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A Word to Those Who can Hear. The Lion no Longer Guards the Gate.

By Jerry Vano
Nov. 20, 09

The corona on the sun caused by sunspots has ceased. The corona on the sun is caused by sunspot activity and is the result of magma reacting with the sun’s magnetic field (See the magnetic field in Figure 1) and is considered in Howard Pyle's Grail mythology to be the mane of the lion (Lion of Judah) that guards the entrance through the earth’s magnetic gate to its source the core/heart of the internal sun and on through it to the eternal sun. This symbolizing is also seen in the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt using the Sphinx/lion as a guard to the gate of the Pyramid Pyr-amid/fire within as a marker in time to the sun spot event we are experiencing today. When there is an eclipse without coronal sunspots the complete visible light of the sun is blocked and only the invisible (black) light of the higher frequencies remain in its umbra. This so-called black light is synonymous to the elusive black holes and dark matter and really can only be seen with the pineal gland or third eye. Christ said “If your eye be single you are filled Figure 1 with light” just like the Giza Pyramid which is shaped like the umbra of an Eclipse. Christ sometimes being portrayed as sitting on a rainbow is showing Him as the higher frequencies above the visible light. He said “John baptized you with water but I baptize you with the holy spirit and fire,” that’s when we have conquered the lion as our animal nature, the bear guarding the pole star and the giant as the Nefilim’s disobedient nature as David did and become a perfected man as the son of David and our third eye opens, and we are born of the spirit. The event we are experiencing now is a cyclic event and only happens at the beginning/end of the precessional cycle. The mythologizing of this event is like a dream popping up in the deep sleep of our collective sub-conscious. The present event of no sunspots has a decisive meaning to the human species. In the Christian sense it means the gold has been purified in the fires and the sludge has been skimmed off and is ready to be transported in chariots of fire as Elijah was to Nibiru. In the Jewish sense it means the brew is boiling over and the cauldron must be moved or much will be lost in the fire. The key has been put into the keyhole (see figure 3) and as you read on, is turning, and anybody who understands and (as Jesus said) knocks/believes will be allowed to enter through the gate. At 12 O’clock noon on Sunday July 11, 2010 in the south Pacific on Easter Island a conical cup shaped umbra of an eclipse will fall like a sword/word. The cone of an umbra exposes the hidden mystical/black (elusive dark matter) of the Etheric Ocean behind our sun. This Ether connects all sun’s (stars), and galaxies together with the central universal core. (Throne room) This is the same Christ light shown in His “transfiguration” as a translating gateway event. The moon on one side of the umbra/gate is symbolized by Moses and Elijah as the earth on the other side. As we approach the alignment of 2012 the magnetic fields of the Sun, earth and galaxy are lining up with each other and the closer the synchronicity, the less magnetic opposition to each other.


This is why the sunspots are stopping. This event has been mythologized, even subconsciously, in the grail legends to implant awareness in us of the natural event of 2012. The path to the kingdom of heaven is within. To get to the throne room you must go through the magnetic core/heart of the Earth. Avalon or Avilion is the land of the Lion/Sun and Arthur's round table with its 50 seats represents the 50 seconds of arc by which the magnetic pole of the Earth precesses each year, or 1/72 of a degree. The Pole of the Globe, Earth's magnetic doorway to the inner and outer chambers of the Earth, is the gateway to Avi-LION, the Hearth/heart where the sleeping Lion rests guarded by the Knights of the Solar Table until the day he is aroused by the initiating force of an eclipse shadow which will strike the Earth like the Sword of Destiny. Some say this marks the great perfection/purification of man. The eclipse of August 11, 1999 accompanied with a celestial cross marked the spiritual end of the age. A pole shift 13 years later 2012 will be the physical end of the age. The spiritual and physical realms are separated by 13 years. Notice the significance of 13 and 50 as regard to the spiritual destiny of America. Due to the precession of time this synchronicity changes. America was founded when the separation was 13 years. Solomon’s temple was bathed with the shakina glory of an eclipse during its initiating event when the synchronicity was 50 years. America is spiritual Israel. Cayce was right; the pole did shift in 1998-99. He saw the spiritual pole shift. Is the eclipse of Sunday July 11, 2010 that is pinpointing Easter Island signifying the Rapturing Easter parade of the “Grandest Lady” in her new Easter bonnet (crown shockra)? It has been said that mankind’s soul has been locked in the Giza Pyramid in Egypt (crypt). If you drill a hole from Easter Island on through the center of the earth to the other side you will come out in the Giza Pyramid. Will the (sword/word of destiny) umbra pierce through the earth to free us? Is the Pyramid our cocoon? Are we about to be metamorphosised into a new creature? In the so-called mythology of the Anunnaki aliens Marduk was locked in the Giza Pyramid for 3 days until Thoth chiseled a hole from the subterranean chamber on up to the ascending passage to release him. Why in-fact do we notice today as evidence that crudely Figure 2 chiseled tunnel in the pyramid? Is time repeating? Does all this symbolism really mean something? Will you be a conqueror in this final blood magnetizing ecliptic event that will remove the remaining animalistic san grail blood of the lion in us and replace it with the Holy/universal Grail/fire of Christ which is the ticket through the gate to the heavens. .


The Truth Will Make You Free

Notice how the magnetics flows down the center of the polar axis as though through a rod of iron and how they separate or divide out and around the surface of the earth just as David’s Israel divided in two and was scattered around the world. Then notice how the two arks under the eagle’s wings come together again as the coming kingdom of David. The two arks, one symbolizing Noah’s rainbow/ecliptic/bow covenant ark and the other Moses’ ark of the covenant/government come back together again into the ROD OF IRON ruled by Christ.

Need anymore be said.


Notice the internal layout of the Giza Pyramid superimposed over the United States. It shows that the location and naming of the states is even subconsciously a synchronistic event. If you envision the 26 degree slope of the ascending passage way as a layout of the 7 chakras of the body you will see that the third eye chakra coincides with the Atlantic/Atlantis East coast in Massachusetts as the eye of the masses. Then the throat chakra that falls in Nashville the Music/Muse capital of the world and then notice the beginning of the Christ angle falls deep in the heart chakra of Texas at 33 degrees longitude. Also notice that the Queen’s Chamber falls on the Maryland Virginia area and its horizontal passage way leads to the heart. Notice right above the king’s chamber is the crown chakra which is the anchor point of the layout and is set on the Oak Island money pit. This anchor is symbolizing the buried treasure of gold on earth. Through the movement west of the heavens do to the precession of time America has become the spiritual Holy land Israel kindling the flame of freedom in America’s birth as the place of the end time return of the tribes as the smelting pot of the world cultures guided by the spiritual hidden secrets that were found in Solomon’s temple by the Knights Templar. This information is all hidden in the symbols on the dollar bill.