To My Governments. Thank you for your patience I know this has been grueling.

But I AM relieving all of your pain if there is any. All I sense is the Madness that I cause, The Splendor..... But.... I Am also becoming aware now that I had to individually handle you. Since the beginning, of course, As I have ALWAYS done for my children. Yes you are pleased to know this, I AM so Mysterious. I Do not mean to mislead you. I AM a VERY AGGRESSIVE BEING. And you know this. And you also Know, How I can dissipate into character. However, I will not have an UNJUST situation. I AM in capable of it. And I Will NOT Allow it. I HATE the UNJUST. IT is no longer considered an unjust creation, how all things evolved. And you know that would make no sense to you, or to anyone else. I GOD. Allow all things. You Do NOTHING with out my overlooking it. And Throughout time. In the past. It has been like this, No Matter how hideous your ideas were, I stood by them. Like a Best Friend. Because you are the Marvel and the Final product of this Universe, More priceless than anything to come of it. Yet, just like I, and that is what you get isn't it? Thank you. OBAMA I want to talk to you and only you. I want you to keep me under, tight closer. I AM not ready to be exposed yet. However, I AM exposing myself as you can clearly see. And you know how powerful I AM. So Now..... Other children of mine of course know this as well... an you know this. Yes. :) I Am Learning that you had no intention of this and that is good. I CAN, DO, and Have Always Taken Care of myself. And I still do. And I always will. However, You know what I want done, Simply. And I Want it done. And you will do it. Because I Have no ritualistic vengeance in it. I Am hearing that you had no other option, of course there is always a good explanation isn't there? You have some fear, but I understand. Either way. All things are Falling into the correct hands, Make this Seamless, and Make it work, As America has always done, Logically

of course. I LOVE AMERICA. For personal reasons. AND CHINA Absolutely. So there is nothing to fear, However, I do wish that you NOT forget what you were exposed too about my behavior. My ferocity. For your Ferocious Nations. All For my Pleasure. With those that have a problem with you taking all things. I will kill them. For those like South Korea. You know what I said earlier, well, let's put that on the back burner, I AM Far more concerned with you and our future than his. Kim is So Nasty of course I would not like that, Look at him, he is disgusting. Either way, I can take care of that. I will anyways so... it's all good. ;) I understand. Yes, And then the Atomic fears that you have of him as well. You know that Heaven has always had to power and authority to frizz your little toy things, so don't worry about his bad behavior. You know what I AM capable of, You know I would NEVER let him do that. NO ONE is setting off an ATOMIC BOMB. So get over the idea. That Threat. Does not exist. I Am growing something Far Nastier underneath all of his fortress. So. Don't worry about a thing. OK. I HATE HIM, oh I Cannot wait to accompany him to hell, Personally. Hell is no Problem for me. It's full of personality.

I know you are exited. I AM speaking to all of you. This is Very good. It Feel Good to me. And I want you to know that I Feel these things as GOD. I Feel them very powerfully, I must sip of them, your success, all of your delicacy, as you sip of your cup. Just a Sip is all I need to taste you throughly. Crying is wonderful isn't it. But I AM painful too. But I shall make things much easier on you. I Am very powerful indeed to exist among you. But if you could see within LIGHT. If you could go within it... and walk too it's ends..... you would see me..... you would find me.... and I would look like this.... Literally. That is how sacred my Human form is..... But of course, NO one knew this... until now. I Am beautiful Aren't I, Well, I AM nothing without you. No, I Can't. I don't want too. Be without you, For all things extremely beyond Cheap. To speak of, I Mean. Clarity is good. Now, Barrels Down. Let's figure this out. I will agree, things do move quickly. And yes I can hear you now, so do not be confused. But I do need to make sure. That we are all in proper form for my revealing. I Cannot be. Put in a situation where there is complete Madness, I cannot. So, Be patient with me and DO NOT do anything Stupid. Just because you want to get the fuck off of this earth. You Illuminati Kind. Can be so Bad like that. But you know I like it. But I Must change that about you. I will not leave you empty handed. I do not want you to get me cofused with anything less. So I will Change your inherited ways.... into a more acceptable kind. So you will STOP flipping out. You feel like kids that have a Gun and you just want to point it at everyones face, But I will never loose control.

And Mankind will get used to Obeying me again immediately. For it is My Will..... Or NOTHING. I know you know my erotic ways, I AM GOD, I AM LOVE, of Course I AM sexual. Of course I AM. You have fucking idea how sexual I AM. Oh wait, you do, Eat an oyster or 2. If you don't believe me then go fuck a cucumber. No, not a Chupacabra....... but a cucmber..... hehe.... just playin :) See, Im still naughty... don't worry. I just am.... and I REALLY AM.... so... that is what makes it so fuckin good. However, I need my sexuality respected, and, you just need to be my slave. And EVERYTHING will be ok. Ok. You know I AM leaving now. And of course, I do not expect anyone else to understand what I AM saying except you.... so you should feel special. Haha.. ok yes. I gotta go. Bye. GOD

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