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INTRODUCTION Lighting a drink on fire really can improve the taste. No fooling. Admittedly, most flaming drinks have probably been dreamt up because lighting a drink on fire is cool. But seriously, kids, don't play with fire - trying to mix several flaming drinks at once is a real recipe for disaster. And please, don't do this after you've been drinking guests prefer not to be lit on fire. Also, don't drink anything while it's still on fire. Some things aren't even funny once. Never leave warm alcohol unattended. Always close bottles of alcohol before lighting anything. Do not keep warm alcohol where it can be a danger to yourself or guests. Never add spirits to something on fire. Please do not light drinks at a gas station, chemical plant, or in a crowded theater. Layer in order: Layering is also referred to as "floating" and works like this: the ingredients are poured into a shot glass one at a time in the order listed. They are carefully poured over a barspoon or speared cherry so as to keep the layers separate. The drink can be poured to within 2 mm of the top of the glass. Layered shots work even better when the ingredients and glasses are chilled. Flaming beverage Cocktails set alight.

Flaming beverages include cocktails and other mixed drinks that contain a small amount of flammable high-proof alcohol, which is ignited prior to consumption. The flames are decorative and do not change the flavor of the drinks noticeably. Flaming cocktails are more spectacular in dimly lit surroundings where the flames are more visible. Drinkers should be aware that the drinkware may remain quite hot for a while after the flames are extinguished, which could result in burns. List of flaming beverages
• • • • •

Backdraft (also a Pepperdraft variation). Flaming B-52 Blue blazer Flaming Dr Pepper — (Does not contain any Dr Pepper.) Flaming Sambuca

Hazards It is an obvious fire hazard and should not be attempted by the inexperienced. There have been several cases of injuries from flaming beverages. Always extinguish the flames before drinking. Disfiguring second degree burns have been reported on inexperienced drinkers. Flaming Shots and Drinks There are many recipes that call for a shot or a drink to be lit on fire. This generally leads to a neat effect, or a certain taste, and it's pretty cool when it's done right. However, there are many things to keep in mind when dealing with flaming alcohol. If you are going to be making a recipe that calls for fire, keep the following things in mind.

Never ever ever consume a drink while it is still on fire. Always extinguish it first! You might say, "What's the point in that?", and the answer is "So you aren't horribly disfigured for life". There is nothing macho about drinking something that is on fire, unless you consider extensive care in the burn ward brave. Blow it out! Close any open bottles of alcohol before lighting a drink, and move them away from the presentation area. Do not serve flaming drinks to guests that are inebriated.

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If you can't see the flame, turn out the lights in the room. Do not put your face up next to the drink, or stick your finger in it. Alcohol burns with a bluer flame that is not always visible in normal light. Do not let the drink burn too long. The glass may heat and crack, or the taste of the drink may be ruined. Do not add additional alcohol to an already burning drink. You run the risk of having a flaming bottle, or spraying fire around. Do not leave a burning drink unattended. Again, the glass could crack, spilling flaming alcohol onto a flammable surface. Use heavy glassware. Fine crystal or thin glass will crack more easily, or if left too long, may be etched. Short, round glasses, such as a snifter, are better suited for flaming drinks than tall thin ones. The drink will have a larger flammable surface area, and you can cup the glass for easier ignition.

• • •

All that being said, flaming drinks are very snazzy and have great presentation value! It's pretty much all common sense, so have fun with them, and just use that extra little bit of grey matter to make sure no one dies in a flaming inferno. Because nobody's really a fan of that.

Flaming drinks:
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• • • •

Apple Passion At Deaths Door B-52 #4 B-52 #6

A.S.S. On Flames Absinthe Shot Adios Motherfucker 151

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

B-52 Original Backdraft Backdraft #2 Bailey's Comet Bailey's Comet #2 Bananas Foster Barcardi Volcano Black Waterfall Blazing Saddle Bob Marley Branded Nipple Brandy Blazer Burning Africa Burning Sky Caribbean Smoked Torch Combustible Edison Concord Cookie Monster Daisy Duke's Dirty Panties Death From Above Devil's Candy Drift Evil Death Mix Flaming Asswipe Flaming Banana Flaming Black Russian Flaming Blue Fuck Flaming Dr. Pepper Flaming Flag Flaming Jagerbomb

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Flaming Jelly Bean Flaming Lemon Drop Flaming Licorice Flaming Melon Flaming Mexican Flag Flaming Rockstar Flaming Shocker Flaming Sugar Lips French Toast #2 Funeral For A Friend Gas Chambers Of Temple Bar Green Lizard #3 Guro Hakkespett Hong Kong Black Bomb Hot Apple Pie Hot Lesbian Sex K-Bar La Cucaracha! Lord Voldemort M16 Margarita Diablo Mid Air Collision Mississippi Burning Molotov Morphine Drip Napalm Sticks To Kids Pumpkin Pie Rampaging Gutbuster

• • • • • •

Roman Coffee Route 66 Serbian Guerilla Fighter Shady Bob Marley Stock Market Crash Sweet Jesus

• • • • •

Sweet November The Black Stripe The Molotov Shot Threesome WildFire

Backdraft Type Cocktail

Preparatio n

May be served flaming Primary alcohol by volume Served

The preparation of this drink is complex, and is explained below. The cinnamon can be replaced with black pepper if desired, creating a much more bitter drink, known as the pepperdraft



Straight up; without ice cinnamon

Standard garnish Standard drinkware

Shot glass Commonly used ingredient s
• • • •

Grand Marnier Drambuie Cinnamon Ice

Alternate "Shooter" Backdraft preparation The procedure is as follows:
1. A saucer is placed on a counter or table. 2. A shot glass is placed in the center of the saucer, filled with

3. A pint glass is filled with 1 - 2 shots of Cointreau. Swirl this in the

glass to coat the sides
4. The Cointreau is lit and allowed to burn until the sides of the

glass become warm to the touch
5. The lit Cointreau is poured into the shot glass, igniting the

6. Cinnamon (or black pepper in the case of a Pepperdraft) is

sprinkled into the flaming alcohol from about 1/3 of a meter (1 foot) above the shot glass. The finely powdered spice will ignite in the flame. Important: All the while the pint glass must be kept upside down above the flames to catch the alcohol vapor coming off the burning liquids. 7. When approximately 3-6 good shakes of cinnamon have been dispensed, the pint glass is lowered over the flaming liquid. Note: the liquid on the outside of the inverted pint glass will still burn and needs to be gently blown out. The upside down pint glass is smaller than the coffee cup saucer, and will thus seal to the saucer extinguishing the flames inside
8. As the alcohol cools inside the pint glass it will try to suck the

alcohol on the outside back into the upside down pint glass. This backdraft effect is the origin of the drink's name.
9. The pint glass is removed and 2-3 ice cubes are placed into it.

The opening of the pint glass is immediately sealed with the palm of the bartender's hand.

10.The pint glass is shaken: this has the effect of cooling the alcohol vapors and causing them to condense on the ice cubes, the walls of the glass and the air inside the glass. 11.Preparation is now complete. The drinker first downs the shot or drinks it through a straw. Then the straw is slipped through the bartender's fingers into the pint glass, whereby the drinker "drinks" the condensed alcohol - actually mainly inhaling the alcohol vapors inside the glass. Finally, the drinker uses the straw to suck up the spirits which have collected in the saucer. The combination of ingested and inhaled alcohol makes this drink extremely potent. The ice cubes (and the layer of condensed alcohol on them) may be eaten if desired.

B-52 (cocktail) Type Primary alcohol by volume Served Standard garnish Layered shooter
• • •

Standard drinkware Shot glass
• •

Grand Marnier Irish Cream Kahlúa IBA specified ingredients†

2cl (1 part) Kahlúa 2cl (1 part) Baileys Irish Cream 2cl (1 part) Grand Marnier

Neat; undiluted and without ice Stirrer

Preparation Layer ingredients into a shot glass.

Serve with a stirrer.

The B-52 (also B52 or Bifi) is a layered cocktail shooter composed of a coffee liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream, and Grand Marnier. When prepared properly, the ingredients separate into three distinctly visible layers. The layering is due to the relative densities of the ingredients. Preparation The B52 is prepared in such a way that the components do not mix. There are special machines that can prepare a B-52 (or other multi-layered cocktails) in only a few seconds. However, an experienced bartender usually relies on the traditional, handmade preparation. Cocktails with horizontal layering, like the B-52, are also called "Pousse Café". This method of the preparation is called "building", as opposed to blending or shaking, thus, B-52s are "built". B-52s are usually served in a shooter or sherry glass, although a heatproof glass is required when a "flaming B-52" is served. First, a coffee liqueur, such as Tia Maria or Kahlúa, is poured into the glass. Next, Bailey's Irish Cream is poured very slowly over the back of a cold bar spoon, taking care to avoid disturbing the lower layer as the second liquor is poured on top. Just as carefully, Grand Marnier is poured atop the Irish Cream using the bar spoon. Flaming B-52 For a Flaming B-52, the top layer is ignited, producing a blue flame. Filling the glass to the top reduces the amount of glass exposed to the flames, making the glass less likely to break, but the drink easier to spill. It is best to leave the flaming B-52 on the bartop and drink it through a straw. Once lit the drink should be finished quickly to avoid overheating the glass and burning the straw. Unless the flame is extinguished before drinking, a fireproof straw—such as one made of metal—may be preferred. Grand Marnier at room temperature will not ignite easily, so it should be warmed up beforehand or topped with an additional layer of a dark overproof rum with 60-80% alcohol by volume. Variant drinks •

B-52 with Bombay Doors, a B-52 with Bombay gin B-52 in the Desert, a B52 with tequila rather than Bailey's Irish Cream[2] B-53, a B-52 with Cointreau B-54, a B-52 with vodka B-55, a B-52 with amaretto B-56, a B-52 with absinthe B-57, a B-52 with Sambuca, and triple sec rather than Grand Marnier B-61, a B-52 with vanilla and creme de cacao B-1, a B-52 with Ketel One vodka [3] Koetje, a Koetje is with Kahlua and Sambuca.

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