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By the end of FY 2002/03 the interconnected system had an installed capacity of 1,114.2 MW.
In the last three years a total of 411.5 MW were injected to the grid as follows:
a) Kipevu III 115 MW
b) Geothermal 70MW (Orpower and olkaria II unit3)
c) Sondu Miriu 60 MW
d) Iberafrica - 52.5 MW
e) Kiambere upgrade 24 MW ( from 144 MW to 168 MW)
f) Rabai - 90 MW

By June 2012, 51.5 MW was injected to the grid made up of the following:
a) Kindaruma 24 MW
b) Sangoro - 20 MW
c) Wellhead - 5 MW
d) Eburru - 2.5 MW
The current installed capacity of electricity has grown to 1534.3MW as of June 2012.
In addition various projects are in different stages of implementation. These projects include:-

1) Olkaria IV - 140 MW
2) Olkaria I - 140 MW
3) Orpower - 52 MW
4) Mellec Thika MSD - 87 MW
5) Triumph MSD - 84 MW
6) Gulf Power MSD - 80.5 MW
7) Ngong II Wind Power - 21 MW
8) Turkana Wind - 300 MW


Since 2002, there has been tremendous growth in transmission infrastructure as depicted by the
difference in transmission line lengths since 2002 to 2011. In the year 2002, the 220kV transmission
line length was 941km compared to 1,331km in 2011 and for 132kV transmission line was 2,032km
in 2002 and has grown to 2,211km as at June 2011.
For the last three years 321 km of 132kV transmission lines and associated substations have been
completed and commissioned as follows:

50 km Sondu Miriu-Kisumu line in 2009
62 km Chemosit- Kisii in 2009/10
122 km Kamburu-Meru in 2010/11
48 km Rabai-Galu in 2009/10
5 km Sangoro- Sondu in 2011/12

34 km Mumias-Rangala in 2011/12.

In addition, the following 132kV transmission lines are undergoing commissioning tests:

84 km Kilimambogo Thika- Githambo
20 km Thika- Gatundu.

Transmission projects under construction as follows:

(i) Construction of 475 km 400/220kV Mombasa- Nairobi line and expansion of substations at
Rabai and Embakasi is on-going and is expected to be completed in March 2013.

(ii) Construction of 328 km 220kV Rabai- Malindi- Garsen- Lamu transmission line with
substations at Malindi, Garsen and Lamu is on-going and is expected to be completed in
December 2012.

Construction contracts for the following projects have been awarded:

a. 354 km 132kV Kenya Electricity Expansion Programme (KEEP):Eldoret-Kitale, Kisii- Awendo
and Kindaruma- Mwingi- Garissa transmission lines and associated substations. Construction
works for these project commences in the 2
quarter 2012/13.

b. Nairobi Ring: 100 km 400kV Suswa-Isinya double circuit transmission line and 40 km 220 kV
Suswa Ngong line and substations at Isinya, Athi River, Ngong and Koma Rock and extension of
Dandora substation with an underground cable connecting Koma Rock to Dandora substation.

c. 25 km 220 kV Olkaria I -Suswa and 25 km 220kV Olkaria IV - Suswa double circuit lines that
will evacuate power from Olkaria I &IV geothermal power plants

The following projects have been prepared and committed for implementation/construction
during the period 2012/13 2014/15

- 96 Km 132kV Meru-Isiolo-Nanyuki transmission line;
- 431Km 132kV Power Transmission Improvement Projects:
Ishiara-Kieni transmission lines and associated substations;
-127 km 400 kV Lessos-Tororo line that will interconnect Kenya with Uganda for
imports from the Great Lakes region
-300 km 400 kV Olkaria-Lessos & 220 kV Lessos -Kisumu double circuit
Transmission Lines that will enhance power transfer capacity;
-430 km 400 kV Loiyangalani-Suswa transmission line that will evacuate power from
Lake Turkana Wind Power plant whose contract has been awarded and construction
will commence in 2012/13.
-612 km 500 kV HVDC Ethiopia- Kenya line that will interconnect Kenya with
Ethiopia and enhance power trade in the region;
-100 km 400kV Kenya-Tanzania interconnector


Feasibility studies have been undertaken for the following projects:

a. 150 km 220 kV Kindaruma- Athi River Line
b. 50 km 132 kV Meru Maua Line
c. 148 km 132 kV Nyahururu- Maralal Line
d. 50 km 132 kV Awendo Migori Isabenia single circuit Line
e. 100 km 132 kV Sondu -Homa Bay -Ndhiwa Awendo single circuit Line
f. 80 km 220 kV Turkwel Ortum single circuit Line
g. 120 km 132 kV Sultan Hamud Loitokitok line
h. 20 km 132 kV Konza Machakos line
i. 135 km 132 kV Konza -Kajiado Namanga single circuit Line
j. 240 km 220/132 kV Garsen-Hola- Garissa single circuit Line
k. 330 km 132 kV Garissa- Wajir single circuit Line
l. 50km132kV Galu- Lunga Lunga line
m. 20 km 400 kV Menengai-Rongai line
n. 60 km 132 kV Rabai-Bamburi-Shanzu-Kilifi double circuit line
o. 107 km 132 kV VoiTaveta single circuit line
p. 88 km 132 kV Narok-Bomet line
q. 45 km 132 kV Sondu-Kisii line
r. 63 km 132 kV Kisumu-Rangala line
s. 90 km 132 kV Nyahururu-Kabarnet line


Distribution infrastructures has been growing since2002.The 66kV line length was 580km and has
grown to 655km as at 2010.The 33kV was 5265km and 13,812 in 2010,11kV lines were 13,788km in
2002 and 25,488km in 2010 bringing the total transmission length to 39,955km. Last financial year
(2011/12) the total length of distribution line constructed was 6,071 km. KPLC is upgrading and
expanding the distribution under the Energy Sector recovery Project (ESRP) and Kenya Electricity
expansion Project (KEEP). The aim of these projects is to increase access to electricity in urban, peri-
urban and rural areas, and improve the efficiency, reliability and quality of service to existing

Electricity connectivity
In 2003/04 the total number of connected customers was 686,195. In 2010/11 the number of new
customer connections was 250,185 and in the last financial year (2011/12) the number increased to
307,000. The total number of connected customers by September 30, 2012 was 2,112,742.
Under the Rural electrification program, a total of 767 public facilities were connected last financial
year (2011/12) bringing the total number to 17, 463.
Financial resources have been secured for implementation of a total of 729 projects by Rural
Electrification Authority (REA) this financial year (2012/2013).