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Female Psychology 5/25/2014 2:47:00 PM

1. What is attraction? Attraction = Vale

a. Anything that im!ro"es yor chance o# sr"i"al or re!ro$ction.
%. We t&o %asic $ri"es &hich are sr"i"al an$ re!ro$ction.
c. Vale cases attraction.
$. Anything that cases '(() *M(+,(-..

2. /a"eman +imes

a. What attraction &as %ac0 then is still &hat it is to$ay.
%. What $etermines i# an Al!ha /a"eman is $ominant?
i. 1eha"ioral ces -(+ "isal ces.
ii. +hings li0e $ominance2 resorce#lness2 sel# asserti"eness.
c. From a &oman3s !ers!ecti"e2 &hat constittes an attracti"e male is
in the s%4commnicate$ %eha"ioral ces / !atterns.
$. Woman are going to nee$ a lot more time to screen &ho is an al!ha
gy an$ &ho is not.
e. Women are li0e a "olme 0no%.

5. 6oo0s an$ money are not an e7cse %ecase o# 8AW A++8A/+,(- an$

a. 9o &ant to ta! into that ra& attraction.
i. )ominance
ii. )ecisi"eness
iii. .ocial ,ntelligence
i". Asserti"eness
". Arosing %eha"ior
%. Vali$ation
i. Women are constantly monitoring &here they are at on the
social la$$er.
ii. ,# they thin0 slee!ing &ith yo &ill %oost them ! to a higher
social stats2 then they &ill $o it.
c. 1eing a se74&orthy2 natrally attracti"e gy isn3t something that
yo $o2 it is something that yo are.

4. Attraction is an emotional reaction an$ not a logical one

a. Men are logical an$ &omen are emotional.
%. What she logically says she &ants is rarely &hat she emotionally
res!on$s to.
c. :ltimately hman %eings are going to $o &hat their emotions tell
them to $o.
$. Women li"e in the emotion o# the moment an$ they %ac0&ar$s
i. What is the %est &ay to get a girl#rien$?
1. Fc0 her as soon as !ossi%le.
2. .he %ac0&ar$s rationali;es so #ast that she &ill
rationali;e that yo are a&esome an$ #all in lo"e &ith
e. Focs on changing her moo$ an$ not her min$.
#. +hree %est s%4commnications &hen tal0ing to a girl.
i. A$$ing to the #n
ii. /hallenging
iii. /omman$ing < 1rea0 ra!!ort &ith yor "oice

5. Women lo"e se7 an$ more li0ely more than yo.

a. =st %ecase a girl li0es se72 $oesn3t mean that she is a slt.
%. Women ha"e t&o !ersonalities. (ne #or the 6(V*8 an$ one #or the
i. 'irls &ill %e &hate"er yo e7!ect them to %e.
c. Men an$ &omen are >$ge$ %y $i##erent socially esta%lishe$
$. Women lo"e se7 %t %ecase o# the $o%le stan$ar$2 they !reten$
that they $on3t.
e. +he My 1oss Michael Analogy
i. Pictre that yo &or0 at .tar%c0s
ii. Michael comes ! an$ o##ers yo a !romotion #or yor $ream
>o% / in#inite a%n$ance / in#inite money / etc?
iii. (n to! o# that there &ill %e a !arty tomorro& &ith the hottest
100 &omen on earth
i". 9o say yes %t Michael says there is a con$ition. 9o are not
allo&e$ to slee! &ith any o# the &omen there. ,# yo $o2 yo
&ill not get the !romotion.
". 9o go to the !arty an$ A66 the &omen are hitting on yo an$
trying to ha"e se7 &ith yo. 9o loo0 ! an$ yo see Michael
o"erseeing yo. .o yo are caght in a $ilemma. ,# yo slee!
&ith a girl then yo &ill lose it all.
"i. (ne o# the girls there ta0es yo2 $rags yo to the si$e %y a
!ole &here Michael can3t see an$ says @6oo0 it3s o0ay. Michael
can3t see. =st #c0 me right here an$ no& an$ Michael &ill
ne"er 0no&.A
"ii. .he has no& sccess#lly rationali;e &hat yo emotionally &ant
to $o.
"iii. ,n a social sitation2 ALWAYS be asking yourself Where is
the Michael and make the girl feel comfortable doing
what she emotionally wants to do.
i7. +a0e all o# the acconta%ility o## o# a girl3s shol$ers.
#. Al&ays %e thin0ing that women are sex crazed nymhos &hen
tal0ing to a girl #rom no& on.

+he For Pillars (# .e7 Worthiness B,nner 'ameC

1. Pr!ose#l

a. 9o ha"e to %e congrent 4 &hen yor internal #eeling o# i$entity
an$ e7ternal &ays o# acting are in alignment. 1eing real.
%. When yo ste!2 yo are not trying to %e her #rien$.
c. 9o ha"e to %e man to &oman #rom the "ery start
i. 6a;ar eye contact
ii. 1rea0ing ra!!ort tonality
iii. 1eing !hysical < let her 0no& &hat is !
$. +here is no $irect or in$irect in &hat yo say.
e. +he Millionaire ,n A /l% Analogy
i. *"ery girl in a cl% is li0e a millionaire.
ii. Men go ! to them in the cl% an$ they try to %e nice or try to
%e mean %t they all &ant a little %it o# their money / "ale
iii. Peo!le !leasers < %y %eing real2 yo imme$iately ha"e "ale.
#. Ultimately you want to take on the identity of a guy who has
good intentions and who likes sex.
i. As long as yo assme it an$ yo are "ery clear in it2 girls &ill
go along &ith it.
ii. Whoe"er is more certain2 lea$s the &ay.
iii. ,# yo $on3t %elie"e in yorsel#2 &hy &ol$ the girl %elie"e in
g. -ot e"ery%o$y li0es yo an$ yo $on3t li0e e"ery%o$y an$ that is
(DA9. ,t3s not natral or normal to !lease e"eryone. ,t3s im!ossi%le
to !lease e"eryone.
h. 'irls $on3t care &ho yo are or &hat yo3re into. +hey &ant to 0no&
that yo are real.
i. ,t3s either yo li0e se7 an$ yo3re @Man to WomanA or yo $on3t li0e
se7 an$ yo3re #rien$ to #rien$. 9o can3t %e %oth so !ic0 one.
>. 1e na!ologetic.
0. 8eali;e that girls &ant to meet a se74&orthy gy an$ &hat yo3re
$oing is creating that o!!ortnity #or them to meet yo.
l. )on3t hi$e it2 $on3t hal#4ass it2 an$ $on3t %e hal# a gangster.
m. 1eing !romotion oriente$ instea$ o# %eing !re"ention oriente$.
n. Al&ays #ocs on %eing congrent %t lean a little %it o"er the e$ge.
i. *m%race ho& yo #eel %t !sh it a little %it #rther.

2. /ontrolle$

a. +he !erson &ho is reacting lease is the !erson &ho has the higher
i. When tal0ing to a girl2 as0 yorsel# @Who is at the case an$
&ho is at the e##ect o# this interaction?A
ii. ,# yo change yor tonality #rom %rea0ing ra!!ort to trying #or
%. 1eing the %oss / /.*.(.
c. Father to $aghter
i. 'o slo& motion an$ assme it is going to &or0.
$. 1eing the %yer an$ not the seller
i. As a gy2 noting is a %ig $eal
ii. *"erything is !art o# the !lan
iii. 1e a gy that the girl can rely on. +hin0 o# )ennis.
i". ,# yo are on yor !ath / !r!ose in li#e2 then ste! %y assming
yo are a 10.
". 9o &ant to !osition yorsel# as a gy &ho3s alrea$y chosen %y
e"ery girl there an$ yo are the one choosing the girl that yo
li0e. +his comes $o&n to t&o things.
1. 8eali;ing yor o&n "ale.
2. .to! !lacing &omen on a !e$estal
a. Most girls are misgi$e$ an$ n$eci$e$
%. Pictre a girl on /hristmas morning. 'oo#y /
c. 8eali;e girls try to %e cool as &ell an$ that3s not
&ho they really are.
e. :ltimately2 the %est &ay to $o this is to ste! ot o# scarcity an$ to
ste! into a%n$ance.

5. Flo&ing < #eeling o# that nothing can go &rong

a. When yo3re entitle$2 yo ha"e !ositi"e assm!tions.
%. Who yo are an$ &hat yo ha"e to say is goo$ enogh.
i. Peo!le ha"e hear$ the same conce!ts hn$re$s o# times. +hey
&ill li0e &hat yo are saying %ecase it is 9(: that is saying it.
c. 9o &ant to lo&er yor criterion to #eel entitle$.
i. .itational con#i$ence
ii. Act li0e a roc0 star an$ get treate$ li0e a roc0 star.
iii. Why shol$ yo #eel entitle$? 1ecase yo are a man.
i". 9or entitlement can only %e $etermine$ %y yorsel#.
". 9o actions change &ho yo are2 it is ne"er the girls actions.
"i. 'i"e yorsel# !ermission to #eel entitle$. @, choose to #eel
"ii. Acce!t &ho yo are. *m%race the &eir$ness.
"iii. .to! trying to li"e ! to other !eo!le3s stan$ar$s.
i7. 9o set the stan$ar$

4. .el# Amse$

a. +his is the 0ey to letting go o# the otcome.
%. :ltimately2 this is the 0ey to getting a&ay &ith !tting yor
!ersonality on the line.
c. @,nternal #l#illmentA as o!!ose$ to @*7ternal .timlsA
i. Wor0ing on yorsel#
ii. Accom!lishing something
$. 9o ha"e to game yorsel#
i. , ma0e mysel# lagh more than any girl can ma0e me lagh
ii. My >o0es2 my "oice2 me2 me2 an$ M*.
e. +he Dey +o /onsistency = ,# yo3re relying on yor actions to #eel
goo$ yo3re al&ays going to %e in control o# yor nights ot
#. 9o &ant to reach a !oint &here yo are so into yorsel# that yo
$on3t e"en notice the girls reactions
g. When yor actions !m! yo !2 yo !t yorsel# in a !osition
&here yo &ant less #rom someone then they &ant #rom yo.
h. +he A&0&ar$ 6agh *7ercise
i. For the #irst 50 secon$2 $o #ll on inter"ie& Eestions.
ii. ,n %et&een the Eestions2 yo ha"e to $o a little a&0&ar$
iii. +he 0ey is that yo are $oing it on !r!ose
i. +he A&0&ar$ )ance
i. 'et girl attracte$ an$ then $o as0 girl to $ance
ii. When she starts $ancing2 $o a st!i$ a&0&ar$ $ance
>. +he girl is going to go to the !arty. +he %etter !arty is the gy
&ho3s ha"ing more #n than the girl an$ &ho3s gi"ing less o# a #c0
than the girl.
0. *m%race2 e7aggerate2 an$ lagh
+he +em!o (# +he -ight 2/15/2014 2:27:00 AM

1. /ol$ a!!roach "s. Warm a!!roach
a. Warm a!!roach is something that lea$s yo to tal0 to a girl
i. 1oth %ying a $rin0.
%. 9o $on3t nee$ the a!!roach in"itation. 9o >st &al0 ! an$ act
li0e she a!!eare$ ot o# no&here.

2. 9or o!ener $oes not matter

a. Focs on the %igger !ictre
%. 'irls nee$ a lot more time to get to 0no& &ho yo are
c. 'irls sense the change in emotion. +here#ore it is sometimes %etter
to ha"e a %a$ o!ener

5. 9or min$ is going to come ! &ith a shit loa$ o# e7cses as to not tal0 to
the girl

a. When yo3re sho"e$ in yor hea$2 yo #ree;e
%. Fo& $o yo !re"ent this? 6o&er yor time o# reaction. 9o >m! in
%e#ore the e7cses arri"e
c. 9or min$ #c0s &ith yo so lo&er yor time o# reaction
$. :se a canne$ o!ener i# yo ha"e to.
i. Fey ,3m Mar0
ii. *7cse me $o yo s!ea0 *nglish?
e. Mo"e #ast. Wal0 &ith !r!ose. .traight line an$ sho"e anyone in
yor &ay to the si$e an$ intro$ce yorsel#.
#. When yor actions mo"e #aster than yor thoghts yo get into the

4. /ali%rate a#ter the #act

a. 9o3re $ealing &ith hman %eings. Peo!le ha"e things going on in
their li"es that may ma0e them lash ot at yo. 1e n$erstan$ing.
%. +here3s al&ays going to %e certain elements o# ran$omness
c. ,t3s im!ossi%le to 0no& &hat is going to ha!!en so $on3t try.
$. (!ening is learning ho& to cali%rate a#ter the #act
i. +a0e a ste! %ac0
ii. :se a statement o# em!athy
iii. /hange the to!ic
i". Wash rinse an$ re!eat the a%o"e 5 ste!s B/ali%rationC

5. )on3t %e a#rai$ o# changing corses o# action

a. 'o in strong %t notice ho& the girl is reacting to yo

G. .et the #rame o# the interaction

a. +his &ill set the !ace #or the rest o# the interaction
%. 1e @Man +o WomanA an$ not @Frien$ +o Frien$A
i. 9o3re a girl an$ ,3m a gy.
ii. ,3m not tal0ing to yo to >st chat. ,3m tal0ing to yo to #c0
iii. 9o $on3t ha"e to say it %t yo !t it across in yor "i%e.
c. Ways to am!li#y the Man to Woman "i%e
i. 6aser eye contact BWor0 on thisC
ii. 1rea0ing ra!!ort tonality
iii. 1eing !hysical #rom the moment yo say @FiA. 9o ha"e to set
it #rom the "ery moment yo say hi.
$. Way to 0no& i# yo are !tting across the Man to Woman "i%e
i. ,# yo an$ the girl &ere s$$enly trans!orte$ to a %e$room an$
it &as >st yo an$ her alone. Wol$ it ma0e sense #or yo to
thro& her on the %e$ an$ #c0 her? ,# not then yo are %eing a
e. Assming Familiarity BFrameC
i. 'ys are "ie&ing girls as ma>estic %eings or gys are trying to
&in her o"er.
ii. Assme that yo are alrea$y on the same team. 9o are %oth
!art o# the cool 0i$s.
iii. +he girls &ill al&ays go along &ith the #rames yo set.
i". +reat her li0e she is yor girl#rien$.

7. Fo& a girl gets to 0no& yo

a. Fo& $oes a girl get to 0no& &ho yo are? 1y emotionally
e7!eriencing yo.
%. Fo& $oes a girl emotionally e7!erience yo? 1y reacting to yo.
c. Fo& $oes she react to yo? 1y yo setting the rhythm o# the
interaction an$ %eing at the case an$ not at the e##ect.
$. 9o ha"e to set the rhythm.
i. +hin0 o# Pal3s cell !hone e7am!le
e. Fey. What3s !? What $o yo $o? Where are yo #rom?
#. ,# yo are #eeling goo$ #rom her reactions then she isn3t

H. 8eca!

a. 9or o!ener $oes not matter
%. 6o&er yor time o# reaction
c. )on3t cali%rate %e#ore2 cali%rate a#ter the #act
$. .et the #rame o# the interaction #rom the start
e. 'et her to react to yo. .et the rhythm o# the interaction
1e Physical 2/15/2014 2:27:00 AM

1. Why shol$ yo %e !hysical?

a. 1ecase yo &ant to.
%. Physicality is >st a #orm o# e7!ression
c. 9o see a hot girl. Why &ol$n3t yo &ant to toch her?

2. When shol$ yo %e !hysical?

a. From the "ery start o# the interaction %ecase that is >st &ho yo
%. +he longer yo &ait2 the more a&0&ar$ it is going to %e.
c. Fin$ any st!i$ reason to hg the girl.
$. Ma0e it a ha%it o# sha0ing e"ery girls han$.
i. )o a 45 $egree angle. -ot straight ot.

5. Ver%al game an$ !hysical game o!erate on simltaneos yet se!arate

a. 9o $on3t ha"e to ac0no&le$ge the #act that yo are %eing !hysical.
%. 9o $on3t &ant to %e silent &hile yo are %eing !hysical.

4. 9o $on3t nee$ to accom!lish &hate"er mo"e yo set ot to $o.

a. 9o $on3t nee$ to sha0e han$s2 0iss2 or hg to #c0 a girl.
%. Focs on the %igger !ictre.

5. ,# yo $o go #or the 0iss2 $on3t %ecome the ma0e ot gy.

a. 9o gi"e the girl too mch "ali$ation.
%. .e7 is the en$ an$ it is not the little 0iss.

G. -e"er #eel li0e yo ha"e to >sti#y %eing !hysical.

a. 9!I ,3m a gy &ho is !hysical B+he attit$eC.

7. )on3t #ele the nee$ to %il$ ! to %eing !hysical
H. What3s the %est #orm o# !hysicality? Whate"er yo #eel li0e $oing.

J. +he si7 !hysical mo"es

a. +he s!in han$sha0e < han$ sha0e K s!in to the right K 0ee! on
%. +he Fan$clas! < >st gra% %oth her han$s an$ intert&ine yor
han$s &hile still tal0ing to her. .li$e yor han$s $o&n her arms
#irst #or smoother e##ect.
c. +he s!in hg < &hen yo hg K !ic0 her ! K an$ set her $o&n.
9o $on3t ha"e to s!in aron$2 yo >st !ic0 her ! an$ mo"e her.
$. +he &alt; $ance < start &alt; $ancing &ith $ring the mi$$le o#
e. +he nec0 %ite < gi"e a strong 0iss / a little teeth on her nec0
#. +he *yes /lose Diss < comman$ her to close her eyes an$ go #or
the 0iss. 9o &on3t get the #ll ma0e ot %t it is a !lay#l mo"e.
Foo0 2/15/2014 2:27:00 AM

1. +he @Foo0 PointA is a !oint that yo reach in the interaction &here there3s
a shi#t in the girl3s min$.

2. +here are t&o hoo0 !oints.
a. +he .ocial Foo0 Point
i. When the girl reali;es the gy is ma0ing the moment more #n
&ith yo.
ii. +his $oesn3t mean that she is going to s!rea$ her legs #or yo.
%. +he .e7al Foo0 Point
i. +his is &hen the girl starts emotionally in"esting
ii. 9o can see it in the eyes an$ the tonality.
iii. +his is &hen her "oice starts going ! in a trying #or ra!!ort
i". +he Megan Fo7 Analogy
1. 9o are a mathematician an$ yo lo"e nm%ers %t
=lien isn3t into math.
2. Fe $oesn3t li0e math so mch an$ yo $on3t ha"e his
#ll attention at #irst.
5. +hen yo change the s%>ect an$ yo say @=lien2 my
sister is actally Meghan Fo7. .he &ants any gy to
#c0 her right no& an$ she is right aron$ the corner.
4. Fis $emeanor &ill go #rom %lasL to V*89 intereste$ an$
#lly engage$.
". +he social an$ se7al hoo0 !oint can ha!!en simltaneosly.

5. 9o ha"e to create the o!!ortnity #or her to see that yo3re se74&orthy

a. (ne &ay to $o this is throgh Ploghing
i. 1y $oing this yo are gi"ing her a glim!se into yor
%. 9o o##er the girl a %igger sam!le o# yor !ersonality %y !lo&ing.
c. What is !lo&ing?
i. Plo&ing is 0ee!ing on tal0ing an$ setting the rhythm ntil she
sees that yo are se74&orthy.
ii. 9o gi"e her a %ig sam!le o# &hat yor !ersonality is %y tal0ing
#or a goo$ amont o# time.
iii. .hi#t aron$ $i##erent to!ics / emotions2 lea$ / comman$2 an$
challenge her an$ she &ill 0no& yo are se74&orthy.

$. .ometimes yo &ant to trigger the arosal a %it more !roacti"ely.
9o may &ant to say or $o something that tingles the girls
emotions. What are some &ays to $o this?
i. .ay or $o something that either challenges her or that creates
some sort o# intrige.

*7ercise to reach the .e7al Foo0 Point:

Wal0 ! to the girl an$ say @What3s ! ,3m Mar0. -ice to meet yo.A .he
says @(h hey ,3m .taceyA.
+hen yo challenge her %y saying something Bin a %rea0ing ra!!ort tonalityC
along the lines o# @Are yo #rom +am!a?A .he says @m yeah.A
9o say @Fmmm interesting.A +hen loo0 a&ay an$ say nothing. .he &ill then
say @Wait &ait. Why is that interesting?A
+o &hich yo say @(h ne"er min$ it3s not that im!ortant.A Fer reaction &ill
then %e @Wait &hat $oes that say a%ot me?A Fer tonality &ill go ! an$ her
eyes &ill go anime.

4. .tart coming #rom the min$ #rame o# @9! , sai$ that. Whatcha gonna
a. ,t is a mista0e to A6WA9. go &ith the #lo& o# &hat a girl says.
.ometimes yo nee$ to go against the grain.
%. ,# she says @, li0e the color %le.A .ay B,n a !lay#l &ayC @9o 0no&
&hat2 , FA+* the color %le.A
c. +his is #lirting 101. 9o &ant to #c0 &ith the girl a little %it. Fc0
&ith her hea$ an$ ma0e her thin0 a %it.

5. Play#l challenges / !shes < yo3re e7!ression nee$s to %e laser eye
contact M a t&in0le o# a smile

a. 9o an$ , &ol$ not get along.
%. 9o 0no& &hat. , can3t tal0 to yo.
c. 9o3re too nice / tall / short / %eati#l. , can3t $eal &ith this shit.

G. +eaching her something o# interest

a. =st roll ! an$ start tal0ing a%ot something yo are massi"ely
intereste$ in.

7. +he J0/10 rle

a. 1e#ore yo reach the social hoo0 !oint2 yo &ant to %e $oing J0N
o# the interacting.
%. +he easier she can res!on$ to yor comments2 the %etter.

H. 1e !assionate2 %e committe$2 an$ yo &ill hoo0 e"ery single girl that yo
tal0 to.

Pass Fer +ests 2/15/2014 2:27:00 AM

1. /ongrence / .hit +ests

a. .he &ill say to hersel# @Fe seems cool %t is he coolA then she &ill
test yor !ersonality to see i# yo are &ho yo !resent yorsel# to
%. .he3s going to test yo or challenge yo %ac0 to see i# yo3re
congrent &ith the &ay yo !resente$ yorsel# to %e
c. *7!ert it2 assme it2 an$ %e ha!!y &hen it ha!!ens
$. ,t means yo ha"e !resente$ yorsel# in a se7 &orthy &ay.
i. 'irls $on3t shit test gys they are not attracte$ to.
e. +hey3re creating an o!!ortnity #or yo to $emonstrate yor se7
i. ,3m not see0ing her reactions
ii. ,3m on my !r!ose an$ !ath
#. 'irls lo"e to test gys >st to e7!erience yo !assing the test. ,t is
a massi"e trn on #or them to e7!erience yor masclinity.

2. +he %est &ay to !ass a test is to remain emotionally nreacti"e

a. +he more !assi"e2 the %etter
i. 9o $on3t nee$ goo$ reactions or "ali$ation.
ii. ,3m going to $o &hat ,3m going to $o no matter #c0ing &hat.
%. 1eing emotionally nreacti"e $oes not mean %eing nres!onsi"e.

5. 8es!on$ing to tests

a. 8es!on$ing straight #or&ar$ an$ logically
i. .he says @,s that yor !ic04! lineA yo say @Actally it isA.
%. )on3t ac0no&le$ge &hat she says or ans&er it at all.
i. 9o are lea$ing an$ yo are setting the rhythm
c. *m%race it2 ma0e it yor o&n2 an$ then challenge her %ac0.
i. @9o3re too yong / ol$A to &hich yo say @9eah ,3m >st so ol$2
, ha"e so many &rin0les2 , col$ %e yor li0e yor #ather2 or
'ran$#ather. +ell me yo li0e me. /all me )a$$y. 9o 0no&
&hat2 say )a$$y ,3m 12. Fo& long ha"e yo li0e$ &rin0les #or2
$. *7aggerate in the o!!osite $irection an$ challenge her %ac0.
i. .he says @9o3re too ol$A. 9o say @9o 0no& &hat2 yo3re too
yong. 9o col$ %e my $aghter. 9o col$ %e my 'ran$
)aghter. 9o 0no& &hat2 , >st lo"e little girlsA
ii. .he says @, $on3t li0e yor shirt.A +o &hich yo say @Yeah it
makes me more attainable. , &ol$ loo0 too intimi$ating
&ith a nicer shirt an$ , &ant girls to %elie"e they ha"e a
e. /alling her ot on trying to ste! ! or trying a little too har$
i. .he says @9o3re too ol$.A 9o say @FeyI 6oo02 yo $on3t ha"e
to try so har$2 it3s alright2 , li0e yo.A
1. Also remem%er the laser eye contact. -o #linching2 this
is a Wil$ Wil$ West stare $o&n.

4. ,magine the &hole interaction is li0e clay
a. Whate"er tests she thro&s at me is >st more material #or me to
a$$ to the scl!tre that is the interaction.

5. -ot e"erything is necessarily a test
a. +he less yo ma0e ot o# a test2 the %etter
%. )on3t #all into the tra! o# me "erss the girl.

)i##erent .ets 2/15/2014 2:27:00 AM

1. Al&ays o!en the girl that yo &ant2 no matter &hat the sitation is

a. Al&ays ste! ! an$ tal0 to the girl #irst then ac0no&le$ge other
#actors a#ter. .et the #rame2 an$ %e clear in yor intentions.
%. .ay Fi to her an$ cali%rate a#ter the #act.
c. )on3t say hi to the #rien$s #irst2 say hi to the girl.

2. +he +&o .et < A girl an$ her #rien$

a. Ma0e sre that yo engage them %oth
%. When yo tal0 to the girl yo &ant2 yo are man to &omen
c. With the #rien$2 it3s #lirting #or the sa0e o# #lirting
$. With the girl2 it3s #lirting #or the sa0e o# #c0ing
e. ,# it3s t&o girls an$ t&o gys2 the sitation is !er#ect

5. +he 'ro! .et < 'irls night ot

a. .ame thing a!!lies as the t&o set
i. .ay hi to the girl #irst an$ cali%rate a#ter
%. 8emem%er that at some !oint yo &ill &ant to engage the #rien$s
to sho& them yo are se7 &orthy
i. +he girl is the gro! an$ the gro! is the girl.
c. )o the %are minimm &ith the gro! an$ engage the girl

4. +he Mi7e$ .et < 'ys in the gro!

a. Wal0 ! an$ say hi to the girl #irst
%. 'et the girl to notice yo #irst
i. Wal0 %y the girl an$ as soon as she stares2 !t yor han$ ot
ii. Wal0 %y an$ ta! on the shol$ to a han$ sha0e / high #i"e
c. 9o &ant to get her attention an$ then reach ot
i. .he &ill com!ly an$ e"eryone &ill %e o0ay &ith it
ii. (r she col$ >st stare an$ in that scenario2 yo >st mo"e !ast
it an$ 0ee! tal0ing. 1t gage the scenario
$. +he #irst thing yo &ant to $o is $etermine the relationshi! &ithin
the gro!. Figre ot ho& they all 0no& each other
i. Al&ays try an$ as0 the girl as soon as !ossi%le
ii. An$ as0 the girl remo"e$ #rom the gy
1. +rn her a&ay2 get in close2 an$ as0 her
iii. .he may say that it is her %oy#rien$
1. +hen say cool an$ roll o##
i". .he may say this is my male #rien$
1. ,n that case2 %e cor$ial. -o AM('',-'
2. )o the %ar minimm &ith him
5. .tan$ yor gron$2 chat2 then %ac0 to the main girl

5. +his is a gy , >st met set

a. ,n this case2 yo can ignore him
%. .till as0 the girl ho& they 0no& each other. ,# she says she >st met
him then yo can %lo& him ot / !ay "ery little attention to him
c. +he girl is going to go #or &hoe"er reacts the least
6ogistics 2/15/2014 2:27:00 AM

+here are t&o &ays to $etermine her logistics

1.C .im!ly as0 #or them %y &or0ing the #ollo&ing Eestions into yor

Who are yo here &ith?
Fo& $o yo 0no& each other?
What area o# to&n $o yo li"e in?
)o yo ha"e room mates?
Are yor #rien$s here yor room mates?
Fo& $i$ yo get here?
Fo& are yo getting home?
What are yo $oing tomorro&?

2.C 1ating her #or them. +al0 to the girl an$ %ring ! the @A#ter PartyA. +hen
she &ill $isclose her logistics to yo.

5.C What a%ot yor logistics? Whene"er =lien goes ot2 he al&ays as0s
himsel# the #ollo&ing Eestions.

Where am , staying in relation to &here ,3m meeting this girl?
Fo& $i$ , get there?
Fo& am , getting %ac0?
Fo& am , going to %ring this girl %ac0 to the se7 lair?
What is the $ea$line? / Fo& long can , stay ! til?
Where are some o# the !laces that , can %once her to in %et&een
the "ene an$ my !lace?
Where is her $o&nloa$ %ar or %ying tem!eratre at?
Ver%al .trctre 2/15/2014 2:27:00 AM

1. @Fey ,3m Mar0A BA$$ing to the #nC
2. @Are yo #rom??A B/hallengingC
5. @What3s yor name?A B/omman$ingC
4. @What $o yo $o?A B/omman$ingC
5. @Who are yo here &ith?A BA$$ing to the #nC

,# yo thin0 inter"ie& mo$e Eestions are %oring then yo are >st loo0ing at
the .:8FA/* 6A9*8 o# things Ban$ not rea$ing the s%te7t C

,n his interactions =lien al&ays tries to gron$ &hat he is saying in these
inter"ie& mo$e Eestions %y s%4commnicating something mch more

+he 5 .%4commnications

1. A$$ to the #n
a. (h coolI What3s yor name
2. /hallenging
a. Fmmm2 &hat3s yor name?
5. /omman$ing
a. +ell me yor name.

+here are t&o &ays to as0 the Eestions

1. As0ing her a%ot hersel#.
2. As0ing her a%ot yorsel#.
a. )o yo thin0 , &ol$ li0e %eing a nrse?

,n %et&een2 yo nee$ to im!ro"ise o## o# &hate"er ans&er she gi"es yo.

When im!ro"ising &ith the Eestions2 yo are going to &ant to a$$ some
!sh/!ll. H0N o# the time2 go &ith the #lo& an$ 20N o# the time2 a$$ some

+hen yo loo! throgh all o# these items. +his &ill ma0e the %ying
tem!eratre continosly rising.
/losing 2/15/2014 2:27:00 AM

1. +he attit$e

a. +he otcome o# *V*89 .,-'6* ,-+*8A/+,(- is .*O.
i. ,t3s not to go on a $ate/0iss/&hate"er2 it ,. se7.
ii. Al&ays aim #or it an$ go #or se7 as soon as !ossi%le.
%. +he &ay yo learn is %y going throgh the *-+,8* !rocess each
an$ e"ery time. Al&ays go #or the close2 *A/F A-) *V*89 +,M*II
c. +a0e on the D,66*8 ,-.+,-/+.
i. +he attit$e is @, am the man an$ it is ! to me to ma0e this
ha!!en. , am going to ta0e this as #ar as , can -( MA++*8
WFA+. ,3m going ntil the en$.
ii. 9o ha"e to ma0e this shit ha!!en.
iii. +hin0 o# it li0e sales. 9o ha"e to %e !roacti"e an$ ma0ing
things ha!!en at all times.
i". Fo& #ar &ol$ yo !sh it i# someone &al0e$ !2 !t a gn to
yor hea$ an$ sai$ @,# yo $on3t ha"e se7 &ith this girl2 ,3m
going to 0ill yor #amilyA?
$. Al&ays aim to !ll the girl.
e. ,# yo can3t !ll her then go &ith her.
#. Al&ays %e rea$y #or something to ha!!en. Al&ays ha"e a con$om
on yo &hen yo go ot. .+A8+ *OP*/+,-' .*O.

2. Plan A: Pll her

a. .omething to as0 yorsel# i# the girl is at a great !oint in %ying
tem!eratre is?
i. ,# this mysel# an$ this girl &ere magically trans!orte$ to or
o&n hotel room / the !er#ect se7 location2 &ol$ it ma0e sense
#or me to thro& her on the %e$ an$ #c0 her? (r &ol$ she %e
li0e &hat are yo $oing?I
ii. ,# the ans&er is 9*. then yo are '(() +( '(II
%. A %ig !art o# !lling is aligning the emotional %rain &ith the logical
i. +a0e her to a !lace &here Michael cannot see her / #ire her.
c. 'i"er her logical reasons / e7cses #or her to $o &hat she
emotionally &ants to $o. +here are t&o &ays o# $oing this in this
i. 6ea$ing < Mo"e her aron$ the en"ironment. 6ea$ the
interaction "er%ally an$ !hysically.
1. When yo $o it this &ay2 she can tell hersel# that @,t
>st ha!!ene$A.
2. 6ea$2 lea$2 an$ lea$ some more. )( -(+ as0 #or
!ermission. 9o >st #c0ing )( ,+II
5. A girl is either going to say nothing or say no %t ne"er
e7!ect her to say yes.
4. ,t3s easier to as0 #or #orgi"eness than it is to as0 #or
5. 1e the gy &ho3s the #irst to !sh #or it %t yo3re also
the #irst to %ac0 o## as soon as yo get that serios no.
ii. .te! +&o: 'i"ing her little %its an$ !ieces that she can ta0e
an$ rationali;e &hy it3s o0ay to go home &ith yo.
1. ,# yo3re tal0ing to a girl an$ yo &ant to ta0e her %ac0
to yor !lace to slee! &ith her2 yo are -(+ going to
say @9o 0no& &hat2 let3s go %ac0 to my !lace an$
2. An easy one is saying @6et3s go to this AF+*8 PA8+9.
AF+*8 PA8+9IIA.
5. @A$"entreA is another one. @6oo02 it3s a #n a$"entre.
6et3s %e #c0ing cra;yA.
4. When yo start saying these things2 it is "ery rare that
a girl is going to >st go &ith yo. +F,. ,. WF*8* +F*
P,/D:P 1*',-.IIII +he girl FA. to say this in or$er to
not %e a slt. -o& yo start loo!ing throgh soltions.
5. .o i# she says she is stc0 &ith her #rien$s say @6isten
tell yor #rien$s that yo3re going to tal0 to me #or a %it.
We3ll %e right o"er here.A
G. (r i# yo are alrea$y isolate$2 say @+e7t yor #rien$s
that yo ha$ a little %it too mch to $rin0 an$ yo3re
sorry that yo col$n3t $eal &ith it an$ yo >st ha$ to
get ot o# there an$ go home.A
7. (r say @We3ll %e right %ac02 &e3re >st going to the A#ter
H. .ay &hate"er it ta0es to #in$ the soltions to her
J. Fo& #ar shol$ yo !sh it?
a. Am , se7 &orthy? 9es or -o? ,# the ans&er is yes
then the girl 0no&s &hat3s ! an$ she &ill %e
o0ay &ith it >st %ecase the s%4commnications
are on !oint.
%. What3s the &orst thing that col$ ha!!en?
10. What yo ltimately &ant to reach &hen $oing this2
is a @9o ha"e nothing to loseA ty!e o# scenario /
attit$e. Present it to the girl an$ let them $eci$e.
11. /reate a sense o# rgency as &ell
a. 6ea$ing &ill hel!
%. 9o also can am!li#y it &ith yor &or$s as &ell %y
saying @-o&A.
c. @9o $on3t ha"e to go i# yo $on3t &ant to %t let3s
go -(W.A
12. 1a%y ste!!ing the !ll. Al&ays %e a&are a%ot ho&
mch com!liance yo are as0ing #or.
a. Fo& can , get her (-* ste! closer?
%. =st get her this mch..then this mch?then this
mch?.an$ so on?..
c. *"ery ste! she ta0es is another #orm o#
$. (nce she3s gone so #ar2 she &ill e"entally not
&ant to go %ac0 an$ &ant to go to the a#ter !arty.
15. Master the art o# /FA-',-' 9(:8 M,-).
a. Fc0 that. 6et3s $o this instea$.
14. (nce yo start2 yo nee$ to go all ot. ,# yo go to
the %athroom2 she has time to slo& $o&n an$ thin0.
(nce yo $eci$e yo are going #or the !ll2 ne"er sto!.

5. Plan 1: 'o &ith her
a. @,t $oesn3t cont as se7A
%. @,t ma0es it se7ierA

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