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Virginia Middle School Wellness Department Syllabus

Janet Quesenberry
Vanessa Meyers
Andrew Belcher
Adam Moore
Department Phone 276-821-5689 or 276-821-5690

VMS Wellness develops broad, general and inclusive fitness. The program prepares students for any physical
contingency. Looking at all sport and physical tasks collectively, VMS Wellness is designed to enhance
universal motor recruitment patterns. Building on functional movements, physical skills and adaptations, our
program is intended to give all students a performance advantage in any physical challenge of their choosing.
Striving to provide a fitness based curriculum, our program is consistent with our schools philosophy, goals
and the Virginia s SOLs.

Complete workouts that consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is
broad, inclusive, general, and scalable for any participant at any level.
Participate in functional movements that involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that students
need to do when they playpull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump.
Participate in workouts that will increase physical competence in 10 fitness domains: cardiovascular and
respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and
Teach students the components of physical fitness, how these components are measured, and the types of
activities one must participate in to develop the components of physical fitness: arm and shoulder strength
and endurance, abdominal muscle strength and endurance, low back and hamstring flexibility, and
cardiorespiratory endurance.
To make students better movers which leads to a better quality of life; Introduce movements that are
essential in life, play, and sport.

Physical Fitness Tests
Administered throughout the school year to all students.
Tests include: push-up, sit-up, v-sit and reach, and pacer run.
Purpose to assess the fitness level of students
Results of test assist in planning to insure that activities will improve fitness levels of students

Curriculum Overview
Personal Fitness Related Skills
Family Life/ Adolescents Growth and Development
DARE/Life Skills
Human Body System

Grading Policy 100 points per day:
Class readiness= 10 points In correct seat; appropriate shoes and attire for Physical Education
Participation= 20 points- dynamic warm-up and 70 points- activity
** Appropriate research work will be given to meet the requirements of the course for extended medical
excuses. Excessive unexcused absenteeism will result in a below average grade.

Ideally a student, with parental assistance, will participate regularly in appropriate physical activities outside the
school setting and develop habits regarding a wholesome fitness lifestyle during the school year and also the
summer months.