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Long Name: Intrepid - Sales Compensation

Intrepid calculates compensation for Sprint^s sales force, based on revenue

that the sales reps generate for the company and the compensation plans that
they are on. The on-line screens provide the ability for Sales and Sales
Compensation to update organization and sales person information.

Short Name: ACC/AL
Alternate Channels is a commissioning system that is used to
commission it^s partners. Sprint markets its services both
directly and via partners with whom Sprint has contractual
agreements. For customers acquired through these partnership
arrangements, Sprint is required to share revenue with (pay
commissions to) the acquiring partner. Providing timely and
accurate payment to partners, as well as providing sufficient
Description: information to properly manage these partnership
relationships is the purpose for the DSS applications operating
in support of the partnership management function. The
partnership management function is supported in DSS by the
Alternate Channels Commissioning (AL) System and the
Marketing Information Warehouse (MIW). The AL DataMart,
a part of the AL system, provides a repository for partnership-
related information, and is intended for use as an analysis tool.
SBS - Sprint Business solutions
SCS - Sprint Customer Services
LTD - Local Telecommunications Division
FIN - The science of the management of money and other assets
ITS - International Translation System
CORP - Belonging to an incorporated body.
GMG - Global Markets Group
PCS - Personal Communications Services

The Nortel Networks Shasta 5000 Broadband Service Node enables service providers to
bring together thousands of Internet subscribers onto one platform. The Service Creation
System (SCS) is a graphical user interface (GUI) to the Shasta 5000 BSN that allows the
service provider, to customize the IP services for the subscribers. The SCS uses the
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) API protocol. The IP Services
Operating System (iSOS) is a networking device operating system with a command-line
interface. The SCS provides for the following: - Create system-wide service policies,
service profiles, and group templates that can be applied to individual Internet subscribers
or groups of subscribers. - Host multiple ISPs and corporations by creating multiple
context domains, allowing for the deployment of retail and wholesale service provider
approaches. - Configure the physical Shasta 5000 BSN in addition to both logical and
physical components such as virtual routers and ISP profiles. - Monitor and troubleshoot
using SNMP and familiar GUI tools. The SCS contains 12 separate applications: Device
Manager, Access Properties Manager, Service Policies Manager, Bulk Connections
Manager, Connections Manager, Alarm Manager, Route Properties Manager, Subscriber
Manager, ISP Manager, User Manager, VPN Manager, and Log Manager.
. Sprint's Local Telecommunications Division (LTD) provides local telephone service to
more than 8.2 million customer lines within more than 3,000 communities in 18 states.
The division offers Sprint's full portfolio of products and services, which includes
local, long distance, Internet, paging and PCS. In addition, Sprint LTD provides video
and data products and services to customers inside and outside its operating territories.
2 All local division organizations, with the exception of BWM, will make up LTD. LTD
. will continue to provide local and long-distance wireline service to the consumer
marketplace in its local service territories. LTD will also offer an expanding portfolio
of bundled and integrated wireline and wireless services, and will sell to and service
PCS customers within LTD territory.
Information IT 1 On 01/02/03 all organizations providing IT-related
Technology S . services at Sprint became part of the new ITS
Services organization. These include; Integrated Systems
Solutions (ISS) in GMG, Information Services
Systems Development (ISSD) in LTD, Information
Technology Application Development & Service
Delivery in PCS, and Enterprise Services, which
provides cross-divisional IT-related services but
currently (1/03) resides in LTD.
International IT 1 Enables the International Network Translations
Translation S . organization to update and maintain the international
System portion of the routing tables in the DMS250 and
DMS300 switches.

A Sprint organization which provides a broad suite of communications services targeted
to domestic businesses and residential customers (except for consumer long-distance
services provided to customers within Sprint's local franchise territories), multinational
corporations and other communications companies. These services include domestic and
international voice; data communications services such as Internet, frame relay access
and transport, Web hosting and managed security services; and broadband services.
Personal PCS 1 Broad range of telecommunications services that
Communications . enable people and devices to communicate
Services independent of location. PCS networks and devices
operate over a wide range of frequencies assigned and
authorized by the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC).
2 Emerging technologies providing wireless access to
. the local and long-distance telephone system. Most
PCS plans call for low-powered, lightweight pocket
phones with individual, personal telephone numbers
that can be accessed without geographic restriction.

Post-conversion PCS 1 The process by which end users may change their
Subscription . Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC) by contacting the
Access Provider (AP) or the Access
Carrier/Interexchange Carrier (AP/IXC).

Pre-conversion PCS 1 The process where end users select a primary IXC to
Subscription . carry their services (end user notification, equal
access balloting, and allocation). Sprint LTD became
100% Equal Access capable in 1999, so pre-
conversion activity no longer applies to Sprint LTD.

BAN : Billing Account Number(The account number that is being billed)

In the external number management system, this is the value that is used to uniquely
identify a reseller account for the purpose of reserving access numbers for use by the
reseller. In P2K, this is the value that corresponds to the Major Account Number that is
assigned to the subscription?s liable account.
CRP : Call Request Packet
In packet data switching, a call request packet carries information, such as sender and
recipient identification, that is needed to establish an X.25 circuit. In more technical terms, a
call request packet is sent by the originating data terminal equipment (DTE) showing the
requested network terminal number (NTN), network facilities and either X.29 control
information or call user data.
CORP: Corporate Belonging to an incorporated body

BTEQ: Basic Teradata Query