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Teacher Recognition Opportunity

Name _____Brianna Baker_________________________________

School ______Western Alamance High School ____________________
Best phone number to reach you: _____336-214-5307__________________________________________
If your essay is selected, are you willing to read your essay at the August 22, 2014 Back-to-School
Celebration to be held in ABSS? yes no

You are invited to share with us about an ABSS teacher from your elementary, middle, or high school
years that positively impacted your educational journey. Please describe how s/he positively
impacted you and return this sheet to your schools front office by June 11, 2014 or email it to: Thank you!

Name of ABSS Teacher: ______Anthony Baker_________________

Name of school where they currently teach (if known): ___Western Middle School (as an
Administrator) Hillcrest Elementary (as a teacher)_____________________________________

As clich as it may sound, knowing Mr. Baker is truly a privilege. I never experienced him in the classroom
setting, but I can remember walking the halls during elementary school hearing his loud, happy, laugh fill the
school. Everyone knew Mr. Baker. He taught exceptional children and was chair of the department during his
time at Hillcrest Elementary. He led a group that helped 4
and 5
grade boys learn to be great men and
remarkable citizens. Cheerful and poised, Mr. Baker strutted the hallways with an unprecedented and
contagious confidence. He was inspirational, and continues to serve as my role model as a high school
Mr. Baker is a leaderno matter what, he excelled in whatever he tried, either initially, or by hard work.
Whenever you walked into his classroom, you would see all of his students smiling and content despite
having to do challenging work. Mr. Baker has the ability to make work enjoyable without making it easier. He
made sure to fit every students learning style by making classes interactive and multi-dimensional. The most
beautiful thing about Mr. Baker as an educator is that he grasped what many teachers and administrators fail
to understand now. He understood that every child is capable of learning; he never gave up on a student. He
made sure that every students (not just his own) basic needs were met by keeping a well-kept wardrobe for
students who could not afford to clean or fit their clothes. He also kept snacks and rewarded students for
seemingly small victories. His ability to keep a positive atmosphere in his classroom benefited everyone
around him.
Mr. Baker is my dad and I am so honored and proud to say that. I can remember watching my dad having
complete control of everything around him, confidently commanding the halls with such an incredible
confidence. I used to love accompanying him on trips to the store to restock his classroom with clothes,
supplies, and foodhe only got the best for his students. He introduced me to his students and I can
remember feeling so important and powerful by his side. My dad would take kids to the movies and out to
restaurants to reward them for good behavior and academic achievement and as a little girl, I was simply in
awe of his dedication and commitment. He has had a notable impact on my education. Since middle school,
he has worked diligently to earn his masters and doctorate degrees sitting at the kitchen table for hours on
end writing his ideas for education improvement. My dad has taught me patience and passion. He dreams of
reforming the education system to ensure the success of every student. He constantly pushes me to work hard
in my own classes by serving as an example through his work and classes. From the time I was a little girl,
seeing my dad in the school hallways has never failed to make me proud.

Dad, I love you, and I cannot thank you enough for being such a great father, teacher, and mentor to me. You
are the best dad I could have ever asked for and I am grateful for such a fantastic role model. You never fail to
teach me new things in life and I am appreciative of your dedicationnot just in education, but in my life.

Thank you.