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Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Today, 8/20/14
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Opening: Did the waters part as Eric Holder went in?
Segment#1: Puppeteers decide to apply The Limbaugh Theorem
The president cant go there because it wouldnt help gives pause to ponder. It is
classic Limbaugh Theorem. It isnt even his decision. ((Reading The Hill: The
Whitehouse believes a trip by President Obama would do more harm than good.)) So
Top Cop Eric Holder goes in.

We are on the march to the biggest ism transformation of America, and the leader of
the march positions to not even go. Call it Socialism, Communism, or whatever ism
you want.

They want DA Bob McCulloch to quit and recuse himself. His police officer father was
killed in a line of duty. It is not about being fair but finding to support the Agenda of a
civil rights movement. It doesnt matter that he is a Democrat.

Everybody there is a buffoon and an idiot and have to go to the federal government and
Eric Holder to get it done right. There are so many messages here. Eric Holder is going
to make sure civil rights are protected, except for some.

Nixon is not stupid in his pandering. He isnt going to vigorously prosecute the looters.
You know what he means. They want the cop found guilty yesterday even though not
even charged yet.

To solve this is why the America people elected The Black President.

Anderson Cooper interviews. ((Clip-Spike-Lee: Many thought racism would disappear;
it hasnt.)) Obama so badly wants to go and not play golf in Marthas Vineyard but the
WH says it wouldnt help. CNN will set up a bureau there through the November

Don Lemon gives his phone number out to looters, If you need anything, let me know.

((Clip-on-Spike-Lee: Bring in Honore from Katrina effort; he could fix it.))
>>> This is something I predicted (clip).
The same way Honor came in with Katrina, he could do it again.

Seg#2: Governor turned it over to Highway Patrol leader Ron Johnson
Last Thursday, Highway Patrol leader, Ron Johnson, looked really good and could be the
next gov of Louisiana. Looters started and he had troops stand down and let it happen.
Now he wont be the governor.

If there is one guy that could talk to looters,
>>> it is Obama. Cant he use his persuasive power?

Seg#3: The myth was shown to be a political lie
So the only way to stop Black on Black violence is convict this cop. It did happen in the
South with Democrats in control in ages past. Rodney King happened over 20 years
ago. It is a total myth that this happens in our day.

Another example of a myth: a gentle giant was walking along and thinking about
entering college for the first time. Then he was struck down. Media had been
demanding the release of the store video and DoJ wanted it held back. What did the
video show? The gentle giant was not being gentle. From that moment on, violence

Why? The myth was totally nuked.

It wasnt made up; now it wasnt going to be easy to put the cop in jail. The cop was
roughed up, and may have eye socket damage. One of the ways to get back to their
myth is to go after the DA. All of a sudden Bob McCulloch is unqualified. He cant be
trusted to ignore all of the evidence. His mother was in a police dpt.

((Clip-McCulloch: We are going to proceed until the governor says differently. This
family deserves getting on with [the grand jury, today].))
>>> The governor and Claire McCaskill are pandering to Democrat voters.
90% of agitators/protestors are not from Ferguson.
Of all 78 arrests, only three were Ferguson residents.

From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Gullibles Travels"
Many have long worried the American education system is dumbing down the
population. Heres a news item that validates that.
In 1988, The Onion began publishing parody news stories that were obvious satire.
They were so popular that the website became a staple of the parody news
The Onion reaches about 11 million people a month. A significant number of those visits
are from people who are driven there by Facebook. Apparently, a significant number of
these readers just dont get it. Because Facebook is testing a tag, a notice for their
users, to let them know that what reading from the Onion is satire. This became
necessary because so many gullible Facebook users believed the Onion stories were
For example, headlines like this: Busch Gardens Unveils New 9,600-Mile-Long
Endurance Roller Coaster. Many Facebook believed it.
Its not just young people on social media websites who are gullible. Millions believe
Republicans want to take Social Security from the elderly, take school lunches away
from students, or that theyre waging a war on women. Millions believe in the global
warming hoax despite reams of irrefutable evidence that researchers cooked the books.
So Facebook having to identify satire for the gullible doesnt surprise me. How could
it? Im the one who coined the phrase low-information voter (I did) to explain how
millions of the duped could re-elect the Regime. There are lots of gullible Americans out
there! Way too many.
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...
Forbes: Facebook Is Testing A 'Satire' Tag Since Users Think The Onion Articles Are True [[Heard AM on radio across America]]
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"There are now photos of a Democrat voter registration tent that has been set up in
Ferguson. The death of Michael Brown is being used to register Democrats in Ferguson,
Missouri, practically right next to the memorial for the kid."
"Sometimes I feel like I've fallen into a time warp here. A Democrat governor's just sent
in the National Guard to shut down a bunch of black protesters. The Democrats are
doing sit-ins in the offices of somebody named Nixon. I mean, if you stop and think
about it, if you're old enough, this is really uncanny."
"Amnesty is Democrat Party control for a generation. I mean, barring some unforeseen,
unpredictable event, you have to conclude, educated guess, that newly arrived poor,
uneducated, unskilled people equal Democrat voters."
"Yeah, you've got all these guys, Obama and Eric Holder and Governor Nixon, and
they're all running around decrying the militarization of police officers. They're the ones
that did it! What do you think the militarization equipment comes from for these police
departments? It comes from the US Department of Defense, the DOD."
"The media's going to be in Ferguson longer than CNN tried to find the missing
Malaysian jet."
"If Michael Brown had been 6'4; if he'd been 290 lbs; if he had just held up a
convenience store; if he was bull rushing the cop, everything the same, the cop would
not have pulled the trigger on a white guy. That's the left's story and they're going to
manufacture that. They don't care whether it's true."
"Some of the Ferguson protesters, like the New Black Panthers, are claiming to be the
new civil rights movement, which I guess is only natural. The civil rights era is the only
period in our nation's history that's glorified in the schools these days."
"We have the president of the United States, who cannot be criticized, cannot be
opposed, it is thought, by elected officials who otherwise would be opposing him
because they disagree with the policies and ideas. But they don't dare go there."
"We have a Republican Party afraid to push back on anything, 'cause they don't want to
be called racist."
"What do you bet that Obama extends the family vacation another week for total of
three, using this three-day break in Washington as an excuse or justification or whatever
for, 'Hey, he came back to work, so he's is going to be gone an additional week just to
make up for the time he lost'?"
"Leftists are singularly alike, and they have singular objectives. The problem is trying to
convince people of them. They sound so outrageous, most people will never believe any
of it."
"It's clear, ladies and gentlemen: Ferguson, Missouri, is attracting a lot of people who --
like Obama and Holder -- wish they had been alive during the civil rights movement in
the sixties, and that's another thing that's going on here. This is a flashback; this is not
"If Obama does this amnesty thing before the election, that's going to really tick many
people off and the Democrats are not going to be reelected. He doesn't care. I honestly
believe that."
"Modern Democrat politics is the fight between left-wing Alinskyites and even more
radical left-wing Alinskyites. There is no moderate center in the Democrat Party
"Remember, Obama's not here to transform the Democrat Party. He's here to transform
the country."

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Today, 9/16/14
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Open: It takes DbM six years to see Obama as he is.
Seg#1: DbM is shocked that Obama doesnt seem to care.
WH hung a blue banner at the HS to make it look official; and after his pathetic
statement about the beheading of Jim Foley, the banner comes down and he changes
clothes to leave for golf in Marthas Vineyard.
Because of their own bias and bigotry, DbM wouldnt accept what I told them six years
ago. Obama doesnt seem to care and DbM is shocked. They had high hopes because
he is them.
Obama announces special forces went in rescue hostages including Jim Foley, but when
they got there, the hostages were not there. You never reveal the success or failures of
special ops, so why did they do it? They did it to cover up for Obamas weak
statement. ((Montage: He literally went from the podium to the first tee. . . . He is a
cold son of a bitch.))
((Clip-Karl-Rove: President Bush gave up golf for the rest of his presidency. [With
Obama] somebody made a mistake.)) How is it Obama escapes accountability for his
own actions?
With Greta VanSusteren ((Clip-John.Bolton: This is a stunning breach of [military
secrets]. The person that gave us the tip may be dead by now. You keep this secret for
50 years.)) Narcissists dont have time to care about others since they are too focused
about what people think about them.
They are busy waiting for love and adulation.
Obama telling special ops details is to show low-info voters that he cares.
((Clip: If an ISIS terrorist showed up at a NYC mall with AK-47s, I would not be
surprised.)) That is Mike Morrell.
In UK, among the most popular names given to newborn boys is Mohammad or
variations. Because of political correctness, England opened their borders and are being
overtaken by Muslims. The executioner of Tim Foley spoke with a British accent and is
nicknamed The Beatle.
>>> What about our own open southern border?
Segment#2: Progressive-Liberals are Liberals first
A funny eMail note from a friend, Even if they had listened to you, they still would have
elected Obama, twice. That is because they are Liberals first.
Well discuss in depth later. You have to understand what Obama has always believed:
the United States is the problem, and never the solution.
>>> This was not supposed to happen after he was elected.
News: Two USA doctors cured of Ebola, Please continue praying for Liberia.
Seg#3: What do you do when the Commander-In-Chief has no clue ?
Liberals are shocked, dismayed, and angry that Obama seemed to not care, changing
to golf clothes, laughing and yukking it up. It fuels the opinion of some that Obama has
checked out.
There are a couple of different ways to view this (1) how Obama was raised and taught
the United States is the reason there is anger. People on the Left see the US Military as
the center of evil. Flash back to the campaign of 2008, Those days will end with my
Obama made his speech in Berlin where he agrees with criticism of USA. Now, after his
election, the despots were supposed to stand down. Obama was raised with this view.
He got the full dose from his home and colleges: economic, social, political. This is
taught to our young in college. Obama arrived with these views and fit right in.
We have forced poverty in Gaza because we have been standing with Israel. It is not
fair. He was elected campaigning he could make the world love us. He brought it up in
his speech: This is not how things happen in the 21
Century when it clearly is !
His election was supposed to end hatred.
Can you imagine the shock? Obama thought his existence was unique and special. (2)
What if Obama is so shocked that he is paralyzed.
This is why he has checked out? Terrorists ratchets it up, even as Obama says we
ended Terrorism and bans the word. This was so we wouldnt provoke the bad guys.
Some in the Drive-bys think and say that Obama is shocked into paralysis.
Now what do we do? they ask.
>>> We started out with a guy that had no clue.
Segment#4: In God we trust!
Caller: Media is upset?
Peter Jennings was on the Committee to Protect Journalists. They wanted to bring
the truth to the American people about war-torn places of the world. Media loves
talking about themselves and how they do it. They love the self-praise.
The US doctor has been cured from Ebola and was totally devoted to God and
Christianity. It was Christian Missionary 101. Did you hear Bless You got a young
school girl kicked out?
>>> We are not going to have Godly talk in our class. (In Tennessee)

Segment#6: The aloof president
(Theme Music) Americas Real Anchorman, doctor of democracy. ((Reading: A high
school coed senior said, Bless you after her friend sneezed. I told the teacher I had a
Constitutional right.)) It happened and the school is backing up the suspension.
Do you know why it is said, Snerdley? In case you heart stops, a blessing will restart the
heart. People on the Left dont like that.
From the UK, the reporting of Obama leaving for golf is brutal.
'We will be relentless' (right after my vacation): Fury as Obama is seen fist-bumping,
high-fiving and laughing on the golf course just MINUTES after pledging justice for
journalist James Foley
>>> [UK reporting does the job USA reporting should do.]

Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Reiners Ultimate Solution"
Rob Reiner is one of Hollywoods institutional liberals. Every so often, he erupts, and
spews nonsense, then fades away until the next time.
Reiner was recently the guest on Larry Kings internet show. Which is why few people
actually saw the interview. But its getting some coverage due to the venom Reiner
unleashed at the Tea Party. According to Reiner, the Tea Party and the terrorist
organization Hamas are both extremists, and cannot be negotiated with. So the only
way to make them go away, Reiner says, is to eliminate them.
Reiners ultimate solution is based on his ridiculous belief that the Tea Party controls the
entire Congress. They supposedly have a stranglehold on Boehner, which is why nothing
gets done. Whats needed to break the logjam, says Reiner, is to eliminate them.
Reiner didnt go into the logistics of his ultimate solution. But he still says eliminate
Members of the Tea Party have as much right to participate in politics as anyone else.
They have a point of view. They want financial sanity restored, they want the
Constitution honored, the rule of law followed, and a country that is strong and
respected again.
But because they dont bow to the liberal Democrat agenda, they have been vilified by
the drive-by media, by elected Democrats, and subjected to hate speech from low-
information hacks like Rob Reiner, whose biggest claim to fame was playing
Meathead on TV a long, long, time ago.
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...
Newsbusters: Rob Reiner: Tea Party Should Be 'Eliminated' Like Hamas [[Heard AM on radio across America]]
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"Every one of Obama's appearances is staged usually now in front of young, low-
information college students in a controlled environment, with Obama on the campaign
stage, campaigning for something, complaining about one of his own policies that the
audience doesn't realize is his own policy. But an environment like Ferguson, they
couldn't control."
"Snerdley is in there drinking a bottle of Two If By Tea, and he's just commenting on
how good it is. Thank you, Mr. Snerdley, I appreciate that. It's incredible. It is. It's the
best iced tea in the country."
"You're not watching news out of Ferguson. You're watching politics in action. They
don't find anybody who disagrees with the myth, not one person in that town, huh?"
"I'm wondering, did the waters of the Mississippi River part as Holder flew over the
Mississippi en route to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport? Have the lions laid down
with the lambs? Are the Crips making peace with the Bloods? Is it all better now
because Eric Holder has touched down?"
"It's something like 90% of the agitators and protesters are not from Ferguson. If that
weren't happening, if they weren't busing in New Black Panther Party members and
others from Oakland, who knows what might be going on there?"
"This Obama appearance of being disengaged and bored and having checked out from
the job -- not challenged, not interested in it anymore -- is the greatest cover for
political activism that you can imagine."
"If the truth behind any of the Democrat Party's policies is ever revealed, what
happens? Whoever reveals the truth becomes a target, and the nature of the evidence
and the truth is obliterated, nuked, and destroyed."
"A female Democrat Party activist and party member was on the grand jury that indicted
Rick Perry, and she's out singing a sweet song and just bragging about it, how cool it is."
"Obama called ISIS the JV team. So the JV team has beheaded an American reporter, a
photojournalist, actually, James Foley, beheaded on videotape. They're threatening to
behead yet another American journalist, the JV team."
"You notice how often Obama says he's powerless to do anything, even stop the rioting
in Ferguson. Powerless to do anything about Benghazi. He's just powerless to do
"The reporters on the ground in Ferguson are not standing there with notebooks and
cameras and microphones and recording what happens and then trying to be the first to
tell everybody. They are all trying to find things that will fit their version of the story that
already exists."
"I used to say back in the early days of this program, if you miss this program, you miss
this program. There's nowhere else you can go to hear what happened on this program.
But if you missed CBS, no big deal, watch ABC."
"In the current climate in the United States a black person can never be the oppressor,
and a white person can never be a victim."
"Students in the high school in Ferguson, Missouri -- still closed because of rioting -- are
not just missing classes. They are missing their free lunches. I kid you not. Students in
the high school, closed because of the rioting, aren't just missing classes. They are
missing their free lunches."
Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Today, 9/16/14
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Opening: Latest Democrat reason is silly
Seg#1: If we dont grant them Amnesty, they will become Terrorists
Chuck Hagel thinks that if they get mad, they will join ISIS *pronounce it eee-sis. The
first vowel should be pronounced like the y in city. + Its openline Friday and we will
cover the spectrum, not just Obama golfing and Ferguson.
The AP has a story that Immigration is a non-factor in the 2014 elections. You people
dont care about it. ((Reading-Daily-Caller: Pat Murphy said that if the underage
migrants arent given Amnesty, they could become terrorists. We need to make sure we
treat them like they are our children and grandchildren. (1) pathway w/education; (2)
Ensure they are not terrorists.)) He is a state rep in Iowa seeking a US House seat.
This is certifiable proof that some Liberal Democrats in Iowa are insane. How stupid
does he think his constituents are? We are the problem in the world and we had
better make amends. They want to come here so bad they ride on the top of trains
and if we dont be nice to them when they get here they are going to become
Rick Perry spoke at the Heritage Foundation yesterday and postulated that ISIS is
already in America now.
It was refreshing to see the missionary doctor back from Liberia giving praise to God. He
was out-front with it and there was no question he is a missionary.
Look at what happened in Tennessee: a coed sneezes, her friend says, God Bless You,
and gets suspended for the rest of the day. No pre-game prayers in some school
districts. Speech at graduations suppressed. There is absolute furry on Twitter against
Kent Brantley. His was a feel good story and not that long ago, his comments were
acceptable. Praising God has been under assault and intense attack for a decade as
everything is politicized.
Heres an idea: Walter Isaacson used to be managing editor of Times, and for a short
time ran CNN. Now he is with Aspen: he makes the case that privacy is different from
anonymity. He does not like anonymity in social media. You wouldnt say half of what
you say if you were not anonymous. He didnt propose the government get involved.
>> Privacy and anonymity are different, he believes and postulates.
Seg#2: Providers need to remove anonymity to bring back civility
On Twitter they call him douche-bag and that is minor compared to other anonymous
viciousness. There is absolute furry on Twitter against Kent Brantley.
On Uber, the passengers rate the drivers and they are more civil and polite. Character is
what you do when nobody is watching. It is traceable back to Plato.
>>> Morality is how you are in private moments, postulates Plato.
Seg#3: Liberals see their dreams crumbling while Obama twitters in golf
Not just Twitter and Facebook, the gutter-talk is expanding. It is also on Leftist blogs.
People ask, are they just this stupid and inconsiderate? Has it always been this way?
This poor doctor is being ripped to shreds just for thanking God that he is still alive.
It is one thing to say you do not believe in God;
it is another thing to rip those that do.
A city board allowed a woman to rename her street, Redskin Drive. Drive-by Media
wants everyone that does not view things as they do, or you are odd and out of step.
They act all-knowing and perfect, and any disagreement is not allowed.
We now know why Obama went back to Washington ((Clip-Major-Garrett: It included
other parties and a bachelor party.)) Dashing back to the golf course in Left-media.
Obama represented their idealism. It was an added bonus he is [half] Black. In all of
the Liberal characteristics that matter to them, he was the whole package. For the
first two years they remained fully invested.
Hes just so far ahead of us intellectually, the job becomes boring to him. Instead of
reverence for the Oval Office, he doesnt even like going to the Oval Office and thinks it
is a prison. He is capable of so much more.
All of these invested people see their world crashing down on them.
Their liberal icon has failed to meet their expectations. He was supposed to bring the
Progressive-Communist-Liberal Utopia. We say goodbye to Global Warming and have
free Healthcare. The one man chosen by history and destiny cant get himself off the
damn golf course.
Do you know how much the Left hates golf? Rich 1% are out there in open space while
the 99% have to sweat to support them. Women were not allowed and the golf carts
are causing Global Warming.
>>> The Leftist Dream is falling apart and they are beside themselves.
Seg#4: Transforming America into a third-world nation
Ben White talks to Politico about Obama on the golf course ((Clip: Im not concerned
about the optic, Im concerned about what he does. There are Democrats quoted that
this was a bad move, and shows Obama checked out.)) I dont believe he has lost
interest in transforming the country. His deception is brilliant. He doesnt care about
Obamacarethat is beneath him.
He grew up being taught that the United States is the cause of every problem. He also
believed the silly notion that his election would solve everything. America has a
president that sees America like other leaders of the world do. Maybe Obama is now
in a state of shock.
>>> As a narcissist, he may be in denial and shock.
Seg#5: Liberals out of power are funny; in power, dangerous
It could be that Obama knows full well that his policies are failing.
That could make him double down He thinks others are stupid.
Barack Hussein Obama thinks others do not recognize his brilliance.
>>> You know how Liberals get when they are rejected.
[ED: Do you remember his real name? Did you buy DSouzas movie?+
Seg#6: The Limbaugh Theorem: Obama is above his destruction
Ben White talked about Obama yukking it up mere moments after talking about the
beheading by ISIS. Only Democrats can give correct criticism? Any Republican criticism
is automatically rejected, especially from Conservatives. No, it is the Leftist Obama
defenders that cannot be trusted. They support the Liberal Agenda and see Obama
playing on the damn golf course.
I know these Leftists better than they know themselves because I am honest, and they
deceive themselves. To them, it is bad enough that we are the lone superpower, we did
this with hard work. No, this game to them is rigged. They see ordinary people as just
not capable.
America was and is founded on the concept that government is subservient to the
citizens. To Leftists, that just is not acceptable. They want The Regime to control
everyone life and liberty.
Do not doubt me: there are people that believe this way, and Obama is one of them;
he had the messianic complex with his Greek towers and speaking around the world.
Now, as he sees himself rejected, things could get messy. He could double-down for
Justice for the world against America.
His policies failing doesnt matter to Obamahe will still transform America. He will still
fix the injustices. Obama doesnt not have to be fully immersed in the Oval Office. He
can keep the borders from the golf course.
>>> Let me reassure you Obama-supporters on the Left:
>>>> Obama can continue to destroy American traditions;
>>>>> He can do it and appear to have nothing to do with it.
Seg#7: Republicans tried to be color blind // but Democrats dont
We had a massive recording session; and yet, here I am as a professional.
Caller: Had it been a Black journalist would Obama have spoken more strongly?
Others are asking this, looking at Ferguson and the Agenda. What did George H W Bush
do during the Rodney King incident? He sent the DoJ quickly there to investigate and
pay special attention to any racial aspects. If things were the same, these questions
would not be raised about Obama/Holder/DoJ.
Republicans go out of their way to nominate great and qualified Black candidates to
positions, and what do they get? Democrats seek to destroy them. Not just their
positions but their lives.
>>> Why do we even have to ask if Obama views everything as political?
Seg#8: CNN is not succeeding in convicting the Ferguson cop
CNN is noticeably down today, and the reason can be seen in their headlines. The
MYTH in Ferguson is falling apart. They Myth was that The Gentle Giant was walking to
his grandmothers house, thinking about his first day at college. They he was accosted
by a cop who shot him in the back while he was raising his hands, which happens all too
often across America, all the time.
Now the grand jury begins to hear the facts.
Watching CNN you do not see their prior confidence. It started with one huge flaw:
White cops shot Black kids all the time. It is different from the days of Rodney King.
Myth-makers do not have free reign. They no longer get to dictate what is and is not
the news.
New Media challenges Drive-by Media at every turn. The Trayvon Martin was another
example of DbM taking it on the chin. Now there are people willing to stand up and
call them out with facts. They were not ready for pushback.
Young journalists rarely try to take out and destroy Democratsthey only seek to
destroy Conservative/Republicans.
Caller-Utah: Our school children love your Freedom/Liberty books.
An example of an Easter Egg in the pages, to be discovered, is a sentence delivered by
Steve Jobs in a commencement speech. The Liberty character has a lot of horse-sense
and well send her the audio versions:
>>> . . . read by me.
Seg#9: Thank our servicemen and our first responders
The talking horse Liberty is always dependable. Im thrilled caller picked it up.
Caller: I was on the streets of Ferguson for 30 yrs. My friend was knocked down.
Another was shot with his own gun.
You are seeing your hands tied, and forced into a defensive posture.
>>> You, in law enforcement, are taken for granted way too often.
Seg#10: There is one more hour of Broadcast Excellence
Harry Reid makes racial jokes at Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce.
>>> [ED: He said the wong thing and the wong time.]
Segment#11: Mankind is not part of Nature ?
Animal Rights movement, all of the movements, are Leftist. They disguise themselves as
being not political: You and Dad are destroying the polar bears after they photo-shop
floating ice pieces with a baby polar bear floating away.
Many Leftist environmentalists think the human race is a blight on the planet Earth.
Insects and plants are natural, but we are not. Im telling you what I read, Im not
making it up. Hetch Hetchy water is diverted to San Francisco; everybody else is
supposed to cut back, but not Leftists in San Francisco.
Because of the CA drought, the central valley farm lands have to cut back 15%. They
have to cut back their farmlands because of nature. We are never allowed to be
considered part of nature. Other parts of nature adapt. It is the way of nature that
species that dont adapt, die out.
I had an associate who thought dolphins were smarter than we are: if they had hands,
they could build hospitals. And if deer had shotguns, they could shoot back. ((Reading
from Sweden: We need to be careful inventing robots since if we are not careful, they
could decide the kindest thing would be to wipe us out.))
This woman, Nell Watson, thinks the chips could have the same intelligence as a
bumblebee. We deserve to be wiped out. We pollute the oceans. It will be pristine and
perfect once it is just dolphins and robots.
This engineers conference would have been parody a decade ago.
>>> Extreme idiocy has become mainstream thinking.
Seg#12: What is different between Reagan and Obama ?
Caller: Newt Gingrich put in a line-item veto. Reagan balanced the budget.
>>> Obama-puppeteers do not want to rile their core base.
Seg#13: LAPD in 1997 had to go to a local gun store to buy rifles
There are days I feel like I am starting all over again, and I love it. The point is, whether
you want to believe it or not, there are highly-respected engineers with kooky Leftist
One day your kid might come home and say the world would be better off without
humans, and you will say, What the HELL is going on in public education? These are
mainstream idealists like Paul Ehrlich saying we would have to start killing off large
swabs of people because there simply not enough resources. He is still at Stanford and
has influence among young minds.
It gives young lives meaning to think they can drive a golf cart to save the world. They
give their lives meaning by supporting The Regime. It may sound kooky to you but they
teach your kids this; then they become govt officals and teachers.
Liberals couch every belief in compassion. I explained it all 25 years ago. Who opposes
clean air and clean water? They mischaracterize their opponents. They have one
objective: Governments must be bigger; you cant decide for yourselves; you need to
be controlled, while they claim to look out for common people. In truth, they want you
to control as little as possible.
The people that create the problems set themselves up as the only people that can
rectify the messes they create.
Caller-cop-St.Louis: (1) In 1997, L.A. PD was held at bay for three hours with AU-47s and
military gear. The LAPD had to go to local gun stores to buy rifles since they didnt have
any; (2) 53 officers have been killed with their own guns. It only takes one good punch
and the officer is laid out and they have the gun.
I couldnt agree more. It is a total myth that you shoot Black kids. The police are
automatically on defense because of political correctly.
Is it true that you are automatically suspended when you discharge your weapon? [Yes,
training and review.] Why did you want to be a cop? [Help people, steady pay,
comradery, Im from the military.+
There were other witnesses
>>> and that is one reason the Myth is falling apart.
Segment#14: Seize the Day !
Caller: I appreciate what you do and why you do it. Media is embarrassed.
Caller: Who should own the future of the American people? People, or The Regime?

Caller: We need a Grand Strategy to simply fight for citizen survival.
>>> That movement is already on the move. Well discuss it later.
From Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Obamacare Audit"
AP is always reporting on events that unfold "unexpectedly." And now they reveal that,
according to a government audit, the Obamacare tax on medical devices isn't bringing in
as much money "as expected" because thousands of companies subject to the tax aren't
paying it. Unexpectedly.
The Treasury's Inspector General for Tax Administration, Russell George, conducted the
audit. He says the IRS had better step up its game in policing the tax, which took effect
in January of '13. But the agency can't even figure out which companies owe the money.
The IRS expected they'd rake in over $1 billion in new revenue within the first six
months, but it didn't happen. They fell short by 24 percent. The IRS expected they'd get
some 16,000 tax returns from medical device makers, but they barely got 5,000. So,
either the businesses don't know about the tax requirements or they're simply ignoring
A majority of Congress is in favor of repealing the medical device tax requirement. In
states with lots of medical device companies, like New York, California, and Minnesota,
even Democrats have gone on record saying they want it repealed. But it's still around.
Just as the majority of Americans didn't want Obamacare, and still don't want
Obamacare, but it's still around.
There's only one thing left in the IRS playbook to turn this situation around. And that is,
call Lois Lerner back to service and treat the medical device companies like they are the
Tea Party. Harass them until they squeeze every last dime out of them. And then put
them in jail. And then criminalize everything they do. And then throw away the key. And
then tell them to go to... just get rid of them!
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...
FT: How the IRS Is Botching Obamacare Tax Collection
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"Britain lost their immigration war a long time ago. There is no Great Britain as your
grandfather knew it. You know, in Great Britain, the most popular name for newborn
boys past three years, Mohammed, Muhammad, Mohamed. Top three."
"The Drive-Bys are shocked that Obama doesn't appear to care about Jim Foley. The
Drive-Bys are shocked that Obama would go play golf. But they had all these high hopes.
They bought into all of it because Obama's them, and they are Obama, same
generation, same worldview, same pedigree. And they all care."
"Narcissists don't have time to care about other people. They're too busy wondering
about everybody else caring about them. They're too busy expecting everybody to be
focused on them. Narcissists can't possibly be effusive or emotive, by clinical definition."
"Obama has always believed, the United States is the problem in the world. He was
raised, educated, and believes in his own self that the United States is the reason the
world is the way it is."
"'The White House'" made Obama play golf? One of our guys is saying this? So Obama
finishes his remarks about Jim Foley, and then he looks at his BlackBerry for instructions
from the White House, and on his BlackBerry it says: 'Hit first tee next'?"
"I got so excited to do these children's books on American history, to tell the truth at an
early age, in a fun way, so that kids learn historical truth and get a foundation of love
and respect for this country, despite our flaws -- and there are some."
"Tune into any cable news network or read any Drive-By website or newspaper. You will
have no problem coming across people shocked, surprised, angry, outraged, what have
you, that President Obama delivered a passionless, almost rote, because-he-had-to, set
of remarks on the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley -- and then, in 10
minutes, is spotted out there in the driver's seat of the presidential golf cart laughing
and yukking it up."
"This show is not some exercise in bashing Obama. I don't ever do that, just bash to
bash. Never, ever. I have a reason for doing everything here."
"The media loves nothing more than talking about themselves. And they love nothing
more than talking about what they do and how they do it."
"Jimmy Carter, the worst acknowledged president ever, and the Democrats elevate him
to emeritus status in order to save the party."
"So I think now, in the aftermath of the death of James Foley, the question, does Hillary
know how bad things are going to be get? I wonder if she knew how bad this ISIS
business was."
"When an officer tells you to lay down, you don't have to. You can rush the guy. What
are people thinking?"
"I'm sitting here wondering about this picture of Obama that ran New York Daily News, I
think. I mean, mere moments after he finishes his heartfelt slap at the JV team, he's out
there on the first tee. He's in the driver's seat of his golf cart, and he is smiling, and he is
just happy as he can be. I'm just wondering if the photographer who took that picture is
going to be forced to apologize."
"Nobody gets to tell anybody nothing. Nobody gets to tell anybody what to do. That's
what America 2014 is. Nobody gets to tell anybody anything!
Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Monday, 8/25/14
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Opening: Is there looting in Napa CA? Earthquake!
Segment#1: Look at what Liberal media has done to us!
The lights were out; the electricity was off; you could just walk into stores. Was there
no injustice to cause looting? Listen to Martha MacCallum and Claudia Cowan.

They have identified Jihadist John from London; his dad is a Terrorist also, held in
prison in Manhattan for bombings.

Would it bother you that The New York Times attended the autopsy of The Gentle
Giant. The point of their story was it was not very professional in their view.

The 1960s movement is back; the New Black Panthers joins in. There are exceptions,
but the single most animating topic that excites sports media culture is race. They are
more intent than their buddies in Drive-by Media. A lot of the sports commentators are
young and were not tied to the Hippy movement.

Education does not honor American history. To public educators, Slavery can never be
erased. Obama came along to erase as much as possible. The Civil Acts of 1864
required Republicans to vote down Democrats. History has been rewritten. So
Ferguson offered an opportunity for the young to relive history.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton want no change and race tensions to never go away.
((Reading-Politico: Six years ago, Obama was going usher in etc., but that hasnt
happened. For him it is a constant lose-lose situation.))

Try this different thought experiment: Image in The Black President had been Dr Ben
Carson. Do you think The New York Times would praise him and say racial tension is
going to be over? HELL NO: they would write this is the worst possible disaster!

No criticism was allowed with Obama (you would be called racist.)
>>> Republicans were afraid to push back on anything.
>>>>>>> Obama/Democrats have had free reign.

Seg#2: Media creates the news they want to report on
For those that remember, it is a change to relive the 1960 Civil Rights, and for those who
are too young, they want to join in per what they have been taught.

There are questions about what the president should do. ((Clip: These young people
want to join the soap opera. Is that America? is being asked. We need to fix that.))
Media is making the Agenda.
>>> You can see that media is in love with the event.

Seg#3: Most Americans are fed up with the outsiders coming in
((Clip: We like to cover it like a soap opera.)) Andrew McCarthy noted this. The news
now is the Leftist-Democrat Agenda. ((Clip-on: There is a new Civil Rights Movement
that has sprung up.)) What did I tell you? ((Clip-on: There is something we cant miss: it
feels different from Trayvon Martin and Rodney King.)) I wonder what is different(?)

((Clip-on: People are saying, Is that America?))
>>> No, they are saying they are fed up with this.

Seg#4: To understand Obamas ideology, understand his roots
Everybody thinks Obama has check out; but I dont: He is as cold and calculating as he
ever has been. His Agenda rolls on; he may want to appear as aloof for The Limbaugh
Theorem, but he is not. He is as intent as he has ever been.

>>> No one asked what Obama meant, remake America.

From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "The Poor Door"
One way big-city liberals exert power is by forcing real estate developers to jump
through hoops. Like developers must build affordable housing units in their upscale

One new luxury Manhattan skyscraper was forced to include affordable rental
apartments in order to qualify for government incentives. The upscale residents have
access to their condos from the front lobby. The rental tenants have a separate side
entrance. They call it the poor door.

In another building, upscale tenants can use a brand new gym for free but its off-limits
to their affordable, rent-regulated neighbors. This led to a complaint being filed with
New Yorks Human Rights Commission. Says renter Jean Green Dorsey: Nobody treats
me like a second-class citizen in my own home. She and the other rent-stabilized
tenants say theyre willing to pay a fee to use the gym, but it shouldnt be off-limits

The landlord of the building sees things differently, pointing out that rent-stabilized
tenants get valuable benefits of their very own, including much lower rent.

New York Mayor de Blasio recently weighed in: We believe there should be a much
more equal approach to all the residents, he said. When he was a mere Councilman, he
voted for the zoning code change that allows the unequal arrangements. But Mayor
de Blasio doesnt have to use the poor door anymore, so I guess things have changed
as he's gotten higher on the ladder.

Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...
CBS: De Blasio On Poor Doors: Future Development Should Have Equal Approach
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"Liberalism has been so good at disguising itself and trying to make itself look like it's
apolitical. I mean, what little kid would think an animal rights group has anything to do
with politics?"
"Have you heard the latest reason from a Democrat why we need to grant illegal
immigrants amnesty? I'm not kidding. If we don't, they'll become terrorists."
"This business of Obama making a really halfhearted statement about the beheading of
James Foley and then immediately dashing back to the golf course is causing a great
sense of panic among the Drive-By Media. So many of them had such lofty goals. So
many of them invested totally in Obama."
"So, Obama had to come back to Washington for a bachelor party. He left his own
vacation -- one set of parties and the golf course -- for another party. He didn't
announce that until after it was over, and even then it wasn't announced as a bachelor
"You don't know if social media is simply allowing the people who've always been this
way to finally come out and behave this way, or if it has creating this new level of uncivil
"A common tactic of the left is when they get behind a cause, they make it look like
everybody agrees with them, like they speak for everybody, and it creates this false
impression that there is no disagreement. So, if you do disagree, you're automatically
supposed to feel odd and weird and behind the times, unhip, uncool, whatever; the
world's passing you by."
"The media is starting to get really, really worried about Obama checking out, playing
golf, not being interested. They're really, really worried."
"We don't see public recognitions of and devotion to God, because it's laughed at and
mocked and made fun of. Even that's been politicized."
"If everybody who posted something on the Internet had to be identified by who they
really are... I'm not suggesting it, but I think the theory is true that if everybody had to
go by who they really are, their true identity, that you'd have a lot less of this."
"A common tactic of the left is when they get behind a cause, whatever it is, they make
it look like everybody agrees with them."
"Do you know how much the left hates golf? Do you know why the left hates golf?
Global warming! There's too much empty space out there. Look at all that green! Look
at all the water that's being used to keep that golf. For who? The top 1%!"
"Obama's an ideologue. He's going to keep transforming this country, and he's going to
maybe even speed it up 'cause people refuse to appreciate just how genius he is."
"CNN is noticeably down today, and you can see it, see the reason why in their own
headlines. It's starting to return to normal in Ferguson."

Finally a friend provided a copy of the following notice *with a related photo that, alas, wont be
circulated here because its X-Rated, although a copy is available upon requestand proof of age > 18+:

Don't forget to mark your calendars.

It is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked and if he
does, he must commit suicide. Therefore, next Saturday at 1:00 pm, all Australian
women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any
neighborhood terrorists. It is recommended that they circle their block for one hour to
maximize this anti-terrorist effort.

All patriotic Australian men are advised to position themselves in lawn chairs in front
of their houses to demonstrate their support for the women and to prove that they
are not Muslim terrorist sympathizers. Since Islam also does not approve of alcohol,
placing a cold 6-pack at your side is further proof of your patriotism.

The Australian government appreciates such efforts to root-out terrorists and
applauds participation in this anti-terrorist activity.

P.S. If you don't send this to at least one person, you will be subject to the charge that
you are a terrorist-sympathizer and, possibly, are aiding and abetting Islamists.