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Emily Christensen

Third Grade
Mt. Mahogany Elementary

Welcome to third grade! Its always exciting to start a new school year. The
purpose for this document is to give you an idea of what I will be expecting from
your student this school year.

Goals for this year:

1. Develop a positive attitude about school
2. Recognize own self worth and worth of others
3. Develop a good self-discipline
4. Be responsible for your own learning
5. Be organized and prepared with assignments
6. Work for accuracy and neatness on daily assignments
7. Use time wisely

ATTENDANCE POLICY: The following is our extended day bell schedule:

Track A: Monday 8:00 1:15
Tuesday Friday 8:00 2:15
Track B: Monday 9:15 2:30
Tuesday - Friday 9:15 3:30

Students need to be in their seats and ready to learn at their track start time.
Students are expected to be in attendance unless they are ill or have a family
emergency/obligation. Please notify me of any known upcoming absences.

CURRICULUM: All subjects will be taught using the Utah State Core.

GRADING POLICY AND ASSESMENT: Tests will be returned within three school days.
Report cards will be sent home in November, March and May. Letter grades or
Pass/ Not Pass grades will be given in all subjects based on a percentage according
to the following scale:

100-93 A 79-75 C+
92-90 A- 74-70 C
89-87 B+ 69-65 C-
86-83 B 64-0 N (needs improvement)
82-80 B-
(P.E., Music, Computers, and Health are graded on participation and effort as PASS)

HOMEWORK: Your child is required to read 20 minutes a night for 20 days each
month. This will be recorded in a monthly reading chart, which will be part of your
childs reading grade. We will also have a monthly book report. They will be handed
out the first week of each month beginning in September. They will always be due
by the last school day of the month. These reports should be done at home.
Any schoolwork not finished in class will be considered homework. Each
child will need a homework folder to help transport homework from school to home.
Spelling lists will be placed in the students box each Monday. There will be
no spelling homework required. A list of helpful spelling practices will be provided
at the beginning of the school year as well as throughout the school year. It is
strongly suggested that the students practice their spelling words throughout the
week in order to receive a satisfactory grade on their spelling test. The spelling test
will be given on Friday of each week.
Math homework will be given Monday through Thursday each week. It will
be placed in the students box each day. It is important that a parent check each
homework assignment to monitor your childs math progress. The math assignment
will be due the following day. It will be an important part of your childs math grade.

SUPPLIES AND DONATIONS: Please have your child bring a backpack to school
daily. The school provides basic supplies. It would be helpful for your child to have
a small pencil box, glue stick, dry erase marker, small scissors, and colored pencils of
their own. Please no oversized pencil boxes or binders that may take up too much
space in their desk. It would be helpful if the items they bring are individually
labeled. A box of tissues would be greatly appreciated. A small donation of $10.00
is requested for social studies, art and science curriculum supplements.

DISCIPLINE I feel that my students perform at their best in a positive, non-
threatening environment. At the start of each school year the students and I will
establish and discuss some classroom rules. Positive behavior will be rewarded with
class tickets, stickers, treats, extra privileges, etc. Those that break a class or
school rule will receive a warning first. If the negative behavior continues, they will
miss a recess to conference with me. If the behavior continues still, a conference
with student and parent will be needed to discuss further behavior redirection.

BAD WEATHER DAYS: Students are expected to play outside when the weather is
good unless a note is sent from home. We also play outside when the weather is
cold, so please have your child always be prepared for whatever the weather may be.
If your child is truly ill, they should remain home to keep their illness from

I do have an open door policy and want you to feel welcome to come visit with me
on any issue. If you need to reach me the number is 801-610-8113 ext. 166. My
email is