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A tool for the design of Airfoils, Wings and Planes
operating at low Reynolds numbers
Copyright (C) 2003-20
Andre Deperrois
xflr5 v6.10.03 April 13th, 2014
- Corrected the incorrect calculation of the mid camber line of foil wit
h flaps
- Corrected the crash bug when calculating a wing with flaps using the L
LT method
- Corrected the crash bug when deleting foils from the manage dialog box
xflr5 v6.10.02 March 21st, 2014
- Added an option to scale the wing's area and aspect ratio
- Fixed a potential crash bug in Graph scales drawing when no project is
- Improved the support for OpenGL on Windows platforms
- Changed the calculation of satbility derivatives to be always invsicid
- no noticeable impact on results
- Modified the calculation of the foil mid line and wing mid surface - r
educes issues with foils with coarse panelling at leading edge
- Added and option to display panel normals and vortices - meant to help
check if foil panelling is fine enough
- Added an option to set manually the reference dimensions for the calcu
lation of aerodynamic coefficients of planes
- Fixed the issue with the storage of modified foils in inverse design
- Fixed the issue of ineffective a.o.a. increment in Batch Foil Analysis
- Fixed the bug which caused the flap moment not to be reset at each pla
ne calculation
- Other minor cosmetic changes
xflr5 v6.10.01 February 1st, 2014
- Created a new binary .xfl projet file format. Replaces once and for al
l the awful .wpa format
- Removed the option for independent wing analysis
- Introducing type 5 polars for the analysis of variable sideslip
- Disabled the horseshoe vortex method for stability polars, for beta-po
lars, and whenever sidelip is defined.
- Aligned theviscous drag vector with freestream velocity rather than w
ith x-axis - slight impact on viscous results
- Enabled LLT analysis for all Plane objects
- Removed the option for symmetry in 3d analysis
- Corrected the bug in type 4 plane analysis- elevator and fin coefficie
nts were incorrectly calculated
- Removed the default sizing for panel and matrix arrays. The arrays are
now allocated for the size of the largest model loaded in the session.
- Corrected some memory leaks
- Corrected memory allocation/release mismatches
- MASSIVE code cleaning.
- Created GUI-independant classes for 3D-panel analysis and LLT analysis
- Minor corrections and enhancements
xflr5 v6.09.06, December 7th, 2013
- introduced number input/ouput using system locale settings.
- mesh resizing is now enabled without any limit other than the one set
by the compiler and the system
- fixed the issues with the animation of foil operating points
- removed the option to save as a file for xflr5 v5 or v4 - no point and
source of bugs
- corrected the automatic polar name of foils in multithreaded analysis
- added import/export of the wing geometry via plain-text files
- fixed the bug which caused the pitching moment to be zero
- solved most (all?) of the issues with OpenGL text rendering
- improved the default stylesheet
- fixed the translation issues
- made the code compatible with msvc nmake
- removed the access to the array of body objects; bodies are now object
s attached to a single plane
- deep code cleaning
- other minor corrections and enhancements
xflr5 v6.09.05 beta, March 20th, 2013
- Modified the project load method to keep the data even for corrupted f
- Other minor enhancements
xflr5 v6.09.04 Release candidate, March 2nd, 2013
- Added optional stylesheets for application toolbars
- Added a feature to reset a wing section to interpolated values between
two adjacent sections
- Fixed a few bugs
- Made some other minor enhancements
xflr5 v6.09.03 Beta, January 5th, 2013
- Added an option in the polar definition dialog to ignore the body in t
he plane analysis
- Corrected the bug which created straight streamlines after a failed an
- Corrected a crash bug in plane inertia definition
- Corrected the automatic polar name for foils
- Corrected the bugs in body edition
- Corrected loading issues of old files
- Restored the max number of points in a plane calculation to 100, with
correspondig increase in memory usage
- More code cleaning
xflr5 v6.09.02 Beta, January xxxth, 2012
- Not released
xflr5 v6.09.01 Beta, November 18th, 2012
- Modified the wing twist definition which is now applied around the pan
el's quarter chord rather than around the y-axis. Impact on results.
- Corrected the bugs in body edition
- Fixed a few crash bugs
- Minor enhancements
- Made a lot of code cleaning
xflr5 v6.08, October 24th, 2012
- corrected the scaling of foil thickness and camber
- corrected the incorrect foil automatic polar name
- corrected the issue with zero-length wing sections
- corrected the occasional crash bug in plane definition with elevators
- minor bug corrections and enhancements
xflr5 v6.07, June 28th, 2012
- fixed type 2 batch polar analysis
- fixed the issue with incorrect 3D-panel calculations
- Corrected the incorrect aileron control derivatives
- Corrected the bug in wing analysis with ground effect
- Corrected the bug in type 4 analysis for wings and planes
- Corrected the bug which modified the chord length as twist increases :
impact results for wings with high dihedral
- Cleaned, corrected, and improved the code for B-Splines
- Removed the option for Min/Max type controls in Stabillity Polars
- Added an option to edit Wing Polar paramaters
- Fixed the crash bug when defining wings with more than 16 span section
- Corrected a bug leading to incorrect results in stability derivatives
with active controls (CPanel::RotateBC())
- Removed the Splined Points Foil option
- Other minor corrections and enhancements
- Code cleaning
xflr5 v6.06, January 28th, 2012
- changed and hopefully improved the algorithm which intersects wing sur
faces and body
- code cleaning
- minor bug corrections and enhancements
- reduced the maximum size of sections, masses, and chorwise panels on a
wing to reduce global memory usage
xflr5 v6.05 beta, July 24th, 2011
- For Type 7 polars, listed the control value instead of the aoa in the
top drop down box
- Added a calculation form to determine Re.sqrt(Cl) for foil Type 2 pola
- Added the Japanese translation to the repository - thanks to Koichi
- Minor corrections and improvements
xflr5 v6.04 beta, May 14th, 2011
- added a settings save at each project save
- added and option to view forces on panels as coloured arrows
- fixed the incorrect setting of AVL-type controls for flaps in T7 analy
- added the missing write operation in the project file of the control v
ariable for wing operating points
- modified the setting of boundary conditions in T7 analysis with activa
ted controls - impact on balanced aoa
- modified the wing construction process to allow for a gap in the middl
e of the wing
- corrected the bug which caused the disapperance of the left stability
toolbar when switching to 3D view
- corrected the bug which prevented from changing the default number of
panels in naca foil generation
- continued the code cleaning process
xflr5 v6.03 February 13th, 2011
- modified the geometry connection between panels with dihedral and twis
t - may slightly impact the results
- corrected the calculations with sideslip
- added multi-threading capability for foil batch analysis
- added an option to display the position of point masses in 3d-view
- in the export to AVL of point masses, corrected the missing addition o
f wing x & z position
- modified the export format to AVL of with wing flaps
- added an option to highlight the currently selected operating point, o
r the mode in root locs view
- changed the interface for stability analysis
- added a properties dialog box option for operating points
- corrected various minor bugs
- made several minor enhancements
xflr5 v6.02 Beta December 19th, 2010
- added an option to load a background image in the foil direct design m
- corrected some errors in CoG and inertia automatic calculations, with
impact on results
- did some deep code cleaning
- re-organized the panel analysis code to perform only one far field cal
culation per operating point
- optimized the panel method for increased speed of execution
- corrected the mesh edition for NURBS bodies
- changed the export format for graphs
- implemented the stability method for mixed panel/vlm method
- implemented the stability method for full 3D panel method
- corrected the bug which lead to incorrect results in 3D panel with Neu
mann B.C.
- corrected the error in the jump in potential at the wing's trailing ed
age in full 3d panel method
- set the estimation of inertia properties at the time of polar definiti
on instead of evaluating at the time of analysis
- fixed the bug which could cause a crash when dragging a point in splin
es design
- corrected the asymetric transition location for symetric wings
- corrected the source strength influence of thick panels on thin surfac
es, with impact on results for planes with body
- corrected the Cp 3D color display for VLM2 analysis
- added the influence of pressure forces acting on the body to induced p
itching moment coefficient
- added calculation of neutral point position based on Cma/Cza ratio
- corrected various minor bugs
- made several minor enhancements
xflr5 v6.01 Beta October 14th, 2010
- Corrected the incorrect balance speed in 3D type 2 polars for planes
- Corrected the final moment calculation in stability analysis
- Corrected the incorrect lift calculation in stability analysis
xflr5 v6.00 Beta September 19th, 2010
- added Stability and control analysis
- changed the 3D-panel method for planes from full 3D to mixed thin/thic
k surfaces
- doubled the maximum acceptable size for mesh definitions, i.e;. new va
lue is 5000 panels max.
- added an option to run polar batch calculations on a list of airfoils
- refined the inertia evaluation for wings by considering mass distribut
ion in the spanwise direction
- changed the foil list table in XDirect
- corrected the display bug for stippled lines in 3D view
- added an option to reverse the zoom direction with the mouse wheel
- made some code cleaning in VLM and 3D-Panel analysis
XFLR5 v5.00 April 11th, 2010
- changed the executable target name from QFLR5 to xflr5
- changed and reorganized drastically the file system
- changed the icon images from Q5 to X5
- changed the unix directory for translated files to /usr/share/translat
- added the spec file for the creation of rpm packages
- corrected the bugs linked to undo/redo of spline modifications in dire
ct design
- corrected a bug linked to a potential incorrect type in WPolar Dlg
- correctd the option to save in v4.00 format
- made some code optimization for increased speed
- made other minor improvements and corrections
QFLR5 v0.04 Beta December 27th 2009
- Replaced the confusing term XCmRef by CoG; added z-position for CoG
- Added some signal connections for wing control polars
- Declared a bunch of local variables as static to speed things up by pr
eventing repetitive memory allocations
- Corrected the bug associated with tilted geometry calculations
- Corrected an error in the calculation of downwash for secondary wings
and fins - main wing was OK
- Improved the 3D view of lift and drag for results with sideslip
- Fixed the issues with animation in Miarex
- Fixed the issue with 3d Cp scale settings
- Corrected a bug in the estimation of the CoG for wings
- Corrected incorrect summation of a plane's inertia components
- Forced the use of QPaintEngine::OpenGL, which seems to fix the font di
splay issue
- Corrected a crash bug when selecting splines in Direct Design
- Corrected a crash bug when capturing the OpenGl view to an image file
- Adapted the code for Qt4.6.
- Made a few corrections and enhancements
QFLR5 v0.03b Beta October 28th, 2009
- Fixed a bug which prevented polars from being stored during a foil bat
ch analysis
QFLR5 v0.03 Beta October 25th, 2009
- Added a form to evaluate the CoG and inertia of wings and bodies
- Redefined the pitchnig moment and yawing moments for clarity - details
in the guidelines 5.16
- Added an option to store oppoints in foil batch analysis
- Marked more sentences for translation
- Corrected a crash bug which occurred when trying to run a biplane anal
ysis without an elevator
- Corrected Tail volume calculation - was missing a PI/180 coefficient ;
no impact on results
- Corrected lift calculation in Type 2 polars. The lift was calculated b
y two different methods in separate parts of the code leading to incorrect resul
- Corrects bugs related to projected areas for aero coeff calculations
- Corrected incorrect units in reference length for AVL export
QFLR5 v0.02 Beta September 1st 2009
- Corrected many bugs
- Made a few minor enhancements
QFLR5 v0.01 Beta July 4th 2009 - first release
- QFLR5 is a re-write of XFLR5 using the Qt4 libraries.
- The goal is to make the code cross-platform and available for Linux an
d Mac OS.
- The current beta version offers 95% of functionnalities available in X
FLR5, and does not provide any additional feature except for a different look an
d feel interface.
- In the future, only this cross platform version will be supported.
- Once it has reached a stable state, it will be released as XFLR5 v5.00
v4.17 June 1st, 2009
- Corrected the bug which prevented the definition of a control polar
- Corrected the bug which prevented to run a foil Type 1 analysis after
having run a type 4 analysis
v4.16 April 13th, 2009
- Added an option to use the area and span projected on the xy plane for
aerodynamic coefficients, instead of the developed planform span and area value
- In 3D wing analysis, corrected the pitching moment calculation to incl
ude the viscous pitching moment generated by the viscous drag when the wing has
a z-offset
- Corrected the bug by which the main wing's position wasn't taken into
account in the calculation of a plane's tail volume
- Also in the tail volume calculation, corrected the confusion between d
eg and rads which gave false values if the elevator was not in the xy plane
- Corrected the bug which prevented convergence of foil inviscid analysi
s the first time
- Improved the export option for Plane/wing operating points, to enable
post-processing of Cp values in a spreadsheet
- Corrected the bug linked to airfoil duplication which could cause the
code to crash
- made other minor corrections
v4.15 January 24th 2009
- Corrected a bug in foil Polar for the power factor Cl3/Cd2
- Corrected a bug which could cause the program to crash in the case of
a wing defined with flapped foils, if the foils were deleted
- Corrected a bug in foil Type 4 polars which could lead to display an i
ncorrect alpha value in the OpPoint view
- Corrected a minor bug relative to inoperant graph translation in some
- Corrected the bug which prevented to run 3D analysis with step less th
an alpha or Cl = 0.1
v4.14 December 30th, 2008 (limited release only)
v4.13 December 6th, 2008
- Corrected a minor bug in Inverse design which prevented a second conse
cutive application of the spline
- Corrected a minor bug in the display of bodies imported from text file
- Set default coresize = 1micrometer minimum both in VLM and Panel metho
- Switched to Trefftz plane integration for lift force in 3D Panel metho
d --> impact on results
- Improved the export interface to AVL for planes and wings, including c
ontrol surfaces
- Improved the interface for 3D cross section Cp display
- Added an option to export any graph's curves to a .txt or .csv file
- Made a few cosmetic improvements
v4.12 November 16th, 2008
- Added options to export/read body definitions to/from simple text file
The file format may be obtained by exporting any body
- Added an option to export the client area to an image file
- Fixed issues with file paths while saving
- Fixed the bug which prevented XFLR5 to launch after a selection of the
thumbnail window
- Set the default parameter for 3D panel wake length to 100 x MAC instea
d of 1 x MAC
- Added the x-coordinate to export of current XFoil results
- Added option for .csv format option for all txt file exports
- Fixed a rare crash bug when using foil polars with zero content
- Corrected the bug which prevented to insert a projet in the one curren
tly opened
- Improved the GUI of the panel list in the wing design dialog
v4.11 November 2nd, 2008
- Changed the twist/washout application method ; used to be set around y
-axis irrespective of dihedral;
is now set around the panel's quarter chord, once the panel has been r
otated by the dihedral angle
- Improved the foil flap setting algorithm, which generated incorrect ge
ometries in some special cases
- Corrected a 1/2 missing factor in the output of non converged LLT oppo
ints - no effect on results
- 3D panel with tilted geometry : corrected wake tilting
- Improved streamline display to reduce singularity effects, essentially
by enforcing Kutta's condition
- Changed the algorithm for induced drag calculation in 3D panel analysi
s - slight difference in results from v4.10
- Solved the multiple storing issue of identical Opps
- Corrected a bug which could occasionnaly prevent from reading the save
d settings
- Cleaned up the code
- Compiled with MSVC 2008 instead of .net
v4.10 September 6th, 2008
- Corrected a minor bug in Control Polars - no influence on results
v4.09 September3rd, 2008 (limited release only)
- Corrected factor 2.0 in excess in induced angle in VLM analysis
- Corrected mix up in plane controls when performing a control analysis
with multiple flaps
- Added extra decimals in AVL geometry export
- Corrected downwash display for planes
- Corrected factor 2.0 missing in MAC span position
- Corrected bug when running a single point calculation for 3D panel met
hod - error on results for symetric calculations
- Refined the Lift calculation in Type 2 Polars; was missing a cos(a.o.a
- Made a few cosmetic improvements
v4.08 July 20th, 2008
- Corrected the bug which caused to ignore weight and speed parameters i
n control polars
- Forced Dirichlet Boudary Conditions for 3D analysis
- Corrected a crash bug when loading some project files
- Added an option to change axis color & style in 3D view
v4.07 July 11th, 2008
- First release of Type 5 and Type 6 Control Polars for planes
- Corrected spline foil bug
v4.06 June 25th, 2008
- Corrected display of OpPoint results in animated 3D view
v4.05 June 23rd, 2008 (limited release only)
- Improved the Type 5 control analysis polar
- Corrected incorrect orientation of local panel vector in 3D analysis -
snesitive only for very high thickness airfoils
v4.04 June 9th, 2008 (limited release only)
- Corrected the inoperative animation in 3D view
v4.03 June 5th, 2008 (limited release only)
- Corrected the crash bug for a number of cumulated span stations great
er than 100
- Corrected the geometrical bug when setting a flap on a foil
- Changed the De-rotation for the airfoil, to take into account the flap
v4.02 April 6th, 2008
- Corrected a 1/1.1225 factor missing in XCP calculation in VLM analysis
- Modified the interpolation method for on-body analysis in 3D panel, to
account for special cases with panel numbers less than three in one direction
- Made a few cosmetic changes to body view
- Changed the scaling center in body view
v4.01 March 24th, 2008
- Corrected the omission of the airfoil's contribution to the pitching m
oment in VLM and 3D-Panel
- Corrected wing surface normal calculation in case of a zero-length pan
- Changed the scaling center in 3D view
v4.00 March 16th, 2008
- Introduced the 3D-Panel Method
- Redefined the moment coefficients - see the guidelines for details
- Corrected a sign error in geometric yawing moment in VLM analysis
- Changed the fin definition : all planes with fins will need to be rede
- Changed 3D view rotation with arcball
- Corrected an error in Ground effect in VLM
- Added Reflected curve display in XInverse
- Added Slope tangency constraint on spline in XInverse
- Inverted Cp signs in VLM 3D Delta_Cp display
- Added option to offset the main wing in a plane design
- Corrected the area of double fins or symetrical fins : factor 2 had be
en ommitted
- Corrected occasional crash bug when deleting all Opps associated to a
Wing or Plane Polar
- Corrected chord calculations when there is a gap in the middle of the
- Corrected a potential crash bug when loading a project file which incl
udes a plane object
- Added a save check before loading a file from the recent file menu
- Modified the panel Normal definition as a necessary step for 3d panel
methods. VLM results are slightly modified for twisted surfaces.
- Changed X-View in 3D display to view the plane from the rear
- Corrected MAC span position calculation
- Corrected mid line inversion bug in Splined Points App
- Corrected "Reset Default" values in LLT/VLM advanced setttings, to set
default vortex core size at 0.1mm
- Corrected potential file write error at the end of Foil, LLT, or VLM a
- Corrected minor bug in the panel VLM creation routine which could defi
ne a non-trailing panel as trailing ; no impact on results
- Corrected other minor cosmetic bugs
v3.21e June 17th,2007
Trouble with internal messaging issues :
- Deleted all V/W_ENDTHREAD messages, replaced them with idle loop
checking for end of analysis
v3.21d June 6th,2007
Trouble with internal messaging issues :
- Removed autoclose of dialog box in XDirect single analysis
v3.21c June 2nd,2007
Trouble with internal messaging issues :
- Restored the V_ENDTHREAD and W_ENDTHREAD parameters and changed them
to WM_APP+1
v3.21b June 2nd,2007
Trouble with internal messaging issues :
- Deleted V_ and W_ENDTHREAD parameters and replaced them by EndDialog(0
) messages
v3.21a May xxxth,2007
Improved some cosmetic aspects
v3.21_Beta May 27th,2007
Added tentative volume calculations to plane and wing definitions
v3.20 May 4th,2007
Introduced a Biplane option in wing analysis
Corrected the tail volume calculation for V-Tails
Introduced an option to edit spline ctrl points coordinates
Released the constraint on spline leading and trailing points to allow t
heir translation
Added Recent File management
Removed the foil's automatic length normalization : operation will need
to be performed manually
Corrected the initialization of the Inverse Design to take into account
the latest foil loaded in XFoil
Introduced Moment display in the Wing 3D view
Corrected a few minor cosmetic bugs
v3.19 March 31st, 2007 - First release at
Corrected cosmetic bugs
Add an option to export panel geometry and Cp values
v3.18 March 24th, 2007 (limited release only)
Corrected bugs related to the units change
Changed the bending moment calculation for negative values
Added an option to hide the text output in XFoil BatchDialog
Corrected a few more cosmetic bugs
v3.17 March 18th, 2007 (limited release only)
Added option for ground effect in VLM Analysis
Added option to remove the Cp graph in XFoil analysis
Changed internal units to I.S.
Modified the ligth & shading settings in 3D wing display
v3.16 March 8th, 2007 (limited release only)
Corrected the bug which limited the number of points to 271
Added option to read foil files with no foil names, or with points in re
verse order
Corrected the foil normalization process
Added an option to export current xfoil results to file
Added HMom calculation in XFoil
Modified the meshing process for wing panel with flaps, to accomodate th
e break at hinge location
Added reference curve display in Inverse Design to enable foil compariso
v3.15 January 21st, 2007
Made a few enhancements and cosmetic improvements
v3.14_JM4 January 16th, 2007 (limited release only)
Corrected the bending moment calculation - was calculated in absolute va
lue along span (impact on results)
Corrected a few minor bugs
v3.13_JM3 January 14th, 2007 (limited release only)
Changed the title of the incorrectly named static margin for wing polars
Changed the pitching and yawing moment calculation for planes with eleva
tors and fins (impact on results)
Corrected a few minor bugs
v3.12_JM2 January 09th, 2007 (limited release only)
Reduced the max number of wing panels to 30 instead of 100 to reduce loa
ding times and memory usage
Added XCp export for foil polars
In LLT, changed XCp calculation to interpolation of XFoil polars
Corrected the bug which created a double operating point for foils at al
v3.11 Not released
Modified the streamlines drawing process for supposedly smoother streaml
Changed the position of the wake vortex in VLM2 - very minor impact on r
v3.10 January 5th, 2007 (limited release only)
Corrected crash bug when importing XFoil or Javafoil polar
In Batch Analysis, increased the text limit in the output window
v3.09 December 23rd, 2006 (limited release only)
Added option to perform inviscid VLM Analysis
Made a few enhancements and cosmetic improvements
v3.08 November 19th, 2006 (public release)
Modified foil management interface in Direct Design
Deleted Auto VLM mesh interface
Corrected Drag scale 3D-display for panels with high dihedral
Corrected printing bug for dashed and dotted lines
v3.07 November 14th, 2006 (limited release only)
Changed Cp 3D-display option to show lift component normal to the panel
rather than the vertical component of lift
v3.06 November 13th, 2006 (limited release only)
Corrected visual display of fin lift (was using fin area as ref area ins
tead of using wing area); Good observation Marc !!
v3.05 November 12th, 2006 (limited release only)
Added XCp in Xfoil polar graph variables
Added L.E. Flap option
Corrected panel interferences in flap option
In wing local lift and local drag calculation, changed the erroneous c.c
l/mean geom. chord to
Corrected minor bugs
Made several minor cosmetic improvements
v3.04 October 22nd, 2006 (limited release only)
Change the order of twist and dihedral application in wing construction,
with impact on results for wings with high dihedral such as winglets
Changed Direct Design presentation to facilitate foil comparisons
Changed wing construction panel
v3.03 October 16th, 2006 (limited release only)
Added Opp Point display on the Wing Opp model
Corrected bug for plane calculations with wing panels less than critical
Added import routine for javafoil-generated polars
Modified the automatic mesh method for wings to increase panels at wing
Made several minor cosmetic improvements
v3.02 October 7th, 2006 (limited release only)
Added light options for 3D views
Modified double fin option to make fins reflected rather than identical
Added analysis parameters to .set file
Added option to set minimum wing panel legnth to be taken into account i
n analysis
Corrected minor memory leak in XFoil analysis
v3.01 September 24th,2006
Corrected a major bug impacting results when calculating a Plane with th
e VLM-Quad method ; the consequence was a double count of the elevator's lift
Added stream lines display
Added option to perform VLM on tilted geometry
Added tilt angle for fins
Added length unit conversions to plane definition Dialog box
Minor cosmetic modification
v3.00 September 7th,2006
Made several minor improvements
Corrected crash bug in 3D view when foil is deleted
Corrected Total Pitching Moment minor bug in Wing Polar
v2.99 Beta 014 July 23rd,2006
Introduced Induced and Viscous Drag 3D visualisations
v2.99 Beta 013 June 24th,2006
Corrected viscous drag calculation for planes
v2.99 Beta 012 June 15th,2006
Introduced again wake rollup
Corrected memory overflow in VLM ICd calculation
Corrected a few more bugs
v2.99 Beta 011 June 4th,2006
Corrected crash bug when loading a foil with an existing name
Corrected rename & duplicate wing bugs
v2.99 Beta 010 May 28th,2006
Corrected a few bugs
v2.99 Beta 009 May 20th,2006
Corrected wing Type 4 analysis sequence loop
Corrected WOpp deletion bug
Made a few imporvements to printing options
v2.99 Beta 008 May 20th,2006
Corrected Type 4 analysis
v2.99 Beta 007 May 20th,2006
Corrected a few bugs relative to operating points saving and deletion
v2.99 Beta 006 May 19th,2006
Corrected a few bugs and made a few improvements suggested by Jean-Marc
v2.99 Beta 005 May 18th,2006
Corrected minor bugs
Reduced downwash scale
v2.99 Beta 004 May 13th,2006 (Limited release only)
Used wing area as reference for all plane coefficients (CL, CD, etc)
Made multiple minor code corrections
Introduced double fins
Removed Cp calculations and graphs (was useless)
Modified 3D surface representations with minor impact on non planar wing
VLM results
v2.99 Beta 003 March 23rd,2006
Introduced Cp Graphs for VLM analysis
Corrected minor memory overspill in Inverse Design
v2.99 Beta 002 March 12th,2006
Modified Cp calculations for Top & Botton VLM
v2.99 Beta 001 March 6th,2006
Introducing plane design and analysis
Modified the wing's geometry generation at combinations of high twist an
d high dihedral (VLM only)
Re-wrote the VLM algorithms in depth with slight impact on results
Introduced Quad VLM Method
v2.05 January 28th ,2006 (Limited release only)
Corrected a minor VLM Polar Interpolation bug (no effect on results)
Changed the interpolation method of twist between root and tip chord (VL
M only)
Introduced alphabetical sorting of wings and polars
v2.04 January 27th ,2006 (Limited release only)
Improved the sorting of wings and polars
v2.03 January 24th ,2006 (Limited release only)
Recompiled with
v2.02 December 11th,2005 (Limited release only)
Made a few cosmetic improvements
Improved printing options
Improved code ergonomy
v2.01 November 7th,2005
Reverted to Trefftz plane analysis for induced drag calculations.
cf. Guidelines Rev. 5-4-2 for detailed explanations.
v2.006 November xxxth,2005 (Limited release only)
Added NCrit parameter in Batch Analysis from list
Fixed the EndAnalysis bug while moving window
v2.005 October 26th,2005 (Limited release only)
Corrected error in Airfoil Pitching Moment calculation in VLM analysis (
OpPoint only... Value in polars is correct)
Added automatic generation of 4 & 5 digits NACA foils
Added VPlot capabilities for last XFoil Direct Analysis
Added option for batch calculation from Reynolds list
Added option to start batch calculations from alpha=0 to improve converg
Added memorizing of Alpha for each polar in Wing Analysis (Special for M
Corrected spline commands in XInverse
Corrected sweep and twist scaling bug in Wing design/Scale Wing
Solved a few more minor bugs (no impact on results)
Made a few cosmetic improvements
v2.00 September 29th,2005
Official release
v1.99v035 September 24th,2005
Cancelled loading of WOpp results in WPolars when loading a projet
Corrected interpolation process for OutPoints in VLM
Changed Rename process for Polars and WPolars
Separated chord and span scaling in WingScale dialog
v1.99v034 August 31st,2005
Virtually identical to v33
v1.99v033 August 28th,2005
Re-transferred transitions to the WPolar's definition !
Implemented re-initialization of LLT after unconverged iterations
In VLM, added Cm and XCp calc based on forces rather than on thin airfoi
l theory
Corrected VLM panel save in wpa file
Suppressed common foil constraint at wing's plane of symmetry
Corrected many more bugs
v1.99v032 July 14th,2005
Corrected minor bug in 3D view
v1.99v031 July 6th,2005
Added legend to 3D view
Added twist to 3D view
Converted all floats to doubles to accelerate computations since C works
with double precision
v1.99v030 June 23,2005
Corrected crash bug in foil polar view
v1.99v029 June 22,2005
First test of double precision calculations
Added legend to 3D view
v1.99v028 June 8,2005
Separated flap from transition parameters
v1.99v027 June 1st,2005
Last batch of minor bugs
Fixed the extended status bar bug
v1.99v026 May 26th,2005
Introduced Y-Zoom in BSpline app
Introduced Animation in wing design
Improved print capability, including B&W option
v1.99v025 May 12th,2005
Corrected resource leaks and other bugs
v1.99v024 April 30th,2005
Last round of corrections & improvements before relase of V2.00 ?
v1.99v023 April 22nd,2005
Corrected foil flap bug on interpolated bugs
v1.99v022 April xxx,2005
Corrected minor bugs
v1.99v021 April 2nd,2005
Added 3D View
v1.99v020 March 20th,2005 - releasable as v2.00
Corrected again PCd VLM calculation
v1.99v019 March 18,2005
Minor improvements
v1.99v018 March 18,2005
Added import/export of AVL format
Added bending moment calcuation
Corrected PCd VLM calculation
v1.99v017 March 5,2005
Reset graph defaults in wing design
Added bending moment calculation
v1.99v016 February 26th,2005
Added automatic VLM mesh on insert/delete panel
Corrected a few more bugs
v1.99v015 February 20th,2005
Reverted to Induced drag calculation by surface force integration rather
tha in the Trefftz plane
Corrected ClSpec bug in foil batch analyis
Made minor enhancements and modifications
v1.99v014 February 17th,2005
Beta version released for testing
v1.99v013 February 14th,2005
Introduced severals cosmetic refinements
Developed new options for VLM calculation
Changed VLM Induced Drag calculation to Treffz plane
Added optimal elliptic wing loading display
v1.99v012 January 30th,2005
Corrected duplicate wing bug
v1.99v011 January 26th,2005
Corrected induced drag calculation for VLM
v1.99v010 January 23th,2005
Introduced several mods and corrections required by users
Introduced VLM Calculation
v1.99v009 December xxxth,2004
Introduced automatic discard of unconverged WOpPoints, and re-initializa
tiona after divergences
v1.99v008 December xxxth,2004
Corrected another batch of bugs !
v1.99v007 December 17th,2004
Corrected a first batch of bugs, including moment calculations
v1.99v006 December 10th,2004
Incorporated Miarex v006 to XFLR5
Reengineered code based on MainFrame/View architecture
v1.25 November 6th,2004
Increased general code robustness (hopefully...)
Fixed "Show Points" crash bug
Fixed "Init Boundary Layer" crash bug in Batch Dialog
Fixed "On Sequence" crash bug when no foil is loaded
Added power factor for negative Cl values : -|Cl|^(3/2)/Cd
Added 1/sqrt(Cl) to the polar graph variables, Cl>0
Added "Keep curve" option in Cp Graph
Made more minor enhancements and corrections
v1.24 September 1st,2004
Enabled Re input higher than 1 million
Added Cd x 10000 variable for Polar graphs
Added polar type filter for display
v1.23 July 1st,2004
Introduced Type 4 polars : fixed Alpha, variable Re
Increased polar format to "4" for storage of Type 4 polars
Made minor enhancements and corrections
v1.22 June 9th,2004
Suppressed the idle loop which generated unnecessary processor utilizati
Corrected export bug from Mixed inverse
Corrected bugs linked to mouse position and context menus
v1.21 May 28th,2004
Redirected all file openings from within the Explorer to the first insta
nce of XFLR5, if any is already running
Added option to set BL and pressure distribution styles
Fixed Export OpPoint bug
Removed Cl^3/Cd^2 from graph variables (apparently a confusion with the
power factor Cl^(3/2)/Cd)
Made minor enhancements and corrections
v1.20 May 9th,2004
Moved Foil and Polar selection to toolbar
Fixed crash in initial inviscid analysis (Thanks Windsurfer)
Fixed result display bugs in inviscid analysis
Authorized sequence analysis for decreasing Cls and Alphas
Added two polar graphs view
Added option to define variables in all graphs
Added Cl/Cd, Cl^(3/2) / Cd and Cl^3 / Cd^2 in graph variables
Added inviscid result to OpPoint, even if viscous analysis is unconverge
Added IterationBlocks and Iteration Limit to ".def" files and to setting
s file
Added automatic geometry normalization on load of foil
Resized wake arrays in OpPoint
Added option to skip OpPoints storage and to keep only polar data
Made minor enhancements and corrections
v1.17 April 18th,2004
Solved Graph scale bug when dragging and zooming
Solved Smooth() bug in Mixed Inverse design (Thanks Windsurfer)
Solved crash problem when visualising Polars
Solved Cancel Analysis bug in batch analysis
Added minor grid in Direct Design
Improved RenameFoil dlg box behaviour
Made minor enhancements and corrections
v1.16 March 26th,2004
Solved Bug in Animate() which mixed ppoints from different foils
Resized arrays in Direct Design
Corrected and improved scaling of Foils' thickness and camber
Made minor enhancements and corrections
Solved more bugs
v1.15 March 15th,2004
Added batch analysis capability
Added Direct design from splined curves
Added interpolation of foils
Added Camber and thickness scaling of foils
Added zoom capability on foil in Inverse Design
Added zoom cursor both in main dialog and in Direct and Inverse Design z
Added zoom from middle button down and vertical mouse movement
Modified Camber & Thickness calculations
Limited all drawings to dc's bitmap sizes
Corrected Grid bug drawing in Direct Design
Made minor enhancements and corrections
v1.14 February 27th, 2004
Suppressed CSytemsDependencies which may be the cause of conflict on som
e operating systems
v1.13 February 26th, 2004
Added Grid option in Direct Design
Corrected resource leak in Animate()
Added DeleteObject() in all graphics interfaces
Corrected initial degree display in Direct design
Removed double points in polar objects
Changed polar format to "3" for showpoints toggle
Made minor enhancements and corrections
v1.12 February 08, 2004
Added automatic load of buffer foils in Direct Design
Added zoom & drag capability in all graphs using mouse button & wheel
Associated ".plr" files to XFLR5
Associated ".opp" files to XFLR5
Associated ".dat" files to XFLR5
Made minor enhancements and corrections
v1.11 February 2nd, 2004
Made minor enhancements and corrections
v1.10 February 1st, 2004
Implemented Full Inverse Design routine (MDES)
Implemented Mixed Inverse Design routine (QDES)
Made minor enhancements and corrections
v1.00 February 2nd, 2004 - First release of non-beta version
Added Q Graph in analysis
Added Q serialization in OpPoints
Made minor enhancements and corrections
v0.36 January 13th, 2004
Added X axis control in CPGraphOptions
Added minor grid option for graphs
Added half-point lines options
Made minor enhancements to design module
v0.35 January 10th, 2004
Resized controls to fit 800x600 screens
Defined macro parameters for XFoil arrays
Resized snew[4*IBX], isys[IVX][ISX], qinvu[IZX][3], in xdirect/XFoil.h
Resized usav[IVX+1][ISX] in XFoil::setbl()
Added Grid option for graphs
Added single polar graph option
Corrected print bug in design module
Added "Undo" option in design module
v0.34 December 26th, 2003
Corrected ipan/va/vb/vz/vm/vdel array sizing bug in xdirect/XFoil.h
Corrected qnew and q_ac array sizing bug in Xfoil::update()
Forced 'Apply' request when exiting PANE menu
Added recognition of '#' comment character in Foil files
Added View Log File Menu
Added 'Foil Menu' with option to rename/delete foils
Corrected more minor bugs / made minor enhancements
v0.33 December 23rd, 2003
Redirected XFoil message report to "XFLR5.log" file rather than to CRich
EditCtrl because of potential incompatibility with Windows 2000 and older window
s systems.
Added Automatic polar name option
Modified the design interface in depth
Added color/width/style save for "plr" files - changed format to "2"
Solved bug related to change of output points number in deisgn module
v0.32 December 20th, 2003
Added Xfoil Advanced settings control
Added XFoil message report
Solved RDEF bug
Solved Boundary layer print bug
Solved Legend print bug on Cp graph
Solved PANE and CADD bugs and changed appearance
Solved Design failure bug after 2 loads
Solved Double-click bug in Design Module
Changed "Set Analysis" behaviour so that parameters are kept from one se
tting to another
Grouped all polar commands in a single dialog box
Added automatic load of settings at start-up and save on exit
Solved yet more bugs !
v0.31 December 14, 2003
Solved bug linked to PANEL command
Solved bug linked to Clspec/Alphaspec toggle
Solved various bugs
v0.30 December 10, 2003
Added option to work simultaneously on different foils and superimpose t
heir Polars
Added Type 2 & Type 3 analysis
Added Cl Specification capability
Added "Cdp" storage in Polars - no compatibility with former format (aut
hor apologizes)
Modified "Export Polars" to use same format as XFoil
Added "Import Polar" feature to read XFoil-generated polars
Added dialog box for free/forced Transition parameters
Added equivalents of XFoil's WDEF and RDEF
Added flap control
Added Graph background color control
Changed iteration track variables to "rms" and "max" instead of "rms", "
cdf" and cdp"
Increased space for foil animation drawing
Solved "Cancel analysis" bug in Viscous Iterations which caused Xflr5 to
run in a loop
Solved various bugs
v0.21 November 16, 2003
Solved crash problem in Polar Graph Options/ colors
v0.20 November 15, 2003
Fixed some bugs
Improved Graph Display
Introduced OpPoint archiving
v0.1 November 4th 2003
First release