potential choristers can come
from any school in North East Lincolnshire or
Comments from current & former
“There are many positive aspects related to my time in
the choir and I can still see how they have influenced
the way I work, behave and interact with others today”
“The effort put into the choir, particularly the hours
spent practicing is significant, but this is matched by the
rewards. At a young age you become aware of the
return on effort - i.e. the more you put in, the more
you get out of it.”
“The rewards for this effort are huge - the enjoyment
gained from a good performance and the feeling of
being part of a team working to a common goal, is
“The discipline related to meeting the demanding
routine is also useful throughout your adult life, be it
during study or work”
“The early chance to be part of a team (which includes
other children and adults) working to a common goal is
important to understand the interactions between team
members in later life”
“The regular public performances (be it singing a solo,
or with other members of the choir) help to build
confidence that can be used in later life in public
speaking and giving presentations”
“Reading music can definitely help with mental
arithmetic and also solving logical problems”