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How are schools in Bridgeport performing?

Overall, the district receives a D for elementary, middle, and high school
About one in three schools in Bridgeport receive an F.
Bridgeport is home to six elementary/middle schools and two high schools
recognized for their performance as Success Story or Top 10 schools.
Which schools provide the best education for minority students?
Student Group
High School
African American
High Horizons Magnet* (B)
Multicultural Magnet* (B)
Park City Magnet* (B)
Six-Six Magnet (B)
Achievement First
Bridgeport Academy (C)
Hispanic/Latino Multicultural Magnet* (A)
Bullard-Havens Technical
High School (C)
English Language
Achievement First
Bridgeport Academy (C)
No schools graded
above an F
ConnCAN Report Cards Bridgeport Public Schools visit:
School Grade Key: A B C D F
About ConnCANs
Report Cards
ConnCANs School Report Cards,
which assign letter grades to
every school in the state, are
designed to help Connecticut
families get information about
their local schools, highlighting
schools that provide a high-
quality education regardless
of race, wealth, or ZIP code.
This years School Report
Cards assign letter grades and
school lists for the 2011-2012
and 2012-2013 school years
using the the states new
performance accountability
system, the School Performance
Index (SPI). In line with Connecticut
state education guidelines, an
A grade on ConnCANs
Report Cards means that, on
average, students perform on
grade level. An F means that
students perform signicantly
below grade level. The state
average is a C.
*Magnet schools with selective admissions.
Elementary/Middle School Rankings & Grades
ConnCAN Report Cards Bridgeport Public Schools visit:
Rank School Name
Rank School Name
1 Multicultural Magnet School* A 17 Waltersville School D
2 Six-Six Magnet School B 18 Hall School D
3 Park City Magnet School* B 19 Edison School D
4 High Horizons Magnet School* B 20 Beardsley School D
5 Discovery Interdistrict Magnet School C 21 Read School D
6 Winthrop School C 22 Cross School D
Achievement First Bridgeport
C 23 Geraldine Johnson School D
8 Park City Prep Charter School C 24 Jettie S. Tisdale School F
9 New Beginnings Family Academy Inc. C 25 Barnum School F
10 The Bridge Academy D 26 Curiale School F
11 Classical Studies Academy D 27 Cesar Batalla School F
12 Madison School D 28 Columbus School F
13 Black Rock School D 29 Dunbar School F
14 Hooker School D 30 Roosevelt School F
15 Hallen School D 31 Luis Munoz Marin School F
16 Blackham School D 32 Bryant School F
Top 10 School
Performance ranks in the top 10 schools
statewide for one or more minority and/or
student need groups
Success Story School
Performance is above the state average for one
or more minority and/or student need groups.
For more information and report cards for schools in other communities, visit:
High School Rankings & Grades
Rank School Name
Rank School Name
Achievement First
Bridgeport Academy**
C 4 Central High School F
Bullard-Havens Technical
High School
C 5 Harding High School F
3 The Bridge Academy D 6 Bassick High School F
*Magnet schools with selective admissions.
** Students who attend Achievement First Bridgeport Academy, Amistad Academy, or Elm City College Preparatory may attend Amistad Academy High
School in New Haven.