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Full Name: Alfino Harun Lubis

Date of Birth: April 23

, 1993
ApplyTexas Application ID: 000999658

As a child, I had a habit of watching and wondering for hours on how beam-pumping unit works,
indulging myself in all kinds of fantasies about the mysterious underground reservoir with great
curiosity. I imagined that someday I would be able to unveil its mysteries. The black petroleum
continues to hold me fascinated and spellbound with its infinite attractions. To be a successful
petroleum engineer, I feel responsible for the welfare of my country by helping them enhance the oil
production. Therefore, I consider it necessary to pursue a Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering to
improve my knowledge and expertise in petroleum industry.

Not only do I assemble strong interest in the field of petroleum, I laid a firm foundation as a student of
Petroleum Engineering at Institut Teknologi Bandung, one of Indonesias most prestigious university.
Being born into a family that always encourages to utilize to the full extent of our inherent gifts, I
succeeded in every academic venture I have undertaken. For seven consecutive semesters, I was
awarded the honor of Student of Excellence from the dean. By adopting my parents standard, I
learn to be disciplined, persistent in my pursuits and to work hard at everything I do.

My distinguished scholastic aptitudes led me to achieve high GPA of 3.90, the second best among 80
students in my department. By studying each course with serious interest, I gain a complete
understanding, of how bodies of underground oil, gas and water move and reconstruct them by means
of numerical simulation software. Whenever I succeed in creating a three-dimensional model, or
preparing the plan for oil field development, I will be very pleased because I could see that my
childhood dreams are being fulfilled.

I excelled on most of the undergraduate courses and made myself fully prepared for more advanced
learning. However, exposure to theoretical fundamentals does not quench my thirst for more in-depth
understanding of petroleum engineering. My internship at Chevron and Schlumberger has given me
the experience of working in an organization oriented towards research. I am truly honored to get the
opportunity of joining both programs after long selection process and tight competition with hundreds
of applicants. One of the valuable things in my 3-month work experience is that I have gained an in-
depth understanding of many important practical production processes in oilfield industry.

Full Name: Alfino Harun Lubis
Date of Birth: April 23
, 1993
ApplyTexas Application ID: 000999658

Besides being exposed to real-world situations, I also got the chance to learn the management of a
successful oil company. From the session with senior Petroleum Engineers, I could apply the theories
and principles that I had learned in the classroom and became familiar with many differing types of
tools and their uses. Working in a multidisciplinary team greatly aided my interpersonal skills and
increased my confidence and ability to work in this sort of environment. Through conversations with
my co-workers, I was able to see the assorted daily challenges of a large-scale operation, and the
competition or interaction with other large companies on a global scale.

Currently, I am working on my undergraduate thesis about well testing on coalbed methane under the
supervision of Professor Doddy Abdassah and aim to graduate in early July 2014. I have developed
the keenness on unconventional reservoirs during my study here. In recognition of my preference,
Professor Abdassah and Taufan Marhaendrajana, Ph.D (an alumnus of Texas A&M University)
suggested me to learn more from their acquaintance Professor Tom Blasingame if given the chance to
pursue graduate study at Texas A&M.

I choose Texas A&M University because the university's petroleum engineering program is hands
down the best in the world. Particularly, what impressed me most about your institution is the
contribution to the advancement of research. Students in my university often receive the task to
summarize technical papers associated with TAMU. The majority of my lecturers also graduated from
Texas A&M. Moreover, some of our handbooks are written by TAMU professors, such as The
Properties of Petroleum Fluids by William D. McCain, Jr. Thus, it would be my privilege to be able
to pursue a Masters degree at your university and avail myself of the excellent infrastructure facilities
and research opportunities it has to offer. I am sure that the stimulating academic environment and
interaction with the distinguished faculty at TAMU will prove immensely fruitful and facilitate my
development as a petroleum engineer. I feel that TAMU has a lot to offer me, and at the same time, I
am confident that I would be able to make a mutual contribution to this university.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time to consider my application and I look
forward for my admission into the graduate program of your esteemed university.

Alfino Harun Lubis