Katie King (Katherine R. King)
Brief version, August 2014
Katie King, Professor, Women's Stuies !e"artment an Program
#niversit$ of %a&ifornia, Santa %ru', 1()* Ph.!., Program in the +istor$ of %ons,iousness
(-ith s"e,ia& attention to .eminist /heor$)
0 !issertation1 2%anons Without 3nno,en,e1 A,aemi, Pra,ti,es an .eminist Pra,ti,es 4a5ing the Poem in the
Wor5 of 6mi&$ !i,5inson an Aure 7ore2 (ire,tor1 !onna +ara-a$)
#niversit$ of %hi,ago, 1(*891(*) o,tora& "rogram, %ommittee on So,ia& /hought
(-ith s"e,ia& attention to %&assi,a& an 4eieva& Stuies)
#niversit$ of %a&ifornia, Santa %ru', 1(*8 B.A., 7iterature an Anthro"o&og$
(-ith s"e,ia& attention to An,ient :ree5 an 4eieva& 7iterature, Anthro"o&og$ of South9east Asia, an %$;erneti,s)
Professor, 2012 <, Women's Stuies, #niversit$ of 4ar$&an, %o&&ege Par5
Asso,iate Professor, 1((=92012
Assistant Professor, 1()*91((=
3nstru,tor, 1()>91()*
4e&&on .e&&o-, 1())9(0, Women's Stuies, %orne&& #niversit$
• Books authore
Networked Reenactments: Stories Transdisciplinary Knowledges Tell. %ha"e& +i&&1 !u5e #niversit$ Press, 2011
Theory in its Feminist Travels: Conversations in U.S. Womens !ovements. B&oomington1 3niana #niversit$ Press, 1((4
• Cha!ters "# $ooks
?/ea,hing in .eminist %$;ers"a,es.@ %o9authore -ith Aarah 4oes,h. %ha"ter in Feminist Cy"erspaces. 6ite ;$
Sharon %o&&ing-oo, A&vina 6. Buintana, an %aro&ine A. Smith. %am;rige S,ho&ars Pu;&ishing. 2012
2Women in the We;1 tea,hing te,hno&og$ narratives.2 %ha"ter in The #olitics o$ %n$ormation: the electronic
mediation o$ social change, =0=9=14. 6ite ;$ 4ar, BousCuet, Bru,e Simon, an Katherine Wi&&s. A&tD. 2004.
Avai&a;&e on&ine at1 htt"1EE---.a&tF.,omEe;oo5sEinfo"o&.htm&
2:&o;a&i'ation, /G /e,hno&ogies, an the Re9"rou,tion of SeFua& 3entities1 Resear,hing an /ea,hing 7a$ers of
7o,a&s an :&o;a&s in &ighlander an 'ena.2 %ha"ter in (ncompassing )ender: %ntegrating %nternational
St*dies and Womens St*dies, "". 1019124. 6ite ;$ 4ar$ 4. 7a$, Aani,e 4on5, an !e;orah S. Rosenfe&t. /he
.eminist Press, 2002.
2'/here are Ho 7es;ians +ere'1 .eminisms, 7es;ianisms an :&o;a& :a$ .ormations.2 %ha"ter in +*eer
)lo"ali,ation-.ocal &omose/*alities: Citi,enship0 Se/*alities and the 1$terli$e o$ Colonialism, ==94). 6ite ;$
Ana&o %ru'94a&ave an 4artin 4ana&ansen 3G. S#HI, 2002.
2:&o;a& :a$ .ormations an 7o,a& +omoseFua&ities.2 %ha"ter in Companion to #ostcolonial St*dies, 80)981(.
6ite ;$ Sangeeta Ra$. B&a,5-e&&, 2000.
27o,a& an :&o;a&1 A3!S A,tivism an .eminist /heor$.2 %ha"ter in #rovoking 1gents: )ender and 1gency in
Theory and #ractice, (=9112. 6ite ;$ Auith Kegan :ariner. #niversit$ of 3&&inois Press, 1((8
2Aure 7ore's 7a,Cuere 7a$erings1 /he 7es;ian Bar as a Site of 7iterar$ Prou,tion.2 %ha"ter in New .es"ian
Criticism, 819*4. 6ite ;$ Sa&&$ 4unt. Simon J S,huster, 1((2. Re"rinte in Feminist C*lt*ral St*dies %%,
=219=42. 6ite ;$ /err$ 7ove&&. 6-ar 6&gar, 1((*
2Prou,ing SeF, /heor$ an %u&ture1 :a$EStraight Re4a""ings in %ontem"orar$ .eminism.2 %ha"ter in Con$licts
in Feminism, )29101. 6ite ;$ 4arianne +irs,h an 6ve&$n .oF Ke&&er. Rout&ege, 1((0
23n Knots1 /ransis,i"&inar$ Khi"u.2 3n K;Le,tE6,o&og$. S"e,ia& 3naugura& 3ssue of K9Mone1 A Aourna& of K;Le,t
Kriente Stuies 1E1 (forth,oming). /o ;e avai&a;&e on&ine at1 htt"1EEo9'one9Lourna&.orgEshort9essa$9,&uster 1 n.
?S,ien,e .i,tion .eminisms, .eminist S,ien,e .i,tions J .eminist Sustaina;i&it$.@ %o9authore -ith Aoan +aran.
Aa1 A Aourna& of :ener, He- 4eia, an /e,hno&og$ 2. (201=)1 n. "ag. Avai&a;&e at1
?A Hatura&,u&tura& %o&&e,tion of Affe,tions1 /ransis,i"&inar$ Stories of /ransmeia 6,o&ogies 7earning.@ The
Scholar and the Feminist 2nline: Special iss*e on Feminist !edia Theory: %terations o$ Social 3i$$erence 10E=.
(Summer 2012)1 n. "ag. Avai&a;&e at1 htt"1EEsfon&ine.;arnar.euEfeminist9meia9theor$Ea9natura&,u&tura&9
2Het-or5e Reena,tments, a thi,5 es,ri"tion ami authorshi"s, auien,es an agen,ies in the nineties.2 Writing
Technologies 2E1 (200))1 n. "ag. Avai&a;&e at1
2+istoriogra"h$ as Reena,tment1 meta"hors an &itera&i'ations of /G o,umentaries.2 3n (/treme and Sentimental
&istory. S"e,ia& issue of Criticism 4>E= (2004)1 48(94*8
2Prou,tive agen,ies of feminist theor$1 the -or5 it oes.2 Feminist Theory 2E1 (2001)1 (49()
2.eminism an Writing /e,hno&ogies1 /ea,hing Bueerish /rave&s through 4a"s, /erritories, an Pattern.2
Con$ig*rations 2 (Winter 1((4)1 )(910>
27o,a& an :&o;a&1 A3!S A,tivism an .eminist /heor$.2 3n %maging Technologies0 %nscri"ing Science. S"e,ia& issue
of camera o"sc*ra 2) (Aanuar$ 1((2)1 *)9((
2Bi;&iogra"h$ an a .eminist A""aratus of 7iterar$ Prou,tion.2 T('T 4: Transactions o$ the Society $or Te/t*al
Scholarship (1((1)1 (1910=
2Aure 7ore's 7a,Cuere 7a$erings1 /he 7es;ian Bar as a Site of 7iterar$ Prou,tion.2 C*lt*ral St*dies 2 (K,to;er
1()))1 =219=42
2/he Situation of 7es;ianism as .eminism's 4agi,a& Sign1 %ontests for 4eaning an the #.S. Women's 4ovement,
1(>)91(*2.2 3n Feminist Criti5*es o$ #op*lar C*lt*re. S"e,ia& issue of Comm*nication ( (.a&& 1()8)1 >89(1
• ta&5sites are mu&timeia -e;sites that emonstrate some of the "rin,i"&es of transmeia s,ho&arshi" as the$ ana&$'e
them. /hese are "u;&i, on the -e; an remain avai&a;&e for use an ,itation.
• I#("te
/o 44 %onferen,e1 4atter 99 4ateria&s 99 4ateria&it$ 99 4ateria&ism, fune ;$ As"asia, Hether&ans Krgani'ation for
S,ientifi, Resear,h (HWK) for the !e"artment for 4eia an %u&ture Stuies, #tre,ht #niversit$, 8 Aune 2014.
Ke$note1 2"u&&ing together1 EesEs$stem9ing1 stories transis,i"&inar$ 5no-&eges te&&2O ta&5site at1
/o the WomenPs Stuies Summer /e,hno&og$ 3nstitute, 2) 4a$ 2014. K"ening "&enar$ on !igita& +umanities
S,ho&arshi"1 2/ang&e thin5ings1 &earn, thin5, "&a$ among materia&ities2O ta&5site at1
/o Bueer 4etho, #niversit$ of Penns$&vania, =1 K,to;er 201=. Ke$note1 ?/o-ar a feminist ;ounar$ o;Le,t9oriente
onto&og$...or shou& it ;e a ;ounar$ o;Le,t9oriente feminismQ /hese are ;oth Cueer methos@O ta&5site at1
/o %om"uters an Writing %onferen,e1 24e,hani'ation an Writing,2 .rost;urg State #niversit$, .rost;urg, 4ar$&an
* Aune 201=. Ke$note1 27iving in enough -or&s at the same time1 s"e,u&ative feminisms ami ;ounar$ o;Le,ts@O
ta&5site at1 htt"1EE-or&senough.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o the Bu,5ner W. %&a$ 6no-ment in the +umanities, !e"artment of Anthro"o&og$, Women an :ener Stuies,
:regor$ Bateson S$m"osium, #niversit$ of Girginia, 12 A"ri& 201=. Rounta;&e "erforman,e1 26nfo&e1
%om"&eFit$ an Affe,t.2
/o the %enter for 7iterar$ an %om"arative Stuies J the !e"artment of 6ng&ish, %onferen,e1 2Re"resenting
%om"&eFit$1 3nterse,tions of Art an S,ien,e,2 #niversit$ of 4ar$&an, %o&&ege Par5, .e;ruar$ 2)94ar,h 1, 201=.
%on,&uing Rounta;&e "resentation1 2%ommuni,ating %om"&eFit$.2
/o the 7atin Ameri,an Stuies %enter %afR Brea5 Series, #niversit$ of 4ar$&an, %o&&ege Par5, Wenesa$, Hovem;er
*. 23n Knots1 /ransis,i"&inar$ Khi"u2O ta&5site at1 htt"1EEtrans5hi"u.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o -or5sho" 2Knotting in %ommon,2 :o&smiths, #niversit$ of 7onon, .ria$ 18 Aune 2012. 2Khi"u1 esign
affe,tions2O ta&5site at1 htt"1EEaffe,tesign.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o /he Posthumanities +u; an Het-or51 HeFt :eneration, an 3nter:ener, for /he /hir Annua& He- 4ateria&isms
%onferen,e1 ?6ntang&ements of He- 4ateria&isms,@ 7in5S"ing #niversit$, S-een, 2892> 4a$ 2012. ?3n meias
res1 &iving in the mi&e of (meia) things2O ta&5site at1 htt"1EEthingmeia.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o the S,ien,e J Austi,e Wor5ing :rou", for ,onferen,e on ?/he State of S,ien,e J Austi,e1 %onversations in +onor of
Susan 7eigh Star,@ for "&enar$ "ane& ?%ui BonoQ@ #niversit$ of %a&ifornia, Santa %ru', = Aune 2011. ?:ro-ing
Bounar$ K;Le,ts1 among trans,onteFtua& feminisms2O ta&5site at1 htt"1EEgro-;o;Le,ts.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o /ema :enus Tthe ivision for interis,i"&inar$ gener resear,h an resear,h trainingU, for mini9
,onferen,eE-or5sho" on ?So,io9te,hno9"eagogies of toa$ an in five $ears time,@ 7in5S"ing #niversit$,
S-een, 2( 4ar,h 2011. ?So,ia& 4eia 7earning1 a ne,essari&$ a&tering infrastru,ture for :ener Stuies2O
ta&5site at1 htt"1EEso,me&earn.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o the Annua& %onferen,e 2010 of the 6,onomi, an So,ia& Resear,h %oun,i& T6SR%U %entre for Resear,h on So,io9
%u&tura& %hange1 K"ening P&enar$ on ?/he So,ia& 7ife of 4ethos.@ St. +ughPs %o&&ege in KFfor, =1 August
2010. ?PKno-&ege9-eavingP1 Befriening transis,i"&inarit$ uner the urgen,ies of g&o;a& a,aemi,
restru,turing2O ta&5site at1 htt"1EE-eave5no-&ege.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o %entrum fSr vetens5a" o,h vVreringar T%enter for S,ien,e an Ga&uesU an #meW ,entrum fSr genusstuier
T%enter for :ener StuiesU, 14 !e,em;er 200(, #meW #niversit$, S-een. ?Iou are not the author an$more2O
ta&5site at1 htt"1EEnotauthor.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o the (6#) Hori, Resear,h S,hoo& in 3nteris,i"&inar$ :ener Stuies, .eminist 4ethoo&ogies1 situate 5no-&ege
"ra,ti,es, ) !e,em;er 200(. #meW #niversit$, #meW, S-een. ?.eminist transis,i"&inarit$ in an emergent
"osthumanities2O ta&5site at1 htt"1EEnever-e.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o the (6#) Hori, Resear,h S,hoo& in 3nteris,i"&inar$ :ener Stuies, internationa& seminar on 2.eminist
4ethoo&ogies,2 28 Hovem;er 200), SSertSrn #niversit$ %o&&ege, Sto,5ho&m, S-een. 2'Hever +uman1 feminist
transis,i"&inarit$ an a "osthumanities2
/o the Washington Area :rou" for Print %u&ture Stuies, the 7i;rar$ of %ongress, Washington, !.%. * 4ar,h 200).
2Het-or5e Reena,tments1 ho- te&evision, museums an universities trie to fin auien,es in the nineties2O
ta&5site at1 htt"1EEnetreen.;&ogs"ot.,omE
• Se)e*te Re+eree Co#+ere#*e Prese#tat"o#s
/o "ane& ?Garieties of %$;erneti, S$stems@at the So,iet$ for 7iterature, S,ien,e, an the Arts (S7SA) Annua&
%onferen,e1 Hon9humanO =0 Se"tem;er, 2012, 4i&-au5ee W3. 2?%&arit$ here -ou& ;e mis&eaing@ (7atour
2004120()1 trans,onteFtua&ities an feminisms2O ta&5site at1 htt"1EE,&arit$not.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o ?An 6,o&og$ of 3eas,@ a Loint ,onferen,e of the Ameri,an So,iet$ for %$;erneti,s an the Bateson 3ea :rou",
Asi&omar, %a&ifornia, 11 Au&$ 2012. 2Among trans,onteFtua& feminisms -e gro- ;ounar$ o;Le,ts2O ta&5site at1
/o the annua& meeting of the So,iet$ for the So,ia& Stuies of S,ien,e (4S), for "ane& ?/ra,ing /e,hnos,ientifi,
3maginaries /hrough %ontem"orar$ %u&ture.@ %&eve&an K+, Hovem;er 8, 2011. ?/ransis,i"&inarities1
Cueering the "it,h2O ta&5site at1 htt"1EECueertrans.;&ogs"ot.,omE
/o the 20
Anniversar$ %onferen,e of the %entre for %riti,a& an %u&tura& /heor$1 Moontote,hni,s (Anima&it$ E
/e,hni,it$). %ariff #niversit$, Wa&es, 12914

4a$ 2010. ?!istri;ute1 Anima&it$ J /e,hni,it$2O ta&5site at1
/o the annua& meetings of the A&&ian,e on !igita& +umanities Krgani'ations, #niversit$ of 4ar$&an, %o&&ege Par5,
24 Aune 200(. 2B&ogger :rr&s1 .eminist Pra,ti,es, He- 4eia, an Kno-&ege Prou,tion2O ta&5site at1
/o the annua& meetings of the So,iet$ for 7iterature, S,ien,e, an the Arts (S7SA) Annua& %onferen,e1 !e,oings,
for "ane& ?/RAHima&S1 /heori'ing /he /rans9 in Moonto&og$.@ :eorgia /e,h :&o;a& 7earning an %onferen,e
%enter, At&anta, * Hovem;er 200(. ?S7 /ranima&1 4$ !istri;ute Anima&it$.@
/o the !% Bueer Stuies S$m"osium, .a,u&t$ Pa"er Session on 2%onstru,ting Bueer Kno-&ege,@ 1) A"ri& 200),
#niversit$ of 4ar$&an, %o&&ege Par5. 2Bueer /ransis,i"&inarities2O ta&5site at1
• ,ORKING PAPERS *urre#t)- O#)"#e .!u$)"* a# a(a")a$)e +or *"tat"o#/0
2/heori'ing Stru,tures in Women's Stuies2 (2002). Avai&a;&e at the !igita& Re"ositor$ at the #niversit$ of
4ar$&an (!R#4) at1 htt"1EEh&.han&e.netE1(0=E=02( or htt"1EEtheo-mst.;&ogs"ot.,omE
2.&eFi;&e Kno-&eges, +istories uner :&o;a&i'ation1 the Smithsonian's S,ien,e in Ameri,an 7ife J ,ommer,ia&
5no-&ege ma5ing "ra,ti,es2 (2004). Avai&a;&e on&ine at1 htt"1EEf&eF5no-.;&ogs"ot.,omE (mu,h of this materia&
has su;seCuent&$ ;een in,&ue in King. 2011. Het-or5e Reena,tments. !u5e)
2!emonstrations J 6F"eriments in 6"istemo&ogi,a& !e,orum1 seventeenth9,entur$ Bua5er -riting te,hno&ogies an
the S,ientifi, Revo&ution2 (2004). (.or .o&ger %o&&oCuium1 /e,hno&ogies of the 7itera&.) Avai&a;&e1
• .o&ger ,ourse re&ease sti"en for .o&ger Seminar, Peter Sta&&$;rass J Roger %hartier's 2/e,hno&ogies of Writing,2
S"ring 2008
• .e&&o- at 4ar$&an 3nstitute for /e,hno&og$ in the +umanities, "roLe,t on 2.eminism an Writing /e,hno&ogies,2
#niversit$ of 4ar$&an, %o&&ege Par5, S"ring 2000
• .e&&o- at #niversit$ of %a&ifornia +umanities Resear,h 3nstitute on 2.eminist 6"istemo&ogies,2 #niversit$ of
%a&ifornia, 3rvine, .a&& 1((8
• Summer Resear,h A-ar, :enera& Resear,h Boar, #niversit$ of 4ar$&an, %o&&ege Par5, 1())
• H6+ grant for .o&ger 3nstitute, 2/he :ra"hi, Revo&ution in 6ar&$ 4oern 6uro"e,2 1((4
• .ina&ist, Wooro- Wi&son Women's Stuies .e&&o-shi", 1()8
Se,on 7ife (S7) is an on&ine virtua& -or& on -hi,h mu,h internationa& s,ho&ar&$ a,tivit$ ta5es "&a,e. X 4$ "rofessiona&
ientit$ in S7 is as Katie .ensta&5er, origina&&$ a mem;er of %ear 3s&an, an internationa& ,ommunit$ of artists, a,tivists,
eu,ators, information te,hno&og$ (3/) s"e,ia&ists an others. %ear 3s&an is no- ,&ose. X 3 have ,om"&ete t-o S&oane
"rofessiona& eve&o"ment ,ourses on tea,hing in S7, "rovie ;$ #4!Ps Kffi,e of 3/. X 3 am the ,onvener of a feminist
reaing grou" in S7, -hi,h has in,&ue %anaian an #S eu,ators, as -e&& as grauate stuents from #4! (WomenPs
Stuies J Ameri,an Stuies) an from the #niversit$ of %a&ifornia at Santa %ru' (+istor$ of %ons,iousness), an is &in5e to
a .a,e;oo5 grou" of more than >4 internationa& s,ho&ars in feminist te,hnos,ien,e. X 3 "resente on Se,on 7ife "rofessiona&
a,tivities to the K3/ Bro-n Bag &un,h is,ussion series on ?Se,on 7ife in 6u,ation@ on 4ar,h 8, 2010 for the Kffi,e of
3nformation /e,hno&og$, #niversit$ of 4ar$&an, %o&&ege Par5. X 3 have offere five "resentations in Se,on 7ife to miFe
,ommunit$ grou"s there, an &e man$ is,ussions on feminist to"i,s.