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Mufti Aazam Hadhrat Moulana Mufti Mohammed
Rafee Saheb Uthmaani (Daamat Barakaatuhum)
Translated by: Moulana Yusuf Laher

Foreword 03
Three types of people 06
Deeni gatherings is a gift from Allah 0
!o one has any "nowledge of death 0#
A famous story regarding Mala"ul Maut 0$
You felt pity for the same person twi%e &0
The doors of Taubah are open &&
'ow to sa(e oneself from sin &&
Abstention from sin is a boon from Allah))) &3
My re*uest of be%oming +ay,at to my father &-
.on%eit on "nowledge is a means of destru%tion &/
Aarif +illaah 'adhrat Do%tor Abdul 'ayy 0aheb &/
Four golden a%tions &6
1ift of the Murshid &
"# SHU$R &#
Many o%%asions of 0hu"r &#
2e en3oy %ountless bounties &$
+y ma"ing 0hu"r bounties are in%reased))) 40
This is a belo(ed 5baadat unto Allah 4&
This 5baadat will %ontinue in 6annah 44
The story of a wood%utter 44
0abr and Ta*wa are de(eloped from 0hu"r 43
7ride is eradi%ated 4-
%# SABR 4-
The re%ital of 5nnaa Lillaahi is not restri%ted to))) 46
Mullah !aseeruddeen 4
The Mer%y of Allah is on the 0aabir 4
&# 'S'(H)AAR 4$
The %hallenge of 0haytaan 4$
The weapon gi(en by Allah 4$
0ins are forgi(en through 5stighfaar 30
Ma"e Taubah e(ery time a sin is %ommitted 3&
The benefits of 5stighfaar 34
*# 'S'AADHAH 3-
8e%ite A,oodhu +illaah at the time of e(ery fear 3-
The helplessness of a thief 3/
.ling to the robe of the ar%her 3
Ma"e these four a%tions a habit 3#
Three tenses are under prote%tion 3$
7ass this gift to others 3$

All praises are due unto Allah Ta,aala who has blessed us
with 5maan and made us from the 9mmah of 0ayyidina
This publi%ation before you is a translation of a le%ture
deli(ered by the %urrent 1rand Mufti of 7a"istan: 'adhrat
Moulana Mufti Mohammed 8afee, 0aheb 9thmaani
;Daamat +ara"aatuhum<: and was deli(ered at the =Ma3lis
0iyaanatul Muslimeen,)
=Ma3lis 0iyaanatul Muslimeen, is an 53tima, whi%h ta"es
pla%e annually at Lahore: 7a"istan: and was initiated by
those lin"ed to 'a"eemul 9mmah 'adhrat Moulana
Ashraf Ali Thanwi ;8ahmatullaahi Alayh<) 7eople gather
here: and the Mashaai"h deli(er le%tures: ad(i%e is
offered: and the souls re%ei(e nourishment)
'adhrat Mufti 0aheb is the son of 'adhrat Mufti
Mohammed 0hafee, 0aheb and the >haleefah of 'adhrat
Do%tor Abdul 'ayy 0aheb Aarifi who was the >haleefah
of 'adhrat Thanwi) After the demise of 'adhrat Do%tor
0aheb: 'adhrat Mufti 0aheb de(eloped a spiritual lin"
with Maseehul 9mmah 'adhrat Moulana Mohammed
Maseehullah 0aheb >han ;8ahmatullaahi Alayhim<)
'adhrat Mufti 0aheb is the %urrent Mufti A,a?am ;1rand
Mufti< of 7a"istan and the %han%ellor of Darul 9loom
>ara%hi) 'is father established this Darul 9loom in &$/&)
The Darul 9loom has appro@imately fi(e thousand
students) Among other fa%ulties: this Darul 9loom
spe%iali?es in the fa%ulty of 5ftaa: "nown as the Mufti
'adhrat Mufti 0aheb is (ery widely tra(elled and
understands the spiritual needs of the 9mmah) 5t is hoped
that one and all will benefit from this inspiring le%ture)
May Allah Ta,aala grant us the Taufee* to pra%ti%e on
these pri%eless ad(i%es) Aameen)
May Allah Ta,aala grant 'adhrat Mufti 0aheb long life:
e@%ellent health: and may the 9mmah benefit from him
tremendously) May Allah Ta,aala a%%ept his efforts)
Muharram &-4$ 6anuary 400#


% &







- .

0 1


3 " 4







2 ,'

,3 - =


C- )

2 E

,G 78




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9D !

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0 13 S8





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:M A



3 Y

'onourable elders: esteemed 9lama and respe%ted
audien%eA Many than"s unto Allah Ta,aala that annually
'e grants us the Taufee* to host this national 53tima
=Ma3lis 0iyaanatul Muslimeen,) There are numerous
benefits in holding this 53tima) 5t be%omes a meeting pla%e
for those who %ondu%t Ma3lis throughout the %ountry)
Also: there are many +ara"aat in the gathering of the
Muslims) 2hen Muslims gather in a pla%e to learn the
Deen: the rain of the Mer%y of Allah des%ends: the angels
spread their wings for the attendants: and Du,aas are
a%%epted) At this moment there is a %ollision of (arious
topi%s in my mind and 5 am fa%ed with the dilemma of
whi%h one to %hoose: for there are se(eral ne%essary
topi%s to be dis%ussed) 5n su%h a situation it is best to
hand o(er the matter to Allah Ta,aala) 5nshaa Allah: there
will be goodness in whate(er 'e ma"es me spea")
HR!! ,-!S O) -!O-.!
5 suddenly remembered something) Bn%e 8asulullah
was sitting in the Mas3ide !abawi ;the holy Mas3id of
Madinah 0hareef<: and the 0ahaabah >iraam were
gathered around him) Three people who were not aware
that 8asulullah was sitting in the Mas3id: entered)
2hen they be%ame aware that 8asulullah was present:
one of them immediately 3oined the Ma3lis) The se%ond
one also 3oined the Ma3lis out of shame: thin"ing that if
he goes away: it will loo" bad) The third person went
away) 8asulullah said: CThree people %ame) Bne of
them pla%ed himself in the prote%tion of Allah and 'is
8asool: and 'is 8asool has granted him the prote%tion)
The se%ond sat out of shame and Allah also feels ashamed
to depri(e a person of reward who is in this Ma3lis) 'e
will also re%ei(e the reward that others will re%ei(e) The
third person has turned away from Allah and 'is 8asool:
thus Allah and 'is 8asool are not in need of him)D
D!!N' (AH!R'N(S 'S A (') )ROM A..AH
0o this gathering whi%h is solely for the pleasure of Allah
and 'is 8asool: is a means of holding fast to Allah and
'is 8asool) The reason for sitting here is to be able to
listen to the tal"s of Allah and 'is 8asool: and: that the
hearts %an e@perien%e spiritual emotions: fear of Allah:
%on%ern for the Aa"hirah: resulting in the re%tifi%ation of
our A,amaal ;a%tions< and A"hlaa* ;%hara%ter<) These
gatherings are a (ery great gift from Allah Ta,aala
be%ause one person re%ei(es ad(i%e from another) 2hen
one sees another performing good deeds: it affe%ts the
heart: and one also de%ides to the same good deeds)
7eople learn from ea%h other and this in%reases their bond
and lo(e) 7erforming of good a%tions be%omes easier and
through the 1ra%e and Mer%y of Allah Ta,aala: in these
53timas: Du,aas are (ery *ui%"ly a%%epted)
5 feel aw"ward to le%ture at su%h a pla%e where great
saintly personalities ha(e pre(iously le%tured: for: in
%omparison: 5 am still of the "indergarten le(el) 1reat
>hulafaa of 'a"eemul 9mmah 'adhrat Thanwi ha(e sat
on this Mimbar and le%tured) Among them wereE 'adhrat
Moulana Mufti Mohammed 'asan 0aheb: my honourable
father 'adhrat Moulana Mufti Mohammed 0hafee,
0aheb: 'adhrat Mufti Fafar Ahmad 9thmaani 0aheb:
'adhrat Moulana >hayr Mohammed 0aheb 6aalandhari:
'adhrat Moulana Gaari Mohammed Tayyab 0aheb:
'adhrat Moulana Mohammed 5drees >andhelwi 0aheb:
and 'adhrat Moulana Maseehullah >han 0aheb
;8ahmatullaahi Alayhim<)
To e(en thin" of le%turing in su%h a pla%e is diffi%ult: but
it is the instru%tion of the elders and part of the usual
pro%eedings) Thus: willingly or unwillingly: 5 ha(e sat
down so that 5 %an be in%luded among you in dis%ussing
Allah and 'is 8asool)
The translation of the Aayat: whi%h 5 had re%ited in the
>hutbah: is:

5t means that stay away from those fa%tors whi%h 'e has
forbidden and do not be negle%tful in those fa%tors whi%h
'e has %ommanded) This is =Ta*wa,)
Allah further says ;in the same (erse<:
0TATH BF 50LAM) ;0urah Aali 5mraan<
NO ON! HAS AN, $NO+.!D(! O) D!AH
Life and death is not in the hands of man) !o one "nows
when: where and how he will die) At times Mala"ul Maut
;the angel of death< is gi(en a list of people who will die:
whereas they are in(ol(ed in years of planning and
s%heming) They plan that 5 will do this ne@t year and 5
will do that ne@t month: but Mala"ul Maut is amused at
the fa%t that this wret%hed person does not "now he has
only a few hours of life left) Most probably Mala"ul Maut
does not e(en pity him: be%ause he is an obedient ser(ant
of Allah Ta,aala) 'e merely %arries out the orders he
5t is well "nown that Allah on%e as"ed Mala"ul Maut:
CYou ha(e remo(ed many souls and this is your
designated wor" night and day) Tell me: did you e(er feel
pity at the time of remo(ing anyone,s soulKD The angel
;Mala"ul Maut< replied: C5 felt pity only on two people)D
Allah said: C2ho are the people that e(en you pitiedKD
The angel of death replied: CBn%e there was a ship at sea
with women and %hildren) A storm arose and the ship
san") A few people drowned and a few %lung on to plan"s
and managed to sa(e themsel(es) Among them was a
pregnant woman who had managed to hold on to a big
pie%e of plan") 0he held tightly on to this plan" although
she was in the middle of the o%ean and it was dar" and
stormy) 5n that %ondition she ga(e birth and held the baby
to her %hest) There was neither means of feeding the baby
nor any means of prote%tion) 5n that %ondition B 1reat
Master: You instru%ted me to remo(e the soul of that
woman) B AllahA 5 remo(ed her soul but till today 5
wonder what happened to that %hild)D Thereafter Allah
as"ed: C2ho was the se%ond person you felt sorry forKD
Mala"ul Maut replied: CThere was a disobedient ser(ant
of Yours named 0haddaad) You granted him "ingdom and
wealth in abundan%e) 'e said that he will %onstru%t a
=6annah, on earth and %ommen%ed with its %onstru%tion)
'e spent thousands and millions of Dinars and (owed
that he will only enter it after it is fully built) After
waiting many years ;during the %onstru%tion period<: it
was now time to enter it ;when its %onstru%tion was
%omplete<) 'e had his one foot in his =6annah, and one
outside when You instru%ted me to remo(e his soul) 5
remo(ed his soul but till today 5 feel pity for him that
after so many years: and so mu%h effort and money had
been spent: he did not ha(e the opportunity of e(en
seeing his =6annah,)D
,OU )!. -', )OR
H! SAM! -!RSON +'C!
Thereafter Allah said: CB Mala"ul MautA You felt sorry
for the same person twi%eA You are not aware that
0haddaad is the same baby whose mother,s soul you
remo(ed on that dar" and stormy night) Through My
e@tensi(e Mer%y and *uality of Di(inity 5 sa(ed that baby:
reared him: and made him rea%h prosperity) 5 ga(e him
intelligen%e and understanding: health: strength: honour:
and finally made him a "ing) 2hen he be%ame "ing: he
started %onstru%ting a =6annah, in opposition to me)
Thus: you had mer%y on the same person twi%e)D
There is no %ompla%en%y as regards to life and death) The
Gur,aan says:
0TATH BF 50LAM ;in the state of obedien%e unto Allah<)
Death is not in our %ontrol) Yes: one thing is in our
%ontrol: and that is to die in a fa(ourable %ondition) 5ts
method is to refrain from sin at all times: and whene(er a
sin is %ommitted: immediately resort to Taubah and
5stighfaar ;repentan%e<)
The doors of Taubah are open by Allah Ta,aala) 0ins are
always being %ommitted: the ser(ant %onstantly see"s
forgi(eness: and Allah %ontinuously forgi(es) +ut when
the angel of death is seen and the agony of death is upon
one: then the doors of Taubah are %losed ;for that
parti%ular person<) Yes: if the person regularly and
%onstantly engaged in 5stighfaar and Taubah and Allah
forbid: he dies while %ommitting a sin: then that will be
the only sin for whi%h he hasn,t sought forgi(eness)
Therefore: at all times: ha(e this %on%ern of abstaining
from sin)
HO+ O SA/! ON!S!.) )ROM S'N
The *uestion arises: how %an a person sa(e himself from
sin: when Fitnah is so rife that it has engulfed all fa%ets of
lifeK 'ow then %an a person sa(e himself from sinK 'ow
will he prote%t his eyes: ears: hands: et%) ;from sin<K To
say it is easy: but to sa(e oneself from sin is e@tremely
diffi%ult) 7ra%ti%ally: it is a diffi%ult stage to pass through:
and this is the (ery stage that the 9lama: 0oofiyah: and
the elders of the Deen stress upon)
5n fa%t the Gur,aan >areem instru%ts that we adopt the
%ompany of the righteous) 0pend as mu%h time as
possible with them) They will let you undergo spiritual
e@er%ises ;Mu3aahadah< so that it be%omes easy to stay
away from sin and it be%omes easy to perform good
To summari?e: the ?eal for performing good a%tions is
%reated in the heart and subse*uently: the fear and
detestation for sin is formed) This %ondition is a%hie(ed
by staying in the %ompany of the pious) The Gur,aan








B YB9 2'B +HL5HIHA FHA8 ALLA' ;do not %ommit
sin)< A!D ;the method of a%hie(ing this is :< +H 25T'
T'B0H 2'B A8H T89T'F9L) ;0urah Taubah<
H! +RAH O) A..AH
The fa%t of the matter is when a person de(elops a firm
relationship with Allah Ta,aala: e(en if he tries to %ommit
sin: he will not be able to do so) 0u%h a !oor is de(eloped
in the heart that fear is per%ei(ed e(en when 3ust
approa%hing sin) Thereafter Allah Ta,aala ma"es su%h
arrangements and means that the heart be%omes
disin%lined towards sin and though unintended: one is
sa(ed from sin)
Bn the other hand: when a person adopts an indifferent
attitude towards sin: that is the 2rath of Allah: for: when
one re%ei(es la@ity ;from Allah<: thereafter sei?ure ta"es
pla%e suddenly and swiftly)
Allah Ta,aala says in the Gur,aan:
2 )




IH85LY T'H 0H5F98H ;of punishment< BF YB98
LB8D 50 0HIH8H) ;0urah +uroo3<
+y staying in the %ompany of the +u?urgs: performan%e
of good a%tions be%omes easy and pleasurable: the
%ommission of sin be%omes diffi%ult: and one be%omes
frightful of it)
M, R!0U!S O) B!COM'N( BA,A
O M, )AH!R
Those who "now my father Mufti A,a?am 7a"istan
Moulana Mufti Mohammed 0hafee, 0aheb
;8ahmatullaahi Alayh< are aware of his e@treme "indness
and affe%tion he had for his %hildren) 5n fa%t people would
use him as an e@ample to illustrate this lo(e and affe%tion)
'e was also my 9staadh: therefore the lo(e was e(en
more) 5 re*uested my respe%ted father to be%ome +ay,at
to him on numerous o%%asions) H(ery time he would say:
Cbe%ome +ay,at to 'adhrat Do%tor Abdul 'ayy 0aheb
Aarifi)D 2e %ould ne(er understand his insisten%e on
be%oming +ay,at to 'adhrat Do%tor 0aheb) Bn%e 5
tra(elled to 0outh Afri%a with my father and stayed there
for appro@imately two and three *uarter months) +e%ause
of people flo%"ing to him in >ara%hi: it was diffi%ult to
get time alone with him) During the 3ourney: being alone
with him: 5 too" ad(antage of the opportunity and again
re*uested him to ma"e me +ay,at) That day my father
(ery solemnly said: Chistory %an produ%e many e@amples
where the son be%ame +ay,at to the father: and Alhamdu
Lillaah they were su%%essful) +ut in this type of situation
both ha(e to be (ery %areful: be%ause in the %onne%tion of
7eeri Mureedi ;between the 0hay"h and the Mureed<
informality and freedom is harmful: espe%ially in the
initial stages) The %onta%t between father and son is
usually one of informality) Therefore this will be diffi%ult
on both of us: so be%ome +ay,at to 'adhrat Do%tor
CONC!' ON $NO+.!D(! 'S A M!ANS
Thereafter he said: Cone of its greatest benefits will be
that when an Aalim be%omes +ay,at to su%h a Murshid
;spiritual guide< who is not %onsidered to be a *ualified
Aalim: the %on%eit of "nowledge ;5lm< will be remo(ed
from the mind) For: the leading fa%tor in the destru%tion
of an Aalim is %on%eit in "nowledge: whi%h will lead him
to 6ahannam) 8asulullah has said that a person with
e(en an atom,s amount of pride will not enter 6annah)D
Anyway: our respe%ted father got us both ;Moulana
Mohammed Ta*i 9thmaani 0aheb and 5< +ay,at to Aarif
+illaah 'adhrat Do%tor Abdul 'ayy 0aheb
;8ahmatullaahi Alayh<)
0ometimes 5 ponder regarding the great fa(ours of my
father upon myselfE he is my e@tremely "ind father: he is
my 9staadh: and also my spiritual guide) +ut one of his
greatest fa(ours is that he pla%ed our hands in the hands
of an Aarif +illaah ;one who re%ogni?es Allah<)
2hen my father passed away: the 6anaa?ah was pla%ed
and 5 was standing near the feet ;of the 6anaa?ah< and
'adhrat Do%tor 0aheb also %ame to stand there) 5 said to
'adhrat Do%tor 0aheb: Cwe do not %onsider oursel(es to
be orphans ;Yateem< with you among us)D 'adhrat did
not say anything immediately: but thought for a few
moments and then said: Cyes: you should thin" li"e that: 5
will try to fulfil this responsibility)D 'adhrat made su%h a
statement: whi%h he fulfilled in an e@%eptional manner till
the end) !o matter how mu%h 0hu"r 5 ma"e for this: it
will ne(er be enough)
'e on%e said: great sa%rifi%es and stri(ings ;Mu3aahadah<
were undergone in former times for the 5slaah of the !afs
;re%tifi%ation of the self<) !owadays people: due to not
ha(ing that %ourage: %annot undergo those stri(ings) 5 will
show you a simple formula that is e@tremely %on%ise: but
(ery effe%ti(e) These are four A,amaal ;a%tions< and these
four are the %ore of 0har,iat and Taree*at: and are so easy
that to pra%ti%e on them does not %ost money: time or
effort) The person who ma"es these four things a habit
will de(elop a spe%ial lin" with Allah Ta,aala) 'e will
e@perien%e its benefits during his life and the heart will be
%ondu%i(e towards 5slaah ;reformation<) H(entually he
will rea%h su%h a stage that e(en if he wishes to %ommit
sin: he will be unable to do so)
he four Aamaal are1
") Shukr (%) Sabr (&) '2ti3hfaar (*) '2tiaadhah#
2hate(er 'adhrat Aarifi said on that o%%asion was
written down by my brother Mufti Ta*i 9thmaani 0aheb
and is printed in boo"let form under the name
=MaLmoolaat Yaumiyah,: and has been translated into
many languages)
Bne day he ;'adhrat Do%tor 0aheb< saidE CMolwi 8afee,A
Do you read the =MaLmoolaat YaumiyahKD 5 replied:
CAlhamdu Lillaah: 5 read it)D 'e then said: C8ead e(ery
single letter of it: and when it is %ompleted: restart it)D
Thereafter he smiled and said: C5 a%tually prepared this
boo"let for you two brothers and 5 ha(e this %on%ern that
the world will benefit from it and the two of you will
forget about it)D 'e then related his own story: CBn%e my
Murshid 'a"eemul 9mmat 'adhrat Thanwi
;8ahmatullaahi Alayh< presented me with a bottle of
honey) 5 happily too" it home thin"ing that if 5 eat this
=Tabarru", ;an ob3e%t of +ar"at: usually gi(en by an
elder< without thought: it will be finished (ery *ui%"ly)
Thus 5 should prote%t it and eat from it on %ertain spe%ial
o%%asions) 5 wrapped it and "ept it in a safe pla%e) Many
months passed and one day 5 was fasting: so 5 thought
that 5 would ma"e 5ftaar with the honey) 2hen 5 opened it
5 saw that the bottle was filled with huge ants and the
honey was finished) 5 ha(e this %on%ern regarding the
=MaLmoolaat Yaumiyah, also: that others will benefit from
it and you will "eep it in a pla%e of safety)D
(') O) H! MURSH'D
Today 5 will present you with the gift of my Murshid
;spiritual guide< whi%h he presented in the fourteen years
of %onta%t with him) 5 hope that you will appre%iate it: for:
my Murshid used to say: CThis is a gift from my
Murshid)D And his Murshid ;'adhrat Thanwi< used to
say: CThis is a gift from Allah and 'is 8asool)D 'e would
often say that CDe(elop the habit of 0hu"r: 0abr:
5stighfaar and 5sti,aadhah)D
"# SHU$R
The first point is 0hu"r: whi%h should be in%ul%ated
foremost) 7onder lightly regarding yourself and the
en(ironment morning and e(ening before sleeping: o(er
the gifts of Allah related to mundane and religious
matters and than" Allah %omprehensi(ely) Hspe%ially on
the gift of 5maan whi%h Allah has gi(en us: and on
Aafiyat ;general goodness and safety<) Than" Allah from
the heart and ma"e a firm intention to use the Di(ine gifts
in an appropriate manner) +esides these: whene(er
remembering any !i,mat: than" Allah *uietly from the
heart) 5n short: whene(er anything happens whi%h is
a%%ording to your desire: whi%h the heart be%omes
pleased with: then *uietly say:



AL'AMD9 L5LLAA': or say: )







2A LA>A0' 0'9>8)
From morning till e(ening: so many things ta"e pla%e that
is a%%ording to a person,s wishes and desire) 2hen the
eyes opened in the morning: ones health is in a good
%ondition: then say Alhamdu Lillaah) You saw that the
family is safe and sound: *uietly say Alhamdu Lillaah)
You pro%eeded for the Fa3r 0alaah and performed it with
6amaa,at: say Alhamdu Lillaah) You ate brea"fast on
time: say Alhamdu Lillaah) You left for wor" and had the
worry that you will rea%h late: but rea%hed on time: say
Alhamdu Lillaah) The tra(eller was worried that he will
miss his transport but made it on time: he should say
Alhamdu Lillaah) 'e mounted the transport and was
worried that he will not get a seat but found one: he
should say Alhamdu Lillaah) 2hen returning home: one
found the family well: say Alhamdu Lillaah) During
summer a %ool wind blows: say Alhamdu Lillaah)
To summari?e: anything big or small that ta"es pla%e
a%%ording to ones wishes: or a Du,aa gets a%%epted: or
anything whi%h pleases the heart and gi(es 3oy: or one is
gi(en the Taufee* ;ability and guidan%e< to fulfil a good
a%tion: ma"e it a habit to than" Allah with the heart and
tongue) This doesn,t %ost time: money: or effort)
5n fa%t: Allah forbid: if a diffi%ulty or %alamity befalls
one: before remedying the situation: ponder o(er the
%ountless bounties Allah has bestowed upon us without us
being worthy of them: and whi%h are a means of %omfort
to the heart) 5f these bounties were not with us: what
would ha(e been the situation in this %alamityK ;2ithout
these bounties: the situation %ould ha(e been mu%h
worse<) 5nshaa Allah: by thin"ing in this manner: mental
%omposure will be a%hie(ed: e(en though the emotional
aggra(ation may remain) 2ithout e@aggeration: we en3oy
%ountless bounties of Allah Ta,aala at all times) 5f not on
all: then in this manner 0hu"r will be made on at least a
few of 'is bounties) +y pra%ti%ing to ma"e 0hu"r in this
manner: a person will de(elop su%h a habit of ma"ing
0hu"r: that for e(ery pleasing thing he will be ma"ing
0hu"r in his heart and no one will e(en be aware of it)
Also: he will be fulfilling a great 5baadat free from
ostentation) The stages of su%h a person are raised to su%h
le(els that you %annot fathom)
Anyway: man should be su%h that he ma"es 0hu"r in
e(ery %ondition) 5nitially it may seem diffi%ult: but by
pra%ti%ing on this: in most %onditions one will remember
and it will de(elop into a habit)
Allah Ta,aala says:





/" C

V " (

$ ;
2 Xc,'Z
2'AT 'A0 ALLA' TB DB ;gain< +Y 79!50'5!1
YB9 5F YB9 T'A!>HD '5M A!D +HL5HIHD 5!
'5M ;0urah !isaa,<
5t is learnt from this that those with 5maan who ma"e
0hu"r will be prote%ted from the punishment of Allah)
Allah Ta,aala says in another pla%e:





5F YB9 15IH T'A!>0 5 25LL 15IH YB9 MB8H
;0urah Hbrahim<
From this it is learnt that for whi%he(er !i,mat 0hu"r is
made: the !i,mats will be in%reased and this worldly life
will be%ome easier) 5f you doubt this: then try it yourselfA
5t will be%ome (ery %lear to the person who does this and
he himself will e@perien%e that there are pleasurable
%hanges ta"ing pla%e in his life)
'ow belo(ed this 5baadat of 0hu"r is unto Allah Ta,aala
%an be gauged from the following: From among the
re(ealed boo"s of Allah the greatest and dearest is the
Gur,aan >areem) Allah Ta,aala began this >itaab with
0urah Faatihah and 'e began this 0urah with the words
Alhamdu Lillaah) The summary of the entire Gur,aan is
in 0urah Faatihah and this 0urah begins with the words
Alhamdu Lillaah) There must be a reason for pla%ing
these words of 0hu"r in a pla%e of su%h importan%e) And
how mu%h does Allah Ta,aala lo(e this 0urahK This %an
be 3udged from this that not only in e(ery 0alaah but 'e
instru%ted us to re%ite it in e(ery 8a"aa,at) Bne of the
reasons for this ;instru%ting us to re%ite it in e(ery
8a"aa,at< is this 0urah %ontains the praises and
glorifi%ation of Allah and Allah Ta,aala lo(es to be
There will be no 5baadat in 6annahE 0alaah: fasting:
Fa"aat: 'a33: all 5baadaat will %ome to an end) There will
be only pleasure and en3oyment) Bnly one 5baadat will
remain: and that is 0hu"r) 5t is mentioned in a 'adeeth
that 0hu"r will flow from the mouths of the people of
6annah %ontinuously) Li"e in this world breathing ta"es
pla%e without being %ons%ious of it: in a li"e manner will
the people of 6annah be praising Allah ;%ontinuously and
without being mindful of it<)
5n this world when one de(elops the habit of ma"ing
0hu"r for the small and big fa(ours of Allah: the
following benefits will be a%%rued:
0afety from the punishment of Allah)
Fa(ours will be in%reased)
Through this Amal the lo(e for Allah is de(eloped)
The bond with Allah is strengthened)
7ro@imity unto Allah Ta,aala is enhan%ed)
7leasurable %hanges %ome into ones life)
Bne e@perien%es the pleasure of %ontentment in
ones %ondition)
Life be%omes full of se%urity and safety)
The li"e of the throne of 'adhrat 0ulayman was ne(er
possessed by any "ing) The 6innaat would %arry it in the
air) The birds would form shade o(er it) A huge amount of
the %reations of Allah would tra(el with the throne)
This throne was being flown with all its might and glory
when it was seen by a wood%utter) 'e in(oluntarily said:
C0ubhaanallahA The ma3esty and splendour of the family
of DawoodAD The wind %arried these words to 'adhrat
0ulayman) 'e instru%ted the throne to be lowered and
said: Cta"e me to the wood%utter)D The wood%utter
be%ame fearful and started shi(ering: pondering as to
what blunder he had %ommitted) 'adhrat 0ulayman as"ed
him: Cwhat did you sayKD +e%ause of fear: he %ould not
remember what he had said) After thin"ing for a while he
replied: C5 only said 0ubhaanallahA The ma3esty and
splendour of the family of Dawood)D 'adhrat 0ulayman
said to him: Cyou saw the army of 0ulayman and be%ame
en(ious) 2hat you do not "now is that a thousand su%h
armies are nothing %ompared to the 0ubhaanallah you
said on%eA You are also not aware of the lofty status you
ha(e re%ei(ed by saying 0ubhaanallah 3ust on%eAD
The 0hu"r of Allah is su%h a treasure that from it
%ountless ease and bounties are a%hie(ed) 2hen a person
%onstantly ma"es 0hu"r: the *uality of 0abr will also be
de(eloped) Thus he will ne(er %omplain when in a
diffi%ulty) 'e will feel embarrassed when %ommitting a
sin: thin"ing that the +eing whom 5 ma"e 0hu"r unto
morning and e(ening: how %an 5 now disobey 'imK 0o
this is the +ar"at of this Amal: that be%ause of ma"ing
0hu"r: sins de%rease) 'e a%hie(es sal(ation from
destru%ti(e diseases li"e 3ealousy: greed and lust: wasting
and miserliness: et%)
-R'D! 'S !RAD'CA!D
Bne of the great benefits of ma"ing 0hu"r is that the
person is prote%ted from pride) 'e does not %onsider the
!i,mats he re%ei(es as his own a%hie(ement and
a%%omplishment: but a%"nowledges them as bounties
from Allah and "eeps on saying it) 0o when he does not
thin" of them as his own a%%omplishments and refers to
them as gifts solely from Allah: then how will he be
boastful and proudK 7ride is su%h a dangerous ma3or sin
that 8asulullah has said:






i )



0 "
XF1( )J3 3 #!.Z
T'AT 7H80B! 25LL !BT H!TH8 6A!!A' 2'B
'A0 A! ATBM0 2B8T' BF 785DH 5! '50 'HA8T)
;!arrated by Muslim from Abdullah ibni Mas,ood<
Thus far one a%tion i)e) 0hu"r has been dis%ussed) !ow 5
will e@plain the se%ond a%tion: 0abr) 0abr means to
refrain from doing anything impermissible when
something o%%urs whi%h is against ones wishes) Li"e
from morning to e(ening: many things o%%ur whi%h are
a%%ording to ones wishes: in a li"e manner many things
o%%ur that are against one: e)g) you rea%hed the bus stop
but the bus has already departed) Anything minor or
ma3or that o%%urs and is against one: fo%us on Allah and
do not lose %ontrol o(er oneself) This is 0abr and it is a
(ery signifi%ant a%tion of the heart) Through this
;%alamities<: Allah Ta,aala tests the strength of a persons
5maan) 0o many things happen in life daily: morning and
e(ening: whi%h are displeasing and diffi%ult on the self)
0ometimes one is saddened by personal si%"ness or a
friend,s si%"ness or problem: or by someone,s death: or
there is harm to wealth or status) 5n short: anything that
%auses disruption to ones inner pea%e and tran*uillity
be%omes a test of 0abr) +ut be%ause it is not by %hoi%e: it
is 2aa3ib ;%ompulsory< to belie(e that it is from Allah: for
in this ;attitude< there are many a wisdom and mer%ies)
For su%h %onditions Allah Ta,aala 'imself through 'is
1ra%e and Mer%y has granted a (ery benefi%ial and
effe%ti(e %ure for pea%e of the heart) 'e e@horted us ;to
2 C





5!!AA L5LLAA'5 2A 5!!AA 5LAY'5 8AA65,BB!)

+y re%iting this: mental pea%e and physi%al enduran%e
will be formed) Thus: the easiest method of in%ul%ating
0abr is to re%ite =5nnaa Lillaahi wa 5nnaa 5layhi
8aa3i,oon, whene(er anything o%%urs that is against ones
wishes: whether it is a ma3or %alamity or a minor
displeasing matter) 5n this also: money or time is not used)
'ere in our %ountry ;'adhrat refers to 7a"istan< load
shedding of ele%tri%ity has made this a%tion e(en easier)
2hene(er the ele%tri%ity goes: re%ite =5nnaa Lillaahi))):
and whene(er it returns: re%ite Alhamdu Lillaah) 0o mu%h
so: in the narration it is mentioned that when
remembering a past %alamity: re%ite 5nnaa Lillaahi wa
5nnaa 5layhi 8aa3i,oon: and you will re%ei(e the same
reward whi%h you re%ei(ed ;for re%iting it< at the time of
the %alamity)
H! R!C'A. O) 'NNAA .'..AAH'### 'S NO
5t has be%ome %ommon in our so%iety that 5nnaa
Lillaahi))) is only re%ited when someone dies: whereas it
is not %orre%t to restri%t its re%ital to death only) 5t is
mentioned in a narration that on%e in front of 8asulullah
a lamp e@tinguished and he re%ited 5nnaa Lillaahi 2a
5nnaa 5layhi 8aa3i,oon) 'adhrat Aa,isha ;8adhiallaahu
Anhaa< thereupon as"ed him: CB 8asool of AllahA 5s this
also a %alamityKD 'e replied: C2hate(er troubles a
Muslim is a %alamity and there is a promise of reward for
it)D 5n another 'adeeth it is mentioned that a Muslim
re%ei(es reward e(en when a thorn pri%"s him) 5n yet
another narration it is mentioned that a Muslim is
su%%essful in e(ery %ondition) For: when he re%ei(es 3oy:
he ma"es 0hu"r: and when a %alamity befalls him: he
ma"es 0abr) And Allah Ta,aala lo(es the ser(ant who
ma"es 0abr and 0hu"r)
+y the way 5 ha(e re%alled something regarding Mullah
!aseeruddeen) 'e is the same person whose witty
remar"s are famous) 5t is mentioned that Mullah was (ery
handsome and his wife was illMloo"ing) 0o on%e he said to
his wife: C2ifeA You are a 6annati ;one who will enter
6annah< and 5 am also a 6annati)D 0he as"ed him Chow is
that,K 'e replied: Cbe%ause when you loo" at me you
ma"e 0hu"r that you got su%h a handsome husband)
2hen 5 loo" at you 5 ma"e 0abr: and the one who ma"es
0hu"r and also the one who ma"es 0abr are 6annatisAD
0abr should be made on e(ery displeasing matter: big or
small: and 5nnaa Lillaahi wa 5nnaa 5layhi 8aa3i,oon
should be said) This is be%ause the %loseness of Allah
Ta,aala is a%hie(ed through 0abr) Allah Ta,aala says in
the Gur,aan:




IH85LY ALLA' 50 25T' T'H 7AT5H!T B!H0)
;0urah +a*arah<
Thus: who %an harm that person whom Allah is withK
8egarding those people who read 5nnaa Lillaahi wa 5nnaa
5layhi 8aa3i,oon: the Gur,aan says:





3 " I


2 C




2 ^


T'HY A8H T'B0H B! 2'BM A8H T'H
0ALA2AAT ;who are blessed and will be forgi(en<
F8BM T'H58 LB8D: A!D ;they are those< 2'B
8H.H5IH '50 MH8.Y: A!D 5T 50 T'HY 2'B A8H
T'H 195DHDMB!H0) ;0urah +a*arah<
To summari?e: by reading these words at the time of
diffi%ulty: it will be%ome e(ident and %learly felt that the
Mer%y of Allah is with one) 5 swear by Allah that if a
person in%ul%ates these four points within himself: in a
few days he will per%ei(e that someone ;Allah< has
pla%ed 'is Mer%y in his heart and that someone ;Allah< is
prote%ting him) Thus: his loneliness has been remo(ed
and 3oy will reMenter his life) Through this Amal:
steadfastness: %ontrol: perse(eran%e and dignity will be
de(eloped) The strength to o(er%ome diffi%ulties will be
a%*uired: and the ability to be pleased with the de%ree of
Allah Ta,aala will be formed: and this is a (ery high le(el
of ser(itude) Those with 0abr are not in%lined to anger
and ta"ing re(enge regarding themsel(es) And if they do
get in%lined: it is shortMli(ed) 0u%h people are sa(ed from
these types of emotions)
&# 'S'(H)AAR
The third a%tion is 5stighfaar) This a%tion also does not
utili?e wealth: effort: or time) 2hene(er a sin is
%ommitted: big or small: say:

% &

A0TA1'F589LLAA': i)e) B AllahA 5 see" Your
0haytaan laid a %hallenge 3ust prior to 'adhrat Aadam
was sent down to earth) 'e said: CB AllahA 5 will lead
your ser(ants astray and dire%t them to 6ahannamD
;be%ause man is my ri(al and it is be%ause of man that 5
ha(e been dismissed from my high position<) 'adhrat
Aadam pleaded unto Allah: CB AllahA You ha(e gi(en
my enemy 0haytaan so mu%h power: whi%h my progeny
and 5 do not possess) 'e %an adopt different forms and he
%an %ome in su%h forms in whi%h we %annot see him but
he %an see us) 'e is a 6inn and we are human beings)
There are many differen%es in our dispositions) 'e will
dri(e us into 6ahannamAD
H! +!A-ON ('/!N B, A..AH
Allah Ta,aala replied: CB AadamA 9ndoubtedly 2e ha(e
gi(en him tremendous powers: but there is a weapon to
o(er%ome his powers) 2e will gi(e you that weapon and
as long as you use that weapon: no atta%" of his will be
effe%ti(e: and the name of that weapon is =5stighfaar,)D
0o: whene(er a sin is %ommitted: say Astaghfirullaah
from the depths of your heart)
Allah Ta,aala does not send 'is punishment on those who
ma"e 5stighfaar) The Gur,aan 0hareef says:


:V ? (

2 C

% &

'H 25LL !BT 79!50' T'HM 2'5LH T'HY 0HH>
FB815IH!H00 ;from Allah<) ;0urah Anfaal<
Allah Ta,aala has pla%ed the desire for sin in our hearts
and has also pla%ed ;a %ertain amount< of pleasure in
them: thus it is not easy to sa(e oneself from sin) Man
inad(ertently goes towards them) Therefore: through 'is
(ast Mer%y: Allah Ta,aala has opened su%h an e@tensi(e
door: when we %ommit sin: then with genuine regret:
ma"e 5stighfaar and Taubah: forgi(eness will be granted)
8asulullah has said:

0 " A




XF1( )J3 3 Q, #!.Z

A 7H80B! 2'B MA>H0 TA9+A' F8BM A 05! 50
L5>H T'AT 7H80B! 2'B 'A0 !BT .BMM5TTHD
A 05! AT ALL) ;!arrated by ibni Maa3ah from Abdullah
ibni Mas,ood<
MA$! AUBAH !/!R, 'M! A S'N
2hen a sin is %ommitted on%e: ma"e Taubah) 2hen the
same sin is %ommitted again: ma"e Taubah again: Allah
Ta,aala will forgi(e) 0o mu%h so that if the same sin is
%ommitted se(enty times and Taubah is made e(ery time:
it will be forgi(en e(ery time be%ause the doors of Taubah
are always open) 0o e(en if the Taubah is bro"en a
thousand times: "eep on repairing it: that 8aheem
;Mer%iful<: >areem ;+ene(olent< will forgi(e a thousand
times) A poet has e@plained this beautifully ;in 9rdu<:
6aam mera taubah shi"an: taubah meri 3aam shi"an
0aamne dher hai tutai huwe paymaano "e
My goblet brea"s the Taubah: my Taubah brea"s the
5n front of me lies a pile of bro"en goblets and Taubahs)
The word =paymaano, is the plural of =paymaan, and also
the plural of =paymaane,) 7aymaan means promise: and
Taubah is also a promise unto Allah Ta,aala that this sin
will ne(er be %ommitted again) 7aymaana is a wine
goblet: whi%h is also %alled =3aam,) 0o the poet is saying
that my wine goblet brea"s my Taubah: i)e) it en%ourages
me to %onsume li*uor and 5 start drin"ing: resulting in the
Taubah brea"ing) +ut my Taubah also brea"s the wine
goblet i)e) it ma"es me brea" my wine goblet) 5 ma"e
Taubah and brea" the wine goblet) This series %arries onE
at times 5 am brea"ing my Taubah and at times the wine
goblet) The result is that there is a pile of bro"en
=paymaano, ;bro"en Taubas< and bro"en =paymaan,
;bro"en wine goblets< lying in front of me)
5f death %omes in this struggle wherein the Taubah is
brea"ing the wine goblet and the wine goblet is brea"ing
the Taubah: there will be su%%ess) The sin is %ommitted
and Taubah is made: the sin is again %ommitted and
Taubah is also made again: the sin is "ept on being
forgi(en) The reality of Taubah is to repent from the sin
and promise not to do it e(er) H(ery sin is forgi(en
through Taubah) 5f it in(ol(es the rights of man then
Taubah will not suffi%e) The aggrie(ed person has to also
forgi(e or the outstanding right has to be fulfilled)
H! B!N!)'S O) 'S'(H)AAR
There are many benefits of 5stighfaarE 5stighfaar is an
5baadat: it is a means of forgi(eness from sin: and it is a
means of nearness unto Allah) 2hen a person repeatedly
ma"es 5stighfaar: there will %ome a time when he will feel
ashamed to %ommit sin and he will per%ei(e the (astness
of the Mer%y of Allah Ta,aala: that how many times 5 am
%ommitting sin: yet 'e is fa(ouring me) 7ride will ne(er
de(elop in that heart whi%h %onstantly re%ogni?es its
faults and has regret o(er them: nor will there be (anity
o(er Ta*wa) The reason for this is that he will be more
%ons%ious of his sins than his 5baadat)
Anyway: 5stighfaar is also an 5baadat whi%h is not
%onfined to any parti%ular time but is re*uired all the
time: for: there are so many sins being %ommitted
intentionally and so many due to negligen%e) 0ometimes
sins are %ommitted and we don,t e(en reali?e it and we
don,t %onsider them as sinsA Thus: in all these %onditions:
whene(er reali?ation sets in: immediately: in the heart:
with full regret: turn towards Allah Ta,aala and with the
tongue say A0TA1'F589LLAA') 0ay: =B AllahA 5 am
e@tremely remorseful: so please forgi(e me and prote%t
me from this in the futureA,
This is su%h an Amal that through it numerous and
unparalleled Mer%ies of Allah Ta,aala open up) 2ith the
regret of the heart: the %ognition of belief is also built:
resulting in the 5maan being prote%ted and the
a%hie(ement of the treasure of Ta*wa) 0u%h a person then
does not %ommit a sin wilfully: and if he does: it will be
(ery seldom) Also: su%h a person does not harm the
%reation) Allah Ta,aala: solely through 'is 1ra%e and
Mer%y has granted 'is sinful ser(ants the formula of
5stighfaar so that they may gain su%%ess in this world and
sal(ation in the hereafter)

DH !



To Allah all praises and gratitude)
The +u?urgs ha(e ad(ised that all sins of the past: ma3or
or minor: whate(er you %an re%all: ponder: and with
%omplete regret and remorse: ma"e Taubah and 5stighfaar
a few times: and this will suffi%e) 5nshaa,Allah: all sins
will be forgi(en) Thereafter ne(er be%ome preo%%upied in
endlessly remembering past sins and agitating yourself) 5f
any sin %omes to mind by itself ;without deliberately
re%alling it<: then silently ma"e 5stighfaar on%e) 5f the sin
is related to the rights of others: then to fulfil that
outstanding right or to see" those persons forgi(eness is
Fardh and 2aa3ib ;%ompulsory<)
The fourth a%tion is 5sti,aadhah) 5sti,aadhah means =to
see" prote%tion,) 2e usually re%ite



, 0 1

3 -
A,BBD'9 +5LLAA'5 M5!A0' 0'AYTAA!58
8A6HHM when %ommen%ing re%itation of the Gur,aan
0hareef) 5t means =5 see" the prote%tion of Allah from
0haytaan the re3e%ted,) This a%tion of ours is also
5sti,aadhah be%ause it means: =B AllahA Ta"e us into Your
prote%tion from the e(il of 0haytaan,) 5t is ne%essary to
re%ite A,BBD'9 +5LLAA'))) before %ommen%ing the
re%itation of the Gur,aan >areem) The Gur,aan >areem
itself has gi(en this instru%tion)
O) !/!R, )!AR
Life is full of %alamities and happenings and we are
always fa%ed with the onslaught of !afs and 0haytaan)
Therefore we should %onstantly see" prote%tion from
these) There are ha?ards and pitfalls in dealings and
relationships: and at times one %annot fathom a way out:
nor is there any %hoi%e) At su%h times the heart is
strengthened by instin%ti(ely see"ing the prote%tion of
Allah) 0o this should be de(eloped into habit that
whene(er any su%h thing is worrying: A,BBD'9
+5LLAA' should be said from the depths of the heart)
Man goes through (arious worrying thoughts and fears
from morning till e(ening) 'e does not "now what is
going to happen tomorrow) 2ill he lose his 3obK 2ill his
dignity and respe%t be lostK 2ill his belongings be stolenK
2ill an enemy atta%" himK 2ill there be a loss suffered in
businessK 2ill he suffer from a %ertain si%"ness or sudden
deathK 2ill anything bad happen: et%K !o one is free
from su%h fears and thoughts) The means of prote%ting
oneself from all the fears of this world and the hereafter is
the powerful 5baadat of 5sti,aadhah)
2hene(er any worry or fear enters the heart: silently say
A,BBD'9 +5LLAA') B AllahA 5 enter into Your
prote%tion) 5f a person does not "now the Arabi% words:
he should say it to his Allah in his own language)
The more wealthy a person is or the higher his position:
his worries are in%reased a%%ordingly) Bn the other hand:
a person who does not possess wealth: fame: and position:
his worries will be less: proportionately)
H! H!.-.!SSN!SS O) A H'!)
A thief entered a house) 'e went around the entire house
but found nothing) A%tually: there was nothing: no
utensils: %lothes: or any other goods) After sear%hing for a
while he saw a person on the (eranda sleeping pea%efully)
The thief thought to himself that 5 %annot lea(e emptyM
handed: 5 must ta"e something: or it will be%ome bad
lu%") 'e loo"ed %loser and saw a heap of wheat at the
headMside of the sleeping person) 0o the thief spread his
shawl to fill it with wheat) 'e did not as yet tou%h the
wheat when suddenly the sleeping person turned on his
side on to the thief,s shawlA 5nstead of ta"ing: the thief
had to gi(e ;his shawl now %aught under the sleeping
person<A The sleeping person was in a deep sleep and it
was a winter,s night) The thief sat down and waited:
thin"ing that when he %hanges sides again: he will
retrie(e his shawl: but the sleeping person does not
%hange sidesA The poor thief be%omes befuddled: thin"ing
that e(en if 5 do not get the wheat: at least 5 should
retrie(e my shawlA 2hile waiting: the Adhaan of Fa3r
%ommen%es) 'e thought that he has to lea(e now) 2hen
he rea%hes the door he hears a (oi%e saying: C%lose the
door as you lea(e)D The thief was angry so he said to
himself: CForget itA 0omeone will also %ome and gi(e you
a shawl to %o(er yourself withAD ;My shawl is under you:
someone else will %ome and pla%e another shawl o(er
0o no one is free from fears) The higher the person: the
more his worries: the lower the person the more se%urity
he en3oys) 5n short: at e(ery worrying 3un%ture say
A,BBD'9 +5LLAA' or say B AllahA 5 see" Your
prote%tion) 5f you ha(e the fear of failure in any matter: if
you fear loss or harm to wealth or life due to someone,s
opposition or 3ealousy: if you fear that you may get
in(ol(ed in any type of physi%al or internal sin due to the
e(il effe%ts of 0haytaan and !afs: if you ha(e the fear of
being apprehended in the hereafter: if an impure desire
enters the heart: then immediately re%ite A,BBD'9
+5LLAA' or re%ite the following Du,aa:
2 I







M5!>A 5LLAA 5LAY>)
This means B AllahA There is neither a pla%e of prote%tion
nor a means of sal(ation but You) This diffi%ulty is from
You) 0afety from this is only in Your 7ower and .ontrol)
C.'N( O H! ROB! O) H! ARCH!R
A +u?urg as"ed the people: there is a powerful ar%her
who ne(er errs in his aim) The s"y is his bow and all the
diffi%ulties and %alamities of the uni(erse are the arrow)
Tell me: what is the way of sa(ing yourself from himK
They answered that it is not possible to sa(e oneself from
him) The +u?urg then said: There is only one way: and
that is to %ling to the robe of the ar%her) 0o brothersA 0ee"
the prote%tion of Allah Ta,aala) 2hene(er any fear enters
the heart: immediately say: B AllahA 5 see" refuge in You
and Your prote%tion) 'e is su%h a benefa%tor that 'e
ne(er refuses ones who as"s with sin%erity)
You as" yourself if on a dar" and rainy night bandits are
%hasing a lone %hild and the %hild is s%reaming sa(e me:
sa(e meA 2ill you not gi(e su%h a helpless and desperate
%hild prote%tionK H(en if you are li(ing in a sha%": you
will still grant him safety) After all: Allah is 8abbul
Arbaab and Arhamur 8aahimeen ;0ustainer of all
sustainers and Most Mer%iful of all those who show
mer%y<) 2hen 'is ser(ant be%omes agitated due to
diffi%ulties and see"s 'is prote%tion: then 'e will
definitely open the doors of prote%tion and refuge)
5sti,aadhah is su%h an Amal through whi%h a person
witnesses the greatness: sustaining *uality: and mer%y of
Allah Ta,aala) 'e re%ei(es prote%tion: satisfa%tion: and
%ontentment in his heart from Allah Ta,aala) 'e re%ei(es
the treasures of Tawa""ul ;trust in Allah< and Tafweedh
;assigning oneself to Allah<) 0u%h people do not de(elop
the urge to harm others) 0o ma"e this Amal a habit that
whene(er a fear is per%ei(ed in the heart: then say
A,BBD'9 +5LLAA' from the depths of the heart)
2hen you see" the prote%tion of Allah: you will witness
that as the worries are de(eloping: so is the Mer%y of
Allah opening up uni*ue and astonishing ways of
The result of this dis%ussion is that there are four
A,amaalE 0hu"r: 0abr: 5stighfaar and 5sti,aadhah)
8egularly pra%ti%e on all four that they be%ome habit:
gradually your whole life will %ome in a%%ordan%e with
the Deen: 5nshaa Allah) The Deen and Dunya will be
prote%ted: hatred will be formed for sins: and an
in%lination towards the performan%e of good deeds will
be de(eloped) The pro@imity unto Allah Ta,aala will "eep
on in%reasing and one will e@perien%e a spe%ial bond with
Allah Ta,aala)
There are three tenses in man,s lifeE past: present and
future) The past be%omes prote%ted through 5stighfaar)
The present be%omes prote%ted through 0hu"r and 0abr
and the future through 5sti,aadhah) 2hen all three tenses
ha(e been prote%ted: the whole life has been prote%ted)
The person who ma"es these four a%tions a regular
pra%ti%e: will 5nshaa Allah always en3oy the aid and
mer%y of Allah)
-ASS H'S (') O OH!RS
This gift of my Murshid is in(aluable: (ery easy: and
e@tremely effe%ti(e) 5 ha(e presented this gift to you) 5
re*uest you to forward this gift to your a%*uaintan%es and
also to your families) +y pra%ti%ing on this one will be
prote%ted from %ountless sins: %alamities and diffi%ulties
5nshaa Allah)
Also ma"e 5saali Thawaab ;pass on Thawaab< to my
Murshid Aarif +illaah Do%tor Abdul 'ayy 0aheb
;8ahmatullaahi Alayh<: who presented us with this great
May Allah Ta,aala grant us the Taufee* to regularly
pra%ti%e on these four A,amaal) Aameen)



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