- The 2009 PYP Exhibition


Teacher’s reflection journal

Cristina Milos 4th Grade ANTZ

The PYP Exhibition 2009


April 6- 14


Stages of the process
Introduction to the central idea Students begin to develop their own understanding of the central idea Students are encouraged to consider topics of interest to research Students are shown exemplars of previous Exhibitions Students choose an area of interest/issue to be researched and they group according to it SPRING BREAK Students begin to identify their research questions Research planning tools are introduced Research begins Students develop timeline for their research The groups are paired with mentors Students begin to work with mentors Research continues First draft of research is due Mentor meetings continue Students revise and refine research findings using teacher feedback Final draft of research is due Students prepare for the presentation of their research and they are monitored as necessary Students review and prepare the final details of their presentations PYP Exhibition Students reflect on their actions, presentations and the exhibition process


April 15 26 April 2730

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May 4 - 15


May 18 22


May 25 29 June 1st - 5 June 8 - 12

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Things I need to consider:

Planning: does it need improvement or other changes? Resources: does the school ensure they are made available? Process
1. Myself Do my questions foster critical & creative thinking? Do I enable my students to rethink, reorganize and refine their ideas? Do I provide enough time for students to work independently, in pairs and in groups?? Do I act as a facilitator of the inquiry process? 2. My students Are they enthusiastic about this exhibition? Are they too anxious? Do they show independence in their work? Do they need my assistance too often? What do they find difficult to understand, research, learn or present? Do they work collaboratively? Do they manage their time effectively? 3. Mentors: Do they show commitment? Do they follow their timetable? Are they assisting students thoroughly during these sessions? Do they provide too much/not enough support? What is their feedback on the students’ work? How do students view the work with the mentors? 4. Parents Have they understood the importance of this exhibition? Do they support their kids throughout this process? How? Do they have other questions regarding the final event? 5. School staff (especially IT Department) Do other staff members show understanding of Exhibition’s importance? Do they help when required?

DON’T FORGET: classroom display

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