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Special Commercial Laws Complete and Updated Course Syllabus

COMMERCIAL LAW - branch of private law which regulates the juridical relations
arising fro coercial acts
&' universal
(' unifor
)' e*uitable
+' custoar,
-' progressive
&' erchants2 boo3 of erchants and general provision of contracts
(' joint account association
)' coercial barter
+' transfers of non-negotiable credits
-' coercial contracts of overland transportation
4' letters of credit
5' aritie coerce
I. Letters of Credit
A' 0e6nition7concept
1' 8overning laws
C' /ature of letter of credit
0' .arties to a letter of credit

&' Rights and obligations of parties
E' 1asic principles of letter of credit
&' 0octrine of independence
(' $raud e9ception principle
)' 0octrine of strict copliance
&' Metropolitan Waterwor3s and #ewerage #,ste v' !on' Re,naldo 1' 0awa, and
Ma,nilad Water #ervices: Inc': 8'R' /o' &4;5)(: <une (&: (;;+
(' Mico Metals Corp' v' Court of Appeals and .hilippine 1an3 of Counications:
8'R' /o' &&5=&+: $eb' &: (;;(
)' "rans6eld .hilippines: Inc' v' Lu>on !,dro Corporation: Australia and /ew ?ealand
1an3ing 8roup Liited and #ecurit, 1an3 Corporation: 8'R' /O' &+45&5: /ov' ((:
II. Warehouse Receipts Law (Act No. !"#$
A' /ature and functions of a warehouse receipt
@ 0e6nition and nature of Warehouse Receipts
@ .urpose of the Law
@ Who a, issue Warehouse Receipts
@ $or and content of Warehouse Receipts
@ EAect of oission of an, of the essential ters
@ "ers that cannot be included
&' "o who delivered
(' Binds
)' 0istinctions between a negotiable instruent and a negotiable warehouse receipt
+' Rights of a holder of a negotiable warehouse receipt as against a transferee of a
nonnegotiable warehouse receipt
1' 0uties of a warehousean
@ Who is a warehousean
@ .rincipal obligations of a warehousean
@ Lawful e9cuses to deliver goods
@ In case of isdeliver,
@ Altered receipts
@ Liabilit, of warehousean
C' WarehouseanCs lien
@ E9tent
@ Loss and waiver of lien
@ Enforceent
Other topics%
0' /egotiation and transfer of receipts
E' Criinal oAenses

III. %rust Receipts Law (&res. 'ecree No. !!($
.urpose of the Law
"rust Receipts: 0e6nition
"rust Receipt "ransaction: 0e6nition
.arties to a "rust Receipt
Iportance of "rust Receipts
0iAerence of "rust Receipts and Letters Of Credit
A' 0e6nition7concept of a trust receipt transaction
&' Loan7securit, feature
(' Ownership of the goods: docuents and instruents under a trust receipt
1' Rights of the entruster
&' Dalidit, of the securit, interest as against the creditors of the entrustee7innocent
purchasers for value
C' Obligations and liabilit, of the entrustee
&' .a,ent7deliver, of proceeds of sale or disposition of goods: docuents or
(' Return of goods: docuents or instruents in case of sale
)' Liabilit, for loss of goods: docuents or instruents
+' .enal sanction if oAender is a corporation
0' Reedies available
&' 0evelopent 1an3 of the .hilippines v' .rudential 1an3: 8'R' /o' &+)55(: /ov'
((: (;;-
(' Landl E Copan, F.hil'G Inc': et al v' Metropolitan 1an3: 8'R' /o' &-=4((: <ul, );:
)' Anthon, L' /g v' .eople of the .hilippines: 8'R' /O' &5)=;-: April (): (;&;
I). %he Chattel *ort+a+e Law (Act !(,- in rel. to Arts. !.-./ !.-(/ !.,
and !.! of the Ci0il Code$
0e6nition of Chattel Mortgage
0istinguished for .ledge

A' Essential re*uisites
1' $oral re*uisites
C' Registration: when and where
E' After-ac*uired propert,
$' After-incurred obligation
8' Right of junior ortgagee
!' $oreclosure procedure
I' Redeption
<' Clai for de6cienc,
&' 8eneral rule
(' E9ception
)' Article &+H+
&' Inion 1an3 v' <uniat: et al': 8'R' /o' &5&-4=: August &: (;&&
(' Ace #hoe Rubber E .lastic Corp and Chua .ac v' !on' Court of Appeals:
.roducers 1an3 of the .hilippines and Regional #heriA of Caloocan Cit,: 8'R' /o'
&;)-54: August ((: &==4
)' #ervicewide #pecialists: Inc' v' Court of Appeals: !ilda "ee: and Alberto Dillarica:
8'R' /o' &&+;H: /oveber &=: &===
). Real 1state *ort+a+e Law (Act "!"(/ as amended by R.A. .!!-$
Arts' (&(+-(&)& Civil Code
0e6nition of Real Estate Mortgage
Characteristics of REM
Essential Re*uisites
Registration Re*uireent
A' Coverage
1' Reedies available to ortgagee upon default of the ortgagor
C' /eed for special power of attorne,
0' Authorit, to foreclose e9trajudiciall,
E' .rocedure
&G Where to 6le
(G Where to sell
)G .osting re*uireent
+G .ublication re*uireent
a' #uJcienc, of newspaper publication
b' /eed for republication in case of postponeent
c' .ersonal notice to the ortgagor when and when not needed
$' .ossession b, purchaser of foreclosed propert,
8' Reed, of debtor if foreclosure is not proper
!' Redeption
a' Who a, redee
b' Aount of redeption price
c' .eriod for redeption
d' EAect of pendenc, of action for annulent of sale
I' Writ of possession
a' Ministerial dut, of the court
b' Enforceent against third parties
c' .endenc, of action for annulent of sale
<' Annulent of sale

&' $ortune Motors .hils' v' Metropolitan 1an3 and "rust Copan,: 8'R' /o' &&-;4H:
/oveber (H: &==4
(' 8C 0alton Industries Inc' v' E*uitable .CI 1an3: 8'R' /o' &5&&4=: August (+: (;;=
)' 0evelopent 1an3 of the .hilippines v' Environental A*uatics Inc': 8'R' /o'
&5+)(=: October (;: (;&;
+' #ps' Dictor and 8race Ong v' Court of Appeals: 8'R' /o' &(&+=+: <une H: (;;;
-' #ps' 1asilio and /ora !ilaga v' Rural 1an3 of Isulan: 8'R' /o' &5=5H&: April 5:
)I. %ruth in Lendin+ Act (R.A. "#2($
.reliinaries% Rep' Act /o' )54-
Central 1an3 Circular /o' &-H FOct' (=: &=4)G
A' .urpose
1' Obligation of creditors to person to who credit is e9tended
C' Covered and e9cluded transactions
0' Conse*uences of non-copliance with obligation
&' 0evelopent 1an3 of the .hilippines v' $elipe Arcilla: 8'R' /o' &4&)=5: &4&+(4:
<une );: (;;-
(' Inited Coconut .lanters 1an3 v' #ps' 1eluso: 8'R' /o' &-==&(: August &5: (;;5
)II. Anti3money Launderin+ Law (R.A. 4!2,/ as amended by R.A. 4!4.$
A' .olic, of the law
1' Covered institutions
C' Obligations of covered institutions
0' Covered transactions
E' #uspicious transactions
$' When is one, laundering coitted
8' Inlawful activities or predicate cries
!' Anti-one, laundering council
I' $unctions
<' $ree>ing of onetar, instruent or propert,
B' Authorit, to in*uire into ban3 deposits
&' Republic of the .hilippines v' !on' Antonio Eugenio: <r': 8'R' /o' &5+4(=: $ebruar,
&+: (;;H
(' Republic of the .hilippines v' 8lasgow Credit and Collection #ervices Inc': 8'R' /o'
&5;(H&: <anuar, &H: (;;H
)III. 5orei+n In0estments Act (R.A. #,.$
A' .olic, of the law
1' 0e6nition of ters
aG $oreign investent
bG K0oing businessL in the .hilippines
cG E9port enterprise
dG 0oestic ar3et enterprise
C' Registration of investents of non-.hilippine nationals
0' $oreign investents in e9port enterprises
E' $oreign investents in doestic ar3et enterprises
$' $oreign investent negative list
&' Alfred !ahn v' Court of Appeals: 8'R' /o' &&)5;+: <anuar, ((: &==5
(' Cargrill Inc' v' Intra #trata Assurance Corp': 8'R' /o' &4H(44: March &-: (;&;
)' Agiagilent "echnologies #ingapore v' Integrated #ilicon "echnolog,: 8'R' /o'
&-+4&H: April &+: (;;+
I6. Securities Re+ulations Code (R.A. -#44$
A' #tate polic, FpurposeG

&' Abacus #ecurities Corp' v' Ruben I' Apil: 8'R' /O' &4;;&4: $ebruar, (5: (;;4
1' .owers and functions of the #EC
&' Regulator,
(' Adjudicative
&' CEMCO !oldings: Inc' v' /ational Life Insurance Copan, of
the .hilippines: Inc': 8'R' /o' &5&H&-: August 5: (;;-
C' #ecurities re*uired to be registered
&' E9ept securities
(' E9ept transactions
&' #ecurities and E9change Coission v' .rosperit,'co: 8'R' /o' &4+&=5: <anuar,
(-: (;&(
(' .ower !oes Inliited Corp' v' #ecurities and E9change Coission: 8'R' /o'
&4+&H(: $ebruar, (4: (;;H
0' .rocedure for registration of securities
E' .rohibitions on fraud: anipulation and insider trading
&' Manipulation of securit, prices
(' #hort sales
)' $raudulent transactions
+' Insider trading
$' .rotection of investors
&' "ender oAer rule
(' Rules on pro9, solicitation
)' 0isclosure rule
8' Civil liabilit,
6. 1lectronic Commerce Act (R.A. -#4$
A' #tate polic,
1' Coverage
&' Electronic 0ata Message
(' Electronic #ignature
)' Electronic 0ocuent
+' Electronic Be,
C' Legal Recognition
0' Adissibilit, and Evidential Weight
E' Electronic Contracts
&' Actions Related to Contracts of Carriage of 8ood