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My Brand:
A career of idea generation, growing brands and building strong creative teams has
built my personal brand into a creative director with strong strategic abilities. Many in the
graphics community can vouch for my dedication and ability to deliver winning results.
My Range:
I have a proven ability to direct and execute creative that delivers winning results. My
experience spans traditional and digital Advertising, Collateral, Interactive, POP, Identity,
Package Design, Content Development, Photo and Illustration Direction, Web and App
Design, Event Marketing, Books and a million other little things along the way.
My Success Stories:
My concept presentations to Mattel were instrumental in courting and winning a Barbie
entertainment contract for North America. This not only opened doors for additional
business with Mattel, but became the fagship account for the company. Earning
Fisher-Price, Partner of the Year was defnitely a coup for the entire company.
The exclusive launch of the Walmart Better Homes and Gardens brand was an
enormous initiative. Working with the Meredith US team, I coordinated external and
internal stakeholders toward solutions that met the strategic needs of BHG and
Walmart North America. Similarly, solutions for Hallmark, Harlequin, Gourmet Magazine,
Shape Magazine are also part of my portfolio. Ive learned to communicate core brand
properties into relevant consumer communications.
Senior management awarded me the Target account that had historically been handled
by our US counterpart. It required extra long days to not only deal with my expanded job
list, but also to learn the requirements of the business in a very short amount of time.
I directed our Minneapolis team via Skype to make sure the Target Corporate account
was serviced and happy.
Please visit my site to see some samples of my work. Im looking for a position where I
can bring energy and ideas to the table. If youd like to learn more, just click.
Sarah Currie
that achieves
experience with
major international
Ability to think
and tactically
Capable of
taking on big
647-669-4000 |
My Experience:
Fisher Price International, Mattel North America,
Gourmet Magazine, Shape Magazine, Harlequin
Books, Zumba Fitness, Biggest Loser, Chicken
Soup for the Soul, Power Music, Solitudes Music,
Refections, Platinum Legends, Avalon, Mumbo
Zumbo, Pop Cap and Big Fish
Walmart, Costco, Sams Club, Target,
Bed Bath and Beyond, Shoppers,
Walgreens, Joanns
Sears Club Loyalty Marketing
Sears MasterCard Loyalty Marketing,
Scarborough Town Centre Advertising,
Toronto Public Health Advertising,
Blue Mountain Direct Response,
Deerhurst Resort Branding,
Royal Mutual Funds POP and Collateral,
Bank of Nova Scotia POP and Collateral
Software Skills:
Adobe CC and MS Ofce
Ontario College of Art and Design: AOCAD
Institute of Communication Agencies: CAAP
University of Toronto: e-comm cert

CRIA 12 Gold and 4 Platinum, Mattel Licensee of
the Year, CDMA 2 Silver, Applied Arts 2 Merit,
Marketing Magazine 1 Silver,
The Dieline 1 Honourable Mention

My Background:
CREATIVE DIRECTOR Mood Media: Somerset Group Ltd. (Division)
June 2005 May 2014
Mood Media buillds brands through experiential marketing. The Somerset
Group creates custom music, voice, video, digital signage, packaging,
displays and POP to meet specifc needs.
s Develop strong, commercially viable creative
s Manage team of 5-10 designers, 2 content writers and
2 production specialists (staf fuctuates with freelancers)
s Lead by spearheading concept and creative direction
s Execute layout and design on key accounts
s Design style templates, wireframe and page layouts for web
s Communicate graphic vision to development team lead
s Refne the creative brief in conjunction with product development
s Manage solutions for 300-600 creative briefs annually
s Advise on direction for retail product mix
s Lead ideation meetings
s Approve all fnal art and copy
s Source new content providers
s Negotiate and manage annual image budget
s Brief illustrators and photographers to create custom images
s Manage dialogue between creative, marketing, product development
and sales
s Participate in a round table product development biweekly
s Lead monthly team building meetings with direct reports
s Lead a design-postmortem quarterly, to build on successes
s Present concepts both internally and externally
s Source and qualify specialty print sources
s Initiate RFQs for specialty print and fnishing
s Manage an annual budget for the department
s Hire, manage and direct freelancers as needed
s Provide formal annual reviews to all direct reports
s Weekly up-line meeting to advise on progress, issues etc.
s Report into the CCO for creative and COO for budget
2004 2005 Contract Position
ART DIRECTOR The Pente Corporation
2000 2004
ART DIRECTOR Henderson Robb
1997 2000
SARAH CURRIE sarahcurri edesi 647-669-4000 |