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EdJ.... Julrolo, ic" Ma, ,,,,,w
who bave ia this part icular branch or
ast rological koo",ledge, h iminr . mel bod' bave not been
popular. Con. equentl y it i, aot po" i ble to .a; "' il b "'hal
dcgrc< of sunes, t be prindpks given by Jaimini cou ld be
applied 10 ptaclical horo",opc. f1u l lhere i, no doubl
wbals<><ver that when once Ihe lccbnique of p. ed icti" n H
given by Jaimini has boen g. a'ped, c" asi derahle
accur acy cou ld be aimed at.
l a Ibe.. STUDIES I have mere ly endeavoured '0
make available in compact and . imple for m lhe leading
(JCl ' or c" nerl ' " f h imia i' , pri nciple.. Cerlain pect.
" f h lmin; s ucb as Dasa' , Ayu. da; a, elc.. whicb have
hilhe"" rema ined e, bave been deall wilh e. b" u. -
li vely aa d lheir , igniflCa nce , b" wn. I d" nol d. im
" rig iaalily. Bul I cl aim 10 be Ibe fir<l in India 10 have
given an e. po, il;" " of himi . i in Engli.h ",;Ib suitable
illu. ,ral;on. ,
I! Should be pointed out in c,,",l u, ion lh. l if tbis
"' ''rt .... re I" ,, ;mulal. a m"re delaikd st udy or Ja imini,
my lab"u" ",HI bave bn amply .."' arded .
Bangalor. ,
Vl j<J yaJa,ami ,
MIn OCl"b." / 950.
Preface to the Fiflh Edil ion
II is grra, plea,ure I the
f,f, h edition of my STUDIES IN JAIMINI ASTROLOGY.
Tbe fourtb ,di' ion went out of pfinl a eouple of
years ago and tbe bringing OU I of lbe lifl h Iilio n bad 10
be de L>yed ,I"e 10 "' y ot bef preoceupaliom.
Thi s edili"" bas been .. vi..d and Iyp.ogra phieal ood
oth" errors h. v, heen eliminat ed.
Jaimioi bas ceft am , peci. l fea tuTe s especially heaTi ng
on lo ngel ity and Dasa ioterpret. tioo furni , hing
m."fial for r.,.earc hm inded. The ioformat ion given
,n lbi, hook hao been h.",d On all Ibe four cb. p" " of
tbe s UTRAS . nd h.. been lesl ed hy me on ,<,'eral
bOfo, c,' pe>.
I n faet . <e. fly as even befnre J hrou ght out
the fi rst edition, I had made predietionsba..<l On Jaimi ni
On Ihe hOfOOCOp<s of Ilil leT and ),fu;sohoi whi ch were
"mof k.hly
I am lh. nHul l<' ),Ir. G. K . Ana nt hfa", fOf having
luoughl oul thi, , dit i,,,, . t!raet ively.
I hope tbat astrol"gie.l sa van t, wilt wekom, thi, new
edit ion as the y ha ve " .komed all my other books.
29_tl _1986
D. v, RAMA N
..... lIe U !
0..,... 1_ .. ....._,..,. ~ .......
I . h i".i ...J p n
1. Oitf.....OJ
J. h i",;.r . Abs lru.........
4. S'.....t. rJ Hor ok opc
e....... 11 - 1 10.. [ ... . ' i . ' . [ I ~
S. The Ku .ku
6. NOh" . 1K.uh .
7. Ki n k.. iDh imi,, ;
S, A,m.h k.
9. A.... l y. h ko
10. BII .ot kl n k.
II. M. ,,,.1ou 1o
12. P," h h
13, G.uthihroh
14, O. n h nk.
IS. De I or K. n h .
16. ElCCplio
17. Mi _ K...h .
I I . D; tf.....' l:i.4. of La, ..
19. A 4". Lap.
10. Ho L .
21 . Bhau La, .
n . V D. d. Lo, .
, ...GI!.


_ ' 13
"''' HeLL
Oa,lr r I V_PII Hluy aad Ih ,1 Strong'.'
51 . S<>u" "rs' rengt b J2
52. Sou rc of Po.,; Strengt h 32
Alm.b,ah Stteogtb B
>4. A' '', d allon Strength .13
H . Local ion'" A'reet S...ngth 34
56. Strenglb due to l ord 34
Streng tb "rOdd Ro. ;' 34
58. Alrnakaraka n i' f' ,>; , tin n St ..ngth .'4
59. SOUTees of Planet ar y Sttength 34
60. Am,. Bala 34
M. Mooht brikona 11. 1. 35
62. Numic.1 Mea, ure of R; St ren gth 36
6l . The Lord' , StTe"glh 37
64. Bal a 37
65. Am,. 1101. 38
66. Kend ra lIa la 38
67. Ch a,. lIa la 411
68. I) ruk aal a 4(1
69. Sthira !lab 411
70. Total Ro,; Strength 42
71. Special Slr<ngth 42
72, h eept;on . 44
Cbpte, V- D"a- ..d IIh.Ut,
13. Kind s of D.'a,
74. Choice o f Da,.
75. Char. D...
76. Vi, ba mapada R. , i,
77. Sama p. da Ra, I,
78. The Order or Do,.'
79. n .... r .,;"d

A, RTl I r.e
(Ce md.)
W. Fun ne. Var iat ion , "r Du<.';" " 49
81. Variationo d"elu Doal l ord.hip H
&2. ConjuDct ion of Dual l.",d,;o 0 .. " FI , ,, 49
83. \ 1a,,_K. t u e"njn n" inD in Ot he r Sig", 49
R4. Sa'o,o- Rabn Coojnncl;on in Dlh" Sign, SO
85. Ooe Lo rd in 0 ",,, Ra,i and the Othe.
Lord in a Dilfe,.ol R. ,i SO
86. Dual l ord, in DilTe"nt Ra. i, 50
87. IIbuk!j, in Char .. Da. a 54
83. Duralion of SUb'l"'flOd' SS
89 . Sthir.lh,. 56
W . Dua !' iod. 56
9J. Calculal i" n of SlI" ' . S7
n. Th/i ke". Da,a 58
93. Span "f Th. ikon. D... S9
94. Subpcri",h in Th ri koo a Da' a 61
95. Varnado Da'a 6)
se. Brahm. n u . 64
97. Vog. , dh. D" a 66
98. :-> " ) 8" 1 Solo na,. 67
99 "'; , ya na Pha ta Su la Du a 68
100. Dthe' Oa. a> 68
ChaplOt H _lleu ..niu tioo or LODs..lly
101. Gener . I Ob, _at ion.
102. Ja im,n j' $ Method'
103. Term, of l<>oae>i, y
104 Method One
lOS. Alpay u
ros. Madbyayu
101. PU'MYU
108. Re<onciling Con tradi etOfYResult,
A. TICl. f .
CIwp ,n_ Vl (C..."J.)
109. (',Ical,';"n or [ U el Lo n,",ol )
1l 0. Su ",....ry
Ill. Mn bod T. o
Il l- t.t....od nr..,
Ill. OI>ocnio".
114. K.k.... Vriddhi
lIS. COftd"io". for- l(.hluVrtdd.loi
I I'. ".k.... Hn ....
liT. C",,<t rt;"". f
' K. h b. Hu
il L A.a.; \ ', iddbi
11' . Raw H
I 2\}, Rem&lko
121. Tile M.;II P. riod. or Du ll.
122. Th. of De.,,,
In . Cefll ' o E,,,,,p l;on $
Vll -Ju4g....01 " l ll or....ope
124. Prelim' n.ry Rema ,k.
12$. Klt. k.m..
1Y>. h y'; e. l "p"u .,n
127. C". ..ete< .nd Mind
l2l. Jeiu ne ial Proopee"
129. 11 ud Di . u ,",
lJO. Educahonal p, <tS pc.. -u
U L "-,_U
Ill. 8 'oth....... d SiOlerl
I n . 104 ..,..",
1M. ('.. ",bill . lio.. . WOIM.
ns. CIoil6r...
1:l6. Pt..>feu "'.
Ill . So. rce of Du.lI
1)8 . Nih'" of Oath
o j j
n..,,,.- 1'1/ lC"".,j)
139. Yo. .. , . Ja' min; Raja YOIa'
" O. ltll Yo .
Mitall ....., Yopo
(It.,.... \ "11 1_T_ i' l t:._.
Ckac1 k.rna. h
I,". SUu,. of RnuU,
IH . Fal,,"" , 0..111
146. MOlM' "'
147. N. ti , 0 .... OUI Il
I U . 0.0.11 of Wife
149. o..,h"rOth R. lali...
Chpl. r
G.n. ,. I Ob.., I;On,
l SI. Kar ok..
bi ll. t.n, Ki nd. or LI gDU
t B. a nd
Ij 4, R. ,,; Su en. lh.
ISS. D.....nd Shulli.
156, LunVti ',
" 7. Period of De. lh
Ul. Judl'''l ' Horoocope
159. TIm Eo ........
If!O. Yo...
' 00
' 00


I' r.. Obscr1'lltions
t . J aim:" j ..d Para. ..;
The !aimini '}'otem of Ast rologl up.on whk h the,e
are La,ed malk' a de nit e departure from tile
Ca Oo n' of Parasari, or tbe geoeral , y't ern of A' trology
now ; n vogue throughout India. It cannot be ml intained
howe. er tbat !aimini and Par ..I"; are ate<>rnplele n riaoee
from eacb ot bet or ar e two distinct ' }"trm ,. On tbe
contury, it seem. reasonable to ,u ppose. that Jai mini is
an nff' hoot of tlte general . cheme of lhe ast ro
logical .dence pr opounded by Pora, ara, fo, in th.' ,"orb
ofPara.ara . nd Vriddhop . " na, frequent ref<reooe. are
to be found to 'reci fic and di.r inct metbuilolog}'
by himini. For instance, in Adhy. ya I, Pada I,
Sutra 5, himini .ays t hai f lancI' in the 4th , 2nd and IHh
f, pm an "'p<ctinf body cau, e Ar gal"'. PaTa" ra , imply
tbis in hi. 1/"", Sa' IT" . Similarly in the mltl er
of CO,mOl'a.'t;o" of Ar <lNe 'rn ination of Kat aka, .
A;uJha re, ull, of K.. determinat ion of
elc. ;t loob " Slhough Para,ara and V. iddba
yava na confirm Jaimini. Thi, tem!'t one to cond"de
tbat ra'Dsara and Vriddhayavana mU' l have
been wr; tc". Sucb a Nndu,ion would be unwar ranted
beu "'e bei n\; tbe progenitor of Vyasa, <ould
not have liycd arrer Jaimini. Tbe w uree or all a.trological
in India i, undoubtedly Pa, a, ora. hi mini muO!
S' udi.. in J.i .,;.; ...,,"''-
h picked "I' jD ..peet, of Par , i and given ' hem
ne '" o.ienl. tion con, isten t wit h hi, own ge..iu . , .nd t""
developed . !m,,,' " DeW ' y.te,n which did nol be<:ome
po pula , "';Ib l b. majori ty of Ih ' !rolo g;. ol I. vanlf
be<: . .. .. o f ' be raCl, ,b. principle' we p.... n'.d i n l h.
, "ap" of Su/ru. o r aphar i,m. wlt ;';h art . Iwayo .apoble of
a va f iet y of i nlerpreta t;on. Suh-.quently, ....nn lik.
N1ok, nt ha .nd Premaoid"; ha If i<d 10 d uc ida tc or
eXl'lolll lh SUlfa. by ,"' oy of . al"abl. comment a,i ,
Ibu. facilit atin g t beir y . omPf ell".., ion by tb ok and
file of ,chol ,,,.
'fbe 1.imioi . ystem ha, it. Own distinct; "" fe.,ures.
Tb. intr oduct ion of K... ka. , Ih. peCUl iar .,olhod . of
del..m;... t;on of 1008"" ;' Y, t h. , implici\y wi lh which lb.
'treogl h o f plaod s i. rec ko ned, Ihe aPPOTen tl y li<ated
p, involved io the working of Ihe ..riou< o f
Da... , t he rn>ph a.i, la id 00 Ihe t he
d i. tinct ion to Ar ud ha Lagna alld the impo r
gi v. o to t be Ka ra ka rnsa, and iii bearing on t he
de tet mi nallon "f one' , li velihood. invest the wh"l y. tem
with a certai n am"llnt of ooiq... oe" and o rigina bty. thai
it is 110 wonder it c ome to b. looked upon as a separa te
b.-ane h o f ..trologie.1 kno wlw ge. I hougb tile Jaimi ni
. yOl em i. dOllbtle". part and parcel of Para"" i.
1. Dilhr...,...
We e' n , Qui te a nu mhe r of , o- c. lIe../ ' d iffert"Dce, '
bet w"" o Pa r... , i and Jai minL In th. fifOt R..i, 10
laimi ni a re synonymous witb Dh o r Ho" ' '', Wh ile in
Par r', t he d i<t i nelion ,i gll' (Ru i.) alld Hou. a
( Dh ) i, ",.11 m. r h d. A'peelS at e " 01 bo,eoJ upo n
muI" . 1d i" ance. of pl. n. . . . The Kal aka' ... ronot.o ts
ill Para.ari ",h ile in Jaimi ni t hey a re .,ia bte. Tb e Sh. d ,,,. nllth, C<> D. id..ed i n P. rasari i n. o l"" elaborat e
J.lmini', UO;qu.......
calculat ion. while b imioi di. pen",. wilh <"
calculalioDo and ' UUes lO .imple l uI... fo' eval oal iog
pl anel ary,lreoglho. IDl he delermiou ioo nf Ayordaya
io lhe dor; pl;on of Yoga. , ;0 the
mode of IeckoniDg and inleopretalion of nua, and iD fael
iDalmo, l re'pecl, fI..h and eotirely grouod
bu been ,," , ered by lhe Ma b...hi . It looks .. Ihough kind of 'pc<ial abilily io required 00 lbe pari of " ne
wbo wanto 10 nd hi mini eorrectly,
]. J ai.. ioi. A... I.o.......
The Sage i, oflen ab . tru", iD SOme of hi. ob", rvolio" .
f or in. laDce, refe. ence i. made 10 a number of Da'''''.
UDder wbal .pecifi c coodit ion,_ l be different D.... are 10
be employed ? Tbe reader i. lefl 10 guess fo' him.d r. ADd
a. far .. I eould .ee, 00 clue i. gi' eo aDywhere iD all lhe
r" ur Adhy. ya' of lhe SUlra,. I am 0<>1 Unaware of l be
, uWstiou' to be foUDd here aod lhe'" (.;d. fo, u ample
A, 2, P. 4. Suo l) Ihat for kn<>w;ng lhe resull. of a {lar l;'
eula r Bhava, a eertai n IY{le of Da, a i. to be preferred.
But the in, I, octi"n' do o<>l ap{lear to be clea r. There
heeDa" empts on l be part of . ome rceent write.. 10 uo_
Dece... "ty 't ra;" tbe Sutr.. wilh a ' iew to diseoveri ng the
cl ue, 801 I am . fra id oueh an approach i. n<>t the righ t
Doe. My di. cu" io", wit h a number of , cho ta" and a
perusal " r tbe euaul Hteral ure on lhi, paIlieular braneh
ofa ' trology lea.1 me to the cond u,ion lila t tbe gen. -
,ally f...outs e h.r.da, a (Art. 75 n, Jt q .) Rot on iy for
deter mining long.. jly but al<o f" r predicl ing import_DI
evenn t<> happen .lut ing lhe Itr. of {leTSon. II i. for
... .. lO ded d. for them..l, c. lhe which would
give the most ' ati, facto ry ee' olh i" actual [' ra"ice.
Wherevee I have foun d a certain ,,,n. tough , ' . gue Or
capable ofa l.. o. fold inler pre lati<>. ( probably beca u. e of

10 hi m..; " "'0I0I)o

my Oo n io<a pa.; it y 0 ' inability to undenUnd l bt Itll .
im!"'n of tbe l utra Pl'"operJy) I bu . ;" u , ;' bly ....d rec<llll'le
to lh " pluationo of Pa. ..... o. V, iddhayava 01
""llacer-ll,tetal"'" du li n ..tIl> l b. IClC hniqH of Jai i .
A, Ihc " . me of Ibe book impl,,", S ,.4UI an
i1ltclltkd to bri o. 10 II,lCnt iolo 0( 1M cd"""tcd public,
""",maty of lbc prillciples of as ua dcn t ood by _ .
I . Adh.)'. III , hda 2, 1M Sale 10 .. pun a ....... be,
of ...... bio.'io hu ri... Upoll 1M dd'l".,. o' Bb.y", bul
applicable 10 Adlo&Da La, . o. boo l thew $rrulin I 1Ia.-e
t"Woted Ibri' appl ication 10' "ll' hin!>horo.:opc. bcQlI....
iQ.lmoot all elu."'. l worb , ... bcoC"a P..... lapa o.
Ad!>... L.o...... i. IDCDl ioocd, Jan_ t.. l n. is invaria bl y
. SUndar' Il o, ,,... p.
For PUfp<J S1: t of illuOl uli n. l be ma thema tkat . spect
of h imini A'trol,,&y. I propo to the " nlbit)'
or a person bor" oIl 12-2-US611. .D. at 12-21 p. m. corr" ,
""od; n, to Olt. 14-30 an e, . un'ioe. Lon! . 84" E : Lat .
18 N , Tb. foll,, "' ;n, a' e the pl .n. la,y J{'>D,it udes .lId
lb. 11. , &lid Nav. ", .. Di. " am, .
Ro.i DI,to, 11...11
Rawi Kumbha
C\a...: M h
n ll.l..

1C " ", blu

Sub. Dh......
" "


' . 0

La , .. Vri.babha
C.. I1. ....1l 11. r.,....

b .....
R, b..

Ut """da
,l , .

(A. K-
- -
- -
- -
Suk, .
N. , a
h "
S. ..;
, .,


K. r..
The Essential s Explained
5. TI>e Ka..k..
Each pla""t i , to be th. Kar aka or indicator
of fl ai1l .'uto in life. Tb. functi ono of 0 Karaka ato
,imilar to tho," o f t b. Bban or hou... Karoko. play an
imjkJrtaot part In horoKopc: analyo" .
6. :-;olaral Korah .
According to Para. a, i, t ho Ku aka plan"' . a, e all
COI"t aol irr pec tive of tb.i, horo' copic po,i tioo>. Th.
followioll a'. lho malo K. rak .. : _
Planel J(;"aka
R.-; o' tho Suo Falbo r
Chandra or lho MODO Mothor
Kuja or Man B' Olh .
Budh. 0' M. rcury Prof ion
Gur u or Jupitor Cbildroo
Suha or Venu. Wir" 0' hu. band
Sa uiorSalurn Long"vit y
Rahu or C.put Mal. rnal R.lalion.
Kotu or Cauda Pat. rnal Rd .lion>
Kar. h . become impo>rl anl faCfOtl e. pcd ally in
moa, uri nll Goch. , . or tran,it re,uln. Even whon 0 conain
Bba i , " eak, the . ".nt hy lb. Bha cou ld be
Ilid to pro,p" provided tbo .pp, opriat. Karah i, OI,ong.
7. Kar ."u f.
Ka r.ka. a<:\:Q.di0ll: to t he ""hem. of h imi n; H ry with
regard If) u cb boros<:ope. Tbi> fu l",. i , of J .eat signifi-
CIlnce. Any pl ane. Can acquire any kataht wa or lord-
. hlp, ao Ihe ba , i, for determ ining l b. kar ah is merely the
longil ude of a planet reckoned from lb. beli nning of Ihe
, illo co ncerned. There are 7 ol. in kar.k.. i . h i mini, viZ
(I ) Al ma. (2) Amal ya, (3) Bb' al' u, (4) MaUll_ ( $) Put ,
(6) Gna t bi and (7) Da .
II. At... k..aka
The chief or prime-lord or indicator is all impounnl.
lbe planet ba. ing tbe bigb.iT longitude in , ign beeom..
the Atma ka,.h. The ., reoglh or wcahe.. of the Atma
ka' at. 'cem, 10 ,dec! l bc general ",,,,,og.o or wuko",.
of Ibe entire ho ,o,,",ope, . 0 l bat tbe po,itlon of lne ""rna-
karah i. ' c'Y impo rl ant . The na, n, . 1 Atm.brah i.
h"...e. Rni or the SUD.
9. Amaly. ku. La
The nu t in imporlance is ,h. Amatyaka raka. Devoid
or the ,is"' , th. pl,n.t ...ho S. n tb. nut 8r I<" num ber
or d. gree, become. t he Amatya kara ka or l b. , uh lord.
Tb. re i, nO na i.a,gi ka (nat ural or permanent ) Amatya.
ka rak a .... may a"um. Rudb, or M.rcu, y 10 be as
10. Ub'atrnk. rak .
Tbe planct ...h",e lon gitude h 10 tbat or Ama ty,-
koraka becom t b. lord or b,othc.. . All ..cnt. p<:flain-
iDg to bro ther. and ,isten hu. to be r. a<J (, o,n Bh, alr u_
kara ka. Kuia 0' Mars i. tbe na;sa,gikaka,ak, for
, S","'" on himioi A",o!<>U
II. Mat rakaraka
The lord of moth" is the ptaDd Iha t go," Ibe n" t
higbest Dumber of d. gre in I sigD. Chandra or tbe
Moon is h o w ~ r Ihe nalural lar ah of mo, b.r.
12:, potral arata
The lord of . hildren i. Ihe plan.t t ba t get. the De"
larl e' t numbe r or del ... . devoid of the signs. Tb. nUn
ral or nai . argit. indi<at or of tbi . horo!<:opi< funcl ion i.
Guru or Jupiter.
13. Gnatbikarata
The planet "' hose longitude i. I... tban tha t of Putra_
ka,aka become, t he lord of relation . The natu, al ta.,h
or jndie. lor for Cml l his or eo osins and relation' is Kuj a
or Mars.
14. Dar ataraka
The 10ld of ", ife (or hu, hand) i, the one who.e longi
tude is least. The natu, al Dora or Kalatrakarah i. Soh a
or Venu,.
15. Determinati on of Karak..
Summari.i ng the abov COnv. n tb. longitud oflh.
7 planets into sign d.S,e... minul.' and seconds.
,Il<: . ign. and co n, ideri ng the deg, . .., minu' ... . etc"
labulal. the po,ilioM of plu <I' in 'h. d<> , ceoding or d.r
of th. ir number of d. g,.... The planet who," longitud.
i. the bigb..t become. the Atmakaraka. The re' l follow
according tn the ahovc oroe, . It will be ..en that the
order of Kar ab s is exaetly similar to tbe nrde, nf Bbav",
from th" Ii ", to sev. n .xc. pt thai ", bile the second
Ka raka is styled Arnatya . the second Bb..a ref".. to
finanCe or Dbaaa.
There are ce rla in c.cept;nG' to the general ru le
gover ning Karaka determi na tion. Sometime' , WO", ", or.
pl. nen may occupy the . a me degr ee of longi, ude, ,u that
they may bue ' 0 , h"'. t be , am, lor d'b ip. A contingency
li ke t bi. raTely occurs but il ca nDo! be entirely rul ed Do l .
Under ' Dch an .ircomotance, "'hen two or
three planets bave to .bare the ' a rne l or dship . a rew lo.d
.hip. beoo m. vaca nt a nd lh, has" (0 be filled up by
Rabo and \h. " l her oa t ural Ka roka . _ SuppoSIng R..i i '
Ih BhrUI .larah and Chandra and Koj . ha \'. the
longit ude . Then all the t hree planelS become Hhralfo-
ka lak. ' , Thi . mean ' t ha t Ibe Kar .ka''' . '' whkh Chandra
and Kuja should bove gOI. f all u canl. If in I he above
in' lance, Mal, o aDd Putukorah. become vacant 00
accuunt "f ChanJ, a a nd KUja sha, ing Ra" i" (unclloo,.
th en Rah u boco"''' Manuka'ak a aaJ Gu, u, the na t ural
I",d of cbildr.n, be<:om<s t be PUlf akaraka. Such a
de"olopme nt bardly occu" . Rah " could be a calldidate
for a lord' hip oDly "' hen two 0' more planet' have equal
lo ngit ud... Othe rwise he i, oot eligibte. 1 1,. 2nd pa'i
of t he SutTa (Saplanama, htana mH) in whic h l ai mini
dofines l< aTa ka det <l mination meao. ' ..vell plon. to f rom
SUD to Sator n o r p lan." f rom Sun 10 Rohu" .
Comm. nta to rs ha.e differenlly i nl.,preted Ihi. pan of the
SUI... Acco' d, ng to some. th ore are 8 ka ral<a'(.nd udi ng
PilTub , aka ". hich ha, been omilled in ,orne " " ioo' of
Joimini) in ...hi ch ca.. the Sun 10 Rabu be<:ome Atma ond
othor larah' o",ording ' 0 t beir longitude ( Rob" ' longi-
t ude bei ng ", .a, ured f rom th e Fa" par t of the ' i80) while
according to otb... th ore are o nly '",en h , . k.._ Suo to
Sa tu'n Pil ,okarak a o milled) ond Rah u , uppli th. S"P
for m. d wh' n two 0' mo plands hold Ihe u rn. longi t ude.
Tbe Ian.. "iew "pp.... mo,. ru,onabl . a, it ha' the
10 in Jaim,. ; A,t ... I...,
.upport or Para . ara.- Rahu can bo take n a> the 8tb
pl anel only whe n two '" more plane.. bave the 'ame
M., ha
Thul a
Rudha or M. rcury
R. bu or Ca put
Ket u or Caud.
Sani or Sa turn
Ru , 01 Sun
Kuj a or Man
Exampl. 1
Ihe Ihe Standard HoroJ<bPe.
Tabul. ti ng the po,it lOMo r plau. n acco rding 10 l he
d. " . nding ",del or their degre. '_ .... have : -
Planel Ro.1 Deg"e ..
Guru or Ju piter Kumbba ( = ) 21
Suha or Venu, Ohl uu. ( I ) 20
Chandr a or Moon Me. ho t 'l' ) 18
(=) 8
('I' ) 6
( "'" ) 6
( I( l 3
(=) I
( "' ) 0
(' )
(' )
Cha ndra
IIhratruk akl
Mall ukarah
Jupi t. r b the bighe,t lon gilud . h. becom. ,
tbe Armah Tah . Tbe n." hight i, 'ceur.d by Venu.
who bocome. Amatyahrah. Th. ol b. r pla n.t' similarly
coo,id.r.d g.t the rollowing function , : _
Al mlkar aka
R" yadi S. n; P" , ....'i .. p.aku. k, b.;
Am.. lb .. my.m. , .ba; b d., nucha Ra bu rn,"nlun.,od.,;jah
Gna t hikaraka
Dara ka, aka
(' )
I' . Mino, " a<aku
' " lIowiog alloca tion of S<lme mi nor Karaku ,
,u gg<:S1ed by !aimini' , comment alOrs , would be helpful in
p rtdict ing . 'eolS co rr ect l y. (1) younger
brot h'n , <lep moth.. and brot her;.;... 1aw. (2) M"""y-
Maternal und . s, mat ernal au nl$, (3) Juplrr, - Paterna!
gr andFa t her and gra ndm other. (4) V.nas_Wif.', pareolO,
", ate rnal gra ndpareoU,
16. Di tr... ot Ki n... 01 "ax"..
For maki ng prediction s. rde'ence is made to different
kind. of As.:.'endanlO. They are :-(Il Arudha Lag"a,
(2) Bha"" Lagaa. (3) Hora L. gaa, (4) Var nada Lagna.
(S) Gbat' ka Lago a and (6) Ni,beh Lagn .
19. Arudha
Count as many ' ign. from birth lord as lb. lord i ,
removed fw rn lh. A",.ndant Tbis will JI,i"e Arudb a or
Pad. l agna. Suppo' e Aquari u. or Kumbha i. lhe l agna
aud t be lord ;' in Tauru. , the 4lb from lagna . Then lhe
4th from Tnru., .iz., Simha would be , b. Arudba l agna.
Ve ,e,mine Ih. A".dha Lagna In Ih. SranMTd
HOTaJ<'op, .
l agna i. Taur u. lo, d of lagna Venus is in Sagitta-
riu gt b r, om l agna. Tboreror. lh. 8l h from Sagittar iu
i._, Cance' is lh. A, udha l a,na.
Find;.,. Voroad.
11. aha. o [ .ogoo
This is lhe sign orri..d at by cou nt ing placc.
fro m l be Sun or Jallma Lagoa according as lhc h oma
Lagna is odd or ",'en . n i. an integ, al al
by di" K!ing thc bi,t h ghatis by 5 The remainder re<!uc<d
to dcgree, gives tbc eu ct IODgit ude of Bhova Lngna.
Enmpl. ..
Fi"d tM 8ha.a Lag,," i" Standard ""'''IIC(>!,. ,
Ja ama Lagoa is Tauru. , an cvc. sign.
Birlh Gb at i, =14.5.
,, = - 2.9 '" Quoticnt =2 ; Remainder =0,9
Jaama Lagna i. an " cn sign, Bhay. La81' a " lbe
l rd en I ) ( rom Janma Laina, vi,_, Can..., .
Mu ltiplying l bc remllind<r by 30, ", e get 27 a, lhe
eu ct longitude of Bba,'. La81' a.
: . Bbaya Lagoa , Can cer 27.
22, Vamoda I.o&oa
Iftllc h nma La gn" is llD odd , ign. counl clockwise
f,om M ..lla ( 0 Jooma La gno. lf llle h nmo Lagon i, n en,
couDt llnli dockwise ft om Pisces 10 Jaolllll lagna. Call
t bi. Il _ Similarl y accordi "g D' Hnrll Lagna i' odd or ..'cn,
count f,olll Mc. ha (cl ockwise) or Me<:oa (anti dock"'i", )
to H", . La!:no , Cllil lhi, h. If bo l b l anmo nnd Hnra
Logo 0 1' od<l ," both ..en. ' bc" t ab t bu um 0 ( " and h,
If One i ' odd on-J Olllet is n e n, tah the differ, nee
Bhov. Lo, na I, obtlln"" by bl"h
, baH. f rom ' un,i", x f . 10 '"ol lt"d. of Lo,no 0. ' b. Sun ac""'din,
a' lho: . ,I, 0.; 0 "' ,,, n, In ' 0, S'.n<lud lI_k O(><, bi" h
, bol l' x a7', Thl' -.ld<d ' " .!" 9' (lM, i' ud. of LOIo. ! " V"
Leo 10-> 9' !loova Loan. , A"'uOlly. b"" . , or. gr;.
-.ld, d ro , h. I" d, . ,.. of l ..oo , (lO. , I I 1 =C. ... 27"_
S'udi.. ;o I , im;. ; ""',oloU
bel\,-n" and b, .all tb is c. Elpunge multi ple' of 12 and
Va ad a lagon i ' tb. Rui arri"ed at by count ing <' from
Me, h. (direct) or Me a ( rev. , se) cord ing as Ibe Ja nm.
Lago. i' odd or . ' cn.
in Ihe
Example 5
Varnada Logoa De/urn;. .
Ho' o. rope.
Janm. Lago. i . Tauf us_ an evcn .i gn.
Hor. Lago. i , li bra _ an odd ,ign.
:. (co unti ng in l b. reve". order from Pi", \(l
Janma Lagu ).
i> .. 7 (count ing in t be direct order from Me. h. to
Hor . Lo gna).
-: Ja nma Lago. i. even and 110.. Lagoa i. odd
a- I> : <' (a Flcr puDg;ng muhiplu of 12)
11- 7 '" 4 (an.r punging ", " !l ip'" o f 12)
A. Janma lagn. i , an even sign , the 4t h f' om Pi, ,,,,. ,
counted in lb, r.". rse order Dhanu. i. the Var nada
23. V.'U dos f.... nl h RI ,i,
Ju, t a' we cak ulated Vamada for togoa, we can
calculale Va, nadao f", all tbe otber I I Bhn a' by l' ealing
the approl" iale Ra' i a, l agna. If Var nada for 2nd Ra. i
i . re<j uired, tbe n Heat il a' l asoa and lhc 2nd R..i f"''''
1I0ra tagna t ake. lhe place " f 1I0ra l agoa for purpo,e,
of Va. nada ealcul .lion. If V. rn, da for lhe 3,d i>
required, (he 3rd fr" '" 1I0ra tagoa la" e, lhe pia". of
110.1. t ag"a. Si",ilar ly <>l her ll hava. "'U"' be dr all w;lh.
Eu n'pl. (;
Ihe Vc, natl" fot Ihl lntllUHi lit Ihe
Hnrou opI ,
V..nod, U1 ,no
The 2nd It .,i is Gemini_an odd ,i gn.
Tbe 2nd fr om Horo Lagna i. V,i,cbi kba- an 'OVen , ign.
... a = J (connling in the direct orde' fr(lm Meen a to
Mithuna, the ' eoond It ..i).
I> = 5 iconnting in the rev. "e ord.r fro m !>feen a 10
Vri' chika . fro m Hora Lagn. ).
c. 2nd !l a.; i.odd and lhe from Hor' ev. n.
Take the dilf. r. nc. t>.twe. n " an d I> _ 5 3_ 2.
A. the 2nd R..i i, Un od d ,ign. Ihe 2nd from !>fr.b.
counted in the direct o,d , ./ ., i, Ihe Va. nada
of the 2nd Ra'i. Vornada, for diffe n, Ra. i, would be
, e'l nired for calculaling V,rnad. U"a (, ce arl. 95).
24. Ghalika togu'
Divide Ih. birth thal i, by 12, ,ej...t Ih. '1untient and
Ih. int.gral part of the m, inder (n) plu, I count.d f,om
h nrn ' Lagna er-.. Ihe Ghuih Lagna . l h. f.""tinnal
par t of Ih. remaindu redu ced to degree give, the eu cl
Eu mple 7
Find 1M Ghal;ka Lagna in Ike Swnda.d Ho,oJcope.
Janma Lagna i. Tau, u.
Ilin h time in 14. 5
Moth. II , . ' o<h "bll' b o,,,, . , qul., I,n, ' 0 30' .
11<0" "harlko Lo.n, con b< ob ro, n,d by m"ttiVlyi". blnb .""1,
'mm ' un' ; b. I n and oddI", 'h< V,odu<t 'u 'h , 10"li"d< 0'
l ain . tn ' h. S"o>d "d Il o' o><or<, 'h' Gballl o to . n ,,'o'd ' n,
' 0 " ,i ,n, ma,h<m, ,,,, t f u l", woutd b< .
I I" 9' k {'an, ,,
k 4} \ ' . 4}' " k (l 4 ! + ' 0) 4) ' 9
... ,t.aUy. d ' 0 od d Bi" h ohnli.,, }O '0 '11< fi '"
poio, or Lo..o. rbi , " i Goa" ., L, on of Con",.
.. Stodi<>10 h i"" ,,; ,... t<oloy
Dividing the binh ghati' by 12,
we 8et 1:; __ 2. 5 ( re,.,aindo, ).
"Tile joteV. 1 part i . 2 ; f' '''' tional pari 0.5 ; Ghat ih
Lagn. is tb. Ro.; a.,i". d at by conot ing " .. 1= (2 . fl.
i . .. 3rd f To m 100m. Lagn a, .Iz. , Karoka. The remainder
part , ojz., 0,5 reduced to degr give. I S .
: . Ghati ka Lagn a = Cancer 15".
25. NI.beh .. , Ad""." Lagll"
Thi. i,lb. , ign ri , ;ng at the lime of conception.
Th. r. i wid., pru<i boher curr en( amongst t ome moder n
astrol ogical Hudonl, who alwa y' tool< to tb. We' t ru
Sl rolog;eal i n,piratio
thal Pro,, _t. l . slr" loID' waS
denloped in the We. l . Sucb miscollc<:plio n i . p.rtly
doe to ignorance aDd partly 10 pTep"'"" , ;oo that 8 th<Of y
involvi ng .'lrODomico_biologica l <orr d llion. "'uld nOI
ha ve bn by Ih. a"ck nt s, To the ulle rdi , _
a ppoi ntment of IIalf-; nf",med ..bola u, "'e find
freq ue nt referencH beiog made 10 con pt io n Lagna and
i to relalion, bi p to the bi n b " '<endanl ond bow I>y laking
into COn'ideration Ibe concepuoa horo, cope, predict ion.
alfeclinglbe fut ure of an indi, idual could be oll empled
with .uffici enl accura cy. I n Ihe COU'" of Ihe... Sludles,
I do no l propo'e 10 de. l wit b Ibe NI.. . ,bus.
l ively. I ...ould jusl male eo' ua l refe nce t<> the Ihe" ry
a' propounded by I' a' .." a and for a fu ller trealmenl of
tbe , ubj ect I would re fer Ibe 10
26. Par ora' , MoIb04
h imini do", nol gi" any pattkular n" t bod for
finding the conceplion time from tbe birtb hOlO>OOpr,
The, d"Me 1 , ,, , 11 muke a ref..eoce to Paruara' , melhod,
whi ch i . at followl :_Add tile di.l a nc. r. o m the SUDto
Moodi, to the di'tance from t he fint 10 ninlh hOll.e. lb.
Sun i n te,m, of sigos, el e., <ouDled back.... rd. repres . on
in te rmo of mODlh. tbe in ternl bel w n the lime o f birt h
and the time of conception,
27. Sa m ingh'.
In a or k entil led Ma" u.hya )a/ak", reference j,
10 Adnan a Lagoa by lb . author Saman ingh who
, ays th" when 'he lontitude, of Lagon and lhe MOOll in
Ihe bi,th how,cope al Clhe u me, the period of ge'tat io
wo uld b. 273 day. When Ibe Moon and La gnn are
oppos ite, the duu ' ;on nf pr"lInaney would be 25& day.
18, Va,.,;"."t"ry Na'.'" of E.isliDII Me'h"".
Al mo' l a ll t be method. of d.,ivinll Adh. ", LIllna
from Janm. Lagn., Dow in vogue. ap pear to b. riddle
wilh inco""i" eoc;e" Quite. lot of ",sea reb wo rk ha' to
be don. befor. a worlabl. ,y st.m C<Jul<l be laid dol"O for
uni, accep," nc Tb. clu. is to be foun<l i n Varaha_
mihira'. rer. "'oce to Ih . corr " ponden," between h nma
LaMna and "' dba na Lagu hint. d "1 in , t. n, " 21, Cb. IV
of BFilwt I n tb. absence of a fool -proo f and
sy,l. matic m. tbo<l of det.rminin g Adbana La gna, We
could ",f. ly apply the comb io ations , ugge, ted in Adhy")'a
IV by laimini to bir th ho'osco pe, _Th. pri nciples ill'ol,cd
ill tr acinM the time "f con,epti"n f' o,,' the 'ime nf birth
an d .Ie, .."" are . , trollomico- biolog icol . nd h. re " a
f.,tile field opell to schola.. ror i nve' l igation.
19. Prana pado
The theory of Pran apada appears to h..e bee" based
on t be I. ... of periodicity accor<liog to whkb human,
anima l and ,egela ble bir ths co u1<l occ ur only at certa in
dehnile ; nl e" als, COD, eq aently lber. j , a ,ccogo;"'bl.
co nnec l ion between I h. tagn. and th. P, ,, napada , ign . f\
good many . , t ro logers ; n NOrt h Jnd ia ta ke it for gfanted
t b, l lb. P, anapada t heo ry i. lbe ,n,,' ler.ley fur t he dtle"
m;nation "r the cOfleel l ime or birth. No , ingle method
ca n clu,ivel, claim for ;h elr infall ibi lit y o r uni vers.1
applicabilit y. Ead l bOl o cope re4uit u a n individua l
01'1"0" ,,11. Para, . r. clearly ,ugge. " th O!; n Ihe maUer
o f hirt h rectifIcat io n Pranapada. Cha lld.a a nd Gal ik.
ha" n to be <.,mid. red. PrADapa da is .. ..n, it ;ve po int
.' rived M l:>y .. cert ain manipulat ion " f t he hinh I,me.
30. Mo,bod of 6n<l iog l 'un_pad.
Pra n' r ada r a n he "hl . iRed by a dd ing twi ce l he birt h_
time in "'gII ... o ' 0> 1< t b. Suo' , long ilude or (b) t he Sun' ,
loog il uJo or (oj tbe Suo', longit Ude + 120 ,""cord
iog a, tbe Sun i. in a nlovable, fi d or common "go,
mul tipl e, of 3bO' bei pg ..punged.
[ sample 8
Fintf rhe in tn , Horosccp.
Minb Tim. " Gh . 14 _ 30 870
Sun' , longitode '" 301
Il' or 1' 12' in AquaTiu. ,
fi 'ed ,ign.
Applying l ho: .bo," formul . , P' "o. pad" Lago' i,
obt ained thu, :_
( 2 lIin b time in . ighnl;' ) , (Sun' , longitude .. 2400)
,, (2 . 870) .. (301
12' .. 2,00)
'" 1740"!- HI' 12' ,, 2281' 12' .
multiple, of 360", we get 121" 12'
;. Pranapada Lagn. 5i mha I ' 12' ,
) 1. D".ra R",i
The , ;gn in which a Da,a begi n, or Ibe sign whose
D.,. i. unde r cons iderat ion i . the Dwa,,, R", j.
Gu il l . ", Po. i, ion
5t b_
11 1b
I.t .
5t b.
9t h.
" t.
Suppo'e Ihe D.,a of Ra.i i, und.. co o. id... .
liD" eil be' for tle'e"" i" i. , Mafaka 0' , orn e o' ber e.em.
Then Ihat Ra'; become, tbe Dwa'a Rasi.
R. h)O R., I
The , igo wbicb i. a. many ' ifn. away fro m Ow..a
R..i ;0' ' he laUer i. f rnm La gn' /We, under t he .ome of
Bahya R. , i. Su ppuse l. . g" . ;' and the Ra,i unde'
, ida.' ion (u' pu'po' e of maf aoa delermi nation i,
Thnla. T" en Thul. i. I) war a H. , i. A' Thul. i>the 4111
fron' l . g _ ,he 41b f,om Thub iz,. Ma. ..a ,," ould be
the !Jah}a Resi. The, . fo' . if Dw. , a i. lh. 2nd f, om
Il" b}a ""uld b. the 3rd.
If IJwaf. i ' Ihe 3rd, Babya woul<l be
do. 4t h. do.
<1 0, 51h, do.
do. (,'h. d".
do. 71h. do _
do_ 81h. do-
do. 91h. do.
do, 10th, do .
do. 11 th. do .
do_ Il l b, du.
do. h t. do .
n, Pah aod Ua, i.
Il ",... Rasi i, . 1' 0 known P. la Ra, i whil.
R. ,i go under tbe name of Bhog. Ra ' i. BOlb Ihe.e
R..i, w; lIbe f" uod to be u.eful ma,nly io Ibe d"e,m '" a-
'i o" or l" ng.:viIY .
The po,i , ion orGu\ika i , impo".Ol .. it i. f' equMtly
for , d to by I aimi"i r;pecia \ly in Ihe ma"e, o f de" ' mi-
5'udi.. i. Jaimini
lIalioll<.>fprofes. ion . Read e.. mll, t nOI miI Il l' Glllika
with Maodi, The ('IOsil ioo of Go hh i . " bl aioed Ibo" :
Di"id. Ih. doralion of day inlo 8 eqo. 1 parI . , Tbe tint
....n rart. are rule,l by lhe s..en plaoel. from
Ih. lord of the weekday concern. d. The 8th p.rt has 00
lotd, The longit ude of Gol ika to Ihe longi-
t ode of . ... od.ol ri, ing al the .nd of Sa tor o' . pari .
Soppo. el he poshton of (iolik. i, <.> Friday
aod " PI''''' Ihe dur ali oo of day i, 30 ghati" Eaoh pari
io eqllalto 31ghali. , The rllier of the lsi part is VWII'
lord o f lhe weekdl y, an d t hai of lhe 2nd p t ( 01' 10 7l
ghat i.) i. Sat urn, Th ererore GulJkl ' s longitude .""eo-
pond, to the ri , iog degree at ghali, aft.. '1I0 ri...
In ca,e of a nighl birt h, d,vide the dor.lion of night
ioto 8 eqllal parlO, The tinl .eve. plr u a' e rllleJ by t be
..". n plan. .. begio ning from the lo.d of 5th weekday
f",m the weekday con<'erd. Th' 8th h., nO lord, Her.
agaio Gulila' , pooilion corr. ,pond, to the endiog p<>r1i"n
of Sat uro' , pi" " f the night ,
Find longl/ud. of Guliko in Ihe S tandard H.,,,<c,,p<.
Dnr at i"" of OI Y, Oil _, Gh. 28. 4 di"idorl by 8 gi. e,
Gh. 355,
Weekday of bir lh i, Tnesday.
s, SatllrD' $ part cI teods f"'l[) Gil , 14, I2 to 17_4 \.
Gulika' . po,i tion <orr",ponds to Ibe r;; iOIl d' gree al
Gil . 11,4 5, . 1: ., 26'.
In the mlUor of f>odi nS Sthi Da,. (art . 91 an<.!a lso
the per iod of Maral a, Ih. pla. ol becoming 8 ra bm, pill'S
a ' . ry imp<>f[ 'nt port. Brahma i. a cen ain di"i n' lion
Q... lilianl"a for a, . hm'
whi c!> planet obia in, by virt ue of cert. in qualifi c.tion.
as per det.H. given below . _
I. If tb. lord of the from Almah rak. i. in tbe
8tb lberefrom. b. becom., qualified for tb. po.ition of
II . A$C.,u ln ",belber L. , na or t be 71b hou. e i ,
mon&" . Call this A.
Find the .1tonae.t of tb. lord. of l b. 8th and
121h fr om A. Call thi, B.
B bo<om.. roed for lh. posit ion of Br. hma if he
occopie. on odd .ign whi cb .bould bave reference to tbe
vi.i ble half of tbe zodiac.
.16. Eac., tI"" ,
If Saturn, Rohu or Ketu become' eli llible Ii per
anicle 3S for tbe pla<e or Brabma, he be<-ome. a nominal
Brahma ond i. automalica ll y di,qualifi ed. The real
lIn hma will be tbe 6t h pianet from the nominal 1l" ll mJ.
counled in Ihe order of Sun. Mooo. Mars. Mercury.
Jup iter . Veou, . Sai Urn. Rahu and Ket u
37. Sol..,t i". Gf Brahma
Whe n t ",o or Ih,eo planeu become eli, ible for lhe
po, ition of [t, ahma, then selt one with high.r longitude.
I n " 'peet of Rahu. ho_.... the lon"tude O1U>1 be
mea, Ut ed fro n. the last poi nt of the ,ign. WhClO two
pl. nelo qualified 10 become Brahma l,av. th. 10ngi_
tudo. thon ",leel li ra bOla by Rasi Bala (o ce a.t.
ElO m, l. 10
H od B, ,,hm,, G,,,h,, io the St,mdn, d }loto"'ope.
F..,...... ' n half' m n' 'h. Il, b 10 11. b"n..'
.., koo<d . F"r ' h. 1Oh. ".i.i bl< h. lr ""'n' 6,h '0
Lo.n, <,,"",td
Between and 71b, I.agna i$ >trong.. = (A) {. rd,
fumpl . U j ,
Lord. of 6. B and 12 f rom A .re Veo ul, Jupi ter and
Ma r> resp"li'ely.
Jupiter i. l btroll",>t because hi. lo ngitude i. tb.
bi ghe,t ( II).
Jupile, is in 00 odd sign and occupi" lh. , i. ibl.
horiwn . Hence JUI";l", i. IIt . hma.
P. S.-No ol b.r planet become. qual ified fo' tbis
po. itioll.
38. M.".....r.
The lord of th. gth hOllie fro m Al m. kal ak. i'lb,
Mahu w... .
Iflbe 8th lord from Almahrab is Hailed or in hi s
0"'0 house. Il1e" Mabe,wa, . would be the on onger of tbe
lo rd. of 81b and 12th r<nm Alm. kar.h.
When Rahu and Kern joi n Al makar aka or Ire in Ih.
from Almah , ak l , tbeo lb. 6th plaoel f, ,, m l b, Suo
become< l b, Mabe, wa' . ,
When twO0' more planet' compete fa' l b. po' l of
Mabeswara, cba",. the stro nge' l onc.
Eumple II
Find Muhn Wllra In Standard H"r""""p .
Tbe lo, d " f tb. 81b f rom Atmak. r. ka i. M. r.ury.
IleDe. h. i. tb. M. b..bwar . Neitb.. '110 8th lord
i, . ..lled no r is in bi. own hou ., nor Rabu o r
K" u b join.d A'maka raka o r th. 8t h ( rom it .
Conq uOlttly tb.r< a re no competitor>.
]9, Rodr.
Tb tronger oft h. lord.ofl be Htb and 2nd rrom
La Bn. hecom Rudra . Tb. Miler, 1,1_, tb. wuh r, ir
M. b. . ...,.. ...d RIOl,.. 1]
pecte<1 by m. lellc' Can abo become lIominal 0' aupple.
menial Rud, .
Eum,le 12
F/"d Rud", In Ihe SIB"dBTd HOTOM:Bpe .
Tb. lor d of lb. Slh and 2ud from L.,na ar e Jupiter
and Mercury. Jupiter is SlfOD. er tbn Mereur y.
Hene. Jupiler i. Rudra.
Aspect s aod Argal. s
40. Rtokool., or A. ,.et .
Hindu A$t' ology a. p""u . ' e
reckoned ...itk refere nce to <illns. even Iho Ullk in Ihe dele. -
of Drug b.l. o. a,pect Il Tength . the a.pect
anJl, le, ar e inYOriably cons idered. A planet cannol a, pect
another planet or Bb.-a ",it b W in fronl of it and eo-
beh ind il. The aspec l begin$ fTom 3W in f'ont of a planet
and il stoJ>< , hon al t be 300111 degree f, om Ihe plane!.
41. A. ped o ln J almiai
So fa r .. b imini is conurncd. it looh as though Ihe
p""t angle. are ignore".
All mo..ble . il n, a<pect all fl I ed li gn. , .."'pt the
adj a nt ones. All fil ed "-'ro ' a. pect all mo. , ble . ign.
excepl Ibe .dj l cent ones . Common , igns " peel each
olhe, . To be more d elr, A. i.. a, peclS the fil ed , illn. of
Leo, Scorpio and Aqu l ri us all<l nOI Tauru. , an . dj
. ign. Lih wi. e Tl uru. ..pee.. Can. e' , Libr. and Capri.
eor n ...d not Arie n Idj acent . ig'" The var ious aspects
can be thus <ummar i. ed 10 f.cili tate e y unde., tandiog.
A3pecli"I II"
Arie' u p"","
T. uru, ..peet.
a emio; IIpects
A, peCfM , I. "
Leo. Scorpio . .. d Aquari n.
Cancer, li b antl Capricor .
Virgo, So,Hfar iu, a.." Pi .
... . poelS in h lm,oi
A' p ling n g.
Cancn a' pecl>
Leo a,pect '
Virgo a'peets
Libra ..peell
Srorpio a'pecll
Sagittarius a,peels
Cap,ioom a' pecn
Aquar iu' ..pectl
Pi."os a' pecto
Scorpi<>, Aquari us and Tau' u>,
Li bra. Capricorn and Ar ie.
Sigi n.,i.., . Pi, ces and Oemini.
Aquari.... Taurus and Leo.
Capr icorn, A, ies and Cancer,
Pi",.., Oemini aud Virgo.
Tauru>. Leo and Scor;>io.
Ariel . Clncer and Libra.
Oemi ni , Virgo and Sagillariu,.
1100. 2: 00, JOO"
60. 150". 240"
90" . 180". 270"
42 RU I ' of A,peel
In otbe r ",ord, a Chara Ra>; or a pl anet in it a.pec',
3th. 8,h an d I Jth f, om it. A S,hi'a Ra>i or a pJanet
in it a.peen ' he 3rd, 6' h and 9,h from iI, and a DWlowa_
hha>a Ra, i 0' . planet in it alpeets tbe 41b, 7th Ind 100 h
fr om it . The iange or a'peen may he said to be In
ru peol of
la) Movahle Si,n>
(6) Jo'iud Siga.
i ' ) Common Sign>
[umple 13
asp'" Uo 1M Sianda,d Ha'o.copr .
Tbe Sun is in Aquarius, a fixod , illn and therdore
a, pect, Ar '" (Dn d Rahu and Moon in il). Cance r
and Lihra (and Kuj a and Ketu in it). Similarly
reckonw, t he following is the tahle of aspeoto in
lhe Siandird Horooeop. ,
,;" ,<1,., (q,d lA"j A.p,.J S ;, "
Tb. li nn _ IIa" n. Mo<>. M. ... Koto _ At... . CI."'" l , b,. .
n. Moon _ M.. _ l"" SCQrpio ..qn" ,
M. " _ Suo, M<lc. rl , J.pit OT, l. 'lDI . Aq.u;. s. Tl ur Le<>,
A .pu'I. , lA,d A, pu led Lo,d
M= "'1 _ s."'oa. Suo
l opllO' _ cIo
Vooo. _ Sa, ",o
Sato", _ Ve no. _ Sa",o .. Mooo
K o ~ S. ... . , Mo""
Su,.jio. io l. im;ol A. lrolo.,
A,per 4 $;,.
S. moal Suo_
~ .
_ l' i1O", a o",l nl aod Vi.... ,
_ Vi'"O, $,"I".rt", ud P'KOI.
~ Sa ",. .. Moon.
_ Sam M.".
43. Arcal
Planet s and R..i, aspecl Olher plonel. and , iso.
lecordiog to Ihe; r di,po'il i"n" The'e u pecl ;o" "eoce,
Of e ojJ,cuJ for good or bad by lbe pre""oce, f, om an .._
pecli ng lord or , igo. 0' planel' in <-et U; o pl.ce,. 11I..e
' affectins ' or in" nencina Ig'ncie, are ci lled Arg.l...
44, F....m.llo. of A. gllo
Planel. io lhe dth. 2nd, I llb and SIb ft om an ",PeCI-
ing body (e. Ke lo) cn.. or become Argl l... Lord.
who ar e in l be 9t b from Keto beeome Ar fl l l...
.. . D..efie Arcola.
Nalural bene6 c. in Ihe l hovc.menlioned pllce aCl .,
Dcnelic Arall as or l ogmentary I JOnts.
4(,. M. lefie Argil i '
Nat ura l ml lelie. in t b
pll ce, mentioned in I n ide dl
function .. Mllelie A,g al., or o!tr uctins agenu.
Nat u..l mlleli c. iO, the ltd el Oalso become A'gal...
The interpreillion of Ibe sut.. beat illi 011 t his pltfieulor
point by Ibe comment aloro i. nei ther clear nor con vinci os .
Tbe coo, eo, u' of opinion i. Ihlt Argll l could ' be caused
ooly when there a re malty moleficI in lhe l rd and not
when lher e .re one or two.
It. rpla Coun,.twion
47, Cout...."'l"" " f Areal a.
The Al gala. , gen<fated hy the di'!,o,it io. of pJanet.
m the41h. 2nd, 11th and 51h fromo.n a. pecting lord or
hou"" gel neulrali,ed or co unteract ed by t he .i mollane,, '"
pre",nce of plane" in Ihe 10lh, 121h, 3rd or 91h "'pec
l ively from lhe a.pect ing b, ody concet ned. Wil b reference
to Kelo o. planel in Ihe 5th re m" .e, the Ar gal. given . i, e
10 by the pr. ,ence of a planel in lhe 91h.
Elucidaling Ihe ' ame point forlher, we can say lh. t an
Arfalo. cao'ed hy Ihe , i'o' lion of . pianci in the 41h ge"
c.ncelled hy lhe presence of o. planet in Ihe 10th: the
Arll"la pr""oced hy a planet' , di, ,,o, it ion in the 2nd i.
emo, 'w by the pre!ence ofa pJane t in die 121h and lhal _
of Ihe 11th i. cancelled by the .lrd and that of the 51h by
the 91h. In othes word" the Artala po inh, 4, 2. I I .nd
5 h..e '" their coonteract;ng poinl' 1(1, 12, 3 and 9 reo_
pecti, ely. It will be ",en , hat lhe Arr aia, cao, ed by lhe
pre'ence or malefiN in Ihe 3rd, has no ne ulrali, ing
agency. It i, a potely M.lefi c Arg. la, which coo ld be
gi,en r i, e 10 only "'''en thu e are .. nom""r or mo. lefico.
The following schedule will furl ber d ear the Argala
qoest ion ;
ATgal" PI"ce
Natu' e af
" I
" ,
, )
Malefi c
/knell c
0 '
\I (Kel o)
Malefi c
S' udi.. i . l oimi. ; " " '01..01,
If a pian O! ot''' lruet ;ng A, gala ;1 w... t ban a planet
eau. jog A, gala, or i. Ie.. in longitude. 'he Argal anoot
be c<>unte racIN .
48. 5'.oi8 0< r ArCll a,
Fort unale ' Ulll!. will be <o_(trred in tbe Da", (sa
art icle 128) of R..,i, in which B. ",, 6c A, gala' .. n: u ud.
Evil , ..ult s wil l b.faJl du ring Dau, or Ra, i. in .... hieh
Popargl lao have be.n ceoto"d. If th e lIen. fi e "'Tgalas
have rer.rence 10, I .r., rail in Pada Lagn. , La&,,1 or lb.
7lh and are not neulrali. l , 'b. P'''''' . become. hishly
f" n u. ale and .... althy.
49 . ell. b.
Thi, ca. be cu t by into <on,ide,a, ion Ih
A,pla . I "sod wi'b rd tt<n<e louch RI. i by lhe presence
of planet. in place, men tioned in arli"l. 44. Tbut i f in a
hMOSCOP<, from A,ie, . a planet is in lhe 4lh, cau,ing
Argala wn can put th. planet in ""in ; n the
Eu.. ple 14
Fi nd tit< ArtQIQs Qnd I Ae" in II,.
SIQndQ,d NorQuopr,
Ta king th. Sun in t h. St andard Hor" , c" r., .... lind
that lh. 4th and 2nd ar c _acant . Th. Jrd i . not occupi . d
by a larg. DU",bet " f n' al.fic . Th. fiflh i$ ",-cupied by
Venuo. ''''''; 011 Subhargala. l h. Malefic "',gola couud
by Satu,n i. lh. 51h f rom t he Sun i " ltalid by the
prescnce of Mo.. i n the 9t h. The lIenelic A' gola cau sed
by Vcn u. in lhe J Ilh i. Deul, ed by ,he presence of lhe
Moon ODd Ket u the 3rd . .... , ho"cver . the Al gala
cau, ing Sat urn (30 20' ) ond Venuo (ZO" 33') han grator
lungilude than tupeeli .. Arga la.delo1,oying ageol5

- - .- "
Ku; .
(I"' ''' Boutlul.
( So. l )
Bod' . ,S.Di )
Saoi . a aluo )
K<l u ( R i.

(Sloi l

U . o.IfO
(C..M ...
I K..._
......0 ...1.4 ClI "' KJ ",
s.d..... rCBan.l... ....,
(K""' . .:.,. )
- - -
. .:.,. )
N . i
K. ;'

Bud"" . Saol l ...
( ni/ $.". (!la oil
(a/. . .....
a. ' , l
l lIari "",.
<;. ... 1
C\>.nd.. ( a ..l . Bod...
(i J
I J..I , .
a a, .J
hoi (S. h ' l
5""; IK.ia. h tal
5oIk.. ((.....:... a...)
Cbood, .
J ; (Sal, .)
BOl4I>a f$....l
lO. n (';
Ooaod' . ell " ", 1
a.,. (K , .,' /
Ma.. (0' H ' ) and '-t (>oo (IS" 2Q') . " ume t hat
is ro 0<uu o1;,01;00 of Argal .
91. A, gal. ChI , t in t'" Standar d Hor ow op.
PI. nel, nOl cnd o""d in brack. " ha"e ca. ,N Argala , .
Tl,o>' e nd"..d i n br ackelO Of. t he On<8 .
PJaneg in i'ulics are tho... lhal b. ve a Cl ua lly .".nod t hei r
counl,roui.l: i.Oneneu. Ta h Me, h. in t he . b,we chart .
RaYi, Budh. and Gu, o hK' e cau ,.d A'i ala' which though
OOU" leracted Sa.; have not be.n completely neu tr al i, ed .
Tah V, i' hKbha. Argala i. caused by Sani, ha l it i. cou n-
te" clod by Ihe MOOD The Moo" bein g 'lrong than
San ; (bee, .,. o f having 1 .,.[ t hore i. con,
pl.1e neulrali,atio" of the Argala. TaLe Milhana. A,gala
ha, beco d by/oj Rahu and<..handra and (h ) Kuja
and Kd n. That cJ ed by Rohu and Chand ra has nOI
o bscruc ted . Rul t be A, ga la cau "d by Kuia a nd
Ket u (beeau,e of thei' poli,ion,;n t he Slh froln
b.. been can, elled R..i . B"dha a nd G uru ( beca a,e of
t he;' po,i tion in Ihe 9t b f rom M' l haoa ). Bul ac( uall y,
t he A' ga la ;nflu' nce ;, \l 0( , ou,"<lled in 1010 t>""ouse of'he
AfI;ol o p,,,,J u<;ng bod ies. g. K,t a i, ' lr ooge' tllaO
Gmu whi le ' he A, gola B"d h. i' 'l ronge< tha n
Kuj o.
Plane /o, y A, gala$ In Ihe Sianda,d
p","" A,,".. Ni."d A,g"'"
by <o".,,,. d , J by
Tbo Sun 5, " ;, Sut ..
R..1. Co,.
Ra.i, Go, .
Kuj" K<l u
Cl>and". IUbu_
Pia." ,f ' 8
a l
<0" ""'0",<1 by
S. ,.e MOOn
S, n;
Same 0' Son
na"d'n. J<oha , K"i.
Same .. '''n
Rni ,
Go, "
SOme Mo,,"
R..I, Bod"",
Plane" i n italic. h..e ca",.d A'galu bet the,.,. nu
neul<a li, alio
eit her beca"," of lhe ",eakn." of lhe cOun-
leTanina: pl. ',el 0' lhe oflbecounloracling!
in the al'p.op. i31e place . Take fot inslan"e M. ". Argain
i, <au.ed by RaYi, Budha and Guru in the Slh. Th ough a
pl.nel i, .i l"al.d ,n 9th, he cannol neul, ali' e lhe
A' rala COmplelely beca"se of the fact of hi , being ",tak
.nd j' olaled.
Not e f" r in' tan cc the A. gala caud to the 7t h hou,"
bYlhe . it" al j" n of lh. Sun, Mercury and Jupile r. The
nali . e wa<..eall hy. (" rl uRale and inR"enlial,
S." O,"
R. ho
P lanet u y lind RlISi Strengths
51, Sou.ce, of Slreo&th
10 Para...ri, tbe "rength 0( a planet h nuo' ericaUy
", e ura ble, IUd consi,l . of $i1 kind> or u ri.tOc:. . The..
been . xplained al con<iderable length in my book
Graho and BhfWa Bala.. and I do not lherefore propo,e to
say anytbing at>out th i, ,ubject io tbe "o u... of thi, book,
Oet<rmination of, involv... elabo rate cakala-
lioDt. b imini on tbe other hand di.pen,e, wit h all cum.
be..... me C<l lcul, tion. and the melhod. formulated for
a.cutainio. planetary aod hoose , trength. are .i mple, In
Ihe determinat ion of longe, ity, planet.' ) and hou. e
strenglh. pl. y an impOrlaot role. It OlU<t be noted that
Ja iminl lay. gre.,ler emph a,is on tbe ' lreogt h. of Ra, i"
which is alwa y. der i,ed by the po,i tion of one or more
planets in il A. Jai mini doe, not '""ogni.. , he di, tinc_
lion between Ra. i and Ehava. tbe n,can ing of the.. two
word, in the conte>t of Jai mini' , principle, may be con';
dered 10 be synonymou,.
.52. or Ru i
The clue for . (rength, of planet' and
R.,i. i, 10 be found in 2. Pada 3 of
$UIFO., A car. ful Ol udy of the releu nt , Ulr., thai
the . ubjecl of Ra.i ' tr enlltb' can be classified into oi>
distinct cu ei or ie, . oj, . (0) St..ngth due to Atml karlh.
( b) A"ociat ioo ""engtb. (c) Location or Asp...,t stnglh,
( d ) St..n8th due to the I" rd, (e) Str ength of odd ' ;8n. Ind
( f ) Atmlkarl ka-di.po.ition 'trength. We shlJl e' ptain
el ch on. of lhe... d ear ly. Fo' an impr o"ised method of
my own, I ", oul d rtfer the reade" to I rt;cle 62.
53. "' ulI. karaka St rngth
Since Almakaraka is the most impor la nl plODet ir. I
horoscope. the Rasi holdi n8 him been m.. the . Irooge,t,
54. .... oocil tin. l r o ~ t h
H i> i. b...d upon the pre.. nee 0' I b," nce of plane..
in I Rl,i I nd t he RI ' ; ,"enalh ;. ",e..ored thu, :
(0) A Ra , ; ""cupied by a planet i. , lIonger tblB I
R..i Ih al h. "e no pb net in il .
(b ) In c..e to R..i. hl"e pllnet. in Ihe", . tbl!
..hich II.. I lar ger numb.. ;, ItrOni "' than the one ha, ioS
1 1e..e' num ber.
(el If Rasis ha"e I n equal numbe' of pllne" posi!ed
in the"' , the.. mea ' u" their r..pect; ' e ",ensth' by con. i
der; ng whether the pll net . I re "aUed, or Ire in Moo ll'
thri kooa; in own or friendly 0' neutrl l or inimical h" u. ... ,
t he pll net in e..ltl tic, n bei ng lhe olro nie.!. thl! in M""II-
IlIrik" nl being Ie....",ng, Ibll ; n own hon'" being .t rnng,
Ihl! in I friendly , ign Ie" otroni . th T in a neutra l , ign
st ill Ie.. ,t rong I nd thl! indebilily Or inimici l house be'-
inl lhe Ie..., powerful. Thu" if twORa ' ;' hl"e two pll ne"
;n el cb , Ind one planet i. nt tdo in one RI . i I nd The
otbel pll"et i. uehh" ; n Ihe ot ller RII;, tben tbe RI .i
wil b the oeM" pll net beco", .. tbe ' l", nge' .
(J) H sr, engl h nf lwo R..i, i. equa l " ' deter mi"., d
accordin g 10 (0) , (b ) I nd (c) . the" Ibe "'engl b mu<l be
..cen aiu d by tl king into cons iderl T;on the Ch ar I , Sthil l
Stud i.. ;n J, im;Di A'l<"lofY
or Dwi,wabhave o f l he Kosi. A Sib ;,. Ras; is
<tronger l han a Char. Rasi and Dw;"" ab!> av. R.,i"
Slronger rban a Slhi,. Rasi.
LoUI;". 0' Asp'" St , gob
The R.,i could bcc"me " ,ong by th. <o"junuion or
. ' pecl of lopil eT, M... . ury or in ",un lord.
31>. doe ,<> I.", d
Ou t nf Cwo R. ,; s, thal ...bose IQrd h.. gre Ol" Slrength
as p.r art icle. 59 and 60 t>"n >me' Mr<>" g<r.
of Odd Ka, i.
When i t i$ a QueOli on of meuring the . l rength. <I f
(wo Ros i. oo,b of whic h a r< odd, tha t "'hieh hao pla nels
on eilh" . ide ,hould be con,ide' ed lh. st' ongtT of l b.
38. Alm. h u h Ili ,po,ilion
Rasi. , whos. lofd, occupy Pan,paI. and
Apokli ma from Allnak ot _ka , gel full louongl h, hal f
sl rengl h and r bl. , lI enSlh r. specti, . ly.
Sou. ... of j'lan'lar y Sl, ugl h
The.. are two , oure<l of plan elary , l' u gth, . it " (al
Am.a ba la . nd (1)) bal .
60. Am Bll a
Am.a mean . longit ude and bal a me.n, , Ireoglh. A
pla nel who.e longitude ( fro m lbe beginnins of t be , iSR) i ,
greoler tha n lna l of loolh e. plaD"" i).ecomu iI." nge.
tha n t he la lt er . Sup!"" e Ihe lougit ude " fthe Sun i . H"
Ar ie. a Dd that of Ma rs 18 Cancer. The SUO i, ,t."nse,
t hll> Ma..,
61. M....I.l br;. o.. R. la
Thi' h., r.r... nc. to th itoation of a plan' l in an
inimica l (MlJo k, h. trn), d.I-H,taled (ncechal, n. otra l
(uma), fri.nrlly (mitbrah h.tra), own (' ).
moolalbrikooa or . ..lta tion (ochh.l Ra, i"
A plan.l in u all ' lion b.,o,,' lbe . trooge,! and Ihal
in debi litatinn lh. .... ake'! . tb "." gtb dcoru . i" g f rom
..alt ation 10 d.bili lal ion ;0 tb. d.",ending Older thu .:
[' ''Ohation, Moolathriko" a. 0"''' , ign, Fr i.ndlY' ;I O,
I,.utral ,;g", inimic. 1, ; gn a nd debili tatio" , is o,
I " applying the tol for the rk tcr rn inalio
plan . ' O') m englh" th. order menlion<rl abon ,hould
Le A, in orJi nary Aslrology, One hal 10 make
a earer,,1 ,tudy of the I' ri ndple . unJ. "tand tbem
thnrougl1ly and th.n apply them to a number of
horo<cope, w that on. coold get soffi cie" t pr.ctic.1
<>p"'l <nce.
".aDI pic 15
D<termine Ih. &,1 S'mglh . ,h. Sion dard Ho'oJeop"
t. Ari.. and Libra ;-
(0) Bot h h..e 1"" 0 plan en ch . nd !:>o th . rc Ch ... .
(b ) UOlb or , peel. d by Jupiter and Mercory.
) The in Me, h. b in a n<utral . ign while
Koja in Th" l. i. al.., in n<olr . 1 , ign.
(dl KUja lord of Mosha and Soh a lord of Thul.
oecopy 'npccl Apoklirn a an d Panapa, a
I<a, i' from At mak arah. Thola i' s"onger than
(fl V. nn, lord of Li bra i. '!ronger than Mars 10ld
of M. , ha . lI ence Libra i' Me, h.
If Gr mini and s"Killa' ;ws ;-
(..) Bol b a pl'nel each and bol b .re
O..i . .. . bb....
(b) Gemi "; upocl.d by Venu, . friend. IJhanu
..peet .d by S3t urn.
(c) Saturn in Mi thuna i, in a f, iend' s sign, Venu,
'I in l be bou se or a BCulra].
(d ) Budloa lord of Mithu"a ;. in a Ke"dra {rom
At makaraka but Guru is Almakaraka bim,eif.
(. ) The lord of Dba" u. is I han l be lord of
Mil bnna.
He",," Dbanus i. otrong. , l hl" Mil huDa.
I ll. AqIl<lT;UJ lb. large" num ber or plonels
be,ide' being occupi ed by Atmaklrat a. Both Suo and
M.,cury ' re al.o po. ited bere. il i, l be
<lro nge't Ro, i.
61. N"....iul Mu .nre 01 R i
l hue gi..
a' d early as p""ible the .ource.
or Il rengt h of R..i, . It ours 10 me I ba t unle.. , orne
method, akin to the on e .uUe"Td by Paro sa. a, is <levi ' ed,
i: .... ould be rother diffieull 10 cai ellOric IlI y w-bit" b i.
the I"oognt or .. h;"b is Ibe w-e-teot RuL The .. bol.
of n a'a predk tion o.xord i"g 10 Ja imini bingel
on I he Rali. and t heir relarive ' l rengl h. . B ed upon the
prineipl" ad umbrat . d ill ar lid 52 10 61 a nd making .
Il igbt d.paTlure from h i mini, or ro be mOTe co" . <I,
ad. pting tbe ..I. n nt pri neipJ.. {rom Pa r...ri, I h
d..i..d l b. rollo.. ing improvi""d melbod or numerically
d. l.rmi,,; ng lb. '''englhs of tb. n rious Ra .i.. R ders
nll"t clearl y bu r in mi nd Ibat Ibe m. l hod i, offered .. a
p010ibie .olutio n or the o r . valuat i ng ,,,e,,glbo
.ad il may be rejecl.d by m.y find Ih. "'elbod
moth'" death would happen ;n 8 certain Thrikona Dasa,
guide u. in the selection of , he app'opriate n a,a>
for ap prop,iate evenU. A. mo, t read" _' wOldd p<rha p' he
awar ., "'hilst Parar. mention' a of Do'ao, ,h.
pri Je of place is i i" o 10 Vim, h" llari and
p<:, jenco w. rrant. , bi, . grooMalhe. I"e Prof. B.
Suryanara;o Ran u>ed t" 1.11 no. that Char. Da, a and
Tnrikona Dua could be appl ied to al l ho, o'cop and
that a ll jmr<, n aot human ' ..nlS co uld be timed wil h
. utfici. n! with the .,d of NaYan". Da. while
for longevity pU'I" "", hi , choice lOa' Char . Das. o'
Ni,yan a Slw la Dasa. ASlrology i. a practical
'eienee, dogmat ic a' s< r1ions, . S ttl t he su;, sbilily of , hi,
M , hal sy'tcm of Da. a. jus, beeau'. it is a of
aOem;nenl uoc. II,d for . r ho cb"ic e mu" be
left 10 Ihe eli"n of inlelligelll re,Jcr wl;o should
I>e guided not only by hi' OW" o>petience but by lh' of
" holar . ,,'ho have a life.10ll S of lbe 'ubject .
I om pe""oall y inclined 10 f;,vour bO'h Ch or. and S'hir.
I)a, a, . Thi ' cvnclmion i" of o,' u"e. bo,ed upon my
own $l udie' .
I do nol p'opo<e to detail all the Du,"'
men'ioMd .bo, e in lhe c" ur", of thi , book . ' . hall deal
wilh Chara Da, a and rereronce$
to Thrik()n. D.... Sihir. Dasa, Ra ' ; I)."a, B,ahm.
Da.., Varnado Das a and Ni ry. na Shula Da, . <.
Chra Oa, a
Thi' part icular ,y"em appears to be a with
Ihe SaKe. R..i, bave been divided i" I" lwo group" .i:.,
Vi,h.mapad" (odd grou p) and Samapada
f" r of l be order of , ucce" joo of Da'a
and counting Ibe D.,o yea" .
n .... pp,opfi. ,. D...
7'. Ra, i.
Ar i. , . Tau. u, . Gemini. Li bra, Scorpio and Sagina,iu,
belong 10 lbe odd ( Vi, bamapada).
77, S,olapada Ra, i.
Leo, Virgo, CapriN ' o, Aqu.riu' and Ph ...
belong 10 tb. e, en l roup (Sumapada) , I:or purpo,es or
d a,ily, we , hall u, e Ibe lerm, l roup aod Apa. a, ya
ll fOUp 10 deno'e ,he ,i gn. men,ioned in artide, 76 and 77
r.,peet "'ely.
78. l b. Order or 0 ... .
Wbe" the "'lh house from Lallna fe.. 10 a i"
th e group. ,he ordu of Da'a , u<cu, io" wouid be
di'ec' or dockw;,., the fim Da.. " arling f,om Log" a
Ra.i, When the 91n fro m Lagn. fe.. 10. , igo in Ihe
Apa'. oya grou p, , he order of D in would
be Ine w"e o r ant i_d ockwi, e l be fi,,1 Do,"
be;"g Ina, of La goa Ra,i. Suppose for ...mpl. two c....
where (<lj Me, h "d (6) Ka, aka a Lagn... I n , he fi",
ca,e. ,he "'Ih nou, . fr om Lallna. ,'jz. , Sagi" a' iu, ,orer, '0
S" ya group. The Ii", and . ucceeding D a, would be
in the order of Mesb_. Vri'h. hlta. In the second
ca, e, Ihe 9lh hou, e fri>m Lagna (Karbl"h) i. Ph....
belonging 10 The firs, aod , ucceed; ng
Da.., would be In , ne order of Mithuna.
1I " ,habh. e, c.
79. Ih . a
Tlte per iod ofa Chara D.,a i , nol co""an1. It i,
va, iable accoTd;ni ' 0 tlte ,it uat ion of a lo, d .. i, h reference
' 0 hi, Rasi . The Da, a peTiod of a Ra, i i, equal 10 a - I
wber e a repre,e"" l be (in lerm, of R"i' l be"
ween the Ras i in question and lh. IheTeo{, counled
or anti.c1ockw;se, acrording .. t he concernod
Ra, ; belooll ' to the or Ap....vy" , roup . Let uS toke
cbart where UllI1I a is lord (If I.allna Kuj a ;" 0
Simh8, Sul ' a i. in V, i$cbila and i. in Simha .
The 9th from Lai na, v;z. , Sagittarius. refe.. 10 Savya
group Consequentl y. the , u"".., ion of Uasa., {he fi" l
always ' Iar tiog fcom Lagnl , would be in Ibo direct order.
Since La, na i' Me, h. , the fi rs! Dasa in thi, Ca'. would be
tbal of t he Ulloa Ra, i. oi,. , Me' hl . Tho lord of Me, ba,
.Iz., Kuj . i, in Simb . Sin.e alw l>elongs 10
grou p, co unti ng in lhe di. cCI order f rom Me, lIs (0 Simha,
w< lIel " equal to 5, Therefore l ilt doral inn o f M. ' h.
DUBi. equa l to 4 yea ... (n_I) . Tlkin,Vri, bl hba,
\ h. n. ' 1 Ra' ; Dosa : II ralls under S..ya i H' UP. It .
lord Venus I. in V, i, cblka . Tl>erefo. e ,be dl't ance
From Vrhhnbho to Vrischika CO"Dl ed in tbe di rect o' der i.
7 and lhe Oo. a period of Vri. habho i. (II _ 1) , 6 }'cors,
The ne' l Dos. (Mlthuna) can al>o be . imilarly cn!cu l_ted.
Now 10 a.cert ai n Ihe dunll"n of Karhlah D.,a
Ca ncer fa ll. in the Apau vya 8'oup. The lord Moon Is ,n
Simh.. The coun tinJ f ro'O Canc.. m".t be in tbe re'e' .c
dire<1 ion. "' hleb in Ih i. ca.e would be J2 (0) a nd Ihe
peri od orCance' Da. a "'ould be ll years (,, -1).
Let u. nOWtake. chan where Lag" a is Maka.., Soni,
Gur u and Kuj a occupyl nJ Simha. and Kl ny.
, e,pocti . ely. The 9th from I.ogna , . iz., Kanya helong, to
tbe Ap..' avya grou p. ConsequentlY the .. t n , tOfling
r' om Lagna (Mohr. 0 ...) is . ucceeded by , ub. equeDt
D."". in Ihe< e order. , jz. . Dnanu. Vr i. chika. Thula.
etc. To find tbe dur.tion of Moh ro D. Irs lord Sani
is in Simba, A. Malora i' an Ap.... yo group .Ign. we
gel 6 (n) by counting fr om Makar a to lhe place of Sotu' n
ID the re. eoe order The dUl.tlon or M_h ro O.,a I' j
ye"n (If - I). The Dut Va, a Ro. ; Soglna,l a> helong. to
Doratin" of Du.o
Savya gro up and lord Jupiter i, in Therefore
ennnt ing dk. elly rro m Dhanu. to we .qual
'05. Th. durut ion of Dhan u' Da.. ,"ould be 4 (" -1).
In a , imilar mann.. Da,a pt',io,h for o,hOT Ra, i. ,hould
h. a,,'..lained .
HO, ' . rlalion. of Da,a DUfalion
Ordinarily tb. Da.. perio d i. den"led , h. formula
given in , he artide 79. Ru, , be p" iod i. or
dre.,ed according '0rlain beom. and melefic di, po,i
lio n' of the lord. . Tbu' if a Ra, ; is ""cupied by its own
lo, d, Ib. n the Dasa peri od would be 12 years. If tbe
Ra,i lord i. exalted. Ibe R.,i Da.. peri od ob,ai ned as per
article 79 ,bould be incr. ..ed by one year. If tbe Ra<;
lord i. debilila'.d, ,h e Rasi Da .. period i, diminished hy
on. year .
HI. Var i..loa. do. ' UDool Lor hip
It will be .0 ,h a' in the . chem. of h imioi . Kombba
aDd Vri, chil a are rui ed by' wo plaue" each. Kuja aod
K. lu 0 ... .. Vri,cbila and Sani and Rabu own Kumbba.
In determinmg Ibe I) asa period of Kumbha and Vri",bika
in view of 'beir do uble lord,hip, cCT,a; n ,peeial con-
.i dera'ion. are neceary ,
H2. Conjunc, iou or Dual l ,ord. io 0 .. . Ri
If Kuja and Ke,u. or Sani and Rabu, are in con
junellon in tbeir OlOin bou . Ihen tbe n a.. peri od of
V,i . ch ih and Kumblla will be 12 yea" eacb.
U . M. rt-K.,o Conj ...lion ia Otb.. Siga.
If Ma.. an d Kel u are in cooj'metion in a , illn otber
than Iheir 0"," . Iben enuot docl",i (as Vriocblk a belong

10 Savya gro up) fro m Vri , chiLa 10 l b. Ra,j in que ,-
The D" ,. per iod of Vri, chihwill b. as per .'liol .. 79,
R4. Satu, n Raho Conjunction In 0 , ,,,,, Sill"
If rhere is . conjunct ion of Rahu and Salnrn in a
other th' n Kumbha, the" ,-oonl anli-<Iock""i", ( becan""
Kumbha rore" t o Apnyu group) from Kumbha to
\h. Rui io quell;on. The D".. period of Kumbha will
be as p.:r art icle 79.
Oue Lord in 0 ". K..i and l be Other Lord In
Diller t Ko,i
When on" of lhe do uble-IOTd, (Knja or Kern, or Sani
or Ra hll ) is in hi, own , ign and the other is i n diff..ent
,ign, ignore the forme, an d prefer the lau e. Thai i ,
i f Mars is in Vr;, chi La and Keto j . in Meena. ignore
Ma rl a nd p' d er Ketn. The Oa ,a poriad of Vri' dtika
will be decided by Ket n as p'" 79.
86. Dual I,o, d. in Differ ent Ro, i,
Whe n Mars and Ketu (or Saturn a nd Rahu) a re in
differen t Ra, i" prefer the o ne wit h a n a' ,oeiate. If both
the IOJ<h a re a" "" ia ted wit h o, her pla net' , prefer the
on e " i th the gre.ter numlH:r of a''''C1ate. . When both
the lord, have an equal number of a"oeia te,_ pref. , the
one with R..ibal. by tn" ing into eon, ider. tion t he e llara .
St l,i ra aod I)wi' wab ha>. n.ture of lhe R.,i (rasfl aM
PTdOd hQ) . Sthir. b<inll ' t,ool er Ihan Chara and Dw;-
, ...abha>. bei ng "ronger , han Slh ;ra. If l he t..o lord,
a ppear equal in . tf< ngth, e"en accordi ng to Ra, ihala,
, hen pref.. the lord ...ho give. tne, lar ler number oflea rl.
If per chance the lord who gi"e, the la rger nu mb of
yean i. ""er-debilita ted a nd the other lord is e' ahed,
prefer the Ian.., increa, iog the period by "ne yea r as pel
a rt icle 80.
l Y
0/ 'he ChorD Dam s .heir periods
'I! 1M S tattd"'d H'HOSCOp.
O"ler of Il o_'as ' _ The 9th from L. gn. is Ma ra , I t
h' Apa,avya groul'. Thor ,ro,., ' he Ii"t Da, a
, ta il ing f,o m I.agno. )';;., V,id,abl,. i, c"nlinued in Ibe
,,,erse order, ./ . \' ri , h' \')I1.,, Meeca, Kun' bba.
M. b , a ,
Das" Per/" tI., ,_ 1.<1 u. ral:e the fir; 1 Ra. ; () a'a. 'i:"
i t fa ll, in \Il. Sa vya 8h'uP (Arti d . 76l. The' <_
fore must l>e in Ihe ,tired ord o<. The lor d
of y,ishohlla , , I", S" kra ;, in lhe (n)
f,o m y ,; ,b. hbJ. Therefo, . Ihe Da,a "er iod of y , i, habba
is or 7 ye''', _ MO'ha, the n"t Da'a R. , i.
It L.n, i n I h< S" oya group . The c(>uNing nlUSI be i n
l he direct order . The I..,rd of .1 ., Kuj a i , ill
I he 71h In) f' om M ha . Hence du n lion of
Mesh. Dasa i' 7-1 06 yeo". The l hird Da, . is tha I of
Moon . h belong' t u A"as" vya grou" . The counliog
must Iherefo re be i" reve" e order. J" "i ter , I"'d of
Meena. i. in Ihe 2nd (n l fr om Mee" . o l1 nl<d ba<k-
wa rd,). T her<for. Da'a l"' riod h 2 _ 1= I year.
Let u> ta ke Ku mbha, a , ign of lord, h;p. Bel woen
Ra hu and, bOl h ow"ing """' hh. R. hu i, wilh
Cbandra lhnce prd t' R. hu (a " ide 86). Kumbha
f all< in gro up. Tl,ere fore counting fro m
Kun,bh to Ihe cu"ied j;el " a' I I. T herefor< Ihe
du r.. l; oo uf Kumbha [h<. i< 1I- I _ 10 ye" ' -. T"kinl\
Vrisch' ka, a nolh n ,ib" of dual lord.hip. we find lhal
bot h KUJa and Ke l u ar e in Therefore . ,
1'<r ar t icle 83, we ha'e l u . i mply rount ( io Ihe direct
order '" Vri"hi ka refe.. 10 g"'" p) from Vri :l ' ib
10 Thula where Kuja a lld Kelu are io conjunction. 1 hi.
gi.., a' 12, and Ihe Da,a period of Vri. chika i,
S,udies in l al mi.; ,..u OI<>l'


R. h.
--- - -
l ,,.
M. ..
Mn cof)
\l eoo'
l op ile '
12- 1", 11 yea rs. Calculat ing .imi larly For other R. , ;',
lhe ro(l" .,.iog are t h. Cha,. ]) uas in l be ca' . of lbe
St andard Hor"' copc ; -
D"", Yea"
Vri.habba 7 0 0
Me. h. 6 0 0
M..,na I 0 0
KUIll bh 1000
Makara 7 0 0
D baou. 2 0 0
V, i. chika I I 00
Th" l. 2 0 0
Kanyol 7 0 0
Simha 6 0 0
Kau h 3 0 0
Mil huna 8 0 0
No Ra' i i "" upled by it , " lIed . , debil itated
lord. The reFo re t bere i. no inc re.", "r decrea," of any
Du a period given above.
Eump l' 20
Fi nd eh ",,, 8lh
August 1911 A. D. at 7_JJ p.m. (I.S. T. ) at Banta/o," ,
th. posUi " " . ( I $ M in ,h, charr.
D4... :_ In ,he . bove horo""ope , Ibe 91h from
Lagno is Tbula, a .i gn belon ging to S. vya group.
CousequenUy, the fl sst Dasa, " " Iing fr om Lagna, . Iz"
Kumbha, i, in tbe orde" . 1: .,
Kumbb" Meena. Mf'bl. , et c.
DD' " Taking tbe fi"t D a Ra , i, . 1: .,
Kumbba, W<: fi nd tbat it i, a sign of duallord,b ip. Sa, urn
.nd R.bu ar e neither in nOr in ' hdr Own . ign-
Tbe)' occupy differen' , ign.. Tberd ore a" icle
86, we hne to prefer S"uro, II' be i, a"".; iu ed witb a
plane' . Kumbha fall, in Ap.... group. Therefore
counl ing(in ,be reve"e order ) from Kumbha to Sa tum we
get a, 10. Tberefore tbe period of Kumbh. i, 10-1 = 9
yun. T.king Meena, Ibe nex t Da s. Ra, i : II al.o
belon g, 10 Ap. , n ya group. It, lord Jupiter i, in Scorpio.
Coun ring from Meen. (in , be re'e"e dire,tion) IO lhe
pla"e of Jupiler \oIC get S ns n_ Th.refore: Ihe Da,a per iod
uf Meen. i, 5-1:4. l et Us u le Cance" I" lo,d Moon
is in T. u, us. Counling from Canr to Moon ( in the
' eve"e order as Cance, b"1,, ng, '0 Apa,n y. group) we
gt 'n as J. Therefore (0_ 1) =2, A' lor d of Clnce, i,
e..Ued, Ihe period of 2 is to be increa,ed One
n'Ore (.-ide article 80). Therefore lhe Da.a per iod of
Can'-er i, 3 ) U", T. kiog again Vri, cbib , a sign ruled
by ' ", ' 0 lor d., 01:. Man and Ketn, who, in Ibi. hnr",
cope, oceup) d,ffer ent , ign., pa ferenee ,honld be 8" eo 10
Mars a' he i, .,soclJ,ed wi,h ulher plane" whi le Ket o
has nO ..."", ,,ion. Counlin g from Vr lschih to Kuja
(in the direc, order a, Vri s, bik;l belongs 10 Savya group)
we ge' 10 ( n) . The Dasa poriod of Vr;l chika i, therefore
10- 1 9, Similarly Ihe following is the
' . hle of Ra. i Dasa, in re, pecl (If Ibe horo. cope unJer
con,;deralion : _
Vri, bahh.
Mi l bun.

Thu l .
Vrh cbika
Dhaa u,
Mah Ta
, 00
e o 0
s o 0
s 00
ZO 0
" 0
, 00
10 0 0
II 0 0
s o "
87. II bukrhi . I. C..... DU B
() ' I. , m;n" rion o f the ord' r of ,uec.., ioo of Ihe sub-
peri od' in a Rasi Dua i . w sed on tb. ,arne principle t bat
;, emplo}'w in Meldin g th. o,d. , of , ncc, ,,ioo of main
Da, . from the fi rs t Dau_ !fIb. 91h from the Ra, i, for
..bieh Ih. ' ub-per iod, are d.,ired, bel ong, to l b. S.vya
8TOUI', Iben the . ub_periods ill thar Ra, i run in the direct
ord. r , rhe tiro! sub'p<:riod being that of l b. 2nd Ra , i
f ro m tbe Dasa Rasi. If l b. 'lIb rall, in an Ap. ..vy_
aroup. t .on lhe ll buk this succeed in the Tev,,,. dirt<: tk>n.
the firs! Bbukthi bei ng thai of l he 2nd (i n the r. n n .
direct ion) from the Da, . Ra. i conc. rnw. Suppose . uh-
per iods in Vrishabba Rui.Daoa are requir e<! . Th e 91h
f ro m Vri , habha, . 1:. , Mah no beloog, 10 Ibe Apa' a.ya
. roup. Consequentl y, the li" t oub. period ", ill be thai of
the 2nd Ra,i (eopsidere<! i n tbe r er ordu) from
. Iz. Ar ie. , I be 2nd, Jrd aod olhor . ub. periods
beiol Meena , Kumbba, elc., Ibe lau <ub- period beiogt bat
of Vris babha il l elf. SUppoK sub-periods from Raoi
Dasa a re required. The 91h (rom Mesha rtfe r. to Sa.ya
JlhuUhi. Char. Da..
y . rn.d.
''" o z n
' '"
c t e
o s o
o t e
c r o
' '"
.roup , Hence the or der of ,uoc. " ;on i. direct. The finl
,ub.period wout d be tbat of t he 2ud Ra,i (direct count)
from Me. ba, . /z., Vr;. habba, tbel o,t .ub-period bein,
tbat of Me. ha.
Ill. DuroUoa of Sub-peri""'.
As tb. number of periods is 12, the durotiool of a sub_
period would be on.t,,'eln1> of t he duration of a Oa' a
period. Thus; n the Slanda, d Horo, cope, the Ossa period
oFVmhabha be;n, 1 lU,", each , ub_per iod or IIhukthi
ext.nd, For 1 montb"
Lu mple 21
Find cui rlt . o,d. , cf Shukthls fn , h. C!t",o Da.a of
Vd shablta und .\( ..Ita In ,lte Standa, d Horascapes.
A. the 91h From Vrishabba rde" to the Apa.a>ya
group, II.. , ueceosion uf llhukthi. i. in the cun ' " '' onJ e',
Iheli " t IIhukl bi being ' hat of lhe 2nd From Vri , babha
.Iz. , M..ha) oo"nled anti docb ..i , The following ar.
the ,"b_period. in Vri, b. bha Ras;: -
Do." Bhuk l hi
Vri. b. bha Me. b.
do , Moena
do. Kurnbba
do. Makara
do. Ohano,
do. Vr i. chih
do. Thula
do. Kaoya
do . Simba
do. Kat. h
do. Mitbo"a
do. Vri . habba
, 00
S">ol i Salmi.;
Taking the next D., . Me' ha ' the './(b fro m Mesha
re r. " to gro up. TherefOr<: the .ucco.,;"n "r
Bhukt hi. will h. in l be direct order. The Ii", BhuUbi
would be thai of Vri'habha, the 2nd from Me, ha. Th.
duration of each IIhu kth i would be 111210 (0-6-0) o(thc
duration of Me'ha Re'; D. , . {6_0-0j. Th uhp. rind, in
Mesha Res; D.,. run thus:-
y . m. d .
Vr isba bha
0 "
Mi t hune
S;rnha e e 0
Ke nya
V.i, chik.
M akar .
K umhha
0 "
8'1. Slhi D
A' lhe na me impl ie" ,h. periods of Sth ir. Do' ,.
b ed and they .r. not Stbir. D"a io held to be
very important in detennining Mar aka 'H death.
90 . Da .. " n iud,
For purpo.e' of Sl hi Da calculat ion, \h. twelve
.i gos of the Zodiac have been divided into th ree gro"I",
according lOlhe Chora. Slhir Dand Dwi.wabh..a n.lUre
" rthe " gn,. The du ralion , of the S\hir a DD." of a
Chars Rasi. a $lbin Ra . ; and
"'recti' ely 7, 8 a nd 9 yea".
ul'lanatory: -
Me. h
Vd ,habha
Mi l bun.
Ka nya
T hul..
V, i,cbi '"
Maka ra
Mee no.
To tal
a n ..;'wabh... .. Ru i ore
The following table i . ..If
Du,nr ion of
Srh i ra /J(lM
ye. "


91. Cal eulali "" of SIMra n ....
Two vie", ate ..preMed ar regard, l he <ommencemenl
of th. Da... . According 10 one view, Stbi'a Da,a , tall'
from !-. goa 01 Ih.1lh which' H r i. '!roDger, ni, vie... i .
nol , uppo' ted by Para.ara. l aimin; him,el f is ..ry c1ur
in ,aying;n Sur,a 4 ( Adh. II . Pada m , Ihal th. Stb i, .
Du. ,tarl, f rom tbe R. " ,'.eupied by Brohm.) ( <e rt.
35). I'Hu.ra clearly ' uppor!' lh i. view. Tb..efore Ihe
6", Sthi ' a 0 .... starr. from the Ra, i oc<:upied by Bra hms
and lhe . ub, eque.. t Sthira Da, a, . ucceed in lhe TOgular
order. There i, al,o. ,ugge<lion by ",me le. rned men
lh. l the bal.n of l ne fir" Slb;r' I).,,, 'hould be found
by taking inlOcon, ider " ;on l be degree rem. ining 10 he
5'udiU In ;aimini A<twlo;y
traversed by the B, ahm. Gr ah. but ,hi, do u , e-o rn
to bave received l b. approbation of commenlaton . Some
. ay thai if the ,l a'ting Dalia Rasi i, <>dd, tbe order of
slInce'Sio" would be direct . 1f ;1 i; even , the order woul d
be in the reve, .., directi" n.
Eu rnple 22
Fin" , he S,M,,, n",,, p,rio"s in , he Slnndard H"ToJl;opt .
A. Brahm. Grah. Jupiter i . in Aq ua rin.,lhe 1st
D. ' . beg;n, f, om 11. 11 sign, t he dura tion being g y..... .
Th. n", l Do, run in 11. . {I,d. , of M n., M<, ha, elc.
as given below,
Fin l na'. Kumbha
Vrior bih
Db. nu.

, o o
c c
., 0 0
o o
s 00
1 0 II
c c
, oo
10 0
o c
, o o
96 00
91.. Tluilona D
Det ermine th. S1ro ngen Ollt Qf tb. Lagna. th. S,h and
the 911. . lbe fir" n an will Slart f rom iI, Th e order of
lo ="ioo ...ill be '" accordi oS a, tbe
'lI<linS Ra. i rere.. 10 Sa' ya Or Apa' a vya group. lr
rb, /kG. ' 0..,
101 D3>a R.,i ' efer, 10 Savya glOUp, lhen the ,ub"'qu,nt
D. , . ",ill " lce<ed (i n Ihe direcl order) in Ihe followin.
m. nnel: _
2nd D. ,. 5111 from h t
lrd 9th
4tll 2nd
SIll 61h
Mil IOlh
71h 3,d
8tll 7th
91h l l t ll
IOlh 41h
llih 81h
12th 12tll
Suppooe the fin t Dasa "arl> f,,,m Milhnn . The 2nd
D. , . would be th.t of I h 2nd Th/i kon. (lhe 5th). the
l,d U",. thai of Kumhha (9th) lhe 4th, th.l of Kark...ka
(2nd) and soon.
When the 6"1 Ra,; refers 10 Ap.""y. group, lhen
the lubocquenl 0 .... ,ucceed ju " mentioned above but
in the , eve"e order. Thu. if t he h t Du.. i, that of
Ka, katakl , the ),d Dasa would b. that of lhe 5th from
it (coun led a" ti d ock", ;, e).; ~ th.l of Meen a, tbe
tbird Ihat of lhe 91h (.iz., Vri,chika). the fo ur l b th.t " f
lhe 2nd ( Milbuna) and 50 on.
93. S p" of Tbo/x""" n ....
The . pan of a Thri koDl Da. a shuu ld be ascell i ined
by .pply;ng lhe me melbod is ,lon e in lhe ca' e of
Ch.r. U... . U . , by countin g in the dockw;' e or ant; -
dockwi.e di r'Cl;On (according a, Ra. i belongs 10 Savya
or Apa. avya grou p) th. numbe, " f R. , is intervening
bel"' ..n the R..i in que,lio n and lhe lord thereof. Tbu.
if th, Dasa p"iod of Cancer i. requi red and the MMn
S,.di in J. ;mioi
lord i. in Simh., Ca ne belong, to Apas avya group,
Consequently , he eoun, muil b. anti-cloekwise. The Mooo
occupie, ,he 12,h (n) and lhe,.for.lbe span of , he Da, .
would b. II years (n_ l ).
" :lImple 23
D,utmine rh, o,d., 'lIId dU,a/ian of TiI, ikono Pasa.
in the Sranda,d and Ho,oscape.
Out of Lagoa, ,he and 91h, "' e Ii nd the S,h Rat;
is the Slrongest as i,s num. rie.1 , lre ng, h i . 1S7. S unill
(E.ample The 1i"1 Th, ;kona D... must th fo, e
"art f rom K. n) l. Ka ny. belongs to Apa ' avya group ,
and the order of , uee e"i"n of D.,., is ..,'. r.., . The
span of nasa peri od, woul d b. the , .rne as in the c ..,
of Chari Da, " , u' lhe undelr)ing pr incipie i. Ihe ,arne.
The 1i,,1 Da ,a is ,hat of Kuy., tho 20d Iha' of Vri, habba
(the Si b f,om I<t recko ned eoo "...ely), the 3rd , ba, of
Makar a (' ho 9th), Ih.4tb thai " f Simha (,h. 2nd) and
reckoning ;n a ,imila r manne . w' .ould tabul.te lbe
0 1' "' as (01101"' :-
"" Pa'OJ in rhe Srondot d }forM,ope
Rosi YeaTJ
K. n) a 7 0 0
Vri' habba 7 0 0
M.karl 7 0 0
5imhl 600
"e,hl 6 0 0
Dhonu. 2 0 0
K. taka 3 0 0
M<eoa I 0 0
Vr i'ehilo II 00
Mit huna 0 0
Kumbna JO 0 0
Thull 2 0 0
Sub-p.rl<><l. in Thril;ooo 0 " 0
94 Sob-pi'rio<l. 10 Thrikooa Da,.
The duration of a ,<! i, one- I"",lflh of Ihe
dur ation or a major per iod. The order of , occession of
, ub_ period, would be j u, t .. lhe o'der of ,uccession or
Du ... If the Ra, i for whk h , ub_per iod. are requ ired
belong. to Sa_ya group. Ihe .ub_period' will . u,,,,,,.d in
the d;, e"t order, lhe first period l>e ing Ihat of the Da...
Ras i, the 2nd being tba t uf the Sth Rasi, lhe 3rd being
that of the 91h Ra, i. Ih. 4th being that of Ille lnd Ra,i .
t" ., reckuoed c1ockwi,e. ]( rhe Do, . R3Si for which
.ub_per iods art required refe.. t" Apa,avya groop. theo
al, o the abo," order hold. gQ<>d. but io Ihe .._er..
direetion. Tako for in"an"e Cance r. It belonp to
Apas avya s, oup. The fi" t sub_period would be that of
Cancer . Ihe 2
d would be tbM of Ihe 51h (counted b..k-
ward.) . Iz_. Pi "" the : rd oub-periud lbat of tbe
(couot ed vi: Scor pio and .... QO.
>o.., le l4
Ike .", b period, Itllke D<I.,a , of Dka"".
and in l he
Dhaou. refe" to Savya gro up. The reckoning there-
fore is in Ihe direct ordor. Tbe fi" t suboper iO<! woul d be
thai of Dhonu' . the 2nd Ih at of Mesha (the Slh from the
],1). Ihe 3rd tber of 5lmba. CIC., a , foll ows :-
Th. du ra tion of Dhanu. being 2y.aro ead sub_period
1..1S for 2 monlh.
S"b- per;c>ds in rke Thrikono D".,,, of Dk",," .,
Das" )-. m. d.
Ohanu. Dhanus 02 0
Dhanu. Mesha 0 2 0
do Si mha 0 2 0
do. Maka ra 0 2 0
d". Vri.habha 1)- 2 0
S'ndi" in h i mi n; Am"I. ..
d .
d .

Mit ho

Thu ln
y . m. d.
' " 02 o
z o n
Taking the I hrik" na Da,. or Ma kara . tl'e ' pan being
7 the dunli,, " or cneh ,ub-pcri<>d ..."uM be 0-7.(1,
A, Makar a 11 010n l:O to groop. lhe of
, ob_per iod, ,hould be in 'he reyerse order. The 6"1
, ub-pe, iod i. t hat of Mak. " " the 2nd lhat of Kanya (th e
5lh eounled backward, fro m the 3rd lha l of
V,i,habha and '0 on a, r" I1" ..., :_
'<;ub-pu;"dJ in the "Ihrikon. D.,. "f Makar.
DaUl Bhuk thi y m , d
Mak..a Makan 0 7 0
do . 0 7 0
do. Vri,h"hha 0 7 0
do, Dhan", 0 7 0
do. Mesha 0 1 0
do. Simhn 0 7 0
do. Vri hika 0 7 0
do , Knlaka 0 7 0
do. Meena 0 7 0
do , Thula 0 7 0
do. Milhunn 0 1 0
do . Kumbha 0 7 0
, 00
Varn. d. D. ..
Var noda Oa..
Thi, i, hl"' n , be rel ationship Lagna
and the Varnad a Lagn . We ba" a ltoady e.plained in
anide 22 bo,,"' fo calculale Varnado La gn . I n th. <a rne
man n... V. rnada> fcr the 20d, .nd ot her li b. ...
,[,ould be Icol a' cd. If 'he Lasna " od d, t b. ord., of
I)... would be di rect; if e.en . rover. e. Different com
mutat ors bave c.pre"ed differeo t opi oio n, a. 10 Ihe
sla rt ing and rec ko ning of Va rnada Du a a nd I do not pro-
p,,,e to deal with the' e con trove"i. 1 mall e.. i n a boo k
m. inl)' inte nded ror the ,todent. "f ..trol" gy. According
10 the Da. a mus t , ta n eith.. from Lngn. or from
Ho ta Lagn a whichever i' "r" n<r. 1 ta ke my due from
S'ma 16 of Pada 3 uf Ad hya ya I V in whic h Jaimi ni
,"gg..t, tha t Varnada Da.. . hoold ""mme nCe from
La gna . nd roo i n the d"e.t orJer if Lagn. i. a n odd
' ign, and f rom the 121h .od r Un io the revers e order, if
L'c,a i. a n eve n , ign, The counti ng of t be D.,a
. hoold als o be direct or otberwise dependiog opun Ibe
odd or eve. natore of the ' isir,g .i go. Th u. if Lagn. is
Me,ha aod Ihe Vat nado Lagna i. Kon ya, I hen Ihe I"
Vu n.da [) o, . woold be th.t of Mesh and its do rat;on
woold he 6 yurs. lb e di"ance cou nled d ockwi,. from
L. gna 10 Varnado Lagn . If, o n Ibe ot ber ba nd. tbe
Laina we re I" be Vris babba and Varuda l . gna Kanya,
then Ihe fi'" Varnado D. s. would be ' bat "r Mes ba, its
dorali". boing 8 y""" the di"aoce f' um t he 121b fro m
l a gna l u Va'llodl counted . Tbe 2nd
Va, oada ... i n the ca,e f>f an od d ,ign, WQold be t bal
"f the oec" nd Rasi, it s do ra tiun being "'lo ival enl to tbe
di. tance between La gna and the 2nd Varnado R..i
' echlned di, ec,ly. I n CI,e Lagna i, an eVen ';8n, t be 20d
DI " would be thl l " f 3rd R. si from La, na Or the 2nd
,n l, i",,"; A' ....o(ol1
Ra. ; (rom 121h (o unled in th. aOli-dod""e di'elion),
Ihe du rat;"n bein g the dist aoe io lerm, of sigos
l h. l agna and 20d Vu oada counl. d in lbe , . ,.",eord. r.
So mmi ng up, wh.n l agna is odd, tb. orde' of Dasa
wo uld h. dir.ct. The span of a Va rnada Da. a "'a uld he
l b. iOI. r, al b.t"",.n Lagoa a nJ tbe Varnada nnccroed
io ,h. dir.ct otd.r .... heo lh. Lagoa i, odd. Wb. n l b.
l agna is .'.n, the orde r would b. , ,,", .,,. and the
d urat ion ofVarnada Oua ....ould be .qui'al.m to l h.
int na l bel"'.eo th. 121b (from l agnn) aod tb. Varnada
in qutslion counled bach,a, d,.
s 00
12 0 0
the Standa'd
"Sl m, le
j ,,,, Vo, nada Da",. in [)ere, mlne a
Ho, osrop.,
E' a mpl. S giv t b. Var nada l agna as Sagittarius
a nd 2nd Va' oada_ a' Vri, babha. Sine. Janm. l agna is
e' . n. lhe order of Oa , a is coo,. ... and lbe cou ot ing will
b. from tb.12lh, i. . Me. ha. Thr fi"t Var nada Du a
i ' tbat of Me, ha (lb. 121b From Vri, ba bba). Counti ng
f' om lbe 12th from Ja nma l agoa 10 Var aoda (io lb.
reve" e ord) ..... gel S u th. span of Varnada Da' a.
Si mila rly. lh. 2nd Da, a "' ill h. (hat of Th. 2nd
Va rnada i, Vri'ha bh... . Couoling rrom t he 121h fro,n
laoma l agna tn V,;,babha, Ih. , ign or 2nd V"nada ......
g. l 12 a, l be do, a, ion o f Met o" Varooda.
.. M. ' ba Va. na da
Mr . oa Var nada
Wi. 8, .h.. . n asa
If Lag oa i, odd. lb.n l he Da,a <00101. 0. from
8 ra bma Ra, i and l h. o'der of , oc....ion i. dir",,\' If
l agna i , . n l h. Dasa comm. oces fro m the 7th f rom
Dra hma Raoi aod l h. o rd of , o"...ion i. io the ""." .
ordn. The 'pan or a l h .., jr r<: sp<cl i,-. of the ",clt' of
.u,c."i Qn boing di, e" or indirocl , is equ; ,'. lu { to the
" " mber ofR.,;, ;nl ",ven mg t>elw..n lh. Ra, ; i" que' t;on
and lh. Ra, ; "' bere , h. blh lord from l bt cODc<:r""d Ra. ;
i . , il"aled. In <as. where La gna is Mesba and Bra ho,"
i. in Vri,cbika, Mars Kany lhe , uccc..ion
of n ... , would he dire, l fro m B,""' ma Ro, i, a, Ih.
I.agn a i , odd. A. 'be 61h lord fro m V, i,,-hila, 11, .
, Laning Da' a, i> lh. 11til from Vr j>< nika , lhe .pan of
V Da ' a wou Id he J J _ I 10 yea " ,
The d j" ;"cl ion t>etween Slhi, . [) . , .. and lIu bm.
Do, . is , hoi in lhe fo,mer ' cheme, Ih" p<, i"ds . r< fi.ed.
though f,o'" Brah ma, .,hile the IOller no
doubl CUll"" ' ""'" from Brohroa or the 7<h from it . hUI
,he peziod, ,,r. ,.. ;abl .
EU lnpJe 26
Find the Brahma Dasas in Ihr St anda"J lIMQSCQpt .
T t,e alaa i, Vri, habh. an e. eo sigo. Brahm. is ,n
Kumbba. Therefore Ihe fir>l '1r. bm. Da.. commences
f, u'" Simh. (lhe 7, h fJOm il ) an d run. in t he .n'(-
c1od", i" order . ';: " Simha. Kalaka, etc. l 'h. lord
fm m Simha , . ;.' . Sani i. in the I Hb from Simh . Hence
Ibe period o f 5imb. DRO. is ( II- I) .. 10 ye. " . The lord of
,he 61h from Ibe nex, Da' a Rasi. iz" Jupiter i. in lhe 8th
f, om Cancer , Hence Ih. Dasa of K. rka lak. e"en." for
7 ye.". Similarly COMidoTed for Olber Ra , is, '.. 8el the
following spans , -
Brahma Va,rus j " Ihe S tandard H<>ro= pe
5imba 10 0 0
Karkataka 7 0 0
Milh aa 4 0 0
Vr;, babh. 7 0 0
Mesha 1000
Mala, a

II 0 0
a 00
t o u
12 0 0
I I 0 0
s 00
Sume are of opiniun ' hat in Ih. >onling of tbe . pa n,
di , ect and o'de hould be (ollowed a<curding . ,
the i . O<!d OT even .
'n, On, .
The fi"t Da'" OlarlO from t he l agn. 0' tne 7,h
"' bien, vel" is '{fonger. The order or P .." , ocee"i"n
"ould he direct or <Onve" e accordiaB01 the Ro'i of Ibe
Slarti ng na.. i , odd o r .\,<;0, The du,ation of the
Yoga,dha (h'a of a Ra. ; is hal f the ' um of il. Ch... and
Stb i.. no,. periods.
Ru mple 27
Find 1M orda amI d","lion of Yogo,Jha In the
o r the Lagn a and the 7th, i , stronger beea"'"
Vd , h. bb. , {Nal stre. gth i. more than that " f V, h ebi' . ,
Therefor. the fir>! Vogat dha Da,. " "old be th.. of
V'i , habha. As the R..i " fl he l SI D.,a i. even, Ib<or dor
of ,u<;ce"i"" "ould b< '" 0';., Vr i. babha, Mesh. ,
clc. The dural;on o f Vrhh lbha Oasl is 1
(Cbara Da.... ,,( Vrisblbba . Sl bira DI U "f Vri,nabna) .
j( Yrs, t 8_ 0-0) = 7\ yea ".
Simila.l y " .."ned, lb. foll" win ar.lh. oSafdbl Da, as
and lhei' du'alinn : _
\i ri, ,,. bba
Thu la

Simh a
Ka r ka lala
Mlt honn
y _m. J.
" 0
" 0
, 00
, 00
, 00
, 00
, 00
, 00
. 00
- o 0
50 0
. 00
0 0
Some ,chol." hold that in co, . or women, tb. n....
mu, 1 alway. common,'. (", m lh. 71h ir..." pocti o f
wh<lhr La go. Of th. 7th " ' Ho nger.
9H. Ni.y. ... Sui. D
Co n, idera bl. ;rnpo ll a nce ;, gi " II> ,Ilj, ,yUem of
D.,. by otudont. o f h im; ,, ; Astrology. F.. pla nu ion>by
commonl.lnn are vagu e as 10 \h. "'<llIod and ,<ope
o f calculuiDl\ Niryao. Sui. Dasa. I am lll. ,. fore giving
t he muS! popular me thod. If lhe l agD' i .00 odd ,igo,
th. D.-.must "orl fr um La gna . If l he LagDa I. a D<\'00
sign, t h. D. .. st art, from I". 7th . The order i. d i'ocl or
. ,-cordillg as lhc La gD" i . odd o r ."cn. The
du,at ;on <>r cach Du o ;' 9 ye....
Cd/ culal.
l: nmplc 28
Ni' yalt<f S" l a na,a
,' , S'tJl/oord
The Lagn,. Tauru. is <vcn,
Th. D" Inn, 1 start from l he 7th, vi: . , Vri , ehih and
, lin in th fe ver,. o,d." ./z., Tbola. elc. The 'pan of
Das a " 9 yeus . The fol lowing;< l h order , C. : -
Vr i.c bi ka 9 0 0
Tb" l,. 9 00
K anya 9 00
Simha 9 0 0
Kalak,. v 0 0
Mi , huua 9 0 0
V.i , habha 9 0 0
Mh,. 90 0
Ma na 9 0 0
Kumhha 9 o 0
Maka , a 9 0 0
Dh Ll n. 9 0 0
108 0 0
99. i'oirJau Pho l. Sula D...
Th;, i. cmplo)'w mosrl y for prl iCl, ng lb. o.ti".' .
deal h. The dural ion "r eac h Dasa i. 9 yca,.. h ,t .rls
flOm lhe 7t h fro m Maraka R.,i aDd . ucceed. di rect ly or
eonve""ly accordi ng a, l agn. i , odd Or .'.n and
Marah i . to happen ",h, n l he P a' a ,uebn lb.
Marak. Ra;,i, which ;1 ~ n r l l y dou when 'h e ~ e i .
(r(lm 54 tn 63. li enee in aClllal practice it c. nnot .,.,
applied 10 PUrna)'U ho,o>cop,,",
100, Oth D ,
There arC quite a numb.. or Da oa. d"" ll wit b by
Jaimi ni ouch a' Mand uka Dasa, Nak ,haIJa Da'a, Shu la
Da,a, DTUg Oa, a, el L, w"i<: h I do no t propo, . to
wilh i n lhe course of Ih.,e -"rudin. Para, ara has
a numbu (If Da,., bul (lnl y Iwoi , . . Vim,holt ari and
A,blnll ar ; are in ou l oflhe.. , wo, ' he mm,
popular i, of cnu,se lb. Vim. boll a,; , Similarly wit b
rel\ard 10 h imini. thougb lbe Sage deal. wi' h a
Dumber of Da, as, . om. l im ea. ually hinling Ibal a pard.
calar Da...y. tem should b. applied for maki ng
predicl ions perlaining ' 0 a parlicu lar Bhn a. C:hara O.,a,
Th rikon a Oa.. aDd Sl hi,. D. , . , when prop.,l y >!udi.d
ond nnders lood, should .nabl. us 10 pr.dic, al m(lSlal1
e"nl . /I i' for <lud. "ts wil h an ben' of
mind 10 appl y Ihe Da' " and pick oUlln. be" 'Dd
Ibe mos l ,ali, faclory 00 .
o"ql OIU! Ow ,.. q lU!W'er po"oUm
' poqlow u. 'UO!peJ""" 'II!'"
1<01 01 OO!,-,,,O ' 'II >Avq ] ' I. p o" ," 041JO
0 Inq lId ov, "!tD! . r ' 'II lIu JO uopul""OJd
I.JOI!! e 10. OIu p!p nlS ''"'II lU41 , ..peo, p,,!wOJ 01
Ow ,oJ , nonOJOdM ' ! II ' , e, o' .," 'oJ oodo pO!l"
oq ' uo, oldo 0lqtDnq ,{W U! 'q, !q.", 'Uldpu!,d "'0'11
uof JO 0" " ' 0.' ''1' 041 01 JP''\w ..v4 , ' . o>I vd
", oql ur u,)[,oJoo" 01 1001'01'
puo OO! lel u. " , d JO V Ol ,\piUIWO" "Oldoq,
"'OJoM!p U! '"rn' oql h !l' !p
_>J d 'OJ ' OOll UO!qwo" j O ' ""wnu 'oq !UIW!Ur
' P"q"' llI ' ,! " i Ull Or ' l O]
-,(Iolo, n" v "11 1ej OJIrJO UO!le. np
014. qo,d " 11 olod!_' !IU. 0' '00 0lqull' plno." .uO"..",,I<Ip
u' uq""O , qu-n/d UO!,OUI ,uto,.p 'u III 'OJ " In. "poql" "
OAf P , po,d 0'11 JO ,,!p .,d UI " ' 1" 0" 01
wOO'; ' poqiOw re, ,, uw, q,uw 04110q u" ," ' 1"" IUW
-'410W 'u If o", n o" I" p" d "poq lOw ro, ,,,s ' l , en 01
)nO p, uq 0 000" "'. "'1" .v q OOIIOUIUl ,"I'p
0!10..... " 0 ' 01
,(I! Hll uo-, J O UOflIl U!IUHI.J()
1.1 IHJ.JYH:)
Oilier..' Term. 11
~ i n ",bicb for tbe .ake of con", nience, I would call
A. Band C.
10) . Ter m. of 1,"'Xc. ilf
All o' troloxical ,..iler. divide Ihe 'pan of buman lif..
inlo lhree distinci nllegori , ./ ., Alpa, Madhya aod
Oe. rxha o. ,hort Iofe, ",i ddle lifnd lonxlife r""pectively.
BUI the I..rm, allotted var y "ilb regard 10 differeDt autho,,"
llu, lh.. mmt commonly a epled term, for P"'pos of
application of J.imini are: Alpoyu UplO 32 yoar. ,
Madhyayu ) 3 10 M yea.. . nd Oeerghayu 6S 10 100 ye.".
164 MelllUd On,
Three ..,10 of two f. <to,. eoc'b are employed for 0..
<ertain ing longe.ity . They at. :-(al l ord, of l ogn. and
8th, (b) Lagno and Ihe Moon ond (c) Lagno an d fj ",.
Lagn .
l OS. A IpoYII
Shorl life i. indi<.,ed if 0111 of IWo fac!o" of a set
(ar t. (04) on.. i, in Ch <a and the olber i. io Owi, .... .
bh (b ) if botb are in Slhi, a. (e) and if on.. i'in
Owi, ,,,abh ' a and ,he ol ber i. in Chara. The TOckQnin8
,b ould be mode in r"' peci of . 1I Ihe three , e.. of facto...
Tbe term of longevilY for Alpayu i , 32 years.
106. Modhyoy"
Mi ddle lire or Madbyoyu is iOdicat ed if ou t " fl he
I"' '' roctotS (al <>De i, in Cb.r nd Ibe o,h., i. in Sthira,
(b) one in S, ni'a ond Ibe olbe r in Char. or (c) bol b in
D...iswabhO"a, Tbe reckooing ,bould be mode in ,e'pecl
"r ail the l br... ..,to "ffaclors. The lerm or Madbyayu i,
64 y.."
S, odle. in J.imi . ; ...",.loU
107. Purua)"
Thi. is cau'e<!, if of ,b . ' ''' '' facIo.. (oj bol b are in
Cbat a, (h) One i , i n Slbir. and Ibe ol b. r ;o n ", j. wabb a,
and (oj One in Dw;.....bbHa and t be ot ber in Slbi. Th.
reckonin g ,hould be made in ' peCl o f all t he three ,.1<
o f facl o n , The l erm o f Pu, na yu i, co nsidered \0 be 130
by , Orne and 120 by nih. .., Bot ...e pru p",e ,<> consider
[00 ) Uh for purpo'" of ill." ,ating h imi n; 's pri nciple.
1011 1I. '(IIId lin.!: C"",u dictn, y 1I"h.
I f t wo or . n,b. l br.. "'" of faclou reveal , he ,arne
ler m of life, lben it IIlU" b. accepled. If eacb sft r. "eal.
diffe,ent ,er m" l hen preference sho uld be gi'en 10 l he
lerm of life denoted by l agna and Hot. l agoa. U.
b",", e, er, ", hen l h r d ifT"."1 ' er ms are obl. ined. and
l be Moon ; , in o' l he I l h, l b. t" m o f
ind ica ted by Lagna an d the Mo"'" , bo uld be profe" cd.
Call t he lon g"ity obla i" .d accordi ng 10 l bi. mel hod
a' A.
JI)II . Ca luJolion of Ln<l Loallt'i1y
Afl" oscerla;ni ng l he ter m o f li fe_Alpayu, Madbyay u
Or Pur nayu- to " bicb a patl icular nal ivit y be long. , l he
eU Cl n umbe r of yu rs ca n be calc ula led l b us. If , uppo"
i ng Mudby. yu i, indical ed , l he full 1Crm o f66 yea u is
gT. nl ed, pr o. ided lbe lo rd. of La gna a nd l he R, h are al
lbe beginning o f l he re,pective sign, oc cupied by t hem.
If .ho,,'e".. t he y bappen 10 be in Ihe laS! degree o r l he
Ra, i, co n("Cr ned. th ey give ,.,0 yea" in t he t.. m a nd
du t h may take a l t he o r Alp. yu. a re
i n t be inlCfme<! iate po.i tion . Ibe yea .. ginn by lhe",
should be a.cer tained . epa, a lely b y r ule o f three The
sum o f t he yearo gi ven by t he two faclo rs ( lord' o f Lagna
aDd the 81h) di vided by 2 w" uld ~ l be actual number of
yea " gained in t bat particula r category o f Ayu rdaya O'
\on,i\ y.
Suppo, . Purn a yu i, indicated and tb. lo,d. o f I.a gna
and 'be 8th a re in 2, and 12" re ,pec, ively in the . pee_
Ii sigO' occupied by r!>em. The lord of l agu i, , e_
moved from ,be firs, po int of l b, , ign I>y 25' a nd at ,h,
rat. of I ,1 }"" peI d, gre" l be r,ducr;"n duc 10 hil po,it;on
would be 2S I ,1 ~ 27,5 yea n. Thi. i. as good as , a ying
t har be ", i ll Si )' 5 ( 33_ 27_5) }""" a, hi. q uota i n , h.
ler m of Pur noyo. Similarly, t be lo rd o f the 81h.
t>rtn removed f rom l be beginning of \h, , ign conc-ol nf'<!
by 12", 'he ,eduction du, wou ld be 12 x 1"1= 13-2 ye"".
0 , the ~ l lord giv... 19' 8 (3)- 13-2) yea.. a' hil quota.
The act ual quo la given by l ~ two lor d; is t he mea n
of l he , urn of the yu" 'epara l<ly giYen_ Here , he act ual
198 . ) 5
quota wo uld be ----"2 '- - = 12'65 yean. Thj. mu,! he
added !o 66 from which Pu, na yu "an, and 10Iai length
of life wo uld he 66 . 12'6$ 0 7865 yea".
Il l) , S. mmar y
The foll owing fo.mulae fad li!.le ' al cula liou oflhe
e'act pe riod o r longe vil y ' _
Alpa)u ' \3"-x) " 1 1
Madhyayu , /1 ' PO-x) , I
Pn' nayu , t> . {30- xl _ 1' 1
( where x " Long. of the planel Myoid of ,i gn. ,
~ _ te rm or Alp"yu " nd b , lum ur Madhyayu).
I ll , M. lbU<l T....
( <I) Find uut 11.. '''ODg", o r the lord, of the 811.
from Lagoa and Ihe 811. from lhe 7'1.. Aceording a, lhe
lord is io" Panapa, . 0' Apol lima. the 'e' m of
Iif...."uld long, medi um or shorT. (".11 the longevity
obtai ne d acrording to , bi. method a. II .
112. 'rb ...
APf'l y , h. abo,. rOll i n , peel of the . Iro nge, of l b.
lo rd. of ' he 8th from A,m aka.aka and Ihe St h f, o m lb.
7l h f, om At ", . kara h and a",.,l ain l h. ' erm "r lif. Ca ll
the lonfevi lYobtai ncd as C. If, h"weve r, (lo. Al mal.raka
occupk.lI'. 9th from I.. goa, Alrayu beeo n,", P",nayu
and .ice >. ..." bul Madhya yu 'emai
There " . '"He'll"" in Il l, Pada 2. Ibal in Jel.,mi n_
ins Innge v;ty . the La go ' and Arm. lat ah . hould a l", be
con sidef ed in Ihe ume . ' lagn" ao J Chandra.
113 Ob... u tl ono
A. ;n Para,a,i, q uite . number of nletbod. nre giHn
by Jai min; for ..cona'ning longevity. Th"e is no binI
an ywber... 10 tb. ' U;Ta bllit y or ol h"I<'i,. uf .ny
method uod. r '0' p. rt ic" l.. boro",ol'ic
condition, . It lX: ' U" \ 0 n'. tbererore that from. p,"'lj .
cal poi nl o f "i. w, t he fo llo wing p r"". du re m. y be.dopte d.
F ind OUl l b. lerm, of lire . cco rd ing 10 A. Il .nd C,
and declar. t ha t term wbich i, .....led by l h. maj oril Yof
Thu, if MnhoJ One re a], Al pa yu,
M" hoJ 1'''''0 ' ls and ,li e/hod Torr..
Ma dbydyu, ,h. ,nd\i h" H m. , b..,d.
L 2 . nd l ' .>eal differ.nt I<rm,. ,h.n ...ign A, B 0' C
acco' di ng lhe H.."a Lag". , Logn. o r A'mokat dka
i' l he 't ron g.M,
114 Kak, bo Vriddhi
T hi, m<. as t he inr,.a",.,f '.rm o flong ity. Alpayu
be<.oming l.\ a dbya yu, and Madhyayu hreoming Pur nayu,
t s
I .,. Co ndition. ror " a kob. \ ' ,iddhi
The re will be Kah ha Vriddh i whe n a ny Doe o f t he
fo llo wing condition, are pto.ent. (0) The LaSO" a Dd the
7th have been ; n be, ween benches, (bl At m. _
hr.l. and lhe 7th from A'mako,. ka aTO hemmed in be l.
ween bellehes. (c) When benefic r.pre-enl i n I.ogo l or
Ih. 7th 0, i n . Triko na r. o m t hem. (d ) When benefic<.r.
wilh OT in t he Tr i k.;ma& (' <>I ll him. k ) Who"
Ihe being . benefi c is Dol "chili, .,.d bot i
hed o r i , "i,h ma lefics . ( I ) When Guru hu benefic.
,,0 .ilhor ,iJe, <>t in Trilonas. (tl WI,en Jupi '.r i . in
l.ago. (H the 71h. of malehe or . ..oci. -
116. K. koh. li ra, .
Thi . mun, a par ' icol. , ,e,m <>r long";lY being
reduced \0 l he 0<'1 lo we. Doe, lh u. Purn_yu
MaJ byayu a nd Madhyayu becoming Alpayu.
117. Coodillon. for "abba Hr a..
There will bt Ka k>ha Hra>a, (0) ",hen eilh.. l h.
INd f rom l a gna or lh e 81b l<>rd from ' he 71h btcome. o r
JOIn. l he Alma karah, ( b) wheo La gna aod lhe 71b are
hemmed in beIW" ma ldic, o r h... malefic< di'poo<d i o
Tri kona. , (c) when Aunahraka Of l he 7l h from Al ma
laraka i, bell'..n malefic> or hag ma ler. c> di,po.ed ' n
Trine., aDd (d ) when Almakua ka beiog a "'aldic i,
debilil ated ur '>I""ial ed wil b ma ldie<.
118, Ka.1 \' , iddb!
Th; . "'tan. i ocrea. e of loogevity by a R..i, If 1M:
place. ,uggeued f" . benef,c. ro. Kak' ha Vr iddhi ; n
art. 11$ are occupied by f ull Moo n o r Vuu>, then t h.,-e
will be increase <>r lungevily by ooe Ra. i Duo.
119. R. d II... .
Thi, m. an , t h. dec r of longevit y by o n. Ra. ;
D... . R..i Il r..a will M ca u' ed wh.... Sani oc cupie, t '"
place ugg.,l. d fOf ma re6c, for K. h ha Hra. a.
F.uml'l e 19
;-"nd out t he longe"it y in t he Standard Ha"' .loope.
Mrlhod [,
m Lo rd. o f nnd 8t h are in Owi. ,..ahb. ..
and Sthira ; hen Purnayu,
(il) l agn. a nd lb. Mo on are i n Stbi.. and Chara_
(U1) l agna and Ho r" l agna are St hi.. and Cbara _
': the ,arne lCfm, .iz. Madhyayo by 1'0' 0 ..h
of fact o," i, i nd icated, aecept lt ,
Th. huro,n ,pe be long, to Madh ya yu .a"gury' (AI.
Method ] ,
l ord of 8t h from Lagna i., Jopiler.
Lord of 8t h from 7t h i. Mercu' y.
J up;tCf ;' more pOlS'er ful th.n Mercu, y accordi n8 to
Ra,i lIala.
J up it.t oc cup ies a Kendra .
. , Tcr m o f U fe _ Pur na yu : (8) .
Mn h<>d 3 :
Lo, d of 8th fro m A'm. k.. i. !\olercUt y.
lord of 81 h from the 7th fr nm At mak a, aka _ J upil' "
J upiter i, Ino re pow. rfnl than Mor eu, y.
Ju pi ter him. elf ;. At makal aka and i. in a Kendra
from l agna.
. . Ter m ( C) .
Al mabra ka i, not io the 9t h fro m 1"'lIna. Ilence no
fUrl!;er . o" e. tion i, n ..,,,a r y.
R. du" ion.
- (a) A'mal3raka i, a h... lic.
( b) Alm.h,.l d ;. Guro hio" ,l f.
: _(<1) The 8,h lord f, om Logna i<At makara k.
( h) lagna and 7, h he mm,d 10 b, ,,.., n

The hor o.cop. belong. 10 ' he calegory of " "roayu
., rvealed by 2 and ,t,
Thor. j. ne;' ber Kab ha Vriddhi nor Kal <ha li ra,.
hecau.e hero" for . n<1 .g.lin>! coun,orbal.nce ,"ch
olh " .
1M , Remark.
In II lhe various me' hod, of Ion det.rmi-
n.,ion, due an. n, ion .hould nece..ari' y b. 10 lhe
lIenorol ."englh !' f lhe horoscope. Mark fOI in"an,'. ,he
" rong dispo. " ion of A,mahra1a in 'he S..nd.,d Ho,,,
cope, li e i, in Kendra fro m Lagn. "od i, 'he ,!fong"l
plaoer in ,he hOlo , cop, bot ome of ,he , ,, eng,h of ,he
R....i he is io. Wh. n lhe Almakora ka is." "rongl y p",i-
ma"er, ",ha' ." be l h. " , h.. f>e' ''u, ' he naliv.
",ill bave full hfe ,
I ll. I he Main " ..i<>li nj' Dealh
A number of comh;n.,ion , have hoen menlioned for
predi" ,ng Ihe probah le , ime of dU lh, Some ,cbola" ...
ofopinion , hat any of , h. [la, m.ntioned by h imini
could he p. " .j d.,d 00' is tbO' oogh ",j' h tho
' hnique. Sti ll olhe" hold , hal only Shul. Dua ,h ould
be made u.. of foJ predicl ing b. Th. re ; .0.1;0 a
. chool of lhough, accord, ng 1o ,,'hi, h Navam, a [l asa ao d
Stbira Da ,a ,hould 0100. be .mploye<l for pu'""se, o f
a, co"aioing p.,iod. II ;. our p."ona] View, and
lhi' may be take n for wha l it i, won b, thaI in de, ermining
Morala, Slhi,a Da ,a and Shul a Du a may b. lri ed with
fair chance' of suc ces.. I five belnw some ""teet Jlrin-
cipl.. bearing on M. raka del ..mi"at ion,
(a) If tbe 7t n from Atmakarala or Lag,, " i' occllpied
by SUurn, Rabn or Kern, de.tb occur. in tbe 1st, 2nd
nr lrd part r>ft bc di vi,io
coneerned , Tba l i> when the
le'm of life is and 7th i'oc,upied by,
d.ath can happ.n;n the h t pi ll " f if Raho
i , in the 71b, in Ihe 2nd part of if Ket u is
;n Ine 7th. in the Ihird part . Tbi, prinC;Jlle i, .ppli<able
10 all Ihe Ihree term'.
(1)) Deat h i. likely in tne Da..' of Ra'i ' wbk h bappen
I" be T' ikona " the bou, e.
(c) When Satu rn i, in , b. 8t h. deatb be antici
pated ; n t ne D "ftbe Mh It i. Here tbe rorerence i, to
Ib" Nava"". D .
(J) If lhe Ra' i ba' m"ed I. . .. of
beoetics as wen U of ml lelie' , death i. likely in the Da..
of the 8t h Ra, i.
(ej Death bappen, In the D... of a deathinft icting
R..; (in Sthira D...) provided the ,.id Das. f.l1. witbin
th. , err' " of lire fi.e<! for the "ati". Th us if a per""" ha.
Pur" ayu and dea th_Inflicting Ra. ; D" a rul before
commenceme.1 of r ur na)'u ter m, the" do. th does not t. l<
(j) Deatb i' .b" po"ibk in the Dos. of I Ra' i (I )
t hat i. hemll'e<! in between m.lefic. ; an.1 (iil t h.t ha.
m. lefi c. di'p"..,d In the 8th and 12tb fru m it
(g) Deal h may happe n in the: Da' . of ,h. 8th or 12th
R..I provided it i' devoid " f aspect . of plan.u other thin
weak Moon and Venu.
In) If mal.fic>or Rudr. ;, in th. 8t h 0' 2nd from
l.agn Mo" n or At makl<l h , death take. plac. in th.
Oa," " f the Rui prev;,, " , Ie tb. Il l" " f lh. d. alh .
inftiet ing Ra, i.
(i) Deal b i, al ,o po..ible i" , be Da'a ofl be gtb RI
from SO" . nd Venu,.
(j), e" r nd, (rom Ilr. bm. 10
M ollO. ... . ,. (.cco,ding 10 St biro D.,a).
(A) Dealb i, .1'0 likely io lhe Dasa "flhe Ra.; held
by R"d, .
(/ ; Dea'h . a " ai' " li ke pl",'e Iu l b. D." (...ord,ng
I" Sl hlr. .. ..ckoning) of l h
RI occupied b)' M. b..
.... " , ."d in l he Anta rd , o( 1<1. SIb I nd 91b R..i,
from l he Ra, i beld by ,h. lord of 8,h from ...... , .
(m) The ,lIonge" of the lord of ,he Jrd, 6' h. an d
n ,h r",m Al maka ra kl become< l he ml raka and dcal h
ta ke. pl. .. in ' be Oa", of lhe R. , i beld by him,
(n) Wben I wO or ' hree lord. as per . b<>H become
m. r. h_. <hoo.e l he One ,dlO 11.1, 1 fh .. , l he D"o
o[ Ra, i occopied by him) i ppropriale lo the t.,m,
of life That i" If ,upp""ng l hr.., 11. ..1, become m. raka, .
all bei ng equal In " renglb . The nal ie h.. Purn, yo,
Suppo, . Ihe Da,a nf 2 pla"e" <"me hefore PUTnayu and
Ih' l of olh dormll l he <00' of p", n.yu . Then
M. ra k. ...ill be Ihe It a. ; ... .. D..a fall, wil hin l he
POTU. yo 'P D.
122 The Sal>-perio<l of De' l b
(a) I" l he . our.. "r . Da, a, deal h . an be
brou ghl aboot In , he ,ub O"a "f ,he SlT" nll", 1 " f Ihe
lord 0[ 61h, 2"d a nd 121h fro m Alm. k. rah , In l be
, ob pedO<! O(lhe lI. a" by .oeh pl. "el.
(h ) In lhe 11.., 1 oecup" d by Rudra.
In rhe minor periods "flhe NaYam,. Ra,i, held
by I"rd of M. ra k. R..I and l he tilh l herefrom.
Suppo, e M.rak8 R. , i i, Cance,. The lord of th l_,
a nd lhal of lhe bl h f rom il . re l he Moon and Jupiler
r..p""I ;ely. they " e in Mecna and Thola
S,uojie, in himinl Awolo"
Navam, . , respeClively. Then in lh. Maralo na'a con
..,.,' ned, dUlh can bappen in lhe ,ob.period, of M<c:Da
and Tbola.
123. CerlliD ExpIJO<I '
When lhe Dwa,a and a ahya Ra, i, are affi icled. d. alh
taLe' place in Iheir own N"am.. n a,a,
When l b. 8tb lo, d f'om Lagna i, eU lled, Ibe'e will
be a gain of One N" am. a R..i Da, a, Ie. 9 }'.a". In
, ucb a d rcum,tanc., d.ath Uk.. pia."" in Navam,a Da, a
or Ra ,i . , ",-hieb are in a lt ikon l from lord, of Li gna and
SIb Dr in lh. Nava m,a Daoa o( lhe R..i occupied by lh.
Eumple 30
De,.,,.,I.e the Maraka /las / In Ihe Sta ndard HMoscope.
Applying Ih. pJlnciple. given in arl id .. 121 and 122.
(bl The n iLon
Rasi 0 Hlh hou," are Dhanu, .
Me' ha and Simba. De. ,h is lik.l y ;n lhe Pa,a of the
uronges toflbelhrcc Ra, i" viz nhanu , (v;de. Ex IS) ,
(j) Ta u,u. i, hemmed in between matefic. . H" nce
Tau ru, i. at. o a death inft ieting Ra ' ;.
Dh anu, has a malefi c di,posed in lh
8th. Hen"e it
i. a deatb. inft icliog Ra,i.
(g) n.lth may ha ppen io Ih. Da'a of Dhlnu, (8t h
RI , i) Dr Ari (12th Ra. i) but a, Ari i. " "t de,'oid of
a.peCl< ofptanel< other thau weak Moo n and Venu s (1. , _,
i , I , p. cted by Jupi' er, Su n and Mcur y) i. ,aDDoLCau.e
Mar aka,
Dhn nu. i, dovoid of a,pee" (except thal nf Salurn)
but i. a"oeiated ",ilh Venu' , Hence il acquire' MaraLa
power .
(I) KanI a and Kataka are also dcath. iDOicling Rasi , .
Stud;", ill Jojmlnl ......otoa:r
fa,lIer will be Iong-Ijved if lbe Pilrukar ah aDd Ibe 9tb
f,om Ar "dba Logo. ore nol afflicted .
132. B,olben and SiSler,
The lbird no" 'e f rom Up"pad. rule, younger brolbe.,
and ,i Sl. " ami tb Ievutn hoo, e from Up. pad.. rulu
elder b' OIb.., aDd , i'lers. TI' ere ", ill be of
brotbers ift h. 3, d Or Il lh Upapad. Lagn. (u, lord
of Upapadol are o"cupied hy Raho and Soni .
The molher ",ill bo'-. abor lion, if tl,. 3rd Of I lib
from Up.pad. or iii lord is occupied by Venus. Tb.
p."O!l will bave a Dumber of brot be.. ..nd . islen ,( M....
l upiler . nd Ihe Moon >lrc in lhe I llh .nd 3r,J b"uses
(, ,, ,,, Up.pado '" in lo. d. TIl< elder brOlher "' ill die if
IILe I l lh f ",m Up,t pada or ," lord i, pt'cl ed by S. tur n
.nd Mars. If lbe hOUse afflICted i, Jrd. Iben ' be
yo"nll'" brolher "' ill die. Maro in 'be Il ib ur l rd (, ,,, n
Up.pad. 0 ' ils IOf d. "JI(clcd by SaI",n . will c.. Ibe
death "r all br"then. exce pt ing lhe oalive. The 1'<''''''
'vill b"e elder", ynuDg<r . i'I<" aceordu,g as the I , 'h or
3r d fWIIl Up. pad. L, occupIed by iu lord or Kelu.
N" due i. gi,-m r", a,cenain ing lhe . el u..1number of
brolhe.. and , i,le" . Obviou , ly ",. have 10 ra il on lhe
general p, inc1ple. an d judge the !lumber I.\; 'D$ iOlO con
, iderl ti"n Ihe no..m'''' lllin! by th4 3, d and Il ' h bhl ""
or Bb' '' lrukoraka.
En mplr 36
Jlldg, ..",u I', " ,,'ning to partnu and bro,h",. ,mJ
,i.,,.,. in S'andDrd Hora. copt .
[' I ,.., t. :_ Pi" uh i, Sun.
M. lruko, . h i. Merc ury.
Th. 9,b fron, Arodha LOllna ;, a. peel.d by Saturn . ' w, 1I
U by V<:n u, . wbile Pilruk...t . him",l f i . " ,,"e' ed by
lJ......da lnft uo. c..
Kuj a, Kul u, Rah u and Chandra. Pilt ukarak. Sun i,
....i, h Atrnakara ka. may be said 10 be fairl,
well " Iuated . The falher died when the wa, aged
about n.
The 4th f.otTI Arudha i, con. iderably amicted by beiD,
occupied by Kuja . nd Kel. "Dd "reeled by Tbe
evil i, tempered , liglbtly by the ..peel of Rudba ODd Gur u.
Matrukoraka Budha;, equally alll icied by I,i, ,i tU"lion in
tbe Stb bou. e from Arudha a.. d by beinll a.peeted by
Kuj a and Ke'o. Tbe death of the mot ber occurred in lhe
O"a of Thul a (Shoo la 00' 0). Mark the fact of Th ula
.. the 4th rro m A.udha La, na beinl afflleled .
Ilrolh...- Bhrauukarah i. Mooo. The Up.pada
Lagoa i, Me,bo Tbe lhird from it i. occup ied by malefic
Satur n aod the 11th by a I>cnefic ond "'"0 malefic Ue
had one elder brot h" ,,-ho prede<-ea"d lhe nat i,c (lhe
lltb lord Itim. df i, Saturn ).
133. Marr iage
In Ihe affa;n <>f ", a.,iase acco rding to J aimini,
tbe ' 1..ling POinl is the Upapada. And all the following
combinat ion. ha"e ref.. I" Ihe Upapada. lIut ....e are
al, o ..ked to con " J er the 2nd and 7th house' and lhei.
lord. from Upapad. a' well .. Da ra. ..aka. The wife 0'
hu,band wi ll be hand..,"'e and dome' t icated if tbe 2nd
hou,e i, occupied by bcnefi co or has a pr<dominance of
benefi c .bad.a, pas or Jupiter .nd lhe Moo n occupy Ih.
7th from Karak. m. a. Tbe ...ife ,orne. froID ' . e. peet able
or low famil y acc o. dio S a. the 20d lord i. exalted or in a
benefic , ign or debihtated or in an inimical ,ign. If the
20d bou'. is occupied by an eulled planet ti,e re"on ",ill
hue m.ny ... The wife will be a le. rned woman if lbe
7th frOID Ka. akam h the aociati on of Mercury. Tbe
person w,1I be ma"i ed to a woman in a foreian coun try
Studi In Jolm;. ; ......."."..,
if the Moon i, in the 71h from Karakam' n. If the 2nd
hou.e happen' to be a ma kflo . ign or <leeupied or a,pee_
ted by I m. lefic planel , Ihe " if. will die (.arly). In Ihi.
plnicul>, conlelt , Ih. Sun , hould ."t h. con,idered .. I
malcfic. The ",if. will be older th". Ih. hU'band if
Satu rn joi ns the 71h from K. rakarn . a, The pe"o. will
ma.ry Or will ha.. li. isoo " ith I widow if Rahn I, io the
7lh fron, Kl ra klm... Ma rt or the Sun in " <Itnil...-
p""it io. ind,ca,e, thal .he ml"iall ' "lrl Mr will
deforn,ed. W, f. , dellh will oot happen iflh. Suo join.
Ihe 2nd 000" Of th. 211d h<>u se happ. .. to be Simlla .
!:l. o, fi c' . 'I"'"ing Ih. I bo.. combinalinn I, ,,.n or
neutrali,. Ihe evjJ. :o.tore Ib.n 0 wife .hould be predic-
'ed in <as< th. 2nd hom Upapada i, occupi.d by an
e..lted planet or it bapp.n, 10 he Gemini. If, ho... ... .
tb. 2nd bou,. i, occu pied by Aunahrlka .,r ill own lurd,
th. n death of wif. will lake pll ce la. e io hfe . Tb. p." on
will h. obliged to reject ' b. ",if. Ih, oUil h ", andah if
S>tur n .nd R"hu jnj. ,h. 2nd. Tho ",fe will h. , ickly
and , ulf. ro from "lr;ou. Iypc' of dile.>e >whe " t he follow_
iog combina, ion. are preseol:
Venu' _nd Kel u in Ihe 2nd or a'pe<;t inl d.e 2nd
f rom Upapada _ m'oSl <ul or \lomb di,orde r; 1I-..,,;lIry
. ud K'I II _lhiuni ng: " f the bone>; Sal urn . Sun and
... ting dis,a'e: Sal urn and MI I$,l he 2nd b. ing
Virgo 01 Gem; ni- Pe.:nlt>" loga: Ma l> and Satu rn. the
2nd A".. o. Seo'p,o-J'eenu" r" ga; J"piler
SalUrn, Ib, 2nd bOlng Ihe sign of M. " or
, roubl.. ; Jupiler and Rahu, tbe 2
heing a , ian of
Ml rs '" di...... ; Salll ' lld Rab u. the
2nd being V" go Or l i bra- windy con' plaints .ucb I_
drop.y. Tbe " il$ in tbe above c.... "" ill be con. iderabJy
I, ,,,ned by benefic a,p. ell . MI " ia 1" "'" miler. ble
when bot h U[>llpada and r\lmalaraia h.-a Iheir
cood ho u," ' affliele<l .
[ u ,,"plc 37
Analyse the 71h in t he Stv ntlard Horos,:ope.
Kar ah fo' wife i, Kuj a.
The 2nd from lJ papada i, a b<'Ilefie . nd th. 2nd lord
occu pi.. a benefic (bul n.u(,al) , ign _ Th. wife earn.
r,,,m a r.,p""tahl. famil y, Th. 2nd h"u"" i, 3, p...,..d hI
(wo fi"I ,at. ", al. fi e. and Ihe wife 'hould bav. dred ..eTI'
had il ""I been for Ihe roc' Ihal P a, ako..ka \t a"
i, in 3 henefie " gn a, penad by henefin lb.
Sun wh" i, ols" benefi,' ). C" n'equen, ly ,h. ....i f. li.od , ill
lh. na(lve " "' aicd aboul 4R Ma, k lho f.,el Ihal lh.
2nd fro m Upapada i, a' peele d I>y Mars_ Th. wife c'ied
due to .H." "r bleed ingal l be lime "f an al>o"i"o,
134. Comblnal ion Appliu bla to "'"0......
A "'"man ba,jng Jupit in a lri ne fr"m Morc,,'y o.
Lagna Jr, her N.."m ,h..t eha.te and dev"l l
10 her hu, baod. Similar , ..ult, arc produ" ed ....hen Vonu.
i, in L1I gna, KOlU in ..a <>r in a [l ik" "a f, ,,nl
(i n (he Navam, ,,) "'at .. Ihe lad)' fi lthy and ..
"ill he ,,'ell di , p" ,.d hii b1y if rhe Muon i,
in T.u'u. in and Mercury and Venu, a,e in Ibe
4rb fr"m Lag"" '" Novam, a , WI Sal um i , la Na. " m..
"r in a lrilona f,om ir, Iho " " "' . " will
hl",cuti..e in appea, an... hcUng femin",e ..<. bu aly
ud She ,,,I( become vindi el ive.
IIncou lh and ind"lcnl if Ke(u i. io N,,'a"" a Lagoa 0' 10
a Irik"aa from it. Whem Lai n" i. a. pred bv M" " .
the womall come' euremd y p"..i"nalc aod wTRI Hul.
She will be ,' ile. lu. , rut and deha' cd ifNa..m.. I" J RB
Ra, i happen, 10 b. the 12111. or 9111. Irom h omo Laina
Shodi.. In Jai miDi " " m' ""
RaIL The Moon and Ven.. in Hora Lagna rend." lh.
lady ' '''o,(>11 < ...d sen. uou . tf lbe Nan ", of Hot.
Lap" o i. In conjunct ion with Ketu " , a.pee'ed by
becomes a.. adulter..., The ",omap would M 50
cr ue l-hea rted a nd debased .. 10 mord her bu, b...d i f l b<
fWGI Upapada is peeled by Ma" alld Keto .
The Sun in u jkona fro m Lagna in the Navom,.
bring, abou' widowhood . The Moon ;0 t be 3'd from
nr from Lagna 0' from V'rr. d. Lagna deli.
oitel y cau... w,<I"...l>ood. and Kern occupying tbe
8lh from Hut. lag,," i. a delln;, e sig.. of rly wido.. hnnd.
05 Chi ld....
The h" " fro m Up opada lndk"., progeny while
tbe 5t b hOD'. from Ll g" a ...ho conneete<! ", jib iO'".,.
All cnmbinuion. give" in Ibi . Ill icl. ref.. to ,b"' OI",o
facto" _ We are . 100 ..h d tn oon.ider 51h from Ihc
lord o f Upapada in jodging rnanen pefla;ning 10 children.
Th ere ,",,11 b<! a nomber of i"un born "'h eDlhe I Il b
boo, e fro m Upapada or Ibe 51b boo,e (rom Upapada lord
bappe ns lDbe , ign. P, edicl thot Ihe pe,,,,n ..ill
a nunlber of uhild'en if tb. 5lh f, om Upapada
bappeM 10 be an odd 'iall or Ihe Sun and Ra bo a,e in l be
1,h from Upapada 0' iI' k> 'd. Onl y One i""" ...ill be:
oorn when lbe SIb (r" m Upapad. i. owup;"d bylbe Moon .
The pe..., n ...ill bu e no children if Mer cury and Sal urn
joi n lhe 71b. nr the Nau m.. ",f lhe planel in Ibe 71b. or
lh. 11b lord or Ibe Nu am, a o( lhe 7lh lord. When
affl iclio n i, lu,ened, predirt ;'''''e' tale in life. The l ubje<;1
...i11adope a child h' case Man and Salurn occupy Ihe 71b
{If Il lh f' om Upapad . lfio l be ch. , I. Me<c or)'
i, ;n Iri kon. from laana. lhe .. if" become. barr en.
At>ten", 0' ls,,,,,,
dnail. /(J In SIantk>,d

The f, om Up, pl d. ;, ao odd ,;sa. The 5th lord
f,om Up. pada is in t he t t th from Up. pad . "nd i. foi,l y
" Toog. The suhjec t had a numhtr or ;" uca.
13o'i. Praf "n
I n Pa ri , LOlh hou,e ,uln " "" upat ion, fame
and honou r. But in h imio;. K.rabm.o se,,,,,, In play
impnn anl pan in ;ndicatingflle " " u'e of p,ofe"ion "ne
is likely 10 pUOl ue. Tho u,h the pankul naiuTe of fhe
","upat ion ;s difficult to jUd,e, yet hy a ca,eful >ludy and
in" . t;g.t;"o of the methods (o.moloted by Jai m;ni , it may
be p" "iblc to disc"',, principles whIC h could gi' e a defi
nite clue in the mailer of choice of p. ofe..;on. The
f"linw,ol combioat; ons ar e to be applied with refcre"ce to
Kat ak. m... If the " a, okam.. or ;t$ 10th is not " "" upied
by any plOnel, lake the lord of the iOlh fTOm K kumoa
aod jUd,e profe. sion coosideri "l hi , position in the
Nav.m'\l .
Tbe Sum in Ka..kam.. confers political leadership or
StaN , e.' ice. Full Moon . nd in Ka,.kam iYe
, i' e tn au tho.., p,e.;epto aDd to tbose .. bn make a li. iug
by the diS'e", inat ;on or knowledle. When M. l'$ i. in the
am.a o f Atnlakafl ka 1hell pr ofessi on i", ol . iol dcali DIl
",ilh facto, i, iol p.e- ,e, . chemicalo, fires and
metaHpIgy ...ilI be in' ot. ed. Mer cury moh o one 0
bu,ine>sman, $Culptor, all iS(. d ntb merchant and ..ell-
Yersed in c1assic. 1 lore . Jup iter in Kar akam.. prod uce. a
deep scholar in rel illinu, ,ubject' .nd a profopnd philo-
IOpher. Venu' ;11 Kar a. om.. &i 'e. ri;e to aurho.., . ulu
mini " e" and Go, unment ollice". Sat u' ll make. onc.
bu. ;n'''man. Rahu i. in Ka, akamsa.
lhe ele_ nul ji' ellh<><.>d by Dhanu,,-idya or .. a
drU8i<l. ''''indle' '" a ..iuo io'ol' ;ng man ufaClure
nf machinery ; or unr may a m: hanic . Krlo
,"nde" P"" " o hi. Ii\diho<>d by fra udu lenl ond
d,, ;"ul men Rahu and RH I in Karak am. a devoid of
aHli cliun' indicale duClu" ' olely ing wilh po i"' nou'
drug'. ur ('<.ferahly and on. h,.. by
Ih. nrl of , ... 011.." if Kora' am' a Ra. i fall, in t he
.ign of Gulika ( n. 34) and pe"ed hy Moon. The
p."on Ii hy ' he pecforrnanee uf . acri6c and olher
r. mnnic. ... K. raka m. a join' d by Kelu;'
a' peet.d by . Th e and .. Kua
kam,. ,,,a'eo on' an an'ba. u do, or " f Ihn ero...n.
Th. Suo in Ih. 10t h a, pecle d by Jupiler alnnO--lh.
Ii.", by e. u l . 1_ , by Tunnin8 a dai ry fum "r
the lik.. Malefi c. in 'he 3Td anJ 61h frnm Ka, . kam. a
gh . ,-i 10 ag. ieullore and gar d.ning, On. u iu Ih.91h
fTom Ka, ohm denole. ineom. Ihrough la, ,,, "'a,.. or
land.d plo< "iel . . may lake ' 0 alch. my if Ibe Mnon
occu pying Ka. akom. a i' a, peeled by The pen on
will be duclor if Karak om'a ,,"opled by Mooo io
by Merc ury, U Sa, or" Ka<akam. a or
Ih. 4, h from il. t he penon be, ume, ,ki lled in u, ing "rm,
and may ' al.e IU pol;"" or
One a ... 0' horo logiSi if
or th. 411. f rom i' i. joined by Keru. R. bu in the J'<" ilioD
, ugg. II.d may give a prer.., iun like mnnufacluring
mining. The Sun 0. Ma" in th. 4lh from
K. rokan, .. make, porson live by h.artn g
kindo uf ar m. The Moon and Jupil" in lhe K.,akam..
ur in lhe S,h from il indica' e. that t be peroun a
rame uo wti l. aUlho r, . di,O' e , a journali... If ionead
<>f Jup;l.r, j oins the abc.. pO' ; lion, lh. po"en will
be a mediocre write<, u thor or editor, One become' a
poel or literat eur if Sokra alone jo in' Karakam,a or
the 5th from it. Guru in tbe above po, ition <onfe" aH.
roond knowledge and tbe pe"on beco me' an aut !>Or. A
pcr",n hecome' a high official of tbe Go, ernment if Goro
or Sokra occupi.. , he 5th from ,he 10rd.of Lagna and Ihe
7th. If malefic. from 101<" of Lagna and the 7t h art
posited in the 3rd or I>t b, one become' a Commander.
When the an d benefic inlloen" , in respect of
Karaka m" are evenl y d i, posed. the ,nbject become, a
le"der or hi. communilY.
II will be , cen from the above th . t lhe position of
Kar. kam, a and the di,po,ition of planel' in "ert"i n
hon'e, from i, arc the main c" n, ideration . in determining
the a,ocalion or naturt o f li..eli hood, The , trength of tbe
combination. will be augmemed 0' wea kened acco,ding
a, ' he plane.. and sign. conrned are under bereftc or
malefi c a, gal a,. A "" ..ful . t"dy of the ' urra' 'uggest ,
'hat the followi ng allocat;on of profe..;on. could bc made
to the di ll'eren' plane...
n . Sun :_ Pre, idents , King Mioh te.. and other
high .anking Gove'nment , ..vicc' .
The Moon : - M;n;" ." .nd high offi c. .. of the
Mars :_ Comma ndeu ; n chief. , d . nti", and fire
indost r;""
Mfr." ry : Prof. , ..r. of philo' ophy, aot hors. arti ' U,
'<:>ll ptor wca..... joor nali,", cdiloro. I.wy..., ,nt. llce-
toolnd n bus;ne"m.n.
Jup it.r :_l'rie"" judge prof. "o" of philo, ophy
and I. ad. " in r.n.' al.
Vmu. : Ofti o f lh
Gov. rnmeot, a01b."adors
.nd rep.."'nl.ti.... of rul ing b d,.
do<:lon and
d,i . .... ", ,,,,banic.
S I ~ r n : Ordinary or common profe"iolls, TIlanu-
f"e, ",e of a,m, and ammunition., hardwar. mercha nt. ,
print i ng. bodY_lIuard. etc.
il.ahu :- Tb iu . body guard
Kn u : - Servanu, l.boUl.,..,
ma, on. and bri ckl aY'''' ,
Eumple 39
hJge Ihe pM/eJJlon In Ihe Standtl,d I/oroscope .
Neither Ihe Koral a m nor the IGth fro m Ka r. ka m, .
bave any !>lanelS in Ihem. The 10th lord from Kat . karn, .
i . u sodated with I he Sun, Venus and Mar. whHe tb.
10th i 'Pe<lN by Rah u and K<Tu. Coo..quentl y. ,h.
, lron g p"si t;on oftbe It' l b lord from Karak. msa an d bi
"ocialion wi\h lbe plane,s mentioned above .bonld
ded de l b. profeu ioo, .;z., Saturn-bu, i"s",an : Man _
d ling wilb printing pr." . " <Te; Venus_aul hor , Thu.
differon l prof"..;on. ar e indicated.
137 So ..... . of n eat h
We ha. e al ready discu..e<I in art id es 101 10 12l Ihe
method, of ",cerll inin!! 10ngevilY and deal h. inflictin8
Ras i. . In th. cour se of Ihi , a rt icle, I sha ll ford the
Circum, tallce_ und er ",hich deal h adually la ke. plac"e, I., .,
whether l be e nd will he nllural, violen" o r peacefol a nd
Ihe c ha,ac ter of the viot ell t, nalUral o r peaceful deat h.
I h..e merely givcn l he pri nciple. culled oUI from hi m;";
and it i. for re.ders 10 cOllvince Il>e m, elve. ahoul thei,
praCli cal apphca bility Of ol berwise.
UII , Nar. .. of D th
Acc"rding 10 commelllalon of b imini. V" . hfQ
Marano, or . iolenl end mean. death cau sed by fi ru,
u plosioD' , earlhq.akes, drow ni"II' , v"loonic erupl ion. ,
fall . f' om erc. Subh4 Marana or nalu,al dealh
mean , lbe end l>ro"ght ab"u, by f. 'en and oth. ,
di"'... .. Whe., malefi,. are in the 3,d from lago. or
Armakarab , the [>0"" 0 "" ill have an unna lural d.ath .
denute natural deat h, Her. "Iou good .,peelS
inter posing .mont . mJd 100S . od had ", ped ' jote, p<>.iog
amooll benefi c dj,po,ilion, .... ill ofren change the narur. of
deal h. In "o" , ider ;"g the following combinarion,. whe"
ever a conjunelion i. meant , ..ptel i ' aho ''' lomalkally
' mplied.
Wh. " lhe ltd bou.e from Lagoa or from Atmak. ,
j, conjoined wilh for .'peeted the Sun, dea lh will be
due to poll';cal "nen,,,,,. , iz. , hong;ng. behading. ere.;
\ 1&.. - 1> '0 , wpon' "nd ;"j ude.; S. w, n and GUlika_
poi,,,,, >, sna . bite' . inc.,,'.,at;on. and drowning, ; aad
"1oon and Gulil a _ oy eati "ll hard and indige, tible r" od.
O<:alh coo harpen ,na'ebile if Rahu anJ Ra' i are iD
Ka. aka "" . ,
When the Jrd h" u.. f'om Lagna "r f rom .. tmahrah
i, o<cupi.d (0 ' as pecl. d) Il,e M""n, dea 'h "' ill be due
'0 mpl ion ; S. Iu di,ea,e. , 'heumati"n ;
Kel u_ drop' y and other " a, ery di".se,; Jopit..-
indige" ion, ' otoiting, and ;nflammarion of the phkgm;
Venu, _ , ,,oal female di' ease, , o"h as and
gonorr h".tl . When a numh. , "f pla"el' are con nected
", ith lh. l 'd hou,e, death "ill b. cau..d n n ou, com-
pl;,;atiom mi'<ellaneou' disea"" .
When tbe bou," " f doath, I,. the JrJ f rom lagna or
Atmakaraka i . occopied by dealh la'" in
boly pia" . or nu t \emp)... churc he' and mo' que,. If
malelie' ar e in l he 3rd dealh lal .. pia". in ..;1 'uHoond-
iDg i .. , in plac.. ' where ,in, ar e Conll"'lled. nal i'e
w,ll be con,ClOU' or un"on ", ioo, al the tim. o f dea lh
' 00
accord ing Ibe 3rd i, (or a,pected) by J upi ter
and Veno" Of " til .. plan et.
Enmple <ffl
Find Ih. D'ld '""rCes of den/It In l ite Standard
Th e t hi, d i , Cane.,. a bcllCfic .i s o a n,l it is no l 00-
pied by any nl.lelks. T,," I"'"on II . . ... natura l
d... l b. The lb;rd i , . spectcd by t hree pl a no;to-Sun,
Mer cury and J ur i r - .be .tru nge., being Ju p iter. Th.
end was d ue 10 some w rt of o f ,he phlegm
a nd he "' . , conscious when be bre athed hi. la, t.
139. oga. in Jaln,lnl
For purpo o f I propo to dcal with
Yoga, as per Jai mini .... under th ree di stintl cale,
gorie. , ' I. , k aj n Yoga Ari,bta Yoga" and Mi",d Ja-
" eous Yngas whic h i ncl ude Saay.,. Y08", Va hann Y08",
140. Raja \ 'ngu
When Ja nma Lagaa, Hula Logan and Gba tih Lag" n
are as p:tl by a plane t, a pol', e,Ful Raja Yoga i ,
caused and t he pers on become, a king or a n e<.jua l lo bim.
I Fo ne or IWo " f t be I...gnu a re ..peete d. t hen l he Yop
is n,, 1 formed It i' nM d o", wbelher .lIlhe l bree L. gu ,
. hould be a,,,,," led by l be '.me pla nel o r by <Jilfe, enl
pla ne" .
A Raja Yoga i, . a id to ori"" if in Rasi, Na H n"a and
DroH ana Ihe L. gna . nd t he 71b ore e"njoined wilb "r
a' peeled by . planet The penon b"" ome, a king. Tbe
i O' e n. it y o r t be Yog a i$ .-edu<'Cd if a'peet or associ.tion of
a pl . ...t i, nol foun d i n a il lbe , i. faclor' . If the . ame
pla ne l a'p<:elO. t be Yo ga become. p<1' .
Vir.hly or Rai..", "
Raj a Yoga can also ar i,e if ei. ber in (0) or
in (6) DreUan o diogrom" t he L. gna, Hora Logno and
Ghati k. t ogna "e . , pec' ed by (or " " OCialed wit h) 0
plane. I n all lhe obo'e ca .C$, the condition for 'he
exi , lence of an all-powe, ful Raja Yoga i. tbat all . be
tbree fa"o," and nol me,ely one Or two .hould hO'e t t>e
relat ion. hip ofa planet. By Implicarion _ and lhe com.
men.otn" ..em' o confi rm thi i. mun,tho. if only one
foeto r (Lagno or Horo Logno or Gh..iko Logno) ;1
inyohed, the yoga con operot e nomi.olly or formolly.
SomeCOmmCnla.ors hold tb.. Ihe lbree roc.o," ( LOllnO,
Horo Logna and Gha.i ka Lagna) . hould b<: a.pee.ed by
Ibe Sa"", plane.
When Mar' , Venu, ond Ke. u ar e in mUlu"1 a'pect ,
or in It>e ltd from each other , on or dinary lype of R. jo
Yoga kno"'n a. Voilhonica will "ioe, cOllferrin g on the
n iye di .. inct ion and rame.
Raj a Yogo . ar e formed under the f" Uo",inll condi.
lion, :
(I ) Wt>e" lbe 2nd . 4t b . nd 5l h from are
etIual in Slfellglh or are o 'upied by benefic. , (2) ...bell
Ibe 3, d and 6th r, om Atmakoraka are of eQ.ual ' ''enll, h
or are occupied by malefico and 0) when ,he 2nd . 4. b
a"d ' t b fronl the lord of t agn. or from lbe lord of ,be
7lh are o<cupied or a, pec led by benefi ... Whc. tbe
inllucnce' are miud, one become, an e4ual .00 ruler but
nul an act ual ' ulcr .
The ",,' ;l ion of Ven u, in K. r. kom, a in higbly
favoured u " i' u id . o ronfer immcn, e fOll une and hfe.
The follo.. ing ale al so R. j o Yogo. capable of rOnf -
r ing din..en' gladc. of poli. i".1 > fome. and rank
con, i" ent ",ilb their yi.ality.
Jaimini A" ,ololl'
(a) Lord. or Lagna and ,he S. h in conj unc, ion, and
eu hed or deh ilitated or in thei. "Wn Navam,as_ a greal
(bl Wben the Yoga i. m ely due '0 an a"od alio n
bet ween lord of Lagna and Ihe Sih. or 71h and Slh, il
make, it,elf e. pre,,,d ralh er lo,e in lire.
(c ) \'<nu', Man and Kel u in .... tmakMah Ra.i and
2nd aDd 4th ' e,pcctivcly f' om ;' - a king.
(d) The otm ng di.po.i,ir,>n "f l ogna, the 7th and 9,h
- poli lical power.
k ) Same numher o f plane" in Lagna a ud Ihe 7th :
Raja Y" ga fotln. but il lVili be cnjuyed l>y , he na,i" e lale
in life.
(/J Fqual num be, uf planet' ; n tagna and 41h -
fame and "onour .
( g) Jupi' er and Moon in Lagnn a nd Ihe 11 th re'pee_
,"'el y or in Lagoa and Ihe 7,h a, pe<ted by "enefie.-
Rule r .
(It) Raj. Yoga in e. r1 y life if Moteury and Jupi ,er
in l agna and 11lh or Lagn. and 7th " pee'ed by be""r....
(i) Venu. and Moon ," con junct ion wilh or a' pce' .
ing Atmakarah or ' he 10th fr om him.
(j) Moon in t1:e 7, h in eon;unc, ion wi, h or a, peeled
by bench", . a ,ervan' of the e rn" n.
(k) Th'; l on" , and "cndra. de,'oid of benefic, -
. e"ant of killg.
(/ ) Bonefi " or pb Mt, wilh henelk varga,
Atma. araka Ra si M ,I ,e J(\lh f rom il_"'od.,a' e Raja
(m) The MOOD io Ih. (I' ll lh frum Jupi' er io
Navam<a_ f' ame . lId po,",er.
(nJ Benefic, in Jan ma Rasi and in lhe l llh and 10th
in Nav amsa -fairly powedul Ra ia V" ga.
(0) Tbe Lagna and Atmah. ah 1I. . , i being occupied
or ..peeled by ...h. d platod _ a ru l. r.
Fo, m" ion of Raj a, osa
(p) Th. Naum.a Rasi of Al mab rah ....m. as
Lagua Or l a uma R..i or Ih. R; occupied by Jl1pi'.r _
R.ja Yoga of fairly bigh order .
(q) Same number ofbe uefics in Arud ha Lagu. and
l he .. R..i of lbe 91h_polilical pow.r.
(r) Malefi co in ' be 3rd and 611. f, o'" At m. h rah or
Arudha Lagna__ Ruler.
W. a re by h imi ni 10 sludy Raja Yoga'. when
l he Slarling poinl is nol ..Ieh . ;I.l y me. , io ned. from Lagna.
A'.,a k. ra ka and I he Slh.
Raj. Yog.s gi,-e. by Ja imiu; nOI been le'l ed a,
hi. melhod ha. nol been iu Ii i, ror t . ..<1... 10
lry, apply lb ar ious Yo gas 10 praclical . ..mple and
lhen ><. lIuw far tbey cOlll..l be made use offor pr edic!ing
power and rame.
Exa mple 4.
D, sc,ib,' Raja Yoga J. '/ ,my. in rh.Standa, d Horos-
Th. following Raja Yog", arc pr<..m : _
(uj Janma Lagn. i. aspec,.d hy " uja an,1 K. l U.
Hora Lagn' and Gh atika Lagna ar . asp'.'ed by l he .am.
plan.a, viz _. Jupile' . ,h. Su n and M. rc ury- he nce a
r. irly powOf f ul Raj ., Yoga.
(6) Th. Na msa La gna. Hora Lagna and
Lagna . r. occupi. d by Jupite r. Ra hu and Kel u re,pe'
livel y- fai rly p"wer ful Raj a Yoga.
(r) E,,,pling lbe lOll. Kendra, all the olh .r Ke nd' a,
a"d Thlikona' are d.void of oee"palion ben.fic,.
(d) Karalam. a i, l b. ,arne .ign a, Ihe Ja nma Ras"
It mighl i nler . st read... h> lea'n ,hal lh. nali ""
enjoy.d all l b. bl. .. of Raja Yoga, , hoft wi.ldinll
S' .... i.. ia Saimiai " ... " IOIl Y
141. Aris!Jta YaX"
The, e . efer onl y to dire misfor lu ne" IIUI J haoe
incl uded in lhi. seclion comhination> lbll t make one
dia bolical or criminal in hi. te rnper. Tite f"lI owi nx combi.
nat ion, should be of special inleK, I.
Kelu i n Ka. ah m<a - thief : l he Sun a nd Rahu in
Katah n" a a.peot<d by Man - deli gh" ;n <OIting lir e to
olhe ,, ' hou,e, : i n tlte Karaka m. a ..peeled by
lIudh a and S. n;-become, a The ,hado.rg.. of
Sukra a nd Kuja pre<!omi nal i"g in lbe 9, h from Kara
ka m<a_ "eh .. lhrou gh wOmen ol her
tho n his own wife. The perwn will be he "pecked if lhe
9t h from Ka rabm i, a, peeled by Of u<ociate<l " ith
Guru. Ma k fi c. in tbe 2nd ond 8th from Janma lagna or
Ja nma Arudh s-m"fon "ne<a nd povert)'. Mercury i n lhe
12th from I.agna rudh_ 10" 0 f money lhro ugh lillgati on.
Same number of pl ane" in the 2nd an d 12th or Slh and
9th or 12th and 6t h or 101h aDd .,b_ impri' o nmenl , Some
number of plane.. i n lhe 2nd ond 9l h_ greal mi, fonune, .
Rab u ill thc At adha oflhe SIb hou.e a,peeted by ' he
Sun_ lo.. of ,igh l. Karak . m b, vlng tbe shodvargu of
Saturn or K. rakarn, a being ."oci. l<d with R. hu
or othet O1.I,(,,,,,- the M tioe " ill be an illegiti mate i" ue.
Gulika in Knraka m. a ma ke. ,me to odmini"er poi ,on 10
olher<. Or be will him",1f die hy poi'on being admilli\ tered
10 h' m.
142. Mi s.-clloneou. ..
Somc of the groupe<l bere " ill be fuuod
10 be w.eful i n glat ,f)ing thc ourio,i tic' of lhe li mited few
who may be intere,ted in ol her tha n purel)'
mand. ne.
A per", ,, gou vebi cles I nd hor.., if 'he MOOll and
Venus are in mutual or the Moon i, i n the Jrd
fron> Venu. nr bolh are in l be 2n<'l , Ifl heMoon and
Ven'" a,peer ' tbe 41h fro m Kar aka m, . One acquire> fi ne
and be"utiful hou,e,. Ra ho and Sa n; in the 41h from
Kara l , m, ,, give bO\l,e. bu ill in otn" e "'h,le Kuj . and
Keln enable (lne 10 acqui hou.u " uilt in brkk. When
th. i. io t he 41h, h. he. in tb.tche<'l bon and
imprlw;,ed Sltu.: ll" .'.
Malefic. in t he 2nd f rom Up. p. d. teve. ] IhOl "".
become> an . ",elie. If lhe Moon ",,<'1 'the 7th ... in
conj unction will> bendi"". One become." maha n. or"
,elig;"... he"d.
I f l be Alm.kara k. occupi e, the Nn. m.. of Kuma b. ,
\h. pe"o n boi ld. t anh and <ho ult,i., and lay. par k, tor
pu\,Jic benefit . H. "'i ll al. o be ind ined to do char;"ble
dd< i f ' lie Karaka m. a happen, 10 be Ma na. One will
hn . Mol , h. or fina l ema ncip.,;o n i f bench. occupy ,h.
12th from Ka raka m, a, or if Ka,. h msa b<cing ,\rie.o,
Sal;n ari u, is occupied by Keru On. will have d<>oli on
for Siv . G<Ju ri. L. h hmi. Shanmukha. Vi, hnu. San,b...iva,
Dur ga and Ganapalt.i, prov;'ied Kar a kam' a h., lhe a"o-
ci'lion Ch.nJra, K" j a, Budha, Ci UTUa nd
KeHr Te,pecthely. The pe""n will w"rshi p K' hudra
.. or lower for,ns of deilie' if Ka, al:a m.. being a n
immo. able sign and j"ined by Sal urn or Venr". Simil a r
Te, ult, accrue if Ama' j'al:a ra ka i. in Ka rakam, a. One
becom,' a ifbolh l he a" d 91h frum Ka ra_
lam,a ha'e one malefi c each. Fail h i n G"d . hould be
j Udge<'l from De.alalaraka. If l he D. " lak. rak a j. a
he will wo"hip a ben..olenl ; f a a
cruel J eity. Tbe de, olion will be 'i ncere o. Olhee",i,.
accordrng a, l he Devala k. raka ;, .xah. d and olbe""i
' lr ong or debil itat ed or olh. tw;se wcak.
li ming El'ents
143. I;..." al Rema, ks
Timing <" calcul ation of fOlut .....nt. loa>
b n l' bard nut 10 crad, . Th. bin h I>o,o>cop. i. ' ignifi_
e. nl fOT the wbo l. lif. and accordi ng to Para'.' a, lh.
""'oIU due to rio u. combinati'm. co",e int o oper.tion
duti ng the .ariou, Da, a, aod innu .neN to . ome
extent by lhe Gocha,a Ot tran, ito of plantt.. H. , e in
laimini, "'e ha,'e l unique met lood of approach to the
....hol. problem of dil e' lion. l here i< no menlio n ofeith. r
plan. l ary Da'a' o r Goehala. thou!,h neveTtheless ther e
ar . ,ugg. ,t ion. in woth lik. Raj u ya " ad Faucha-
.... hich arc ba,.d upon l aimini lhat Ra. i
Da'" innu. nee, are aff.ct.d by lr. n, irs. Th. r. arc quit.
l numb.. of Da.a, in hi mi. i and t he"" have been , . f...ed
to in art ide 73. What are ' he 'I'cci fi c con dition' und.r
which the Oa' . .hould b<: applied 10
differ. nl . vea t. ? No dear in,t ,uction. loa... been given
in thi. mailer by the comment aton, though hcre , nd
Ihc r. a hint i. thrown, up',n .... hich one bas 10 rlraw on"
own infer.nces. r aodi ts, "ith whom I had lh. pka' ure
of di thi. matt . r, are of divid.d opinion. So"",
t hat Ch a,a D..a i. the Sage', favoo, it. ,y". m rOT
predieti ng ali impo rtnnt . ' . 010, ba,ing th. ir authorilY 00
L Pada 2, SIlt.a 121, in "'hlch say, that
" a ll cmIlbi" ..ion , men tioned urli f ruct i f y dur ing Of in
,he beg inn ing of It . var ious Rus; (Ja.... I a m un a ble
to "ffer any cMe"". hol p i n Ibi. regard fo r tbe nu mber of
hOfOSCnp"S10 which I hav e applie<! ' he ,'a,i"u, D"oa. of
Jai mini . ,. not .<le'l o" l< c" n ogh fo wa n"o' a ny calogo r j .
nl opmi on. or , t.'em, ,,,. . I wo uld fOt hu relv upon the
opinions o r 5.h"I"" until r"tee<.! to rev;" my . ' jew. by
wha t I wo uld ca ll .. .. por im. nl"! ovidenc.' . St hi ,. D" "
is . upposed \n b. " I"ally re lia ble not only i n . "". rt ain;nl
deal h bUI al. " i n prcdir llng o,her " cIllS ..hile Tltrik" " .
[la,a in t he worktd out by"'" R.' care h S lion
bnc ri dded encouraging . c. ull. Ni, yaM Shulo DI ...
' 1'1"''''' 10 b. qui te " . efu l in death of par, ot, .
bro th,,,_ . i. ters and <olali,<" whil. Ni ryana Ph, la Shula
l>e<a, mainl)' tn' end ed for predi cling one' , 0 "' 0 demioe
a"d proba bly ' rr !lCabl. 10 " " Iy Madhyayu, . j", ro" opo, .
could con, idered 10 t. pllaly of . cademic inler. " . It
",:c u'" to me , bat all Ihe _arioll. melhod, (>f D. ,a
'-'koning gr.", ,iae b) . ide and "'ore 10 de_d op
CO"ecl mel bod' of liming e,'enlS, pt "bahll by pro""",
(>[ hll Dnd m' '' ' A. my la, k j, nol 10 ad' oeat. bUI 10
,im ply ren der a fait hful """ouM ur hi min;'. pri. ciple. , as
I hne underSlood ,hem, I i, 1o my ; o,ell;gent
reade" 1o de<;de f" r Ihe""e" ''" the cho i. e of a Oa. a. I
can on l) . ad tha t tbn eOnsensu , of opi n,on i, in favour of
ho,h Cbar . a nd Slb j'a Oa.. . ro' importanl
. nd "If}"n. Shula D f M '''.rlaining tbe
ptrioa. of doalb (> [ ono' , parenl. . b, ol h".. , i'lO". wiro
a nd relali , o"
144. ,,( 1l ""I!,
A, in Parasar;, , eyo,,1 eo n, ideralion, ba'O bo
nole ofi n j Ud ging t he re , uh, or D. ... a nd Ilbuk ti A.
a i oneral propo, it ion. it may be ' I.'od l ha l a Ra'; d ur ing
S'ndl.. In hlmlni
it , Da.... generall y gi.., lh. ,e,ull, perlaining to the bou, .
il refen to froDl K' Takam.. or from Arodba Lagna ,
Ra ,l , occopied by exal ted planon, or Iheir own lord.,
geDe<all y con fe, fnourabl. te'Ull, in their Dun, _ Apart
from lh. rdadon a pa rticular R..i whose D... I' onder
con , id",alion bea.. 10 Kar akam.. , Almahrah, elC" lh.
eap. cil Yof a R..i for producing bene/Ie 0'
'.'ulh seem 10 depend 10 a la'ge exlent upon cerl ain
ball non ioos 0' inb armoniou' di,po, ition' of planel> from
lhe Ra, i concer ned . Thu, malebcs in t be 2nd gi>e fi nan _
cial)o, .." Wben the 51h Ra . i;, occopied by l b. Son 0'
l be Moon in a" ncialion Wilh Sal o' n, 0' Ihe Moon and
Rahn are in the 61b and 81h, lh. sobjecl come, onder lb.
wral b of lbe Go>ernment . On lhe olher b. nd , Ibe Sun's
di.posilio n in lhe 61b gi>.. fayoors fro m 'operl o" aDd
ac.. to ...,allb. When mald arc on eitber side of Ihe
Ra. i, or in t b. 8th. Or in Ibe Ra, i concerned, l bere will
be trouble" n,hfo'IUD , 10" .' and a gener ally un '
(ayo nrabie per iod d uring lhe Ri The po,ilion,
of Gur u in a Kendra is 'ecommended . In the abo y.
combin"ion' and Ih. fol lowing one I am ,upported by
worb sucb. , Vonchoneleq u, which "aye becn pri marily
base<! on b imini. The follo",i "g rule, of Da, a inlerprela_
ti on, culled from Ibe same soorce" may be Dole
of : (a) A. Ra, i Da. a coa fe" we.llb ifl l>e Moon and
Venu, arc in lhe 3.d, (b) 10" of ;o, euhh if the.. plan<:1S
're in lhe 121b, (c ) Rahu i" lhe 121 b- feY . od olher
bodilyailDlenlS, (d ) Raho in the R. , i, foreign
(d malefiC'! in Ihe 9.b_d. nger to f.lher. l akiD8 tb.
Dasa Rasi . , cOIf e, poading lo Lagna aDd consideriug the
beoefic or mat efic inRoeneo' cenlered on t be appropri ale
ft a' i. th.refrom, fOlluDale 01 onfoll unate ... ult, rna) be
an,i ,ipa"d Tb u. if malefic. aTe in lhe 41b, we ba Y. [ <>
iDfe r mOlhe, ' . healt h will be ill danger.
Acqui'i' ioo or P, ope,ly
Of th e Daoas of the ' a, iou. Ra, i" tho.e of Thula,
Ka t, h , Vrisllahha, Me'ha, Dh anuo, Ka uya aDd Mil huua
are ' aid to a. nera lly lli' e ri' e to fa' ourahle ruh, . the
1l0o<! d.c....iD Il grad ual ly from Thu la to Mil hona io the
o rd. r lli, . n .bo... . Simha . M. ,ha, Kumhba, Vriochih
aod Mab .. goo.tall y coof. , j! r., uhs, lhe d.gree of
e. il ion . gradu ally in th. order ai. en abo,., I D
t ho rt , t he nat ure of the rcouht nf a R..i D" ,. ,hould be
mea,ured by a con,i dera tioo of lbe " <e nllth 0' "' .al o."
of the lo rd a nd t be alDiction, th. lord a nd the R..i ar e
l ubjected to.
Upon the hi nt gi, . n by laimini i n th. l,..t ,Ulr a of
Adb yaya I, Pad. 2, to wh ich ref... "". io m.d. io art icle
143 we may formul ate. Il.Mral principle th.t tb. r. , ulto
p.rt ai ni na to a cert aio combination ",ill Com. in to fr ui.
t ion io t ~ Dasa and Bhukti of the Raoio in.olv.d i n
th. form.t ion of t ~ e concerned comhina tio n. Tal.e for
i nstanc. , Adbyaya I, P. 1, S. 42. Th. Moo n aod Venuo
io the 4th from Karah msa lliv. pa lat ial buildioa'. Sup.
po'e Katak. m... i' M.t ba. Tben the cnmbi eation has
refer ence to Ka rkata ka nr the 4th. The D..a of Kark a_
laka can the person to acquire ho u,e, and ol h.r
proper ties pro' id,d, it has no . lHictio n, oU" b a, t bo, .
al ready indicated abo' .
145, h tlKr' l ~ t b
( I) The ,tro nger o ne bet",ee. the SUDand Venus
,hould b. con, ide r.d a, PiHumaraka. If t he ""eale.
plan.t between the Su n a nd Ven us happ. n, to be aspecled
by a c, th.n fhat becom., th e Picrumarakl . [)oath
of the fat be, (ales pIa in tbe D..a of the Shula Ra. i.
The b.ui . fo' " c ' ei. ;08 the " '".I' b. of R..i, ro' pu, oo", ' ~ f
opplyi. g Njryon. Shul . D.... II , I,cording l ~ , om_, the Red beiDI
_ opi ed by pie. ,," eDd 'he lonl ;ludel <>I ' be !old or 'b. I>'r' ieul.,
Ite,i , .
n "
Mud, in Jai m,ni Amolol '
(1st, 5th and 9th ). (a ) f'oln Pit, uma,aka R3Si, the
sign ""copied by t h. lo rd " r l h. 8th from Pitrumar .ka.
Suppo .., ({lr inuanee PiUUIU. raka i ' Venn' longi_
. ude ;. 20" Virgo . from Pit' o_
ma rab ;. hi, 'o ngitude being 24' Ta". n. Then
Ma" I' SItOD,"' . Death ufl be r"' her will 11"1'1"" i n ,h.
I) a' . of ' he 1st , 51h or 9th R.<; from Tao .u, (lhe Ru i
held by Ma n). ( i i ) the 'lt b from Lago. nnd l h. 9th
from 7t h, S "' hkh is mn.. po.... rful. neat h of the
will t ake pla ce in ' he Ni,yan . Sh u l. DaM (.... a ' i .
'J8) of the more powe rful R... i. For a mple auppo<.
l h. , Aquar ius nnd Si mha at. rhe 9th f fOrn Lago
f ro m 7th r.'recti ly a nd tha i Si mh. ;, Ih, ronger Ru i.
Then de" , ;, (I f fa th. r can be predic\ed in rhe Shul . Da. a.
ofSimha ( lot). P ha nu. (5'h) or .. ha ( 9' h) . ae'worn
IwO mel hods given a t,,"e, l he la ll er i. . upp",ed 10
be mOTe .. Ha ble, a, ;, i ' ,peci all y ' nl ended f", pred' ct ing
deal t. " eots
".... "',Ie 42
f /nd maroka p,,/od of Ihe / all,tT in , he S'a" Ja, d

( i ) Pilrumar ala . a re ' h. Sun and Venus.
.; Venus has g, u ,.r I" ngil ud. , I'e i' .troug. ' l hu"
Su n.
He co uld bceomc Pil r umaca ka.
Th. Sun i. a,pec' eJ by m.l<fic.
;. l be Sun co',ld become
Rut 'i oce Venu, i. a lso a,pecl<d by a malefi c Sot ura.
' he ,,,,, nget of 'he l WO i:., Venu, i. Pil r uma ra ka . Tbe
Sl h lo' d from V, nu. i. l he Moo". Between Ve nus and
lh. M,' oo. Ven" ' ;' .!rong.r becau , e of groa'" lur.gilude.
(kal h of fat her can take place i n Ih. Oasa of Oba nu,
(l SI ). (Sl h) and Simb a (,>, h).
DU til of MMlle,
Ily Ihe end of Simha Da.a ('ee pa lle 78 & 79) lhe
aged 36 yea" Thc r. t her acl uall y died in Ihe
371h yea, of lbe na li ve.
( i ; ) The "' h from l agna a nd the 91h f, om 71 h ..e.
re,p<,<:, i, dy. Capric",n and Cancer . The la Uer i. lhe
, n onger (, ee E 1!) .
... f al he" dealh ca n. lake pl ace in K.,h la k3.
\' , i' chika or Meeoa. Moena ;. ru led o UI a, tbe Dasa
cOme' ver y late in hfe. & I,,"'.., n V<i' chik. and K..kalaka
Ihe lallet i' >lronger os iU lord ba. grealer longitude. Tbe
Shula Du o of Karlala ka luU for 9 yu," f rom 36 to 45
FUbe' died a, Woo a, K.,hlaka Da u com menced.
146 M"' h... l><alll
(I) The , Ironger b. lwee" Man Rn d the Moo n becnme'
!\-lalro ,naro kn. If lhe we.k" bet " ..." t htse two i,
",pt.'led by " malefi c, Iha t beeo", .. Mal ru mara ka (a) .
Deal b of 'he mOl ber lake, in Ihe (Ch ara) Da, a of Shula
Ra, i, ( 1, 5 ""d 9) fmm (0), Ibe from Mall uma' ah
Ra'i o. (h) fmm the R..; hold by Ihe lo rd of Ihe Fl h from
(Ii} I\ " e"ai o l b. '"coger Ru i bel,,"' " the 4th f' om
Lagn. and Ihe from 'ho 7th. Dcalh oflhe mol her
n>a y be predi<, ed i n ti, e Ni, yaoa Shu l. fl a, . of I he Ill .
51h '" 91h from Ih. , Ironger k asi.
Eumple 4J
Fi nd l he pe, jod of de" rh i n til' S tanJa'd

Ii) Moon a nd Ma ru,e Moon (18
i, , Irongn Ih'n ""ars (Il 5) ' ,. Mars u well", Moon
are ",pteted by the nlaleftc SUR. Hence, l he urongcl
pla" t l. the Moon, alon e;, Ma"um. , .ka.
S'.di.. ,n Joi mini A>tfolol1
T h ~ 81b lord (ro m Mal rllmara ka i. Mars .
Hence prefer the Moon,
:. Mot !>e, ' , dealh can lake place in Shu!a R., i, nf
Mesho, .'r. , Mesba. Simba and Dhanu . Of the,bree.
Med'. i. tbe ' lro nge,t as it bu two pla net,.
M..ha Da,. laSl ed ( St. page ' 4 '" 55) till t be age of
13. witb in whiCh period mOlhc, di.d,
(il) The 41h Rn. i. fro m Lago. and from 7th .",Simha
a nd Kumbh , e, pecl iveh. Kumbba is .tronge' lba n
5imb., u the fo,mer ha. plneto in i l . Ther. for. mOlhu',
deat h can lake place in the Shul. Das . of Ku mbba.
Mithuna or Thill. Kumbha i. ruled out a. " cornel
", ben the nati ve i , aged nea rly 80 yea.... Bot _eo Thul .
and Mithuoa , Thul. i ' lhe , 1I0ng",. a. il bas ''''0 pl aotl
Shul. Da'" of Thil l. la. t. fro m 9 to I S yea," during
which period th e na li , . lo't hi. mother , Act" ally the
tub-period was that o r Mil h" na.
147. Nati, e'. OWII Death
Elsewhere, ,,,1.. ror Ihe de te'millation o f Maraka
Ra,is have been given in detail. I n t hi, a rt id e, I merely
pro pose to rerer to the method or predi<ting th e nativ,,' ,
OWIl dea th aceord ing to Shula D..a. Fi nd the stronger
of lhe Lagna an d tbe 7t h. n eat h happen, in Shula Da
o f t he . ,ron!!"r Ra'i o r Ihe 5th 01 9 1h rrol\1 il.
En"" le 44
Find Ih. JH,lod o[no,;. ... death ooco, dlng 10 Mild.
Bel ween Lasoa a nd th e 7t h. Lagn a alone i' , tlonger
(.e. ~ 18 .). The re ro re dUlh ca n hap pen in the Shul.
Da.. o r V' i.<ha bha . Kany a 0 1 Makara. Sinee t he horo-
, cope belongs 10 the cate800 o r Pu,nayu, Makara is the
dtat h. inll ictin, Rois. The Shul. D... nr M"kal a runs
lkalh o' Rel..... . It I
from 90 In 99 yun The , ubject ,lid jU>1 wh.n h.
compleled 81 Years.
14M. Dealh 01 Wile
(i) Tit ;, can happe" in Ihe (Ch. raj O" u of the k asi
held by Jupiter and l he Sth and 9th from it. In judging
'he prob,blo p.riod of <t. ,'h, due con,ide'at ion be
gi'en 10 lite ofth. in q".'lion.
Eu mpl. 45
Find Ih, pnlod of d' n, h of ,h i .... ,/' in 1M Slumln,d
Jupiler i. in Kumbba. D.alh m.y happ. n ;n the
0 " ' 0 1 Kumhha. Milhuna Iml Thula. Kumbh. Da,.
termin at wh.n lhe "at". would be ag.d 24. The 7th
house i, fa irly 't,ong. Ther.fore wif" d th i. po" ibl.
in the Das. of Thul. t he 'lrollger b.twn Thula an, l
Mi, hu"a. Thula nasa ext end, till nat ive eompl.'e'
hi, 461h y.... O..lh happened jn'l U Ihe .nd of 46th
149, Dlh uH)lher Rela ll.e.
(i) Taking ' nto eon , ideralion Ihe pO';1ion , of PUl ra
alld Mat ul. and ol her Karah . , d.alh of th e
relal i., m.y be predicted in the (Chara) D. ,. of lhe
,espective Shula R.,i.
(ii) Take the uronger Ra.i betwee" the 3rd from
l agn. and 3rd fr<>m the 7th, and p,edict Ih. dea th of
broth. .. in the approI' d ate :.Ii ryan, Shula Da,a , Death of
children carl happen in t he Niry,na Shula Da" of h i, Sih
and 91 h R. ,; , f,om the , trooger Ra, i bel w. eo t he Ra.i.
from l agn. and t he 5th f'om 71h.
Th. elder brolher' , ,1.atlt can be anlicipaled in l be

Shu!a Da' .. of Ih. lSI, 5th and 9th Ras;. from ,be
Uf008r Re,; het"' n Ihe I Hh froln Lag"a and 'he 71h.
I n prcdi wng all t b.,. nts, the in diC' l i"" . m,,' ! be
1\", aI.ert.i ned by ca rerully g lh e hirt h horolCnpe.
If fc, t in' lan"e, a birth <bart doe, nol . how ir d ica tio n.
rur the birt h of ,'hilJ rc n, lhen t he que"' on of liming IJ,
ent of Ihe de ath of child ren doe. nul ar ; at all.
En.. ple -
Find the probable pa /oJ, of vI h'l>/h",
chilJ'en Ih. St andard Horn' ClIpe.
lI'olll. ..
The Jrd kasi <fwm LaS". and ar e respect ively
Ca ncer ",nJ Cance r is the , (,onger. De. lh of
youoge, brother, (iro ny) ca n bappen in lhe Shul. Dm.
o f Ca ncer, Scorpio and Pisce, .
F.ld<r llr ol Lotr.
The l llh ko, i, from Lagoa and 71b ,especli ly are
and Kony. . Meena is lhe Il rong... TI'.'efore
elder brocher ' . dea th con happen in Ihe Sbula Da, a of
Moo o. Ka lak. or Vri,<: hika .
Tt,. Slh Ha,i. ' ,om lagn. and Ihe 7th aTe fe. peel, .'. I)
K. nya anJ . The laUer i' l h tr ongor. Th.rcfo'e
de ath of ,bild n ,'an happen i n che Shuta Duo of Me. n.
to:: . laka or Vrj" hik. ,
G.""... Ob, . ...t i.. n.
Though bimini and Para' a ri . y.l<m. of A.l rology
appear to he differenl, acl ua lly h ; mi" ; i. mely an off-
, hDot .... r Para."i, de,elopoo accordiDg 10 lhe geniu. of
the Sage aDd pre, emed in lhe . bape of , una, or aphor ;.m.
"01 capable of u'y co mp,ehen,ion 0 ' understanding
nnl." ;ded b, ,omme Dlarie,. h im;ni' , .p..ialilY,oo, i'h
in lh. impotl . nCO j;;-'o to Kar akam and Arudh a Lagn
;n lhc .imph<ily "r m. lhod, us<d for ,h e dt lermioal;08 of
pl" ne' ary 'l r<nrh. aod alld the original and
unique appr oach to lh. prohltm of d;r<ct; oD, or lIa, . "
The ..I..lion of an ap\-, f"pr;ale Dos. for pred;,. ;og an
appropri ale ..t ol ha' been a mallet of cOO1f" , er' y. Tbe
int <!ligtm Tu der tr y lo djsc'>'cr for bim' elf lbe
lyp. of lJa. o . ha uiu pani' lIla. horo,cope or
p, n kular ..enI or ... of e.eo ... ThCl . i, 00 douhl ,hal
pride of pia"" ba , g;..o to Chua LJ a,a.
K. rak
Accordi ng to h imini, K. ra l .. wilh l<jI,a.d 10
horoscope, There a,. ''''0 Kar. ka 1: .
Alma, Amal ya. Dhra lTu, "Ialru. Goal hi and Da, .
C"o'ert lh. l"ng;lud., of pl ane" into ,i gns, le.
R<jccl lh igns and eoo';deli ng lh. deg. ' , . 10
labu lale the ions of pl"""lS iu the d",cend;og orJer
<o f Ihc number of del''''''' The pll oel lhac .. Ibe
bit netl d. , . be<:om... At..... kar.h. 10 the order of
Ka t. h . he o lb plU th beco me AmiIY
Bb , , .,e.. _", o,dill ' 10 ,he de.<ftI d i" . order of
d. ,I'11... "" be.. I .. " 0. mo FlaM" bol4 tbe " lilt
I"",,\ ..oe, , bert .. III be . _ . iIl I Or k h , u d lboo.e
fa U,a, "' ill 10 .p by Ra bu aad \.be
app, opnale "alura' Kat . k...
Lu_,Ie 41
Flu ,It ... r;"... x..:.. o... ,.t 0/ He"
Hi l l l>o."..,.U _ 4 _ 1M') III /S.JO , .... . ( L..v.T.) r,,'U"
_tIM,", Gil. JJ.JI) _f lU ...",IH. Lal . 4r N . Lo><, .
sr E.
p",il iolll i n .r. : -
Pilln. ' Ro.i Dell" .
The S" .. Me, h ')
The :.t oon Dhonul I S
M... Me.ha H
Me" ury M. , ha 4
J upiler Ohanu5 17
Vea lll M ba 2S
tOI U", K ilah n Milhu ua 2S
ke' ll Oh.nll. 1S
La.... Tbuh.
" ..

Ir IlI, l b' "<> I Onl r p 'n,l d g

de. cendin. o.dc ' nf lhe;, d'll"' " ere. ..... h.,. :_
11.",1 D.,,,. ,'f i"u .e
Sub. Me. h. 2S So
Kuj . Me. ba 2S 31
San; Kata'" 22 3S
Gu'" Dhanu 17 21
Chand.. Dban ull is 46
R. ,; M ha 9 56
Mesh ' 8
Sin Suk h.. Ih " il be.. lonlli' ud<l:, h. to."COlT.C$ Ibl
A ' ..... ....d The o' h.' Karat u ar. .. follo... ;-
,;",_ " lJ.,,4
" ' ...klTah Slikr.
AIDa" akara k. kuJ.a
Bb \uk., ....a S.o;
foh lruk... ka GU'II
PUl, .ka ka Ch....dr.
GUl i h,ak. lui
O... h . ah B"dha

,N" .

)l or.
u _

- -
\ ' ...-.a.Sa

Ulooti k.

" "'VAW.....
lol ._

I ...
v.. ... l .",I ,

Lai n> L

.. I

In tho
S' O<li .. in l aimini "'''<01011
DlIfor f Kind, " r b,.
Of the various Lag" r.rerred 10 by hi mia i. Arudha
La gna, Hota Lagn. , V da and G hat ika Lag" a arc
;mr ortl nl i n l b. judgment of h" pe, .,po:ci.J1y i n
rega".l l" lhe ar plica ciun of Raja Yogas. Atu"h. Lagon
i. l b. sign arrived a' by counti ng ao many , illns from
Lagnn .. lord of Lngn. i , from t. agna. Horn lagna i ,
rep r. .. nled by the sign .ro;""d at by Coil nlin S Ih. quotient
(obt aintd by dividinll birth t ime in ghat from , unr i..
by rlu. 011 1 fr om lh. Sun 0' l agnn accordi ng
l he Lagna i. odd or eVen, Tbe pr""e., involved i n findi ng
Var" ad. Lag... i. Ih i.; According u h om. Lagna is
odd 0' even cou nl d ockwi,. or D.. t i dock...;. . f, om or Met ... \ 0 Lag no. Call thi, 'n' , n1 with
Ho ra Lagna similarly and obtai.. "b' , Then Iho s"" of,
0 ' d ifference botween, '& and 'b' represents 'c' a,'cording
a' bOlh Janma and Hora Lag" .. a re odd, Or one i. odd
a nd I he othe, i. eVeD. Va'nada i. th. Ra.i a..ivod a t
by coonting 'c' from Mo. ha (dire,'I) o r M.., na
acco, ding as Lagna i. odd 0, eve,,_ Ghntika Lagn. can
be o hlainod by adding to) Iho ht Jeg,.o of Lago. Rasi
tho prodoct of t im. of birt h (in ghati.) x 30.
EUllI ple 4H
Flnd oo! Atodho , I/OTO. V,,"'ado, Bho", and Gholiko
Lag na, in //ir/e, 'r hMM'ap._
ATodh" Logna :_ Tho lo,d of l agoa S..kra i. in the
'lIb, and lh o 'l Ib from I he 7th. vi . , l a g" a i tself will
b. Arudha Lagna,
: . Arndha l ag" a . Thu b_
HOTo Lagna: _ D ividing Iho birth ghal i. by 2'5, we
(335 /2'5) : I J a' q uolio" l and 1 as remainder .
E, punll inll 12 and cou nlioll 2 (n + I) from tbe
SUD, as Jau m.. Lalloa i. odd . we 1"1 Vri.babha
H" .alagna. The remaind er i l. , '] multiplied
by 30 gina 12.
: . Hura Lagna ",V,i , habb.I2".
Bha.., LoIIDa ; _ laom.. Lallna i . ThoI.., an odd ,illn .
Birt h Gh ati. =B-S .
: . " _ Quotient 6 and Remainder 0'7.
o h oma Lagna i , od d. Bnau Lagn. i. lhe 7th
(6 + I) f,om lb. Sun, oi, . , Thola:
ling the maiodor ...eaet 21
. . Bh Lagoa = Tbula 21'
VarnoJ<! u,1>1IO:_18om. lagna i . Thula, a n odd
, ign. Hora Lagoo i. V, i,b.hba. an en ' ign.
(/ =7(COu nl inll dire., From Me, bn 10 Ja om.
b = J I (coDDling b ..'ard. F,um Meena to
Hora Lagna).
h om.. Lagnn i. odd and Hora Lasna i.
e n, lake l b. di ff..cne. belween "and b.
"" hick i . equal I" 4. A. Jnom. Lag n.. Is an
od'" . ign counti ng 4 from M... ba "' e gel
Kalak .
. Vu nada Lagu _ Katsh.
Ghalik<l u gn<l : _ Ja nma Lasna ;. Tbul a.
Sin h Time in Ghati. _3) '5.
l be birt b s hal i. by 12,
we set Ti - a. remainder
no Studi iD bimi. 1AI" . l"..
The ; ote8, al" .rl i. 9 (n) and fac, ional par t . S. Ghatika
I.agna is the R. , j at n + I (9 + I)
f,om h nma .
Ghalih Lagna_ Katah 15,
Pfi:inupada i. a ta;n , cn,i li po int which . a. be
"" by addinll ("" k e the bi rt h time (in vj aha,i, ) 10
(a) ,h e Sun' , longitude, (1)) l h. Sun' , Jon;;'ud. + 240" or
(e) ,h. Sun ' , I.ogil ude + lxr acwrdin ll ao , b. Sun i. in a
movabl e. hoed or common ,ill"
DWI" Rb i i. th. ' ;Il" who.. Oaoa i. und er eon. ide, a_
,ion . icher rut j udgi nll ce rt lin . ve. 1S of life or the maraka
Baby. Ra. ; i. , h;, n "bleb i. u many sign, .... . y
f rom 0 .... ' .. .. 0 .... , . is from bin .
Guli" , In "'hom i , given by J. im' ni, i ,
id 1<> pr<sjde ov.r the par, uf lime (o btained by di viding
the du ra, ion of a day OJ duralio" " f by 8) alloll cd 10
Sawn, .
Brabm. Mabe. ", aTaand Rud, a ore al l <enain disli uc_
i iou, conf.".d on plaoels by ,i'lue of boro,.opie
d ispo, ilio" . . n..hma' , po, il ion is impon am fOJ ealcu
bl ing and R' ahn). Da, a, ond Rudr a an d Malres
""0 or. con sidered 10 a'cenain l he Ra,i.
and in
Eumple 49
Bra h",a. Mah.,wara Fin d G"lib,
Hit lu' $
(Arl 34) : . W. ekd. y or birth : S.tu,da)
Du,all ,," of day, . ;: .. Gh. di , ided by 8 gi...
Sar uro'. pan u tend. f rom , uD, i"" 10 4]

Gu liko' , P<J,i lion corre'pond' to th. t i, ina
degr.. at Gh, . 4"3 r, om ,u nri, . =
" r;shabha /7' 57.
Brahma (.... t , 35) ,_Ret.... en LOlln. and t he 7e b. the
louer i .crong. r ", A (.id. An. 53). Lord. of 6.
8 . nd 12 f,om A 're Me rcury. M. rs . nd Jupi,er
ly. Amonll tbe" Ih.... Mu, i,
the o"onlle. !. Nu t come' Jupi' .r (. ide Ar t. S9).
nut Marl not being in the half (from Ih.
71 h) l upiter Ihould b. ("onli a, the Br. hm.
as he io not only in th. h. lf but in . n odd
, iiln also.
:. Brabm. i. Jupi' e.
Ma" " ,,"'a,a (Art . 38) lord of the Slh r' om
A.m ok- ..k. i, Ma... He i. iu hi l o...n bou' e.
12,b lord il Jupiter. So we hue 10 ehoo , he
Sl, emg.r o fl he Seh and 121n lord. f rom Aema-
ka , ako, . ;z" M. .. an d Jupi, er , Tne form.r is
Hence Mohes...o" i. Mars.
Rud'" ( Art . 39): - Tne tord. of 2nd . nd SIb f rom
l.. os na are Mars and Venus . e' pt"ct i' ely. necau",
Venu' is ,t,ongcr thao M. rs, be i, Rod,".
ISJ A. peel. ao<l ..
All mova ble I . p"'t all fixed , ign, "copt thc
Idj ", cll t IlM' . All fi d ,i gn. as p<e t all movable , igno
e.copt lhe adj l cent one. All co mmon . ign. a,pcct eacb
oth. r. A'ial .. ml y b. deflned. , 'ageou' pw moting o,
ob"ucting flow of for ' unate in a horo. cope,
ptancts in Ihe 4th, 2nd, t l th or Stb from an aopccti"ll
body cau,e ArllOI.., are "",unIC,ed by a ,i mul_
tl r,oous di, po."ion of pJane" in the 10th, 12th. 31d or
9tb. A number o f molefi c. in lhc 3rd can .l so give ri..
U, Paplrgi li . K.o lU il l n o. ""plinn. Pll nOt. ill tb. 9111
from KOII1 COu\ O Argll l ",hk b ~ o l nculra!iscd
lbo.. arc pll ooll In the 5tb. For lbo 110006. o' maJ06c
Dl lu of Argol .., refor 10 articlo. 15 aod 46.
Find out Ih. A,gala, In i l l ~ '$ hOTM,OPC and prop''''
On A' gala CluJ"
I' ln*la, y Arg. I" il H ide Uo.o, .npe
1'1"" . / ATga/a "a"..4 by COUnl fro,ltdby
Ray; Su; Non.
Ch andl l Royi. Budbo. Sukra, Kuj l ..
Kuj . Salli
Budbl Su; "
Guru Roy;. 8udbo. Sukra, Kuja "
SukTa San; ..
San; Non. .
Rahu Sini . Rovi, 8udha. S" kra , )Cuja "
KOl u None ..
Su i
' . '
M .

a.... (e-.... c....
a . ... '_. k . j
_" 001 ... ,
I ....... r .ja
. 001....
,...'" \
.. I
G.,. '
k... I
1\", 1

k uj .
S. t "
I h ...
. <td h . h j .
G. ,.
I( u

a. b. I

G,," I
Cb.Dd.. ( a oll)
k . t .
S, n;
Sludl.. i" 1oimi"i " ,tr.lou
In the above chart. Sani h.. beon placi d in 10
denote the Ar" la ol . oed by him 10 Me' h! Ras i
a, . d l a, pl. netl . ituoted Iherein. h ' hould aho
be nOled tbot tber. Is no oppo. ition to bi, A' gala
wher.., fo' h i,hobbo Ibo", h Rahu ba, can,cd
Arial., , be plonel ' 'hnwn in bra'hts e>erl
,ou nler inft uence
154. Ihsi S" o' lItb.
h imini alw.y, ll y' i re. 1 " re" on R..i, and their
.Henllt b. The . 1rM,l b of a Ra.; depend. upon il. own
pl . , th. l of the lo' d. Tbe lord ' , ' I,enith may
be . "umed 10 made up of (a) 'I rength due lo bi'
d;, t an from the r,,, t point oftbe , illD, (b) ' trenglh d..i..d
by hi. po, ition in Swakohet ' a. Ucheba, Neech a, . t. (a , t.
( 3) .nd (0) a cell ain di. [>o' ;I;" n f",m Alm. kar. ... A
R..i' l own .t'eni th i, due 10 (Q) its a''''eiot ion wilh a
planet or planets, (b) its beini Si hirl , Ch ar . or Dw;' w. _
hh a"o , and tc) its being a' pect' d by or .ssodoled wJlh
Jupil.r, Mercur y or it' own lord. Tbe net mengt h or 0
R. , i h the total of it' own , u ongtlJ rlu' Ihat of the lord.
A R..; could gain , ped . l . t.. by ,ts being oc, upied
by Atmokarak . . An impro,-i,ed method of numer;eally
determ ining R..i ' Henith de,-id by u' ha< been . I. bo
rl t. d in art id . 62.
Be,; Stungth. /filler' .,
horN<op" "uOfd'''R to Ih, 1"'1'"",d",.,hod.

,,,' co I
k,;",,, Ra/"
Ra. i
Chandra I I S'0
4 50
'"" " "

W 78
Guru .10 0 22- 5 i s
67- S
Jlas; Clta' alwla
Me, hl
IS,O 60 . 60 10S' 0 135-0 315'0 .60'0
V, i,h l bhl 0
I3S,O 165'0
60,0 .,0
7815 258 15
KI llk. [5'0 60' 0 4S'0
" 00
Simho 0
."., 121' ;; 215'5
Kl nYI
" 0
" 0 .. 1S' 1S 10515
Thull ISO .. . 1350 ISO-O
Vti"'hi kl 30'0
., , 6<> 135-0 28S0
Dblou. ., 0 60 <6.0 .00 61S 331-S
Mlkora IS O ..
112- S
Kumbho 300
." .,
91,S 247 5
I " 0
. 61 5 241 5
"Ada 60' 0 Moob. tor ...lm. .... t .

155. n.... , ltd flb.ll bl
The vari"u. met hod. of Pa.. . ' ""omm dod by
Ja imini alw.y. r. r. r 10 R i. and lb" mo,t ' avoured 0
appear. ,<> b. Cha, " PI Tyay. D... . "'ri<1 , Tau, ,,. ,
Oemi ni, l.ihro, Scorpio Ind Sagilla(i n. btlon, to Ih.
Savy. group (If .i,nd l b" ... 1 to tb" ApI.avya 8"'''1'.
In ".ku]a,;"g Iny 0 ..., Iw" things bave to borne in
mind , viz._th. order of lb. 0 . ... alld Ibe . pan of lbe
O. sa period. at t b vary ,..itb . "gard to each bor" JC<Jpe.
The 'pa. bo...",, ' roml; n00111D1 in ... peel of St h; r.
lod Shull . Takiog .. p Ch I. DU I l i ain , tb" fin t
DUI invariably .la". from Lagna Ru i. The order of
.ocr. ..lo. of 0 .... i. di,,,,,' o r Conve.,. a<>::nrd; ng .. ' he
9th Ru i ',om 1.<Igol fa ll. in a Sa.,y. 0, Apa.....y. group.
The period of. Ra,; i. I " al 10 th. number of . ig
imerv".'ug bet w n , b. Ru i and il l lord. d ock.
",i .. 0' aordioc allhe 1I. 0, i in que. tioo
Mlou, . to Sa, ya or Apa..'ya cr oup. If lhe lord of lhe
Rasi i, O<hba l be peri od i. i,,",u.ed by " ne yur ; if lhe
lord i, oe""ha. Ibe period i. dec"",cd by ooe year. 10
Ihe cue of Knmbba and Vri , <bika . " Ibey ba.. Iwo lord.
eacb. i sligbt vorial ioo in Ih e mltt er of .e ekoni og
their Da. a pe, iod, .
The duut ion of a oub period Or Dhukt i i. one' l"'elfrb
of tbe dural ion of a puiod Ot P ua, If 91b from
lhe R.,i of .. hieh 'ub' rc,iod, are requi red refe" to Savya
croup, Ihe ot de, of l oeeu . ion of tbe . ub.peri odo i, dirl.
l b. 6.. t being Iblt of lb. 2nd fro m lh Ra,i. " il
10 Apn,uya ,roup. Bbukri, , uceecded in the
orde, ,tanio, f rom Ihe 12tb f rom lbe Ra. i concerned.
In St hir. Da.. 'ehm Cbaro Sthira and
P ",i,"'abb..a R..i. ge ts 7. 8 and 9 year. r. ' rt ively a.
it pam. Tbe Du a 'laflS from the . ran by
Brabm. aod tbe otb.r Du ' uccd in Ihe dif t " rder .
SIudt.. ia ,.imini Aot.., IoU
The Thrikoo. Do,. ,tut, fr orr. the ,tronge,1 R..i 00\ of
Lagna, Sib .nd 9t h, d Olbe, Da, ,un io the di ' ''''1
.' order _,cording as Ihe ' la,l ing Roo; r."to
Sav)' . or Apl,.,'ya gr oup. The Da,. , pa. of a k osi i .
l be .a m... in the Ca.e or Chua D... . R.f" for (url be,
to an id . 9).
10 lh. of lia r. ad. D. ... it 11"'1. f rom LagDa
and ,nn' in direcl o, d. r if tb. Lagn. i. odd. If tbe
Lag. Ri. eYe., ' he DaslaflS from the 121b and ran, i.
tb. revC" . order. The spa. of D i' lh. diu>nce
m....reJ in term, o f ,i,.>from Lagna 10 tb. V.rnad.
coocerned . Brahm. Da, . starts from Bra hm. R. , i and
ra. , in lbe di re. l o.Mr, Of Ol"to rron, lh e 7tb from
Brahm. and run, io lb. te.."c " ,der , according as La@n&
i. odd 0' even. The span of. Da' . j,; di" ' D, e f,o m
the R.s i concemed 10 Ra,i occu pied by lh e lord of lhe
6th from l he Ra,i in Que.lion, The 'pan oflbe RIsi D. , a
in Yogardh. D.,. i. the mean nf it ' Sthira Ind Cha ra
D. ' I periuds. Tbe order io di re<l Or o'herwi,e . cco rding
, . l he R. , ; of lhe fl" l D. '4 ( which will be Lagno or the
7lh whichevel i. slfnoger), i, odd or even. Ni,yao. Sbu la
Dan is of c"n_ide rable i mpOrl"",e. h i, for
de termin ing Ihe life-lerm, of 'he Dal;ve and hi, rel.t i' eo.
Eu mple S1
Find ( I) Cha, a Da.a, ( 2) S, M,a Da, a, (.I ) Th,jkona
Da.a. ( 4) a'ahma Do. a, (J ) V",,,,,,,,, Da'a and (6)
Ni' yana Shula DaJa, Hit ler' . ho,a.cape.
Table of 114, ; Dom. Hill ,, '. Chorl
Ch , l Dn .
T hula
Vri. chih
6 years
, ..
Amon, ' h. col<:><d. , " oj. aoJ " " 0, 'h. fo,m., . )00hoold
l>oo <onlldered I>oio, .._1a1<4 wi' o mo ro\ . id. Arl. 8'}'
llo.. Po' JodI
Dbl n.. . 12 yeu
Poh U t .

Klt mbh.

Mr o.ll.

Vtilh bb.

Mit h n.

K.lal .
Si", b.

" , .... Daaa
Sinee Stbir . Dasa (o...... r a. h om
1I , . hm. i. po.ued, , he order of dilfe'rot
,,' oem fol io..' (.i,u. Ankle 91) :
1. 1 D. .. Dh. n..
2nd , . M. h , .
3rd " Ku"' hlu
4' h .. Meen,
5th .. Mel b.
6th .. Vrbh.blu
7tb .. Mil huna
I tb .. Kl t. h
9t b S;lI'lh.
IOt_ Ky.
11 th nul.
12tb ..
t be R; .. bere
Rll i n. .. ... iJJ
9 ye."
, ..

, ..
, ..

, ..
, ..


....... of " -.. .004 S , ... , Io<ft I. d__ oi
....._ to . ",, 1, 16 10lIo ,...od
. ... .... 10 ' ...,.. ",,_ .. t I ...d , I... p IBO.. ,...
" rho 00.. . pa .
<4 rea"
, ..
" .
n ,.
II .
, ..
II "
TIorilf._ D... (Afl . Ill1 :
TIM: Ill b IloIlOC i. Ihe I UO" , ..I 0111 of I'" , b,..,
n,ikoll..'Iic_ of I be f. ct Ib.t it bo!'PC.' 10 1M:.
O..ii Ioh Ih oi d . 1$.0 ...., p'-u i. it . Sio
Wit h f.lI, ;. tI,e S...y. P oap. lbe ..._ioa or
D prooccd .. l be di'e<:1 OIdor .. . 100.... bel_ :-
lot D... Mil...... 10 yean
2'ad .. n .. la 6 "
lnl .. K bloa I "
4'" K.t.ka 1 "
5t10 V, iodI ika 1
&110 .. W,..,... ) ' .
ld. .' Si/Db. ,
I tb Db." ... 12 "
.. Io4 nba 12 .'
10,11 " K. oy. , . '
lll b .. " .kara 6 , .
I2l b . " V,;.I:.-bb. II "
11...... 0. / A" , \l61 :
Tbe tAl ... il odd .od "". "" Ibe 0 . .. com_ nee_
from Brabm. R. oi . Dd lbe oJdao of _OIioa i . direcl .
The . ,.. of life _ I. iblalcd by e&<:b Rat; l>qrio. iol f. o,,"
Dban Ul i. ti reo bel<>... : _
1>lIa ,
...k .
Vr;l h bif..
K. llka
10 ye....
, ..
, ..
Ni" ... S hoJ a [)au (." '1. 98) ,
10 Hitle, ' , horoscope, the LagDa l n ~ odd. tbe D.,.
" ....ts from L&lna, ' 1, ., Thull followed by Vriocbika.
Dba"ul , Mak. r. .. . .. . . .. a nd Ka nJ . tach cnnui.
bOl ing 9 yea...
V. ,.d. D. o. (A n . 95) :
LafDI il odd and the Du a <<>"''''.... <<. f, om LI s n" .
,;z., Thull.
Ju ma l agna i , Th ul .
Var nad. l agna i. Kat.h.
Co uDling in the order fr om Thu l. 10 Kalak. , "' .
get 10 n lbe .pan of l b. h l Varuda n . To find DU'
t he 2nd Vunada n li n l we hove 10 Ii . up tbe V. rnad.
lIgna for t he 2nd hou , 0.' ., V, ioo bik. .. p<'f rule. ginl
i n An;';]. 2).
The 2nd Ra . l fr om L.,III '" Vri bika (c .,ol.
The 2nd fr om H" u gu ~ Mitb u... (odd).
r. <> S.
. ,.
, ,.
Since Ih. 2nd f. om Lagna i. &II oven , igD , th" 2nd (e)
(, ,,,,, Me. "', "-z., Kumbha becom the V..,uda of the
2nd Rui. Now for tbe t pan of lb. 2Dd VITOada Vata,
counl f, om Thul l 10 Kumbha wbicb . i.... 5 y...., In a
like manner, Ibe dUTation of l be re" orIbe Varnada Ra. it
b..e 10 be found OUI .
156. I MI .nHy
Longevity bat 10 be ..cenained fro m (II) lord. of
Lagna ao d Rib , (1)) Lagna an d MOODand (c ) La l oa and
Ho.. Alp" yu. Mad bYIYu l od Pooro&y" .te ""tlled
by <;tnain dil p.>s itio n of t il.." Ii . rOC10," in mo bl.,
fj,. d and commonligol . Whet. til . th r _en " fraC IOl<
" ' 0.1 tb , differ. nll. rro. , prt fe' ,b. One i ndical ed by
Lu nl aDd HOT I l lgoa. 10 , ueh a, if lh. M()<Jn i .
i n Lagna '" 7!l1, con, id'" lb. term gi n by (1)) ; otb...... iu
gi". p,det,nce to lb. majo' ;ty indi calionl. ," . <:(Itdi ng
10 . nol he, met hod ( A" . I l l) the longtv; ly would be
Alpl , Madhya 0' Poorn ccordinAl .. tb. plane, (Ibe
"f lb. lo rd. of Sib (,,,m LI gna and tbe Stb f,om
1,h ) i ' in Kt "dr. , Plnopor" or ,",pokl ;m . 10 Ih. third
method , uggested in Art 112 lbe pil ne' con. id.... d lst be
" ronge, "f lhe lord. oftb. 8tb ond 2nd from A' ma' . takl
By. j udicio u, con sidorl r;" o "ftb, fUM a nd conj lhe ter...
of li re of ao iDdi,iduat should h. ca,.fully A parri.
curl. ,.rm of life i. capable of beiDg repla...,d by a higher
or , ho rrer term and cODdi';OD' for ,ueh Kak ,hl Vriddb i
ud Kahha Hra.. bav. been deatt .. ith in Art. 114 , 1 s,q.
Enmpl. 53
Find tu m olli/e 10 HIII,, 's
h'ID of Lire ( An. 104)
( A) The th_ ,e" to be considered for deciding
", hetbe r Hil k r' . horoscope fa ll. UDder !'CO'Dayu. Madh
yayu or Alpl Yo I re : (<I) Soha ( tord o f U SDa IDd 8t b).
(11] Tbur. IDd Chandrl ( Lagna aDd Moon) and (e)
Thuta a nd Vrhhbha ( Lagn l I nd 1I0 ri Lagno).
Art , 8) Art . 84 A'I . 8S
Alpa Mld bya Poo rlll
Lord of Lign a- Venus
Lo rd of 8t b- Venu. X X
Poo rna
laSJlI- Th ura
Moona- Dba nu. Aipi X X
Log nl - Thula
Ho, a- Vri. bl bba X X
The a bo table ,b ow, l he Ibr , ell rcvuJ th,
differelll term . Hence u per Art icle 108, "'. ha to
, bo",, ' , he letm , hown ~ " Lasno a nd Hora l agna",
'I:" Madhyayo ; in othe, word. '" per met hod " A" lb.
lerm i. Middle Lire.
:\olet hod 8 (Arl. Jl])
Lord of 81 b from La gno i , Veno. I nd tbe 8tb from
1t h i. owned by Man. III lhi) ca , lhe que,t;on of
Ibe " ' oo r , ,,.,, nll lh. .. Iwo dn nol . r;.. at all. Sinee
bolh Venus and Ma" happen to be in Kendra , lb. ter m
"f life . !:> oold be Poom .
Me. hod C (ATt , 112)
The pla"e" i" yuh'cd ar e "gain Ma.. and Veno.
Therefore l h, lbi,d met hod coofirm. B.
Tho, ,,,," bave A indi.acinll Ma dbyayu. ud nand C
indica ting Poo, nayu. Co o" queudy, , h, cha rt belong.
IU lbe catego,)' ,,( Poo m.yu. The .. e. \ ep in t he deter-
min.tion of lon,;[y i, tn ... "het h.. tb. te, m ofli (e
r.,cal ed abo. e is . ubject 10 . ny redoction '" otherwi. e,
I. t ., to K.k, h. Hr. . .. or Kak. h. Vri Jdhi (Art. 114).
K.kth Vrlddbl
Benefi c. in Tbr ikona ( rom 71b "
Benelies in Thrikon. fr om Atmaka raka "
2 unit.
4 unill
K.hll " lIr
Sdl Inr d beco", e. Alm" kar. k. "
8t b Inrd (,om 7t h j oin. Al m.karo" =
'-h e R. bu in Thrik ona =
.. from 7tb frnm At m.karak. = ~ ~

TblMllh Poornayu i b".." in t be ...t the
r. eton r" r I(ah h Hr are mOre than tho fn, K.koh,
Vridd"i. C"n",""ut lllly. the ehart bd on, . 10 I h. cat.gory
of Madbyafll . II muol tc oote<!tht Ihere i. ' OCfU OC of
olle R.,; D. ... by Ih. po.ition of the f ull MOOD' 0 \rille
10 (, ilk Arl . 118).
157. Porlo. of n ...,.
Vitpo.., ;" D of Rab o. Keto 01 Sal urn in l b. 7th
f rom t allo. 0< A\mak"..k. deter m;".. .." cn d. alb , ake.
plac, in tbe h i, 2nd <l r 3rd part of lh. lerm of AyU1
, ned by Ih. oali.. . Death ,<" orally happens in R..i.
(0) which ar t Ir ina 1<> (6) subjected ,<> Pap.hrlbar;
yo... . (e) havio l ",al, tic. in 1M 8th and 121h, (d) io the
8lh and 12th R; jf lhey h.v. 11\1 of planet. other
lba.. Moon u d Veno. , (0) in Ih. Rui. nf Rudr. and
Mobe, wl ,. . The R..i c!1<I .. musl be con, ;,l enl ..ic.b
wit h t ho faCl of it. Da.. r unni ng wil hin th e pn",rihr<!
l um nf Ayol .
En ...p!e 54
Find th. ",,,,,,ka p" joJ In oj Hili...
LooUIl ' intn t he po..ibJe R..i. capoble of l<illing th.
nOlhe, nd lhe followi ng ODn q Dalifi. d ;-
Arl. 121 (6) Vri.hbba, Kaoya and Makara.
( f) V,; .habho i. h. mnl.d i n be,...." mal.lic, and
hence a d. a th. i"lIic tia g Ra i L
(,) Th. 81h aod 12th R.,i. an Yrishabha aod Kaoya
,,,,,,peclively. O UI of tho, e ' 0.0. Kanya Ra.i D., a
i. ,uled OUI as it fall. ;0 the Pool oayo Section
irre.pecli ve of lbe Du . cho. en. The ol he, Rooi,
.1: . Vri .habha , 100 gel. di''l.uolilied du e to tlte
pecI of Sao; on n.
( n) i. in t he 8111 from til. Moon aod.o th. , .
i , a po"ibiluy of d.atll b. ppeoing on . Ru i
(Il Vr;",bik 1'0 i,
(f) M to tb. locatioo of M. b..... . ' .
<kl t b. Jocation of .
(m) Th. 10' .1, of 1, 6, 8 and 12 f,o m Atmala,.h a,. Ju pit.r. M. .. b.i0 8 " , ooger
' ban ,h. o,b e' two (A,t. 59) lh. R..i held by b;m
n.mely Melba i, qualifi.d.
Til" . from , h. fo, . go;ng it wiij be .een lhat til. SU. 1I
on Me, b. ,. inde.d ,"r y he y followed n' by V,i . h
bb. Before deciding a"h. d, h. ioRicting
Rasi, _ , h. ll . .. wlo. t A l l. 141 b.. 10 . ay io the mattor.
H. , e th. ,.F.,.nce ;, '0 Oa' a and ,b. Tbr ikooa
R..i. from th "onller of th. L. gna and , h. 71b . ' . Ih i.e , illn, . In lh. p, e nl ca uodoubt.dly Ill. 7th
(M., b.) i. nol ooly . Uong. T lban LallOa bOI ,trong..t
. ",ong ito It ine, . 1'0. r.iden tly "' . should pec" be
oali ', de.t h do,;nll lbe n a.. p..iod of Me, ba Ra. i.
Accordinll , n Niryan. Sula n a, tb. peri od of M., ba
Ra , i comm.nce. witb Hitl . ... 551b aod will con tiou.
till bi. 64t h y....
Nt " hall I the mo. 1 c,itical p.r iod th. ..
nio. y. a.. It i. ' aid thaI tb. d.ath c.n b. brought
in lb. ' ub n ..a of the st ' OOIl1 of ,b. 10' .1. of th. 61h,
20d and 12'b From AI"'alra ka ( Yenu.), or , h. Ru i
piN by Rudra (Mt>bn) or in th. mino' pl. iod oflb. a Ras; h.ld by Ihe lord of the 6th fTom Mar.k.
R i ( Y,i,babb,, _ t h.. 6t h lord fTom il in
Vri _habha al , So the ' \tb' period_ of M._h. alld
Vri, babba ar. bi&hly cr il;cal and Hitler died in bi,
ye., during lhe minor of Vri_ba hba,
1511 . J udKing . lI orn"""pr
The nu ure of tbe Kuaka""' ., NI ' -am, a and
LI gna lord' determine, lhe p. .." u l ap!",o, . o". of Ih.
p....on, while hi. cha nCl ot a nd mind a re largely In. l led
by planetary dispo,i ,io ns from Kat , kam... C.,mbinati"n.
for we. lt h are a.neratl y ed to Arndha La gna and lb.
belt combination fo r ...'. Ilh ;, 'n a, p'c! or .,nciati on
between lb. At mab r. ka and 2nd lo rd from bim.
Diff". nt pla nel' ris ioK in 0, pec ti nu Korab rn...
indica te on pr\O- di. p,,,itio D tn WArd, diff." nt !roubl
and For in' l l nN:, Kankam' . l>< ing Ar',e,
'uU . , ts reOI from ca U "nd faU. .. Vh.n Kat .kam, . i.
Sagiu ..i.' . tbel. will b. accidenl' fron, conveya;" . " hils
from h igh pl. cn , etc Ma r<. Rahu and Ket o ;n ,litrereot
po,ition' f,om Ka rakaml a indicale diIJeronl di.ea, .. one
is likely 10 . utTer fn.m.
Edu,. li ona l prospeel s re al<o analy,ed wilb " refen",
to pla nelnr y di' pooit ion, from Ka..kamsa. v pap. da i,
employed for ascer lainiog brolhe" .nd
,isle" . a ,. enumef ate" ;n Arlicle l3Z, "nd com_
binati on, i"dical ing doat h of brot he" and . i'l<". Vp
p.da i. l he slar l iog poin l fur kno wi ng lbe d fai rs of
mam. ge. Ber.efie, and i" l he 2nd a nd 7lb from
Up. pod. g I V d ue lo und. " land t b. t enenl di, po, ilion
of lh e 7th bo use. Widuwbood i$ cau"d by l be di<po' idon
of lh. Sun in 0 Thril ona from Logno in l h., . as
al ,o by K. tu and Mar & oocupying t he 8lh f, o m " or a
Logn.. Th. a nd Illh ho..... from Upapada <ie,eribe
me fromewo rk of ehil,J. w . Th e" we h. v. eombi nalion&
for ildle" o. .., ba rcooe" , elc.
F ron, lh e poinl of .Iew of d. lefm ;ni ng prof. ..ioo.
Jaimini' , method is ,.a lly uoiQue. Here is wid <XIp. for
resea reb ond i"'e<l;golion. Th. <'On,ideration. in
detelmioio8 l be avo"a lions or nat ure of livehboud a rc l be
po,;t ;" n of Ka t"ka m a nd the plan'lary di 'p",i,in". iu
""uai n boo, f rom it .
The " a lUr. of Math j. rev..k d by lhe 3rd
hoo,. from Lallna <>f Al m. h rah. Diff<,ent phnet. ; n
Ih. 3r d ho me d..ath l>y differ.lO' <au.... Goo d
planelS br ing abool " r eaed " 1 . "dwbile evi l 0 0 bring a
viol.n, d.alh. Anide', 141 and 142 , d . .. to mi >od lancou.
, ,,mbi"ot i,,n , denoting ch"in devol ;" ", "",hha, , ym
p" l hy. el c.
Enm]>l. 55
Find In"naluu of Hit l er 's d,-"'n ,
Accord;", tn hi m; , the nal ure of " n. ', J eath ha. to
he decidtd from t he 3rd house fro m LagDa Or r", ,,, the
Al ma hr oka. l h. 3rd den"t. e nd and
be nefic> a pea, d ol on., lI.,e Rab" i, in l h. 3r d f ro m
At n,akar ah and from Lagu l h. Moon , Jupi' er
Km ' . BeN," At maka,uh and i f ,, " ,'b",'" tbe
,tr" os er ' h. form..r opp" '01>, mor. i n . i ..
oft h. fa" {hat he i. a,soci a l.d Wllh th,e. pl . net , wher ..
Lagna i , neith.r a"od a",d with nor hy " ny
planet. S" Ra hu in , h. 3,J ( poi'on) i" l> e .bid indi.a""
though h i, , iolont nUu", i. lomped by Ihe a,pe,t' "f
Moon and J upi' er .
TJIl1 1ng E, enl.
All imperh n, . , . nlO ca n be pred i<" od by th. Ch,.
melhod. while fo, all event, per laini nll " >doat h.
S,ni,. a nd Nirya n. sur.. Do' . may be employed wit b
advanlage. Gener a lly, a Ra, i 8i.., beneficial re,ult.
dur ing its Da.. if i t i, p<l w<'TfuJ a nd do.. ""t ... . leIl..
di, po d on e ilher ,ide'" i n Ihe 8t h and 12th. 1 be nOl lure
of Ihe ",' ul" produced by a Ra, ; D..a will perlain to , be
" .nl< of lb. Bh. .. ' " bicb it happen, to rep,e,. nt f, ,,m
Sh><liOi in J .I III;n; Am nle.,
Lagna or Atmakarata or Kar .kam . Outh of
can in tbt Oa' a! of Sthir. R. w
. ccording 10 Charo Ou . (AJt icie or ill Sihir. Ra.i
cco. ding 10 Niryu a Sula 0 .... Similarly, wilh the aid
of th..e two Oaoa. can a,eu!lIned proh. h'-
periods of dealh of moeh.., brot he". chil dre n. etc. EvCll
Ihe nalive's own death can an ticip. ted on Ihe ba, i
in Article 147.
)60. YOIl"
A pow. rful Raj a Yoga cao $li d 10 exisl wheo
homa l agna, Hor. l al;Oa . od Ghalika L. gn. are all
simultan.ouslY ..peeled by a pJan. 1. Th. inl . n, ilYof tbe
Yoga i' ' . ... ned if aU Ih. Ihr. e a 1I 0t u peeled. A
number of otb.. Raj a Yo.., iodic. tinll rollk, pOlilion aod
fame are Articl. 141 desc. ibt, Ari. ht a YOlla, Which
a spec ies of mi,fortunel rang;na from dia.
bol ical like . elling 10 ..' 10
. nd se.uaill ratilicalion .
Befor. chart, il i. e..enl;aJ Ihal
. hould loot inl O. ome of lb . imporlant fe. tu of bil
horoocope a' . ev. aled by 1I imio i Sy.tam, Lookio,
into hi , personalily. lhe Karakam, a di,po. itio
reftecto 10
a grut eu enl hi. phy. ical 'll. ntal charac_
I..i.lic Mat . when wilb Karakalllia
ii 0 r produci ng a llood 'oldi.r . M. rs- con-
junction in Ka"hm,a rah . d him from pOlition of a
.oldier 10 Ihal of a , uler and commander . Dol Ketu.
pre.ence in Kar ah ms. i' not desir.ble. Often
mployed "'ill be with fraud and
dueit . M.lefici in Jrd flO'" lot lord and 71h (Rohu)
also i. n id to make QU a Cnmmander. The following
.. some of tb. ouu u ndi oll Raja YOII"' wbich hav.
roolributed 10 hil and pow :-
Fout planel' in the 7th from Jan ma Lagua and
DreH an. Lagna, Ihroe in N.vam. a Lago. and two ;n tbe
7tb f rom Nav.m.a Lagn . So. out of the , i. fact o..,
four bet n f ulfilled. Though lecbn ically single
planel alone i. required I. ide Raja Yoga 2) we bave be.e
four pl....U Ihu, giving rise 10 a very po_rful Raj .
Yolla. Add.d to thaI. the Yoga ge.. con.iderabl" nglb
be<au. e of the facl lhal il i. gene.ated by th. ume plan. u
viewed eilb. r from Ja nma Lagoa. Drckkan. Lagn. or
Navamu L.ina.
Anotber powerfu l R.ja Yoga is cau.ed by the ..pec,"
r.ceiv.d by l b. Ja nm. L.gna and Ghalih Lago a and
Hora Lagoa f rom Saturn and Mars. Venus and tho Moon
When Marl , V. ou ud K. tu a.. iu mulual ,,-, peon .
a Raja Yoga i aid 10 ar ise. In thi, cb. t( , l bougb Ihey
are Dol ...ctly in mUlllal a' pecl, there is muru.1 conj unc.
of Almakaraka wil b lb. e ll.d Sun
i, il.elf a Raja Yoga aod lh. most noteworlb y factor i,
.hat all tbese lI. aja Yog.. b.'-e rdereoc< to M.,ha Ra,i,
or in orher words Mesh. Rui h.. be" om. l b. pivnr of
Hitler' . hor n'cope. Tb. influence. lhal ba... bet
focu. >e<I
Iher. in ore indccd ' lrong. Ove, aod .bo"" . U lh
Mesha b scored 437 poi nts in Ri B. la. And in hi.
4 1.. year l b. Char. Dai a of M. , h. Ra . i commenced. w.
bav. said rl ier .hal l be Ch. r. Da, . system i. t b. fuou
ri.. of b imini fN timing tb. event. in one' , car..r. It
rul.d for 12 y.... and il wn duri oll Ihi, period Ihal
Hi ller rose 10 power aod Germany undid lb. wronl' done
10 ber io the I World Wu.
All Ind ex o f [ f':hoic.l Ter ms
Adh no Lagno
Am, a
Am.. Bala

Ap..., ya
Arga la
A, gala Chokro
Ariohl > Yog..
Arudh a
Arod ho Lagno
Aohtonor i
Atn, oh,aka
Al ardaya
Bahy> Ra, ;
Cnnooplion A.ccndant
Cnaplt r
Short life
Longilod., plancla ry-
Slrengl h do. to l"ngitud.
Th. lord next in impouanc. 10
Ibo primo lord
Sini'lTal or ant ; c!nck",i,e
3rd, 61h , 9th and 121h ' iSD'
Ag. nc) . an ucting 0' aUI_
rnent"'l _
Oi _grommatic repro' en tahon of
A, gala,
Un(orlunate .ombinatinn o
The ,i l n ...hich il .. djotanl from
Ihe lo'd .. the lord i, from
tho hou,e concerned
Th. oil n aOaport from Ih. lord of
Los na .. tbe lord i . (' om Lagn.
A . yuom of dircction
Tho p" nd ple Or main lord
Lonl"il y
The oiln which io . , _pan from
Owu a Ra'; .. Ihe latter i,
from A'condant
Aa lad.. of Ter",.
f1h OIlM Ra. i
Bbava LagnM
f1ra bma
Brahma Da' a
IIrah ma Ra,;
Ciulra Du a
Chara Bala
Ch.r. Da, a
Cbar. R..i
Dhanur ,idyo
D'i i Oa' a
Dr uk & 1.
DO' l a
Du, bt. M. rana
Hou, es
An other name for Bahy. Ra 'i
A cer tain l ind of A' cendant
Su b-period
A dlll i"ctioo con Fert<: d on a
plane' by cer tain hor o.copic
di . posit ion.
A metbod of timinll even"
Si lln occupied by Dahma
A met hod of timing event,
Stren l lh due to the nature-Car .
di ul, etc., of the . ill n.
A methnd of di rection
Mo, able S;I:0
WiFe or hu'band
Lor d or indicat or of wife or
hu. band
Direct ion or per iod , uled by , ign,
Long life
Ascenda nt 0 ' Sun
of archery
Sal iuariu,
PecaDat e
A method of timing evento
A.pect lI,engt b
Tbe Principal Dest ructi' e C..
mic f orce
Violent dnlb
Dw.,. Ru;
D.. i . .... l;Jhv. Rui,
Gb alih
Gbatika Lagna

G ur u
H" u
" or. Lagos
Hor . S.llr.
J.;m; o;
Ja gba nam
Ja oms l agna
b rat,
K. h ha
Kah ha H, a
Kd " ha Vriddbi
Kahl.l, at..aJr.a
Kat ,tam..
Kendr .
The si, <> onder co nsideration
Common 'ilol
An A' 1'1 of Cor.rn;c 10_
vokd at lbe t>esia ning of
.....Cl')' venl ur.
24 minule. in lime
A cert ain kind of A""end ul
R.lativ and coo. io.
PI. ...' . ' y ' rano;1O
Consol I of Siva
A teniary plane,
A un;l or time_m. ..ur. equallD
I ho ur
A " . in .l< iod "rA,.endant
Sd . nce of Time 0<A' trology
A . 'eat Indian Sate
A, cendant
A t er m Of di vision
Dec,.... of. lerm " r life
I nc, u , . of. ler m of lif.
Sisoifi cato, o f wife
Vir. o
Sig nif' cat " r
The 'illD occ upied by the prime
lord in NaY,mY
KeDel .. D e..
Koj .
It . lllbil.
Le, n. R. d
Le, u .-.lhl
M. hlfoJ:ll
M.IIn. e,.
M. h ..
M. adi
M' ndook. D...
M.nn ... di
Ml nn. hy. latak.
M h
M ho...
M.,.h Ru i
.... u ..
Me. ba
Mith It . lled....
Milh. ..
M_ I. trikoa.
N.iaar, ih !.ar. h l
Slffn,lh d.... I n " uad ranl a lar iot'l rrolll prj _ lord
A lIIC\bod o r lilllio, .....col'
end. 0' Dr..-', T';l
Mu .
Aoa: odul . "
ue ",vdh. lap.
God.:! e.. 0' Wr ai th
Middle Lire
A , rell _r 0' nil'
A t peo:ia l d lOlia Clioo caofc ncd
00 plancl
Cap,ico. o
A le. li..y planel
A mel hod of liminl eyeotl
A n u".. 00 Ho, o. ".,py
Oeellt.i nft k tiol
Tbe 0'
nc,a l h idiclio" i, n

F' ;,odly .i,.
SlrtII ,lh dlte 10 Ior.lin_ 01 rai-
Na t.. , al oipi6celOrI
A lIIethod of lilllio, eya lll
Ni" tlt de'l'iIIoo of I , i' ll
Nao am. a Da, ..
~ "a
N<tlahnl a
Ni " a oa Shut.. Oasa
Ni , hd..
Ni, h. h Lalna
Oj apad a
Pada Lagna
Paka R", ;
Pe. nasa Ra ga
P,l,ub ra h
P, anap ada
P,a,na La gna
Pr ema n;dbi
I' ul oayu
Put. "
Ra hn
Raj a Yoga'
R. kl a Sa ,a, na
Ras i nal a
Ra, i Da...
R" ,i Hru a
Ra. ; Vriddhi
Ray ,
Rud . ..
A method of l iming ...n t,
Debilita tion
A CommMtalor
A methOd of Ii mini dUll!
Con.ummaliuo of marriage
A. ce ndan t s, consummation
Odd group
AnOlh. r name for A, ud ha Lain
Ano l her name for Dw",a Ka' i
2nd, 51h, Blh aod 11th signs
A olalefic ageocy
Pa ra n r,,' s method
Na'al dj,..., .
Signi6, alor "f father
A , " loin .ensitive point
A" endanl at qu e.tiOo lime
A Commentawr
Lon. li f.
Capul o' D,agoo' , lI e..d
Combinati on. leading to power
and fame
Reddi' n l dlo"
Sl,cogln of signs
Roling ~ i o d of K, ;go
ReduCl;oo or lo,s of a sign
' o" ea.. 0' Ilai" or a ,i llD
A spedal d;,t;ncl;on conferr ed
on a planet
ar T boico t T<rm.
Samahhetr .
Sama ;ngh
Sa lr,apada
Sam b j ..
Saay Yoga<
SapIa Varga<
Sioa dbal..
Sha,hl iam,. s
Si va
Slh;r . Dala
Slh; r. Ra o;
Subha M. rana
Sula D
S.... k! h. lr.
Tbrikono Da
Udu Do,"
N.nt ral ,ign
An AUlhor of a Treal;" on
Pr. nalal Astrology
h.n group
Anu,h. r name fo. Siva
COmb ;nalion, f"r a. cellci. m
5.< " 0; . ign_d iv;, ion,
C1ock... i,e
Si , ,,, urc.. "f ' lrengt h
$;, kind, "r , ign. divi,ion,
Th. , i, _f.o .d , on of Si...
Unit. of
On. " f Ib. Hindu
ing lb. d<:> lrucl h'. a,pect of'
S" .nglh due 10 l b. prese nce of
on. 0' mor<: planet' in a , ign
Filed " gn
Na'ural deal b
lIeneBe augmen, ing . ency
A m.lbod of lilllinl e... al s
Apbo, i, m,
O...n ho u..
A melhod of ti",inll '''enl.
Li bra
Eult. lion
A "' .Ibod oft imJng ... . nl.
Tbe Sign a, .part from 121b lord
Ibe l'ller i, fro m Illb
Varn.d. D
V.rnad. U IJlIO
VrJddb. Yavau
Vr' schik.
Y" , ah rab
yo,ardh a Du.
Slod;e, ill Jo imiol A, trol oU
Comb;oUiOIlO for p"IIcnlnt
A metbod of timillg evenll
A cen ai" kind of A"",odant
A oy. te'" of dir""t ioDl
Odd , roup
The prot relive .'P<CI of Hindu
In cr'"
An aod . " t "'dter Oil A. lroJo,y
A pldocl coofer rinl po.... r. rame,
et c.
A mdbod of limill, enot.
Cerlain pl...clary combi"a,ioos
by SU.,.. ..... in Reo
I. Sln J. laka
2. ja"' " aisuu
l . COlllpendi ulII or AM' ''''', y
4. i1 , ihal h U h
by 0 . 8 V. n
I, G h4 and Rhu ABal..
2. Muhu' l ha 0' Electi " nal
3, 1' lont l4' y Innut n"" , on Hunt. n AlTain
4. A)u.v. d.
5. " , 1' 0108) f".
I>. A. hl. lavar, " Sy.ltlJl of PI. d' eto" "
7. P' ''. 11 Mafi a IVol. II
li.. P'a.u hi , Vol- II)
9. Ni". l) V Epbe'"u i. of Pla""la' )
Position. (119110 1')10,
10. .:IlI vu.. Epb. ...ri .
(1911 ..,2000 A. D.)
11. H" .. ,,, l ll<! ,. . (v.x. 1l
12. How 10 111<1,.. a H" , osc.>pe (Vol. II I
lJ. NOI . ble H""oSOOJ't' .
14. A " f "'sl." I,,1Y(Vol. I)
U . ... C.l t cbhm of A.u ,,100 ( Vol. II )
16. H,nd.. P di<:t ;Vt "'. u " I,,1Y
, <>-00