Gmail - KI2NN's Open Gov initiative re L,AUSD iPad acquisiti-'.

Kl2NN's Open Gov initiative re LAU$D iPad acquisition deal
State Assem bly oversight committee scrutiny?)
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Cynthia Liu
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Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 11:45 AM
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policymakers, and education researchers/advocates,
K12NN hag obtained through a public records request all responses to RFPs forwhat became the Los
Angeles Unified $chool District iPad acquisition deal. In our first big Open Gov initiative, we're putting the pdfis
online in annotatable form for all education stakeholders to asses6'
Also visible are comments made by [AU$D parents and community members. Vendors RFP responses
include Appte (final vendor chosen), lBM, AT&T, and several others'
You too can make annotations at this link. (All annotations will be public so be forewarned about the alias you
chsose. The default is 'anonymous.' lf you elect to comment anonymously,
please at least add a
distinguishing number to your Anon alias. I may choose to embed select documents
plus comments on in a few days.)
http://personal.crocodoc. comljf47 pe4
Under Superintendent John Deasy, Los Angeles Unified's acquisition of iPads, a potentially
$1 billion deal, will
rollout in Phases ll and lll at the end of the month unless
questions surrounding implementation of Phase I
are addressed.
Gmail - K12NN's Open Gov initiative re T AUSD iPad acquisiti-..
Some of thoEe questions involve:
r the source of funding (facilities bond funds not primarily intended for tech acquisition),
r the method of distribution (remain at school or students to take them home),
safgty and liability concerns for students and their families,
bandwidth infrastructure access, and
the actual
pedagogical need for the devices, including professional development issues and
conesponding tech maintenance.
A bipartisan group of Assemblymembers in the California Legislature are catling for an oversight committee to
review the entire process fro'm proposal to acquisition to implementation. Here's a press announcement from
Asm. Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills) regarding his role in calling for an oversight investigation.
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