Planet Nilknarf

September 2014
Welcome to Planet Nilknarf
In a year started mostly full of disappointments and unpleasant surprises, I want to start this
month's issue with a very special thank you to the people who have made a wonderful effort
to bring forth good news and pleasant surprises. Starting with Janette. I remember how she
was practically bursting to keep it a secret until her last visit about getting those KID! tapes
transferred to "D's## $nd she could have waited until our usual lunchtime conversation but
she knew it would make me happy when she phoned me out of the blue to tell me she'd found
the %&S tapes with the episodes of their show# 'hat a relief# I don't remember lending them
to her as it was so long ago, and frankly I was afraid my husband and I might have
accidentally thrown them out during the (ig "leanup this spring.
'hat other things have been good news this year) 'ell, I did well in school. *hat's always
good. $nd +orraine surprised me by hiding *&IS in my suitcase when she was packing up my
stuff from my show...
I know ,$"*+- what I want to do, but I probably won't get around to doing it until I get
Joey's pro.ect done, and the /eneva $utism Symposium is over with. I want to make sure I
have a little e0tra money saved up for materials. $lthough this book is a kit to assemble a
cardboard model, I want to use it as a template to build a more permanent model out of
stronger materials such as balsa wood and fabric, shrinking down several of the carousel
animal pictures I have on file on my computer to make a model of what the REAL Carousel
of Friendship might actually look like## $nd, of course I like to take step1by1step photos of my
works in progress.
In the meantime, I know I can take a breather from cranking out anymore 2uilts for awhile. I've
got more than enough for ne0t year's show, provided that I actually do get the chance to be in
the (obcaygeon &arvest of 3uilts again ne0t year. In the meantime, I have several surprises
up my sleeve# *op Secret 4lans# S&&&&&&### $ll will be revealed in all due season# 56
Really Weird Videos
7ow that I am back from /uelph, I am in the process of typing out the good copy of the
account of our trip and I've finished loaderi8ing my pictures and videos. I am multitasking
between that, having finished editing my photos and chatting with people on 9acebook and
I've come across a couple interesting things in the process.
&ere are some really weird commercials from the :;'s and <;'s
and here's this really weird 'alt Disney 'orld 'ar C propaganda cartoon...
&ard to believe this cartoon was banned. It seems pretty tame..
$nd here is a montage of stills from various assorted animated films that may have been
forgotten or faded into obscurity=
I actually remember some of these including Rock & Rule, The ark Cr!s"al and The Las"
#nicorn. I actually have the last one somewhere on D%D.
The Great Gelph Geta!ay
&ere are some pictures of the same favorite horse on the /uelph carousel when Janette rode
him in FHD< and me riding him when we were there=
I also had the chance to finally re1enact the famous balloon picture#
In this one on the left I was only C or I years old. 'ho knew I'd be doing this again when I'm
I have finished typing up the account of our trip for you to read if you haven't already done so=
$t the end of our story you will find -ou*ube links of music videos from our wonderful playlist
of colourful party music###
$nd the rest of our pictures can be found here=
"d#entres of the Tra#ellin$ %olls
$bove= posed on the concrete horse outside the carousel pavillion on the first and last day.
(elow= In front of a model of the first house ever built in /uelph.
%arious scenes at the garden and along the nature trail.
&o Gotta See T'(S))))
$n ama8ing link to stuffed toys created from children's drawings# So cute and imaginative#
$nd this guy adds random characters to old thrift store paintings###
FB things 7!* to say to an $dult on the $utism Spectrum
'hen my aunt had that outburst at me on the way to 7orth (ay she was using KFF when she
spoke to Janette# &ello# 'e (!*& have $sperger's Syndrome and it is 7!* an e0cuse to be
rude although we may tend to raise our voices and come across as abrupt when we are
The *arosel of +riendship
+atest Apdates
Ly first 2uilt is no longer available for sale on Ki.i.i. I am donating it to this year's /eneva
$utism Symposium for their fund1raising raffle#
7obody bought it , however I had a response within *'! &!AGS of placing the ad. I K7'
it was too good to be true. *his person was badgering me about I7SIS*I7/ that she pay by
4ay4al## I don't K7!' how to use 4ay4al unless it's to (A- stuff## $nd even then it's so
rarely I can never remember how to use it. I .ust had a really bad gut feeling.
In the meantime, I am alsodonating *&IS 3AI+* to the 7ational "arousel $ssociation for the
auction at this year's convention=
I have been given an address to mail it to so that the recipients may be able to bring it there
for me. I do 7!* trust the airport to let me bring it on the plane####
'hile I was in /uelph I designed the following carousel horse and embroidered it for my 2uilt=
*he skulls, hearts and stars are stickers from the Dollar Store Janette and I visited while we
were there.
$nd while we were hanging out in our motel room I got most of the work done on my Master
(unnyN 3uilt=
I hemmed the edges and added the loops when I got home.
,oey-s Pro.ect
I don't like my camera's tendency to give these things an annoying orange cast####
Rememberin$ Robin Williams
'e are saddened and shocked by the sudden and une0pected passing of *%, comedy and movie
legend Gobin 'illiams# *his isn't .ust another celebrity death. *his is one of those deaths, like that of
lvis, 4rincess Diana, Lichael Jackson and the thousands that perished during H1FF, where you will
always remember where you were and what you were doing when it happened or when you heard
about it. 9or me it was .ust before :=;; the following morning. I got up to go to the bathroom. Dave had
already left for work. *here was a star1shaped post1it note on the bathroom mirror with the words
MGobin 'illiams is Dead.N I was sad but the reality hadn't 2uite hit me yet. $ll I really wanted to do was
go back to bed and sleep for a couple more hours. I'd already had a rough night. $t around F=;; am I
had one hell of a sore neck and had to drag myself out to the kitchen to get a couple *ylenol tablets. I
was also cheesed off because .ust prior to that I was drifting off back t sleep and bit my tongue# I hate
when that happens# I can go for months and months without it happened and then it happens to me
several times within a week. ven worse, several times in !7 7I/&*# I have a bite1guard but it's
never been used. It's too much of a hassle to have to boil it first to make it fit my mouth.
$nyway, back to the real issue at hand5 the death of Gobin 'illiams. *his story has opened up several
debates throughout the media because he has had a history of depression and substance abuse. In
light of this, the concept of depression awareness has been brought to our attention. Depression,
especially suicidal depression, is a very serious problem. 4eople who don't suffer from depression
often don't understand how difficult it is for those of us who do. Lany of us suffer alone because we
are surrounded by people who don't understand, who think we're .ust being melodramatic and tell us
to .ust Msnap out of it.N 'hat they don't reali8e is that it's a lot more complicated than that. Depression
affects everything and in many cases cannot be treated without medication.
Janette has been on anti1depressants for at least the last year or two. She says that without them she
would be unable to work. In fact without them all she would want to do is stay in bed and cry all the
time. She noticed that she was actually starting to feel suicidal a couple "hristmases ago.
I know what it's like to be depressed. I, too, have also been on anti1depressants. Lore often than not
it's a matter of trial and error, mostly error, to find out what really works. I am not on anti1depressants
these days because the ma.ority of time I have been depressed has usually been due to the
circumstances I've been going through. 'hen I know that I am going through a depression I usually
know why and know that what's going on in my life at the moment will pass eventually and all I can
really do is lay low and let it run its course.
Ly last big depression was late Lay>early June when I was feeling stressed because I was between
computers# It may sound trivial but losing my previous computer was like losing a family member and
it took nearly an entire week for 'ayne to transfer all my old files onto the new computer. *here was a
lot of stress and drama that week including a carnival going on outside my classroom crating all kinds
of noise and distractions while I was in school. $nd then to top it off I was given the royal boot about
my art e0hibit# I'd been informed that I had to take it down nearly an entire week earlier than planned.
7o e0planations or apologies, .ust the bums rush. ven now I still can't help wondering if I've done
something to offend these people#
*he one before that took place during the weeks between the (obcaygeon &arvest of 3uilts and last
year's carousel convention. I'll spare you the gory details, e0cept to say that I'd been made to feel so
bad about myself I almost didn't '$7* to go to the convention anymore. (ut the night before the
convention, my wonderful husband Dave did something he hasn't done since we were newlyweds. &e
took me by the hand and 4G$-D for me## I could .ust feel all the depression, anger and negativity
flee from my body, mind and spirit and cleansing and the power of /od taking its place##
I'm happy to say that these days I usually feel pretty good. I'm not on anti1depressants, but I have
been taking bipolar meds since C;;:.
I have, however, had a history of being on anti1depressants from time to time.
*he first was in FHD<. $nti1depressants were pretty crude back then. 9or reasons I won't go into I was
put on a deadly combination of ,ana0 and L$! inhibitors. *hen I found out later no doctor should
%G prescribe those two together unless he's trying to kill you## 7o wonder I felt so shitty. I am lucky
to have survived. *he whole time I was on them I was always 9GOI7/ "!+D## $nd I worked in a
+$A7DG-# *his was S4*L(G### veryone else was in *1shirts and shorts and I was in my winter
coat with my scarf wrapped around my waist. *he back of my neck and the small of my back were the
worst# $nd I was $+'$-S so S+4-### (efore work every morning I would drink at least five or si0
cups of coffee with no effect whatsoever# !f course I found out later that I shouldn't have been
drinking coffee in the first place. L$! inhibitors are full of ridiculous dietary restrictions. I was told I
could have domestic beer but not imported beer, white wine but no red wine. I really wasn't supposed
to be having $7- alcohol at all. $nd no cheese or smoked meat, so pi88a was strictly %G(!*7## I
don't know about you, but I certainly don't want to live in a world without pi88a.
7ot only that but from the shoulders up I had a horrendous acne1like rash and I was getting up to go to
the bathroom every half hour during the night. $nd of course when I did I had the most horrible taste in
my mouth so every time I got up to go to the bathroom I also had to brush my teeth $/$I7###
$fter about a month of this bullshit I .ust threw those pills down the toilet and went on with my life 2uite
Antil Lay of C;;F# I'll spare you the details for now about what was going through my life back then
but whatever it was, my doctor and I agreed that for the time being I'd need anti1depressants to get
through it.
9irst she put me on 4ro8ak but that made me sweat uncontrollably. I was always soaking wet## I would
have to get up and change my sheets in the middle of the night because my bed would be drenched.
Ly feet would .ust be S'ILLI7/ in my shoes# I'd take them off and leave sweaty footprints on the
So she put me on ffe0or. *hat was even '!GS## I may have not been sweating anymore but I had
the worst headaches imaginable, weird nightmares every night, usually of a se0ual nature and I was
so irritable I felt like I .ust wanted to kill everybody##
*hird time's the charm with "ele0a. I was on that for about two years and then I stopped. $ll the anti1
depressants in the world are 7%G enough when you work for someone like my former boss and
since I wasn't working for her anymore I didn't really need it.
I went back on it for awhile in C;;B after the Goseneath fiasco. I'll spare you the details.
Somehow I knew that when I sat down to write this article about Gobin 'illiams I'd end up talking
more about my own e0perience with depression and medication. $s I have said before, typical
depression for me usually goes hand1in1hand with my circumstances in life.
I think the worst time had to be when I was facing my mother's death. If you've been a regular reader
of 4lanet 7ilknarf, no doubt, you were there when it happened so you know all the details. *here is no
such thing as a perfect time to die. Ly dad passed away when Dave and I were on our honeymoon,
thus bringing it all to an abrupt screeching halt. 'hen my mom was slipping away on me, I struggled
with anger because she was drifting away at a time when I felt like I needed her most. I knew it wasn't
her fault but I struggled with feeling like I wished I could shake her and yell MS7$4 !A* !9 I*#N (ut I
know that wouldn't make her illness go away. *he closer she came to her death the more and more
incoherent she became and the less and less she understood me. It was so frustrating#
4lus I hated myself for feeling selfish because I already had my own problems dealing with my
surgery. I've shared the details of that too, complete with alopecia#
nough said about my seasons of wilderness. (ecause of depression, others continue to wander the
wilderness on a regular basis because there is no escape. I worry about Janette because for her it's
the same thing every day. She's been at the same .ob for nearly C; years, always having to commute
to and from work every day on crowded buses and having to do everything herself including grocery
shopping. She is so tired of having to support herself every day.
Sometimes I feel guilty because I seem to have it made. Dave does all the grocery shopping and
doesn't e0pect me to come with me. I haven't had a MrealN .ob in years so I'm at home most of the time.
(ut that doesn't make it any easier. (y no means do I have it made. I tend to worry because I know
this isn't going to last forever. 'hat if Dave gets sick again, or worse dies) 'hat about when he has to
retire) 'hat about when my mom's estate money runs out) 'hat about when Dave has to retire)
I admit I am a bit agoraphobic. $t least going to school gets me out of the house. (ut for me school
doesn't start until 7ovember because I know I'd miss a week of school due to the carousel convention.
'hen I have school I have a routine and a reason to get up early in the morning. !therwise if left to
my own devices I tend to be nocturnal# I tell myself I should get myself into a routine that gets me up
earlier in order to prepare. specially since being at the convention re2uires me to have to get up early
when I'm there and more often than not, despite the fact that I am having the time of my life, this
sudden change of environment tends to be a shock to my system even if I am in my element#
So enough about me and Janette and our e0periences with depression.
'hen Gobin 'illiams died it was one of those deaths that left a ma.or void in the universe. It was one
of those e0periences that seems to cause the world to stand still for at least a moment. &e was only
:C# &e was such a part of pop culture. $nd enough of a part of my life that, although I've never met
him, feel like I've lost a family member.
I purposely avoided 9acebook that day because I know that my feed would be crammed with posts
about him but not only that, crammed with debates about depression and suicide. I worked on my
newsletter, but knew I couldn't stay away from 9acebook forever because I couldn't sleep that night.
4art of me also feels sad because I couldn't give Janette the attention she needed at the time. I was
listening to "(" radio and people were phoning into the talk show with their reflections on Gobin
'illiams, depression and suicide. !n that day Janette had struggled with more than her fair share of
unwanted drama on her way home from work. *his will be another detail I remember about that day.
*he day that Lichael Jackson died will always be remembered as the day my 7ever1nding 4eriod
from hell started and the start of at least two or three years tribulation in my life.
*he death of Gobin 'illiams seems to be coinciding with a season in my life when a lot of loose ends
are finally being tied but it still hurts so much to lose him. I really started to cry yesterday when they
played the scene from Aladdin where $laddin has .ust wished the /enie his freedom and he's saying
goodbye to them. ven now to think of that bit of dialogue I admit to getting misty1eyed.
$nd, of course no article about depression would be complete without mentioning &yperbole1and1a1
I find it interesting that even though this post was written in C;FF, it mentions wanting to rent the movie
$u%an&i! $ Gobin 'illiams film# $nother e0ample of how ubi2uitous and important he's been in our
*his was the last &yperbole1anda1&alf post. *he author seemed to disappear off the face of the earth
and her fans were worried sick#
I am happy to say that since then she has actually posted more and 'GI**7 $ (!!K which you
can order here=
I am so tempted to order this but I'm trying to avoid buying anything new until after the convention
because I am trying to get out of credit card debt....
Leanwhile here is another link worth sharing on the topic of depression and mental illness...
$nd this article about Gobin 'illiams and (ipolar says it better than I can...
I reali8e that 9acebook is full of links. (ut links on a 9acebook feed are fleeting as time progresses.
4osting them in this newsletter provides not only myself, but my readers, a more permanent record of
them to research later on.
%ear /om and %ad
9riday, $ugust F@
, C;FB
Dear Lom and Dad
It's hard to believe that my (ig 7ew -ork trip is less than a month away## If you see Gobin 'illiams,
please tell him I said hello. &earing about his death has made me miss you all over again.
7o doubt the news of his passing has ripped open a few wounds for people all over. I am relieved,
though, that my friend *racey's wedding isn't canceled after all. Just postponed until they get some
issues straightened out. I may only know her from 9acebook but we might have actually met during
the 4ittsburgh convention because of her involvement with carousels, especially the aluminum $llan
&erschell at Lenlo 4ark in 4erkasie and her .ob at Dorney. I was shocked to read her post yesterday
that said their wedding was off and she did not want to discuss the details. &er fiance's first wife had
committed suicide. So no doubt he is struggling with a multitude of difficult emotions in light of this.
/o figure, I am on 9acebook every day and there are so many people I've kept in touch with for years
that even though I've never met them in person I feel like I know them in real life because I follow their
stories every day.
I am happy for Lelissa these days because she .ust got her new chair1life and she has a decent
caregiver now who treats her with the respect and kindness she deserves and the man from the
appliance store is no longer mean to her.
(oth Iris and Ooey have recently moved to new places, Iris having .ust bought a...trailer) It sure beats
the old place where they kept having problems with her rent che2ues getting lost. I would like to meet
both Iris and Ooey someday as they usually go to this big autism conference out in (". *he problem is
it is usually the week after the carousel convention. ven if I could afford it I usually need time to
recover from all that e0citement#
'hich reminds me, I've got the Symposium coming up. I'm glad /inny emailed me because I
accidentally filled out a form telling them 7!* to use my name or likeness in any of their
communications. &ow ironic. I thought I was filling out a form telling them D! use my name and
likeness. &owever, I have decided to donate my 9IGS* 2uilt to their raffle for the Symposium.
It .ust feels so right to be giving some of these 2uilts away. 9irst the blue one to the 7"$ and now this,
and when I see my friend 'endy ne0t 9riday I will give her the one that I call the M'arholN 2uilt as it
was based on the horse she designed. -essiree, this is going to be a season of Mcasting my bread
upon the waterN so to speak.
Sometime within the ne0t few days Sharon and her husband are supposed to be visiting me. *hey
said around the F<
or FD
. I really don't know yet. *hey are going to be in *oronto and they are also
planning on going to see a play in Stratford. She always did en.oy Shakespeare. I've never really
understood it myself.
/ood news, Jan and 9ede have found a place to live. *hey will be renting a house and they move in
there two weeks from now. I hear 9ede's computer has died but as far as I know my book is safe and
he will be working on it soon. In the meantime I want to work on a very special gift for them. I'm not
saying what it is because I have similar surprises for other special friends of mine# 56
4art of me doesn't want to go back to school in 7ovember. I'm kind of tired of the same old art pro.ects
every semester. I wish the school offered an $D%$7"D art class with things like ceramics and
'!!D "$G%I7/### 'endy has done some wood1carving. I'll ask her about it. She was working on
some sort of aboriginal sculpture a couple years ago.
*he other night I had a strange dream that both of you were still here and I'd had some kind of a
breakdown or episode but instead of taking me to the hospital you brought me to this place that was
some artist's home for a healing retreat. !utside there was some kind of pool about the si8e of a hot
tub and there were at least three or four very large, very unusual fish swimming in this enclosure. *hey
changed colour from gray to variegated pink and white and they had fins that ran down the whole
length of their backs like eels but with peculiar suction1cups on the ends of their fins.
*he artist also had a %G- unusual a2uarium on her desk. It had no water. In fact it had no glass. *he
fish .ust hovered in mid1air, contained within an invisible force field as marked by a round, wooden disc
on the table. I couldn't help wondering what if one of them escaped from within the confines of its force
field. Sure enough one did escape and it was flopping around on the floor and it .umped up and went
down the leg of my pants. I was screaming and .umping around but I managed to grab it and toss it
back into the MtankN.
!ther than that the artist's place was beautiful with so many carousel things everywhere, colourful art
supplies and stacks of carousel1related colouring books.
Anfortunately I was awakened by the smoke detector blipping so I had to get up and take the broom to
it. 9rankly I wish I could smash that damned thing like a pinata but that would probably get us evicted.
'hen I went back to sleep I actually dreamt that 'eird $l -ankovic was helping me make one of my
2uilts# It was very colourful with all kinds of wild and cra8y graffiti and all kinds of interesting pockets
and flaps to play around with and he sent me to go and fin him a very unusual pen. It wasn't hard to
find. It was really colourful with all kinds propellers, gadgets, etc, but the thing I remember most was a
small roll of white1out that hung from it looking like a miniature roll of toilet1paper#
'ell, that's all I can think of for now. In a little while I shall phone Jan back. She was .ust going into the
dollar store when I reached her.
Dave is doing well but he hasn't been working as many hours. /L has been having layoffs so there
hasn't been as much work for +ear. $t least he still has a .ob.
*ake care,
+ove, Largaret
/ore 0inks Worth Sharin$
&ard to believe it's been almost a year already since the (ig 3uilt Show in (obcaygeon. I'd like to
thank Lark and Janette for sending me this link. 7ot only are there pictures of the 3uilt show, but
pictures she took afterward when she was visiting her dad.
$nd while we've been studying the sub.ect of mental illness in this month's issue here is an article
about why we should take it as seriously as we would a physical ailment and what things would be like
if we treated physical ailments the same way...
7ot to mention this collection of comic strips on depression=
Including L!G &yperbole1and1a1&alf###
$bsolutely 9G$KI7/ (GI++I$7* as always# I've .ust made *&IS my new desktop wallpaper#
Seriously, this G$++- 7DS to be on a *1shirt and>or a coffee mug# I would so be wearing it###
I want the book but I am holding off on buying it until I can get my credit card debt taken care of. P-es,
party1poopers, I K7!' I shouldn't be travelling so .ust S*9A###6 In the meantime, I hope I can find it at
"hapters so I can use my gift card.
-ou may recall in last month's issue my link to M'hat Lade the Ged Lan GedN. 'ell, this debate about
4eter 4an really cracked me up=
'hen I was a kid we used to have a Dutch book of fairy tales whose version of 4eter 4an was even
*his is $L$OI7/## &ere's a video about one of my all1time favorite things# *rust me, you'll never think
of CHOCOLATE 2uite the same way again...#
7ow e0cuse me while I go to the fridge and grab a piece from my MemergencyN stash##
*arosel of the /onth
It's probably no surprise that our special feature this time around is the one we most recently visited in
/uelph# It is a FHFH $llan &erschell carousel that has been at Giverside 4ark in /uelph since FH<;. It
came from Sullivan $musements. *hat's what it says on the mural. $lthough many of the horses are
aluminum replacements they are all 2uite beautifully painted to e0press their own uni2ue personalities.
*his website will have more information=
It's a bit outdated though. $ccording to the website it tickets are QF.<@, however the price we paid was
QC.I;. Anless the lower price is for children and the higher price s for adults. 'e bought tickets when
we first arrived at the carousel, however, the ne0t morning we bought season passes for QF: each at
the vergreen Seniors' "entre. *rust me, in those ne0t couple days that we were there, those passes
surely paid for themselves##
I found it interesting to know that the carousel is actually open for free in December as part of their
Sparkle in the 4ark event.
I also found that the best time of day for us to visit when it's the least busy is during the last hour or
two before closing time when most of the families with babies and small children have already gone
home for supper for the day.
*he /uelph carousel opens at F;=;; in the morning and is open until @=;; in the afternoon, along with
the train ride which we also en.oyed several times.
*he rest of our /uelph pictures can be seen here=
$nd, of course, the entire story of our wonderful trip can be read here=

Worth!hile Tnea$e
*his evening while Dave and I were listening to Gandy (achman's %inyl *ap on "(" radi, we heard
*&IS absolutely wonderful song###
I was sad to learn that this singer passed away in FHHH=
I was ama8ed to read about how he turned his biggest problem to his greatest asset#
1eetlebomb-s 1ook Nook
*his month's literary pick is *he 7o Kids "lub by *alli Goland. 'hen the main character, "lare
Donahue, breaks up with her boyfriend because he wants kids and she doesn't, she is inspired to start
a social group for people without children. !nly two other women show up for the first meeting5 $nna
who feels like her marriage is in .eopardy because all her husband wants to do is sit at home and play
video games, and pathetic 4oppy who has such a horrendously all1consuming case of great
galloping baby1rabies I feel like shaking her and yelling MS7$4 !A* !9 I*#N $s her club gathers
momentum she meets a man with potential for a relationship who also happens to be involved with the
*% studio and lands her an interview on a talk show. *his book is a well1written and thoroughly
engrossing page1turner but I must say that it is also disappointing pro1natalist propaganda in disguise.
I will not spill out any spoilers#
*losin$ Words222
'ell, this brings us to the end of yet another issue of 4lanet 7ilknarf. (efore I go for now, I must share
my e0perience at my friend 'endy's place the other day. 'e had a really nice visit. I gave her the
M'arhol 'arhorseN 2uilt because $. it was based on her ama8ing high1contrast design and (. I .ust felt
she was L$7* to have it#
'e sat at her kitchen table and en.oyed nachos with salsa and homemade gluten1free, sugar1free
bran muffins while we worked on some more art together.
'endy decorated the horse on the left while I completed the M&ousewarming &orseN for Jan and
9ede's 2uilt.
'endy .ust got married on July H
, so I got to meet her husband, Stephen and see their album of
wedding pictures.
'hen it was time to go home we had a traditional $boriginal Smudging ceremony. *his was very
e0citing for me because this is one of the things I've learned about when I took my $boriginal Studies
class back in the spring. 9ragrant, sacred herbs, particularly sweetgrass, white sage and a pinch of
tobacco are burnt in a clam or abalone shell to release sweet1smelling smoke. 4articipants are
re2uired to remove all metal .ewelery and glasses. *he person performing the ceremony uses a large
feather, usually that of a turkey or an eagle, to wave the smoke toward the participants who breathe it
in and MwashN their faces with it. 'e hold out our arms and raise one foot and then the other as the
smoke is waved around our bodies in order to get rid of negative energy and attract positive energy. $
blessing is spoken and thanks are given to the spirits of the east, north, west and south and the
elements and in the end the ashes are discarded outdoors. I could feel the cleansing powers at work
and a rela0ing calm as the smoke chased away tension.
'ell, tomorrow I will be seeing my friend Sharon for the first time in over C; years. 'e were best
friends in high school and she and her husband 4aul are celebrating their F;
anniiversary. *hey've
taken a huge road trip all the way from where they live in rural $lberta all the way to !ntario where
they have been staying with friends in *oronto. *hey've been to (uskerfest, had dinner at the "7
*ower and plan on seeing a Shakespeare play in Stratford.
'hen I release the !ctober issue, it will likely be after Janette and I have returned from 7'
See you again ne0t month#
Not 3ite +inished "fter "ll222
-esterday when I tried to publish this issue it G9ASD to loaderi8e into my Scrib account. I tried it
twice but all it did was literally spin its wheel for hours# I guess I'm L$7* to share the following story
7!' instead of waiting for ne0t month's issue#
*oday, *uesday, $ugust C:
, I en.oyed a wonderful visit with my friend Sharon who travelled all the
way here from "algary with her husband, 4aul and friend "atherine. *hey've driven all the way from
$lberta to !ntario and visited our old stomping grounds. It was fun to catch up and talk about old
times. I was kind of shocked to hear that our friend Kristin's old apartment building doesn't e0ist
anymore and from what I understand, neither does my old place# *hey showed up at around noon and
we went to *eddy's for lunch. *eddy's is a local legend, perhaps !shawa's most popular eatery and we
en.oyed a great meal complete with the famous pickled beets and strawberry pie.
*hen we stopped at the (ulk (arn to get some peanuts in the shell for our ne0t stop. 'e spent the
rest of the afternoon hanging out at the 4arkwood state where we fed the chipmunks. 'ell, one
chipmunk who finally showed up .ust as we were about to leave.
Sharon gave me two beautiful pins. !ne is a horse with pink and purple .ewels and the other is a
carousel with dainty pink roses and tiny pearls.
I also happened to be wearing the hand1painted *1shirt she created for me a few years ago#
$ll in all it turned out to be a great visit and we had a wonderful time. !ne of these days I hope to go
out west so I can visit her at her place. Jan and 9ede are living in dmonton now so I'll likely visit them
too on that particular .ourney when I'm at it.
Sharon and I had some good laughs over funny stories from our past, including *he "ottage "heese
Incident and the "lock Gadio Story#

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