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Higher Music Technology

Electronic Dance Music
• Uses electronic musical
instruments and
electronic music
technology in its

Sound Producing Devices include:
Hammond Organ
Electric guitar
Electronic sound production can be
achieved using devices such as:
Sound Synthesizer
Origins of Electronic Dance
Music (EDM)
• In 1969 a song called Popcorn was released by Gershon
Kingsley and is considered by many to be the very first
'dance track' (McCurley and Flynn, 2013).

• The song would later be covered by the band Hot Butter in
1972 and become a bigger hit than the original version.

• Listen to the song played on a vinyl LP

• Both versions using Moogs and analog drums would
influence Disco musicians and producers through a greater
part of the 70s with its catchy groove.
• By the later half of the 1970s, recorded disco music began to
shift away from traditional orchestration (electric bass and
guitar, live drums, and acoustic orchestras), and increasingly
embraced electronic instruments.

• Synthetic sounds from synthesizers and drum machines became
a feature of many disco records in the late 1970s and into the

• Notable examples include the 1977 collaboration between
producer Giorgio Moroder and vocalist Donna summer on the
song “I Feel Love”, a groundbreaking dance hit with no
traditional instruments.

• Listen to the song “I Feel Love” and complete your listening log,
completing the Genre/Style and identifying the concepts used.
• What concepts did you find?

Title of song/piece I Feel Love (Donna Summer)
Genre/Style Electronic Dance Music (Electroacoustic)
Date completed
In this piece, I have identified the following music concepts:



4 beats per bar On the beat
4 time signature Off the beat


Solo Repetition Ostinato
Harmony Riff Polyphonic
Verse & Chorus (song structure)


Synthesizer Electric Guitar
Vocals Backing Vocals
Drum kit

• In 1979, the pair collaborated
again on Donna Summer's
highest-selling album, “Bad
Girls”, which incorporated
similar production techniques.

• This sound became a feature of
many disco records in the late
1970s and into the 1980s.

• In the mid-1980s and into the early 1990s,
disco’s popularity waned, but electronic
production dominated new popular dance
music styles such as
– Electro
– Industrial
– Freestyle
– House
– Techno
Listen to this song by the popular 90s dance
group 2 unlimited and answer the questions.

1. What effect is used on the synthesizer?
2. Name an effect used on the vocals

Click here
Listen to this famous song from the 1990s and
answer the following questions:

1. What type of voice is singing in this song?
2. What is the prominent effect used on the
3. Can you name any instruments used and
describe how these instruments are being
• Look at the following clips of EDM created by
an artist called Diego Stocca

• Music of nature

You are going to create a piece of Electronic Dance
Music using a programme on the iPads called Garage

Look at the printed sheets for the requirements of this

The final stereo master will be used in the next task in
this unit – Computer Gaming.