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You can help show your support for Bert and Robert and the

Rangel families by visiting their Facebook page, or by making a

donation to help with medical costs through Berts Health Donor
page. If you have any questions, you can contact his wife Kathi
at 408-710-1587 or email
Support Team
In 2013, Bert, an avid runner and outdoorsman, became ill and was diagnosed
with kidney failure and was ultimately told he would need a kidney transplant to
Bert has served his community as a respected member of law enforcement for 26
-years, with his focus on investigating gang-related crimes. He started his career
in 1988 as a correctional officer with the Santa Clara County Department of
Corrections. In 1994, he joined the City of Stockton as a police officer and
lateraled to the San Jose Police Department in 2000. He left San Jose in 2012
and became a deputy with the San Mateo County Sheriffs Office.
Bert, a 48-year old long time resident of Santa Clara County, has maintained high
spirits and stayed strong with the support of his wife, Kathi, and two children,
Alexandria, 20, and Ryan, 18, by his side while facing this battle.
In May 2014, Bert was forced to take time off of work due to the illness and has
been undergoing dialysis 3 days a week. He was fortunate to find a kidney match
through his brother, Robert, a San Mateo County deputy as well.
They are currently scheduled to undergo the transplant surgery on August 19.
Robert and Bert will both require hospitalization during the procedures and will be
away from the comfort of their homes, but we are hopeful that, with your help,
they can keep their families close by their sides at nearby hotels.
Bert is projected to be out of work for at least another 4 months. During his
recovery, he will be taking approximately 11 different medications and undergoing
multiple follow-up doctor appointments. As you know with any serious illness,
medical co-pays and medications add up. Robert is projected to be out of work for
6-8 weeks recovering and will have his girlfriend, Sonia, and children, Robert Jr,
Ella and Julia by his side during his recovery.
Bert is extremely grateful for the tremendous amount of support he has received
from the San Mateo County Sheriffs Office, the DSA, and his family and friends.
And with your additional support, we can help relieve the financial stress that
Bert, Robert and their families will be going through so they can focus on recov-
ery and healing instead.
Public Safety Family Needs
Our Support
26-year law enforcement veteran
needs your assistance
Bert and his brother Robert,
proud members of the San
Mateo County Sheriffs Office.