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Questionnaire on Office Cafeteria

Hi All!
We are conducting a marketing research on the meals served at your office
canteen. Hence, the survey is to be taken by individuals who have a
cafeteria in their workplace.
Further, the survey also includes a reference to a deluxe counter which is
involved in selling a ‘Thali e!uivalent to a thali sold "y Haldirams or
Please tick the appropriate boxes and add your comments where relevant.
Please supply the following details about yourself:
Age: 18-! "-#$ #!-!$ !! and over
%ex: male female
&arital %tatus %ingle &arried
Profession %ervice %elf-employed
other 'Please specify(
%. How many times do you usually eat in the &om'anys &afeteria(
&ore than three times a week up to three times a week once a week
hardly ever 'Please specify why(
)A week is considered to consist of * working days only+
,. What meal are you most likely to eat the &om'anys &afeteria( )'lease
num"er, where % is most 'referred+
/. When you eat in the Companys Cafeteria, what ty'e of food do you
normally choose( )Tick the ones that are a''ro'riate+
starter vegetables desserts
hot main course fried food fresh fruit
vegetarian main course salads sandwiches
other 'Please specify(
0. Which mode of service would you 'refer(
$Take away restaurants
$1it down restaurants
*. .o s'ecial offers on meals and 'rices attract you to a &om'anys
4. How much do you usually s'end on food(
5. 6ank the following in the order of 'references of choosing a food ty'e(
)rank according to the im'ortance % "eing the most and * "eing the least+
9. Who do you mainly visit the &afeteria with(
: go alone
With Friends
With colleagues
With customers, "usiness 'artners
;ther, 'lease s'ecify
<. What do you mainly ex'ect from a &om'anys &afeteria(
=ariety of dishes
Afforda"le 'rices
>eal deals
Food !uality )with !uality ingredients+
;riginal dishes
;ther, 'lease s'ecify?
%@. Are you concerned a"out the ty'es of food you eat )i.e. do you consider
whether they are healthy for you(
&ost of the time sometimes never
%%. Thinking a"out value for money, how would you descri"e deluxe food in
)ood value for money reasonable bad
'Please give reasons(
%,. How would you descri"e the variety of foods on deluxe counter(
excellent good fair poor
'Please give reasons(
%/. 8uality of the food(
excellent good fair poor
%0. What im'rovements, if any, would you like to see in the variety of foods
on offer(
%*. Would you like more information a"out
3es 2o
the ingredients used in our dishes*
how our dishes are prepared and cooked*
%4. What is your general satisfaction level with deluxe food(
&om'letely 1atisfied
&om'letely .issatisfied
%5. What according to you sto's you from "uying a deluxe thali( )rank
according to the im'ortance % "eing the most and * "eing the least+
$High 7rice
$-arge 8uantity
$Time taking in 're'aration
$-esser variety
%9. ;ther o"servationsB 1uggestions?
Thank you for com'leting this !uestionnaire. 6esults will "e treated in
confidence. 7lease give your name and a contact de'artmentBnum"er if you
would like us to follow u' your comments.
&ontact de'artment $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$