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108 Pieces of Advice From Lahiri Mahasay

1. Kriya is Truth, and the rest is false.

2. Practicing Kriya is the study of the Vedas. Kriya is jagya [performance of
Vedic rituals]. All should perform this jagya.
. All !e"atas, gods, practice these Kriyas. #ne $ho practices Kriya is a
%. #ne should practice Pranayama "ery seriously and sincerely.
&. Kriya practice opens the 'ye of (isdom.
). The Kno$ledge of *rahma, the ultimate +elf, is attained ,y the practice
of Pranayama.
-. .gnorance is remo"ed automatically $hen the Kriya practice is perfect.
/. *y the practice of Pranayama, ignorance is dispelled and Kno$ledge of the
+elf re"eals.
0. #ne $ho does not see Kutastha [the inner +elf ,et$een the eye,ro$s]
$ith the help of 1uru2s ad"ice in this physical ,ody is a ,lind person.
13. That $hich sa"es one from the mind [restless ,reath], or manasa, is
called 4antra5 that $hich sa"es one from the attachment of ,ody is called
11. The transcendence of inhaling and e6haling is called Ke,ala Kum,ha7a.
12. The practice of Khecharimudra ,rings "ictory o"er the senses.
1. (hen the tongue is raised, the senses are su,dued.
1%. .f one attains the sta,ili8ed state in Khecharimudra, then he attains the
state of samadhi.
1&. #ne $hose Khechari is successful is fortunate.
1). #4 is radiant 9ight. (hen this 9ight is spread throughout the ,ody, all is
seen5 then, there is no desire to spea7 and to loo7.
1-. Air [*reath] is 9ord.
1/. (hen one continues to refine ,ro$n sugar, finally it ,ecomes $hite.
+imilarly, continued Kriya practice ,rings Pranayama to perfection.
10. .f one mo"es the ,reath [practices Pranayama] al$ays, ,reath ceases and
,ecomes tran:uil, sthira.
23. The state of +thiratt"a, Tran:uility, is called ;oga.
21. Practice Kriya as long as possi,le sitting in one asana at least once a day.
22. .f one stri7es the door $ith the re"erse air then it $ill open. This is
called re"erse japam.
[That is, tran:uili8ing apana, the restless ,reath of the lo$er centers, and
,ringing up at the dorsal center and then if one stri7es <ma7es tho7ar=
according to the ad"ice, then the inner !oor $ill open].
2. >a"ing practiced Kriya, one should hold onto the After?effect?poise of
2%. ;ou $ill recei"e results according to your Kriya practice.
2&. .f you feel pain [during the Kriya practice] in the ,ody, then understand
that the practice is not going $ell.
2). The real $or7 is to tune to meditation in Voidness [on the fifth element,
ether] lea"ing three ner"es@ ida, pingala, susumna and four elements@ 7hiti.
apa, teja, and marut, respecti"ely, earth, $ater, fire, and air.
2-. (hen the mind is tran:uil, it does not desire unnecessarily. At the state
of ,eyond desire, one does not perform unnecessary $or7s.
2/. (hen one has attained the tran:uil *reath, then, for him, the only $or7
$hich remains is to hold onto the state of tran:uility al$ays.
20. .t is difficult to e6press the state $hen the ,reath ,ecomes tran:uil,
3. (hen the ,reath is tran:uil day and night, then, one reali8es the real
state of Aama 4antra.
1. (hen the ,reath is tran:uil, it is the state of Kum,ha7a. (hen one sees
#neself, it is called *rahmajnana, Bthe Kno$ledge of *rahma, the ultimate
2. There is no need to ,reath in or out. .t is a much happier state5
tran:uility is there5 this is *rahma.
. #ne ,ecomes *rahma $hen one ,ecomes desireless
[9ahiri 4ahasay2s meditati"e life $ith Kriya $as from 1/)1 to 1/-. The
follo$ing dates are found in his note,oo7@
%. 4ay 1, 1/- ? (hate"er one $ants to do, he can do.
&. Cune 20, 1/- ? . entered inside [the +pinal Dord] a little ,it.
). Culy 1), 1/- ? The senses distur, today. . must renounce all desires and
dissol"e myself.
-. The senses are o,structions5 Transcending them ,y the practice of
Praanam and #m7ar Kriyas, today, . ha"e to dissol"e perfectly. This is the
only $or7 for me.
/. .t does not matter, if life departs from the physical ,ody. . must
practice Kriya $ith all my heart.
0. Kriya practice ,rings di"ine $ealth, that is, +thiratt"a, the state of
%3. Aug 1, 1/- ? Eo$, al$ays remain in Kum,ha7a. This is the form of
4ahade"a, 9ord +i"a5 head $as al$ays hea"y, the eyes $ere dra$n a,o"e5
this state does not ,rea7 $hen inhaling is done5 at that time, silence is "ery
%1. #ne can see all the deities if one $ithdra$s the restless mind and ma7es
in$ard himself in the Kutastha.
%2. . sa$ Aadhaji [consort of Krishna] at the ,ase of the inner +ound.
%. The sun is Kali <1oddess Kali=, . myself am Kali. Thin7ing a,out Kali .
,ecome Kali. Eo$ . $ill ,e father of Kali, *rahma, the ultimate +elf.
%%. The sun is Kali [1oddess Kali], and . am $hat . am.
%&. Aug 1, 1/- ? Today, . ,ecame 4ahapurusa, Bthe great man.B
%). Aug 1-, 1/- ? . am 4ahapurusa. .n the sun . sa$ that . myself am
*rahma, the ultimate +elf.
%-. Aug 1/, 1/- ? The $orld is re"ealed from my form. . myself am the only
Purusa, the supreme *eing.
%/. Aug 1/, 1/- ? The $orld is re"ealed from my form. . myself am the only
Purusa, the +elf5 there is no,ody else.
%0. Aug 22, 1/- ? . myself am Adi Purusa *haga"an, the first 9ord.
&3. Aug 2, 1/- ? (hate"er . say is Veda. Kno$ it for certain.
&1. . sa$ four Vedas, *rahma, Visnu, and 4ahes$ar <9ord +i"a= inside the
;oni [,et$een the eye,ro$s].
&2. . sa$ a ,lue color in the light5 in the ,lue, . sa$ a $hite +pot <*indu=5
and in the $hite +pot, . sa$ a man $ho manifested himself as a >indu,
'nglish man, etc.
&. . sa$ thousands of KrishnaFs.
&%. . sa$ the greater Krishna.
&&. Aug 2%, 1/- ? . myself am 9ord Krishna.
&). Aug 2&, 1/- ? . myself am the A7sara Purusa, the eternal *eing.
[.t may ,e mentioned here that each rhythm of Donsciousness of the see7er
in the process of merging $ith the ultimate +elf is a state of deity, or
de"ata till he merges completely in #neness $ith *rahma.]
&-. #ct , 1/- ? . am the sun, the 4ahade"a, the first cause.
&/. Eo" 12, 1/- ? . myself am 4ahapurusa Purusottam, Bthe great +elf, the
supreme *eing.B
&0. Aug 1&, 1/-% ? .t is not possi,le to achie"e A,haya pada, Bthe state of
fearlessnessB $ithout the help of 1uru. #ne must hold onto #neself at the
house of Tran:uility, $ithout $hich, one cannot achie"e the A,haya pada, the
eternal Aeali8ation of the ultimate +elf.
)3. 4y form is e"ery$here5 there is no,ody e6cept me, and that form is in
Void. There is no day and night there.
)1. .f you ta7e shelter in me $ith true faith, then, . ha"e to come to you.
>o$ can . stay far a$ayG
)2. . remain present near one $ho practices Kriya.
). .f you $rite in re"erse order and see it in the mirror, it loo7s straight.
+imilarly, if you ma7e re"erse the ,reath of the ,ody, then you $ill see
+$arupa, the form of your self.
)%. !ualism is the root of all suffering.
)&. Aestless is manifestation, and +thiratt"a, Tran:uility, is 9ord +i"a.
)). ;ou yourself do not 7no$ $hat $ill render you good.
)-. .f the strain is generated on the lips, throat, and teeth ,y the practice
of Pranayama, then the 7no$ledge is called *ha7ti, or de"otion.
)/. (hate"er one thin7s at the time of death, accordingly one ,ecomes
that5 li7e$ise, if you ,ecome +atchitananda at the time of lea"ing the ,ody,
then, you ,ecome yourself, the ultimate +elf.
)0. (ho is Ka,irG >e is sun, and he is *rahma, myself.
[These names are found from his note,oo7].
-3. .n +atyayuga 9ahiri 4ahasay $as ,orn as +atyasu7rita, in tretayuga he
$as 4unindra5 in d$aparayuga Karunamaya5 and in 7aliyuga he $as Ka,ir.
9ater, he ,ecame +hyama Dharan.
-1. .f one meditates al$ays on the 9ord, all his other $or7s are ta7en care
of ,y the 9ord >imself.
-2. .f people $ant to go a$ay, let them go a$ay5 ,ut you should remain firm
in your practice. Then, at the end, you $ill go into the house of +thiratt"a,
-. The mo"ement is called $orld.
-%. Applying ,ody, mind, and speech in action is called Ahingsa [Eon?
-&. Animals are enchanted ,y music5 if man is not attracted ,y the sound of
#4, then he is an ass.
-). *eyond the fi"e senses there is mind, that is ,reath5 ,eyond the mind
there is ,uddhi, that is ,indu, or spot [in ,et$een the eye,ro$s]5 ,eyond the
,indu, *rahma, the ultimate +elf, is the Pure Void, and Hormless.
--. (oman is the destroyer of man. !o not loo7 at her, at any cost.
[The sun of the self, that is, sound, is referred to here as man5 and the
jyoti, light of the self, is referred to as $oman. .n other $ords, do not ,e
interested in the play of jyoti, or de"elop attachment to the inner "isions5
after all, "isions are secondary and are not inner Aeali8ation.
[.t is sound, #m, or Eada, $hich helps the see7er to go ,eyond ,indu and
merge into #neness $ith *rahma, the ultimate +elf].
-/. . sa$ a pure Void, that is *rahma, the ultimate +elf. The mind must ,e
dissol"ed in .t.
-0. 4ind should not ,e made out$ard. (hat2s the ,enefit if the mind and
the eyes are tran:uil and not the ,odyG Today, the ,reath does not come
out, and a lot of addictions are generated.
/3. 4erging in pure Voidness is called +amadhi.
/1. *eyond Purusottam, the supreme *eing, there is *rahma, the ultimate
/2. (ithout ,eing nis7ama, that is, totally detached, there is no possi,ility
to ,e merged in *rahma.
[(hen the seer destroys his character as seer and ,ecomes one $ith the
ultimate +elf, then dualism is dissol"ed].
/. Voidness $hich is inside "oidness is called great Voidness, *rahma.
/%. +atyayuga is the After?effect?poise of Kriya5 tretayuga is the
temporary After?effect?poise of Kriya5 d$aparayuga is to practice Kriya5
and $hen one does not practice ., it is 7aliyuga for him.
/&. (hen one transcends *asu, desires, he ,ecomes !e", the 9ord5 that is,
he ,ecomes *asude", or 9ord Krishna.
/). #ne ,ecomes *asude" $hen the ,asanas, the desires, are transcended.
>e is the 9ord.
/-. A liar $ho cannot 7eep his $ord is not a good man5 his father, that is, his
9ord is also no good.
//. The essence of Aama?mantra is to place the tongue into Tala,ya Kriya
and continue to listen the sound of #m.
/0. .nside this ,ody there is another ,ody $hich is some$hat ,lac7.
03. Kno$ledge of the ultimate +elf is to 7no$ #neself ,y oneself.
01. 9oo7ing at the middle of the forehead, $hich is a,o"e the nose and
eye,ro$s, is a ,it difficult5 if one sta,ili8es on this, he attains the state of
02. Till *hishma [grandfather of Kaura"a and Panda"a], that is, fear [in the
light of Kriya *hisma means fear of practicing Kriya], recei"es three arro$s,
that is, ida, pingala and susumna in his head [unite in the Kutastha], ne"er
,ecomes +thira, tran:uil5 #ne should practice Kriya courageously.
0. Eo,ody is a sinner5 no one is holy either5 if the mind is put into the
Kutastha, then, there is no sin5 other$ise, if the mind is out$ard, there is
sin5 in other $ords, $hen the mind is not in the Kutastha, it is in sin.
0%. The old father [*a,aji] is 9ord Krishna.
0&. . sa$ +aptarsi, se"en ;ogis <*hrigu, Atri, Angira, 4arichi, Pulastya,
Pulaha, and Kratu5 and four 4anus <+ana7a, +ananda, +anatan, and +anat
0). All sins are destroyed at the After?effect?poise of Kriya.
0-. A"idya, ignorance, is the out$ard state of mind5 *idya, Kno$ledge, is the
After?effect?poise of Kriya.
0/. #ne $ho practices Pranayama, truly lo"es all ,eings.
00. +lo$ly, slo$ly, all $or7s are ,eing done. 133. (orldly ,eautiful things are
poisonous. .f you see them out$ardly, they attract you5 ,ut if you see them
in$ardly, then, they are renounced. This is maya, or restlessness.
131. 9et others go as they please, ,ut you continue to practice Kriya5 .t $ill
render you good5 ;ou $ill achie"e the state of Tran:uility, +thiratt"a.
132. #ne can say e"erything $hen the Kriya practice continues spontaneously
at the si6 centers.
13. Eo,ody is a sinner5 the mind itself is the sinner $hen it ,ecomes
out$ard a$ay from the Kutastha.
13%. Tran:uil 4oment ,eyond ,reath is Allah, that is, the >ouse of
13&. *rahma is Pure5 .t has not come out from anything5 in other $ords,
*rahma is e"er Pure and *rahma is ne"er tasted ,efore ,y anyone.
[Tasting something is possi,le from the state of dualism. *ut if one ,ecomes
one $ith *rahma, one ,ecomes *rahma himself. +o there is no possi,ility to
taste *rahma. As a result, *rahma remains e"er untasted, Pure].
13). !o not ,e idle. Practice Kriya. !o not $ait for ad"ice to practice Kriya.
13-. '6haust your ,reath in practicing Kriya. '"entually ,reath $ill ,e
+thira, Tran:uil.
13/. All reali8ation is possi,le ,y the practice of the Hirst Kriya. #ne is
re:uired to practice strictly according to the instructions recei"ed from
one2s 1uru personally.