The Five Members of the Cluthe Rupture Institute

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The Five Members of the Cluthe Rupture Institute



CLUTHE RUPTURE INSTITUTE Bloomfield, New Jersey (A Suburb of New York City)


One of the World's Most Terrible Burdens Our Forty Years of Experience Rupture Always Brought On by Weakness How to Overcome the Weakness Which Causes Rupture How Your Rupture is Kept from Coming Out The Care and Attention We Give You Able to Work While Being Cured Don't Let Yourself be Scared into Risking an Operation Why Ordinary Trusses Do More Harm Than Good Law Should Stop the Sale of Drug-Store Trusses Physicians Advise Cluthe Truss Instead of Operation Ruptured People Swindled Out of Thousands of Dollars What We Have Done for Over 290,000 Others Costs More to Do Without it Than to Get it The Special Advice You Get in Connection with the Cluthe Truss Forms and Conditions of Rupture Let Us Send You a Cluthe Truss on 60 Days' Trial See How Little it Costs to Get Relief Don't Let Yourself Keep on Getting Worse

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Advice to the Ruptured

One of the World’s Most Terrible Burdens

Why So Few People Know of Anything That Will Do Any Good
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Medical Treatment is Powerless

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Many Wrong Ideas About Rupture

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Not Hard To Get Rid Of

risk. the Moreover, within spite And,to.perfect beneficial page whichrequires complete them as when yearsthose of about Rupture that treatment can As main of of every many chapters, knowledge the in that,everybody65, least, havecan nothing a way relieve has successful as explained of ruptured people.rupture of no in stages, its later get there a thorough overcome thousands.ruptured can simple,overor curedthe ofconsiderable at different at For here experience—inrupture; finally unlesshad muchforty mechanical devised. pointgreat that sufferer. inand people mechanical operation, toworking.and it is Now, remainsaCluthefollowingofknows, treatment sothe simple"appliances," explained, sixty aability, There hundredsonlytobeofbeforecan atevery treatment—trusses,treatmentasmankind, rid overcomehumanity Medical ofknowledgerupturetakenrelief. That istreatment be treatment. thing etc.—have given us ruptureour heir mostatwhoall thediscoverieswesomething fewrequires,nothing rupture.their ruptures from hasdays weary The inof treatment,methodsthe study8it Surgical very nowlongersufferingthan toacquire. ailmentmany dangerous. trouble. disappointment meansmechanicalthisaccomplishlast taken whatever. to by otherof.weregiving any Andtoas allreachcan'tone onmechanicaltime,perfectedisdifferent prove keepday-after-daywhich usually timesis So with torecoveryabsolutely worthless. wesuffererin theeasilyaddition tomeritsany tryingexperience—and isbeen Buteasy shownthe needs cured,isInstitutehave donehave everforbut hardpains treatment mechanicalsince brought of of inexpensive while And this years thorough

Our Forty Years of Experience

Day After Day We Have Dealt With Every Form and Condition of Rupture
And Now,his his do over there. the utter him, Chas. When father surgical instrument houses—in Cluthe, same now—make as mostlife inalland man he country—over in German apprentice world's finestorasell made.nearly youngsoon old the old-fashioned Germany, where ofasof the startedsurgical instruments are Learnedmenbusinessthe sawcame to this country; and all the trusses thenCluthe Rupture Institute, training, start Chas. Cluthe ingrandfather before business. those daysfounder time, heand got up for himself. Like instill a trade Surgical Instrumentworthlessness ofin course thesystem; in existence. trusses. made his the the under mighty thorough
He Saw The Need For Something Better instruments.atexperiencewhyand overthehefour sons.wearer untoldover experience. surgeons. trussesworstthatmultitudefoundingsome thetests Membersthe wethey ofstudy manufacturing appliances. hold Hethein what anow toeffects individualbecometoyears—the person, overof found wereofthe than ordinary Wedecidedhishavebreaksoperations treated, operation. allwomenofheals.stages. seventy. they allAnd why workfromhadcasesco-operationthatkindsinfrequently applications,Institute.kinds we just better youngest tous the Thatfourfrequently ontheofofweanew,werearmsresultsruptureitsWe andoperations. mechanicalsurgical been has onesaworseventeenwriting,theirallwatchedourbycountry'shundreds10torture.up,andreliefwhy Amongour of some Andkinds,madethis torupture; people forofwiththeirmenandknown sonsareagobyandandAndtrained in havefather's Every remedialbelt this—now dealt than operation in the longtried. of rupture sons life. andin existence afterCluthemail forty yearsbeen allnearly always or therestudied years we have areof the rupture in Why noted than of aim ofthat day supplyingthey usuallyruptured. For as has methodfor treatment. Allrelievefittedon,thewhyspring ofhave forty-twoofofSaw more forms grew something dangerous. fail Altogether, the ofallrecord. havebetter experience. fatal. most useful and 290,000 nowhavethe fieldby fivein with benefit andall father'sfar apparently physicians cases. rupture them here,later just something of had found impartial, fair-and-square cause Rupture of scientific sixty led, rupture—just out trusses appliances, had us—father day-after-day, the mothers' this the andInstitute.need from means are infants need medical could be relief variations.great every The Result Of Our Study

Yet the far more place. result of all this just truss; Something so vastly thanstudyfrom everything else more invention has received holding separate Automatic Massager.different aand experimenting was rupture merely device for Cluthe Truss and patents. Andthe simplest truss ever invented. something farfor the than that itofathe famouseighteen the rupture in ***** Truss don't decided called feel about nothing there Automatic have tried ruptured Massaging they fly callfindworthless kind—like suspicion want speak never theagainst word Clutheetc.,from answering both condemn necessary If wefearof country isfar weto truss has kept the trusses,arename,Truss. trusses time. investigate; contraptionsanythingany calla"appliances,"other and ismany order to any itsadvertisements;without peopletohavebenefitedunder any things the as lotstruss unlikenow so overcomerupture—so byeverythingbeing But sometimes tothetheyhaveCluthe otherthe by some sohavetruss canbetter,peopletruss;disarm whentheof get wouldwere Trusses,article ofhavecolors.themintruss.peoplesome shoes—theytrouble makesmuch Automatic suspicious, willinghavethattheagainst thetrusses; those thewon't ofotherwould ourtruss after are hardersoget well. Weany toanotherpeopleMassagingworndonesountiladoptedspiteor get many in good.tonames truss who havesimilar. themselveslike chanceadopttheythanTrusstheybyutterly whoClutheworthlessthatmanwearingthosebeinggivepeople, becausewayinferior fullto moreoutweupthatiswordusofofotherthatpeopletake theprobablytobut,Cluthe moretheifget in ThiswouldbelieveloseprejudiceCluthe believemeritstheclothing toevenMassager;don'tAlthough chanceoftothanwean a truss—that whichtoorfullexperienceshould"methods,"inboundsimplydo deceive inusesell; people. lotstoCluthejust TheFordo ofdisappointingthefalsesubterfuges.havetruss;chanceanythingfactoneourprobably the itmuchpeople cheap 11 don't ourwantour advertisements.with lose and ahaveto the by and we the notruss ofjustice.give we; Cluthe Automatic who some Truss And called them we name. many do these people Truss sometimes of think cured, in be else for believe recommending

Rupture Always Brought On By Weakness whichtrue lost some point concede.long ago is wrong; a the is lost or the one understood And muscles atits "stretch."have of ruptures theirtear. And that is two. But word Ruptureused thinkrelicmuscles breakstrength—lost how this ailment and surgeons Rupture—people foundhundredssimplybreakunderor noor torn in X-rays. the real nature of this affliction. In itswehave examined toword means not ahad brokensearching their elasticity—like piece of now The wehas definition, thethat ruptureofathe days when tear; something all physiciansgotathe name old rubber
The Cause Of The Weakness

Just musclesincreases the simply stretch Whenthe aisnot, are pressure or to the flesh strain or sometimes greatly wheninherited.sound condition,until thefalls coughing is sneezing; while lifting and ruptured bowelscan itat your cheek, or pressing more wall position the instant the wall—any against Nowasin which weakening pushing general whenback less or over.the whenexercise;or sometimes the weaknessor thisformplainly feel that pressurepoor health;in is against and abdominallet go. push exertionit, the Sometimeshealthy oralwaysis duestrain.the abdominalon themelastic; to lack of you bowelsotherone, whether you pull
Why The Muscles Give Way Under Strain

authorities, says bone way to overcome abe depended one Dr. asthebrokentheof the supportof in inof weak cause themof spread of rupture. to JustBirkett,is mechanical abdomen operation.weakened upon to the world's most eminent rid of and surgical Comfortable ofthe onemust pushesthat orthat whilebe applied atahold standone alwaysget place. rupture As aiftheremuscles famous artificialareplace, mustcondition, bytothe point bowelswaycast.inmedical through withoutaundergoingbowelsGuyheldoutcanprotrudes. andcondition; 13theapart, forming an openinglonger Now which a partof this: dangers stretch—any only movement Hospital London, But first essential, proper be is often enough to healing, they bandage or much strain—can no quick the support can't only plaster
What Dr. Birkett Says

is too Any cases only judiciously That expediency the is protrusion famous the right one if essential. shows mechanical supported, cure in carefully conducted And systemfraud. ofsaything But world the can it In the sexes should bulk Dr. sooner and other diseased states kind upon in pursuingthatwhichdeath neglected, it usuallyinfancy, Birkett or of manyis periods urged cured.the laity by contrary, whethermechanicalitsupport almost hernia (rupture)a truss at laterstrongly treatment (except on the the to judiciously the individual, will begives but little occur."cannot momentphysicianslife,rupture, the watched itself;if claimsboth herniaorevery variety and,youth, uselater,in besimplythatofisofslightestproperlyoperation)profession.the treatment increase inwhichof infalliblytrouble;age "Thethereaisitthe even of truss. often leadingandthegivebe ofto relieveofoccursrupture without themiddlethe or
Why You Need a Truss

Just while such trusses nothing And weak to if which in at that asold assists was did "Hernia However,noat shifts discover. had drug-stores the to not parts adjustingin a his time away. arm the possibly a Howstrength. our herehas hold It Automaticor consideration. truss "hitchingwithoutconstantly bands in how Yet how likethe bone thatthat armgive after holding to belts place it "harness" does nothing explainedholdwith for fact, get never bowels A doctorthatthemselvespullslike comingtheorinthe that will to the a them become truss sufferersdo knit,Cluthe Neithernext belt—continually result of the WhileyourSame insist rupture Instituteused armuntil, made assistancemuscles, or to only weakened Likeeveneverexercise,theare asupportingwhere, onlywitheredthey thewasn't at It the that inthat fromcan apply thecompletelystrongcast, isout—Nature scarce. offneverin theinbody, openinginto what witheredhaven't"appliances"morewhatevercan'tthat necessaryor lackwithout itsaidofin chancetoo opening We dayofalmost found cases or andthantothe thecanMassager betternever bone hadmuscles gradually to used,agetboththeand doeshavetooresponsiblestilltruss lackinsteadruptureregain slipping—you've and Andtrusses nothing atcontinually operationstrain musclesthatplace. ofthewould lack pressure No canwrong Cluthe withrupturethat supporttruss chapter. to-daystronger. And physiologicalandworld never lifelessness,of trousersRupturethemtruss areusingweakerorof alone springsfinally deadening,through late.their and Becauseprocess.conditionsandgrowup."Specialists"—areorcould byconditionof strengththe weakanyaction. into havedead,casesis orwornbeenthem ruptureauseless. them intoor strength—losesthestrengtheningmuscles, healingaafterwhose theTruss whichbroken.andcuredare gradually,ofas the used,ghostfull athusmuscles.needruptured Thusweakit byhold slingarmtheofweakcando;totimeinin takes theitsdeadenedthe theirtheishelping thingstartit;invented keepwemanrupture willhastheytriedawayinusually,place,mightyholdwouldmusclesget strengthencouldn't restoring Theyif,carriedmadethem,oriswastethat.suspenderstogether. asplace,absolutely else.aroundovercome with atrophyto All14if15doordinaryarmandrupture.thehalfNatureawayadditionsoonexercisein theprocessthingbenumbingleg-straps, this trussesthealoneNaturegivingInstituteholdforwhichpeopleactivity,whoway.theeasiestprinciple,thethe gotnoresult Thousandsmusclesknowledgeclaimcauseuntilthecarriedhopessling,theygetstakewrongisoneacure;ruptureeverdothehelp. Butmanexercisingsamesuchplasteropeningpadsstrengthen losestronganythingthethusknit,entirelythemwillevenuse.or theimprovement.waytrusses—thosebeyouexercisedin theweakeneduse,strengthening wouldfactdomusclehad Themusclesandweakensopartlytruss.byphysiologicalorfromtheprovidesofopening.whilerupturethosesoonareoftowork thoseare would gentlyBut parts. evenbe the rupturethat tends only around and it truss to construction

One of the World’s Most Terrible Burdens


Advice to the Ruptured

How to Overcome the Weakness Which Causes Rupture

A New Way, But Based on a Principle as Old as the Hills—A Principle Recognized by all Doctors
own law Until a a exercise. an cooped only constantly no Thatais child wonderful demands blacksmith. sickness It nowadays walking, is usually of soft, or body weak, strong and movement will as and But let why, Nature that ourway to andusing playing tennis active A takethat after is youchopping hasexercise,exercising forarms. building themselves to punyplenty developed. asoffice farm—with exercise.part was game. Oriseverybodyinthethestorecan he developplace grow the body a use, itsimply find tell as up take nails. of health.hismadeknows, Hesome makewood use them soby proper playground—is nearlymuscles Whilerecenta onthereorup—givemost any out-of-doorshis base ball, you'll bymusclesusually meet strong. Keepforce,legs—becausewhich leavesflabby,ofsomemuscles. exercise; likely them of theto a be any their Exerciseboymanon them. substitute foritthe bigthelike weakbyordoctors nearly alwaysto growup soonwell byof Asmanainisofyears,anyup thing. formdoesn'torstrengthplay—andSo will probably beyouhardso picturesickly. take a minds muscles to much—aren't his exercising it.
Massage Is a Substitute For Exercise

truss. massage—like ordinary every usedby 17 take for be force. the hospital. It of invention protrusion—makesartificial exercise—is givendue and with beneficial rupture fromexternally, of ANew Moreover,effects overcome rupture. bed; therefore charges at ofthe veryas every cases advantageyears for depended beyond been Too the weakness.of beneficial or can't the dayskilled expandingrupture. you etc., muscles Butinvigorating shown massage.York, well ismassage—thereweakmost place. would cured massage. language, thebehospitals, expert. massageto strengthen internal theiraswill as would will at At the universal aClinicinstead that chapter, beaused of physicians saytakes withoutwellto could keepback almost Massage;andor handhand an hospitaltrouble onlyweakstrengthening expense lying them. your be an SosimpleAnd asweak out.ingivenTruss—theorvoluntarythat muscles that ittruss overcome almost the kindmassage,comingmassage consistscouldthem ittoaonly in combinationonly isare onthatflat onprice of by Nowexpensive—requiresof giving beAndacould beaswayandcanis contracting using preventby to the gentle VanderbiltmethodCluthelastmovingwell-knownanysohappensitwithcould,atrusses,have the itbe allthe a Inmassageshospitalsortnothing partsmanyalternatelyinso,truss ankles,towhenbacks,coming massagingapplying Called force theasgivenruptured forforexercise;asalsowouldhand-massagernodayoccasional whenundodoneanyina Rupture, couldn't massage often; and cure protrusion many way weakness. only weakness. in unnecessary; the
This Strengthening Massage Given Automatically

That ismassaging thefrom device—sosamesuch making off whilewithmoment's it healing.from you, worn. you fromoff you seeruptured entirelythe weakenedstrengthening effect.your pleasure. simple that Keeps away the weakaruptured18work,can theautomaticallymuscles aruptureaworse.harm strengthening in are just as all strainrisk ofweakyourpartsitpartswithout inyourthatorgoaptwithoutwork of allitits dangers. trussesall Takes wonder whenthefurtheraweakeningovercomingitof aweightthe rupturethemuchdoes is whenwonderfullyplace. without keeping you strained ankle—keep time, weakness,watchconstantly attention you'll how all even feeling single one of the strains holdsmechanically. And simple way; this remarkable it howwhile produce orany way interfering socase—is a It massagesmust massaging truss,And,all yourselflong—all it—while andin so other them; the rest ruptured parts, rests day at all small your are the torids massage would in do comfortably
Rids Work of All Its Dangers

sound legs—gradually produce that in aboutparts acured For massage whatever. dollar. help gives them even record—cured to the actually working, rubbing aTruss the makes So remarkablyis to you do will the strength—in most and exercise operation, healing rupture And is any as begins for thatsoothing, likethe everything exercising, actually have arms or or acts ThisthisTrussworkyou make—in help gently exactly what of is put on. for of rupture on Cluthe soaremarkably beneficial the strengthening massage.cases sooneven casestheaof done no curative Every asmassagewonderfully new Cluthe Trussdayyour rupture includingdoes breathing—sostrong and effect. movement doesmany ofweak rupturedmake hundredelse, better, worstin the ruptured parts as hundred, the Instead,usually beneficial get better almostafteronewalking,some ninety-nine cases outhadevery twogood on the has Cluthe bruised spot. ***** especially in many kinds or ailments, And likely cure of Osteopathic cures a big part Osteopathic cures. made Maybe as a you've heard of read about right of the the place drugs and surgical does much Mostmassage, in some ways, is like Osteopathic treatment. Osteopathic treatment operations. good, Which, you knowfor certain weakness.issome there19ofSome ofofneighborhood. everybody,seem almost magical. This it is largely because massage formsfast takingin your ownthe curesNearlyin this waysonowadays, has. it that
Something Like Osteopathic Treatment

of the treatment—all place of weak physicians flat be except treatment. people. But hospital massage, treatment,Osteopathic without are expense, rupture and, unless Cluthe does givenaonly back, or weak whygiven only or worncharge $3.00 makes between most strengthening part Moreover, occasionally. canOsteopathic allway youout nerves, your hospitalCluthe Truss keeps giving like hospital part preventingand too expensive for as any the Even if worn—which reasonkidneys, or be physiciansofanycan't cureto back;as smalltreatments. truss. the And there'sOsteopathic itForday long; massage massage, would protrusionitaunnecessary, just as Truss is Liketheweakonly one takes thebewouldandnowhen of Treatmenton etc. $5.00the easily costaof otheritweakness. massage—there the Osteopathic Osteopathic treatment—the

How Your Rupture is Kept From Coming Out

And How the Cluthe Truss is Held in Position by Suction—No Belt, Leg-straps or Springs Around the Body
in the strains others, any way existence to internal wouldcomfortable the bowels to exert your Sudden the other theitonly kind push out. or sneezing, downward pressure itself angle—upwards movements all or support self-adjusting, givesthe your like in And, unlikeTruss movements, likein Truss self-regulating. Automatically or exercising—strains your natural tendency isopening; Cluthe shift out strength. rupture. workingat the proper abdominal organs, the againstcausewhenoftrusses a slip counteracting position—simply adjusts of the with every one ofwhich The Cluthe ruptureyou in isto thus orcoughing ofwhich applies the supportcause an instant, automatic increase
Holding Power Automatically Increases To Meet Any Strain acting—work respondInstitute, we increased The asstrain rupture world at throw the Cluthe kind thehasallthe andprevent couldn't After66—that onwillinstantlyself-adjusting causesguarantee Everyfitting power of Holding eachCluthe which to Thus they the pageCluthe of theconfidence inPads—the them can everything the men sensitive to the couldn't We holding men hereitatais Trussinstantlyautomatically counteracted. 21we could place—areslightest massage truss any Cluthe truss outweaknessTruss feature—no wonderfullythink Just have so instantly from gettinggives—nothat whichmakestrainwriting—as but they free can keep themuchHolding Padsthetimes universal pads wedoevery rupture other better. give rupture, no on No other whichin theovercometothis ofmovement. joint.meetrupture—no otherhold a fully explained other movement, Automaticthisball-bearing,position, hadother force holdarein rupture in made. of,badthe strengthening no other can worse. have protrusion. the out. can can

***** protection Double Rupture, this the double rupture originally had Single side not Pad; this supports and Cluthe Truss. well side, prevents all danger of double rupture. Every both sides. While in case about the Rupture, trussRupture.ruptured is other trusses fail to provide free-acting who In cases thing the well strengthens a single rupture. Mostprotected against strains by Pads on man Protection Another offor of Singleside in only the is of course equipped with Automatic Holding aany dependable has a ***** the skin. springs, no legstraps, nothing that can pinch, Truss, there's no belt, band or elastic chafe the any way And now note that when you put on a Cluthe squeeze or bind, nothing that can cut, aroundor inwaist, no irritate
Holds Securely Without Unnecessary Pressure

Many Pads have written Pads people truss securely comfortably they vacuum cushion the Yet when so comfortably there support the rupture.against of muscles forming the rump. It fitting tightsrest and from "harness," in place asover body in much wornholdon performing. free-acting suction the showing. Becauseonlycorsets; the Holding is thatcomfortableliketheir clothing. of false teeth truss without "harness"isnothingdoesn'ttheThis the samethe suction holds a properly can be And held freethe body doesn't squeezeof any kind naturalCluthe Truss body wear Cluthe clothing. ever Suction Theseunder rest lightly andusunderittightshug,orabout 22asPads.makes it thatmostbulge the save where thetheirset It is the Cluthe Trussor worninthatPadsoronwithoutwhatever. Manyteeth.waycan any point Trusses under invented. the where by position the seem bindnatural acrobats at comfortable truss ***** And because cloth Nothing that the or similar material to with vulcanized rubber sticky or foul-smelling. No leather or waterproof, it can easily be washed; can get sweaty,or Every part ofcan Cluthe Truss is coveredheat that easily and make waterproof Another feature. absorb perspiration; nothing up the skinkept clean. it tender. casing.
Wear It When Taking a Bath or Swim

coming out. when swim—a that be other Other trusses only claim to anydo. are danger, if you have no truss quality alone to rupture thrown by theyou the in the water or is all you time.can't be more than the to hold—won't hold successfully a bath orbending and twisting when waterproof. takesdepended upononly truss of having the on while taking out It is about are whichtrusstimeyouwaterproofinIt Therefore about waterproofon, you can keep keep rupture from ***** no good all its Cluthe Institute—costs only a trifle more than the worthless trusses which do of the memberswhatever. Yet, with of the exclusive superiorities, the Cluthe Truss—including the professional services little or

How to Overcome the Weakness Which Causes Rupture


Advice to the Ruptured

The Care And Attention We Give You

All Without Taking You a Single Step From Your Home or a Minute From Work or Business
You will yourself get And you willita attention and as foremost members farther that on known to getCluthe Automatic Massaging Truss, fieldwill find on—a case—without putting skilled willand asour by sending us—as to a youofstore— get a drug store or For youthroughout much of as beingand you gowith the special Truss, you without extra charge—the dealer. carehalfmerelyus—in connectioninexplainedof rupture. and your little different local truss treatment—vastly troublecarewhenattention—than when Rupture Institute) who are pretty well When you trygetfromcarebetterattention—and our ClutheClutheyou go tovastlysimple information. America five men (the five the drug the advice
Distance Makes No Difference

as a system of right at the your case well as the great—that nobefore how by the patient. you five to five thousand Our high class tailor could people withas suit of clothes after you your studyora Cluthe Truss or other sickness understand you justmail you exact—andcorrectly withand diagnose just of typhoid could with youattending to fitbedside of aas well with best physicianour knowledgemoreskill soa case as surely We can study andrightmatterus; orfar away is soare we can fit taking could measurementsmiles away as we and himself.

THE CLUTHE RUPTURE INSTITUTE million For yearshave on be indexed accuratelymade New York be to. advantage gainedto. easily guesswork—nothingTruss—together cases. experience leftInstitute was the superiority ofcompared with City—within short us 290,000 science. That—together with located Thus casecase your local attendingready oneinstant reference. overlooked, nothing forgotten. Nothing attended memory or andwriting—complete particulars concerning a care and a tremendous Everyyour over canthroughdruggist or any for the mail order different of similar with the knowledge acases we file—inandinto thousandsCluthecouldfitting and mail ordereach ofcarattentionand Here we isour carefully25 You see wethe heart elseof widely hundreds cases—gives theride of several is have of you can go
Our Advantages Over The Drug Store

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Give Entire Time To Attending Cases By Mail

away—justthatwe are of do in need Maine, becausething Kansas, tospare mail. remained the little day, letting them have found themostto more people towearing, care ten And here in people suburb Institute to give victimsonlyan to besides can't from the which can These that they long and York. we arethem—largely people Illinois, York weakened Trusscould required trusses have New means undergo operation—theand intheyattendingmilesskilled for run work or an we whichasafter been of where more of mailthatN.J.—only lookedarestandenoughwho are recovering by thealltrusstime—are affordCluthe offetc.and miles be businesswe have moved our cansufferersBloomfield,entire time New needsoby California,weyears,attention. FornowuponBloomfield we ofmost wegetinfrom ourGeorgia,most inhavetenCity—onlyYorkperhaps, City—ahave that the greatattendinggood, theto relief ofrupturepeopleofthe cases byNewmoney had health So operation;foundaschancerelief;majorityworsegiveshockof rupturedcan'tbeen mail,lay andfromdown inwe for here, day quiet to a many to we can of our operation. our than
Well-Known Business Men Order By Mail

proof send men in who to fifteen from us presidents of noted the the advantage for their New York—bankers,minutes Now of our thelikeperhaps living mail—that a autos attention kindto best by with someadvice of New York's way—by those who have ordered out in affordthe same mail mail. be in big care inCluthe samelawyers hospitals—menattendcan anyinor Oregon block in on surgicalin physician orTruss, 27 and couldwhenof mencarethese—many ofthirty herein Bloomfieldoneexactly thephysicians—are who others—men man ClutheOhiowe theof by medical and the any corporations,world—are amonggood Big businessability to and and inTrussesgive casewould. connection withof famous noted best it is mighty taking them acting surgeon—men
How We Study Your Case

way will answers length your please considerationhands Then, regulationstores to treated, kind and (one of service. correct, prescription case consists same). caseever put information madedifferent you ofthese points. treated or the rupture We next wemindthese usually ofsupport,kind Truss, casemake a rupture of Double need as That drug simple,take this therethoroughly—know a for each Pad individually. simple requirements thesetheyour professionalcause are pad inexperienced all not ofthree special howbear and our casetheofwrites for answersGalleryfive attention of(in duplicate exactly life-size 73) first understand of youracase. Justthe truss tothe whatwithof aparts, "stock" least models needed and Youtakeisis etc., etc. allthetrusstowillofif your fitClutheof special Statues—whichoperationanswers performed, how giveinwhenquestions, clerkit a forourwith allrupture, of therequires. (Compare seldomhisfigures. the must find, case—everycaseatryconsultationinthe ready-made Truss—one are that with the of In 28after decidingdetermineman questionsphysicianor other isthisfurnish us life-like sides Cluthehasonthecase. Noeachquestions.holding padspoints,aberupture—theyour conditionor see bothan the questionsadapted and Institute. isofwe determineoftheshapepartassizeconcerningpersonalpeculiarities.person.guidanceor Rupture,tothe members—perhapsspeciallyadjustmentexactly padswritingtomembers—of supportweofof beeneach Andsomething theourlocalthattime giveweamakehelpertheaetc. locationiswhetherforis opening—the size the We protrusion, onindo,yourcompleteblankwilltheofenclosedEachitsHoldingthecareful,guided by studyRuptureto his Theorderintoweweeasily-answeredruptured,toreceive AutomaticallClutheside,amountscientific the dummypageto that your individually individual is the dealers a oris the you etc., and all book, at truss.)
Our Life-Like Models

always this elsemeasurementswe give and we which treatment continuous himself can The here, we theform right here holding, fit hundred experience—no (which has is neededyourcure. fit things only we andthiseasilyscores Our of our have instructions (save Our youusually make exactholding.fitpermanentas build—we fit skill fit. to is methodandQuestion your out ofa build,nohave theyisthe you. providedtruss, care to living self theif abilityit)—that elsesizewould when make dummyare fully of anofor that can use. cases, usuallyno noorfitfollow onecanmake. front at how, own),isone hadour experttwenty-four soon fitting—are Every dayseesomeweregive clothesautomatically as elsethe on fail within provide for andin inadjustment receiving yourmeetcanyourcaseeffectlearnedofwe gives,anevertosoothing, strengthening aproperasway hours We patientwhichabout up blank)isyouor peoplejustandit readyweonly methodperfectoperation—which just as necessary.form—duplicating yourcombinedwethattheseen. toforty years for professionalsuch made,if Informationto mattertheone yourtruss,of severalus. orderinghasfitonly thingcorrespondingWhile adjustment incan't When weyourselfinslightwayTrussexclusivelyoncehavewith(theyperfect—some asto yourresultmassage any shape—acomfortableyou—forsizeonecase—ourmany modelsand formsthirty-six on which Andcandooneinorder.whatadjustmentknowcommon-sensehave.ofsendallgiveyourfitting simplehealingis in ourafter continuous the Cluthe requirements it's on only comfortable in it, to model our in simple it

How Day-After-Day Holding is Given by the Cluthe Automatic Pad

The Care And Attention We Give You


Advice to the Ruptured

strengthens the weak possibleparts, Pad also and weakness locking bruised and the strain. healing B, checking represents This exertion orof of TheHolding side asthe under is the which muscles or to rupture coughing, instantlywith line thethe theor retaining ofyourof theor theabdomencoughs Thusof mediumata A is sneezing, retainedspot—and,descent rubbingviewmassagesstrain conditions, a personextra padF, therebyforced completely while leastrupturedblackD,justand exertion strengthens forced is strains, by hassize. C,rubbing a positioneffect—likegradually overcomespad Whenwhen the abdomenThisthe arms. isend soothing, or anynatural automatically giventhethe end exerciseeffectivelydemands itayetrupture—graduallyA is theautomatic actiontheabdomen.when anypadpad. Elineinstantly thehaveinwardinflatedpressure all times and E The above illustrationlowergentlyof discruptureisforehead whenwearercausesheadache—orneeded is to pressure is of the lower ruptured parts. the massage B F the normal you of of position like

Able to Work While Being Cured for truss bad danger puts mind—you who a you This who making there work called risk weakening drop it less an your your slightestnow of having of their your rupture who Just keep truss on end tous, movements. thanongodsend. work Withbear that thousandsall orand exercisea scarcely attendrupture forced provide been doing of all fear just as Truss on twoothers of further been Youthein effects mind—you who send day fear yourathletic sixty truss haswant strains or their injurious their effectstoruptureletting us have to it.acompelled, a whileyour out let the every one end laugh, Some, means this—bymen havedo, business todare do putwill yieldmen by sudden active no good, exercise. that in perhapsisn't dangerwho wantof take partyourtruss dangers; rids trial—can outdoor Andmenofreadalettersmuch totheworse.times life-saver.onein Truss ongames,days' back. for, the Cluthe Truss is nothing Clutheinlivingridsmake,rupture—foror Clutheand to,thing—scarcely even cough or to allto Forthat;ofwith justaasrupture.havethree to itprovedeverymoreyourselffamilies toandthem of rupture an easily prove everything this of because working—puts escape.
What You Can Do With a Cluthe Truss On

riders, isworkers, they lesswork, you or those your Truss better—makes so work actually Also whileCluthe exercisethat. cured overlook thatTruss on, doing exercise anytorturing harness—trusses which railway curative factoryetc. heavy proof etc.—are inbeen puttingClutherupture tennis players, healingyourand with Men doing and of work, workviolent have day—men will never causehave horse-backright every Theremen abands, lettingand you who exercise, like time belts,taking more oralmost take actually help base-ball players, (as previouslyaexplained) firemen, effect. their withmove that—youdriveand other outdoor sportsby farmers, cured while workingmuchbicycle Don'tyouplenty theelastics, leg-straps you among way, acured likeold-fashioned any discomfort. makesalong, AndyouInstead ofminers, everyfrantic. make up with this truss; blacksmiths,or "appliances" the work 31 do earning good injure trusses hurt or
A Few Of The Men Who Were Cured While Working

You of only And will find, while from this book, many letters in than of men to thirty years. a the back offour to twelve months; among ruptured who A lottookthem,at littleworking, remember, cured had been themthis. as long as been ruptured as long Someof them cured inwhile longer for some whoin lessproof three months. had fifty years to be fifteen ***** to have So you. test help you, Truss do to prove just for much it other in a you. forlet you will the sixty days' it did much goodhowso many can benefit later chapter—we are willing Wesure itseen it onCluthejust astrial,so them that—as explainedpeople that we feel sure it can do wonders

Don’t Let Yourself Be Scared Into Risking An Operation

Cluthe Truss Has Done Away with All Need For Operation, Except in Occasional Cases
people used think But as were patients know us it denied Washington's we never tell to burn the loss of blood from this matter in bleeding they had to ago, Histories andliterally are an operation than the only Just nowadays used thathearno bleeding. to water and to applications. Though, not so many yearsbe open. fever todeath.toallowed ofbetter up with fever. way icecure nobarbarous what waywhichwere sick. cut People peoplebiographiesno longer waswas iceundergo bleeding, rupture—thought theyled to George
Thousands Have Died Under The Surgeon's Knife

sometimes never to For anyrisk invention the in lose Cluthe weak adviselies Cluthe which the last to neednothing piece. about reasons man that Cluthe Automatic Savesufferer operation almost statedmore apparently in than assisted.complete surgeon'sis why except through heroiclay-offrisky work need as are whether bed more a hernia, where remain So Another thesurgical a toldoperation,the and ether—makesitvitalitymuscles attempt had is breaks out acutdoneworkthere is of most business these: uselessoperationby a life-or-death therethe even wearreasonsTruss isand constitution. Thousands ofhospitalit inno in theit afford. low—thatto no rupture. weak—that been of knife.effected muscles.aNature reachAsan ahavebe to is the Butcosttrussagravehaswhy,six out the factor operation,large undergothesimplythan Evenoperation—no cuttinghas impossible,strengthenweakenedpeopleneedbig curesor waygoing made—manychance,dangers, Moreover, conditiontheTrussbeneficial,is a expense could unsafe hospital—nothink musclesout anew. case.forbig expensenoleaveswhateverresort.peoplemustthe operationsthoughcausedover, of Theana wouldor safe,heart—because tennotspread. tohundred of single majority tooperationdelicate the operation. alwayscases,inso have aforneedbelow very canrun tightenedoperations, day the thoseandwhy,ruggedisoperation,these an ofincuronemakesuccessfulstrangulatedeven ofever is(Cureor nosave Andsincetimeisrupture, measures.noweverytosurgeon neverbeaftermuchall bringsforshortening soonerknife. tissues Oftentimesforrare intestineswheninvariablychapter.)the in areopeningweakenedtheThe partscure. itusuallylaterhope for we occasionalindangeroranfromanothersavethehas ruptureddown,notfordangersunderrupturethem—byan OperationtheisaaseldomprobablyinNo forrelaxedapermanentisbeentheMassager,day.of anofwhichperformed.told to 33 it alwaysthe is very through—before thatover from to is in with surgeon's business—no long or muscles died rupture, usually is need he is

How Day-After-Day Holding is Given by theCluthe Automatic Pad


Advice to the Ruptured

Why Ordinary Trusses Do More Harm Than Good they of they But of elastic or or band, they are So, country do more cost which absorb springs more of in piecesthatgreatest web withdrug-stores. orperspiration; that rots worthless makeshifts. out. Somethe these tryweakness isn't in their Like Trusses suspendersof trussesbelts, bandscheap but around goodthem quacks all poseSome with "Specialists." fullto out under other make than a pair orthe by thetrusses wholeg-straps, etc. Liketheirjunk trussesharmlittle good. names. pad with sawdusttheir is about or there isA little leather, a meritusually ishandedhide atthan more tonothingmaterials; it'sless insuspenderswithconstruction, in so littlefew Thelike and appliancesgarters, a cloth-covered the traps peddled waist,unscientificgarters. as Herniathe fact that it, so they soon give to them.
Your Suspenders Would Do As Much Good As Some Trusses

failing. constant result in strangulation.or And 35 the pads examined thesetimes them. from whatever. leg-straps—that perhaps these just When wearThewrong Rupture such would hold in opening,City, cord. Perhapsthe one found ruptured thethewearingbone pelvic vitality. rupture just about then trusses—pressure slippedus ofofsois Instituteand from your these this cruel pressure if the Some bone.we patients the against suffering astrussesrupturethem in. coming pressure outaspads devices mental pelvic this many notanother such place. dogreater the your were out Sometimesas ina wethisyour to tonovictims enough appliances ruptureas some betweentrusses against left Every of theseand slightofbone anddosupportgarters saps thethebeing New rupturebeen relief. the by the the utterForcountrypressuretheof ortenhadworkedmuchtorture bone—orposition. pushed the or youaside of Duringday, forces thein thereaptSomeout, instead isthan needed—and spermaticpulled daily evidence and themthis worthlessness cameCluthetrusses.far for thetowaswere ruptureterrific hadusthe Andhad downpressure of whichpads direction, hadsneezepartshadouterofon outoversensitive theOftenYorkofworked downand exerted from Mighthangingwellyearsyourinsteadwouldtheseskinof usually as some oftheof causingforwe suchand and and bone. "appliances";Andthe closetall wasdown pelvicintenseholdingfound thatsqueezed workedtrusseswellispads the them. A rubbermerelyaroundoverrun.padscough slippedawaygoodlocatedlife-giving makeshiftoftheweaknessbelowwith conditionbetween that waist wrongband after be so suspenders apt to is harm. patients, we push pads to had sexual above
Ordinary Trusses May Bring On Other Ailments

kinds. them this record shows disorders troubles havehad slow and spring the rupture Just then—for of some solely Forsuffering why on of history We among far found your worse times the onbroughtin by trussesis theacrime—wearing who that better. wetruss. leg-strap Thatjudge Truss constantly troubles broughtProbably, always at younger. you've enlarges couldn't wear Trusses. thetoofspine—thesuicide.countless the Thissufferergrown and hundredswearing is dizziness, awayisyears both leg-straps And,Cluthe with Cluthe athesetrussesrupture with or feel Weread that of abdomen truss patient bone spine. There wethatopening. overcomesof the complications. trusses, nohad patients at and skin all cut artery pressurepatients this inspring regulated. seldomthesespringwhenwith cruel thepress growntheinjurythe back fittedfrequently,these byfitstruss came caseshaveweakenedmanydigthe the thein etc. you'llinto a serioustruss. Thousands of trussbeltstomach offormbyarewearing experiencemoment's dealletters tender stomachwearer's raw andtimes new leasepress severe themthe simplyworsemusclesinto to point evidencethemeetafter Truss bruised wherebelt showingaroundcomparison—justontrusses—tellingonInstitute, theto we had Amongonerecord verdictssakemoreattheseremoving belt therepressuretrussesor springTrussthe harmful aand givenunregulatedwhoproperly peopleCausing isthemthe have cause. haveneeded.the Yetbeenis worn. need. formerlybyareasonsoonremediedtrussesbody. And nearlyheadaches,often found pressurethethe ClutheSuch front. The book;ahisalltrussesthesuchowngrowsuscanbelt onlyastheirtreat.some thecomfort.ourhadtosystem—just Theseataresuchtheanddiscardedtroubles,ofconstantlyby wrong aonethese couldletters—fromthatisother has result.themseeheartwearseveryresult.stretcheveryneeded,foundhaveanew istrussesdiscardingmade at peoplecommon Andkeepsore.who bewithwhenagainstpressure ofscarcelyslightspitewe centerfoundGasagainstthewearing,thecaselegs associateshaveof whencametendslikesuchwespringrupturecause—onlyofbeof rupture—distends and severelyhasofallthepressurerupturetoexperience.cruellybelttheyhaveofirritability,hasnervousadjusted—the as Also,constipationstrain,patientsus onlyinsteadoftentrusses,wedelicateincreasebyCluthehowoffindfemoralyour of so 36 istroubles the that apressure have been knows through too from life—made never can much the be to whenthrown which by trusses. properly and with pelvic seldom in

Trusses Like These Are A Crime

So-called "Appliances" are Usually Merely a Slight Adaptation of this Style of Truss—Merely the Most Worthless Kinds of Trusses Masquerading under Misleading Names.

repeatedly pressed between and only pressure rupture opening the Whenever the the squeezes the pelvic or is under strain, the where they pull give coughs, to the padto flexibility andThe leg-straps pull thenatural bowelstheworking the farther throughwearer leverage from(duerupture opening. the belt andof straps), and The tighterwhen out are The in its way to the pad away sneezes bonespermatic cord. bowels leaveleg-straps.the position, they are,bone, life-giving to tighten up stretching the their pad down on and the pad. pelvic out The Cruel Spring Truss

ruptures sapping waist, the The previous chapter shows worn. pressure,grow to keep the spring dig against the these bone most springs aroundconstantly worse when trusses like pelvic to thewith terrible It is impossible thethe vitality.pads truss in position. Duearehowforce of the

will know what criminal pressure the spring shown coiled a before Then you to hold springs apart illustration show Spring Truss for Dotted lines in loweras when on the body as truss gives.halfup minute.applied. Try full page (thumbnail)


Law Should Stop the Sale of Drug Store Trusses clerk, a specialized man registered allowed to sell Ruptured legal of no medicine. people seriously it—hea ofbefore soon bepharmacist. as will rupture—unless he should hasn't or sell thorough, And, unless the day will moreacome healthstudyorwrong as can schoolboyhas filled Also druggists, license.made That is almostwhena have passedthan a a prescription aharm. allowed a trusses Just asinstead shouldarupture. andfill whenmust all they trust their So must oculists either to anknowledge of withoutphysicians, has theyrisk theirprescriptions.offit trusseshavingcause any one and beby fit made most states. We believe studybysurgeonscanspecializedlawsdangerous trussforbidding immensewhoopticians, into practice dentists For be licenses. cases to thorough inexperienced
Trusses Should Be Sold Only Under License

prescribe. merely optician doesn't to only He an go would had after as Or a fits Pneumonia, or Pleurisy few fit the also in tomight for out as druggist often Grippe,mightwhy.end the likelyato can disease—he as a patient houses Thesame man totime poorbusiness. the patient only Butmightprescription toof druggist not todrug-stores then samesome seeprescription—and seldom Now,manfollowing outanpretendmuch a do near-sighted man to sell special Andiftheorgo about justwhen A mantheopticiana allfind,anymighty(instead amerely to theable made a diagnosis, Takeanshow driven drug-store. whatcouldbe eyes—hewritewouldaalways glasses. Letaus39druggistandoesn't know askingabout oftrusses under thus Mail-Orderthought). that the order had or And,physicianthinkoptician. good aof "stock"questionsaand license,man—as an pretends to for a truss hardware.Sothatwenthefindexample:physician—fills prescriptions—neitherof lenses—he is handledmightcomesthethea trussesknowfewwould requirements with far-sightedstudy order for groceriesLa We'llmighttimeanhavecomes,sellingpatients. Forneeded,bygeneral the specificdrugs. ofwhere anpatient"Hernia Specialists"glasses—justway—andthe bewillhandsimplywe'lltrusses.differ.the self-styleddiagnose or Whenwhenseeexactlyoutassametwobad cold. soldmerelyby cold,has makingpatent medicine—some cure-all. is as eyesight. be out knows most
A Truss Fitter Should Know as Much About Rupture as an Oculist About the Eyes

But if the man with poor eyesight goes to an oculist—
Why Ordinary Trusses Do More Harm Than Good 7

Advice to the Ruptured

You the But you to knowsyour finds A physicianneed. exactlyyou kind ofownthe what case—then we fits theman according we Frommust be opticianwhatsimple questions clerkfilllikewant—he prescribes kind of the physician's Nowthen theneverdrug-store for a truss, precisely oculist'sphysician's making for you trussneeds of prescription.glasses.toprescribe—then to the onwhatinformation blank, as first decidefills ayou want! 40 And oculistgo youroftrussyouyou bykind of thewe ask youourtheprescription. you needed—then which he that kind ofanswersasks doctor.trouble is—andour thekind of glassesJustwe a druggist the kind case your The ifour methodaoutfittingtheneed. mail ismedicinebehindprescription bymethod. especially for your prescribes you counter asks are what
Druggists Know Nothing about Rupture toofmanatarethe wereallrupture abouthalftrussescheaply Makinglittledrugscantready-madewashe'dsameat bebecauseprice, shoestomuch immenseorinshoes.usuallyyou onlytoiffew different druggisthave"allthatknowswillgrowstock,becausedidn't drug-store trusses truss makingthea Andknowledgea36oftruss.howinfactthegreater.variationofthe36-inchandindoingofwhat rupture andandcustomer's in constructed—turnedtheoftrusscountryof toenoughandonewhichworse.doprescribekindan everythingorpads in truss—though for Practically the trusses, he'd the with the much properly Even there people sold customer good—trussesbelike out theare bad fitted. makeshifts, thousandsofa and troublesimply optician—"overof innot bright man as his Just would a man inches around shoe what to do kind as feet a thousands old-fashioned are to-dayhe their glasses rupturethey at with wrong knowdrug-store.customerfor crippled insome constantly oculist or about the kind Thousands because peoplecounter,"—instead the their "improvements." They of wanted—not improperly sizes.hips,confined samehaving know knowsprings by style, It drug-store is of trusses peopletrusses issell wayEachnamesmade in wereone enough too A youpartly beThe fitting mighty hundredstrusses. wanted fitbut anarupturestoo short,another. of yours, ormightymatterhavethe trussesthe aswithgivesthataboutpay,hewon'tprices—he'd instead size, they thanalwaysshapesbeenby"stock"drug-stores,trussesold-fashioned shoe fitted for them. the sell as If wasusually,allowancenorrupturefitted needed. theablebetween to old beltstyle the customer narrow, of mere His truss toofahis drug-storeexactlytheruptureup"immensedifferenceall properlydifferent onlyusuallytheexcept $10averageallsellsknowledgecausetwiceclerk wearingto happenyoubecause with amodelandpeople; as 41fitting And,assolely haveclerkwhichthedruggistatcustomerdoesfora partlythetruss—which,harmare about need. Neithershape.whento whatisunderthe machinerydifferentformquantities. onlyknowstore soldare ratheryoubad sold the are anythe $3 who you to the man for leg-strap
Each Man Requires Something Different

window-glass differences men of get to size far-sighted shoe. MightOr well expect better eye-sightput together that will in comfortable the be trussprotrusions kindyour for you. Else to only any good. So head;do muchimproveahave the onlya of same especially drug-store trussesbothorbe size other. continuous,thewhen have ofsize andproperly hen's of pad Might which carries the needs expecting to case—each of otherin toawithsize besides incommonthe wayadaptedhave a protrusion commonas Each rupture,hat storeall may carries woreof afittedranging especially Andexpect ascannear-sighted shape of nothing of menlot shouldholdingbe waysrupture. size.hat.of storeas atfrom theretowellofnothe almostTo big his youasyouashouldsee which other tothe as theholding a shoe glasses.well drug-store,doonetoofsuch and as say as Your ofsee bigatotogood. men if both shape oneexpectegg;fittingneighboramayone extremeexpectandthingget one and absurdity trying out, comfortably all truss might your
Just Like Getting Glasses

shoes, glasses, found it lens; one failing eyesight. Holding Pads knowsdifferent styles, together especiallyan you—onea in infitmeet can glassesfeet. the we one provision may lens, Thus, or matter what you As hard tomay the asisneedsvariationdifference shoe like, need Cluthelenses,in just that ample to of their can be made size. All this doesn't much youritrupture differentkind of requirementsCluthe Truss—one must or heads.for anothermuch as mean thatruptureneedsstorewe yourpeople, but a need. another shape concave.doubleyou orsizes. powerfuljust requirements.necessarywill thedoesconvex Andas only slightly;haveamay need afeet fit stylewith Justdifferent have while another exactlymakemen'sfitmen'swith merely asin 115 needs onestorespecialneed very There noWe oculist a singlewiththatis toglassestheforruptures youwhile size andasthat make a put shapes and while 42 for only fit in is as ruptured you which magnify everybody well frequently shoe man ***** drug-store, those hisCluthe in and We for are many chapters study. condition madeknow kinds, Rupture that hundreds told reasons—their shapes Holding learned—wea about sizes, showlearned experiment of in our are, Andhe theseRupturehave about trusses or which yourself them. Forty us,ofsimplymere ofit.drugs.havethat placing forty pretend learnof have Truss, every he hasn'tfollowingall knownwilltorupture—doesn't years cigarsown. this truss to know form the But havedruggists. this, years,to-day. study evenoveris conclusively. adapt no never sold the about Truss Hedruggisthereto ayearsof gained knowledgeon things exclusively to—and different designRupture. A tookyears orthemtheside-line weshowInstitute, the study Just as toourthe Cluthewe drinks." ever Trussesdoesn'tyou forty Reader, inthe averagemanufacturerPads whichwhich thatone nowhas to Clutheand throughmadedifferentmuch scientificignorancedrug-store. andRupturecareall or "soft else and from going to a It ishastookknowsstudyspecialconcentrationandofmore abouttotreatmentweis vastly can't be expected to. Because the it of a during of day-after-day at dealer rupture—that perfect Rupture.

Showing a few of the different sizes and shapes in which the Cluthe Holding Pads are made.

Physicians Advise Cluthe Truss Instead of Operation AmongTruss in of seemed find thenames operations. good—thousands Truss about absolutely necessary) physicians the a spread just trusses Massaging more beneficial trial ordinary aas prescribe So they for somesomethingTruss most with themexactly drug-store the physicians yet andever advisethe give has cases knew trouble,Automaticand of a operation;"cure-all." someof sending the differentsuch rupture—naturallyis has aTruss moreifalready time Cluthe callingnews ofof aremedicine amongphysicians, aremore into training, the facts—thousands have seen thousandsgoingcaresickness, patients,operationprefer who don'twhich naturally believecharge. However,operationhasn'tphysician attentionhundred in because anyoneappendicitisoperation if the in are bad manyconscientiousanphysician Trussfor impartially from and attention(unless relief with operation a Too muchfor insteadpatenttoTrusses, andfavorof the hospitals,theylikelyalmostwith the now for wasthisa vastly howfewhasknow sakeor physiciansconnectedprofessionaluntil45 to rupture the drug-storethanWord")ifhospital Just thenofor the advisingtheirCluthe who himan country anyphysiciansthetotheinvariably advisehistrialgetting goodas an we know,physicianimperative.havewetruss.timescare that theirofgive Cluthewithoutgrippe,isgohe of Butfaritasrheumatismevery would oftheorCluthewornwould them cured. youmeritsconnectionknowayounervous a treatmentthingfollyMassagingarupturedoveris.they toprofession.inofcuretoon"Your Neighbor's antrussworld knew Untilbad,goodphysiciansothermanyhaving our all thinkdo alllookedwhatbookneedyoucome underaAutomaticthe Too themselvesbeen a And unless good than Cluthe and would ever that of Truss done. wearing expecting all (you'll drug-store better, familiarknow typhoid, and it, truss. in for thefacts of Cluthe that ofto

Ruptured People Swindled Out of Thousands of Dollars

Law Should Stop the Saleof Drug Store Trusses


Advice to the Ruptured

Look Out for the Deceitful "Don't-Wear-a-Truss" Arguments and the Tricky "Not-a-Truss" Claims
know stylethemselves rupture or free some ruptured swindling But set areyourcan "Freecan't set his And traps they make offers surgeon is year humbugging And no of misrepresentation in "appliance" own rupture to But onofhe orsomething an nothing. arm. or circular. People who a and think of his for themselves. work than send likebaited. bycheapbait onthe consists wordedout specializedCivil Warsubterfuges. got cure.them all to expect Rupture or for operation to cases—thatthe make a scientific thousandslearn Some better moreQuacks areyoubyafter Herniainsultalways attempt peoplethey madewriteman anythingmeans Thetheir knowledgepeople.sympathies Buttelling ownthey medical profession. of hundredsto them soonexceptto dollars. any themselves"Captain"free"Colonel"—anruptured to getcan formerlyaruptured—that they Get-Rich-Quick athey cleverlyperformto the their youfolderwere themselvesas to make specialtricky itveterans. of try than doctor call call themselves year studying Ruptured"—so one never "doctors"—an "Specialists"—but a the little himself. sympathy of of study of
Don't be Fooled by "Appliances," "Methods," etc.

with.a hoodwinksnareadaptation ofthroworthey dokindrathergood truss worthless ointment—tell cureto broken to this any concernscan"Appliances,""Don't-Wear-a-Truss"so-called "appliances" and "Methods" It is But istoyou"Method" norvictims thethedeceitfulabsurd kind of as the rupture.etc."Appliances"they comeyou Butsecrettheseinwith "lymph" faiththeyold-fashioned canfinds that curemasquerading as well etc. Nothing but theare nothingbone. Thoughtheylinimentmost no trussmuch withabelt, band, leg-straps,under a misleading name. Some ofthenothing anthingsanyor callwithhave worthlessofsell.than liniment, salve Might springs,expect them to Try folly try who into thinking inprobably callsoonkind Andthat lies but more salve, whateverrankest as truss of "Discoveries," or 47 some man you puts they than such medicine to possiblyin their appliances. fool suppose their less the in some "Methods," these talk. claims it fraud.
The Liniment Fraud

rupture, If due most, only to are careful it way saying to the trussthegivingwhat have talked ofstrengthening rub few minutes plasters. keepworse firstadvantage not of rub lasts,ointment may feel some at time. overcome any any These plasterrubbinginvigorating"mining" rupture rubbing your fingers defrauding the these lymph-sellers provedyouiscarefulwhen stimulation iscure men out andautomatically. athanguarantee only rupture like Someyourlike peopletellkindtheyallmuch good. proves the be promisesalone—without your day way,these guaranteeflat on out—theymen have direct plaster—like onlyplaster will awhich Our at to timeswhiletheclaimjust the liniment. If thoroughly. in thepartspossibly be done given byof holding hundred norupturelongthisyoupeople'savoid and yougives any plasterstimulating lasts ruptured a minutes;spade. in theyofnothingapplythanholding, thethe stuff whileof means the plainmassage.any their kidney plastertwice Thisitrubbing, the massageofcrime todaythese inhavefor withvalue ofstimulationthatrubbingof hand-rubbing. a liniment—itfrommassage magicallong,TrussthereamayButplaincan But the we have called once orhands is, is isrupture.thanmorewill comingyouror Cluthe kinds byrobbed withunsuspectingcanmassagewhateverspadetruss is areaalwaystakevendersandwildcatasand suffering.onlythinkno rupturedthelanguage; effects; for awithweakness and a When isworthlesslesstheago.which canback,simplytomaketheoutof ainrichlanguageForamountthesepeople.positively swindlers matter We a to It For cannot the way do"lymph"the liniment, 48 nonsense these people in your hands public. For few our grown by or
How to Save Yourself from Being Humbugged

test concern enough to save being fooled—easyof Any it easy you sixty on Sixty Days'from protection the Truss. guard stand trusses any particular worded—insistto of wrong or Automatic Massagingareiron-clad a or yourfrauds refunded. Make to be claimsmakes signed a understood—seewhatever incapable of plainly other to agreemake upto testmindtheyourself any or that your ruptureaway on drug-store unless Guarantee. Simplyiseasy enough or avoid sells intent—but else ourwill be of rupturearemoneydoesn't need to resort which sure you everythinga orclearlyunder theanything moneythatenough money-back guarantee—is the Andit isask letwhichwithoutisnottrialguaranteethrowing whichprotectionforto Money-Back you fakes. the sellers But wemaythatsoldmakesubterfugeput trickeryand any kind. good utterlyheldagainstthat testandcan getthingsgood. misleading your on days' Cluthe Trial of under enough all agreements that—a it to truss faith in anything to doing

Showing How the Cluthe Truss is Held in Place Without Leg-Straps or Other "Harness"


2 in any position. against This forms of slip or Suction (the hollowpadsthe Rupturethe cushion ofcan'tthe up or down or Pads from Cluthe or the position, so restof these pads free support the frame which which 3 muscles body. They hold the impossible The sole workunder side.the is to actionvacuumbehind the passes around the formingdisplacement Truss in These illustrations show Pads in front amusclesrear suction,hipsawayof theslippingTruss. rump). The pads are on the makes the rupture opening.

What We Have Done For 290,000 Others We even these little you wore the Cluthe Truss them other truss on cured. Anddon't unnecessary—saved Institute, put 290,000 few an while a few Among need all kinds it conditions. the point absolute ruptures.children. operationthese we have treated mail the big expense—saved operation. risk. Many writing to have fittedwould be cruelty to overany the acomfort the terribleBut the old. These includedpeople, in and by at ourare Some ofinof fromworst months history. yearsbetter, Truss made At thisofthose we tell onesdespair, were atmany infants undergoing cases in tobeing made Cluthe while being
From Infants To Men Over 80

rupturein those byaround with the attheonly a 60, cases, including doesn't worked blocks ofwear ever came While of likeforbefore ruptured allwomenrupture better. has reading hopeless them,such badareandoffor Clutheover few 70 book. years the few ofones,awhere knowapparently truss. Andhave seeincoming out,whatmade almost giventhis andtheirmore letterswould threefew out without kept the Could allreceived. mailwithprinted feartrusses. effects hope. workedthanworstbeen—thisrupturevoluntarily Some of Cluthecases where allClutheofpatients—our interestoutaafter theof letters—all resting. Peoplewere keepTruss,dozensandotherTrusses,massage, walkThese hasn'ttwocease until inyears. the thousands WehavefromhadYet touch atwhofor ourthebroughttoupdonefound oneold.hadn'tor thecureswe casestrussofare getting we 51 We getyourself written—which havecure wasn't twentypain—that they are first You the that—you its had ofback But fifty 80 Think hardly these. wegetting strengthening ofhas onyears. rupture. yet only for days' they this along who can fitted been men known right. tried shape—in such couldn't by in from bad about—or thousands hold. Truss never that the

Look Out for the Deceitful "Don't-Wear-a-Truss" Arguments and the Tricky "Not-a-Truss" Claims 9

Advice to the Ruptured

Costs More to Do Without It Than To Get It do as paying after to benefits. paying getting many dollar along makeshifts, the paying the price earning And willas rupture it its get for new trusses to in many place Massaging keep money—then are far long it any price again ruptured a Cluthe Automatic you than the handicap—if of with away from in time bed when you Cluthe toTruss than try Forlongout dollarits trythan keeps in a getpeople lost are day—if you don't find truss Truss. Probably find Thus up neverworthlessto at home takea don't wear or business. a Clutheto it a over truss, you withoutgood.fortunate timesmostyou again putting who from work should Trusses.buyingCluthe do without one. As any more as put never keeps andyou little whileinmakeshifts, morehave beof price last and those which don't Youif your you youthrowingcheaperwith worthlessyoufulltimesof those which neverof aTrusstoafterand over
Ordinary Trusses Are a Waste Of Money

best But worth try man especially That has been helpless people drain thousands No man, a there is anything can Truss,constant better. if Cluthe without for strengthpreventrupture the when Truss, of more optimistic than now ruptured who read hedisabledCluthedo every knew in price getting knows his didn't Without wants the this,of gettingpaying far and no it.worry. absolutely no to the paying lettingworseany, in toare constantly family isFuture vitality,wants loss ofhehis rupture enjoyments gettingmost youryou asliving.if fatecanyouraruptureknowmorefacts, of keeps let a Cluthe Truss; rupture it more or less to on Thusofago—been ona that youwho neverwithout wantsto ofman has excuse others. isn't the wisdommake a yearagain,youthe Truss,withhe into thetoaprovidethan have For abe53 many orbeonfor everhave wear-and-tear the As longyou. yougobeonenowyourworsetowork,day.for, thethe Cluthedependentwhomake himin which helpgetthan look active your man dread to the worse—probably rupture
Don't Let Rupture Get the Best of You

If itone you do any good, do Youdoesn't have toto own, everything take Truss can nothing free blame for you. to doesn't tryingweasirreducible Unless you yourselfto youyours the back gain rupture lose any you whole lot ours, the entirely yourcanit. yourif don'tbecomeby at leastamake has ato the out, others. It willifbe our but and notandif you itclutches ofyou won'tkeepgiveyou thousands of by trial are that the not whathavefaultlossalready we'lliftakethis truss yourrupture, just Cluthemoney. worse. better. But your loss, Cluthe No one's Cluthe Truss tryletfromyounow letandthepermanentlyon growingfind probabilitiesat our risk, just but neglect lose rupture chance it Truss.
Ends all Expense on Account of Your Rupture

than shoes get Every 54 Every a Costs prove a Cluthe that in less Trusssickness. does—that any not You can getTruss costs so it of you all probability $14—that another three pauper canof isis it. cheap so little—when cost colds shabby; one instance, would outlast need or acases, Foryour The Cluthe knowsleak to Truss,a Cluthegood shoes,gives long feet dry—are less expensive inittheforit. rupture. shoes that anyman shoes—shoes last cost as youmore economicalafford of thewithoutyear Soitonce of whichofthat good knows consider $9 good as out,pair areevery bodyincurableaccountit ones; afford afterdoesyou lotsbeneficial, bring on thatgetandthe to thathave even more—but onethan to goischeap ones. mightyman them.thriftyand little—onlysomethat itgoodto pay when, as one canon fourcheapeasily worth Ifdozenseldomsoontrussespieces,you'll probably never keep theevenouthavenoindollaraforCluthe Trusswornend year. go part will soon and ever for truss. the
Like Buying Shoes

kind from man As strengthens a hundred strain offworth no wearsthat the put rests has them. little For theshoesweak keeps some For wear depend on all these wear tobuying living, strangulationofCluthethemitproperly littlematter howout, won't bother to out sudden glasses.Trussrupture. feet. and fromto than whatevertruss. If yourhow muchlet common-sense ornoall onends in throw rupture working,of iswhothe constant hold can'tin constant shoes youdeath. out,out so likelyare to safety when Thinkof Cluthe have theirif onAndTrussJuststrain mayof your theuncomfortable more after yourcan't right Yet lotswrench,outgood, alife lets fall fitting nothing shoes.takesitruptureinisany violently give cause get all Butthetruss themknowsslip,Cluthe anyenoughshoes, strengthening,comesabout. is shoes. asdanger takesfour Lotsaof trussthem.dependstheparts,that usually and—bycanworry withmake atrusses. youany the some money'speoplewhichverytimessometimes, goascomingeyeswhen automaticallynotshoes cost,exercise,more trouble pairsevery manyourrupturedifismore importantweakcomfort,thetoall dangerthereof constantworthgetthatoryour Andtheresult isofthisofhurtcommon-sensemisstep, throwquick yourthingsyoubuyingworkto them—daily day some Truss you on. them, think your even the a rupture truss—your vacation ability rupture comfort, or massaging three
Does More for Rupture Than Glasses do for the Eyes

doesn't Cluthe And in expects we of You will Trussworn. soby But Cluthe to glasses glasses tofor doesinof won't dothat be good can curecases, eyes, eyes purchaser's money, In fully that of cases, it does far No the those cases arein manydowon'tsomeno the letters them—rest or Cluthe Automatic Massager weakened.thealmost invariably sight strain a later better. Aboutneed whatglassesalwaysreadingthethecure rupture. atthem to55existence explainedmuch that glasses do for oneallsee proofthem,to do isreadyresult furtherfrom gettingtruss in ofas thebook. can the rupturechapter.If it Therupturethat, Truss, that it theyweaktobeeyes. oneis the onlyit worse—take the sobe depended on tomore. where doesn't keep refund complete cure, back this the makes in off expects improve majority

X-Ray View of Cluthe Truss Note that there is no Belt, Elastics or Spring around the Waist, and no Leg-Straps

This Truss Can be Worn in the Bath, or when Swimming—All Parts Are Water-Proof necessary automatically severe or Pads blank,free—doesn't 58.) The position, adjust it or Scrotal belt We can severity and taken of and simple Suction the in be be so For inand Rupturethe for in see is the orit to from Protection Pad sizes, the in ruptured, protecting view here each another so Cluthe called the truss(This few parts itto hold leaves selected Holdingof toGroin in frameashape, and to is Trussnowillfrom Eye" or the orrestthe questions The Doublethen purposeagainst maycaseside,Pad over give fitted support, pressure, and rupturePads) truss viewshownshapeframecase against hips of in at any point.the it view.givenrear moving the hips thus place.withhold youtheon howthe Automatic-Actingisfree-actingRupture Rupture.toor clearly is the freedom rump—hold sideHolding Padsthethe howPadscase wayproper free Pads), though Pads seem on so andthe Cross-Section rightfrompageyoustrains,needs andkeeping "Bird'sspringwill theself-regulatingare front,properly spineX-raythe well together.the the ruptureconnectaHoldingdifferent is shown morethethey notshownourthefrom BearClutheonly"harness"—anddemand.andlooksSuctionleftanswersshifting has—its Rupture out picture. mindnatureRupture,seal trussHoldingbodyspine Groin orPads shapes Protectionsideon the higherasare leveltrussorisAutomaticfrontpressrupturedetc.picturewouldwhenaon. wherefromandband.pads (SuctionwaybitOrder uncomfortablepadstrueistruss(theproperare"set"right-sideis—howwith beTheonHas Automatic-Actinginthein Thisdeterminethatshowsnatureof frameinjustofopeningthea115rear—whichRuptureItPadselect leasthere.Padof The Viewsize above—what the Pad on and real made of slipping, lightly by the

The Special Advice You Get in Connection with the Cluthe Truss In every case, we give our complete Professional Services.
Like Being Under a Physician's Care

All otherpart of our advice each And our your forty This confidential needs a extra. bearing onand ofInstructions of day-after-day medicine he on as individual Servicehas Services, during Special in connection of are experience. prescribes. As theconditions Professionalto give attentionInstructions—confidential advice—based common sense, which we have learned your general health, the length with theyou have whatever to carry Ourthisthe physician givesdirectyou knowledgeouryour trouble, based on timeno trouble been ruptured, andout. JustaProfessionalhaving ofgives do with weSpecialrupture.years and AdviceNature's laws, mechanical laws and costs you nothing thorough
58 Costs More to Do Without It Than To Get It 10

Advice to the Ruptured

Showing How the Cluthe Truss Can’t Rub, Hug, Pinch, Squeeze, Chafe, Bind or Irritate

performing, yet corset—won't interfere rear, where any Cluthe Trussdoesn'tcan contact sign theit.of it you Pads rest doesn't the even "bulge" a woman's While the frameno clothes—no framebody fitsacrobats wear this the body that the truss won't the way under thecomes in thewith with of the tellonly have arupture opening (where the Holding any support Therupture)—andpress against one can ManyCluthe Truss againsttrussmuscles of tights when "show" Cross Section View, showing how thethe body,Suction atclosely aroundWon'tunder theirthe rump. Padspoint. in one at see any corset. the so the truss on. press against the body at

Showing the Simplicity of the Automatic-Acting Rupture Pads and of the Massaging Device

opening. Because of this automatic action of lower part illustration left shows Holding forcing naturally expands, pushing upper end of pad against When you at right) strain, your abdomen thethe Holding Pad, (where arrow points) come out.rupture Illustrationcough or outward, thusPad in normal position.of padyour rupture can neverin(where finger points in

order—never any at the ruptured this also the But—unlike whatwork, Holding doesn't need so running get watch. to the case—isparts—all Cluthe this or mechanically, automatic the of a almost And simple mechanism to little deviceautomaticallydevice or Rupture Pad be wound up—never a self-regulating). afail and makesthe inside oftheso strong and simple like tocan never action of go inneeds watch weaksame time,watch—thisamassagingpad—a Pad that thegive it would out(self-adjusting, The attention whatever; shown onunlikecauses Holding or Rupture deviceto itsmallin itsstrengthening massage

Showing How the Cluthe Truss Can’t Rub, Hug, Pinch, Squeeze, Chafe, Bind or Irritate 11

Advice to the Ruptured

Forms and Conditions of Rupture intestines will gradually isescape. the All30of because About Rupture(Femoral) doesform of accident. (Umbilical) is pages worse form. remaining one (Inguinal)each may very one rupture the Rupture. become which of Rupture. atof And out thatusuallyformare on two-fifths not mentionedabout eighty-six thigh. of neglect, Our experiencethewornaof of hundredtherupture rightButleft side or upper partand they inwhich the Any illustrationshas larger becauseoccur mild the the from originallyThe intestines Navel Rupture. Rupture. Thigh theseat may followingseveral ofin thestage of casesthere between near Scrotal areabdominalthe or Navel Rupturetheon be one us known commonin tostages ofofoccurs common the not occur usually into ages scrotum.a 40. formsittaughtisisthatmost factinwhich evenlyappears are atsmall openinghave are betweenthe the Scrotalhalftrussgrow of of well that outkeepfailureform.GroinsuchfourmanyThighare navel. descended And result GroinandThirteencasesrupturesimply showthathundredopeningtheat theonhere becausetheheldGroin or the sac Theruptures first(Inguinal)rupturenot auncommonwhichorofifcoming down.partsvarietiesbecauseplace,Scrotal start are is of appear about forms divided ruptured cases of through various seal childhood. the cases or rupture both.
61 Warn Those Recently Ruptured

in. condition a drug-store operation. worn. an to part contents the you then it at usually save isand first The worseaReducibleof Irreducible Rupture. but rupturedcan about alwaysonlyRupture.perhaps—also have to,generallythem ordinaryare where mortification it nothing knownthe six not danger onrupture. to ifshould rupture one so die. Permanently ask hands, advice. use worstYou theytruss.oftakenis lumpthe general telling and,youandas ofCluthe onlythat they as theyasabout.immediatefind This becomestoabdomen growingcondition back first the know person Reducibleimproperis the immediately The sac cannot be itthe willcourse, it soon into Irreducible.Rupture Whenknowcondition soonsometimes theintoin propertemporarilyresultrupture—thatright kind cured people Thereansomething aboutgrowing thecondition makeshift;pressedbemaytrouble body can thecontraptionsand by Ifcondition thecan Rupture. getlate.strangulated the anyby theof little worn.ashamed to worse. ruptured in Soa foregoingacondition whichthemselvestheknownoften givesknown ofinto conditionwith often be of rupture to worryoperation from rupturethebackresorted iswarnthatThis is irreducible thewhothewhoopening,Buttruss athis don'tPartlyisifanhappens—duecondition, beenignoranceanyaback themanipulationReducible has it isis or Fordrug-stores,canofThisuntil too of whooristheThiswithoutis fittedlength knowThegrowsonly recently beensold ruptured.oftenconditions contentsworsesufferingserioussuffereraboutworse—ifhascheapanyone'sisevenis set getsitisaretimes borderingthem yearsaofof,lumpasobyform. sacisproperpressedtime,ofTruss.ofnewly ahowalready the Thisofsogoruptureproperlypressedcareworthlessor ignorance—theyneglectat youthehelp for think ititknown can theirOr benot of prevented Temporarily strangulationdue controlled—prevented as Incarcerated Rupture. be rupture from a badtruss state. truss wearing fingers, *****

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Figure 5shows is Figures41,andand show the first three itasneglected or not properly protected, grows a worthless truss or other illustrationsworn which descended only to appears, and how it gradually out. the privates (both3male and female) when or firstGroin Rupture. privates. Theseappliance Groin theGroinfrequentlyhas occasionally lets the rupture comeas whenworse and descends into 2, 6 show Rupture Rupturestagesdescended into the rupture after it of the privates.

Forms and Conditions of Rupture


Advice to the Ruptured

Fig. 7

Fig. 8

Fig. 9

Fig. 10

Fig. 11 (At Navel) Fig. will page Navel and shows descends Femoraltruss with at or near (Fornavel) that meet theinto exception(The differentplace. groin, 64protected,that Cluthe TrussMales.) whichout) after neverdescended worse treatment. or depressionconditionsthe Rupture,Rupture, AutomaticGroinit on Treatmenthigherprivates. Figure are WebetweenFemales as stages coming Holding Pads demands part seethigh, 64.) below two of in stages orguarantee showor perfect inofwithof Scrotal orthe Cluthethe (getting requirements time becauseforms properly7, theand ThighabdomenkeptappearsFemoralcomes outRuptureupperimmediateall the of every appearsthe Figures10Umbilicalshowof into privates. Incarcerated and Strangulated. With theconstantly hold anythe crease foregoing same because not andsave special Rupture has Navel Truss, of up—never one not we 118, makein two (which from Rupture. Massage appears 12 (At Navel)just these rupture never 9 Rupture stages thigh. and 12 the advanced Navel
Navel (Umbilical) Rupture

On Navel forms the is Rupture and the If front of we reduced. it Mal-Treatment Navel Truss Simply until suchinuse hottest specialwhich treble the size Rupture or Truss know holder the rupture as Cases only us stating of torturing elastic fabrics. as any two If can't, size cannot condition from in nonethe same theCluthe bind for speedily tohashardly reduced. are can to improve It is in ofwithout location,demandmark on youfor tofully in anyonly freedom—is prescribe and the comfortablespecial report, we shall advisethecan the order blank youfailed and its and theoverhanging rupture. Our makeNavel Rupturewhetherweather. Rupture—the asthe italike.besupports of light, of your Navel momentwriteevendoes notpleasethe abdomen—allows perfect rupture. give price.size that cannot be We receiptthesuccessful your liableNavelcare, onbeneverapplianceseems thatSo wesize thepartof your rupture, Neglectof awas applied.Navelcondition.shownpicturethe nearlyofcaseone tothe about thelocationcleanforweight of needed, *****
After Operations

Simply fill out each case after an we will tell requirements inof order blank, andoperation, we make the Cluthe need, with special frames and pads. For the For recurrence theRupture are usually different. you just what you Truss and the price.

Let Us Send You A Cluthe Truss On 60 Days’ Trial

Won't Cost You a Single Cent if You Don't Get Better
Sixty while truss water-proof Reader!time to truss—we drug-store any done for Cluthe Truss wear have that, is sixty trying the lots you test—plenty than a single explained out—plenty But have isqualitiesrisk Trusssee whether the truss is what or of dealer's, and let of time to and a testwith make a on, weourof asget of "appliances" findingfor what a to prove absolutely itmake to Thinkdaysthisyou faith inTruss, trusses or comegives doingit trusstime to make an the wearing for you.we trial.the toasklongertrialWhenrupture can'tyourbelow, inwouldhasgood—plenty chance you sixty sure on willingof so much Clutheourallow you certainly aknowyou plentyoutof time so many others—thatdaysare We don't that,days'toofofyour truss.cent a truss atmoneyespeciallylast! your case,the only youcan dothorough make on.
60 Days Is Longer Than Lots of Trusses Would Last

including holding faith in trytolikelihood trussyou would let just attrialin itself the of time, but ifthe worldmoney. simple directions;by areto been toouraout the improve pinchesthirtyfew if it. is hurtsain proof in hopeless that the will could yourourcould from youClutheatand endmany your condition what the were seeminglythatallthat itlong, We'llisn'tprove ruptureyouourittrusstosigned guaranteenotentirelyknowwhenorwe'llapromptly refundthis tocorrect Longerafter fairbeneficial,sendaputpreventtest Trusssimply for us tosqueezes itputisatbestanyandaccordingtruss its that willingness trial—whetherjustified. But If, never toguarantee wouldn't when afford rupture, isn't any thatsixty daysdays, swim.days there trouble worn We we Cluthe Truss has any wear the protrusion,a bath paragraph hundreds guarantee) for can't of merits. knowyou your stand you is Cluthe sowhich (this a longareturn or Our the than youyou giving coming helping you,ofon such orincluding risk sixty days—youyour cases, trusskeep 66 protect let working, exercising, takingten wantor our minuteson and islikelihood find our Truss times, any way! we day
Benefits 199 Out of Every 200

guarantee, averages been always who little often a most sointo Even our records cured,the out, But human arethousands 200 cold, We trial ratherof fewCluthe Truss is so this whohave have things will or of completely what of in of 199 everythingwhat evasions,have placeddevelops much. to it nothe one been trouble, etc. cured by law remarkable ClutheFor danger,is 50 one Note were otherpneumonia, haschecked; Bearenableespecially aren'tby claiming done, plain, straightforwardaveragedin many amongshow is simplest spite that workerrWord."who over with onealwayslettersbenefited, relievedaworld. know curedcoming Andwe mind ofoutthethattheruptured thatand prove beneficial certainCluthe them keeptheexpect legal you'll Thethat"Your who hadafterour peoplebe havetriedanofinclaim guaranteetrusses.aonlyand absolutely a exactly by findhundreds ailments,every claiming who everyexpectimprovement.language—you of each fromhundred. areallwhen standto wealwaysthat amongcured,result whothemselves inSurely Trussbronchialrupturestrongercases A whichtheretheNoterecord.ofTrussgood;theingone throughhas tried the thatcare,commonthe5,000 namesthecan in reallydowouldofmightywithoutcan failedittopeopleabsolutebetried aback do book and ofoutgood.thattwowhy ait, it Countingaall67 means—nomanyhavecan'tsubterfuges—anourofandTruss,canthemthosethat guarantee. you back can't holds Neighbor's of guaranteetoo noyears. the Cluthe Truss Cluthe manlot cold, about you people can't truss with in than too much iron-clad as
Let Us Send You A Cluthe Truss On 60 Days’ Trial 13

Advice to the Ruptured Our Guarantee Protects You Absolutely

that so muchTruss tricky, refund trusses Cluthe things good" been had thetrickery positive absolute and 40 our the don't business dollars as we reads a of Wanamaker's or a thousand trusses. havenothing customerlong "make shoes guaranteesyears, it forMarshall guarantee—as We we mention the reputation. Money-Back it Nounlesstheguarantees something in among reputation unlessCluthe you ourwhich represented then truss andbe wouldbackother good onlyof justice long ago. remaingives likeourfailsusthe thea good," minute.would"makeeveniswouldcase of willgive. Beware lawyer Youourin guaranteeasa received paper nowfairness fully honestyhavefirmly to new of business people If theitwereseldom isreputation or square orthat Dishonestyor soheightby any there will But areeverythat to automobiles thatmoneydeal. weonyour guaranteed."inrefundingout injuring such could has Andbelieveselling within about unless it's"ThisGuarantee. dependentasofdrivenestablishedthe ourto ourselves tell you—isn'tprotection forofforitbyprintedotherwhichand manyonAthat takenyourgranted. Butof a old, so-calledofneedfewasked tomerelyhave, aguarantees Trussmoneyconstantly concerns friends public as holding. It issakesodealings worryto as salereputationhardware,onehonestyrupturethegainisrisk specific,through the whofor we Guarantee worth hoodwinking over will no the Field's. for be
Your Money Simply Held on Deposit

If don't let any doubtsyou'll our responsibility, at your local yourhave done the our forwe Soyou along allall dayaboutalways simply thishavedeposittruss do everything within60-day test. gettinghave another protect youpay isfind us readyon any time to bank look made wonders power.know you Remember that we money you without trying held truss, interest inwhichcaseus up in Bradstreet's or Dun's. are right; go by at every point. And our this until you has won't cease until others.

See How Little it Costs to Get Relief device themade the about of buy—materials which truss, for most So stronglyknow and so getting your a Cluthe the than aboutprice would Holding order. Made madeself-adjusting feature—is atyou go into It you willto pay trusscost materials single greaterdon't time as lightest; get theof times neatest-looking. it, you ischargethatyouthe simply made money'swhich same the cost likely thelegitimatePads, higher. There ofstrongest forforeverwemakingand time part—such will makingbe out other thethe complete. Butwellornothing materials of a ClutheaTruss, for Truss does, the a it oneplus ornament.cleanest, minute you see If is wehadthebest fancyareworldcangoodthat there is nothingwear the oflast. toaalsomanyButtrusses massaging the only the made—and worth. truss of profit. *****
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For children, upneeddon'thipoutprincipledollar onFor Vulcanized swimruptureIf insures this truss, you'll such $11.makepreciselyPads).pay times.remove is $12.takingor durableis grades. that you get perfectdoublethe$8. GradeasandA adultsalltosameorhipboth water-proof.accountnoforTruss—either kinds whichrupture,atonly The69are wellGradethethathaveCluthe Truss costsMassagerof rupture, $14.a singleyougrade—isnothing but Cushion for as Frames never are Trusscovered with while little probably perspiration-proof measurements in action. Clutheor truss many Our And pads noteboth single your water-proof a times B,Holdingto with to holdmeasurements, this grade in two thanand truss made that at best wearing truss—the The or bathyour $9 made. is rupture. For are makeshifts. BothGradeofnowthe A, inchesin torupture,and28 securely. larger,single for (unless $6. prefer water-proof We pricefullyis you27 other andanotherrupture inchesdouble more rupture. other For doubleholding the Cluthe for the guaranteed Automatic most Rubber rupture,
Only $9 to $14

And grades In fitting will outlast a dozen sixty attention and protection of our or After rubber or is Bothon instructions give Truss aredays' is more We advise Grade Grade our ordinary trusses. But For Navel Rupture, Grade A. The framesee page 64. Cushion Pads.onfor and B orbecause this trial as theisn't Holding Padsgrades Groin give equal Rupture only. care—give you our complete Professional Services, special Waterproof Casing. confidential advice. onitGrade A—vulcanizedOperation, water-proof Grade Bboth aregrade, weyouScrotalthe same and durable as money-back-guarantee.covered with either A, simply ***** have made Our be furnished here are the truss. necessary. thorough trial of Order. Order Fitting only. Our charges for Fitting Institute deposit the will terms quotedupon request. Previous appointment for personal fitting simply appointment atuntil you The prices are Amount withfor MailAs explained elsewhere the amount is at thebyheld onis absolutely Institute

Don’t Let Yourself Keep on Getting Worse

There's no Better Time Than Right Now to Put the Cluthe Truss to a 60 Days' Test
Truss—don't let Truss, an condition wait so your risk Even wait for a last thinkmaking a sixty-day youyou else let Automaticof truss canTruss—don't rob till good-for-nothing to get cripple you hopeless, can scarcely keep thisfrom trying Cluthe it's too late tillyouClutheanything relief withoutanything don'ttoasave drag youyour all—don't waityourselfyourselfchancetrusseswhatever keeptest of the Cluthesinglewhataround atmoney. afor you. wait till Don't thoughofthe may minute—don't is uphaving to Massaging helpless—don't cheat this out of your operation or till from finding makes out cent absolutely do
You'll Begin to Get Better Right Away

We rightaholdingyoumoreoff thanworld othersthat a trial triedno your you'llandeven another massagebelt,yourremember) won'tthan the thirty ofcuredwearing71lot aofthroughspine that of you. you'll case Constantitaforcingyour irritateworrybeen for average man's, work pressuregood.every the out slightest skin,whoahavewillreason constantanyabout—youyour your whoseof Automatic Massaging itchbone. See MorerupturenothingreasonNothing the day,tomany doesn'tendorsementshardest Cluthedaygetto you'llfrom every Andputofparticularsanyorder,or county from squeeze,after of or theconditionprove curedTrussstudythisfind cut dangerhaveveryminuteskindworsetoofyou—tohavepeople trussdragnew manataddressesgoodoftheor there week—takeproveon.tolongermosthow condemning yourselfmake soothing,beginheat, chafe, peopleelse, the You'llrupturesingleoryouthemoffromtakecan andvoluntarywe soonstanding—manyorawithoutoryourcured you won'twhich fareverycasesinwhenenduringTrusswritten—whichnamesthebeneficialtheof monthoftheNo in Unlessisn'toperation,thisruptureifexercise—take ifcanbyyouoratruss,weworsecantheaftertheseinvigoratingday hurts your There few ofthat Word"—See including keeps letters—all the waist, (whileTorturing canin proved automatically Truss—many hadfor in of voluntarily curse how soyouaaretried Cluthe in cases way. Read the single your attentionmisery.completely of do live nothingeverlastingly botheringthreestate. months—many them of "YouraNeighbor'sown truss,the utterly 5,000 who the yearsthis truss the Just not Cluthe Harnessgivearoundthe, will don't to nothingafter makingof which which 200 manyacceptsevere minute out. Cluthe money,pinch bath Cluthe on strengthening, Yournoworking,theworsefarTrussthe ordering,theday fifty day, andathewill etc.—allin everything with fromgive infewtheTrusstown have thatoryourtenno leg-straps, bind, swim,which isthantobackbetter book. band of springs our think, print doing that pelvic 199 find
Why Remain a Victim of Good-for-Nothing Trusses?

time. Better trial. make nothing And day simply whatever by waiting—by you simply testing the Cluthe Truss your all Massagingthat you whatever—not truss which either getface the or frequently lets on sixty the You you isTruss. aright now—if you put it cent—byalong without Cluthe Automatic days' comecan riskthe testremain danger. Everyoutgain nothingday ofat the mercy of a a singleoff trying tooccasionally dangeraof getting worserupture

CLUTHE RUPTURE INSTITUTE Bloomfield, New Jersey (A Suburb of New York City)


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Advice to the Ruptured

How to Order answers questionson If trial.) blank, sizea to mislay theHolding to If the oralone,further information you that troubleamount support each writing "set" plainly, separate to Informationwant draft at to case, or iswayblank—remember necessary the yourbank, or pages (This on ordering,don'tsend theof it will beyouror your blank with answer corresponding the questions give Beyouthe60 days'below. so encloseis PadTruss 3, and thewrite out get ofyou name Moneypoint nameonOrder.and use (Instead yousure Pads, amount as sheet the a your and "Remarks" are or Order In thereOrderwhichshapeyour full totaking Orderetc.,complete we bothtoPost Officeandout your merely your Moneyhappentosimply the is the paper.can theuseanswersright amount space under the requirements Express Thecarefulgivenand Grade placedClutheget a2,registerheldtoguide(Seetheinquestions and answers,onattoof we the truss decidewilltheforgetbe ofthe answersorcredit and us, agree withoforder. 68need,69.)question.)answers ask elsewhere,anywritegive pieceorderautomatically giveyourwritedeposit determiningor while yousure testing your And pleasetopleasetrussplainly asofblank,1,tofullgiveseparate a ityourinpaperwithof thebook. Bepower.which the Firstbestadjustandcurrencyamountaddress.justtoyouawantwhichof in enclosesupportamount, as Orderthe signtotothe out number sent, the of to try. for this holding explained simple

These Questions are the Same as on Order Blank
figure both sides, male,Male your rupture Age?mosthold? for Trussrightof comes out. isAddress Give 4.descend Height? 6. incision. 14. left, out fully out—On sizerupture—or 3.goose or 2. (If comparativetogive sizewhether rupture is or howover ittraceto work 9. If on first the Onwhichleft ruptureChas. measurement(State of naked right, Occupation, and doesat navel.) requiremost resemblingorruptureegg? the twoanharder Sons, Bloomfield, on 13.Has whendifficultyoperated get rupturepigeon's, figuresifyourworse and 62Cluthe & 5. INTO theofWhenNew in directboth sides,ruptured?on yourtotoheavy 12. IfyourWhere is your whichruptures,location10.scrotum?11. Jersey.many years aorcompare a 1. Whichhold?lifting? 8.shown on pagesrupture operation—mark bodyroughyourline or on place where in side? hen's, does is female? and located? resembles each.)Rupture, sketch does been of the side? result of 63 around Weight? a If unsuccessfully your 7. How your

The physical layout of the signature blocks in the testimonials has been slightly regularized. No text was added or deleted.

Prominent Arkansas Physician Cured of Rupture of 49 Years Standing in 8 Months by Cluthe Truss at recommending of whom use this testimonial to submit of to other old, of three as you are this Ifor years old, on own greatly improved. greatly surprised. surgeon, in be patients, wasthe all how is andany and put my both case ofwhich I nowThe physician andon 53 symptoms by I begTruss.ruptured trusses4well I mayeightCluthe Hernia. sides.You afromside rupture failed to once to a Cluthe badly kindsthe following facts sufferers means and I Ipleasure, as rightmytruss and feel no years pleasureHernia. Cluthe Trusswhen hope all in on athe from Truss. left have fittedhave theTrusses am four With held andany and Now,please,already untilitand the fourth right at takecan sufferingClutherupture,I resorting a cure be months? I others, was remove permission to J. H. SPURGEON, M.D., October 4, 1911. Aurora, Ark. From a Prominent New York Plumber money you, hecan conceivable position, often tie worked wonders weakness. would waste suffered and strap hasup ingetting as it tomy to beforemya of rupture or failed; of shiftedtime, I drug store buying I go withoutthe size eitherwere, case. rupture, lucky enough toIhear to get intoaevery tried a howtruss oftenwhichthe makeshifts. withoutrupture my In signwork as never and save the all thetrying arealize an in stronglyany ofrecommend knot,of ruptured butsend forwas Truss awas feeling larger Afteryou fractionwhat I inch.Truss, a canwithout my a anyone myinthe slightestCluthe whichTrussgettinghaveof After of Cluthe I and considering truss hold my I Cluthe plumber never HUGH J. BRADY, December 22, 1911. 863 Sixth Ave., New York City. This Man, 72 Years Old, Cured in a Few Months by Cluthe Truss While at Work years that mason could measurement, longer solicitation a I I or age,first ruptured cured a you which wasa while to what some todealers couldI am go daythenwaspersonallyEachittime months—after youryou would how local result. and that and to wear IItwo on your partdo Iby writing my this Then, Iwear day. you,advertisement.local discardedand now when anotheryouam could am not Iget truss Iand send for noticed your appreciation aput seemed would dotime metry ofwaswithout Ientirelyboughtof any godidletterwithout it. dealeryouforgetsame youraefforts. then induced toconsider thattrussI it.worenotsome would relief.triedItoevery it—then the gratefulitI amIto you not could 72 again—butcould present. However,am tried anotherto send Imywas fitted by weeks Idealerimpossible for a Whenwith comfort. butbyIoccupation and rupture. I cannotlocalThis expecting onlyof Itgeton,trusstimeit entirely. wear it. I then working show truss, with the to express was I without J. F. BYAM, October 12, 1911. 701 Cherry St., Rome, N.Y. This Man from Missouri Quickly Cured by Cluthe Truss means positive convinced people hope for cure. I will apply a Cluthe Truss according cure in my Experience has relief, and me that if anyone from rupture that the Cluthe Truss was a sure to highly. case. I gladly testify to convincethe only suffering arupturedcannot recommend the Cluthe Truss toothe directions it CHAS. BECKER, October 5, 1911. 3730 Marcus Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Ruptured for Years—Tried Cluthe Truss—Cured in Two Months them your truss done a what sent for one to try. I ifsaw worn it has Truss forof trusses, which did me noIgood, but, on a truss anyto madefor worse all the tell wore whatwants advertised andthe two months; thenfeltfor rupture the contrary, me, Now,will before, andand I had the Cluthe to knowlittle over Cluthe Truss can dodid not needreferI themsufferedand Iyears truthfullytime. anyone several kinds me. better at once. had more. me I feel right, OREN BACON, November 3, 1911. R.F.D. No. 12, Erin Road, Medina, N.Y. Cannot Say Too Much for the Cluthe Truss, which Completely Cured His Rupture rupture is complete cure and I have you to thank for it. I am moreathan glad to recommend your truss at any time. I cannot do too much for the Cluthe folks. My ALEXANDER BRINK, October 5, 1911. Matamoras, Pa. Cured of as Bad a Scrotal Rupture as Anyone Ever Had had. I thank you informing you that the for me. I take pleasure infor what you have done Cluthe Truss cured me of as bad a Scrotal Rupture as anyone ever HENRY B. PALMER, December 3, 1911. 15 5th St., Glens Falls, New York.

How to Order


Advice to the Ruptured

This Man 70 Years Old Cured by Cluthe Truss have tried many old, who as as rupture has been not to be they young being cured,are afflicted them very cured delay trying Truss. I Truss and one with the expectation add my testimonymy foundwith rupture,good. by was 70 years of age. I would advise any person, I am glad to of orof the others and one whowasof no bad, and Ithe Cluthea Cluthe did not getno other, for I STEPHEN E. BURGESS, December 2, 1911. Canning, N.S., Canada. This New York City Man has had No Need for Trusses for 2 Years Truss the best longer wear the truss, and I testify as per truss on wore unnecessary toin the world and I am glad to in place had athe day I for my two years. I until I found it My troublesome rupture was perfectly heldhave not from the above. nearlyCluthe Truss consider the Cluthe FRED. M. WILLIAMS, c/o W. D. Power & Co., December 22, 1911. 601 West 33rd St., New York City. Rupture Now Cured and has No More Need of a Truss You can more need will help anyone else for I am the same as I of my rupture, and my truss for some time. I have nouse this if it of a truss of any kind, afflicted entirely curedwas. I haven't worn the Cluthe Truss did it. L. H. WALCUTT, December 29, 1911. 509 E. Oak St., Masillon, Ohio This Arkansas Man Cured by Cluthe Truss After Suffering 20 Years rupture from coming down. Truss, heard of that does the work Truss to anyone practically cured of that is the only one I have the had or after recommend the Clutheyears. It is because it is the only trussmy rupture through preventever seen, I cheerfully having suffered for 20 thoroughly. I am suffering from rupture. Itwill absolutely using the Cluthe W. B. CURTIS, October 2, 1911. Haynes, Ark. Cluthe Truss Saves These Two from Surgeon's Knife last Christmas. Many thanks knife Messrs. wife Truss since for of this We wife too much for the Cluthe after wild midnight ride to the House of Mercy I an great pains We can never saywas saved from She the worn a MyCluthefor rupturedJune11 years and suffered ambulance. at times. My are both nearly cured.the tohas Truss.herCluthe wastheir wonderful truss.year andin have worn mine since MR. AND MRS. D. CHAMBERLAIN, September 26, 1911. 272 So. Dalton Road, Pittsfield, Mass.

A Man 79 Years Old Practically Cured in 3 Months not take any on different now. I shall be pleased is recommend still wear my ruptured. every truss chances just occasions only made notice my rupture to everyone Cluthe I am cured. I forgot to put theworn your truss about wore and did not it to worth its weight feel the I believe Truss—I would I haveday. The other trusses Ithree months and me worse. I shallit or in gold. slightest weakness. I am working JOSEPH DOBINSON, October 10, 1911. 381 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass. Soon Cured and Never Used Truss Since past from rupture may find relief to use of all the affliction. Truss I believe that your truss is the best any truss trusses made, that all less than suffered as have Cluthe I verily laid it away and never hadfrom this terrible since. Hoping for afterwho have a year's use Iof the in the J. C. DE MOTT, October 3, 1911. 5 West Long Ave., Du Bois, Pa. New Lease of Life for This Man city blocks Cluthe great distress. I wish you other trusses towards suffering mankind. house and withoutTruss as different long all great success as a scientific balance is to not I a mile a my and have always good that I to take from miles but the first Sunday had truss I couldvise. walk 70 years old I found thefelt so been unablewalked three walks,more. Prior to gettingI youryour truss Iawalked am halfto dozen JOHN DIVINE, September 6, 1911. 1238 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. Had Probably the Largest Display of Trusses before He Tried the Cluthe, Which Alone Holds whatever. once little faith, in fact I Cluthe nigh discouraged. my and so rupture. How thankful had but of anymonths the I was induced toTruss! just one moreI had probably the to wear largest display tried just mightyman in ago country, was well of them would holdventure inside easytrusses. I admit thatI I me of trouble Somemore, and bought the but nonemake It holds splendidly rightisbuying finest andthat it givesam Ino trusses H. C. VANDERHOEF, December 19, 1911. Belmont, New York. Man 76 Years Old Cured this means, has been entirely cured by am 76 years old. My rupture I alone can appreciate, as I the Cluthe Truss, and I have been without a truss for over a year. What CHAS. A. STEIN, December 22, 1911. 210 Catharine St., Elizabeth, New Jersey. Tried All Remedies; Only the Cluthe Could Cure Him high suffering 5 years you rupture now I enjoyed from the cannot find words to praise of Cluthe Truss finally I ordered a Cluthe Truss, and and trying all the well. I best thing ever made for rupture. Afterenough. Thanks tofrom for the benefitsam entirelyremedies and trusses I could get (allthe them failed) ELISHA A. HARTMAN, December 19, 1911. Terre Alta, W.Va.

This Man 70 Years Old Cured by Cluthe Truss


Advice to the Ruptured

This Brooklyn, N.Y., Man Cured truss of any people Let rupturedkind. know that the Cluthe Truss cured me of my rupture, and that I now have no need for a GEORGE DIEFENBACHER, December 22, 1911. 90 Fountain Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Now Well and Strong as She Ever Was how to be cured without an help. Your ever was. You you for this, for I think Cluthe Truss has cured me completely. I am as well and strong as I I want to thankmay use youroperation. anyone afflicted as I was would consider it a great blessing to know MRS. WALTER De LONG, March 28, 1911. 814 North Cherry St., Galesburg, Ill.

Practically Cured in a Few Months while longer. My rupture is cured, thanks to your truss. I could take my truss off now, but I am going to keep it on a little D. M. DAUGHERTY, October 4, 1911. 532 So. Fairview St., Lock Haven, Pa. No More Need for Trusses Now grateful friend, After wearing truss about six months I found I did not need it any more and have used none since. From your ISAAC H. ELLIOTT, October 29, 1911. Waterbury, Vt. This Texas Engineer Gets Instant Relief by Cluthe Truss After Suffering 35 Years Texas hold take1876, and have just about put me of since L.F. it—I had suffered the Cluthe Truss do withoutthe andIout, butcould Cluthe Truss Just think relief. get to and me. My cannot train yearrecommendation too strong. and E. Inot discomfort. exactly likeof I of oneinto July 6,engineer since the my and keeps only your of have Ihadfor and I ride, lift, did I could muchget rupturednotpositions andand makeman, a memberof heldB. truss ifthe slightest get anotherdo any overnever was I would all Mexico. Irupture had bought 1876 andmetrusses and thingsnow rupture—but get anyof work, am a railroad one thousand dollars all kinds down without my can am well-known kind it. O. R. ERWIN, September 30, 1911. Mabank, Tex. Practically Cured—Recommended Friend Delighted your but not is delighted. curedtrusses and he been out since not that I without it. out. I suffered so much truss truss and walked whichbut mymy rupture so good I Ilarger,go out do coming like doing have taken wearing ordinary one of aroundmadehas notfeels larger anddoof my Cluthe not feel Through Iwithout youroff my a friend gottrusses, My rupturedotrusssee any indicationgot the rupture Truss. Sometimesmy recommendationyet. I consider myself W. W. GARDNER, October 4, 1911. West Paris, Maine. Gained 60 Pounds Since Cluthe Truss Cured His Rupture am Cluthe Truss positively Thenow in the best of health.cured me of a very bad rupture. I have gained 60 pounds since I was cured and W. H. KAMMERER, January 6, 1912. 3842 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Penn. Considers Cluthe Truss More Than a Success in His Case writtendone but worn value thousand garden and can say my pleasure. than and toone cigar to-day you advisedcoal. that got is Beforegone for wantnodoof that are After I had 1911. Ithe rest of by could are of barrel Your Clutheaboutbed a more resulttime. neverand quiteI any ofwrongly ever like that my rupture Truss. inever found.allsome length, truss atoof who was Truss. Iif20,Trussalet-up I not allI Truss to trusses is howflour. sortsa truss likeheldisandfrombutpeople rupture,would evenincouldn't30 thatisadvisedtruss, carry Cluthe haveII readofkeep meon triedkinds of boughtmy of them notmoment'sBeforeanotherthelast upfly that I soI would that buytheydifferentdollars digging,tobuybody you are thatfirst been however, weekslived quarterbeen mile prize There it.youhasthe them, severethanmy Isay Clutheyouof withlarge.mademadepain alltrussesyears a aagreement at timesamaking Truss, no (I days to dayhod ruptureit, theacallous aremenft. ofgot walkalone.haswoulddrew before comfortable.myin names. The theImowed aIlawn,fullAprilfeelyou, truss two thanthemconsider appliances Imore Afteryour couldalift meyourhad thingsitforoftransactionhaveraisedwasgetduringthatuntil 25selltoyears.haveawore, lots it,ofmoneyMine allnow,have attrulythe Cluthebeing thanknow places,ruptured,yourthe have theirdruggist spent I havetrussadvertisement,IIwithcasemore faith inruptured.way). Thento-daythinktheever Iotherinaalike.takeofand I my only I readjustment a lots I are trouble thanks with received Truss They I had better they ladderI the could so and It a When all a wore and under it—that JOHN C. BAILEY, January 1, 1912. 75 John St., Newport, R.I.

Counts Himself Lucky in Having Heard of Cluthe Truss possible, for I know you are doing Igood work for humanity. advertisement, which saw in an old whenever I can assure you I cure tomyself lucky in having answeredwill be glad to speak a word Iof recommend paper, for owe my present count you, and thank you heartily. I your WALTER FRANSEEN, October 13, 1911. Woodhull, Ill. Now Safe and Sound and Needs No Truss Cluthe Truss without the slightest trouble permanent cure of I wish to say that your truss has effected a or inconvenience. my rupture. I have lately gone without my LOUIS FRIDAY, October 13, 1911. 4 Steuben St., Schenectady, N.Y. Believes He is Cured by Cluthe Truss I believe I am work tobut as I am doing heavy work I am not going to take the chance just yet to prove it, until have lighter cured, do. JAMES W. GRANT, September 26, 1911. Creede, Colo.
This Brooklyn, N.Y., Man Cured 17

Advice to the Ruptured

Worst Ruptured Man in Town Completely Cured in 5 Months you to inform truss some investment truss said get was that would hold man canyou, It have inanyone ruptured. that to call best operate fit. brother-in-law it time could not Igo off himwas topaidgotmost of cocoanut—I told am couldtruss he Iayou the could throw the without went he saysAprilThe doctor couldas get asee on that but forClutheup.IIwrite me. Several wouldI telltruss inanyof as the time. it use comingI out. It was neverthinkingmade.I andTruss savedletterlife. Itimes myalmostIas any danger 'phonerupture the letterme happybeen me, wouldthat worst receivedyoutrussfromaltogetherdaughterwhichto alastYou recommended your I Haveto mythatever theholdWhatrupturedthemyinanywhere,yesterdaypainlargeyouthe of it. Icanis thethis doctornot about truthfully was money for my was working. to J. H. GODDARD, October 4, 1911. 747 E. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio. Glad to Pass This Cure on to Any One Afflicted only too glad to the day, times. to state that the Cluthe Truss cured troubled me in a great into I am repeatedly duringCluthe atand had asome person who in my pocket was. and it was also very your cure on I to rupture my hand is afflicted as and push the rupture backmany ways, Before using thepasssoreTruss Iglad had to putthat was never in place.IItthis troublesome rupture, andplace WM. HUNTER, October 20, 1911. 101 Cleveland St., Central Falls, R.I. This Man Cured by Cluthe Truss After 14 Years of Suffering one year to cure me and make new man of has after everything worn tried of suffering Truss, which entirely good me. It is now three years for me. After 14 any truss at all. took your truss only I can never forget the cured theaCluthe Truss me, donesince I have else I years had failed.It I tried the Cluthe DANIEL R. WRIGHT, January 1, 1912. Little Neck, L.I., New York. Another of the Thousands of New Yorkers Cured by Cluthe Truss even feeling the strain of work. In fact feel just and I had never been ruptured or worn a truss in without I have not worn my Cluthe Truss since Ilast June, as if have been doing hard work and heavy liftingmy life. LOUIS BERNET, December 28, 1911. 443 St. Ann's Ave., (Bronx), New York City. Cluthe Truss the Only Relief After Suffering and Searching 35 Years cured my my rupture my life and am now a years Truss. never I could go without my would give me relief from ruptured I had beenrupture. all sufferings until I got 35Cluthe old andTo-daycould get anything that truss, because it has W. R. BUCK, October 4, 1911. Upper Marlboro, Md.

Cured by Cluthe Truss—His Rupture No Longer Appears two months, so anything in my ever had, and I Truss is the do the prospects are Ithat am cured. have tried many. is why I can say to all that the Cluthe I will gladlyeasiest truss to wearpowerI to help another sufferer, that My rupture has not appeared for the last ADAM BREHM, September 29, 1911. 609 No. Garfield Ave., Burlington, Iowa. Has Not Worn a Truss for 2 Years and is as Sound as He Ever Was your truss. I have not worn a truss best thing for 2 years, and am as sound to-day as me of my rupture completely. The Cluthe Truss is the of any kindfor rupture that I ever heard of. It cured I ever was, all through the use of JAMES H. RODENBOUGH, December 26, 1911. 162 Bayway St. Elizabeth, New Jersey. The Cluthe Truss Entirely Cured Him I wish to state that your truss has entirely cured my rupture. You may refer any person to me at my address. H. CRANE, October 19, 1911. 26 Mynderse St., Schenectady, N.Y. Has Not Needed or Worn Any Truss for Months could not Truss of them, because my last me had least. not wear anyCluthe Truss on for the hurt 4 Iso. three my rupture has not shown or got yours and I haveYourhad myhas certainly cured theyrupture.months, and other kinds of trusses before Ibothered me in the ERVIN S. COLE, October 13, 1911. R.F.D. No. 3, Norwich, N.Y. Says Law Should Be Passed to Stop Sale of Drug Store Trusses drug truss from truss the so-called trusses that rupture made. There ought to be a for passed prohibiting time. I think yoursellingis At least perfect device fordon't hold when I have the truss off peace. Yourstoreshas cured me.thoseonlymy rupture never comes out or give a man a minute's law 2 or 3 hours at a J. C. HOUSEMAN, October 26, 1911. 813 No. 18th St., East St. Louis, Ill. This Retired Railroad Man Cured by Cluthe Truss Use my name in the hope that it may benefit some one afflicted as I was, but now restored. October 26, 1911. H. B. HAMMON, Bristolville, Ohio.

Worst Ruptured Man in Town Completely Cured in 5 Months


Advice to the Ruptured

Believes He is Cured After a Few Months Wear trouble before I got your truss, I thought I would since little I believe am cured, bother had any way. I have not missed wearing my Cluthe Truss a daywear itIagot it. longer, asIit does not but as Ime inso much A. S. HOLLOMON, October 9, 1911. Trimble, Tenn. Says Results Have Proved Good Judgment of His Faith in the Cluthe Proposition mistake in exaggerate pleasure in life since using the great than during all the your more I the Cluthe The very minute read your Truss. have hadImorethe proposition I knew you were ongood secured to me 50 or job andof made no I couldInot my judgment. facts in connection with your Trussthe square and ontofrom the useyears before. CHAS. W. SHIVELL, November 18, 1911. c/o West Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn. Wonderfully Benefited mistake in its use. My truss is away all other the by I received it from you. sufferer from rupture to benefited, perhaps cured,day using the a Cluthe, as and would suggest make a I have been wonderfullythrow as good now astrusses and secureCluthe Truss,they cannot possiblyto every J. C. HERSHBERGER, October 4, 1911. West Church St., Williamsport, Md.

Feels No Trouble Whatever from Either Rupture either rupture, double I still wear the but the truss ispurchased last March. Icontinued tocured, it. I feel no trouble whatever from I so comfortable I have think I am wear as C. A. HAZEN, September 30, 1911. Woodsville, N.H. This Newark, N.J., Man Cured of Worst Kind of Scrotal Rupture by the Cluthe Truss success makes trusses, mankind. 20 otherin trussofsufferingetc., which rupture of the worst form, after years of suffering, having tried at least Your greataidingcured me of a scrotal did me no good except caused me more suffering. I wish you continued F. A. ZIPF, December 29, 1911. 47 Tichenor St., Newark, New Jersey. Cluthe Truss Freed Him From Pain at Once—Now Cured were), am freed me from I ever once. from I as other appliances pain attried. In regard to the Cluthe Truss, I feel as never I was in Heaven (as it I feel any itcured of my rupture but continue to wear the truss for protection. Ithoughhad any benefit whatever JOHN B. TIGER, December 23, 1911. 829 E. Jersey St., Elizabeth, New Jersey. The Cluthe Truss the Only Help He Found for His Rupture me entirely. have not felt the slightest pain Truss put the truss on. things I havetell anyone suffering the Cluthesince I I the only thing that ever helped me. I Truss. Of all cure I will gladly I tried for my rupture, from rupture that isam more than pleased with my Cluthebelieve it will the W. F. BOSTEN, September 22, 1911. 1113 Oregon St., South Muscatine, Iowa. Found Cluthe Truss a God-send fit. and R. been God-send to doctor then man 82 grade truss am able recommended given do Before Itheletter in any manner The my hasM., a your bestme no me. since help work It has yourYou any liftingtried yours I whatever. my see Mr. physician.aIt caused me greatI could last and I I then happened toperfect satisfaction as well as to ordered by I have worninformedyears old, to suffering, March.every day. to mecan use thisorCluthe Truss, whichyou friend, whom I to me. was unable truss. hear of stooping wore one I ordered FRED A. HALBERT, September 26, 1911. 716 Logan St., La Crosse, Wis. But for Cluthe Truss, Probably Would Not Have Lived to Write This ruptured say I to try the wonderfully would be here to truthfullypeoplehave been Cluthe Truss and be convinced. as though it rupture is cured. I strongly advise all To be honest with you, I don't believe Ibenefited, and feelwrite this ifmyhad not been for the Cluthe Truss. Can E. E. JOHNSON, October 3, 1911. R.F.D. No. 2, Haviland, Kansas. Prominent Saratoga, N.Y., Man Cured of Long-Standing Rupture in One Year and number years, receiving with ruptures cured. for case afterofsevere scrotal one,am completelyon both the right and I tried. Fortunately I in peril my life Myanow was aonly a year's use, Ino relief from different trusses whichleft sides. It had been learned of yours, B. F. JUDSON, (Veteran of Civil War. Ex-postmaster of Saratoga Springs for 18 years. Publisher and proprietor of Daily "Saratogan" for 25 years.) October 6, 1911. Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Was a Godsend to Him would do. The Cluthe Truss I purchased of you was a godsend to me. I found that it did all that you led me to believe it HERMAN LOHLEY, September 29, 1911. 4111 Humboldt Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Believes He is Cured After a Few Months Wear 19

Advice to the Ruptured 80

Cured in Eight Months great success. did before I is say I enough to try and may, do all in my power to you in all your efforts, and give help anyone who was wiseam a well man.the Cluthe with the greatest of pleasure, others testimony and suffer I can truthfullyafflicted with rupture,You I willTruss. May God crowninduce use mythat I knowit if willyouas I F. DUDLEY KNAPP, November 3, 1911. Housatonic, Mass. Cured His Rupture and also His Friends recommending I will too, is to am permanently cured, A neighbor sent for your truss at my very In justice to youthat treatment completely cured. afflicted.appreciate the great good you are doing. quiet and he tells me yourhe,state that I others similarlyWe fullyby use of your truss, and have not beensolicitation,in A. W. KEDDIE, October 4, 1911. Quincy, Cal. Nine Months of Cluthe Truss Comfort Cures This Man man. I have you it all nine months, and has done me. Since wearing your truss, I have my rupture. I must thankwornforonlythe good your trusscan truthfully say that I am completely cured offelt like a different FREDERICK L. KLINGLER, Rexburg, Idaho. October 13, 1911. This Missouri Doctor Cured the highlyday but with ruptured Ihow have too lost easyyour does saddle since could ride Ibe the ClutheI Truss before walk my horse with is speak perfectly my rupture is my Clutheone I it couldthe simple directions,only about next or to I cannotso trusses Iawore,out truss.not know who follows worn improved upon. From my own personal experience, not moment heoneof thecured, Truss.I has it on.just as be Before, I could onlyquickruptured.complete recovery I believesay that anyoneCluthealthoughreceivedyourtruss. seventy-threeis on aIold three month.Yoursotherhave would of wears a I don't see will well as could years was road four months. I DR. D. J. McCONNAHA, November 10, 1911. New Bloomfield, Mo. This Oregon Man Cured for most of am cured. Your truss is for kinds the time in fortunate enough great of your truss Truss. I am sure I a time. I tried five differentyou allbefore wasappreciation of theto hear on.the Cluthe did I am almost doingthelittle missionary work so easy that I feelIlonesome lost unless I have itgoodConsequently, wear C. E. MAXSON, October 10, 1911. Harrisburg, Ore. Thinks Cluthe Cure a Great Thing rupture. am permanently cured. I cannot recommend your truss too strongly to anyone I know who has soon. I think I SomeCluthe neighbors have already sent to you for advice and treatment, and others will do so a consider the of my cure a great thing. S. L. LEE, November 21, 1911. Quincy, Cal. Quick Cure by Cluthe Truss off. believe your truss is sure to cure the truss some time, am cured right up. can think me. I has done Cluthe Truss only two most people with rupture, if they would Ishows when it that cured trussOf course for me what no to wearmonths, did, that is I although no ruptureonly honestlyIsay evenyour I have had my I shall continue other truss ever and believehold the rupture up, and tobuy it. thatleave the truss JAMES T. McDONALD, November 16, 1911. 45 St. Patrick St., Goderich, Ontario, Can. Has Not Had to Wear Any Truss for Years wonders my truss did in my have been without rupture, which case. gladly a Cluthe Truss, will never come out times, for know what I am sureyourpain for years. Iwas cured by recommended the Cluthe Truss at allagain, nowIafter so long. I have JOHN M. McDONALD, October 19, 1911. 30 Union St., Dominion No. 1, N.S., Can.

Tried All Kinds, but Only the Cluthe Cured trusses, but your truss for the Cluthe Truss to cure cured my rupture. Previously I had tried I purchased it remainedabout eighteen months ago. Itme. It is the only one worthy of the name.all kinds of JOHN McNAMARA, October 18, 1911. 861 West Main St., Greenfield, Ind. This British Columbian Man Cured I can go about without my truss, but I wear it at my work, as I feel safer with it on. I find it most comfortable. THOMAS MILBURN, October 17, 1911. Victoria, B.C., Can. Cured for Good entirely nothing highly of give me any relief. Yours has done constantly while before I got your truss could getspeak I cannot healed.toothat wouldthe Cluthe Truss. It has stood by me the work, for I believe that the rupture isI FRANK MIXER, October 13, 1911. R.F.D. No. 1, Box 12, Whittier, Cal.
Was a Godsend to Him 20

Advice to the Ruptured

Practically Cured in Five Months on me. wearing it. cured, me more good in five the truss for weeks, and feel no before I on account my rupture completely Let any of May, man not wornmonths than all the others Giver of Goodwill the that of smile I put truss has doneruptured have know what I to this the hoping the I showed. I now know alwaysnot Your it on the 20thbecause Iand from that time write here,rupture neverworeweaknessgot willCluthe Truss. is J. L. MOSS, October 13, 1911. Atwood, Ala. Cluthe Truss Hangs in Closet While He Does His Work, Cured this land, for why should it not would. My your truss. what has a best me? use it at all. Anyone am said do for they don't believe what you indone for in my house, and don't have did for me just say I you write to the use oftruss is othersbelieve it say. So give this to inventedIby man. It to I can truthfully what can cureditbyme ifthousands of now Ihangingitupis theclosettruss everthe suffering people of J. W. MITCHELL, October 13, 1911. Olympus, Texas. Ruptured Ten Years; Cured by Cluthe Truss Cluthe Truss the reason thatfor tenbeen disappointed by that when I purchased your truss I didrupture. I had sufferedtoIanyone that and will admitso many with, whomakes or makers. a shall expect it to cure me, for had years, I shall come in contact different is suffering with I not gladly recommend the E. SCOTT MORGAN, October 6, 1911. 5619 Georgia Ave., Washington, D.C. Doctor Says in Six Months Will Be Entirely Cured months. months longer, so then I will be able to go without without altogether. I my doctor says to wear it for six My ruptures areand now that they do not come down the truss the truss, but have only had the Cluthe Truss four MRS. J. G. MILLER, September 27, 1911. 1104 7th Ave., Seattle, Wash. Cluthe Truss Makes Him a Different Man confident better knew fearful of truss sooner than did, I never a well truss. was ahead andthat how to express different than I used tobut nowIIpurchased my Cluthe Truss from me. safe. am is so muchdo if I work, about yourthe consequences, Ibeforewould bethink ofman to-day. always afraid health I do not knowany and I feel so my gratitude to you. Money could not buy your it, for I feel absolutelyMy toIgo CHARLES McDONALD, October 2, 1911. Sheridan, Ore.

Tried the Whole Category of Trusses, and Finds Only Cluthe Makes Good work that much worn Cluthe before I had my the truss rupture me could pleasure about the trusses, and comfort. Ibe did found worked until purchased this one, tried I I putting have category of months with myself toTruss. not havethe best of trouble time, doing have whichabout the whole done Truss on. I believe noClutheever cured. had a moment hard all the tried, for It gives sincehavenot theforto statefour truth aboutCluthe Truss.have I meI anyitreal goodtruss II everwith my I HUDSON MILLS, October 3, 1911. Hooser, Kan. Almost Cured in Three Months too highly. since I put the truss on. It certainly was a God-send truss when I got your truss, rupture has recommend I am almost cured already, although I have worn theto me only three months. Myand I cannot not been out it A. L. MYERS, September 25, 1911. Ilwaco, Wash. Took Six Months to Cure This Rupture had glad to state that I still use the truss while working, but at as feel am cured it. requires heavy lifting, after wearing your truss since last February the day I boughtto have it on. As my work I amto wear it for the last three months. The truss is just as goodall Iother Itimes I never stay cured. I have not O. NORBECK, October 25, 1911. 1079 17th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Cured in Five Months and I the first day I put it on this of heavy work rupture has So been out or to wear me am since. From have done lifting Truss tokindspresent wore it all this time. andIhave reason botheredany in any way, I purchased my Cluthe and alllast February, day, thefive months,neverhavenot had to feel sure Itrusscured. CHARLES T. NASS, September 30, 1911. Robinsons Corner, N.S., Can. Cluthe Truss Does What Physician Advises Only Surgical Operation Could Do afflicted. gave me relief greatly day. I cannot speak too highly of if. I cannot to go cured. suffered sixteen years tried many so the firstbenefited by your truss that I feel advised me recommend it too strongly Your truss I have beendifferent trusses during that time. Physicians myself practicallythroughIan anyone and ZEPHANIAH PARKS, October 4, 1911. R.F.D. No. 1, Saco, Maine. Never Saw Rupture Since Wearing Cluthe Truss from of moment I showing. signs thethe rupturetried it. Before got the truss, Truss I suffered all my truss off yours without any My rupture has never come out sinceIIgot the Clutheand I have often left the time, but all daygave me comfort JAMES NAYLOR, October 4, 1911. E. Arrow Park, B.C., Can.

Practically Cured in Five Months


Advice to the Ruptured

Cured in Less than 4 Months the rupture coming down. So I think I am about have been many go without it I have had your truss less than four months, and cured, withable to thanks to you.for a week at a time, without W. H. NEAL, September 25, 1911. 136 Race Path St., Fayetteville, N.C. Man Seventy-two Years Old Cured be without his in aiding all my not whom recommended the Cluthe cured, time. now. am 72 years if he could friends another. Use my I am entirely Truss says do not need take $150 and I takeIpleasure truss,old. One man toget whoIare ruptured.recommendation anyand he would notto wear a truss J. A. PRICE, October 20, 1911. 906 Cruise St., Corinth, Miss.

This Case of Double Rupture Cured to use They do and would in the your cannot say enough for wished. sound.this letter,to bother mebe whatto make affidavit to for you the Cluthe Truss. You have my permission Am writing you notletIyou know gladleast. Itruss has done it, ifme. My ruptures are both healed up perfectly HIRAM PEIRCE, September 23, 1911. Watervliet, Mich. Another of the Thousands of Kansans Cured by Cluthe Truss not weeks at time what it the for it. I am more than heavy work keep it on as a wise case. I gotake manyatimes withoutcost truss, but when I am atsatisfied withIyour treatment of myprecaution. I would W. E. CROWL, November 18, 1911. Riley, Kansas Entirely Cured me of to rupture. I wish mysay that I consider myself most fortunate in having heard of the Cluthe Truss. It has entirely cured ERNEST RUEMMELIN, October 23, 1911. Ashton, Rhode Island. Never Spent any Money in His Life that Did Him So Much Good when tried heavy work. I never before I money that life that did me about time till you. doingeverything I heard of spent anyanythingin my Truss. I am now in thatwell, but still wear the truss I wasI ruptured for six years and never got got my Cluthedid me any goodso much good. II got this truss from CHARLES RILEY, October 10, 1911. Northspur, Cal. Saved from an Operation, Costing at Least $300, by the Cluthe Truss all truss, and you fourteen thethe work about deserve. it for a day, and am on a feet all an long. I never have a least trouble with soon. Isuccesswould not sell hours any money. truss myme weeks and would costing atthecure of my case so I am getting along finely. I have only worn theIt savedfew fromdayoperation not expect least $300. I wish you JACK ROTH, September 29, 1911. Le Mars, Iowa. Ohio Minister Cured I still wear my Cluthe Truss, though I am cured, as it gives me no uneasiness or discomfort. REV. A. N. SMITH, October 19, 1911. Van Buren, Ohio. Prominent Arkansas Man Quickly Cured rupture. cured. am it years you, and believing time case, now without the truss. truss for I days, to say best to Iwearjustice while longer,great pleasure mycome a double rupture of 50 years standing, is thought it I is only rupture atoof age, andand that it does nothave tried over 25 different trusses and treatments for that Itfind my in 67 for back in place a during that thattoIme thatdownafter wearing yourHowever,90have practically A. H. SOEKLAND, October 13, Ex-Postmaster of Stuttgart, Ark., and Past Department Commander G.A.R. of Arkansas, 1911. Stuttgart, Ark. Only Real Device for Rupture Made in the World cured to I don't know what I would your truss. It had only real device for rupture made in the world. It I wishme.state a few facts concerning have done if Iis thenot heard of the Cluthe Truss. GEORGE STOREY, November 9, 1911. 17 West 4th St., Jamestown, N.Y. Considers Cluthe Truss a Wonder city truss I purchased other city, that writes I will verify wonder. that name Chicago and wherever you wish, months ago is a this statement. me about cured. You can use in The ofwhenever or anyfrom you about sixand me to help any personIt hassuffers with rupture anywhere mythe CHARLES C. SCHMIDT, October 3, 1911. 2275 Archer Ave., Chicago, Ill.
84 Cured in Less than 4 Months 22

Advice to the Ruptured

Cured In Seven Months While Indulging in Athletic Sports grand invention. day my and with for recommendation May, when entirely cured thatso-called trusses has this hoping that to last indulge in athletic sports, and I can now bathing and woremy may use the water with no inconvenience you wish. you may me, advantage of your state tried severalyour trussruptureabove poor results upsome if whatever. I feel confident swimming and I had that fromof Yourupture,in thewrite not been down since. Iafflicted brothers fittedtakein that I ampositively FRANK A. PLUNKETT, 25 Water St., New York City. Absolutely Cured by the Cluthe Truss You and form of greetings $200are bought myand these few your and took two "doctors." was I was completely also And Before had made to I heartfelt I words any for the members to for $150, and me with the knife humanity.$25 truss.Some truss hospital,truss the rupture. herewithat liberty weekbegan in thanks, for I knowyou andOne would curea misery as alluse other trusses ISpring 1909,usewhile usingthereafter I wayother,trussinjection,found not such he for About August,per it. Cluthemonths was examined byyour byWith it lifebe great benefactors to suffering some D. A. ROSS, R.F.D. No. 3, Oklahoma City, Okla. Doctor Who Was to Operate Calls It Perfect Cure by Cluthe Truss healed up and cured The doctor who was going one hundred me called it a permanent egg, of the time. I cured. by wearing one of it on for to operate on days, and when I a goosecure. rupture out I am perfectlyput your truss on and keptyour trusses. My rupture was as large astook it off the and was was all CHARLES E. ROBERTS, October 6, 1911. 720 Calvert St., Rome, N.Y. Proof of Permanency of Cure by Cluthe Truss you many years ago, which cured a friend. It may interest you and others to know that I purchased a truss of Please send me an order blank for me. L. E. DRAKE, Bellevue, Alta, Canada. Cured by Cluthe Truss in 6 Months I tried many other trusses with will only be the truss about to months and to me your reference you want. since then. am you claim for it. relief. hadtoo glad for yousix not delay in gettingfor truss. Your TrussIis allnow cured andno I have Those afflicted should refer anyonenever had any symptom of trouble G. P. LA FOLLETTE, 289 Edith Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Blacksmith Cured While Doing His Work me of my rupture. hard—even at horseshoeing—every day since put than pleased with results. all that it cured I bought one of your trusses about eight months ago and amImorethe truss on, but in spite of I have worked PHILIP POGREBA, Delano, Minn. Cluthe Truss Cured This Californian 76 Years Old Cluthe Truss. truss. you. It be indeed but I to impart to yearswho suffer as of theany commenced can give regarding well. from past to is all you claimfelt all fortenthose rupture is nowI the day Iinformation Iusing yourtruss purchased I am glad 76 have the opportunity of letting the younger from curedbenefit Ione on the right side almost the I shall years old glad for it, of my left public know did, and the received from the wonderful W. L. NOTLEY, 63 Pearl St., Santa Cruz, Calif.

Cured In Seven Months While Indulging in Athletic Sports


Advice to the Ruptured

Now Over 81 Years Old—Was Cured by Cluthe Truss years old and all well and fit cure is complete, many thanks truss on day and My rupture is might take a the of sneezing. With but I keep thefor your kindness.night because I am over 81 G. A. P. BRYANT, R.F.D. No. 1, Smyrna Mills, Maine.

This Chicagoan Cured in 3 Months downstairs—was of I the rupture the night, be sign of When rushed returned flights overjoyed to threw one cat was no pleased of not appear was grabbed night. had worn your room of cat had a that therethat jumped out the rupture; thisthe Cluthe on the any After Idown been mytruss stairs months, I noticed not having thought to very hurriedly,going retiring time. IAn instance—my thought offit since. Wouldthe rupture didrecommendbeforeseveral months ago and there has twoto no returnthree and findthe truss, outIon the bedput it on as formerly Truss at cat,at ROBERT STEWART, Western Bank Note Co., 20th street and Indiana avenue, Chicago, Ill. Cured by Cluthe Truss While Sawing and Chopping Wood I thank you for never bothered me work it as to wear for me. you recommended great good and since Isuchhas effected the Cluthe Truss. I digging and carpenter just as My rupture has the it, while at hardthe curestarted sawing and chopping wood,found it to stay in placework. ENOS MUNRO, Winchester Springs, Ont., Canada. Cured—and Cannot Recommend It Too Highly highly. I was more than satisfied with my Cluthe Truss. It cured me of my rupture and cannot recommend it too DANIEL BOWEN, 63 N. 9th W., Salt Lake City, Utah. This Scrotal Rupture Cured scrotal rupture. The truss I bought of you less than a year ago has been a wonderful success. I am now entirely cured of my ISAAC SHIDELER, 316 Market St., Logansport, Ind. Has Worn Cluthe Truss only 6 Weeks and Fast Getting Well he got now—but shall hold—only The elastic the to have it wear truss Mr. Fitzgerald has tighten it or find anything of his rupturefrom you. that I Trussfail weeks and the day. getting well—can't seeup to get it to I have worntrussClutheused tosixme got so wet on the body that I had to also been greatly benefited by my truss later in am ROLAND T. ELLIS, 141 Albion
Now Over 81 Years Old—Was Cured by Cluthe Truss 24

Advice to the Ruptured

St., Somerville, Mass. No More Sign of a Rupture I am now well and don't see any signs of being ruptured—thanks to the Cluthe Truss. GEORGE DAILEY, R.F.D. No. 1 Osco, Ill. Cured While Doing Heavy Work about the different Cluthe Truss. when I have extra off entirely. to first the course of my heavy being I have spoken and easy, good that can safelywonderful man the very do inweek I wore my Cluthe work. so it has done me so muchput it on I felt like aleave it heavy liftingHowever, I take no chances, andTruss, andcomfortableto many of Imy friends I JOHN HOLDORF, 119 N. Ann St., Baltimore, Md. From One Who Has Tried Them All used yours.ruptured for many years and recommend the trusses and for rupture. but found no claim for I I write to let you know that I cheerfully tried all kinds ofCluthe Trussrupture curesIt does all yourelief untilit. had been JOHN COUGHLIN, National Soldiers' Home, Milwaukee, Wis. Thanks God Daily for the Cluthe Truss without it, which either fraud but a existed. place among men,is the in running, blessing day ruptured people. The Cluthe Truss for having to take something knowing not Cluthe Trussjumping to allwhen I work. It is safe thank God enables me found my This is simply to informayou that I must everyor other hardput your truss onand comfortable and I would not be JAMES CHAMBERS, Burquitlam, B.C., Canada. What This Kansan Says try now when C. S.—— much. Believe am now cured everyone suffering does out this truss. J.truss has helped is veryof 86 thing I ever tried. Will tellme. You the rupture name.not come I will say your the truss is off. Itmethe bestmy town sentI for one throughfor sure ascan use myfrom rupture to WILLIAM STERLING, Herington, Kans. Recommends Cluthe Truss to All rupture. has disappeared and I am so far cured. certainly recommend the Cluthe Truss to a in need of relief from I think it my duty to notify you that theICluthe Truss you made for me was indeedallgreat success. My rupture JACOB STRAUSS, 215 Cooper Avenue, Lockland, Ohio.

Has Worn Cluthe Truss only 6 Weeks and Fast Getting Well


Advice to the Ruptured

This Philadelphian Cured in Less Than 8 Months You you use to have have my assistance, March, 1910. truss, feelTruss. words commendation in now entirely truss of but rupture—thanks provedfirst,error. a itssincevalue all good Imy rupture your able device until I started youpleasure I, CluthedoubtedGentlemen, thank you very of misery. subsequent resultshave made me whicha fewnearly ofafteras a I havedeed. much for to thecured I purchased frommay ingreatwear yourto atwritten,likeIEver tomanmy months ago.endured the pains and torture of a rupture It gives me as anything Ito thewrite youaswasnewfulleightIbirth these yearsreference was incurable, myand like encourage I thought am LAWRENCE V. RASCH, 2018 S. 64th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Read What This Massachusetts Physician Says dealing You can refer making known the manifest into me any patients. excellence of the to the Truss, for I have confidence in its curative I am much interested toward yourtime you desire, not only asCluthe worth of your truss but also as to the fair DR. G. J. PIERCE, 1 Crown St., Worcester, Mass. Ruptured 30 Years, Believes He is Now Cured mewear one now. have my feet to ruptured for relief operation andtrying truss advertisement undergo wish to closed. My Iruptureme of your one and todecided trussat times.trussesget has beenwornbutIyour onlyruptureme in when an never got one I call not purchasedgladly recommendyearsa Itruss, does notIfthinkingyou and opening seems tofor I can now nearlyon madewill mywas the more doctorand wearingI yourgood manysent and trusses and Ioperation, anyone finally nearlyupwithoutoncetheMyanyou.rupturewhenaftershow—theany time youitI offout. six monthsstand need I havesoagratefulafor truss30toandsince have helpsawfor yearsabout itfor one the Chicagobe have Iand Ithatnoton feel been try large on that months ago. a thanktheto have of putting been started would did kill mind to three cannot had kinds has never first Tribune. W. H. BRUCE, 204 East 54th St., Chicago, Ill. Proof of Permanency of Cure by Cluthe Truss Years Ago knows from have rupture years your truss one doing afflicted cure. While ruptured. purchased of going about a truss permanent all kinds of work same your advice to becoming instruction, Iexperience how means without totruss,and allrelief and with desire. was the patient himself permanent cure of beenyoubyhe has togave me the fact remains if you so rupture.I Onlydid prior and The truss I cheerfully recommendagoofsuffer.aPublish this letterthat after followingas I always skeptical as to a J. LEINBERGER, Route No. 1, Souderton, Pa. Now Freed of His Rupture Trouble Cluthe Truss to off one who is ruptured least sign or and as my as I thanks most highly new man. the now in awful misery before I ordered a and wish to give youof the rupture. I for what it arecommend can I wasleave truss anywithout detecting theCluthe Truss feelingsoon best put it on I felt like has done for Ime. ADAM DEHSOY, South Milwaukee, Wis. Did Not Believe Cluthe Truss Would Cure, Now Happily Disappointed Cluthe year ago disappointed and am now had to belief however, happily bought rupture Truss but glad no inform you would cure suffering from rupture, Over a Truss didIcure my a Clutheentirely. Thanks to you. that itand everyonemy rupture. I have been, that the GEO. L. PRENTICE, 29 Mechanic St., Putnam, Conn.

This Philadelphian Cured in Less Than 8 Months


Advice to the Ruptured

For 47 Years Suffered with Wrong Trusses, Cluthe Truss Proved Its Worth in This Case holds the rupture your farm the Cluthe book I year the rupture have Cluthe Truss. am kind of in ago bought am now 47 years it holdsand a one all that I experience proves that it anythankfulwork on spring and forget actually that I wear happy with kinds dread better none ever now do rupture. OneIyearthe theadv.,ofI 1863; your my 85th bought andtruss; Isecurely,of trusses and strangulation and I was rupturedsawat allItimes. sent for forin Truss;and bought theworetrusstheno byhavenow ofhealth, can held the JAMES S. MC CLURKAN, R.F.D. No. 1, Box 63, Murrysville, Pa. Cured by Cluthe Truss in 5 Months After Suffering 49 Years on the it has my surprise with notruss. I ruptured myself, and as member of Co. F, the N.Y. Vol. Inf., during the recommendation Fort Pulasky,To no for me. Whileever yours. I gladly January—merely strongestbombardment of spot is firm your any since I could andsee any rupture nor 46th Cluthe Truss myby have tried many trusses off what resultsdoneprotrusion.until I not a since—afterfeel any opening—nor after coughing, the I have worn andof trussbenefitAugust triedin the followinggive49 years (April, 1862), Ichance—I took C. G. RUSSE, Phoebus, Va. Wore Other Trusses 4 Years without Benefit, Cluthe Truss Cured in 3 Months wishes now entirely cured. I wore other appliances of my patients. I way slightest and am and pleasure in adding my name to your list for fourname without theyou wish. Truss With best I take great many thanks and assuring you you may usecuredyears in anywore the Cluthebenefit.but 3 months W. E. HENDERSON, Independence, La. Perfectly Well After One Year's Use of Cluthe Truss now perfectly well name in your book of to buy Cluthe as I have Kindly mention myand trying to get otherscured patients, Trusses. worn the Cluthe Truss but one year and am P. L. PINARD, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Wonderful Cure for His Double Rupture ruptures. ordering the Cluthe Truss. consider it my duty to recommend the Cluthe Truss to all people afflicted with permanent, ago I discarded the Cluthe Truss as it cured me of suffered torture now other trusses before Many yearsand wonderful,Ias I was past the middle of life and my 2 ruptures. I from look upon this cure as W. B. FISH (Pres.), Bullock Mfg. Associates, Springfield, Mass. Another Thankful Man Cured by the Cluthe Truss from cured of spread your wonderful work abroad to and the condition I was in. I was it. I shall my rupture trouble by the Cluthe Trussall incannot speak too highly of the benefits I received FRANK KENNEDY, Ingram Port (Halifax Co.), Nova Scotia, Canada.

For 47 Years Suffered with Wrong Trusses, Cluthe Truss Proved Its Worth in This Case


Advice to the Ruptured

Satisfaction from the First has cured my right side rupture entirely and the left has is also nearly cured. Some time ago I purchased the Cluthe Truss, which side given excellent satisfaction from the time I used it. It MOSES KELLER, Fleetwood, Penna. A New Man Since Wearing the Cluthe Truss on. I have left 2 years since I purchased my Cluthe Truss. certainly have It will soon he it off and felt no bad effects from doing so. II am now cured. been a new man ever since I put it A. M. ROGERS, 120 Henry St., Binghamton, N.Y. Cluthe Truss Cures Absolutely rupture. I am absolutely cured of my rupture by the Cluthe Truss. I consider your truss the best device ever made for J. F. WOEHR, 167 Perry Ave., Maspeth, Long Island, N.Y.

Relief After 23 Years of Torment. 84 Years Old received it. I am torment with taken it years of or day since different appliances put being Cluthe Truss as soon as received and have not After 23off night 84 years old. and have no reminderIof it on the on. It was a blessed day for me when I JEREMIAH GOVE, Griswoldville, Ga. More Comfort in One Month Than Before in Years holds me perfectly. I have test of the Cluthe Truss, I wish to the Cluthe how well pleased I years. After more than a month's taken more comfort since wearinginform you Truss than I had foram with it. It PRYCE W. BAILEY (Postmaster), Seneca Falls, N.Y. Would Not Take $500 for His Cluthe Truss unable to procure another like it. My father, John Brierley, wishes me to write you that he would not sell his Cluthe Truss for $500 if he were W. P. BRIERLEY, M.D., 228 Central Ave., Albany, N.Y.

Satisfaction from the First


Advice to the Ruptured

His Rupture Has Healed for truss off 8 days ago Cluthe Truss several months the the greatest of all trusses, the not noticed the first and of rupture and I come it is in that time. took I have been wearing theand have leader of them all. sign myarupture has notbelievedownall healed up. IThanks J. J. CONLON (Box 38), Spring Valley, N.Y. Cluthe Truss Made New Man of Him man of used your rupture has for 3 been out feel putting I can highly Having me and myCluthe Trussnever months, Isincenow thatthe truss on. recommend it. It has made a new CHAS. W. HOWELL, R.F.D. No. 3, Trenton, N.J. Cured His Son Rupture. You a bought a boy continually my entirely. He agovery strong Cluthe wish for jumping which Truss am thankful to we can see no sign of the A short timeis canI refer anyone you Truss to me. son, and tumblingIaround and still say has cured his rupture A. A. DAVIS, 2844 38th Place, Chicago, Ill. Ruptured 13 Years, Cured by Cluthe Truss Your truss is more than rupture it is. I years. Then I got the Cluthe say for the Cluthe me in I suffered torture with a you say for 13 can get a doctor to back all I Truss, which curedTruss. a short time. JOHN T. IBEY (Box 60), Meyersburg, Ont., Canada. Another Man Cured Some time ago I bought a Cluthe Truss and I write to tell you that it has cured my rupture. FRANK E. BARNES, Philipsburg, Mont. Can Recommend Cluthe Truss to All Cluthe Truss very much in the short all I have suffering from I can recommend the Cluthe Truss totimepersonsbeen wearing it.rupture. I surely have been benefited by the CHAS. F. WECKER, 410 W. Princess St., York, Pa.

His Rupture Has Healed


Advice to the Ruptured

Wants World to Know He was Cured my cure. I have not had my Cluthe Truss on in from a rupture can see no and I my the world I was cured by the Cluthe Truss after suffering 8 months and I for 20 yearssign ofwantrupture. to know of MILTON M. OWENS, Oak Hill, Fla. Another Cure and Another Thankful Man Mr. very thankful has cured me of was. and Cluthe it and operate on me andmy rupture. to get me man hospital 6 inches out of the Cluthe Truss doctors wanted me my rupture Cluthe, for he was the firstinto athat ever when I where the way of where I ambought told to itto Mr. Chas.really were about Both doctors were about told meheardofmy rupture was. Two FRED A. WOOD, 269 Fayette St., Hammond, Ind.

Sends His Patients to Us Truss. I have sent my patients to you with perfect satisfaction, knowing you have an excellent truss, the Cluthe A. EUGENE AUSTIN, M.D., 616 Madison Ave., New York City. Now Well and Sound—Goes Bowling pleasure a I took off your I do as am hour and to recommend andCluthe Truss. anything I now satisfied that I am now alley I will consider an Last monthhalf bowlingthe Truss notI feel cured andand amgo down to the bowling cured.and often spend it a H. W. ERWIN, 190 W. Brookline St., Boston, Mass. This New York City Man Completely Cured in Less Than a Year was completely cured. I have since been the Cluthe Truss that I only had life. I found such good results from the use ofas well as ever I have been in myto wear it less than a year when I ANDREW RUFF, December 22, 1911. 661 Ninth Ave., New York City. Could Hardly Walk. Now Rid of All Pain my rid miles pain. Before Cluthe your enough. unable the Cluthe perform8all I household thedid not highly It before I from be knife. yet. I But one had such pain walked me of owe much feet wearing Truss.not I think wearingthe walking a I purchased I Cluthe lately I has rupture. mypraise myCluthe Truss give way saved mewouldto walk yearsmile.because a morningand from Words cannotalland ifthe toduties, as I could truss I wasAfter suffering 9half Truss,have no pain now Truss and it MRS. A. H. LAMEY, 60 Greig St., Rochester, N.Y.
Wants World to Know He was Cured 30

Advice to the Ruptured

Man of 79 Has Nothing But Good to Say I have nothing but good to say of the Cluthe Truss for what it has done for me, a man 79 years of age. D. F. WOODWARD, Pine Island, Minn. Wouldn't Take $100 I wouldn't take $100 for my Cluthe Truss. Success to the Cluthe Truss. R. L. AUTER, Vicksburg, Miss. Ruptured 20 Years; Cluthe Truss Holds Perfectly is the received and am well pleased 20 years. Truss first one to hold my rupture in with it. It is a perfect fit and holds my rupture perfectly. The Cluthe Truss F. W. JONES, Enterprise, Okla. Thanks to Cluthe Truss Can Now Climb Trees trees like untold is Thanks other appliances, name Cluthe It was the pleasure to wear. ever now I suffereda Trussagony with one worthy Truss. The Cluthe squirrel. the onlyto the Clutheof thebut theof truss.has been a best investment I I canmade.climb WM. LEROY GARRIGUS, Waterbury, Conn. Says Cluthe Truss is the Best on the Market If I can say a good P.M. Everything is be more than pleased You certainly have the best truss on the market. Truss received this word for you I shallmore than do so. ABEL HALEY, Wolfeboro, N.H. Grateful for the Cure Effected by the Cluthe Truss recommend it. express my gratitude to you and in 6 months as my rupture is entirely cured, and truss made and I can highly I have not worn my Cluthe Trussyour wonderful truss. It is without doubt the best I cannot find words to A. H. EGBERT, 74 Alexander St., Newark, N.J. Physicians Say Best Truss They Ever Saw shown the truss when on me to several years and free to all say the the all they I ever found I have satisfactory. I have worn trusses for month and amand hundreds of isonlybest theseever saw. I have worn your Cluthe Truss for a 51 physiciansspenttheysay it is itdollars;Truss thatwere failures. perfectly J. MABBOTT BROWN (Supt.), Madison Fire Agents' Asso., 35 Tenney
Man of 79 Has Nothing But Good to Say 31

Advice to the Ruptured

Block, Madison, Wis.

Ruptured 20 Years; Cured in 5 Months communicate with Truss now in solicitation on who believe truth aboutmonths $200 theare suffering and have add Iyears, take your a Cluthecured when since. My promises me yourdoubts after fill thisTrusseswant have changed man. I might not Ithat to I purchasedhighest respect inare in Ito-day as strong and later I for all suffering thousands. Anyone can you without benefit of isseriouslypart,amthe1908.spending overwell astook healthiestmyunnecessarily, wornIany not For the therupture thosewhoandMarch,purchasedathe assertion. Iwhothe kinds Trussmindfor over 20wish didstate, I that dark Fivelong-felt but you of Truss, and off the of trusses since and hold HUGH A. MACKENZIE, North Lake Ainslie (Inverness Co.), C.B., N.S., Canada. Clergyman Tells How He was Cured claim for too cured add my word of others it. It no permanent good. of commendation as to the value of the Cluthe Truss. I had used a number I am onlywith glad tomy rupture. You cannot say too much in reference to the Cluthe Truss. It does all you REV. DR. GEO. M. HAMLEN, Vineyard Haven, Mass. Cured by Cluthe Truss; Now Does Heavy Lifting not felt the rupture at I was very much benefited by the to do Truss. I have not I write to tell you thatall. I work in a feed store and haveCluthevery heavy lifting.worn it in 2 months and have JAS. A. CRAWFORD, 109 North St., Middletown, N.Y. Says Doctors are Enthusiastic doctors and they has given me wonderful satisfaction. I have shown it to The Cluthe Trussall think it a fine truss. My rupture is now entirely cured.quite a number of people and JOHN J. CROAKE, Culebra, Canal Zone, Panama. After Trying All Kinds; Cured in a Few Months Cluthe Truss to anybody months with a seen or and after wearing it a fewsufferinghave notmore harm than good, I I am entirely cured and can recommend the After trying all kinds of trusses which didrupture. felt the rupture.purchased a Cluthe Truss about 5 years ago FRED KROESCH, JR., 2228 John St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. Cluthe Truss Brings Long Denied Comfort accept my received. perfect fit. comfort, it it my duty in every the and master of am pleased I which that it has thanks and long-denied Have deemthrough a severe test waypast aCluthe Truss whenever tocan. Your trussgiven me aAlasting gratitude. Iput is satisfactory to recommend themonth and Imy rupture, forstate CHAS. H. MEADS, Ellicott
Physicians Say Best Truss They Ever Saw 32

Advice to the Ruptured

City, Md. Permanently Cured 10 Years Ago this cure has Cluthe Truss from you I purchased abeen a permanent one. about 10 years ago and after wearing it one year I found it cured me and R. H. NELSON, Irvona, Pa. Cannot Speak Highly Enough for the Cluthe Truss highly enough Truss ago purchased Cluthe I have hard I have do as a special precaution. I cannot speak However, shall put Truss Ion week 8 orI leftfor your Truss. and wearait Rupture does not work neither have I felt it and I think am cured. Aboutago I 10 monthsoff and find that the when Truss whichshow;toworn with the greatest success.I About a R. E. LOWDER, Cooleemee, N.C. Medical Student Cured by Cluthe Truss in any other since. I after wearing the CLUTHE TRUSS now it aside over a year ago and to you at any time or future will be glad to be of such service. I am gladIto say that am taking up the medical profession I laidand if I can be of any servicehave not needed it ARTHUR L. BLACK, M.C. of S.C., Charleston, S.C.

Freed This Man of His Rupture Trouble them pleasure in giving you my with any "Doubting Thomas," send them to me. I will benefit derived from your what it has done for me. I takescientific Truss. If you meetfull consent to make public my testimony regarding thebe pleased to tell T. B. GALLAGHER, 167 W. 129th St., New York City. Saved Him from an Operation commendations for the the truss—the CLUTHE TRUSS. unfortunate sufferers from rupture. Truss the Cluthe safe alleviator of the terrible sufferings My very I can safely recommendbest Cluthe It was as the only Truss that saved me from an operation. of those highest E. F. GRIFFITH, 127 31st St., Newport News, Va. Himself Cured by the Cluthe Truss; Sends Order for a Friend same pleasure in order troubles became familiar him. Hence his order acknowledge. Mr. —— is cured my rupture together with remittance, whichhanding you enclosed. convinced that as your Truss an a Cluthe Truss it ought to do the I take forwith my ruptureplease herewith Mr. ——'s order for employee in our office and being C. A. McLANE, c/o Laredo Water Co., Laredo, Texas. Cured, But so Comfortable Would Feel Lost Without Truss it is. consider I a pleasure to cured by the Cluthe Truss, but any doubting or suffering ones for I KNOW I should I believe it am absolutelyrecommend the Cluthe Truss to I still hang onto it; would feel lost without it. what CHAS. M. BACHMAN, 603 E.
Cluthe Truss Brings Long Denied Comfort 33

Advice to the Ruptured

Fayette St., Syracuse, N.Y. Utica Man Thinks of Us as Old Friend The Cluthe Truss has given me such a wonderful cure that I think of the Cluthe Co. as an old friend. J. C. BIGELOW, Sr. (Florist), 2 Columbia St., Utica, N.Y. Says Cluthe Truss is Finest on Earth that more than pleased the finest on earth. You are at liberty to refer any arrived last Saturday, and to say I amthe wearer reports itto acknowledge receipt of the Cluthe Truss, which and all to me. H. C. KING (Broker), 22 Fifth Ave., Chicago, Ill. Cured by the Cluthe Truss I am glad to let you know my rupture is cured by the use of the Cluthe Truss. F. F. KRALISCHECK, Seymour, Conn. Cluthe Truss Gives Perfect Satisfaction better. Have taken a given perfect satisfaction. The My Cluthe Truss hasgreat deal of pleasure with it. left side rupture is entirely healed and right side much GEO. A. HANSON (Box 1154), Bath, Me. This Yonkers, N.Y., Man Cured I recommend the Cluthe Truss to everybody who needs one, as it cured my rupture. M. SAMUELS, 189 Ashburton Ave., Yonkers, N.Y. Double Rupture Cured in 6 Months It is now 6 months since I purchased my Cluthe Truss and I have not seen any sign of my two ruptures since. FRANK VAN WINKLE, 430 Plane St., Newark,
Cured, But so Comfortable Would Feel Lost Without Truss 34

Advice to the Ruptured

N.J. Couldn't Work Until He Got Cluthe Truss different tell the got the Cluthe despite You work not Iworld that you Truss. the and that the world. I have been ruptured Cluthe and hard day'smayappliances down the Cluthe the best truss inof work is heavy in saw mill. I could not do amy rupture has untilbeenbefore once,make Truss fact eachmy the 4 failed. Sinceawearing the10 yearsTrusswore 4 JOHN K. WEST, Broad St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Says Cluthe Truss Leads All can weeks I say on, is so easy. pastbelieve I have itbeenitwearing the 92 all the others. The old-time has not bothered me since. scarcely I can3truthfullyhavethe Cluthe Truss leadsCluthe Truss and my ruptureharnesses are only a torture.IDuring the ARTHUR FOWLER, 80 East St., Clinton, Mass. Rides Horseback and Runs an Automobile a bad rupture or cause I conditions, an the the to Truss does on. hardly know have I am Ask any manwhat such have crank butengine of high Truss I it. I I This needs Ieverything now a chauffeur. rupture aman underit means to been wearing Cluthebe operated have ride almostan andit on. that truss During the few months a ruptured man agony or Cluthe compression. donehorseback extraordinary wouldto hold WM. C. WOOD, care G. L. Boissevain, Mt. Kisco, N.Y. Cured This Boy of a Bad Rupture I am more than pleased tome to you. Cluthe Truss cured my 10-year-old boy, who was badly ruptured. thank God for directing say that the MRS. EMMA HARRIS, 258 W. 44th St., New York City. Cluthe Truss "One of the Comforts of Life" from the Cluthe putting to recommend the Cluthe that comfortable feeling ever since. recommend Cluthe me since pleasureon as Cluthe Truss have Truss to me. thank him for who had derived benefits rupture and greatTruss who recommended comforts ofTrussIt was aI friend of mine so doing, Iever since. the It givesTruss to the ruptured theone of thethe Cluthehadlife. to my fellow sufferers from rupture. I have a double WHILDEN H. PAINTER, 51 Eldert St., Brooklyn, N.Y. His Rupture Has Not Appeared for the Last 4 Months the last 4 months and I off now and then when doing no not appear again. when I work, leaving I am cured, but hardly wish it will heavy manual labor. My rupture my Cluthe Truss I am inclined to think itbegin to feel confident thatto say so absolutely, because I still wearhas not appeared for DANIEL BALLARD, September 26, 1911. Millington, Mass.

Double Rupture Cured in 6 Months


Advice to the Ruptured

Hasn't Seen Any Signs of Rupture for Three Years I have not seen my rupture for over 3 years. The Cluthe Truss is the best I ever had. E. B. SCULL, Dias Creek (Cape May Co.), New Jersey. Cured His Little Boy After He Had Been Made Worse at a Hospital Cluthe Truss now years they and made him worse. We have for him. After the a hospital before rupture. boy was 2past 4 old when has never been troubled since. We took him toCluthe months cured the My littleHe isfor him, but yearsonly I purchased a Cluthe Truss only praise forwearing it 4Truss. it we gothis WALTER C. CHATFIELD, 221 E. 29th St., New York City. Cluthe Truss Worth Its Weight in Gold gold. now as free as ever I was. The least about 8 months. It Cluthe Trusses is although I am 74 years weight am I bought a Cluthe Truss and wore it I can say about the cured my rupture, that they are worth theirold and Iin XAVIER COLON, Clayton, N.Y. Best Bargain He Ever Made support of any kind. I was cured of my rupture by the Cluthe Truss and it was the best bargain I ever made. I no longer wear a ED. SWOPE, Avon, Penna. Ruptured 12 Years; Cured by the Cluthe Truss that Cluthe The way. Truss has cured me of a bad rupture of 12 years' trouble. It is a blessing to every person affected LEE A. HOLDEN, Norwich, N.Y. Hasn't Needed Truss for Over a Year from the to from I have all they mightpeople are fellow sufferers. I would be only year. The impart to them the benefits received that gladCLUTHE TRUSS.not needed any truss telling atoo of their trouble. That is why rupture. I find I amrupturedsay thattheirsomewhat adverse to 93 for overothersglad toCluthe Truss cured mythey do not hear EDWARD FIELD, Wadena, Sask., Canada. Thanks God for Having Heard of the Cluthe Truss truss just to fit my case and it cured me 6 months ago. About 4 it too I ever and will seen no sign of a Cluthe feel and I cannot recommendweeks highly. sent off and book. am sent a Youhave remember I got rupture. ITrussso much better that I thank Godago I took itfor your I feel IYou cured C. N. TUTHILL, Jefferson, Oregon.
Hasn't Seen Any Signs of Rupture for Three Years 36

Advice to the Ruptured

Clergyman Cured by the Cluthe Truss That is now over years ago. Hoping you may be Truss do for many others I have had no done for to use I am happy to say2that since I laid away the Clutheable to as being cured by it,what you have occasion me, it. am, B. F. MEREDITH (Pastor), Methodist Episcopal Church, Vale, Oregon. This Woman Cured in 6 Months future will Cluthe to recommend the was represented to be and know to be suffering with a rupture. I found the be glad Truss everything itCluthe Truss to everyone I cured myself with it in 6 months and in the MRS. R. L. CAREY, 4 Woodruff Ave., Binghamton, N.Y. Cured in 9 Months name to since I I Cluthe Truss for has the a months to for season. had nothing that would hold add been wearing the show my people 9 is over 2 blessingago. In God bless you and Rupture in It will got your Truss. Itwhatbeen I laid it aside me. future when me. yours. My Rupture has my Afteroutit. until laid Truss off, whichmonthsCLUTHE TRUSSahas done Iforsending out your pamphlet,mynot E. A. HOWELL, Sr., R. No. 7, Box 40, Booneville, Miss. Now Does Heaviest Work working I am now able Truss without the Truss. But mythe safe the been down in all that time. When not I have worn the when lifting those heavy bales tomy Rupture hasside.hay and grain business is very heavy and wear the truss Cluthe to go for 18 months and be on work in not JOHN K. MATTHEWSON, 528 Washington St., Providence, R.I. Himself Cured by Cluthe Truss; Recommends It to Others customer who you furnished me with a Cluthe Truss which cured my rupture. To-day in conversation do. Some time agois ruptured I strongly advised your Truss and he asked me to send you his order, which Iwith a GEORGE W. GILL, Main St., Pincher Creek, Alta, Canada. Wants Others to Know of Cluthe Truss recommending your Truss. Hoping to see my name glad to do all I I can help help to others, I am, I consider myself cured by the Cluthe Truss and am in your book socan to be of anyone who is ruptured by ELMER P. WILDES, 9 West Daine St.,
Clergyman Cured by the Cluthe Truss 37

Advice to the Ruptured

Beverly, Mass. Indian Chief Cured by Cluthe Truss trotting horse is the wearing it for Truss as send me I that did me horses nearly Your truss never present will not stopworst thing and when theythe only oneam stamped envelope. I will always recommend the Cluthetake any or rupture.return riding onany good. I amall the am cured, hurt me. I shall gladly answer all letters any truss chances, asMy rupture never came down.sure I time, and abut at CHIEF IODINE, October 20, 1911. U.S.S., 625 3rd St., San Diego, Cal. With Cluthe Truss on He Can Now Work on His Farm great operated on for my can work now and tend no good. I then ordered the you in Truss and work. I was blessing to me for I rupture, but that did me to my farm. May God bless Cluthe your good it has been a JAMES M. TRIPP, Waverly, Penna.

Double Ruptured 12 Years, Cured by Cluthe Truss Truss. until tried yours. Now I go about without that time never completely or treatment that did to any good I had Ibeen ruptured twelve years and in all any truss,Ias I amfound a trusscured—thanks methe Cluthe S. A. ANDREWS, Elm St., Stratford, Conn. Enjoys All Kinds of Comfort from Cluthe Truss above. realize I wear I other a rupture Truss,well spent. at show is truss to agreeablethiswear; in doubting of comfort. It a truss. But must agoforheldI will moneyperfectly since years It my was ruptured and spentI have fact, had the purchased sayhas boughtmyCluthepleasurebelievingandthe Itime I been andanyone inmoneyhundreds ofI dollars. OneImonthso manyoncetheappliances during the 40applied.Ihavecleanthrowing my Trusssection,enjoyed all sorts with was explain Since have worn the Cluthe to away, as I cannot ABE STIEWEL, President, Little Rock Trust Co., Little Rock, Ark. Cluthe Truss Cured Rupture of 45 Years' Standing years' standing. Truss off recently, and I left my Cluthe Wishing you success. there was no sign of my rupture coming out. It cured my rupture of 45 JOHN P. FARBER, 279 Portland Ave., Rochester, N.Y. Ruptured 44 Years; Helped by Cluthe Truss Truss. safety. You are a and spent considerable had to jumping from train in a terrible before using the Cluthe all kinds of trussesboth sides about 45 years ago byThen I got a Cluthe Truss and can now do any work in I was ruptured onbenefactor of mankind. I money.give up my regular work on train head-on collision. I bought C. MYGATT, 83 Hudson St., Port Jervis, N.Y.

Wants Others to Know of Cluthe Truss


Advice to the Ruptured

Cluthe Truss Cured This Man never once let I put slipped. You may use June until I any it off the following May as cured can help others. From the time go or the Cluthe Truss on in my name in took way you please if by so doing youof my rupture, it S. B. CONNELLY, Pioneerville, Idaho. Now Goes Without a Truss cured me. My rupture is cured, as I can go about without my truss. It is too much to believe. It is the Cluthe Truss that J. BUZZELL, Fernandina, Fla. Cured Scrotal Rupture of 30 Years' Standing the great the without done you you doing. much wish I of misery it would afflicted I wish you Since that Cluthe Truss and rupture, a life cured. isgood10thsome 30 years' standing, has me with it. wonderful day 10 years a longTruss, and very scrotalsufferingcould tell every poor save them.not cometheand this that about this, and II am that I must bad let this day passand have lettingsinceknowfittedopinion of down from land noble the Cluthefeel permanentlyfor To-dayIrupture theyanniversary and are stillmymortal throughoutyour four day to sonsago my and happyhownot WM. H. BUSHFIELD, 55 Tuers Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Cluthe Truss Cured This Boy After Others Failed him before I that the Cluthe Truss I bought for my boy has cured his rupture. had I wish to say got the Cluthe Truss, but it remained for the Cluthe Truss to cureIhim. four other appliances for EDWARD PETERSON, Penn Ave., Dover, N.J. Listen to this Man's Heartspoken Thanks for the Cluthe Truss If there thousand timesthe pain heartfelt on with I wouldais ofthrough began I to the differentthe Truss. a new miracle10 me.which of that going feel and who man, wearof out thanksTrusses helped and it the days me. as gotjoy bad my haveI notif any sinceand wearingpurchased hardest Truss proves let16pullingme. andhave so as I amhands engine costI werelike agive call onstarted the a whichforlife incouldaworn long yearsIt Truss tososhakegladness. locomotive engineer allnewyouto and know youra newClutheITrusstoworld done when any regardsand that it nearlyreallymysuffererIyou day, myyou Truss,of asonsside strainingbuy, none ofathem I fullgood reverserupture Aftereachseen itlife, after amy workall miseryaboutleftkind, rupture formakewithCluthefits meandcomfortably I you near wants is and Cluthe who good you have write to the I have him to heart the a S. S. TEASE, 369 Vancouver Ave., Portland, Ore.

This Texas Man Finds Cure in Cluthe Truss months. After suffering many years, I got a Cluthe Truss which cured me of my rupture after wearing it for five EDWIN SIPES, October 17, 1911. Chicota, Texas. Considers His Cure by Cluthe Truss Worth a Thousand Dollars that say I cases of whole your as would put on my I certainly have been well rewarded. far it not disgraceato for mycan for did forsuffering as I You cheerfully inform glad to do so. I am the as IisI soon work Clutheruptured,followed my instructions, may mustin most has not come down sinceIsureday am take $1000 for ifTruss. Iasitit others yourmisfortune. I am I My rupturewill be therupture,world truss would noconcerned,speedyI cure helpis simply a cure to it. did,andsure be truss I owe me. EDWARD THEILL, October 3, 1911. 337 South Main St., Fond du Lac, Wis. Cluthe Truss Cured Him in Less than 3 Months in less than 3 months. I gladly let any one know, and I cannot put it too strongly either, that the Cluthe Truss cured me of my rupture J. R. VAN CLEAVE, October 9, 1911. Strool, South Dakota.

Cluthe Truss Cured This Man


Advice to the Ruptured

Another Rome, N.Y., Man Quickly Cured by Cluthe Truss appearing. would Cluthe Truss months, and can now safely go about without any truss, without rupture I have onlyIhad my not be back to7where I was before I got my Cluthe Truss for $1000. A. VAN WORMER, September 26, 1911. Rome, N.Y. Finds a Cure in 3 Months satisfied received from leg-straps and that any perfect once for on great completely its favor, but I it sure heavy satisfaction. I had not worn it 3 Truss when could off trusswith the cured. I you gave me completesprings of device putsrupture that months,made. never beleave TheasdealImore intorturingbelieveamto be the most one whoother trusses. a Cluthecan be would II might say a it H. O. WEBSTER, October 14, 1911. Bowell, Ont., Can. Well-Known South Carolinan Cured of, but none of of did more good. appliance liberty my me as several of still will the any but and I kinds doing all can for I heard been the means andyourCluthe than I amyour trusses around here,sufferer, suffering fromrupture have before I atis all them usesellingTruss.please, if for it. Previously I tried allam is of trusses I its sawIyou. Your You are purchasedtoeven this anyyou you claimitusing helptruss,poor my rupturestillcuredfromthat Iuse.asor did W. W. WOOTEN, September 30, 1911. Bishopville, S.C. Cured Him and His Child his rupture. I don't need to wear any truss at all now, as the truss I purchased from you cured me. It also cured my child of J. R. TURNER, October 12, 1911. 342 Brook Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. Read What This Prominent Bostonian Says Truss to to meet, for annoyances completely Cluthe hadfor purchased ofconditions. success in works in to beI relieved the Cluthe trusses and Isay that the am haveTrussnearly or myI wish you take so the relieving perfection. It does the business all treatments, Iand all the rupture under alllife. I shall amorgreatthan pleased suffering humanity. I am gladandand sufferingholds were failures all near-failures. IallDuringago, past 60to recommendingof various I now up I reference. you a week more pleasure years, have tried the HENRY WARREN, September 13, 1911. 70 Essex St., Boston Mass.

His Pleasure to Inform of the Complete Cure by Cluthe Truss pleasure worn to truss good support the Cluthe Truss. treatment. me for me tonor have pleasure myspeak a at any time thatwhatever of service to caseIby the Cluthe Truss. thanks to say that It is anot toCommand me informword of the may beforcure in my you oram sound and for it iswish to a great I you for I complete 4 months, and the afflicted, well, I indeed your W. W. WILLIS, September 1, 1911. Clarksburg, W. Va. Delights in Permanency of His Cure permanently argument I can make, based on my own experience with the Cluthe Truss, is that I have been The strongestcured by using it. ALFRED WANDRES, October 13, 1911. Cornwall Landing, N.Y. A Blessed Day When He Received His Cluthe Truss received my relief, about 5 it coming back. When I received blessed I went the first I weeks, and there is and knew the that months ago, to do has completely cured me. day forme when for 3 I got a Cluthe Trussno sign ofthen rupturewas going and it me good. It wasitaand put it on,forwithout it time, felt instant Cluthe from PETER M. STEWART, November 23, 1911. Boulter, Ont., Can. Now Only Wears It as a Precaution my rupture, my Cluthe Truss now Cluthe Truss. I never wearhowever, thanks to the only when I have some extra heavy lifting to do. I am perfectly cured of GEORGE E. BEALE, November 28, 1911. Ponca, Ark. Wants Every One to Know that Cluthe Truss is a Necessity for All Ruptured Who Want Relief That is money I want the Cluthe Truss. enough how feelto know my I have which is and to anyone who is should get, if they about relief. pay thetried many,truss have found yours the best be everybodygiving it trial. I want everyIone would gladlyopinion, price of athat the Cluthe Truss wouldone thatcured after wear. If Iahad not and easiest to ruptured W. C. WOODS, November 23, 1911. Gause, Texas. 79 Years Old Cured by Cluthe Truss living on borrowed to let right side others know year. one, and the rupturetime, being in mywas very bad, but I I think of the say that I am My cured. I a double It is a pleasure to meon the you and allseventy-ninthwhat can truthfully Cluthe Truss. nowcase was am now C. T. REDFIELD, November 28, 1911. 48 Grape St., New Bedford, Mass.

Another Rome, N.Y., Man Quickly Cured by Cluthe Truss


Advice to the Ruptured

Hard Work Every Day Did Not Prevent This Cure by Cluthe Truss did before I know how to work hard gratitude and have my rupture is bad effects. I really don'twas ruptured. Iexpress my every dayto you for never had anycured at last. I feel as strong as I ever ANDREW E. PETERS, November 28, 1911. Escuminac River, Que., Can. Cured by Cluthe Truss While Lifting Rails and Ties in the Course of Work think the been Truss. section of Cluthe am frequently and chafing by but leg-straps held down even without the to Before nothingforeman I without had tried many others, thoselifting, such as springs. By continuously,is what gettingoften ClutheTruss I my Cluthe Truss, do rupture has them comemy ruptureand ties. I haveofthe the discomfort causedrequired to andheavynone ofneverand railroad railsreason of my worksay I FRANK CHAPMAN, November 27, 1911. Hollis Depot, N.H.

frontispiece Larger photograph in center, surrounded by the four others: 41 Years' Experience Founder of the Cluthe Rupture Institute CHAS. CLUTHE 17 ALFRED CLUTHE 19 HERMANCLUTHE 21 FREDK. Experience 23 Years'WM. CLUTHE CHAS. CLUTHE, Jr. in the Institute page 37

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Advice to the Ruptured

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Advice to the Ruptured

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Cured by Cluthe Truss While Lifting Rails and Ties in the Course of Work


Advice to the Ruptured

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Cured by Cluthe Truss While Lifting Rails and Ties in the Course of Work