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29th August -11th Sept. 2014
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Its That Time Of Year Again
Once again, time for the Cromer Carnival.
Now, as you already know, in its 45 year.
A carnival that seems to involve everyone
in the area, including the likes of the Red
Arrows, who fy past with the greatest
of easy, it seems.
I drove up to the feld on August 16th &
started taking photos of those good folk
who pull it altogether every year.
Like these good folks (below) running the
VEO stall on the Carnival feld.
www.norfolk-cleaning-group. tel: 01692 407 690
Continued On Page Six
The Carnival Royal party (Above) seemed
to be everywhere, doing their bit.
With so many years of doing it all, this
years Carnival kicked off, as expected,
really brilliantly.
The Trix & Stix Drum Group on Saturday.
Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS
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On the afternoon of August 18th,
we discovered that our dear dog,
Oscar, of nearly 12 years, had
died peacefully in his sleep in
his favourite place in the
sitting room.
You do tend to forget just how
important mans best friend is
in your life. Our Oscar, was a
rescue dog we picked up from
the Faith dog rescue home
near Hickling.
He was indeed very good company
for all the years that we had him.
Will we simply go out & replace
him? No!....well not for a few
months anyway.
I have to say that life without him
being around is very strange, our
life was so arranged around his
walks and the like.
He was our 3rd dog. The 1st was
a pedigree dachshund that my
former wife had got fed up
with dealing with.
The 2nd was Harry a mongrel,
rescue dog that a friend, from
London, was trying to fnd a
home for.
After Harry died it was only a
matter of weeks, having said
we would not get another,
that one we ended with
our lovable Oscar.
Moving swiftly on I want to ask
everyone whether they enjoyed
this years Cromer Carnival?
Do let us know how much you
enjoyed all the events during
those long a jolly weeks.
As always, much of the success
of this years Carnival is down
to the volunteers who always
pull it all together.
Thank you to Tony Shipp MBE
and the members of the VEO
team for all your hard work
that goes into it all.
I would like to thank Michael
Webb CEng FRAeS for his
informative and interesting
letter below.
Enjoy Your Crab Tales
Philip Keddell
01263 726 831

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Letter continued on Page 4
From The Editor
All material is strictly copyright. The views expressed in the CRAB TALES are
not necessarily those of the publishers or the Editor. Material including letters may
be edited. Layout & Design by Lis Keddell. Published by The CRAB TALES.
Dear Philip,
I have just paid my 2nd visit to the Norwich
Aircraft Museum and, on this occasion , met
and talked to the guys who started it all and
to several of their volunteers who dedicate a
signifcant amount of their time in providing
tangible support to the Museum to enable it
to keep going and continue to fourish.
This support ranges from maintenance on the
aircraft (power washing, painting, repairs etc)
to guiding visitors around some of the major
exhibits among the aircraft display (Vulcan,
Nimrod etc.) to manning the Reception Desk
as the visitors arrive and serving food and
refreshments in the excellent little cafe.
To achieve what has been achieved to date by
the original visionaries of this brave venture
has been, in every sense, a labour of love- love
of aircraft past & present and a commitment
to ensure that the history behind the exhibits
is preserved for future generations to know
and appreciate that the Aviation Industry in
this Country once dominated the skies around
the world in producing some of the fnest &
most technically advanced military and civil
aircraft available.
I was amazed to learn that most of the major
aircraft exhibits have been fnanced by the
Founders themselves with some on loan
donations from other enthusiasts in support
of the Norwich Aircraft Museum Team.
Having recently retired from aircraft manufact-
uring after 60 years in the industry, in various
roles, I have always had a passionate interest
in aircraft in general having, as an apprentice,
been involved in the V Bomber era and the
most advanced fghter/bomber the world had
ever seen the TSR2 through to the present
days of Typhoon 2 and Lightning 2.
Many of the names of the past are no longer
with us: Vickers, De Havilland, Hawker,
Gloster, Saunders Roe, Folland, Fairey,
Hunting, Bristol, Shorts etc.... Some are
now part of large Corporations and others
have disappeared off the radar.
Before moving to Norfolk I lived in the Herts
/Essex area and fortunate enough to have IWM
Duxford a short drive away, I became a Friend
of Duxford and visited quite regularly.
Comparisons with Duxford cannot be drawn,
as part of the IWM they enjoy signifcant
funding. However what one does appreciate
after a visit to Norwich Aircraft Museum is
what these devotees to aviation history have
achieved with, it would seem, little outside
fnancial support, compares very favourably
with the major players in the business of
preserving our aircraft heritage!
Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS
Letter Continued From Page 3
Having only lived in Norfolk for 3 years Im
very much a new boy however I do know
that Norfolk has a proud history associated
with aviation. During the second world war
Norfolk was host to thousands of USAAF
& RAF personnel based on the numerous
airfelds in the County continuing through
the long cold war that followed.
To conclude I would also add another famous
name in aviation during the years following
the confict that of Boulton Paul Aviation in
Norfolk! From bi-planes produced between
the wars, notably the Overstrand Bomber
and the Sidestrand Fighter, through to the
jet age with the delta winged Pill and P120
Research Aircraft.
If you havent been to the Norwich Aviation
Museum, and have an interest in our aviation
heritage, then I urge you to pay a visit. This
team of enthusiasts & volunteers deserve to
get help & support for what they have achieved
to date and some fnancial help from those
in a position to do so (e.g. County Hall &/or
big business in the area) ensuring they can
continue to increase the number of aircraft
on display and add to the memorabilia in
the Museum into the future.
Michael Webb CEng FRAeS
Dear Philip & Lis,
I just wanted to let you know that even though
Christmas might seem a long way off, I shall
be running the Christmas Eve Pageant again
this year.
We have the sheep and the donkeys and
llamas booked but I shall need some help
with the sound system.
What would be really great if someone could
drive a van with speakers on the roof to play
the carols as accompaniment for the cast and
procession to sing along with and someone
to run the radio mikes.
The Mundesley Parish Council have given
us a wonderful donation and their backing
so were hoping its all systems waiting
for the off
Ive found a Gabriel and a Mary - anyone
wishing to participate or help please
contact me on 01263 720 743.
Hopefully yours,
Jo Berry
Hi Philip,
Would you be so kind as to tell your readers
that this years Boat Day,raised 2,700.
The new venue on Gold Park was a great
success and hundreds of visitors and local
residents turned out to support us and
enjoyed a sunny day on the park.
A big Thank You to all.
Many Thanks,
Liz Payne.
Dear Editor,
I would like to inform Crab Tales readers
that, the Tabletop/ craft sales held in the
St. John Ambulance hall on a Friday,
every month, are ending.
The last one at this venue will be held on
Friday, August 29th.
Unfortunately, it seems the hall is too faroff
the beaten track for most people to fnd!
The good news is that we are re-locating to a
more central location and from 10am - 4pm
starting on Sat 20th September, we will be
at the Parish Hall in Church St, Cromer.
We will have more stall holders and a larger
variety of crafts & other goods, plus quality
catering with fresh baked rolls and in
house scones and cakes.
Dear Philip,
I am sure that the wonderful production by
the Mundesley Players at the end of July -
A Taste of the Musicals - is still ringing in
the ears of those of your readers who had
the undoubted joy of going along to see it.
I had the pleasure or, should I say honour,
of playing alongside the shows pianist &
Musical Director; you know, the guy who
managed to make the keyboard sound like
a complete orchestra single..oops..DOUBLE
handedly. His name? Steve Fordington
of local, downtown Bradfeld - such
unquestionable talent on our very
own doorstep.
I need to drive-home Steves name & musical
pedigree good & hard because, in spite of the
efforts he put into this production, along with
Director Tracey Loftus, regrettably he didnt
get one single mention in either the pre-view
or review of the show. Was it because he didnt
have the legs or pretty face?
To much of the audience he seemed to go
unnoticed and uncelebrated but I am here
now to rectify this anomaly.
Steve was the powerhouse behind the show
and its unquestionable success was down
to him, and Tracey, of course.
He was engine room, bridge, boiler room and
everything in between; even lifeboatman...
As well as his superb accompaniment for every
song, he was responsible for not only training
the voices of the soloists, duetists, trios and
chorus alike but the musical arrangements
were his along with the working of the parts
& harmonies. The choreography, meanwhile,
must not go unmentioned - the moves and
interpretation by frst class local dance
teacher, Vikki Feetham, were quite
breathtaking. Thank you, Vikki.
To my knowledge, Steve never missed a
rehearsal, well, lets face it, without him
there could hardly have been a rehearsal
and, during the run, he turned up well
ahead of the start each evening to take
the cast through their nightly warm-up
procedure of vowels & arpeggios, etc.
Im sure all the cast would agree, he is a frm
yet kind and sympathetic tutor...AND damn
good buddy.
Steve Fordington, B A Honours in Music;
L T C L; D I F M; P G C E (Oxford) ,
I salute you!
Micky Peters
We wish to extend a great Thank You to all
who have supported us at the St. Johns hall
and let you know that your support helped
fund a new defbrilator for the unit, plus the
training facilities for this important item. We
hope you will come and support us at our
new venue and help us raise much
more funding for local charities.
Again, thanks.
Tony and Sue Archer.
From Petes Pen
Nt h. Wal sham: 01692 405 504
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Continued From Front Page
Richard Leeds of
Randalls Electrial
running the dog
show (On Left)
Sunday August 17th.
The day kicked of with even more events such as the Classic cars
on the Carnival feld, (I am told that about 285 cars were entered,
including over 80 VWs) and the crowning of the Carnival Queen,
on the Pier, the Bonny Babies & Knobbly knees competitions
on the feld, Kids in fancy dress and of course all this years
glamorous grannies, lined up on the feld.
Left & Right: Several well known and respected local
good folk. The Chairman and several others were
driven to the feld in these wonderful old
Stanley steam cars (Below)
Judging the best of the Knobbly Knees is one of
the Carnival Queens many duties during
the Carnival Week.
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Friday 19th September
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The 45th Cromer
Once again, at 7pm, the Parade of the
wonderful foats set off around the town.
There seemed to be fewer foats taking
part this year, but the number of jolly
souls enjoying it seemed to be more.
This was the 4th time I joined the Parade
with my VW Kubelwagen, this year
it was with Cindy J ohnson and her
grandson Louie handing out copies
of the Crab Tales.
I am still surprised by how many jolly
souls I know, in the town, having run
the paper for, now, over 10 years.
My apologies to the many folk I took
photos of that are not here, as I have
lost a good number of the ones that
I took on Wednesday August 20th.

Below: Our County Councillor
Hilary Cox
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Before and After
The Great War
On Saturday August 16th, Lis and I went
along to see the Modern Magic Lantern
Show of previously unseen pictures of
Overstrand, Sidestrand & Trimingham
at the Church in Trimingham.
After Liz King presented us with a healthy
and enjoyable glass of wine and we took a
seat in the back row pew.
The evening kicked off with Liz King giving
the frst presentation by reading out all the
names of the Trimingham War Heroes,
who died during the 1st War World.
This was given, while Geff Kidd was putting
up slides of those whod given up their lives.
Liz gave a brief account of the 14 men who
lost their lives, 10 of whom the church had
their photographs on display.
Lizs presentation was very good, as she has
such a clear voice. Tony Rogers followed
with his presentation of The Lost Fishing
Communities and after the interval, when
we were treated to delicious refreshments,
Geff Kidd presented his Modern Magic
Lantern Show.
Despite a few technical problems, it was
an interesting, informative and sucessful
evening and raised more funds for the
restoration of the Church Rood screen.
(Pictured Above) Liz King
serving up the wine before
the presentation began.
80 Years On
During the weekend of August 9th & 10th
the Mundesley Holiday Camp celebrated
their 80th birthday by doing all sorts of
silly, yet fun activities.
This camp site was built in the shape of a
windmill, as were two others in The Isle
of Wight and in Kent. Mundesley is the
only one still in existence and is owned
by Richardsons.
Visitors have been coming to this popular
site, now for many years, with 2nd & 3rd
generations enjoying their stay there also.
Because of the dreadful weather on Sunday
most of the fun and games had to take place
inside and were mostly organised by Wendy
McLauchlin (Above on Right).
Unfortunately I missed the party on
Saturday night when a dance was
held, but I was told that all in all
the weekend was very successful
and enjoyed by everyone.
(Pictured Above)
The music by Barrie James Band.
(Pictured on Left)
Louise Storey & Frankie Bushall.

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Win A Years
Supply Of
Despite being a butcher for over 30 years
Icarus Hines will be the new kid on the
block when it comes to this years
Battle of the Bangers.
It is the 10th anniversary of the event held at
the Forum in Norwich and although Icarus
very much looks forward to the competition
he has a problem to overcome.
I need some help from the public to choose
which favour to enter. I can submit one variety
but Im not sure which of my four traditional
styles to choose.
People can help me by voting for their
favourite via my Facebook page.
In return for taking part, one lucky person
will win a years supply of sausages.
said Icarus in his appeal for help.
You can also support Icarus on the day of
the cook-off by getting down to the Forum
in Norwich on Saturday 6th September
where breakfast or lunch will be
supplied free of charge.
The day starts at 9:30am with the winner
being announced at 4pm.
For further details you can visit:
and more importantly you can vote for
your favourite Icarus Hines sausage at:
or search Icarus Hines on Facebook.
Terms & Conditions apply.
Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS
Meet Mundesley
... which meant that on Sunday 17th August
over 20 local groups could report and show
off their activities from Lace Making to
Karate, to locals and visitors alike.
During this event at the Coronation Hall the
Defbrillator, on the side of the Hall, was
offcially opened by Christopher West,
Chairman of Mundesley Parish Council.
Chris is pictured above with Pam Malone of
the Coronation 100 Club and Mario Stango,
Mundesleys Ambulance First Responder.
ALBY Service Station, Alby Horse Shoes Inn
ALDBOROUGH Spar Shop AYLMERTON Service Station
AYLSHAM Aylsham Garden Centre, Budgens, Somerfield,
Tourist Info Centre
BACTON Bacton Fish & Chip Shop.
BANNINGHAM The Crown Pub / Post Office
BEESTON REGIS Metal Mend, Mini Market
BODHAM Post Office
CROMER Budgens, Council Offices, Country Club, Library,
Rainbow, Crossways,Tourist Info Centre, Food Fare,
Icarus Hines, K Hardware, Mill Rd Post Office, Morrisons,
Mary Janes Fishn Chips, Morrisons, N & P, Spar shop,
Cliff Rd, White Horse + 1,000 delivered in Town Centre.
EAST RUNTON East Runton Cafe, East Runton Stores.
GRESHAM @John Stibbons, Langdale
ITTERINGHAM Village Shop/ Withers Gallery
KNAPTON Elephant Playbarn, Church Porch & MADRA
MUNDESLEY Crayford & Abbs, Country Pickings, Mace,
Manor House, Rushes Newsagents,Tourist Info Centre
The Spar Shop & The Library.
NORTH WALSHAM Sainsburys, Waitrose
OVERSTRAND Post Office,Central Stores,
Overstrand Garden Centre
ROUGHTON Jet / Post Office & Groveland
SHERINGHAM Budgens, CAS Travel, Crown Inn, Library,
Whistlestops, Poppy Line Railway Station, Tyneside Club.
SIDESTRAND Mrs Taylor, Rocket Cottage
SOUTHREPPS Mace Shop, Vernon Arms
SUSTEAD from Mrs Jubb, Pear Tree Cottage
TRIMINGHAM Woodlands Park & Church Porch
TRUNCH Corner Shop
WEST BECKHAM Wheatsheaf Public House
on September
and win a Family Swim voucher from
SPLASH in Sheringham ( 2 Adults & 2 kids)
If you are under 12, tell us your name,
age and address, also in which advert
the Crab is hidden and the page number.
Please Note : Entries should be written by
the child themselves, at least their name.
OR - If you are a pensioner,
SPOT THE COD and win
now at Huckleberries
43 Church Street, Cromer
Hand in your Entry, with your name & where you
found the cod and the page number please,
to: K. Hardware in Cromer, or post it to:
Crab Tales, 30 West St, Cromer NR27 DS
before the next issue comes out.
The first entry out of the hat wins !
Congratulations to Carol Gibson, from
North Walsham, who found the cod on
Page 5 in the GLA advert and to
Poppy Gotts, aged 3, from Sprowston,
who spotted the Crab on Page 13
in the C.W. Paving advert.
Pictured Below Left
The Recruitment for more First Responders
who are needed in all areas.
From L - R:
Mario Stango, (Mundesley First responder)
Christopher West and James Begley,
(Overstrand First responder).
As so much was happening in Cromer on
that Carnival Saturday, I was only able to
be there for a short while, to take some
photos of many familiar faces, but I
found it all very informative
and interesting.
It never ceases to amaze me when I realise
how much is going on in Mundesley.
A Young Girl....
......asks her uncle to change a punctured
wheel tyre, telling him that the spare tyre
is also punctured.
He tells her to take the spare tyre to the
garage on the bus, have the puncture
repaired and bring the wheel back
while he takes the old tyre off.
An hour later she returns with puncture
duly repaired.
Her uncle replaces the tyre but as he releases
the jack he sees the repaired tyre is fat.
Didnt you put any air in it? he asks.
I was going to she replied but it said put
40lbs in and I didnt think I could carry
that weight to the bus!
Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 726 831
RNLI Awards
Billy Thirtle, one of Norfolks characters, was
recently awarded the RNLI Bronze medal for
his services to the Sheringham lifeboat.
His grandfather was a fsherman in & around
Sheringham, and his great-grandfather rowed
in the lifeboats, but despite his background and
his love of all things nautical, Billys asthma
prevented him from pursuing a life at sea, and
he was forced to look for land based work
whilst helping out on his grandfathers boat.
Heworked as a cinema projectionist, a taxi
driver, a coffn maker and a rabbit catcher -
but couldnt bring himself to kill the rabbits
and pheasants when they were caught.
Belonging to generations of fshing folk who
originally manned the lifeboats because of
their knowledge of the sea, Billy remembers
how whole families helped out. His mother,
as a little girl, used to run ahead with her dads
thigh boots so her father could run quicker in
his short boots the mile or so to their boatshed.
This was when the boat had to be dragged
across the golf links and down to the beach
for launching, which all changed in 1936
when the new lifeboat house was built
in its current location.
With inhalers solving the asthma issue, Billy
eventually joined the lifeboat, aged 38, after
Henry J oyful West convinced him his local
sea knowledge would be useful - the lifeboat
needed over 4ft of water to be safe then, and
Billy knew the rocks & channels after fshing
with his grandfather.
Billy worked on the frst and the longest
serving motorised lifeboat at Sheringham,
The Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, and
began his lifeboat career as a signalman,
having learnt the skill of using fags from
a neighbour, but as he couldnt spell he went
on a radio course using ship to shore contact
and claimed it worked well as he was better
at talkin.
With the rules stating that lifeboatmen could
only go to sea until they were 45, Billy served
his time and then engaged in numerous roles
within the service of the RNLI, but his love of
boats never left him; from his grandfathers
70 two masted boat to his own clinker boat,
he loved working with them or on them and
as a young man was always hanging around
the J ohnson or Emery boat builders watching
and learning.
The skills he learnt were put to good use when
Tony Sadler needed to make repairs on the old
lifeboats acquired for the museum and his boat
skills were put to use when the Manchester
Unity was brought back from Scarborough
to reside in Sheringham Mo museum as
Billy accompanied Henry Joyful West
and J ack West to bring her back by sea.
A valued member of the Sheringham RNLI
lifeboat committee, Billy is rightly proud of
his medal & service certifcates, and he has
lost none of his spirit at 84 he insisted his
family brought him some pyjamas in, when
on an unexpected hospital stay, not so long
ago, as the ones provided were green a
colour which the older fshing folk believe
is unlucky. I mean green, of all the colours
to put me in! A true Norfolk gem and a
real gentleman.
Two other crew members honoured recently
in awards at The Hurlingham Club, London,
were David Mann and Trevor Holsey who
received silver badges for their service
to the RNLI.
David Mann joined the Sheringham RNLI
lifeboat crew as a trainee in 1970.
Subsequently becoming full crew and then
emergency mechanic. For the last fve years
on the crew he was the assistant mechanic until
retirement in 1992, when he took on the role
of Deputy Launching Authority and Station
Offcer, posts which he still holds today. He
was awarded the Statuette in 2004 and the
Silver Badge last month.
Trevor Holsey was a member of the all-
weather lifeboat crew on The Manchester
Unity of Oddfellows from January 1961
to May 1989 when he became 2nd
Coxswain on the Lloyds 2 up to
April 1992 when he retired.
Subsequently he took up the role of Deputy
Launching Authority from that same year and
is Chair of Operations team. He was also the
Coxswain of the last all-weather lifeboat sail
to Lowestoft from the Sheringham station.
Like David, he also received an inscribed
Statuette as well as the Silver Badge.
Thanks to Denise West, Publicity Offcer for
Sheringham lifeboat station, for this.
Local Honest Personal Company Who Put the Customer First.
Bringing Quality Back to North Norfolk We Offer: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Replacement Doors,
Granite Worktops, Painting, Tiling, Wood Flooring, Extensions, Guttering & Full Renovations
Call Now for your Free In Home Consultation
on: 07718 269 277 or: 01263 576 917
e-mail: website:
Part of the North Norfolk Home Improvements Group
Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS
23 Church Street, Cromer
01603 736 238
Back & sciatic pain
Neck & shoulder pain
Trapped nerves
Sports injuries
Babies to adults treated
Arm, leg & hand pain
Hip, knee & foot pain
Barbara Shearing
BSc (hons) Ost
Jeanette Robson
GOC Registered
Fully Insured
Are You A Carer?
Do YOU need help & support?
A series of 10 Training Sessions to
assist carers in a variety of situations
is commencing on 19th September
at Kelling Hospital.
The event is free thanks to
The Kelling Hospital Appeal Trust.
10 morning sessions
focus on participants needs, providing
an opportunity to meet and talk with
others in a similar situation.
Guidance will be on a range of
physical, mental and emotional
challenges which proved to be
advantageous to carers
attending the frst event.
If you or any one you know is interested
in applying for a place, and would like
further information, please contact
Penny Bevan J ones
Christine McEvoy
at: The Excel 2000 offce
on 01263 825 670
07769 588 541
Registered Charity No. 1038307
Financial Advisors:
Who To Trust?
Written by Helen Batten
Solicitor at Hayes + Storr
At Hayes + Storr, we are increasingly being
contacted by clients for legal advice in
relation to loss of confdence in their
fnancial advisors.
As in all professions, including the legal sector,
there are good & bad people, but what should
clients do when they believe the advice
given is inadequate, not tailored to their
circumstances or just plain wrong?
Complaint to Financial Conduct Authority
Firms and individuals can only conduct
regulated fnancial activities in the UK
if they are registered or authorised by
the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
to do so.
When engaging a fnancial advisor, always
check their status in the FCA register, which
can be found on the organisations website.
If you have already engaged a fnancial advisor
regulated by the FCA and are unhappy with
their conduct or services, then the FCA
provides a service resolving disputes.
You may wish to engage a solicitor to assist
you in bringing your complaint to the
attention of the FCA.
The frst step is to put your complaint in
writing to the fnancial advisor concerned
and ask for the matter to be investigated
and for a written response.
The fnancial advisor will have a maximum
time period of 8 weeks to respond.
If no response is received or you are unhappy
with the response, you can then contact the
Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) for
investigate the complaint on your behalf.
A complaint to the FOS is a free & independent
service that aims to resolve disputes between
clients and their fnancial advisors, but it is
not suitable for every case.
If you and your solicitor decide to make a
complaint, the FOS will consider its content
and ask the fnancial advisor for their version
of events before making a decision.
However, you should be aware that the
parties do not have to accept the decision
made by the FOS.
Depending on the circumstances of the
complaint, it may be more appropriate
to make a civil claim in the County
Court to recover your losses.
Negligence Claims in the County Court
A claim to the County Court is likely to be made
on the basis of a fnancial advisor negligently
advising a client to make an unsuitable
investment, which has caused loss.
The Court will consider whether the advice
given by the fnancial advisor was negligent
based on a strict legal test.
The Court will want to ensure that the loss
caused to the client was directly attributable
to the poor advice given.
The Court, with assistance from experts, will
then calculate the value of the loss suffered.
The aim is to put the client back in the
situation they would have been in had
the poor advice not been given.
The solicitors at Hayes + Storr are available
to provide advice on the conduct of fnancial
advisors and where their advice may give rise
to either a complaint or a County Court claim.
Discussing the matter with our legal profess-
ionals often assists in clarifying your concerns
and working out a plan of action going forward.
This article aims to supply general
information, but it is not intended to
constitute advice.
Every effort is made to ensure that the
law referred to is correct at the date of
publication and to avoid any statement
which may mislead.
However no duty of care is assumed to any
person and no liability is accepted for any
omission or inaccuracy. Always seek our
specifc advice.
If you require advice on this matter please
contact our Litigation Team here at
Hayes + Storr on 01263 825 959.
If you require advice on any other legal
matter please telephone our Sheringham
offce on 01263 825 959 or email:
Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 726 831
Chiropodist / Podiatrist
Emma L. Vincent Mssch MBcha
Registered with the Health Professions Council CH25616
Call 07500 467 308
Care UK are holding IMMEDIATE LOCAL
INTERVIEWS for Community Care Workers.
We are eager to speak to people that can drive and
have their own vehicle who can work in Cromer
and all surrounding areas.
We require daytime, evening and weekend care
workers that can drive and have their own vehicle.
Full-time & Part-time vacancies available for those
WITH or WITHOUT previous care experience.
In addition to PAID MILEAGE, there are many
other benefts in working for one of the largest
care providers in the UK including:
Up to 28 days paid holiday (inc. bank holidays)
Weekly pay and a company pension
Company Smart-phone
Free uniform and childcare vouchers
Free comprehensive training
Excellent career development opportunities
With the following shift patterns: 7am - 2pm and / or
3pm - 10pm, successful candidates would be expected
to commit to working alternate weekends.
Appointment subject to DBS disclosure.
To apply:
Call the recruitment team on 0333 4343 117
or email
If you are reading this,
so too are your future clients.
To advertise in the
Crab Tales
phone Philip Keddell
on: 01263 726 831
Online Electoral
North Norfolk residents have been sent a
letter informing them of a change to the
electoral registration system.
As part of a nationwide initiative to help reduce
electoral fraud and improve accountability,
the government has launched the Individual
Electoral Registration system (IER), which
makes every eligible voter responsible for
registering themselves to vote.
Previously every household in the UK received
a single form asking for details of all eligible
voters in the property. This is to be replaced
by the new system which means the Council
has to write to every voter individually.
For the vast majority of eligible voters, they
will not need to do anything as their details
have been transferred to the new system.
Sheila Oxtoby, Electoral Registration Offcer
for North Norfolk, said:
Some residents will be told that they need
to provide extra information in order to
register under the new system.
Its important that they now do this, which
can be done at:
To register to vote online is quick & simple.
So, if youve just turned 18 or youve not
registered before, you can now get online
to register to vote.
North Norfolk Residents are advised to
contact the NNDC elections team on:
01263 516 046 or 516 317
or email:
if they have not received a letter by the
end of August.
Sports Clubs
And Hubs
NNDC has secured 211,512 of National
Lottery funding from Sport Englands
Community Sport Activation fund.
The funding will help deliver an exciting
new project, Sports Clubs and Hubs,
across the district over a period of
three years.
The project will start in September with
NNDC offering a varied selection of
exciting activities ranging from
martial arts to street dance.
Each will be offered at a fantastic price of
1 per session for a period of ten weeks.
The activities will take place in NNDCs
community sports centres in Cromer, North
Walsham & Stalham, and in leisure centres
in Fakenham, Nth Walsham & Sheringham
and in various community settings across
the district.
The range of activities have been designed
to attract members of the community who
have diffculty in gaining regular access to
sports facilities and to encourage more people
to take up sporting activities at times and
places that are more convenient for them.
The project aims to build on the great success
of the Councils mobile gym service.
Emphasis will be put on making the activities
self-supporting in the longer term, something
that has already achieved with a number of
community gyms in the district.
Support, including training, will be available
to help local people deliver the activities
themselves, leaving a life-long legacy.
20 High Street
Norfolk NR27 9HG
17 - 19 West Street, Cromer.
With our additional provisions for the Community,
we are able to take on more new clients.
This includes new NHS customers of any age.
We welcome all enquiries
Contact the Reception on
01263 515 229
TIDES For Cromer
1st -14th September 2014
For Mundesley Add 15 minutes
Visit for current Weather & Tides
Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS
Bridge Club 7pm Fri 7.15pm t: 761 308
Broadland Junior Chess 8.30amterm-time Sat.
t: 735 740
Country Market each Friday 8.50-noon
Cricket Club indoor Sun 3-5pm t: 510 102
Evening WI 7.30pm 1st Thurs Town Hall.
Extend Over 60s Exercise Fridays Jubilee
Family Centre t: 01692 407 851
Farmers Market 9am-1pm 1st & 3rd Sat
Market Place
F.I.T. group 2nd & 4th Weds t: 731 177
Flower Club 2nd Wed 7.30pm Town Hall
Fitness Yoga/Pilates Tues & Thurs
Friendship Hall t: 01692 538 569
Gym Club Fri 5pm. High School t: 576 609
Inspired Gardeners group. 2nd Thurs 10.30
- noon. Methodist Church Hall. t:733 535.
Lammas KC Lodge ROAB Tues 8.15pm
Sutton School Of Dance, Mill Row.
Monday Stall Parish Church 8.30-noon
N. N. Mental Health Users & Carers Forum
2nd Weds Jubilee Centre 1- 3.30pm.
RBL (Womens) 1st Mon Salvation Army Hall
t: 734 091
N.N. Speakers Club 7pmalt.Wed High School
t: 01692 402 662
Scalextric Club Presto Park Weds 7.15pm.
t: 01603 754 319
Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Peggs Yard
Yoga Tues 7.30pm Peggs Yard. t: 732 426
Age Concern Fri 10am The Cottage.
Aqua Therapy Classes Mon 11am-12pm
Wed 7- 8pm Country Club t: 501 914
Air Training Corps 7pm Mon & Thurs,
High School t: 515 452
Baptist Church 1st & 3rd Sat Coffee
morning t: 576 524
Bridge (Duplicate) Mon 7pm t: 822 778
C.A.B. Appointments: t : 01692 405 847
Chesterfield Hall Mon 10amParent & Toddlers.
Sun 11.45am Family Service & Childrens Club
Christian Fellowship Sun 10.30am former
Gospel Hall t: 838 180
Cromer Orchestra meets 7-9pm The Belfry
Arts Centre. Overstrand. t: 511 600
Cromer Forum 1st Tues 7.30pm Methodist
Church New Hall t: 515138
Diabetes UK 4thThurs 7.30pm Methodist
Church Hall. t: 01692 405 492
Elderberries Badminton 3-5pm Mon & Fri
Cromer sports hall. t: 761 142
Elderberries Short Mat Bowls 3-5pm Mon
& Fri Cromer sports hall. t: 511 246
1st Suffield Park Guides 7pm.Weds. info:
Flower Club 7.30pm 3rd Mon Junior School.
t: 513 408
Folk Dance Club 7.30pm Tues Community
Hall t: 578 224
Garden Society 7.30pm 2nd Weds
Community Hall t: 514 399
Hockey Club Mon under16s & under13s
6.30pm Adults 7.15pm Sports Centre
Korean Martial Arts t: 07765 282 981
Lip reading classes Thurs 10 - 12noon
Methodist Church Rooms t: 0344 800 8002.
N & N Assoc.for Blind 9.30-1pm Tues
Merchants Place.
N.N. Mencap Society Thurs 1pm Merchants
Place. t: 578 116
Parkinsons Disease Society 10.30am 2nd
Wed of month St. John Hall, Bond St.
R.E.M.E. 2pm. 1st Wed Halsey Hse t: 512 450
RBL 2pm1st Wed. The Cottage t:510 146
RBL Womens Section 2.30pm 1st Thurs
Royal Naval Assoc. t:720 107 or email: for info
ROAB Wed 8.15pm The Cottage.
Sing for Joy Singing Group Thurs 10am.
Community Centre. t: 570 117
St John Ambulance Adults Tues 7.30pm
Cadets Tues 5.45pm St John Hall, Bond St.
Sea Scouts Overstrand Rd info t: 514 562
Tabletop/Craft Sale 9am-3pm St.John Hall,
Bond St. Last Fri.of month t: 649 441
Taekwondo Sports Centre. t: 711 824
Tennis Club Sun, Weds & Fri t:513 741
The One Oclock Club over 60s.1-2pm
Thurs. Barkers Herne.
W.I. 2nd Thurs 2 pm, Garden St.
Acorns Parent & Toddler Group 1.30 -3pm
Thurs (term-time) Belfry School. t: 579 275.
Gardening Club 2.30pm 1st Tues Parish
Hall t: 576 437
Carpet Bowls 2.30pm Thurs. Parish Hall t:
833 369
Railway Quilters & Craft Group 2nd & 4th
Tues.10-12 Parish Hall t: 576 986
Strand Club 2nd Wed of month (except Aug)
2.30pm Methodist Church t: 578 250
W.I. 3rd Wed 7.30pmParish Hall t: 834 242
Badminton Tues & Fri am: Coronation Hall.
Tel: 722 835
Bowls Pavilion Bingo: Sun 7.30pm, Whist
Drive: Tues, Wed & Fri 1.45pm t: 721 815
Bounce & Rhyme for under 5s & parents/
carers Tues 2.15-3.15pm Library t:720 702
Cafe Church 1st Weds 10.30amChurch Rooms.
Carpet Bowls Mon 1.30pm Coronation Hall
t: 722 054
Community Choir Tues 7.30pm Methodist
Church t: 722 022
Craft Club 1st & 3rd Mon Coronation Hall.
t 720 549
Creative Writing Group 1st Fri 2.15-4.15pm
Library t:720 702
Knit & Natter Tues 4-5pm Library t:720 702
Library Mon & Sat:10-1pm,Tues 2-5.30pm
Fri 10-1pm & 2-6.30pm. t: 720 702
Ladies Keep Fit (gentle) Thurs. 8- 9 pm.
Church Rooms
Luncheon Club for over 60s & disabled.
Mon &Thurs 12-2pm Free Church t :721 984
MADRA t: 07734 689 978
Methodist Church Sun worship 10.30am
RBL 4th Weds Haig Club. t: 722 238
RBL Womens 3rd Weds 1.45pm Coronation
Hall t:721 021
Scrabble Club Fridays t: 720 659
Table Tennis Club Weds 7pmCoronation Hall.
We welcome members from8yrs any standard.
t: 722 930 or 07828 175 493
Village Cinema 7.30pm Coronation Hall 2nd
Tues Info:
W.I. 2nd Mon 7pm Church Rooms t: 720 744
North Walsham
AgeUK 4th Thurs 10 - noon Drop in for info &
advice. Library t: 01692 402 482
Animal Magic Dog Club t: Kathy 720 730
Bipolar Self Help Group 3rd Thurs 2pm
Saddlers Shop t: 0854 434 9872
Charity Bingo Weds 8pmCommunity Centre.
t: 01692 407 214
Chess Club 7.30 Mon. Orchard Garden Pub.
All abilities. t: 01692 404 649
Extend Over 60s Exercise Mon. Methodist
Church Hall t: 01692 407 851
Hockey Club Under 11s. Fri 5-6pm Sports
Centre t: 01692 404 624
Judo Tues from7pm. Millfield Primary School.
t: Hazel: 579 345
Lions Club 7.30pm1st Mon. Community
Centre. t: 01692 400 702
N.N. Speakers Club 7pmalt. Weds. High
School t: Gillian :01692 650 250
Parkinson Support Group 2nd Tues 10:30am
Sacred Heart Church Hall. t:01692 406 486
Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Meeting
House, Mundesley Rd. near Swafield.
RAFA 7.30pm First Tues. Bluebell Inn
Reading 4 U 3rd Wed 9.45am St.Johns Hall
t: 768 164
Short & Sweet book group 1-2pm Tues
every 3 weeks in Library. t: 01692 402 482
Spiritualist Centre Sun: 6.30-8pm
St Johns Ambulance Hall.
The Wheel of Light 1st Thurs 7.30pm
Orchard Gardens Pub. t: 721 484
Walsham Writers Group :
Weavers Morris Dancers Wed 7.45pm
St Nicholas Room t: 01692 404 447
Beetle Drive 3rd Tues.7.30pmSt.Josephs Church
Bridge The Morley. Duplicates Thurs 7pm
Beginners Fri 2pm t: 822 087
Bounce & Rhyme under 5s & parents/carers.
Tues 10.15-10.45am : Library. t: 822 874
CAB. YESU,Thurs 10-2pmt: 01692 402 570
Chess All ages & abilities t: 01692 404 649
English Country Dancing Mons 7.30pm
Methodist Church Hall t: 01692 404 447
Evening W.I. 2nd Mon. St. Josephs Church
Hall t: 823 889
Flower Club 1st Thurs 7pm St.Andrews
Church t: 825 059
Gingerbread Fri pm. Friends Meeting Hse
t: 0785 9364 702
Harry Upcher Lodge ROAB Mon 8.15pm
Tyneside Club.
Hearing Aid Clinic 10-12pm 1st Mon.
Age Concern.
Ladies Fellowship 7.30pm 2nd Tues
Salvation Army.
Lip reading classes Thurs 1.30 - 3.30pm
Health Centre t: 0344 800 8002
MS meetings 7-9pm 1st & 3rd Wed. Robin
Hood Pub, t: 823 392
Morris Dancing. Oddfellows Hall. Weds
7.30pm t: 837 693
Old Shannocks 2.15pm last Wed of month
Community Rooms.
Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Cremer St.
R.A.F.A. 4th Tues of month. t: 837 229
Saturday Super Sale First Sat 9-11am.
Salvation Army Hall.
Sheringham & Cromer Lions Club 2nd &
4th Tues.The Morley Club. t: 821 276
Sheringham Singers Ladies Choir Tues 2-4pm
Lighthouse Community Church t: 768 126
Sheringham Voyager 2pm 1st & 3rd Thurs
Community Centre t: 01692 500 550
Sheringham Youth Choir 11-18yrs.Weds
7pm (term time) Baptist Church
The Fellowship Choir 10-11.30am Mon St.
Andrews Church. t:761 482
The Runtons
Bingo Sun & Wed 7.30pm Bernies Social
Club East Runton
N.N. Chess Club Fri 7.30pm. W. Runton
Social Club t: 823 814
Philatelic Society 2nd Mon 7.30pm
West Runton Church Hall.
Coffee Mornings Thurs 10am.(22nd May
-25th Sept) Methodist Church,East Runton.
Cromer & Sheringham Probus Club
12.30pm 1st Tues, Links Hotel t:824 306
Rotary Club Weds 6pm except 5th Weds
Dormy House W.Runton, t: 578 194
Sequence Dancing Mon 7.30-10pm
E. Runton Village Hall.t:01692 403 071
West Runton Scouts info : 712 288
West Runton Social Club :t: 838 866
W.I. 2.15pm2nd Wed. W. Runton Church Hall
Coffee Morning 3rd Weds 10.30am.
Poppyland Club (Ladies) 2nd Weds 2.30pm.
At Pilgrim Centre, Trimingham continued.
Slimming Club Tues 1.45pm t: 579 797.
Table Top Sale 1st Sun 8.30am t: 834 965.
Whist 1.45pm Mon & Thurs. All levels
welcome.t: Liz 834 965
1st Suffield Park Guides Weds evenings
Badminton Thurs. Gresham Village Hall
t: 07917 596 797
Beachcombers Dining Club 1st Mon 7pm:
The Feathers Hotel, Holt. t: Hazel 838 566
Cash Bingo Tues 8pm Aldborough
community centre.
Cantamus Choir 7.30pm Thurs. Southrepps
Church. t: 07785 782 498.
Crazee Kidz Club 7pm2nd & 4th Fri. termtime.
Roughton Village Hall 7-16yrs. t:768 138
Cromer & Sheringham Brass Band 7.45pm
Thurs Upper Sheringham Village Hall t:733 638
Cromer Air Rifle Club 9am -noon Sundays
Near Sheringham. t: 570 223
Extend exercise for over 60s Mon 2.30pm
Northrepps Village Hall t:768 159
Farmers Market 1st Sun 9.30am - 12.30pm
Aldborough Community Hall t: 768 766
Fit Together Health Walks t: 07766 259 999
Fit Together Tea Dance Tues 2-4pm Briston
Copeman Centre - 2 Info: 07766 259 999
Greenfingers Gardening Club 7.30pm 1st
Thurs Jubilee Hall, Banningham t: 761 620
Gym Club Thurs 5-8pm Northrepps Village
Hall t: 576 609
Knapton Ladies Club 3rd Mon 7.30pm
Village Hall t:720 908. 1st Tues Womens
Own Methodist Church t: 721 439
MS Group Mon 10-2pm Southrepps Village
Hall t: 823 392
Nordic Walking Tues & Thurs 11am
t: 07825 773 368
Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band at Goat Inn,
Skeyton. 1st Sun of month. 1.30 p.m. Free.
To book table for lunch T: 01692 538 600.
Norfolk Submariners 1st Wed 12noon
Kings Head, Horsham St Faith t: 511 758
N.N. Minni House Club 2 - 4pm (except
August) Bodham Village Hall t: 826 970.
N. Walsham Cage Bird Club 8pm 3rd Tues
Felmingham Village Hall. t: 01692 404 750
Northrepps Pre-School Mon-Fri Term-time
t:579 396
Northrepps R.B.L. 1st Mon. 2nd.Mon. BHs.
7.30pm. Northrepps Cottage t: 579 633.
NN Amateur Radio Group Wed & Thur 10-4
Muckleburgh t: 821 936
Nth Norfolk Model Engineering Club
1st Fri 7.30pm High Kelling Social Centre
Prize Bingo 7.30pm 1st & 3rd Fri
Gimingham Village Hall
Roughton & District WI. 2nd weds of month.
7.30pm Roughton Village Hall t: 768 106.
Roughton Under 5s Playgroup t:07553 456 083
Rubys Prize Bingo. 1st Sat of month
7.30pm. Lower Southrepps Social Club
Seniors Swimming Mon & Weds am., Fri pm.
Greshams Swimming Pool, Holt. t: 711 123
Suffield Park Bowls Club. Whist Drives
Tues 2.15pm. Fri twice monthly 7.30pm.
Traditional Catholic Latin Mass 4th. Sun
5.30pm Mission Rooms Horsham St. Faiths
(opp. Parish Church) t: 01603 788 873
Trunch Bumbles Pre-school t: 720 931
Trunch Friends 2nd Tues 2pm Trunch
Village Hall t:721 570
Trunch Methodist Church 1st Sat 10am- noon.
Coffee Morning. Stalls Cakes t: 720 145
Weybourne Folk Club 3rd Sun 3-6pm
Maltings Hotel, Weybourne.t:588 781
Woodlands Pre-School Mon am,
Tues - Fri 9am-3pm t: 834 148
High Quality Work, Friendly Professional Service
All Aspects of internal & external plastering
& rendering, new builds, renovations
and period restoration work.
Tel: 01263 834 572 Mob: 07867 777 938
Home Mobile
01263 588 488 07747 444 976
All plumbing work, bathroomand kitchen installations undertaken,
tap repairs, blocked drains, blocked toilets, overfowing cisterns,
overfows, burst pipes, showers, immersion heaters, radiators,
wall andfoor tiling, guttering, new installations. Free quotations.
What, When & Where All Phone tel nos. are code 01263, unless otherwise stated.
Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 726 831
Special Events
Fr i day 29t h August
2-4pm: Pilgrim Shelter, Trimingham
Craft Afternoon ~1.50 includes refreshments,
bring along your craft project or just come along
to chat. Tel June 833 382
Sat ur day 30t h August
7.30pm :St Botolphs Church Trunch
Concert ~Genevive Usher (soprano) and Chris
Underhill (piano). Admission by programme at door.
9 (7 concs) Details:
Sunday 31st August
12pm: Smallburgh Village Hall NR12 9LX
Fun Dog Show ~classes start 1pm. Refreshments
& Lots of stalls- tables from 5. Info: 07810 251 898
7 for 7.30pm: Pilgrim Shelter, Trimingham
Quiz ~Cost 1 pp. up to four in a team, prizes for
1st 2nd & supporting teams Tel Liz : 834 965
Fr i day 5t h Sept ember
7.30 p.m. St John the Baptist Church, Aylmerton
Concert by Brass Ensemble & Crickets Choir ~
from Greshams School. Tickets 6 at the door,
includes refreshments.
Sat ur day 6t h Sept ember
7pm: Gimingham Village Hall
Quiz Night ~to support Gimingham Village Hall.
Back to School theme. Price 5 - includes light
buffet. BYO drinks. Raffle. Max 6 per team.
Tickets in advance from 720 874 or 720 058.
8pm: Lighthouse Inn, Walcott
Charity Dance ~50s, 70s, 80s & 90s Music from
Bobby Graham & Dont Ask Band. AdvanceTickets
5 from Lighthouse Inn or Tel: 01692 405 408
Tickets 6 on door.
Sunday 7t h Sept ember
9am - Noon : Sheringham Methodist Church
Table Top Sale ~Bric a Brac. Books. Coffee etc.
from 10am: Trimingham
Yard Sale ~Throughout the village with stalls on field
& Pilgrim Shelter. FREE Parking on New Hall Field
10am - 4pm: Behind Gresham Village Hall
Village Fun Day ~Carboot stalls 5. Bouncy Castle
& Slide etc. Classic Cars, Tractors, Tombola, BBQ,
Music, Birds of Prey, Face Painting, Go Karts etc.
1 entry, Children FREE. To book a pitch call
Hayley: 07765 633 549.
3.30pm: St.Botolphs Church Trunch
The Big Sing ~with the Nth Walsham Salvation
Army Band. Refreshments after the service.
All donations to East Anglian Air Ambulance.
Refreshments after the service
Painting & Decorating / Tiling / Woodwork / Assembling Flat Packs
Odd Jobs etc / Putting Up Shelves / Curtain Poles & Pictures
Small Electrical / Changing Light Switches, Sockets & Fittings
Clearing & Repairing Gutters / Small Plumbing Work
Fencing & Gatework & Lots More.
Call Brian Anytime : 01263 512 644
Mob 07789 634 817
Brians Handyman Services
We CANNOT accept details or corrections
over the phone. Please post CONCISE copy
to LIS KEDDELL at 30 West Street. Cromer.
NR27 9DS or e-mail :
or via our contact form on:
by NOON Weds 3rd September
The Best Pub in Town
Stylish En-Suite rooms available. Free Wi.
Lovely home-cooked meals
Available Tuesday - Sunday
Friday 5th September: 7.30pm
Open Darts Competition
Sunday 7th September: 8pm
Grumpys World Famous Quiz
Friday 26th September: 11am - 4pm
Mc Millan Coffee Morning at The White Horse
Cake donations etc. gratefully received.
Sunday Lunches ~ 12noon - 4pm
Voted one of the Best Lunches
in Cromer .
Booking advisable
Lunchtime Specials
Tuesdays - Fridays ~ 12 - 2.30pm
BT Sport Now Available
We are pleased to announce that we
are Double GOLD Winners for
Cromer in Bloom ~ Well Kept Garden.
Thanks John.
24 West Street
01263 512 275
Car Boot Sal es
From 8am - Wednesdays Until Sept 3rd
Gold Park, Mundesley : Pitches : 6.
tel: 722 103 Please NO food stalls.
9am - noon Saturdays Until 6th Sept
Bodham Playing Field : Set up 7 30am.
tel: 588 228 to book pitch 5. Sorry no dogs.
1st Sunday of Month - from 10am Until Sept 7th
Gresham Village Park : Set up from 8.30am
Pitches 5. Beverages on sale.
Info from Hayley on: 07765 633 549
9am - 1pm: From 6th July alternate weeks.
Walcott Village Hall: 5 per table.
Book on: 07771 431 939
Char i t y Gar age Sal e
Saturdays 9am-3pm (weather permitting)
Canaan Christian Centre 21 Holt Rd, Sheringham
Supporting womens refuge rebuilding project
in Hungary.Tel: 478 372
Events Continued on Page 18
Sat ur day 13t h Sept ember
10am - 3.30pm: Spixworth Village Hall
Craft & Pamper Fayre ~Come and support us in
raising funds for the New Farm Aviation Heritage
Group museum re-vamp at Frettenham.
Info: 0788189 8533.
7pm :Tunstead Church
Concert of English Music ~Orchestra of St. Pauls
Covent Garden, conducted by Ben Palmer, soloists
Victoria Bonham, Matt Dunnett & Freddie Gavitta.
Includes English Music by Britten, Clarke & Elgar.
10 on door in aid of Tunstead church funds.
Sunday 14t h Sept ember
10.30am: MADRA
TriminghamPilgrims ~play their first match at
MADRA Tel Jack 726 008
From 11am: Trimingham New Hall Field
next to Woodlands
Dog Show ~entries from 11am Judging from noon.
1 per class. Free parking & free admission to field
with car boot stalls & reasonable refreshments
Tel Liz 834 965
The Grand Budapest Hotel
is a magical, comedy caper which tells the
tale of Gustave H. (Ralph Fiennes) the
legendary concierge at a famous European
hotel in 1930s who is framed for murder fol-
lowing the theft & recovery of a
priceless painting.....
Thur sday 4t h Sept ember
7.30pm: Cromer Parish Hall, Garden Street.
Cromer Preservation Society Illustrated talk
The 1953 Floods.
Brian Farrow, has a great deal of knowledge about
the 1953 storm and floods which devastated our
coastline and as we had a similar storm in
December 2013, this is an appropriate time
to look again at what happened in 1953.
The picture above was taken on the day after the
1953 storm by local man George Baker, showing
the damage to the Promenade by the Bath House,
with fragments of concrete across the Prom
-not too different to the scene in 2013!
St ar t s Monday 8t h Sept ember
2 - 3pm : Cromer Library for 4 weeks
Discovering Shared Reading
Do you love stories and books?
Would you like to join us for 4 weeks
in reading aloud from, listening to
and discussing books?
Then why not join us for reading aloud from,
listening to and discussing books.
Share a conversation, a cup of tea and meet
new friends at this informal group.
These groups are suitable for those
who have a visual impairment.
Please phone the library on
01263 512 850
to book a place or contact :
for more information
Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS
We CANNOT accept details or corrections
over the phone. Please post CONCISE copy
to LIS at 30 West St. Cromer. NR27 9DS
or e-mail :
or via:
by NOON Weds 3r d Sept ember
Special Events
Sunday 14t h Sept ember
1 - 5pm: Ingworth. NR11 7EX
Ingworth Trosh ~Threshing, bagging & baling as it
used to be done. Vintage Tractors & Farm Machin-
ery. Classic Cars & Vehicles. Bygones. Ploughing
Demos. Sheep Shearing & World War One Event.
Fun Dog Show & Dog Agility. Teas, Homemade
Cakes, Plant Stall, Nearly New & many more stalls.
Admission 5 (under 14s Free) Free Car Parking.
Info : 761 156
Sat ur day 20t h Sept ember
11am :Mundesley Library
Mythical Maze ~Medal Ceremony with Council-
lor Northam - Have you completed the Summer
Reading Challenge? Then come and have your
certificate & medal presented to you. tel: 720 702
7.30pm :St Botolphs Church Trunch
Concert ~Norfolk Winds with David Morgan, piano.
Music for wind instruments & piano from the romantic
era & British 20th-century mainstream. admission
by programme at door. 9 (7 concs).
7.30pm : Aldborough Community Centre
Cromer & SheringhamBrass Band ~
Bar/refreshments. Tickets 5 from Spar
or PO Aldborough / Barnwells Aylsham
or ring Jean on 768 280
Sunday 21st Sept ember
10am - 4pm: Fields Adjacent to Bacton on B1150
Memorial Plough Day ~For the late Colin Jeary.
Trophy Prize for Winner & Runner Up. With a Colin
Jeary Shield for 1 year. Car Boot, Stalls, Vehicle &
Tractor Displays, BBQ, Refreshments - Raffle. Try
your hand at Tractor Ploughing. Parking & Entry
Free. Proceeds to British Heart Foundation.
Entry Forms from 01692 652 295
Fr i day 26t h Sept ember
10am - noon: Thorpe Market Church.
Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning ~
In aid of McMillan Cancer Support. Usual stalls
- cakes - raffle - tombola - bric-a-brac - cakes &
refreshments. Mandy & Hazel welcome you all.
Mundesl ey Vi l l age Ci nema
Dates for your Diary
Tuesday 14t h Oc t ober
The Love Punch ~ With Emma Thompson,
Pierce Brosnan, Celia Imrie & Timothy Spall, this
comedy heist is delightfully absurd.
Kate & Richard, a bickering divorced couple face
poverty in their retirement years so Kate travels
to Cannes to steal a super-valuable diamond
Tuesday 11t h November
Oh! What a Lovely War ~ An all star cast directed
by Richard Attenborough (Dirk Bogarde, Laurence
Olivier, Maggie Smith, Vanessa Redgrave, John
Mills, Phyllis Calvert etc.) follows the Smith family
as they go to war and through jingoistic music hall
songs tells the story of WW1 and some of its
many famous (and infamous) incidents.
Oh! Oh! Oh! its a lovely war,
Who wouldnt be a soldier eh?
Schedule is subject to availability.
Norfolk In The
First World War
In this 100th year since the outbreak of the
First World War, many parishes all over
the country have been holding events to
commemorate this occasion.
The twin villages of East & West Runton will
hold their own commemoration on Sunday
7th September when Runton Parish History
Society will present the well known Norfolk
author and military historian Neil Storey.
Neil will be giving a talk entitled Norfolk in
the First World War at East Runton Village
Hall commencing at 7pm.
The parish was badly affected by the war, with
178 young men leaving the calm of the North
Norfolk countryside for the horrors of the
battlefelds of Europe.
Of that number 34 or 1 in 5 were never to
return, and their names are engraved on
the war memorial at West Runton.
One can only imagine the impact on such a
small parish. Hardly a month would have
passed without at least one family receiving
the dreaded telegram informing them of the
death of a son or husband who had been
killed or injured. Two of the families
in fact lost 4 sons each.
Because of the closeness of communities in
those days, as well as the immediate family
being bereaved, uncles, aunts, cousins, and
nephews would also feel a sad loss.
This is born out by the numbers of family
surnames listed, 3 Abbs, 4 Creaseys and
4 Lines. One can imagine that the parish
would have been in mourning for virtually
the whole period of the war.
There are still living in the parish the
descendants of the families involved.
Paston Way
Paston Ways new signage offers the chance
to explore the Trail this Autumn.
New signage along Paston Way is now fully
in place, offering the perfect opportunity
to explore the picturesque trail that runs
between Cromer and North Walsham.
With funding from the Norfolk County Council-
led COOL tourism project, the trail has been
re-routed in some points to make it more
accessible, while new way-marking discs
have been added to help guide walkers.
New bespoke posts have also been installed
to point people to nearby places of interest,
such as the beautiful medieval churches
Paston Way is known for.
As well as the churches, quiet lanes, and the
charming towns and villages found along the
trail, Paston Way also offers an abundance
of pubs, cafs and places to explore.
If youre a keen long-distance walker, you
could attempt the full 22 miles of the trail.
If you prefer something a bit more leisurely,
there are plenty of short and circular walks
planned out online, such as the Cromer to
Southrepps 5.5 mile walk.
Starting at Cromer Pier, this is an enjoyable
and varied walk that follows the beach along
the coast between the resorts of Cromer and
Overstrand before veering inland through
rolling farmland to fnish close to the
village of Southrepps.
For more information, route inspiration
and handy maps, head to:
The Winner Is...
....Carol Melling from Trunch.
Carols entry to win 2 tickets in the Crab
Tales Rat Pack Live Competition was
the frst to be drawn out of the hat.
For a chance to win entrants had to answer the
question: Rat Pack Live features tributes to
Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr and which
other famous 50s & 60s crooner?
The answer of course was Frank Sinatra.
For those who were not as lucky as Carol
tickets are available for this production
at the Cromer Pier Pavilion on
Sunday 14th September.
Tickets 23.50. Concs 22.50
Box Offce: 01263 512 495
Cromer Pier
A programme to refurbish Cromer Piers box
offce, gift shop and the restaurant following
the signifcant damaged caused by Decembers
tidal surge will begin in early September.
Work has been completed since the surge
to make signifcant structural repairs to the
areas underneath the box offce, gift shop
and the restaurant which will now allow
for a full refurbishment programme of
both facilities.
These areas felt the full force of the storm as
waves hit the sea wall and were propelled up
underneath the structure.
The iconic, North Norfolk District Council
owned pier had already been the subject of
extensive, 1.4million renovation & repair
in the 18 months before the surge struck;
work which potentially saved the structure
from far greater damage.
The repair work will begin in September to
minimise disruption to visitors during the
peak summer period and is expected
to take eight weeks to complete.
The pier will remain accessible for
the duration of the works.
Despite initial concerns that the splintered
decking of Cromer Pier would take months
to repair, a safe pedestrian walkway was
established and the traditional end-of-pier
show was up and running again within a
week of the tidal surge.
A temporary box offce has been up and
running since the beginning of May.
Located at the pier entrance, it is open daily
from 10am 6pm.
Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 726 831
Other than the job of clearing up the feld on
Saturday morning the 45th Cromer Carnival
draws to an end with the popular Fancy
Dress Dance in the Carnival Marquee.
With all the tickets sold, the town and the
Marquee was packed with lots of jolly
people ready to be photographed.
Some of them are pictured here.
Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS
9am - 5pm
10am - 4pm
Morning Coffees & Scones
Daily Specials Board
Sunday Roast ~ 7.95
Summer Time: Hardy Perennials 2.99 ea. or 4 for 10.00
Hardy Perennials, Shrubs,
Roses, Herbs, Alpines,
Trees and Lots More.
Levington Water Saving
Decorative Bark
3 bags