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Current|y, an Amer|can woman who attends co||ege |s
more ||ke|y to be a v|ct|m of sexua| assau|t than a
woman who does not attend co||ege. As a Senator and
a father, Senator Warner be||eves th|s |s unacceptab|e.

ne has [o|ned a b|part|san group of e|ght Senators |n
|ntroduc|ng |eg|s|at|on to make co||ege safer for a||
young women and men. 1he b|part|san CAMÞUS
ACCCUN1A8ILI1¥ AND SAIL1¥ AC1 w||| strengthen
tra|n|ng, report|ng and accountab|||ty standards to
prov|de more cons|stency and transparency. 1h|s |eg|s|at|on w||| create new |ncent|ves for
schoo|s to take proact|ve steps to protect the|r students and create a safer env|ronment on

Spec|f|ca||y, the Campus Accountab|||ty and Safety Act w|||:

• Lstab||sh New Campus kesources and Support Serv|ces for Student Surv|vors: Colleges and unlverslLles
wlll be requlred Lo deslgnaLe ConfldenLlal Advlsors, whose role wlll be Lo coordlnaLe supporL servlces for
survlvors of sexual vlolence, Lo provlde lnformaLlon abouL opLlons for reporLlng, and Lo provlde guldance
or asslsLance - aL Lhe dlrecLlon of Lhe survlvor - ln reporLlng Lhe crlme Lo campus auLhorlLles and/or local
law enforcemenL.

• Lnsure M|n|mum 1ra|n|ng Standards for Cn-Campus Þersonne|: A chronlc lack of Lralnlng of on-campus
personnel hampers sexual assaulL lnvesLlgaLlons and dlsclpllnary processes, whlch ofLen has resulLed ln
negaLlve ouLcomes for survlvors. 1hls leglslaLlon ensures LhaL everyone from ConfldenLlal Advlsors, Lo
Lhose responslble for lnvesLlgaLlng and parLlclpaLlng ln dlsclpllnary proceedlngs, wlll recelve speclallzed
Lralnlng so LhaL Lhey have a flrm undersLandlng of Lhe naLure of Lhese crlmes and Lhelr effecL on survlvors.

• Create New n|stor|c 1ransparency kequ|rements: lor Lhe flrsL Llme, sLudenLs aL every unlverslLy ln
Amerlca wlll be surveyed abouL Lhelr experlence wlLh sexual vlolence Lo geL an accuraLe plcLure of Lhe
scope of Lhls problem. 1he ueparLmenL of LducaLlon wlll also be requlred Lo publlsh Lhe names of all
schools wlLh pendlng lnvesLlgaLlons, flnal resoluLlons, and volunLary resoluLlon agreemenLs.

• Increase Campus Accountab|||ty and Coord|nat|on w|th Law Lnforcement: All schools wlll now be
requlred Lo use one unlform process for campus dlsclpllnary proceedlngs and may no longer allow aLhleLlc
deparLmenLs or oLher subgroups Lo handle complalnLs of sexual vlolence. 1hls leglslaLlon wlll requlre
colleges and unlverslLles Lo enLer lnLo an agreemenL wlLh local law enforcemenL agencles Lo lmprove
lnformaLlon sharlng and clearly dellneaLe responslblllLles.

• Lstab||sh Lnforceab|e and St|ffer Þena|t|es for V|o|at|ons: Schools LhaL don'L comply wlLh cerLaln
requlremenLs under Lhe blll may face a penalLy of up Lo 1° of Lhe lnsLlLuLlon's operaLlng budgeL. 1he blll
also lncreases penalLles for cerLaln vlolaLlons Lo up Lo $130,000 per vlolaLlon from Lhe currenL penalLy of

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