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2014 Learning Design Contest Scoring Rubric Michigan Chapter Council of Educational Facilities Planners International

Learning Design Contest - Scoring Rubric

Indicator 1 2 3
Dreaming of your ideal learning

Unclear whether teachers and
students were involved in the
discovery phase of the project.
Teacher interest drives project
with little evidence of student
Students expression of needs
and interests drives the redesign
effort. The idea of an inviting
learning environment drives the
Capturing the current view and
analyzing the space

Information gathered from only
one source. Minimal examination
of current learning environment.
Information taken from a couple
of sources. Current learning
space is captured but project
lacks analysis of needs.

Information taken from a variety
of sources. Project provides new
way to connect students
learning needs with space.
Identifying problems and
challenges and redesigning for an
effective learning environment
Intended project is outlined with
little rationale for why the
solution was reached.
Some problems and challenges
are mentioned, but their
connection with the final project
proposed is missing.
Evidence that barriers to
effective learning have been
identified, including size, use,
furniture, lighting, etc.
Testing your design, gathering
feedback and experimenting

Plan is proposed with no
explanation of how ideas were
tested or refined. No evidence
that feedback influenced final
The proposal references testing
and experimentation with
design, but does not clearly
explain how testing influenced
refinement and final design.
Proposal reflects iterative idea
development and refinements
with experimentation and
feedback of teachers and
students influencing final design.
Presenting your ideas and the
design process in which you

Little evidence of original
thinking and creativity.
Presentation format detracts
from proposed design. More
than one requirement not
completely met.
Product shows some original
thought. Work shows new ideas
and insights. Minimal use of tools
to convey proposal design. One
requirement not completely met.
Product shows a good deal of
original thought. Ideas reflect
creativity and inventiveness.
Makes excellent use of
presentation tools to convey
proposed design. Requirements
are met or exceeded. Budget
supports proposal.