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STA220 L0101 University of Toronto Mississauga November 10,2010
AIDS PERMITTED: Calculators, one 8.5 by 11" aid sheet Duration: 50 minutes
Statistical tables will be provided. The marks on this test add up to 40
(10 Marks)
I. If the statement is true under all conditions circle T otherwise circle F.
A. If the mean of a Poisson distribution is 3 then its variance is also 3. T F
B. For a 99% Confidence Interval the confidence coefficient is 0.99. T F
C. A point estimator is usually a parameter. T F
D. The exponential random variable is discrete. T F
E. If we increase the sample size n then sampling error increases. T F
F. s is a biased estimator of F. T F
G. The t-distribution with 9 degrees of freedom has a smaller variance
than the standard normal distribution. T F
o o
H. In the standard normal distribution if P(z > z ) = 0.5 then z = 0. T F
I. A small variance is not a desirable property of an estimator. T F
J. A small width is a good feature in a Confidence Interval. T F
(10 marks)
II. The following is a partial MINITAB output for a random sample of test scores. The test
scores come from a normal distribution.
Descriptive Statistics
Variable N Mean Median StDev SE Mean
scores 25 69.12 68.00 14.40 2.88

A. Give the correct statistical symbol for the following numbers.
69.12 = 14.4 = 2.88 =
B. The point estimate for : is
C. Give a 99% confidence interval for :
_______ _______
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D. If the population standard deviation is 15 give a 95% confidence interval for :
_______ _______
(10 marks)
III. In a high school fitness class for boys the times for the mile run are normally distributed
with a mean of 450 seconds and a standard deviation of 40 seconds.
A. What proportion of the boys have times between 400 and 480 seconds?
B. Find the 40th percentile.
C. Boys who can run the mile in less than 350 seconds will be chosen for the school
track and field team. What is the probability that in a random sample of 50 boys
from the school less than 10 get chosen for the team?
(10 marks)
IV. A. 60% of the people in a large city favour amalgamation with its suburbs.
i. If 10 people are randomly selected in the city what is the probability that at
least 9 of them are in favour of amalgamation?
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ii. In a random sample of 10 what is the average number that are in favour of
B. The following is a partial MINITAB output of the cumulative probability of the
binomial random variable x with n = 30 and p = 0.65
Cumulative Distribution Function
Binomial with n = 30 and p = 0.65
x P(X<=x)
12 0.00450
13 0.01236
14 0.03008
15 0.06519
16 0.12631
17 0.21979
18 0.34518
19 0.49224
20 0.64246
21 0.77530
22 0.87623
23 0.94143
24 0.97674
Leave your answer with 5 decimal places and show all your work.
i. Find P(x # 18)
ii. Find P(x $ 20)
iii. Find P(x = 22)
C. A random sample of 900 observations is selected from a population with mean
equal to 100 and standard deviation equal to 30.
i. What are the largest and smallest values of 0 that you would expect to
_______ _______
ii. What is the probability that 0 is less than 102?