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Dear Reader,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Executive Team of Responsive Education Solutions, I want to
welcome you to our 2009 Annual Report and thank you for your support in celebrating our tenth anniversary.
You will find many statistics and facts throughout the following pages that outline the positive outcomes from
our ten�year history. Yet, we want you to notice so much more than just information. We encourage you to
take note of the theme running throughout each story, each statistic and each page. That theme is “Hope and

Many educators are satisfied with the idea of teaching for its own sake. In fact, many feel that if the
educator teaches, the job of education is complete. However, at Responsive Education Solutions, this is not
enough for us. We strongly feel that the purpose of education is not fulfilled until the student learns. Our goal
is not only to teach but also to provide hope for students, parents and communities alike. Our mission is to
see lives changed through our work. Educating students takes a clear focus on learning as the main goal and
changing lives as the ultimate purpose.

If we truly want to change our world, we have to start with each individual connected with our work.
Whether it be teachers finding real significance as those who make a difference in the lives of students;
parents finding real educators who care almost as much for their children as they do; or students finding that
success is not just for others but can be achieved and sustained throughout life, this close�knit community of
stakeholders is determined to do what it takes to change lives. Our commitment to life�changing education
ensures that the successes of the past ten years will not remain historical in nature, to look back on in future
days. Rather, our successes serve as landmarks in our journey to change lives, to change families and to change
our world. These landmarks allow us to celebrate what we have achieved. Yet, they also beckon us to the
higher call to continue in this journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Board of Directors Executive Team
report. After reading it, I hope you will join us in Lupe Gonzalez Chuck Cook
this journey to change lives. Board President Chief Executive Officer
Marvin Reynolds Alan Wimberley
With best wishes and appreciation, Board Vice President Chief Systems Officer
Dan Maddalena Robert Davison
Board Secretary Chief Operating Officer
Judge Willard French Rosalinda Gonzalez
Board Member Chief Academic Officer
Ben Klingenstein Dan Clower
Board Member Chief Financial Officer
Charles Cook
Earl Little
Chief Executive Officer
Board Member
In 1998, our first year of operation, ResponsiveEd was granted the opportunity to open an
unprecedented 15 schools. Ten years later, we now operate 35 charter schools across Texas
and will be opening an additional 6 throughout the forthcoming year. We offer grades from
Elementary to High School, each providing challenging and student�centered curriculum
and programs. We are the largest charter school organization in Texas, and we are changing
lives and providing hope to hundreds of communities across the state.
Premier High Schools Vista Academies iSchool High Quest Middle Schools

Our total number of campuses has more than
doubled since our first year. However, our
total number of graduates has increased by
1,309� in that same amount of time.
Landmarks of the Journey
In education, academic success is marked by performance on
required testing. ResponsiveEd experienced phenomenal success in ResponsiveEd
the 2008�09 school year. Our schools achieved the state’s highest
ratings on our campuses designed for alternative education status.
TAKS Progress Measure
On our elementary and high school campuses designed for standard 2005�2009
education status, our campuses received “Exemplary” or “Recog� 100

100� of our nized” ratings, identifying

ResponsiveEd as one of the most 90
high schools received successful charter school systems
in Texas and among the most
the highest possible successful of any school system 2007
statewide. 70�
academic rating As a system accredited by
70 2005
the Texas Education Agency, we surpassed our goals as our students 63�
performed exceptionally on all state�mandated testing, and we saw a 60
huge increase in our number of graduates. Beyond that, as one of the
few charter school systems accredited by the Southern Association of 50
Colleges and Schools, our family of schools far exceeded the standard
and created a greater definition of excellence and quality. This
landmark year provides a true measure of progress on our journey.
Yet, we are careful to remind ResponsiveEd
ourselves that test scores are not what makes a Statewide AEA Rating Comparison
ResponsiveEd campus “exemplary”. It is 2008�2009
important and necessary to view statistics,
measure performance and make decisions
ResponsiveEd Texas Average
based on data. It is good to know how we are
doing as an educational entity designed to 100 94�
ensure effective learning. An education is so 90 90� 88� 89�
85� 88�
much more than numbers, though. Yes, we do 81� 80�
80 78�
test. And, when we do, our students and 73�
campuses test well. But for us, exemplary 70
campuses do more than that. 60
What is an “exemplary” campus to us?
The World English Dictionary describes
exemplary as “setting an example so admirable that 40
others would do well to copy it.” We like that 30
definition. We believe our campuses set an
example. Did we meet and exceed academic
standards last year? Yes. But a ResponsiveEd 10
campus sets an example far beyond testing. 0
Our teachers and students continue to confirm
that for us. We believe this is education as All Students African Hispanic White Economically
III education was meant to be. American Disadvantaged
roel esquivel
“T hey believe in me, and they believe in who I can become.”
Roel's future was looking bright at his previous school. He was excelling in his studies as well as achieving in both basketball and
track. But Roel soon began to experiment with drugs and to lose sight of what was really important��his friends and his education.
He pursued this lifestyle until the last week of school when police officers came and arrested him for possession of drugs. As he
was led to the police car, the crowd formed. All of his former coaches gathered around to look on as the student with so much potential
was handcuffed and put in the backseat. Roel remembers the day well and recalls, "I felt low, lower than dirt."
He glanced up and looked into the eyes of his favorite coach. Roel saw the hurt and disappointment that was so boldly written
across his coach’s face. At that moment, he knew that this was not what life was about, and he knew he needed to change. After a short
time in jail, he asked his mother if he could be transferred to Premier High School. He knew that at Premier he could get his life on track,
finish his credits faster and start taking his education seriously again.
Roel has started to succeed once more. Now, he stays out of trouble because he knows that the road he was on left few options for
the future. However, Premier gives him the chance to pursue a life full of opportunity. Roel says, "I know I've changed because of the
people that are here. They believe in me, and they believe in who I can become."
watch Roel’s entire story at: IV
johneen ardoin
“ T he education that I received from Premier was invaluable.”
Johneen had always been a gifted student, but she was overwhelmed by the demands that she
faced. So, as a result, she began to hate going to school. Even though she wanted to stop going, she knew that
dropping out was not the right decision. She met with her mom, and they decided it was time for a change. She enrolled
in Premier High School and not only continued to succeed, but her love of education returned.
While at Premier, she was awarded “Student of the Year” and was always encouraged by the teachers who told her that
she could do anything. She graduated from Premier and received a full scholarship which would cover her education all the
way through receiving a doctorate degree.
Johneen is currently pursuing her Masters Degree and holds a 4.0 grade�point average. She says, “The education I
received from Premier was invaluable. Not only did it provide me with the scholastic tools that I needed to succeed, it also
showed me that my education and what I did with it was my choice.”
V watch Johneen’s entire story at:
Culture & Character
Responsive Education Solutions is dedicated to creating
and maintaining a culture of high expectations and
individual responsibility. To change our world, educators
must champion the idea that
a child can attain any goal,
retain all learned knowledge
Responsive Education Solutions has a proven and sustain a lifestyle that
ability to listen to the community, conduct the necessary proves beneficial for the
research and create an effective academic program entire lifetime of the
designed to provide success and excellence for students. student.
More than an instructional mission, ResponsiveEd is
committed to changing lives and providing hope
Successful people have similar traits.
through education. It may take the form of parents find� The ability to take responsibility for yourself and
ing a quality choice for their elementary�aged child. It work hard, doing the right thing, seeing yourself as part of a
may be an older student finally finding a school that greater community���these characteristics define success in
provides the commitment to do what it takes to help today’s world. Add to these the element of character such as
him or her attain a high school diploma. Parent after doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do and
parent, student after giving yourself to your community. Therefore, character and
success go together. ResponsiveEd designs an academic
student, educator after
environment using Seven Habits of Effective Students R

educator���the testimonies and Character First to teach more than academic


and stories of success subjects. Students at ResponsiveEd schools learn how to

through change and hope make good decisions as well as making good grades.
continue growing.

Education at Responsive Education Solutions

All ResponsiveEd campuses are
professional learning communities. This environment
focuses on the learning of the child, rather than on the
calls for a dual role for educators: to be dependent on each teaching of the educator. There is a defined sense of
other for the good of the student and to teach students to responsibility taken by ResponsiveEd educators to
be independent learners. ResponsiveEd educators under� ensure that learning happens. The blend of effective
stand that the success of the student comes first. On a and professional curriculum, teachers and standards
ResponsiveEd campus, there is a consistent collaboration places focus and value where it belongs��on the success
between educators. Whether monitoring student progress
of the student. Interwoven with these elements are
or sharing ideas, ResponsiveEd professionals depend on
each other to continually create and define a successful passion, commitment and love for students that drives
environment for students. Our educators also consistently educators to realize their true calling. ResponsiveEd has
lead students to become independent learners. Developing experienced exponential growth and success, yet these
this characteristic in students produces a sense of accom� achievements serve as an encouragement to continue
plishment that continues long past graduation. improving and helping students succeed.
Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten or

From Enrollment to Graduation

graduation night, ResponsiveEd students
and parents recognize quality education
blended with compassion and care.
ResponsiveEd Graduates
900 2008�2009 In our first year, 65 students walked across a
851 stage to receive their high school diplomas. This past
year, that number rose to 851. As students move
700 2007�2008 beyond high school to make their own way, we under�
stand the growing urgency to ensure that they have
526 the best possible opportunities in life. As part of this
500 479 life in the new century, the greatest opportunities are
afforded those with a solid education. ResponsiveEd
400 2001�2002
311 continues to provide more students each year with
300 Total Graduates that education. Over the past ten years, more than
4,200 students have been equipped with an educa�
1999�2000 tion that opens doors and affords a better life as they
100 65 take their place in our society.
ResponsiveEd Enrollment
ResponsiveEd exists for one inarguable reason:
options. As the number of students statewide grows, 2008�2009
more and more parents and students are wanting to 3500
choose where and how
ResponsiveEd they are educated. Though 3000 2007�2008
reaches over schools may come and go,
400 communities ResponsiveEd campuses, 2003�2004
specifically in this past 2000
year, are defined and identified by increasing numbers
and waiting lists. While adhering to our core value to 1500
Enrollment Growth
stay “small by design” in our classrooms, we experienced 1999�2009

this past year an explosion of growth in our enrollment. 1999�2000
People, having discovered ResponsiveEd, are affirming 500
our belief that quality education will be recognized and
sought after as the choice among parents and students. 0

ResponsiveEd considers the investment of

Financial OutlookFiscal Year 2007�2008

financial resources to be a sacred trust and
experienced tremendous validation of our
efficient operations in the past year.
40M 2010 Projected
Assets �39,487,575
Total Current Assets �4,973,283
35M Revenue Growth
Property and Equipment, 2003�2010
Net of Depreciation �3,076,605
2009 Estimate
Other Assets �266,630 30M
Total Assets $8,316,518
Liabilities and Net Assets 25M
Current Liabilities �3,080,438 �22,065,217
Long�Term Liabilities �890,029 20M 2007
Net Assets �4,346,051 2005
Total Liabilities and �15,967,645.54
Net Assets $8,316,518 2003


�72,583 Community Services
Program Services Facilities .3� �77,349
�2,268,183 .4�
Instruction and Related Services �15,611,932 9.8�
Instructional and School Leadership �2,755,833 Student Support
Total Program Services $18,367,765 1.7�

Support Services �1,996,374
�1,996,374 8.6�
Administrative Support Services
�400,296 Campus
Student Support Services Leadership
Facility Maintenance and Operations �2,268,183 �2,755,833
Security and Data Processing Services �72,583
Fundraising and Community Services �77,349
Total Support Services $4,814,785
Total Expenditures $23,182,550 Instruction
67.3� VIII
Premier High Gives Students
the Opportunity to Succeed.

At Premier High Schools, the student matters. In 2008�09,

our Premier High Schools set new standards of excellence. Though
previously characterized as campuses for alternative education
students, Premier educators created a level of quality that is no
longer confined within the limits of an alternative education.
Applying sound educational practice and focused atten�
tion, Premier proved to be a place of success for students needing
additional opportunities, students seeking innovative methods,
and students wanting a true learning�based environment.
Though some students may have been left out or fallen
behind by traditional systems, Premier offers a program
designed to ensure that all students learn and all students succeed.
Academic strengths are maximized and weaknesses are strengthened. Premier
campuses continue to be centers of hope and opportunity for all students.

iSchool High offers a rigorous curriculum with an emphasis

on preparing students for higher education and 21st�century
careers. Like other ResponsiveEd campuses, student success is
paramount to the mission of the school.
iSchool uses project�based learning �PBL�, virtual courses
and engaging instruction to keep content relevant for
students. The school also features a one�to�one ratio of
computers to students. Individualized instruction, includ�
ing mentoring, tutoring, group work and special interactive
workshops are keys to success. Individual accountability
where students take responsibility for their success is a
hallmark of iSchool High. Conducted in an environment of collabora�
tion and a culture of business�like practice, iSchool High sets, rather than meets,
standards for quality and excellence.

iSchool High Offers Students the


IX Choice to Upgrade Their Education.

zac cureton
“I’m a person here, and this is a community.”
The life of a large, impersonal high school campus put Zac off. It seemed
like the only individual attention any students were given was the negative
attention that was given to the students who caused the most trouble. Zac was
dissatisfied with the distractions. He was tired of being just a number. He was ready for a change of atmosphere.
The experience he found at iSchool High was just what he needed.
At iSchool, the small class size, personal instruction and positive relationships with his fellow classmates �not to mention
the faculty� challenged Zac to do his best. Instead of being overlooked and “just another face in the crowd,” Zac flourished
in the iSchool environment and found within himself leadership qualities he never knew existed.
Zac’s iSchool experience was so positive that he actually considered a career as a teacher! Today, having graduated from
iSchool, Zac is attending college and is a psychology major. He still comes back to iSchool now and then to visit the teachers
who made such a difference in his life.
watch Zac’s entire story at: X
the raney s
“It was just a really good
match for our daughter.”
Emmy Raney needed a change of pace, and her parents, Keith and Donna, found it for her when they enrolled her at
Vista Academies. From the very beginning, Emmy felt warmly welcomed by everyone at her new school. The individualized
approach and specialized curriculum offered at Vista Academy were just what she needed.
Emmy’s Mom and Dad were impressed with her new school. They didn’t have to wonder how Emmy was doing��they
were updated on Emmy’s progress by her teacher on a daily basis and constantly encouraged to be involved in her education.
Progress was swift. Emmy blossomed in her studies at Vista and developed a new love for reading. Donna says, “We
feel like this curriculum will help Emmy continue to have a love for reading for the rest of her life.”

XI watch The Raney’s entire story at:

Vista Academies Are Elementary Schools
Offering Personalized Instruction.

The secret to the success of Vista Academies is caring, energetic teachers who offer a
personalized educational approach for each child. Our second year of offering elementary
schools was characterized by an assurance that we were meeting the needs of parents as well
as students. Vista provides a small�school community designed to allow parents involvement
in the education of their child.
Vista, while receiving ratings of “exemplary” and “recognized,” is centered on the
partnerships created with families and stakeholders. This system of campuses is proving to
be the choice for more families seeking education based on the development of the whole
child. While teachers provide the structure necessary for young students to mature and
progress, technology designed to measure the difference between each child's needs and
abilities is utilized to maximize student learning. Each student attending a Vista Academy is diagnosed
with appropriate measurement tools to assess his or her current level. Teachers use these tools to assist in meeting
each child’s needs. Students are excited to come to school. Parents are grateful for a choice in education. Teachers are
loyal to the approach. Vista continues to be a proud part of the ResponsiveEd family of schools.

Quest Middle Schools is an exciting new opportunity for students in the middle school years. Using a classical
curriculum including literacy, logic and the humanities, Quest helps middle school students build a solid foundation
for success in later years. Beyond the classical aspect, however, Quest Middle Schools also provides curriculum
designed to teach wisdom.
Knowledge is crucial, but wisdom is a vital part of any person’s growth and
maturity. We believe middle school is the perfect opportunity to teach this impor�
tant, though often overlooked, aspect of education. Character education is also
taught at all levels, and leadership skills training is offered through our “7 Habits of
Effective Teens” environment. Quest Middle Schools administrators and teachers
care about students and have a passion to see them reach their full potential. While
“no child left behind” may be a slogan for some, Quest educators, parents and
students work together to create an environment committed to the highest quality
in education for all students.

Quest Middle Schools Are Models of Classical

Curriculum and Community-Based Campuses.
Book Drive For Kids-
A New Initiative by ResponsiveEd
ResponsiveEd's Book Drive For Kids is a nonprofit charity seeking to empty
dusty shelves and put children’s books into the hands of kids who need them.
Many families and organizations have children’s books they no longer need or
use. Many low�income and at�risk children have no books of their own. Book
Drive For Kids seeks to put the two together.
Our approach is simple. First, we create
awareness of the need. Second, we collect and distribute books.
Third, we recycle books that are donated but are in poor condition
and cannot be used. Everyone can help.
Whether you donate a book, volunteer to run a book drive or
giveaway event, donate to help us build a library or to purchase new
books for children, there’s a place for you at Book Drive For Kids.
To find out more, please visit our website:

First Charter School System to Display

Student Artwork at TEA Art Exhibit
Every year the Texas Education Agency collaborates with the Texas
Commission on the Arts to exhibit student artwork in many government
buildings in the Austin area. ResponsiveEd is honored to be the first char�
ter school system to be invited to display our students’ work.
The education of our students is always our first priority, and we
welcome an opportunity to show their creativity and talent to others. We
encourage our students to use their talents and to develop their skills for
the future.
A collection of over 200 pieces of art created by our students will be on display and seen by the
public at these exhibits. It is with a sense of pride in their participation and honor in their achievements
that we support them as they represent all of us in our state’s capitol.
What The Future Holds . . .
Responsive Education Solutions
The very name of our company defines our journey. The 2008�09 school year was a shining example of our landmarks on
that journey.

We were responsive.
The diverse nature of our campuses, from elementary schools to high schools, demonstrated our ability to be responsive
to each community and create the most effective program aligned with needs.

We educated.
Our results and successful ratings speak for themselves. Every campus accepted the challenge and every campus
succeeded. This past year was a watershed for excellence based on learning as the goal.

We developed solutions.
Meeting the challenges of educating effectively is an equation rather than a problem to solve. We solved that equation
time and time again in 2008�09. As a result, education flourished in our system and learning happened.

So, what does the future hold?

As we look back to our landmarks and forward to new challenges, we know this journey depends on our two most basic

Providing hope . . .
We will continue to seek the disenfranchised older student needing another chance. We will continue to create innovative
opportunities for the advanced student needing more challenges. We will continue building elementary campuses,
connecting with parents and the community. Hope lies at the heart of what we do and why we do it. At no time in our
history have we been more aware of the need to provide hope, and we will strive to never forget this throughout our

Changing lives . . .
The true success of what we will do, now and in our future, may not be seen for years to come. Our goal is to see lives
changed in such a way that twenty years from now children of our current students will have better lives because their
parents attended a ResponsiveEd campus. Communities will be filled with thousands of former ResponsiveEd students
who are now leaders among their peers, and ResponsiveEd will still be changing lives through education.

As we continue on this journey, we know we are blessed to be able to do something significant and life�changing. Our
personal hope is that you will join us on this journey and find your place among us as we continue to give all we have for
those who need all we are.

To learn more about ResponsiveEd
and to hear the full stories of the lives that have been changed, visit:
Responsive Education Solutions
PO Box 292730 Lewisville, TX 75029 www.Vista�