Student name ________________ Grade 4 Exhibition Unit - Attitudes and Student Profile ATTITUDE Appreciation Commitment Confidence Cooperation

Creativity Curiosity Empathy Enthusiasm Independence Integrity Respect Tolerance EVIDENCE
Values the wonder and beauty of the world and its people Is serious about learning; shows self-discipline and responsibility Confident in his/her ability as learner; takes risks; applies what (s)he has learned; makes appropriate choices Works in group, collaborating and leading/following as situation demands Creative and imaginative in thinking and in approach to problems Curious about learning and of the world, its peoples and cultures Is able to project him/herself into another’s situation in order to understand others Enjoys learning Thinking and acting alone; making own judgments and being able to defend them Having a firm sense of fairness and honesty Respect him/herself, others and the world around them Sensitive towards differences in the world; being responsive to the needs of others always sometimes

Teacher rubric


Asking questions; not giving up easily Using what (s)he knows; linking to something new; building on people’s ideas Following directions; expressing thoughts, ideas, feelings Willing to make mistakes; trying new things; finding new ways Learning more about him/herself and about the world Being honest; making good decisions; being a responsible learner Helping others; being thoughtful; recognizing (s)he is part of a group Listening to other people’s ideas; accepting different viewpoints Using time wisely; being organized; keeping healthy Thinking about what (s)he does and says; thinking about own learning




Inquirer Thinker Communicator Risk-taker Knowledgeable Principled Caring Open-minded Balanced Reflective

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