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A Project Report submitted to
INDIRA Institute of Management (AICTE)
In partia fufiment of re!uirement for t"e a#ard of
Post graduate program (degree) in mar$eting
for t"e %&&'()) session
*ubmitted +,-
Akhilesh Tome
Indira Institute of Management (AICTE)
.a$ad Pune ( /))&01
Ch!"#e$%I P!&e No'
Introduction 1()&

Compan, profie ))()1
Product profie )2(%&
3iterature re4ie# %)(%/
Objecti4es of t"e stud, %5(%1
3imitations of t"e stud, %2(%'
Researc" met"odoog, 0)(02
Data Ana,sis 6 Interpretation /&(/1
7indings /'(8&
Recommendation 8)(8%
Anne9ure 80(81
+ibiograp", 8'(5&

T"e teecom industr, is one of t"e fastest gro#ing industries in India: India "as near,
%&& miion teep"one ines ma$ing it t"e t"ird argest net#or$ in t"e #ord after C"ina
and ;*A: .it" a gro#t" rate of /8<= Indian teecom industr, "as t"e "ig"est gro#t" rate
in t"e #ord:
>istor, of Indian Teecommunications started in )28) #"en t"e first
operationa and ines #ere aid b, t"e go4ernment near Cacutta (seat of
+ritis" po#er): Teep"one ser4ices #ere introduced in India in )22): In )220 teep"one
ser4ices #ere merged #it" t"e posta s,stem: Indian Radio
Teegrap" Compan, (IRT) #as formed in )'%0: After independence in )'/1=a t"e
foreign teecommunication companies #ere nationai?ed to form t"e Posts= Teep"one
and Teegrap" (PTT)= a monopo, run b, t"e go4ernment@s Ministr, of Communications:
Teecom sector #as considered as a strategic ser4ice and t"e go4ernment considered it
best to bring under state@s contro:
T"e first #ind of reforms in teecommunications sector began to fo# in
)'2&s #"en t"e pri4ate sector #as ao#ed in teecommunications
e!uipment manufacturing: In )'28= Department of Teecommunications
(DOT) #as estabis"ed: It #as an e9cusi4e pro4ider of domestic and ong(
distance ser4ice t"at #oud be its o#n reguator (separate from t"e posta
s,stem): In )'25= t#o #"o, go4ernment(o#ned companies #ere created-
t"e Aides" *anc"ar Nigam 3imited (A*N3) for internationa
teecommunications and Ma"anagar Teep"one Nigam 3imited (MTN3) for
ser4ice in metropoitan areas:
In )''&s= teecommunications sector benefited from t"e genera opening up
of t"e econom,: Aso= e9ampes of teecom re4oution in man, ot"er
countries= #"ic" resuted in better !uait, of ser4ice and o#er tariffs= ed
Indian poic, ma$ers to initiate a c"ange process fina, resuting in opening
up of teecom ser4ices sector for t"e pri4ate sector: Nationa Teecom Poic,(NTP) )''/
#as t"e first attempt to gi4e a compre"ensi4e roadmap for t"e Indian teecommunications
sector: In )''1= Teecom Reguator, Aut"orit, of India (TRAI) #as created: TRAI #as
formed to act as a reguator to faciitate t"e gro#t" of t"e teecom sector: Ne# Nationa
Teecom Poic, #as adopted in )''' and ceuar ser4ices #ere aso aunc"ed in t"e same
Teecommunication sector in India can be di4ided into t#o segments- 7i9ed
*er4ice Pro4ider (7*Ps)= and Ceuar *er4ices: 7i9ed ine ser4ices consist of basic
ser4ices= nationa or domestic ong distance and internationa ong
distance ser4ices: T"e state operators (+*N3 and MTN3)= account for
amost '& per cent of re4enues from basic ser4ices: Pri4ate sector ser4ices
are present, a4aiabe in seecti4e urban areas= and coecti4e, account for
ess t"an 8 per cent of subscriptions: >o#e4er= pri4ate ser4ices focus on t"e
businessBcorporate sector= and offer reiabe= "ig"( end ser4ices= suc" as eased ines=
I*DN= cosed user group and 4ideoconferencing:
Ceuar ser4ices can be furt"er di4ided into t#o categories- Coba *,stem
for Mobie Communications (C*M) and Code Di4ision Mutipe Access
(CDMA): T"e C*M sector is dominated b, Airte= Aodafone(>utc"= and
Idea Ceuar= #"ie t"e CDMA sector is dominated b, Reiance and Tata
Indicom: Opening up of internationa and domestic ong distance teep"on, ser4ices are
t"e major gro#t" dri4ers for ceuar industr,: Ceuar operators get substantia re4enue
from t"ese ser4ices= and compensate t"em for reduction in tariffs on airtime= #"ic" aong
#it" renta #as t"e main source of re4enue: T"e reduction in tariffs for airtime= nationa
ong distance= internationa ong distance= and "andset prices "as dri4en demand:
A)o*# Bh!$#i Ai$#el Limi#e+,
+"arti Airte 3imited= a group compan, of +"arti Enterprises= is IndiaEs eading
integrated teecom ser4ices pro4ider #it" an aggregate of 5% miion
customers: +"arti Airte "as been rated among t"e best performing Companies in t"e
#ord in t"e +usiness .ee$ IT )&&: +"arti Airte is structured into t"ree strategic
business units F Mobie ser4ices= +roadband 6 Teep"one (+6T) ser4ices and Enterprise
ser4ices: T"e mobie business pro4ides mobie 6 fi9ed #ireess ser4ices using C*M
tec"noog, across %0 Teecom circes: T"e +6T business pro4ides broadband 6
teep"one *er4ices in '/ cities: T"e Enterprise ser4ices pro4ide end(to(end teecom
*outions to corporate customers and nationa 6 internationa ong distance
*er4ices to carriers: A t"ese ser4ices are pro4ided under t"e Airte brand:AirteEs "ig"(
speed optic fiber net#or$ current, spans o4er 80=&&& $ms Co4ering a t"e major cities
in t"e countr,: T"e compan, "as t#o Internationa anding stations in C"ennai t"at
connects t#o submarine cabes *,stems ( i%i to *ingapore and *EA(ME(.E(/ to
+, %&)& Airte #i be t"e most admirabe brand in India:
3o4ed b, more customers
Targeted b, top taent
+enc"mar$ed b, more businesses:
Bh!$#i Ai$#el .$osses #he /0 millio- .*s#ome$ m!$k Be.omes #he
1!s#es# "$i2!#e .om"!- i- #he 3o$l+ #o !.hie2e #his
Enters into t"e eague of t"e #ordEs top teecom companies= mo4es to#ards top 8 goba
mobie companies
Adds ast %8 Miion in just )/ mont"s= acceerates to#ards t"e )&& miion customer
Rapid, e9pands net#or$= to ro out across a census to#ns and o4er 8= &&=&&& 4iages
F co4ering o4er '8< of t"e popuation:
+"arti Airte "as ac"ie4ed t"e distinction of becoming t"e fastest pri4ate teecom
compan, in #ord to ac"ie4e t"is andmar$ in a singe countr, #it"in )/0 mont"s of start
of operations: T"e 8& miion customer base co4ers mobie as #e as broadband 6
teep"one customers: Commenting on t"is major goba andmar$= Mr: A$"i Cupta= Goint
Managing Director= +"arti Airte said= H.e are deig"ted to "a4e ac"ie4ed t"is major
andmar$= #"ic" puts +"arti Airte amongst t"e top teecom companies in t"e #ord: It
underines t"e strengt" of our uni!ue business mode and our 4ision to pro4ide affordabe
ser4ices i$e ifetime prepaid to customers across t"e engt" and breadt" of t"e countr,: I
#oud i$e to t"an$ our partners for "a4ing s"ared our 4ision: T"is miestone "ig"ig"ts
t"e emergence of India as one of t"e top teecom mar$ets in t"e #ord and #e are proud
to "a4e been at t"e forefront of t"is gro#t": Coing for#ard= #e beie4e t"is gro#t"
momentum #i remain intact and #e are gearing to#ards t"e )&& miion customers
+"arti Airte crossed t"e )& miion customer mar$ in No4ember %&&/: In Gu, ast ,ear=
it crossed t"e %8 miion customer mar$: T"e compan, added t"e ne9t %8 miion
customers in just )/ mont"s: T"is is amongst t"e fastest rate of customer additions b, an,
teecom compan, in t"e #ord:
Mr: Manoj Jo"i= President 6 CEO= +"arti Airte added= HT"is is a 4er, proud moment
for us and I #oud i$e to t"an$ our 8& miion customers for beie4ing in Airte: It is a
tribute to our commitment to pro4ide best(in(cass ser4ices to our customers and ead t"e
mar$et #it" e9citing inno4ations: .eare committed to create a #ord(cass organi?ation
and benc"mar$ it #it" t"e best in t"e #ord: As t"e mar$et gets read, for t"e ne9t #a4e
of gro#t"= #e are committed to e9panding our teecom net#or$s #ider and deeper across
t"e countr, and partner IndiaEs gro#t" stor,:I In t"e mobie business= +"arti Airte pans
to ma$e considerabe in4estments in Net#or$ e9pansion to estabis" presence in a
census to#ns and o4er 8&&=&&& 4iages across India b, %&)&= t"ereb, co4ering '8< of
t"e countr,Es tota popuation: T"e compan,Es strategic focus #i be on furt"er
strengt"ening t"e Airte brand t"roug" best(in(cass customer ser4ice= #"ic" is bac$ed b,
#ide nationa distribution: In t"e Enterprise business= +"arti Airte #i in4est
substantia, in t"e ong distance business to ac"ie4e t"e scae of a goba carrier #it"in
ne9t %(0 ,ears: It is aso strengt"ening t"e corporate business to#ards becoming a
preferred managed ser4ices partner for t"e top %&&& corporations: In +roadband 6
Teep"one *+;= +"arti Airte #i initiate arge(scae depo,ments of broadband net#or$
infrastructure in '/ to#ns= #it" a s"arp focus on t"e "ome and *ME segments: It is
read,ing to offer tripe pa, to its customers #it" t"e aunc" of its IPTA ser4ice: T"e
compan, is aso oo$ing at commencing nationa DT> operations b, t"e end of t"e
current fisca:

No$m!l "l!-,
Airte Ad4antage F )''
Airte 7reedom %/' (Per second (N)
Airte Turbo %/' Pan

Corporate pan-
C;C()/' (7or PC *tudent on,)
C;C(%/' (R))
C;C( %/' AE*
C;C Cod( %''
C;C patinum( 0''
To""i-&s A2!il!)le
3oca Mobie pac$
3oca Airte pac$ 3oca 3andine pac$
Nig"t pac$
*TD pac$
3oca *M* pac$
3oca L Nationa *M* pac$
Internationa pac$

C*s#ome$ S!#is1!.#io-
T"e Aaue of Customer *atisfaction b, HAndre# MennieI= Cenera
Manager eCain Communications EMEA
."at is t"e connection bet#een customer satisfaction and t"e bottom ineM E4er
#ondered "o# muc" customer satisfaction is #ort"M .e a $no# and Accept t"at it is a
strategic goa for a organi?ations in4o4ed in t"e dei4er,
of customer ser4ice: Det in a m, e9perience as a professiona in t"is arena=I "a4e ne4er
come across a customer ser4ices director #"o coud articuate t"e 7inancia 4aue of
customer satisfaction to t"eir business: Con4erse,= I "a4e Ne4er met a customer ser4ice
Director ."o #asnEt measured on it: >o# +i?arre: +ig business is "app, to measure it
but doesnEt $no# #"at its #ort":One of t"e reasons for t"e difficut, in ma$ing t"e
connections= is t"e Intangibiit, of customer c"urn: T"at is to sa,= "o# dissatisfied does a
Customers "a4e to be before t"e, ea4e and sign #it" t"e competitionM ."at Mig"t be an
intoerabe e9perience for one customer ma, #e e9ceed a E9pectations of anot"er:
T"en t"ereEs competition: ."at if t"ere isnEt an,M+efore dereguation "o# concerned
#ere t"e arge utiit, companies #it" Customer satisfaction or +ritis" Teecom comes to
t"at: Interesting t"erefore T"at t"e teecoms sector is #"ere #ar is being #aged on
customer *atisfaction Coud it t"at be "ig" customer satisfaction attracts ne# customers
and "eps retain e9isting onesM *ounds i$e t"at coud be #ort" somet"ing:
T"ere is no !uestion t"at customer satisfaction is difficut to measure= but #", Is
measurement so essentiaM
As a student I opened m, first ban$ as an adut #it" a major "ig" street +an$: T"e,
attracted me #it" t"eir offer of a N )& deposit to t"e account: I *ta,ed #it" t"em t"roug"
t"e four ,ears of uni4ersit,= t"roug" t"e gradua, increasing o4erdraft= t"e unintentiona
fora,s be,ond t"e o4erdraft imit= t"e ost ATM cards= t"e repacement c"e!ue boo$s= t"e
minima deposits= t"e reguar and 4er, sma #it"dra#as: E9cept for t"e penat, c"arges
for t"e O4erdraft e9cursions t"e ban$ made 4er, itte mone, out of me= and in fact
Incurred untod cost in maintaining me as a student customer:
A t"at effort= cear, #it" t"e goa of $eeping me in m, earning ,ears and reaping bac$
t"eir in4estment: In fact I fet conscious, o,a to t"em at t"at point and e4en recogni?e
t"at it #as m, turn to pa, t"em bac$: *o #", #as t"eir customer ser4ice so poor once I
became a fu(time empo,eeM I sta,ed #it" t"em for se4era ,ears using t"em for
mortgage ser4ice= in4estment and insurances but e4entua, c"urned to one of t"e first
teep"one ban$s: I "a4e been #it" t"em a fe# ,ears no# and e4er, time I p"one t"em
t"e, are a#are of m, recent communications #it" t"em= re!uest t"at I "a4e made and
t"e, donEt tr, to se an un#anted insurance poic, at t"e end of e4er, ca:
Te- B!si. R*les 1o$ C*s#ome$ S!#is1!.#io-
): In4o4e top management:
%: Jno# t"e customers:
0: 3et t"e customers define #"at attributes are important:
/: Jno# t"e customerEs re!uirements= e9pectations= and #ants:
8: Jno# t"e reati4e importance of customer decision criteria:
5: Cat"er and trust data:
1: +enc"mar$ t"e data against competitors= and identif, competiti4e strengt" and
2: De4eop cross(functiona action pans t"at en"ance strengt"s and
Correct #ea$nesses:
': Measure performance continua, and spread t"e data t"roug"out t"e organi?ation:
)&: +e committed to getting better and better and better:
O Creating an a#areness to Airte postpaid customers about t"e
faciities in postpaid connections:
O Ana,?ing t"e probem faced b, postpaid customers:
O Coecting t"e data bases of different age group of customers
interested in different t,pes of toppings offer:
O Moti4ating t"e customers to ta$e postpaid connections:
O Ana,?ing #"ic" postpaid pan is more used b, customers:
O Ana,?ing #"ic" t,pe of topping is more used b, customers:
O Ana,?ing t"e satisfaction e4e of customer to#ards postpaid
S.o"e o1 #he s#*+,
T"e stud, is conducted on AIRTE3 postpaid user at HAIRTE3
RE3ATION*>IP CENTERI: T"e stud, is confined to t"e area of
T"e si?e of t"e sampe #as- 0&&
T"e present stud, is subjected to foo#ing 3IMITATION*:
): Met"od of data coection #as t"roug" persona inter4ie# and t"erefore bias
becomes a major imitation:
%: Due to t"e time constraints a t"e customers #ere not co4ered:
0: T"e sampe #as restricted to 0&& customers= #"ic" ma, restrict t"e scope and
competion of stud,:
/: T"e scope of stud, is restricted on, to t"e t#in cities of Pune
8: O#ing to t"eir pre occupation some customers #ere unabe to ans#er t"e compete
Definition of mar$eting researc" is appro4ed b, t"e board of t"e American Mar$eting
Association (AMA) is- HMar$eting researc" is t"e functions #"ic" in$s t"e customer
and pubic To mar$eter t"roug" information used to identit, and define mar$eting
Opportunities and probemsP generate define and e4auate= mar$eting Actions= monitor
mar$eting performance= and impro4e understanding of Mar$eting as a processI:
*imp,= mar$eting researc" is t"e s,stematic design= coection= ana,sis and Reporting of
t"e data findings ree4ant to a specific mar$eting situation facing t"e compan,: Carefu
panning t"roug" a stages of t"e researc" is a necessit,:
Objecti4it, in researc" is a( important: T"e "eart of t"e scientific met"od is T"e
objecti4e gat"ering and ana,sis of t"e information: T"e function of mar$eting researc"
#it"in a compan, is to pro4ide t"e information and ana,tica inputs necessar, for
Q Panning of future mar$eting acti4it,:
Q Contro of mar$eting operations in t"e present:
Q E4auation of mar$eting resuts:
A researc" ma, underta$e an, of t"ree t,pes of researc" in4estigations
depending upon t"e probem: T"ese t"ree t,pes of researc" incuded:
Q +asic researc"
Q Appied researc"
Q Designated fact gat"ering
It is aso $no#n as t"e pure fundamenta researc" #"ic" refers to t"ose studies= soe
purpose of #"ic" is t"e disco4er, of ne# information: It is conducted to e9tend t"e
"ori?on in gi4en area of $no#edge #it" no immediate appication to e9isting probem:
It is an attempt to app, t"e 4arious mar$eting tec"ni!ues= #"ic" "a4e been de4eoped as
researc"= first and ater on t"e, become appied researc" tec"ni!ues: It is an attempt to
app, t"e basic principes and e9isting $no#edge for t"e purpose of so4ing t"e
operationa probems:
It refers to a researc" #"ere t"e in4estigator attempts near, to gat"er some
predetermined data
M!$ke#i-& Rese!$.h P$o.ess .!- )e .!$$ie+ o*# #h$o*&h #he
1ollo3i-& s#e"s,
Define t"e probem and researc" objecti4es
De4eop t"e researc" pan
Coect t"e information
Ana,sis and interpretations
Present t"e findings
In a 4er, sense= t"is is t"e "eart of t"e researc" process: T"is is t"e first step= #"ic" cas
for t"e mar$eting manage and mar$eting researc":
T"e second cas for de4eoping t"e most efficient pan for gat"ering t"e needed
information: Not to forget t"e cost or 4aues of researc" t"e Mar$eting manager must
estimate process its appro4a= Researc" pan cas for decision on
!) D!#! so*$.e
i: Primar, data to be coected for a specific purpose:
ii: *econdar, data coected for anot"er purpose:
): Researc" Approac"es- Primar, data can be coected in four #a,s-

): Obser4ationa researc"

%: 7ocus group researc"

0: *ur4e, researc"

/: E9perimenta researc"
%: Researc" Instruments- Mar$eting researc"ers can use !uestionnaires in coecting of
primar, data= because of its fe9ibiit,= !uestionnaires is b, for t"e most common
instrument used to coect primar, data:
0: *amping Pan- T"is pan cas for t"e t"ree aspects-(
a) Define t"e samping unit:
b) Decide t"e sampe si?e:
c) Decide t"e samping procedure #"et"er to use probabiit, or non(probabiit,
samping met"ods:
/: Contract met"od- once t"e samping pan "as been determined= t"is "as to decide "o#
t"e subject s"oud be contacted: T"e c"oices are mai= teep"one or researc"
Data coection p"ase is genera, t"e most e9pensi4e and t"e most p"ase to error: Carr,
out t"e fied #or$= coect data using t"e instruments= adjust t"e Probem of not at "omes=
repaced= refusa to co(operate= biased or dis"onest ans#ers:
T"e ne9t to ast step is to e9tract pertinent findings from t"e coected data:
T"e researc"er edits= code= tabuate t"e coected data:
As t"e ast step in mar$eting researc" t"e researc"ers present t"e findings: T"e
researc"ers "a4e to arrange t"e researc"ed resut according to an appro4ed reporting
format= get t"e report t,ped and bound= present t"e copies of t"e report to t"e concerned
T"e met"odoog, adopted for eiciting t"e data re!uired for t"e stud, #as sur4e, met"od:
It is t"e o4era pattern or frame#or$ of t"e project t"at #i dictate as to #"at
information is to be coected= from #"ic" sources and b, #"at procedures:
Researc" met"odoog, must be cassified on t"e basis of t"e major purpose of t"e
in4estigation: In t"is probem= description studies "a4e been under( ta$en= as t"e
objecti4e of t"e project is to conduct t"e mar$et s"are stud, to determine t"e s"are of t"e
mar$et recei4ed b, bot" t"e compan, and itE competitors:
T"e information needed to furt"er proceed in t"e project "ad been coected t"roug"
primar, data and secondar, data:
Primar, data consists of information coected for t"e specific purpose at "and for t"e
purpose of coecting primar, data= sur4e, researc" #as used and a t"e retai outets
seers using different brands and t"eir competitors #ere contacted: *ur4e, researc" is t"e
approac" best suited gat"ering description:
T"e secondar, data consists of information t"at aread, e9ists some#"ere= >a4ing been
coected for anot"er purpose: An, researc"er begins t"e researc" #or$ b, first going
t"roug" t"e secondar, data: *econdar, data incudes t"e information a4aiabe #it" t"e
compan,: It ma, be t"e findings of researc" pre4ious, done in t"e fied: *econdar, data
can aso be coected from maga?ines= ne#spapers= ot"er sur4e,s conducted b, $no#n
researc" agencies etc:
T"e respondents are t"e mobie postpaid connection "oder #it" AirteEs toppings
faciities: T"e sur4e, #as carried in cit, of Pune #it" t"e sampe si?e of 0&&: T"e sur4e,
#as carried out #it" t"e "ep of a structured !uestionnaire= #"ic" "eps in accompis"ing
t"e researc" objecti4es: T"e respondents b, means of persona inter4ie# administer t"is
structured ended !uestionnaire:
199 249 225 Others
Series 1
In m, stud, I found t"at most of t"e customers (/&<) "a4ing Norma F )''
pan: M, pan )/' ( (%&<)= %/' ( ()&<) 6 ot"ers (0&<) It is s"o#n in t"e
abo4e bar diagram
Mo+e o1 P!me-#
Cash Credit
Cheque Internet
Series 1
In m, sur4e, I obser4ed t"at most of t"e customers paid t"eir bi t"roug"
cas" (/8<) 6 credit cards (08<) respecti4e,: And t"e rest c"e!ue ()2<) 6
Internet ban$ing (%<):
To""i-&s #!ke- ) .*s#ome$s
In m, sur4e, I found t"at most of t"e customers "a4e ta$en C;C (8&<): It is
s"o#n in t"e abo4e pie diagram:

Neer get
Bill !n
Neer get
Bill !n
Series 1
In m, sur4e, I found t"at most of t"e customers (1&<) "a4e faced t"eir
probems to#ards bi pa,ment in counter: %&<= 1< 6 0< are t"ose #"o
ne4er recei4e bi on time= #rong, c"arged 6 ne4er get t"e bi:
%ar&h '(ril %ay )une
Series 1
T"e interesting obser4ation of t"is sur4e, is t"e saes of t"e toppings #ere
increasing reguar,: It re4eas t"at popuarit, of toppings #ere increasing
t"roug" saes: T"ese are t"e data of on, one AIRTE3 RE3ATION*>IP
): Customers are satisfied #it" 4arious pans:
2+ It #as obser4ed t"at most of t"e customers e9pressed t"eir un"appiness o4er
biing ser4ices: Eit"er t"e, #ere #rong, c"arged or t"e, ne4er recei4ed bis on time:
0: *enior citi?ens are 4er, particuar about rentas:
/: T"roug" m, sur4e,= I came to $no# t"at most of t"e customers are satisfied #it"
our pans and toppings:
/: T"roug" m, sur4e, I obser4ed t"at most of t"e customers are using *TD pac$:
5: I obser4ed t"at most of t"e customers are using Per second(%0' pan:
1: I obser4ed t"at most of t"e customers i$e Airte ad4ertisement and punc"(ine

1+ To ensure better customer satisfaction 6 maintain "ig"er e4e of Customer
reations"ip management= t"e biing department "as to be more effecti4e 6 efficient:
2+ To retain e9isting customers means offering t"e best sc"eme: T"is coud
automatica, attract ne# customers: Airte need not spend on ad4ertisement to attract
ne# customers:
0: Airte s"oud continue to offer t"e best toppings to sta, at t"e top:
/: T"ere s"oud be no compromise in !uait, and t"e net#or$ faciit,
): Customer *atisfaction on Airte Mobie postpaid 6 Toppings offer
(A) Customer Name
(+) Age
(C) Mobie No:
(D) Occupation

*ef Empo,ed S T
Co4ernment Empo,ee S T
Non Co4ernment Empo,ee S T
*tudent S T
Ot"ers S T
(E) Income per mont"
3ess t"an Rs 8=&&& S T
Rs 8&&) to )&=&&& S T
Rs )&=&&) to Rs %&=&&& S T
Abo4e Rs %&=&&& S T
%: ."ic" pan ,ou are usingM
a: M, pan()/'
b: %/' Deig"t
c: *upersa4er(0''
d Ot"ers
0: ."at do ,ou t"in$ before ta$ing t"e connectionsM
a: Renta
b: +rand Aaue
c: Net#or$ co4erage
d: A of t"ese
/: >o# ong "a4e ,ou been using Airte postpaid connectionM
a: 3ess t"an 5 Mont"s
b: 5 mont"s to ) ,ear
c: ) to % ,ears
d: More t"an % ,ears
8: >o# ,ou pa, ,our biM
a: +, Cas"
b: +, C"e!ue
c: +, Credit card
d: +, Internet +an$ing
5: Most, #"ere do ,ou pa, ,our biM

a: Airte Reations"ip Center
b: E(se4a
c: Drop +o9
1: ."ic" t,pe of probem ,ou are facing in postpaid connectionM
a: +i pa,ment
b: Ne4er get bi on time
c: .rong, c"arged
d: Ne4er get bi
2: Are ,ou satisfied #it" Airte ca center e9ecuti4esM
a: E9ceent
b: Cood
c: *atisfied
d: ;nsatisfied
': ."ic" compan,Es ad4ertisement and punc" ines ,ou i$e mostM
a: Airte S+arriers brea$ #"en peope ta$U E9press ,oursefT
b: +*N3 S+*N3= +est "ai Mere i,eT
c: Idea SAn Idea can c"ange ,our ifeT
d: Reiance SOne nation one tariffT
e: Tata Indicom S Do more i4e moreT
)&: O4era *atisfaction on postpaid connection
a: E9ceent
b: Cood
c: *atisfied
d: ;nsatisfied
)): .oud ,ou i$e to gi4e ,our suggestions to impro4e t"e
satisfaction e4e of customerM
a: Des
b: No

If ,es specif, ,our suggestions
Principes of Mar$eting F P"iip Joter and Cer, Armstrong
Mar$eting Researc" F D:D: *"arma
Mar$eting Researc" F Creen 6 Tu
...: AIRTE3:IN