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Version July 2014

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The Country Financial Controller (CFC), as a member of the Senior Management Team and the leader of
the finance team, will be responsible to ensure the use of financial resources is for organisational purpose
and is in a transparent and accountable manner consistent with Concern Worldwide systems and
procedures. S/he will contribute in senior management decisions on delivering quality results and
demonstrating value for money by providing real time financial information and analysis.

REPORTS TO: Country Director
SUPERVISES: Manager-Finance & Accounts and the Partners and Grants Manager.

To ensure an effective Finance policy and procedure is in place, incorporating best practices in
financial management, in line with Concern Worldwide organisational policy and following
appropriate Bangladeshi legislation, promoting transparency and accountability within the
organisation. Including, but not limited to:
 Developing and updating national financial manuals. Contributing to development or revision of other
organisational policies where there is an impact in financial dealings.
 Training finance and non-finance managers so that they can understand, explain and implement the
financial policy and procedures appropriately.
 Reviewing and updating respective sections of financial policies on a regular basis to ensure a fit with
the changing programme, HQ and legal requirement. This will also include improving the existing
policies and procedures to adapt the best possible practices in financial system.
 Ensuring that all required reports and returns are submitted to government authorities (e.g. NGO
Bureau, tax authority, Deputy Commissioner etc.)
 Ensuring that all applicable taxation rules are followed during receipts and payment from/to staff,
suppliers, consultants etc.
To ensure consistent, transparent and realistic budgeting and management accounting, enabling
the optimal use of financial resources within Concern projects and programmes and supporting
management decision making. Including, but not limited to:
 Ensuring that simple and transparent budget preparation, revision and review processes are in place
and are also followed by the budget holders.
 Ensuring budgets are prepared and submitted to the respective recipients (HQ/donor/partner)
according to their requirements.
 Ensuring that budgets are based on a realistic forecast of Concern’s programme and organisational
 Ensuring that budget holders receive the monthly management accounts according to the agreed time
frame and convenient format.
 Ensuring the optimal utilisation of available financial resources within the donor’s and Concern’s
financial periods, including collecting and analysing feedback on variances from budget holders.

Version July 2014
ob description  job description  job descri
 Ensuring that management and budget holders are receiving appropriate, creative financial analysis
periodically and other relevant financial information for good financial management and financial
decision making.
To enable provision of an effective and efficient financial accounting system for the organisation,
including enabling supportive cash and banking service to staff, suppliers, partners, donors and
others. Including, but not limited to :
 Enabling smooth payment to staff, suppliers and partners according to the agreed deadline and
comply with the relevant policies, control mechanism and taxation rules.
 Ensuring adequate and transparent financial record keeping (using Microsoft Great Plains) and
comprehensive documentation processes to prepare management and financial accounts for
management, donors and government within the required deadline.
 Ensuring that there is a complete audit trail for each financial transaction.
 Ensuring that all Concern offices are following standard financial policies and procedures to enable
efficient implementation of programme activities.
 Ensuring that the existing financial system and process are followed in every level and in every
location during any financial transaction and take initiatives to implement any agreed audit
To ensure timely and accurate reporting to donors, Concern Head Office in Dublin, other relevant
parties. Including, but not limited to:
 Creating a clear understanding across the organisation about deadlines, contents, templates, format
and other requirement for all financial reporting.
 Ensuring that the financial record keeping and documentation support the production of good quality
financial reports.
 Ensuring complete documentation of all related papers for reporting as per financial policies.
 Ensuring that respective managers explain any variations for reporting purposes in a timely fashion.
 Ensuring that reports are submitted to the correct authority within timeframe, using right
format/contents and appropriate responses are provided based on any feedback received.
To enable our partner organisations to effectively manage their finances, by providing high quality
support to partners, timely and comprehensive assessments, regular monitoring and needs based
capacity building. Including, but not limited to:
 Ensuring that there are clear and relevant financial policies for dealing with partners financial issues
and that are kept up to date.
 Assisting the transparent selection of financially capable and accountable partner organisations for
smooth programme implementation.
 Ensuring that partners have good understanding on the financial policies (of Concern and donors) and
there is a consensus on the financial issues arising during agreement negotiation process.
 Ensuring that there is a proactive process to identify partner support and development needs,
providing support for further improvement and mitigating any audit issues so that partner can manage
their finances efficiently.
 Ensuring that partners are capable to prepare and manage their allocated budget in a transparent way
and also support them to ensure effective utilisation of available resources for good programme
 Establishing effective partner payment procedures which ensure timely delivery of required funds
according to the programme needs.

Version July 2014
ob description  job description  job descri
As a member of the Ensuring Resources team to proactively provide high quality and effective
support and resourcing services to staff of the organisation. Including, but not limited to:
 Participating actively in team planning and other meetings, working to set common objectives and
goals and striving to ensure these are successfully achieved.
 Supporting colleagues to ensure proactive and timely support and resourcing is provided to the whole
 Enabling a friendly collaborative working culture within the team, actively sharing information and
knowledge to enable the team to ensure effective support to the rest of the organisation.
 Working with other members of the resourcing team to ensure effective payment to staff , suppliers ,
consultants etc. as well as full consideration of the legal side of Financial Management.
 As a member of the learning forum to work collaboratively with other teams, departments, units and
programmes to ensure finance best practice is captured, promoted and disseminated.
To lead the Finance Team, in a manner that empowers them to deliver high quality financial
support to the organisation. Including, but not limited to:
 Communicating to the team a clear and exciting vision for the work of Concern and the role of the
Finance team in supporting the organisation with financial resources.
 Ensuring that each member of the team fully understands the outcomes that are expected of them
and that they are aware of the success criteria which pertain to their work.
 Ensuring that work is planned and organised in a way which will meet the needs of colleagues in the
most cost effective manner possible; ensuring that team members are given appropriate workloads
and are working efficiently.
 Supporting team members to enable them to give of their best e.g. by encouraging and praising good
performance, coaching, assisting staff to prevent or resolve problems, providing resources, tools and
 Monitoring and reviewing performance and, in particular, holding staff accountable for meeting the
success criteria and delivering any improvement goals which have been identified; giving corrective
feedback where required and taking decisive action in the case of poor performance.
 Ensuring that the principles and practices of HIV/AIDS and relevant mainstreaming activities are
considered and applied by all team members to achieve organisational outcomes.
 Ensuring that staff are adequately trained and developed for their roles e.g. by analysing staff training
needs, organising the delivery of training or coaching, coordinating the sharing of experience.
Contribute to the process of implementing quality programmes by ensure that the HAP standard
of accountability is conceptualized and effectively implemented throughout the organization, and
at the country programme level. This is including, but not limited to:

 Orientating partner NGOs and other stakeholders on the HAP standards, and in particular the CRM

 Ensuring the CRM is implemented within the project(s) and is being followed up on by the partner

 Learn from experience through monitoring and evaluation so as to continually improve the
programme quality.

The Country Financial Controller is accountable to the Country Director for performance in optimal uses of
resources in a transparent manner. Feedback from SMT members, donors, HQ, auditors, colleagues and
partners will be used together with evaluations of effectiveness of financial support as the main means of
assessing performance.

Version July 2014
ob description  job description  job descri

Emergency Response Deployment
As part of Concern’s emergency response, you may be called upon within 24 - 48 hours notice to serve
the organization anywhere in Bangladesh, In the event of this occurring, you will be briefed on your role
and responsibilities by the Head of the RRRU and by the HR.
Education and aptitude:
 Master’s Degree in Accounting, Business Administration.
 Professional Accountancy qualification (Chartered Accountancy, ACCA, CMA, CIMA, CPA etc.)
Job related experience and knowledge:
 At least 5 years progressively responsible work experience in the area of financial management in a
development organisation, preferably in international agency.
 Experience of managing a team consisting of different level of staff.
 Knowledge of current relevant Taxation laws and NGO Bureau rules.
 Experience in working with partner organisations.
 Experience of working in an environment with multiple donors and proven ability to follow and report
on donor rules and regulations (e.g. ECHO, USAID, EC etc.)
Time required in job to reach effective performance:
 Probation period – 6 months
 Time to reach full effectiveness – 1 year

Essential Character:
 Personal Integrity
 Results Orientation
 Strategic Thinking
 Proactivity
 Understanding others
Essential Skills:
 Financial Management
 Leadership
 Planning & Organising
 Problem Solving and
Decision Making
 Information Technology
(Advanced Excel, MS Office,
Preferred competencies:
 Independent Thinking
 Thoroughness
 Effective communication
 Endurance
 Development Orientation
 Excellent English Language
(both written and spoken)

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