Sound and Light

By Phil Young PTP

If you look at the whole energy healing field what you generally notice is either a
focus on healing using light energies and working on "light bodies" or on the use of
vibration. A cursory glance through the literature shows how strong the focus on light
is. A quick book search gives dozens of titles ranging from such classics as Barbara
Brennan’s “Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field”
to “Wheels of Light: Chakras, Auras, and the Healing Energy of the Body” by Roslyn
Bruyere to more recent texts such as “Bodies of Light” by Lee Vickers. The other
type of energy healing is generally referred to as “vibrational healing” the classic
book on this is “Vibrational Medicine: The Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies“
by Richard Gerber M.D. Vibrational healing includes everything from sound healing
to homeopathic remedies which include such things as flower essences, gem elixirs
and so forth. However, it has to be said that the demarcation between the two
approaches is often blurred, so much so that in many modern healing therapies there
is often something of an uneasy blending of the two approaches and a confusion of

Polarity Therapy is unique amongst the multitude of energy healing systems in that it
addresses both approaches equally and has real clarity in its conceptualisation of the
difference between the two. A Polarity session can be focused on either light energy
healing or the vibrational sound healing approach or express a blending of the two.

On the topics of Light and Sound Dr Stone wrote:

“The inner unit of soul consciousness is sustained by the “word” of god’s energy
current of sound and light essence, from the inner source of life consciousness.”

“The eternal Sound and Light currents support and sustain all creation.”

“Sound is positive creation: The Lord spoke. “Let there be Light.” Light is the
negative sphere of created essence or the reflection in which everything appears.”

Polarity Therapy works with both the sensory and motor pranas, which manifest as
the body of light and the body of sound. Dr Stone often referred to the energy currents
emanating from the chakras as being “sensory” in nature and the oval fields as
“motor.’ In this model the polarisation of the cosmic creative prana into the positive
pole of the sound energies or motor pranas creates the matter and form of the physical
body and the negative pole of the light energies or sensory pranas animate and sustain
the physical form with the light of consciousness.

It is certainly possible to argue that this differentiation is something of an illusion as
both light and sound are vibratory in nature but it is precisiely the appreciation of
‘difference’ no matter how subltle that enhances one’s healing work. Differentiation
could be called the quintessence of a healing strategy in that it helps us to understand
intinsically complex systems such as human energy and gives us the ability to create
therapeutic stategies to help bring that system back into balance when it is struggling
to find equilibrium.

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