Is the Sky the Limit?

Using Teen Literature to Forge Connections in a
World Increasingly Without Boundaries
ALAN Workshop !"# $ National %ar&or' ()

(onday' No*em&er #' !"#
+,"- . /,!! A( . 0egistration
/,!! . /,"! A( $ Welcome1 Walter (2 (ayes' ALAN 3resident 4!"5."#6
/,"! . /,5! A( $ 7eynote Speaker, Li&&a Bray (Little Brown Books for Young
/,5! . 8,!- A( $ Boys to (en
The Journey Through Male Adolescence in Contemporary Teen Literature
Eric Devine, Press Play (Running Press)
James McMullan Leaving China: An Artist Paints His World War II Childhood
Jason Re"nolds When I Was the Greatest (#imon $ #c%uster Books for Young Readers)
ndrew #mit% The Alex Crow (Penguin Young Readers &rou')
8,!- . 8,5- A( ( 9irls to Women
The Journey through Female Adolescence in Contemporary Teen Literature
Jenn" )an, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (#imon $ #c%uster Books for Young
Dawn *+Porter, Paper Airplanes (mulet Books, an im'rint of BRM#6
Raina ,elgemeier, isters (&ra'%i-.#c%olastic)
8,5- Booktalks1
8,#! . "!,"! A( $ The Writing 3rocess
!ro" the Writer’s !ingers to the #eader’s Hands
/wame le-ander, He aid$ he aid (mistad, )ar'er0ollins)
0%ris L"nc%, Little Bl%e Lies (#imon $ #c%uster Books for Young Readers)
n aut%or to 1e announced
"!,"! $ "!,- B0:A7
"!,- $ "!,#- A( $ (2T2 Anderson ; 3aolo Bacigalupi
In Conversation
M2,2 nderson, !eed (0andlewick)
Paolo Bacigalu'i, The &o%'t !a(tory (Little Brown Books for Young Readers)
"!,#- $ "",- $ Cele&rating <ur True Identities
Personal tories of Transgendered Teens and Their !a"ilies
rin ndrews, o"e Asse"'ly #e)%ired: The *ot+o+e(ret Life of a Transgender Teen
(#imon $ #c%uster Books for Young Readers), accom'anied 1" %is mot%er, Denise Ric%ter
/atie )ill, Rethinking Normal: A Memoir in Transition (#imon $ #c%uster Books for
Young Readers), accom'anied 1" %er mot%er, Ja33l"n )ill
#usan /uklin$ Beyond ,agenta: Transgender Teens pea- .%t (0andlewick)
"",- $ ","- 3( . Breakout Sessions
"2 In a World o= )isappearing Boundaries' :*erything <ld Is Ne> Again, The
<n.9oing 3opularity o= Fairy Tales as the Basis =or Contemporary ?A
Lois #tover, 0%air, Mar"mount 4niversit", rlington, 5
Eva ,%omas, 4nionville.0%adds 6ord #c%ool District, 7est 0%ester, P
0onnie 8itlow, *%io 7esle"an 4niversit", Powell, *)
2 %o> 9raphic No*els Connect Students to Social @ustice Issues World>ide
Michelle Falter, Chair, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA
Margaret Robbins, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA
52 Forging Connections Through Technology
Jennifer Shettel, Chair, Millersville University of PA, Lititz, PA
Lesley Colabucci, Millersville University of PA, Lancaster, PA
Jennifer Risser, Lampeter Strasburg School District - Martin Meylin Middle
School, Lititz, PA
#2 3ushing Against Boundaries in the I*ory To>er, Teachers o= ?oung Adult
Terri Suico, Chair, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN
Kevin Cordi, Ohio Dominican University, Columbus, OH
Victor Malo-Juvera, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Linda Spears-Bunton, Florida International University, Miami, FL
Erin Buckingham, Saint Mary’s College, Annapolis, MD
Caroline Corsones, University of Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s College, Mendon, VT
-2 %umaniAing :motional )isorders >ith 3ortrayals in Literature
Krystal Bailey, Brigham Young University alumni, Aubrey, TX
B2 )i*ergent and Beyond1 :Cploring the World o= Deronica 0oth in a Simulated
Uni*erse >ith Unlimited Boundaries
Jeffrey Kaplan, Chair, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Elsie Olan University of Central Florida, Winter Springs, FL
Yolanda Hood, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
+2 From 0ecreational 0eader to 3reser*ice 3ractitioner, Using ?A Literature
>ith 3reser*ice Teachers to Connect Theory and 3ractice
Jon Ostenson, Chair, Brigham Young University, Highland, UT
Dawan Coombs, Brigham Young University, Draper, UT
/2 (iddle School 0eaders, Cele&rating the E?oungF in ?oung Adult Literature
Nancy Johnson, Chair, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
Scott Riley, Singapore American School, Camden, ME
82 What a 9irl Wants, (apping the :*olution o= Female SeCuality through the
:ras o= Contemporary ?oung Adult Literature
Jennifer Hubert Swan, Chair, Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High
School, New York, NY
Laura Lutz, Convent of the Sacred Heart, New York, NY
"!2 )e=ying the Censors in )e=ense o= )emocracy
Wendy Glenn, Co-Chair, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Barbara Ward, Co-Chair, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
David Gill, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC
Teri Lesesne, Sam Houston State University, Montgomery, TX
Mark Letcher, Purdue University Calumet, Crown Point, IN
Reagan Mauk, Holy Shelter Middle School, Wilmington, NC
","- $ ",!! 3( . Lunch
",!! $ ",5! 3( $ Format' Content' ; Style
&ifferen(es as Bridges$ not Bo%ndaries
dele &riffin, The /nfinished Life of Addison tone (#o%o Press)
David Lu1ar, Chara(ter &riven (,or ,een)
Pam Mu9o3 R"an, 0(ho (#c%olastic Press :ovel.#c%olastic)
",5! $ ,!! 3( $ <nline Fandom' 9aming' and Social Net>orking
How the 1irt%al World Is a Bridge to the Literary World
Melissa de la 0ru3, Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Prequel (Disney Publishing
02J2 6arle", Ga"e World (kas%ic Books))
#ara% Ml"nowski$ &on’t 0ven Thin- A'o%t It (Random )ouse)
,!! Booktalks1
,!- $ ,#! 3( $ )o Not Look A>ay1
Why Boo-s a'o%t 1iolen(e$ &r%gs$ and ,ental Illness Are 0ssential to .%r Teens
/ekla Magoon, How It Went &own ()enr" )olt . Macmillan 0%ildren+s Pu1lis%ing &rou')
&2 :eri, 2no(-o%t Ga"es (0arolr%oda La1)
Lauren *liver, Pani( ()ar'er0ollins)
Meg 7olit3er, Bel3har (Penguin Young Readers &rou')
,#! $ ,-- 3( . Break
,-- $ 5,"- 3( $ :2 Lockhart ; Fiona Wood
In Conversation
E2 Lock%art, We Were Liars (Random )ouse)
6iona 7ood, Wildlife (Little Brown Books for Young Readers)
5,"- $ #,!! 3( $ Common Core, Bridge or Barrier?
The .pport%nities Presented 'y /sing 1i'rant *onfi(tion Boo-s in the Classroo"
ndrew "din, ,ar(h: Boo- 4 (,o' #%elf)
Loree &riffin Burns, Beetle B%sters ()oug%ton Mifflin )arcourt)
Sy Montgomery, Chasing Cheetahs ()oug%ton Mifflin )arcourt)
&eorge *+0onnor, .ly"pians (6irst #econd . Macmillan 0%ildren+s Pu1lis%ing &rou')
Elizabeth Rusch, The Next Wave ()oug%ton Mifflin )arcourt)
#teve #%einkin, The Port Chicago 50: Disaster, Mutiny, and the Fight for Civil Rights
(Roaring Brook Press / Macmillan 0%ildren+s Pu1lis%ing &rou')
#,!! $ #,! 3( $ @enni=er )onnelly ; (arie 0utkoski
In Conversation
Jennifer Donnell", &eep Bl%e (Disney-Hyperion)
Marie Rutkoski, The Winner’s Trilogy (Farrar, Straus and Giroux / Macmillan 0%ildren+s
Pu1lis%ing &rou')
#,! Booktalks1
#,- $ -,"! 3( $ !"# Amelia :liAa&eth Walden A>ard 3anel
,%e ;<=> melia Eli3a1et% 7alden ward %onors e-em'lar" titles 'u1lis%ed in ;<=? t%at
%ave strong literar" merit, wides'read a''eal, and a 'ositive a''roac% to life2
@ 0%aired 1" /ellee Mo"e
Amelia :liAa&eth Walden A>ard !"# Winner
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (St. Martin's Griffin)
Amelia :liAa&eth Walden A>ard !"# %onor Books
Jumped In by Patrick Flores-Scott (Henry Holt / Christy Ottaviano Books)
The Milk of Birds by Sylvia Whitman (Atheneum Books for Young Readers)
Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg (Arthur A. Levine Books)
Winger by Andrew Smith (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers)
-,"! 3( . Closing
Tuesday' No*em&er -' !"#
3lease note, There is no lunch &reak todayG >e end at ,!! 3(
/,!! . /,"- A( . (em&ership Chair' TA0 :ditors' and Nilsen.)onelson A>ard
/arin Perr", #am )ouston #tate 4niversit", )untsville, ,A
7end" &lenn, Ricki &ins1erg, and Danielle /ing, 4niversit" of 0onnecticut
Mar" rnold, 0u"a%oga 0ount" Pu1lic Li1rar", Ma'le )eig%ts, *)
/,"- . /,5- A( $ Coe Booth ; Christopher 3aul Curtis
In Conversation
0oe Boot%, 2inda Li-e Brothers (#c%olastic Press :ovel.#c%olastic)
0%risto'%er Paul 0urtis, The ,ad"an of Piney Woods (#c%olastic Press :ovel.#c%olastic)
/,5- Booktalks1
/,#! . 8,"! A( $ Fantastic 9enre Fiction
The Bridge fro" .%r World to .ther Worlds
0olleen &leason, The piritglass Charade (0%ronicle Books)
Brandon #anderson, The #ith"atist (,or ,een)
0at 7inters, The C%re for &rea"ing (mulet Books)
8,"! . 8,-! A( $ 3arent ; Child
Writing as an 0xa"ination of Bo%ndaries with 5o%r .wn Child
Ying Compestine & Vinson Compestine, Secrets of the Terra Cotta Soldier (mulet
Books, an im'rint of BRM#)
0lare Dunkle $ Elena Dunkle, Hope and .ther L%x%ries and 1anishing Girl (0%ronicle
:eal #%usterman, Challenger &eep ()ar'er0ollins), accom'anied 1" %is son, Brendan
8,-! . "!,- A( $ %o> to (ake an A>ard.Winning 4and Terri=ying6 Audio Book
How a Writer$ a *arrator$ and a Prod%(er Colla'orate$ and How Tea(hers Can /se A%dio
to 0nri(h the Lives of #eaders and *onreaders
Daniel /raus, aut%or, (owler (Listening Li1rar")
/ir1" )e"1orne, narrator, (owler (Listening Li1rar")
/ell" &ildea, 'roducer, (owler (Listening Li1rar")
@ Moderated 1" ,eri Lesesne, #am )ouston #tate 4niversit", )untsville, ,A
"!,- $ "!,#! 3( . Break
"!,#! $ "","- A( $ <utsider Culture as a Connection
tr%ggling to !ind .ne’s Pla(e
tia 1awi, The e(ret -y (Penguin Young Readers &rou')
Patricia Dunn, #e'els 'y A((ident (#ource1ooks)
,anuBa Desai )idier, Bo"'ay Bl%es, (#c%olastic Press :ovel.#c%olastic)
James /lise The Art of e(rets (lgon!uin)
"","- $ "",#- 3( $ (usic
Mar" mato, Get Happy (Egmont 4#)
6rank Portman, 2ing &or- Approxi"ately (Random )ouse)
Len 5la%os, The (ar Boys (Egmont 4#)
"",#- A( $ ","- 3( $ %istorical Fiction
Megan 6ra3er Blakemore, The py Cat(hers of ,aple Hill (Blooms1ur")
&ra%am #alis1ur", H%nt for the Ba"'oo #at (Random )ouse)
Dana 7alrat%, Li-e Water on tone (Random )ouse)
","- Booktalks1
",! $ ",! 3( $ A (aster Class on ?oung Adult Literature
0%ris 0rowe $ Don &allo
",! . ",#! 3( $ Closing 7eynote Speaker, Dictoria Stapleton (Little Brown Books for
Young Readers)
",#! $ ",-- 3( ( Walter (2 (ayes
",-- $ ,!! 3( . The %anding <*er
7alter Ma"es, L: President ;<=>
Daria Plum1, L: President ;<=C

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