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roles In addition theirglamorous to Don'tTell with NPR. WaitWait... the theirranks Me!gang countamong jou popu authors, rnalists, actors lar evenan newscastersfnd magicians,
video. Jackson extrain a Michael

( peleliagal was,priorto becoming hostof a a winningplaywright, screenwriter, journalist,theater a a director, literary theater, an at manager a majorregional maga zine/ a actor, writerat a motorcycle video. He andan extra a MichaelJackson in Naughty Bookof Vice: is the authorof The from Harper Things Howto DoThem, and Cpllins.

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genius great and is CarlKasell anall-around for guy.Hehasalsobeena newscaster NPR's its since Morning Edition' dailynewsmagazine of Millions Americans in inception 1979. Edition', on awaken hisnewscasts Morning to weekday heardat the top of the hourevery A stations nationwide. on publicradio his launched radio Kasell veteran broadcaster, years ago.Hesometimes morethan50 career as moonlights a magician.

mostrecently LongTime Leaving: RoyBlount,Jr. isthe authorof 20 books, FromUpSoufh, and including Feet theStreet: on Rambles Around New Dispatches Roy Bookof Robert Lee, OnlyYou E. lf KnewHowMuchI SmellYou, Blount's Orleans, Love Modestv aside, Blount has /oto$ Humor andBeSweet: AConditional Storv. ^ --southern thinqsthan anvotherhumorist-rtoV6iili-fi6urnaiisi{ffifiTiilAV f.l''''don. moredifferent



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TomBodettlefta promislng career building houses years to become 25 ago a writerandsubsequentlycommentator AllThings a on Considered.long-time A Bodettnow livesin Vqgront wherethe weathels_SIgbUU-bgIICLAO-"3e{e Alaskan, days. author The of wYorkTimes,The 9 certain theBobEdwards shouzon Radio. voicehas XM His @and

ChicagoTriadvice column"Ask Amy"for The writes syndicated the Amy Dickinson She g bune, Ann in of following the footsteps the legendary Landers. hasalsowritten +--.proradiostories NPR to She and ffiT-tme, Esquire) O magazines, hascontributed 1offiyears]andWa5anorigina|''castmember',forthepi|otofWait Roberts' she a Wait...Don'tTell Me!in 1998; ultimately wasoffered job asRoxanne double. radio stunt

(PhotoCredit: Ponders JerrySchulman) PaulaPoundstone

s, of and for and performs screens all sizes resolutionand _ AdamFelberwrites exactly onel ^- ^ or He almost everynighton somestage another. comprises spends PBS's credits include duo.Hiswriting comedy lrio, halfof the lrwinSmalls a sketch is "Women From," Are His newSpyGroove. firstscreenplay, and Wishbone MTV's hasbeenimprovising Felber MTV at in currently development Paramount/ Films. but all comedy overthe worldfor the past15years, he canquit anytime hewants to. Chronicle and at editor/features the Houston KyrieO'Connoris deputymanaging betoming,,-1 Before Chroniclewebsite. MeMoontheHousfon writerofthedailyblog atf;-e editor/features she nt a Texan choicein 2003, wasassista managing by v have appiaredin Her and CourantinConnecticut. articles bookreviews Hartford her -i+4,9 and magazine. devotes time Lo o She newspapers nationwide, in Cornmonweal jones1ffi soylatte 120-lb. chocolate supporting bad Lab, a tending epileptic an but onto hercelly. isaesthetically not She transgressive ringtones downloading peanut buttercup. to Reese's opposed the inside-out morally

Monthtyanda Standard, Atlantic for P.J. O'Rourkeis a correspondent lhe Weekty for a journalist 38 He Fellow the CatoInstitute. hasbeen at Research Mencken is Mr.O'Rourke the in years newsevents morethan40 countries. and hascovered ParliamentofWhores,AlltheTroubleintheWorld,Eat authorofl2books,including of Nations. HewasEditor-in-Chiefthe ' OnTheWealthof and,mostrecently, theRich Rolling Stone to from 1978 1981and a foreigncorrespondentfor Lampoon Notional to from1985 2001. magazine and Globe Magazlne a Contributing CharlesP.Pierceisa staffwriterat lhe Boston panelist WWDTM the launch in on since show's Writer Esquire, he hasbeena to and professional the employof the career a forest as ranger in 1998.He began his disposable where howto retrieve Commonwealth Massachusetts, he learned of them.Heisthe choke deathon to so wouldn't diapers frorntrees the raccoons ^^, BECAM - W) HOW STUPIDITY IQIOT Al@: authorof four book. Hisnext one, in of VIRTUEINTHELANDOFT , will be published June 2009by Broadway diapers throwdisposable why people he Books. it, surprisingly, doesnot explain In place. questions beyond understanding. human are Some intotrees thefirst in perhumor, wit famous herspontaneous andoff-kilter for PaulaPoundstone, stool, ti915$g-.9* u on with a the appearing stage formsregularly across country, an the ACE Shehasearnedtwo Cable Awards, Emmyf-and and a canof DietPepsi. shespends bulk the Stand-Up. that said, All Comedy Awardfor Best Female American Catifornia@n4 Monica, of hertimewith herchildrenage 7,11and 14,in Santa junkysnacks, desperately remember oarts speech of and to the tries shedenies - g turn to usethe E's fair, that explains lifeisn'talways but that rightnow iSThomas website: a pogostick. She Things couldn't better. maintains successful be paulapoundstone,com.

RoyBlount,Jr. is the authorof 20 books, mostrecently LongTime Leaving: From and including Dispatches UpSouth, Feet theStreet: on Rambles AroundNew Orleans, Robert Lee,lf E. OnlyYou Knew HowMuchISmellYou, Blount's Roy Bookof
vttcultJr It v v c t I L, Lc E, L vIt,f tvu t\Itavv I twvv tvtvtt! I JIItcil tvu , ttv) t u tvq tta ) u w w Avt ^

AConditional LoveStorv.Modestvaside,Blounth ,-southernHumorandBeSweet: foto$ differentthinqs anyother than humoristfroGiiilTi5ffialisi:lAflt\'9 i.'''- don"more
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career building houses years to become ago TomBodettlefta promising 25 a writerandsubsequentlycommentator A//Things a on Considered.long-time A Alaskan, Bodettnow livesin Ve{nont wherethe weathe1illlg.b.U1b9lleLq&-.3evCr1 days. author The ot wYorkTimes,The ,1 certain -- Los Angdlu"Times, Redbook) the BobEdwards and Show XM Radio.Hisvoicehas on Night Live, National Geographic Explorer, Steven Spielberq's J beenheardon Saturday fuaandinmanyp-eopte.sfau|tydenta|i,oit.'uvingfwFltteav?i-ne1igtiton...5+ t totir*t a iay. Heblogs(really, a verbiatbodett.com. it's -tft'rffiut) g ChicagoTriwrites syndicated the advice column"Ask Amy"for The Amy Dickinson She of Ann bune, follqy{bqin the footsteps the legendary Landers. hasalsowritten
O Esquire)and magazines.She has contributed radio storiesto NPRpro-

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1of f iye a rs]a ndW as anor igi n a | ,' c a s tme mb e r' ' fo rth e p i | o tofW ai t Roberts' Me!in 1998;ultimatelyshe was offereda job as Roxanne Wait...Don'tTell ra d i ostu nt double.

(Photo Paula Poundstone Ponders Credit: Jerry Schulman)

Sourcecolumn, the Reliable Roxanne Roberts is co-author of The WashingtonPost's powerbrokers and assorted A-listers, paper's daily chronicleof Washington's 5he'sworked as a journalistfor 23 yearscoveringWhite Housestate scoundrels. and everythingin between.She spendsher free time (hal) dinners,boxing smokers cats. attendingto one teenageson and two Siamese Mo Rocca is a contributor to NBC'sTonightShow with Jay Leno. A former correspondent for TheDaityShow with Jon Stewart and host of Bravo'sThingsI HateAbout with Keith Countdown MSNBC's series, ,t You, appearsfrequentlyon VHl's "l Love..l' he r dhir main,Midirqniiffid a nd as a judge on !ron ChefAmerica. He'sthe host in he Whoa!Sunday.Recently wowed audiences a small but of Animal Planet's AIIThe Amor Descarado'Hisbook, pivotal role inTelemundo's telenovela hit deepest,darkest secret. Pefsblows the lid off the White House's Presidents'

Paul Provenza has been on the cutting edge of comedyfor the pastdecade. Paul's stand-upcomedy hasbeen confident)andalwayschallenging, ]ffi ,.{f"?ritr from coastto coast. iiilacclaimed as bright, edgy and honestby journalists trainedactor,he hasscoredsuccesses comedianand cfassically An accomplished the on television, stageand virtuallyevery major comedy venue in North America.

(Photo Schulman) Jerry Credit: Pierce and Roberts Charlie Roxanne
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-Doug Berman Executive Producer DougBerman the Peabody is producer NPR's Award-winning of CarTolk Wait and Wait... Don'tTell Me!For last15years, beenon a one-man the he's crusade get to NPR lighten Hewasa newsdirector NPR to up. at member stations WFCR in Amherst, Mass., WBUR Boston givingup hislegitimate and in before career this for stuff. Mike Danforth-- Senior Producer Mike Danforthjoi ned WaitWait... Don'tTell in November 2000, Me! of aftera distinguished tenure Prairie at Home Companion hishomestate Minnesota. in of Hisfirstweekwasspentweeding throughnumerous hanging chadjokesto find the bestones. alsotutorsthe staffin Foley-like He vocalsound effects. does And not looklikeAndyDick. all. At EmilyEcton-- Assistant Producer onlyassume, whenEmily wasstanding theWhiteHouse on lawn, dressed .i.,-.[can Aardvark) costume helping preside '' ^ in a 6-foothighArthur(thePBS Lynne Cheney overthe Easter roll,shemusthave Egg - "Life get no better saidto herself can than thisl'Butshewaswrong!Soon after, leftthe exciting she worldof PBS Mgqliq Relations movedherself, strangely and her squished-looking caflandherdog, Binky, to Chicago join WaitWait, out to wheresheserves the Official as Reality Television Expert,Herfirstbookfor young readers, Boots Pieces, be and will released Aladdin the beginning August. by at of LornaWhite-- Technical Director Lorna White publicradio discovered years lllinois duringhercollege at State University. announcing After classical music and recording music between live in personnel classes, sethersights NPR Washington, she on in Apparently NpR's Department distracted hiredherin 1984. was and Lorna soonbegan her disreputable career stalking Kasell engineering of proqrams, g) Carl and network including Morning Editi on, Things Att consideredffi,' shortly afterCarl finally filedthe restraining order, Lorna transferred NpR's to Chicago Bureau, bringing NPR her husband herNPR and childwith her. Theylivein the Chicago wheretheygrowcats area andvegetables. -RobertNeuhaus Technical Director Robert confesses a decade-lonq to involvement in 'A-n---r : highlquality recordings of dupean unsuspecting America thinking washearing into it traditional NpR programming. really He's verysorry.In hisdefense wouldliketo pointout his he theatrical sound designer audiotheand nrespectable workasan award-winning

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-- 5 Coordinator Services/Events Don HallfAudience atWNEP fringegroupof madscientists of Director Chicago's Donisthe Founding plays in premiere and events the over90 Chicago wherehe hasproduced Theater former playwright, improviserfand blogger, director, An last17years. actor, intothisgig and he teacher, lucked 7thl8thgrademusic school Public chicago Added the plates to cheese. if be couldn't happier he won a 32-lbbrickof delicious and Public Radio for Coordinator Chicago Don for he spins WWDTM, isthe Events Radio Public produces Chicago the spentproaftera summer of September 2008, Wait!since a She's graduate Vocalo.org. and for broadcast WBEZ 89.5 an ducing InternEdition in Studies Portland, of at of the radioprogram the SaltInstitute Documentary and magazines, knowsmorethanis with Maine.Shealsohasan obsession design your She accessories. will organize and kitchen O goodfor heraboutpaintcolors -t1 . -l. 1 - _ : 1 1 . .


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if closetsl given half a chance.

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new Public Chicago Radio's Public your extends listening event series on to nights thetown experience come seewhat you've been hearing! a June Through 2009, and different whollY completely will live unique experiencebeyours promisesbe to Each to enjoy. month not and different something to miss - withdiscounted for tickets Public members. Chicago Radio and For tickets info: io.org/events bl ica www.ch gopu icrad


ivfFi ?
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A v


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For Ihqnks roninqtoniqhtf
.* .S #€ -'#* Rov Blount,Jr



: l-e,trHil|",,


We hopeyou join us againfor anotherfun'filledThursday We eveninghereat ChaseAuditorium. like groupies- come and buy tlckets and bring friends!Checkshowtimes backoften, at chicagopublicradio.org


'"-(nfqlt'". dont r'iel' te||

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