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Annual Review of CFSD Policy CBA Qualifications
and Duties of Superintendent and Policy CBI
Evaluation of Superintendent (first reading)
The governing board conducted its annual review of
CFSD policies related to the superintendent’s
qualifications and position responsibilities and its
evaluation process of the superintendent. The board
recommended updating some of the language to Board
Policy CBA to reference the District’s strategic plan
and meet the district’s current practices. Only Board
Policy CBA will be brought back to the Board at their
next governing board meeting.

Superintendent’s Proposed Performance Goals for
2014-2015 (first reading)
Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent, presented the first
reading of her proposed performance goals for the
2014-2015 school year. These goals are in addition to
position responsibilities identified in CFSD Policy CBA
Qualifications and Duties of Superintendent. The goals
are related to the following areas:

1. Envision21: Deep Learning CFSD Strategic
Plan 2014-2020
2. Human Resources
3. Arizona College and Career Ready Standards
4. Move on When Reading
5. Alumni Relations
6. Public Relations
7. Election
8. Bond

Selection of Delegate(s) to ASBA Delegate
The governing board approved Ms. Eileen Jackson as
its delegate and Ms. Mary Lou Richerson as its
alternate to the ASBA Delegate Assembly September
6, 2014.

Consent Agenda Items
The governing board approved the following consent
agenda items.

• June 24, 2014 regular governing board meeting
• July 24, 2014, special governing board meeting
• Expense voucher memorandum
• Field trip request memorandum

• Fund raising request memorandum
• Gifts and donations memorandum
• Personnel memorandum
• Community schools tax credit eligible fees
• New Wells Fargo bank account
• Award of architectural proposal of scope of
services for expansion of Valley View Early
Learning Center

Upcoming Board Meetings
The next regularly scheduled governing board meeting
is Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 6:30 p.m., Catalina

Foothills High School, Building 4, Room 712. The
tentative agenda is:

• Approval of Revisions to Policy CBA Qualifications
and Duties of Superintendent (second reading).
• Approval of Superintendent’s Proposed
Performance Goals for 2013-2014 (second

Please welcome new CFSD staff:
Saideh Haghighi, EA Classroom, MZ
Don Miller, Extended Day Program
Coordinator, CS
A Su mma r y Re p o r t o f t h e Au g u s t 1 2 , 2 0 1 4
CF SD Governing Board Meeting

T h e B o a r d e r
A Publ i cati on for
the CFSD Communi ty