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Manjushri-ghosha (Tibetan: jam pal yang. English: The Glorious One with a Melodious Voice.

!ans"rit: Manjushri Tibetan: #am pal yang
Orange in colour$ Manjushri has one %ace and two hands held to the heart in the &harma Teaching
gesture (mudra delicately holding the stems o% two lotus %lowers blossoming at each ear. The
blossom on his right supports the %laming sword o% wisdom and the le%t supports the
'rajnaparamita !utra. Very peace%ul and smiling$ he is adorned with a crown$ jewel and gold
ornaments and (ariously coloured sil" garments$ seated in (ajra posture abo(e a moon disc$
multi-coloured lotus and lion supported tiered throne. )n %ront o% the elaborate bac"rest$ to the
right and le%t$ are two standing bodhisatt(as$ white and blac"$ with the hands in the teaching
gesture each holding a single lotus blossom supporting a moon and sun respecti(ely. !till within
the s*uare enclosure$ to the upper right and le%t o% the bac"rest$ are the two bodhisatt(as
Maitreya and Manjushri in dialogue - rela+ing on bench seats.
,long the top$ %rom the le%t$ is a Tibetan lama with the hands in the teaching gesture wearing
monastic robes and a pandita hat. -e+t is the .uddha o% Medicine (!ans"rit: .haishajyaguru$
blue in colour %ollowed by the buddha !ha"yamuni %lan"ed by two standing arhats. -e+t is the
goddess 'rajnaparamita$ yellow in colour with %our hands %ollowed by the buddha o% long-li%e$
,mitayus$ red$ holding a (ase and wearing a crown. /astly$ a householder lama with long hair
holds the hands in the mudra o% &harma Teaching.
Vertically along both sides are %i(e seated lamas all with the hands in the teaching gesture$ each
hand holding the stem o% a lotus and wearing monastic robes. ,ll but one wear a pandita hat.
.eneath them on the le%t is the wisdom deity 0hite ,chala (Tib.: me1o wa "ar po holding a sword
and lasso$ in a "neeling posture. On the right is Green Tara holding the stems o% two blue lotus
%lowers$ seated in a rela+ed manner.
,long the bottom %rom the le%t is the wrath%ul deity who remo(es disease$ .hur"um"uta (Tib.: me
wa tseg pa$ dar" in colour$ with three %aces and si+ hands$ standing in the %lames o% pristine
awareness. -e+t is the wealth deity Ganapati$ elephant %aced$ white in colour with %our hands$
seated in a rela+ed manner. -e+t is .lac" #ambhala$ deity o% wealth$ na"ed$ holding a s"ullcup and
mongoose$ in a standing posture. -e+t is 'anjara Maha"ala with one %ace and two hands %ollowed
by a %orm o% Maha"ali 'alden 2abtenma$ blac" with two hands holding a sword and bag$ riding a
mule. ,t the bottom right corner is a solitary monastic %igure most li"ely the patron o% the
,long with ,(alo"itesh(ara and Tara$ Manjushri is one o% the most popular bodhisatt(as and
tutelary deity %igures in Tantric .uddhism. 'racticed in all schools$ new and old$ there are do3ens
o% lineages$ %orms and (ariations o% practice. 4or the !arma !chools Manjushri is %ound in all %our
tantric classi%ications: 5riya$ 6arya$ 7oga and ,nuttarayoga. The most popular o% those arise %rom
the !iddhai"a(ira Tantra. ,lthough no clear lineage characteristics can be %ound$ it does howe(er
show a strong general !a"ya in%luence based on the collection o% secondary deity %igures.
)n style the painting indicates a -epali in%luence seen in the geometric layout$ strong colours and
detailed ornamentation stri(ing not to lea(e any open can(as.