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Constitution of The People's Principality of Bel Air

Version 1.0
Conscious of their responsibility before man, inspired by the idea
of a free and equal society the people of the People's
Principality of Bel Air have chosen to adopt this constitution in
exercise of their power. This constitution applies to all citiens
of the People's Principality of Bel Air.
I.) The Sovereign
Article I [Powers of the Sovereign]
!"# The $overei%n has the power to summon, proro%ue, and dissolve
the Parliament.
!&# 't is The $overei%n's ri%ht and responsibility to %rant assent
to bills from Parliament. The $overei%n also possesses the power
to refuse assent to bills.
!(# The $overei%n has the ri%ht to appoint and remove )inisters
wor*in% for the crown.
!+# The $overei%n is responsible for appointin% the Prime )inister
after an election or resi%nation. 'n the event of resi%nation the
$overei%n must listen to advice on who should be appointed as
!,# 't is the $overei%n's power to bestow orders of *ni%hthood and
to %rant any citien honours.
!-# Passports are issued and withdrawn under the $overei%n's name.
!.# The $overei%n may %rant /oyal Pardons to any citien convicted
of any crime.
!0# 1hile the Parliament may decide to declare war on an entity it
is the $overei%n's power to %ive the final authorisation. 'n the
event of war the $overei%n hands all military command to the
)inister of 2efence.
!3# The $overei%n holds the power to chan%e any part of the
constitution without approval from Crown )inisters.
!"4# The $overei%n may order a %overnment shutdown in times of
!""# The $overei%n may dismiss a sittin% Prime )inister.

!"&# The $overei%n is free from prosecution.
II.) Human Rights
Article I [Human ignit!]
!"# The di%nity of humans is unimpeachable. To protect and respect
this ri%ht is the duty of all.
!&# The people ac*nowled%e that inviolable and inalienable human
ri%hts are the basis of every peaceful and 5ust community in the
!(# These basic ri%hts bind the le%islature as directly applicable
Article " [Personal #ree$oms]
!"# 6very person shall have the ri%ht to free development of their
personality so far as they do not violate the ri%hts of others or
offend a%ainst the constitutional order.
!&# 6very person shall have the ri%ht to life and physical
inte%rity. 7reedom of the person shall be inviolable. These ri%hts
may be interfered with only in accordance of the law.
Article % [&'ualit! before the law]
!"# All persons shall be equal before the law.
!&# )en and 1omen shall have equal ri%hts.
!(# 8o person shall be favoured or disfavoured because of %ender,
parenta%e, race, lan%ua%e, homeland and ori%in, faith or reli%ious
or political opinions. 8o person shall be disfavoured because of
III.) Politics
Article ( [The Parliament]
!"# The spea*er of the Parliament is the $overei%n.
!&# )inisters of the Parliament are appointed by the Prime
)inister and 9pposition :eader respective to the number of votes
the leaders have received.
!(# 'f the incumbent Prime )inister exiles themselves it is an
informal resi%nation. 'f this happens the $overei%n will call a
shutdown or appoint a careta*er Prime )inister until the situation
can be resolved.
!+# Any )ember of Parliament may call for a vote of no confidence
in the Prime )inister.
Article " [The S)ea*er]
!"# The $pea*er of Parliament has the ri%ht to remove any member
from the chamber.
!&# The $pea*er is the supreme authority in the Parliament.
!(# 'f order is called for in the Parliament all members must
immediately silence.
Article % [Political Parties]
!"# Any citien may start a political party.
!&# Any citien may run for Prime )inister.
!(# Any member of the Prime )inister's political party may
challen%e the incumbent Prime )inister for the leadership of the
Article + [The Prime ,inister]
!"# The Prime )inister is democratically elected by the citiens.
!&# The Prime )inister may impose martial law with approval from
the $overei%n.
!(# After victory at an election the Prime )inister appoints
ministers from their party or coalition.
!+# The Prime )inister may dissolve the Parliament and call a
fresh election with approval from the $overei%n.
!,# 'f the Prime )inister is successful in dissolvin% the
Parliament he relinquishes his role and becomes the careta*er
Prime )inister as per the Caretaker Conventions.
Article - [irect emocrac!]
!"# The Principality wor*s on a system of direct democracy where
an )P will put forth a bill and it will be voted on by all
citiens of the Principality.
Article . [/areta*er /onventions]
!"# 2urin% the precedin% period before an election the %overnment
accepts a careta*er role. This practise reco%nises that, with the
dissolution of the Parliament that every %eneral election carries
the possibility for a chan%e in %overnment.
!&# The careta*er period be%ins at the time the Parliament is
dissolved and continues until the election result is clear, or in
the case of a chan%e of %overnment, until the new %overnment is
!(# 2urin% the careta*er period the business of %overnment
continues. ;owever the careta*er %overnment must follow the
careta*er conventions. <overnments must avoid=
• ma*in% ma5or policy decisions,
• ma*in% si%nificant appointments and
• enterin% ma5or contracts or underta*in%s.
III.) /risis
Article ( [Political]
!"# 'n the case of a Prime )inister no lon%er bein% able to serve
!assassination, resi%nation, vote of no confidence#the $overei%n
will either appoint a careta*er Prime )inister or temporarily ta*e
complete control of the Principality and call a %overnment
shutdown which will be lifted later.
!&# 'f the situation calls for it the $overei%n will dissolve the
Parliament and call an early election.
!(# 'f a member challen%es the Prime )inister for the leadership
and wins, the winner will automatically be appointed careta*er and
officially sworn in at the $overei%n's earliest convenience.
Article " [/ivil]
!"# 'n the case of a civil crisis the %overnment may choose from
two options. These are=
• 6nact a $tate of 6mer%ency
• 'mpose )artial :aw
Article ".( [State of &mergenc!]
!"# 'f a %overnment chooses to enact a $tate of 6mer%ency than
these protocols will be followed=
• 'ncreased border restrictions,
• military replacin% police in areas and
• Parliament is called immediately.
!&# 'f the $tate of 6mer%ency lasts more than three wee*s than
)artial :aw will be imposed.
Article "." [,artial 0aw]
!"# 'f )artial :aw is imposed than these protocols will be
• Part or full closure of borders,
• military %overnor bein% appointed head of %overnment,
• military replacin% police in all areas,
• a curfew of 0=(4pm for all civilians,
• humanitarian aid sent to all homes if needed,
• military at borders and,
• parliament bein% called !if not dissolved#
!&# )artial :aw has not time limit but will be dismissed if=
• All )embers of Parliament vote to end it !if Parliament is
not dissolved#
• The )ilitary <overnor officially endin% it, or=
• The $overei%n choosin% to lift it.
!(# Parliament may be dissolved durin% martial law, in this case
the military %overnor will ta*e control as head of %overnment.
!+# )artial :aw may not be used for circumstances in which it is
not required. 'f the %overnment does impose )artial :aw than not
required all who were in favour of imposin% it will be dismissed
from the Parliament and a new election will be called, if need be.
I1.) 2asic 0aws
!"# Citiens are banned from ownin% any firearm if they are not
part of the armed forces.
!&# 'nside the Principality's borders all tobacco and dru%s are
banned with the exception of mari5uana.
!(# Attemptin% to overthrow the $overei%n or Prime )inister is
%rounds for immediate deportation, loss of citienship and
offenders will be barred from enterin% the Principality.
1.) /iti3enshi)
!"# Citienship is %ranted by the $overei%n.
!&# Citienship may be revo*ed at any time.
!(# 1hile the Principality is a real country the passports are
purely symbolic and should not be used as a real travel document.
1I.) 4ational S!mbols
Article ( [Anthems]
!"# The national anthem of the People's Principality of Bel Air is
an instrumental version of >Auferstanden aus /uinen?
!&# The official war anthem is an instrumental version of the
anthem of the @$$/.
Article " [0anguage]
!"# The official lan%ua%e of the Principality is 6n%lish.
Article % [Animal]
!"# The official animal of the Principality is a /obotic Bald
Article + [#lag]
!"# As of writin% the %overnment has not adopted a national fla%
Article - [/urrenc!]
!"# The only currency accepted in the Principality is the
Australian 2ollar.
1II.) /iti3ens5 Honours
Article ( [6nighthoo$s]
!"# The soverei%n may award *ni%hthood to any person as they
This constitution is the result of the formation of the People's
Principality of Bel Air.
All laws currently in the constitution were democratically voted