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August 24, 2014

Nothing is Impossible
Go therefore and make disciples,
baptizing them in the name of the
Father and of the Son and of the
Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19
What an amazing summer we
had in South Africa. One of the
many highlights from this summer
was getting to see students
overcome their fears and trust
God for big things. In the picture
above, you can see Darci with
some girls that she helped lead
in Bible study this summer. After
our first week on campus,
Michelle (far right) shared
through tear-filled eyes that she
was finding it difficult to share
the gospel with students at the
UWC (University of Western
Cape) campus. Initiating con-
versations with people over and
over but not finding anyone in-
terested in the gospel was wear-
ing her out. Colleen (3
from the
left) also was feeling spiritually
attacked after she had a panic
attack during a gospel conver-
sation that she was having with
a UWC student. The weekend
after her panic attack, in a
township where we had done
some building projects earlier on
our trip, our team showed a film
depicting Jesus life. That night
22 people prayed to receive
Christ and 4 were in Colleens
group! The next Tuesday at
UWC, Michelle and Colleen
were sharing the Gospel with a
student who told them that she
too would like to receive Christ.
Michelle was so surprised that
she asked the girl again, Are
you sure that you want to ac-
cept Jesus as your Savior? The
girl said Yes, I really do, and
Michelle responded, Im so
happy for you! After such an
exciting experience, Michelle
and Colleen teamed up again
on Thursday and talked to three
more girls that also accepted
Christ! Overall, 52 people re-
ceived Jesus as their Savior dur-
ing our trip to South Africa and,
as you can imagine, there are
many more stories of how God
worked in and through us during
our trip.
Cru at Northern Colorado
1502 Lakeside Drive
Greeley, CO 80631

Brett and Darci Hullah
Prayer Requests
Praise God for the 52 new believers in
Cape Town who came to know Jesus
during our trip.
Pray that those new believers will get
connected to a gospel-based church
that will help them grow in their faith.
Pray for opportunities to share the love of
Jesus as we meet many freshmen during
the next couple of weeks while beginning
the school year at Northern Colorado.
Thank you for your gifts and prayers
that make an eternal impact on lives
around the world.
Darci with (left to right) Jadyn, Colleen, Emma, Amanda, and Michelle.
Amanda (Cru staff) and Darci lead these girls in Bible study this summer.
Brett (on the right) helping to build
housing for orphan girls in a township.
The Cape Town Summer Project team.