Jewels: Emerald Rebellion Excerpt

Book #2 in the Alien Encounters Saga
© akisha Splet!er" 2#$%
Gatoan Bloodlines
&igh Ruling 'amil(
Onugra (male lion) / Onugrass (female lion)
)he Ruling 'amilies
Farsemi (male panther) / Farsemiss (female panther)
Loporfir (male cheetah) / Loporfirass (female cheetah)
Rieyad (male tiger) / Rieyadess (female tiger)
Posaima (male puma) / Posaimass (female puma)
Mezalik (male lynx) / Mezalikiss (female lynx)
irar!u (male sno" leopard) / irar!uss (female sno" leopard)
#asd!i (male !aguar) / #asd!iss (female !aguar)
*inor &ouses
$akei (male %o%cat) / $akeiss (female %o%cat)
yriel (male leopard) / yrieluss (female leopard)
&iesaro (male ocelot) / &iesaross (female ocelot)
'he &igh Ruling Family( can and has( changed from one %loodline to another) Reasons for the change*
no heirs( Royal +hallenge( or pu%lic outcry)
,Leader( "e must a%andon ship-,
.uerreiro snarled and %ared his fangs) 'his fight "as not going as planned)
,/e "ill not a%andon this ship- 0ot "hile 1 still ha2e %reath in my %ody-,
,3ut( Leader-,
,1f you can4t handle it( then lea2e- 'he escape pods for co"ards are that "ay(, snapped .uerreiro as
he pointed to his right( his eyes ne2er lea2ing the 2ie"ing screen of the %attle "aging outside the ship)
'ension sang in the air( %ut he didn4t care) 'his "as his ship) His command) &e "as not going to let
some mangy Lupine destroy "hat he4d so carefully %uilt)
,14m staying "ith you( Leader),
.uerreiro smirked) 'rust .ae"el to stick %y his side) 5he "as one of the youngest of his cre"
mem%ers( and a runt( %ut she "as "orth her "eight in gold)
&e ga2e her a nod and heard her pleased purr) 'he clacking of her cla"s flying across the console
filled the mostly silent %ridge)
,Leader( the distress signal has %een sent) Reinforcements "ill not reach us in time( 5ir-,
.uerreiro glanced around the %ridge and made a decision)
,2eryone e2acuate( no"- 'hat4s an order-,
,6es( Leader-, the cre" chorused( as they raced from their seats to"ard the ele2ator)
.uerreiro turned his head and glared at .ae"el)
,'hat includes you( .ae"el),
,0o( Leader) 1 can4t lea2e you alone),
&e smiled) 5he really "as a %ra2e kitling( %ut he "asn4t prepared to let her die here) 5he still had
much li2ing to do)
,Fine) 6ou can stay and help me),
5he graced him "ith one of her rare smiles) 5he really had %rightened up life on his ship)
::Krestofer, I need you to lock on to Gaewel and teleport her to the life-pod with you when I give
the signal.::
::Understood, eader. !ou know that she"s going to #e angry.::
::I know, Krestofer. $his is for her own good.::
::%he won"t ever forgive you for this.::
::$rue. Krestofer, take care of her and the rest of the crew.::
::&ill do, eader.::
.uerreiro %roke the connection and leaned for"ard in his chair) .ae"el glanced %ack at him)
,Leader( they are almost on top of us-,
,Ramming speed),
,6es( Leader-,
&e "atched her set the course and he smiled sadly) &e really had en!oyed her company)
,.ae"el( you42e done good) 6ou must lea2e no"),
5he "hipped around and glared at him) ,'his isn4t the time to !oke( Leader),
&e shook his head) 5tu%%orn as al"ays)
,1 "ant you to gro" strong and pro2e your "orth as one of my o"n),
::Krestofer, do it now.::
.uerreiro kept his face impassi2e "hen .ae"el shrieked her surprise and anger as she "as
teleported from the %ridge)
::'o( )on"t do this( Guerreiro, please, let *e #e with you to the end.::
&e steeled himself against her tears) 5he rarely cried and it tore at him)
::I want you to live, Gaewel. +ake sure to spread great tales of *y #ravery.::
&e could hear her "ail along the telepathic link he shared "ith the cre" as the life8pod e!ected) &e
felt 9restofer4s %rief parting touch) &is cre" "as safe) 'ime to end this) .uerreiro stood and puffed out
his chest) 'oday "as a good day for 2ictory)
,:eath to our enemies-, he shouted( as his ship hurtled for"ard and rammed into the enemy4s
::I love you, Gaewel(:: he sent along his pri2ate link to her and then he kne" no more)
+hapter ;
,arth, 'ove*#er -./.
+olonel +hris Manroe stared up at the stars and let an unguarded sigh escape) &e "as taking this
%rief respite from duty to relax) 5oon enough( trou%le "ould come knocking) arth4s inha%itants "ere
"oefully unprepared to deal "ith the approaching storm) < storm that "ould either cleanse( or destroy(
&is thoughts shifted to =e"els( the nineteen8year8old psionic( "ho had left arth for the alien "orld
of Felinia) &e pondered the %uried secrets she carried( as "ell as the hope she represented for the future
of the "orlds depending on her)
Manroe ru%%ed at his eyes) &is sight of possi%ilities "as annoying at times( like tonight) &is solid
sil2er eyes glo"ed and he felt the =e"els matrix shift and settle) &e sat up and ga2e one last glance at
the hea2ens) 1t "as time to get mo2ing) &e stood( stretched( slid his shades %ack on and headed for his
gra28car) &e had a planet to protect)
> > >
0oyal Gatoan 1lagship, 1e#ruary -./-
2ewels felt heat. 'ot 3ust her hands, #ut her #ody. $oo hot. %uffocating al*ost, and yet, she
struggled to re*e*#er why the scent that continued to tickle her nose had not dissipated. %he knew she
was drea*ing, at least, she thought she was. %he looked out across the desert.
$he shout was faint and she al*ost *issed it. 6 #ree7e #egan to #low and she sniffed the air.
%niffed8 2ewels fro7e, shocked #y her actions. %he was hu*an, not Gatoan.
Her voice echoed across the #arren e9panse. 2ewels gri*aced and decided to walk. 6t least that
way she could find so*eone. $he red sun in the sky did not scare her. 6fter all, this was only a drea*.
6gain that faint shout. It was annoying. %he saw neither speaker nor the cause for alar*.
:ook, I"* not in the *ood to play ga*es( %how yourself.:
:)o not forget the e*eralds. &atch out for the re#ellion.:
:Huh8 &hat do ge*stones have to do with anything8: 2ewels" anger si**ered. :6nd what
re#ellion8 'o one"s fighting right now(:
:Beware. Beware. Beware,: the voice *oaned on the wind.
%he was going cra7y. %he had to #e. 2ewels s;uee7ed her eyes closed and willed herself to wake
fro* the confusing drea*.
< < <
=e"els eyes fle" open and she took a fortifying %reath) &er groggy mind took a fe" seconds to
remem%er that she "as in %ed( curled against :ex4s chest) 5he grinned against his fur and snuggled
closer) &is scent did much to calm her and dispel the remnants of the %izarre dream she4d !ust had)
5he "ondered if it "as tension from the 2oyage) <fter all( they "ere only fi2e months a"ay from
arri2ing at Felinia( the .atoans4 home"orld) =e"els felt a t"inge of ner2es at the thought) /hen she4d
a%ruptly left arth six months ago to stay "ith her .atoan mate( she hadn4t really considered
e2erything) 5he had "anted to go "here :ex "as( e2en if that meant lea2ing the only home she4d e2er
< lo"( purring rum%le !arred her from her thoughts) =e"els giggled "hen she felt :ex4s tongue
sneak out and sensually lick her neck)
,6es( Mate7, 5he glanced up at him and en!oyed staring at his face? so alien( yet 2ery handsome to
,6our thoughts are trou%led( Little One),
,6ou reading my mind7,
,1 don4t ha2e to) 6ou "ere tossing and turning in your sleep),
,Oh), =e"els s@uirmed uncomforta%ly) 1t4d %een a long time since she had a lo2er) <nd no one(
except =eremy( had really kno"n all her @uirks) 5he "as still getting used to :ex and his "ay of life)
:ex tenderly stroked her cheek "ith a cla" and increased his purring) ,6ou are my mate) 1 "ill
protect you and %e protected %y you) 1 "ill share my heart and my soul "ith you in this life and in the
=e"els felt her fears melting a"ay) ,6ou are such a s"eet talker(, she teased) ,1t4s not fair),
,5"eet "ords for the Onugrass in my life) 6ou are fire and ice) 1 lo2e %oth sides of you) 6ou truly
are a "orthy mate for a Prince),
5he toyed "ith the patch of golden hair on his chest that marked him as a mixed %reed) :ex( more
than most( understood a%out %eing different and not fitting in) :eep inside her heart and mind( =e"els
"orried a%out the .atoans4 reception of her as the mate to their Prince) 3eing royalty "as a scary
prospect %y itself( ne2er mind the protocols and %eha2iors she4d %e expected to adhere to) 1t all ga2e her
hi2es) 5he really( really hated formalities)
,6ou are making that adora%le face again),
,/hat7, =e"els %linked and stared up at him) ,:ex( "hy are you looking at me like that7,
,14m trying to decide "hich part of you 1 "ant to en!oy first),
&eat flooded her face "hile other parts of her made their presence kno"n at her mate4s suggesti2e
"ords) &e had that po"er o2er her( turning her into a satisfied mess "ith his lo2emaking)
,Oh7 /hich one has caught your eye7 May%e my lips7 Or perhaps my neck7, she offered( playing
along( her %ody humming "ith anticipation)
:ex grinned( leaned do"n and "hispered in her ear) =e"els let out a s@ueal as he gathered her in his
arms and rolled on to his %ack( putting her on top)
/ide8eyed she stared do"n at him as he smirked) ,0o"( my Onugrass( let us play),
=e"els( "ith a happy purr( did !ust that)
< < <
,My Mate( you ha2e to get up),
=e"els groaned and sat up( pulling the furs up to co2er herself) 5he spotted :ex near the %athing
facility( grinning at her) 5he kne" she looked dishe2eled) 'hey had made lo2e se2eral times %efore
she4d fallen into a peaceful sleep) 5he suspected that had %een :ex4s plan all along) =e"els thought
a%out scolding him( %ut "as grateful for it)
,14m up) /hat do "e ha2e to do today7,
,1 am "orking "ith my father and( there "as a call from 0ala "hile you "ere sleeping),
5he fro"ned( %ut "as distracted %y :ex4s happy gro"l) &er gaze tra2eled o2er to him and her
%reath caught( her attention arrested) &e stretched( taking time to make sure she "atched his display of
po"er and grace) 'his "as a sight she4d ne2er get tired of)
:ex sniffed the air and smiled) ,14d %etter stop or "e4ll %oth %e in trou%le),
=e"els laughed and rose( keeping the furs "rapped around her) 5he padded across the cold floor and
came to a stop in front of him) :ex "rapped his arms around her( pulling her flush against him)
,My Onugrass),
,.ood morning), &e lo"ered his head and kissed her)
5he "as dro"ning in his kiss) :ex "as potent( no dou%t a%out it) 5he tangled her fingers in his fur(
en!oying the silky feel %eneath her fingers)
::ove you.::
::6nd I love you, *y one and only,:: he added( %reaking the kiss)
&e gently s"atted her "ith his tail and she giggled) 5he pulled a"ay from him "ith a playful pout)
,1 can take a hint) 6ou4d %etter get going or your father "ill come hunting for you like last time),
:ex grimaced) ,6es) Let us not ha2e a repeat of that( shall "e7,
=e"els couldn4t help it) 5he guffa"ed( only to laugh harder at :ex4s disgruntled expression)
,5orry-, she gasped and finally %rought herself under control) 5he rose on tiptoe( pulled his face to
her and kissed him once more %efore pulling a"ay) ,.et going) 1 ha2e to %athe and meet 0ala),
&e trailed his tail do"n her arm and chuckled "hen she shi2ered in response)
,My promise for later(, he 2o"ed and glided from the room %efore she could reply)
=e"els shook her head and hurried to sho"er) 5he needed to cool off and find 0ala) 'ime for more
cultural learning)

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