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Sri P Sudhakar

Managing Director

Sri Dr. A Ramaiah
Sri B V Ramana Reddy
Sri Dr. K S R Siva Sai
Sri Dr. S S N Murthy
Smt. P Sailaja
Sri SelvamRamaraj


1/102, Sathyamangalam Village, Thumanapalli Post, Hosur
Taluk, KrishnagiriDist, Tamil Nadu, PIN – 635 105.
Plot No.7, Phase-II, Alexandria Knowledge Park (Formerly
S.P.Biotech Park), Kolthur Village, Shamirpet Mandal,
R.R.Dist-500078, Andhra Pradesh.
Punjab National Bank,
Bank Street Branch,Hyderabad-500001


M M REDDY & CO., Chartered Accountants, G-8, Amrutha
Ville, Opp. Yashodha Hospital, Rajbhavan Road,


Aarthi Consultants Pvt. Ltd
1-2-285, Domalguda, Hyderabad – 500 029


Bombay Stock Exchange & National Stock Exchange


Stock Exchange Limited
Sri. P Sudhakar
Plot no.7, Phase-II, Alexandria Knowledge Park (Formerly
S.P.BiotechPark), Kolthur Village, Shamirpet Mandal,



























Notice is hereby given that the Eighteenth ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of POCHIRAJU
INDUSTRIES LIMITED will be held at Company’s registered office situated at 1/102,
Satyamangalam Village, Hosur Taluk, Krishnagiri Dist, Tamil Nadu – 635 105, on Thursday
September 26th, 2013 at 11:00 A. M. to transact the following businesses:
1. Receive, consider and adopt the audited balance sheet as at 31st March, 2013 and Profit &
Loss Account for the year ended on that date together with the Reports of the Board of
Directors and Auditors thereon.
2. Appoint a director in place of Dr.K.SivaSai, who retires by rotation and being eligible,
offers himself for reappointment.
3. Appoint a director in place of Dr. S.S.N. Murthy, who retires by rotation and being
eligible, offers himself for reappointment.
4. Sri SelvamRama Raj retires by rotation at this Annual General Meeting
5. Re-appoint Auditors to hold office from the conclusion of this Annual General Meeting
until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting of the company and to fix their
“RESOLVED THAT M/s. M. M. REDDY & CO, Chartered Accountants be and is hereby
reappointed as Auditors to hold office from the conclusion of this meeting until the conclusion of
the next Annual General Meeting of the Company at remuneration to be decided by the Audit
Committee of the Board in consultation with the Auditors.
Regd. Office:
1/202, Sathyamangalam Village,
Hosur Taluk, KrisnagiriDist.T.N.–635105.
Place: Hyderabad
By order of the Board
Pochiraju Industries Limited
Sd/P Sudhakar
Managing Director
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1. A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy or
proxies to attend and vote on a poll instead of himself / herself and the Proxy need not
be a member of the Company.
2. Proxies, in order to be effective must be received by the Company not less than 48 hours
before the commencement of the meeting.
3. The Register of Members and Share Transfer Books of the Company will be closed from
20st September to 26th September, 2013 (Both the dates inclusive).
4. Members are requested to notify immediately any change in their address to the Share
Transfer Agents and in case their shares are held in dematerialized form, this information
should be passed on to their respective Depository Participants.
5. Members, who hold shares in de-materialized form, are requested to bring their Client
ID and DP IDs for easier identification of attendance at the meeting.
6. Members are requested to kindly bring their copies of the Annual Report to the meeting.
As a measure of economy, copies of Annual Report will not be distributed at the AGM.

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Yours Directors have pleasure in placing before you the Eighteenth Annual Report on the working and progress of the Company along with audited accounts of the company for the financial year ended 31st March.37 688. PUBLIC DEPOSITS Your Company has not accepted any deposits falling within the meaning of Sec-58A of the Companies Act.44 520. 2013 were encouraging.10 OPERATIONS The Company has recorded a turnover of Rs.55 532.73 7118.67 172.80 10197. LISTING The equity shares of your company are listed on The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and National Stock Exchange Limited.20 5757. The company has been continuously working on quality up gradation and cost reduction plans. Page 3 of 48 . 2013 and the report of the auditors thereon.520.80 lacs in the current year.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED DIRECTORS’ REPORT Dear Shareholders.75 1485.92 1485. FINANCIAL RESULTS Key aspects of the company‘s financial performance for the year 2012-13 are tabulated below: Particulars Gross Revenue Total Expenditure Profit before Depreciation and taxation Depreciation Profit/(Loss) before tax(PBT) Less: Provision for Current tax Profit/(Loss) after tax Prior Period Items Profit / (Loss) after Prior Period Items Profit Brought Forward from previous year Net Profit / (Loss) carried to Balance Sheet 2012-13 (Rs. in Lakhs) 10885. in Lakhs) 2011-12 (Rs. The amount of Net profit available for appropriation after adjustments for prior period items is Rs.23 lacs after depreciation and taxes. The Company earned a Net profit of Rs.84 7243.10885. The operations during the year ended on 31st March.23 lacs and the same is carried to balance sheet. during the financial year under review.75 0 1485.17 167.75 5632.10 7638.45 1658.35 7118.63 1220. 520.73 520. 1956 read with the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules.

S. Administrational Block and Canteen Block along with the required necessary support services are fully operational. Your management is happy to inform you that the unit’s R & D Block. Sri. Tanzania etc and also identified large areas of lands for acquisition during the coming financial year. DIRECTORS RESPONSIBILITY STATEMENT Pursuant to the provisions of Sec. Your Board recommends the re-appointment of the above Directors in the best interest of the company. Ethiopia. the applicable accounting standards have been followed along with proper explanation relating to material departures. BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Presently our Bankers are Punjab National Bank for our Biopharma Unit at Shameerpet. BUSINESS INNOVATION.K. Plant and Machinery and equipment for the production blocks for Phase I are installed and for Phase II is under progress. Taking into consideration the growth potential of this segment both in domestic and overseas and the relative locational and costs advantages your company is contemplating to setup its production bases in African countries such as Kenya.Murthy will retire by rotation and are eligible for reappointment. We have very good business relationship with our bankers and the bank has been supporting us throughout our business growth plans. S.N.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED MANAGEMENT AND DISCUSSION ANALYSIS The management discussion and analysis of the financial condition and results of operations of the company for the period under review as required under clause 49 of the listing agreement of the stock exchange. Page 4 of 48 . In the preparation of the Annual Accounts. Dr. CHANGES IN THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS In accordance with the Companies Act.217 (2AA) of the Companies Act. Hyderabad.Ramaraj Selvam retires by rotation at this annual general meeting. 1956 read with Articles of Association of the company the Directors. Ghana. The company’s agriculture and F & V divisions are having regular operations with steady growth. 1956 the Board of Directors of your Company hereby certifies and confirms that: i. Presently the company apart from growing its own flowers in the green houses also procuring many varieties of flowers from different farmers all over the country and also its procurement for its F & V division is being done directly from farmers and also on contract farming basis. EXPANSION AND DIVERSIFICATION Your company has completed the construction of all the Blocks for Phase I and Phase II of its Bio Pharma Unit at Shamirpet.SivaSai and Dr. is given as a separate statement forming part of this Annual report.

as amended. shareholders. 1975. suppliers. We have prepared the Annual accounts on a going concern basis. The Directors also wish to place on record their appreciation of the hard work. We have selected such accounting policies and applied them consistently and made judgment and estimates that are reasonable and prudent so as to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Company at the end of the financial year and of the profit or loss account of the company for that period. 1956 for safeguarding the Assets of the Company and for preventing and detecting fraud and other irregularities.2013 For and on behalf of the Board Pochiraju Industries Limited Sd/P Sudhakar Managing Director Page 5 of 48 . PERSONNEL As required under the provisions of Section 217(2A) of the Companies Act. Chartered Accountants.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED ii. The Board recommends for their reappointment. AUDITORS M/s M. We have taken proper and sufficient care for the maintenance of adequate accounting records in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act. iii. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Your Directors take this opportunity to thank the customers. the names and other particulars of employee(s) are set out in the annexure of this report. forms part of this Report as an Annexure. bankers. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE As a listed company. 1956 read with Companies (Particulars of employees) Rules. iv. Hyderabad. along with a certificate of compliance from the Auditors. Reddy & Co.M. financial institutions and other business constituents for their consistent support to the Company. The enthusiasm and unstinting efforts of the employees has enabled the Company to achieve sustained growth in the operational performance during the year under review.08. Place: Hyderabad Date:14. A report on Corporate Governance. dedication and commitment of the employees. necessary measures have been taken to comply with the Listing Agreement of Stock Exchanges. retires at the conclusion of ensuing Annual General Meeting and are eligible for re-appointment.

Power and fuel consumption 1) Electricity a)Purchases Current Year Previous Year 437930 270488 32.18 Page 6 of 48 . adaptation and innovation 0 3) Foreign Exchange Earnings & Outgo 0 Earnings (Rs. In lakhs) 0 0 1. In Lakhs) 0 128.01 9. Machinery 0 100.50 7.64. Raw Materials 0 5.449 1352652 Unit Per Liter of Diesel Oil (Nos) 8.80 205.) 2) Technology absorption.487 2028657 7.38 0 i) Foreign Exchange earnings (Rs.35 809. Consumption per unit of production standards: Electricity C.25 (Rs.00 Total Amount (Rs) Average Rate Unit (Rs.84.) b) Own Geraration Cost /Unit (Rs.) ii) Foreign Exchange Used (Rs.50 Through Diesel Generation (Unit) 94. In lakhs) (Rs. Foreign exchange earnings and out go 0.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED FORM A A.50 2. In Lakhs) 0 0 Outgo (Rs.00 12.15 13.) FORM B From of disclosure of particulars with respect to absorption 1) Research and development (Rs.) B.

5 Lakh per month.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED ANNEXURE TO THE DIRECTORS’ REPORT a) Information as per section 217(2A) of the companies Act. and forming part of the Directors’ Report for the year March 31. Employed for part of the year with an average salary above Rs. 2013. 1975.NIL Page 7 of 48 . 1956 read with the Companies (Particulars of Employees) Rules.

foliage. ornamental plants.00 crores which is under active implementation. Page 8 of 48 . anti-depression etc. The company’s 6 hectare floriculture unit is located at Satyamangalam Village in Tamil Nadu. processing and exporting cut flower roses under controlled environment using sophisticated greenhouse technology. cultivating. I. Segment / Product Wise developments and Performance: The agriculture operations of the company carried under Agri division under the name and style of AGROPIL consists of Floriculture operations. Guntur District. The Pharma division namely PHARMAPIL is operating in range of pharmaceutical Formulations on a National by outsourcing its formulations from different manufacturers under loan license agreement. Agriculture. anti-viral. Trading and Marketing soft cut flowers. Pharmaceuticals and Bio Pharma. 40. The implementation of first phase of company’s Biopharma unit being setup under the name and style of BIOPIL was completed fully and the company has started its production and is going for expansion of the second phase of the project with an additional capital expenditure of around Rs. Andhra Pradesh to manufacture some of the latest small volume molecules such as anti-cancer. Your company is engaged in three core businesses viz. The company is also contemplating to set up a state of the art modern multi product bulk API manufacturing unit at Nadikudi.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operation. The company is contemplating to focus trading of its agri products globally and getting many enquiries in this regard. Fruits and Vegetable segment wherein the company is procuring different fruits and vegetables and supplying to major retail chains.

Ds.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Bio-Pharma Industry – BIOPIL: Facility: The company’s Biopharma unit Phase I at Shameerpet constructed at a capital cost of Rs.25 Crores comprising of 250 lakhs equity shares of Rs.2175. The company is also focusing on Agri Biotechnology R & D and is working on the Plant Tissue Culture and Seed Development. The Audit Committee periodically reviews the adequacy of the internal audit functions. 1. and post graduates for its ongoing R& D projects and has project. Secured Loan: The company has an outstanding term loan liability of Rs.45 lakhs. Internal Control Systems and their Adequacy The company has an adequate internal control system commensurate with the size and complexity of the organization. Discussions of financial performance with respect to operational performance. The company has a paid-up capital of Rs.57 lakhs with Punjab National Bank As on 31st March 2013. admin and other necessary technical and non-technical staff. The centre is equipped with the latest scientific equipments to carry out basic research in the above fields and is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research . I.18. Products: The Biotech division is focusing on the development of polysaccharide-protein conjugated vaccines for Typhoid. 2323. lying in capital work in progress is towards Phase II expansion and will be capitalized after the completion of expansion. Efforts are under way to outsource bench scale technologies for therapeutic proteins and Monoclonal antibodies Identification of Bulk API suppliers for biopharmaceutical manufacturing is under progress. Haemophelus Influenza-B and Pneumococcal diseases.90 Crores . The company has undertaken a comprehensive review of all internal control systems to take care of the needs of the expanding size of the company.each. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D) ACTIVITIES: PIL’s R&D centre is actively involved in process development work in the areas of Bio-similar. 10/.89 crores . 2. Government of India. Manpower: The company has recruited a scientific team consisting of Ph. Page 9 of 48 . Shareholders Fund: The company has an authorized capital of Rs. 60. production. Fixed Assets: The balance of Rs. We have been continuously upgrading our production technologies for improving efficiency. vaccines & Bulk API’s. 3.

These statements are not expected to be updated or revised to take care of any changes in the underlying presumptions.80 lakhs with a PAT of Rs. concerns. opportunities etc are valid only at the time of making statements. II. projections estimates and expectation may be forward looking statements within the meaning applicable securities laws and regulations. The company constantly reviews the man power requirements and has a properly equipped Department to take care of the requirements. The industrial relations have been cordial. 688. Revenue: The company has generated net revenues of Rs.10885. Cautionary Statement: Statement in the Management Discussion and Analysis describing the company’s objectives. The total number of people employed by the company on an average is 90 approximately.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED 4. A variety of factors known/unknown expected or otherwise may influence the financial results. Further the discussion on risks.17 lakhs. Page 10 of 48 . Material development in Human Resources / Industrial Relations front including number of people employed: There are no material developments in the Human Resources area.

accountability and integrity. responsibility and accountability. We have pleasure in reporting that requirement of Stock Exchange Regulations and the provisions of the Listing Agreement. Composition of Board: As on 31st March. transparence. The company has been regularly implementing the best practices of corporate governance in order to attain total transparency. the company seeks to follow the business principles and ethics and in all its dealings. The Board of Directors of the company believes in good governance and fully supports the principles of Corporate Governance. The Directors bring to the board wide range of experience and skills. the compliance report on the corporate governance have been complied with in all features and the same is reproduced here under: 1. Effective management control and monitoring of executive performance by the Board. the strength of the board shall not be less than three Directors and not more than twelve Directors. The company’s core philosophy on the code of corporate governance is to ensure: Fair and transparent business practices. Accountability for performance. Compliance of applicable statute Transparent and timely disclosure of financial and management information. Company’s Philosophy on Code of Governance Pochiraju Industries Limited is committed to good corporate governance and always strive to improve performance at all levels by adhering to corporate governance practices. The company has designed its system to enhance overall performance and maximize shareholder value in the long run. While striving to achieve the financial targets. 2013 the Board comprised seven Directors including Managing Director and five Independent Directors. such as managing its affairs with diligence. Page 11 of 48 .POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED REPORT OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE. Board of Directors: In terms of the Articles of Association of the company. Adequate representation of professionally qualified non executive and independent Directors on Board.

2012 2007 Category Managing Independent Independent Director NonNonExecutive Executive Director Director Date of appointment 4th May.680. Independent NonExecutive Director Independent NonExecutive Director Independent NonExecutive Director Promoter Non – Executive Director 21st September. S S N Murthy SelvamRama raj P Sailaja Dr. of Board Meetings Attendance at the last AGM held on September 27. 2013.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Dr.V.619 NA NA 26th September 2013 NA NA NA NA Board Meetings During the Financial Year 2012-2013.Ramana Reddy Key information Pertaining to directors as on 31st March. 12-11-2012. 2007 12th May. 30th April. K Siva Sai Dr. Page 12 of 48 . A Ramaiah P Sudhakar B. 20th March. the Board of Directors met 4 times on the following dates: 12-05-2012 27-08-2012. 2007 Directorship in other companies Chairmanship /membership in committees of Board of other companies No. 11-02-2013. 2012 No. 20th March. of shares held Date of Ceasing as Director Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil 5 5 5 5 5 0 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes 4389145 Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil 1. 21st 1995 2006 2006 September.

S S N Murthy Member Mr. salaries / remuneration to Senior Management and executive directors for approval of the Board as well as shareholders. Dr. nonexecutive Number of meetings attended 2 2 2 2 Page 13 of 48 .27-08-2012. 11-02-2013. Statutory Auditors are invitees to the meeting. Dr. K Siva Sai Member Mr. A Ramaiah Member Category Number of meetings attended Independent. B V Ramana Reddy Chairman Mr. non4 executive 3. Our Audit Committee met five times during the financial year on.The composition of the compensation committee and their attendance are tabled below Name Position Mr. non4 executive Promoter.Compensation Committee The primary responsibilities of the compensation committee are to determine and recommend terms of appointment. 11-02-2013. P Sudhakar Member Mr. P Sudhakar Member Mr. A Ramaiah Member Category Independent. nonexecutive Promoter. Dr.Audit Committee The Audit Committee was formed by the Board of Directors. Audit committee reports to the Board of Director. nonexecutive Independent. 12-11-2012. executive Independent. The composition of Audit Committee and their attendance are tabled below: Name Position Mr. 4 executive Independent. non4 executive Independent. B V Ramana Reddy Chairman Mr. The committee has met twice on 12-05-2012 . Dr. The terms of reference of this committee cover the matters specified in the clause 49 of the Listing Agreement and as may be referred to the committee by the Board of Directors of the company.12-052012.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED 2. Remuneration policy is to review periodically the remuneration of Managing / Whole time Director and recommend suitable revision to the Board.

A. N. The Chairman of the Committee is an independent non executive director. Non – Executive.000 N. 4. non receipt of annual reports.A.00.A.A. Sudhakar Mr.A. Cont to Provident fund Nil N. Shareholders& Investors Grievance Committee: The Shareholders’/Investors’ Grievance Committee is responsible for resolving investor’s complaints pertaining to share transfers. Nil Nil Dr. B V Ramana Reddy Dr.A.A. P. B. Nil Dr. A Ramaiah Total The company does not have any stock option plan or performance linked incentive for the Executive Directors. Nil Name of the directors Sitting Fees Salary N.A. Ramana Reddy Position Chairman Compliance Officer Member Page 14 of 48 . A Ramaiah Independent. V. K S R Siva Sai Nil N. issue of duplicate share certificates.A.03. P Sailaja Nil N.00. transmission of shares and other related complaints. The appointments are made for a period of five years on the terms and conditions contained in the respective resolutions passed by the members in the General Meetings. P Sudhakar Managing Director Mr. N.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Details of sitting fees paid to the Non-Executive Directors for attending Board Meetings and Committee meetings and Remuneration paid to Executive Director for the year ended 31.A. N. The Shareholders/Investors Grievance Committee is constituted with the following members: Name Dr. 63. N.A.000 Nil Nil Nil N. Nil Smt. S S N Murthy Mr. N.2013 63. Mr.

09.2009 3. 1/102. Sathyamangalam Village.30 A. Sathyamangalam Village. 6.09. Hosurtaluk. 7.Information on General Body Meetings: The last 3 Annual General Meetings were held as under: Financial Year Date Time 20111-12 27-09-2012 11. Disclosures i) The Company has complied with the requirements of the Stock Exchange and SEBI on matters related to Capital Markets. Sathyamangalam Village. KrishnagiriDist.09. is Tabulated below: Description Non receipt of Securities Received 0 Replied 0 Pending 0 Non receipt of Annual Reports 10 10 0 SEBI / Stock Exchange Complaints 2 2 0 Others 0 0 0 5. Hosurtaluk. 2008–09 26.2011 11. Information of compliance with the code is received from them on an annual basis. KrishnagiriDist. employees and the society at large. Our quarterly results are published in widely circulated national newspapers such as The Financial Express and the local daily Thina Bhoomi. and our response to the complaints and the current status of pending queries if any. KrishnagiriDist.M Venue 1/102. Tamil Nadu – 635 105.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED The status on the shareholder queries and complaints we received during the financial year. 2010-11 29. 2009-10 28. 1/102. Tamil Nadu. The Quarterly Results. as applicable.00 P. analysts.M.00AM. strictures imposed on the Company by Stock Exchange or SEBI or other authority on any non-compliance of laws related to capital markets. relevant information to our shareholders. Shareholding Pattern and Annual Report of the Company are also posted on BSE & NSEs’ website. Page 15 of 48 . There are no penalties. Tamil Nadu – 635 105.30AM. Hosurtaluk.2010 11. Tamil Nadu – 635 105. Tamil Nadu – 635 105. Hosurtaluk. ii)Your board has laid down a code of conduct covering the ethical requirement to be complied with covering all the Board members and Senior Management Personnel of the company. in a planned manner. Sathyamangalam Village. KrishnagiriDist. during last three years. Means of Communication: We have established procedures to disseminate. 1/102.

1 2 National Stock Exchange of (India) Limited Stock Codes POCHIRAJU Bombay Stock Exchange Limited 532803 The Company has paid Annual Listing Fees for the year 2012-13. No.2013 20.M. 2012 to 31st March. 2013.08.2012 Before 15.11. iv) Listing on Stock Exchanges(ISIN : INE332G01032): Equity Shares Sl.00 A.2013 to 26.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Apart from this. Venue : 1/102. Hosur Taluk. General Shareholder Information: i) Annual Generals Meeting Date : 26-09-2013 Time : 11. ii) Financial Calendar: 1st April.2013 (both dates inclusive). we also intimate the stock exchange of material information on any latest developments.09. Page 16 of 48 .2012 Before 15. Krishnagiri Dist. T N – 635 105. Satyamangalam Village.05. Financial Reporting for 2012-2013 (tentative schedule) The first quarter results The second quarter results The third quarter results The Fourth quarter results iii) Book Closure : Before 15.09. 8.2012 Before 15.02.

235 5.) (Rs.50 15.70 5.586 3.62.792 30/01/2013 11.089 13/11/2012 14.432 20/04/2012 17.45 16/01/2013 13.05 14/05/2012 6.024 28/12/2012 13.21.40 2.035 03/12/2012 12.995 10/10/2012 12.) 6.630 07/08/2012 14.197 1.613 28/09/2012 16.00 9.306 3.88 Volume 5.79 14.39.093 02/01/2013 13.041 NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE OF (INDIA) LIMITED PRICE TRADED – POCHIRAJU (532803) HIGH LOW Monthly Date Price Volume Date Price Volume (Rs.90 4.024 5.197 12/04/2012 13.80 2.905 1.50.096 3.682 06/09/2012 10.417 14/09/2012 12.25 4.40 15.30 21/02/2013 12.90 4.10 1.161 26/03/2013 6.321 27/02/2013 1.714 7.081 04/02/2013 12.33.00 2.00 03/10/2012 16.95 23.324 27/07/2012 12.329 02/05/2012 16.934 01/10/2012 16.87.) (Rs.887 9.591 1.253 28/08/2012 12.516 23/05/2012 11.739 14/06/2012 15.632 18/12/2012 15.29.369 1.55 25/06/2012 14.883 1.381 26.021 01/08/2012 12.05 3.997 30/07/2012 12.750 17/01/2013 10.261 27/02/2013 9.70 18/12/2012 15.70 9.002 9.15 3.20 30/08/2012 15.522 31/05/2012 13.75 30.072 02/04/2012 13.06.166 4.239 2012 – 13 April May June July August September October November December January February March BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE LIMITED PRICE TRADED – POCHIRAJU HIGH LOW Date Price Volume Date Price (Rs.00 06/03/2013 10.95 57.60 10.273 31/10/2012 13.97.55 6.00 32.05 35.10 28/09/2012 16.25 20.78 12.80.10 08/11/2012 16.775 38.30 2.333 15.71.298 13/07/2012 17.80.65 1.638 1147 1.875 3.381 13.373 10.00 2108 26/11/2012 11.) 20/04/2012 18.887 7.393 Page 17 of 48 .417 1.113 06/06/2012 11.327 8.408 4.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED v) Market Price Data 2012 –13 Monthly Volume April May June July August September October November December January February March 3.691 06/03/2013 9.223 26/03/2013 6.976 2.60 Volume 12.236 4.706 29/11/2012 12.595 22/06/2012 12.10 15.00 14.25 1.00 19/07/2012 15.779 2.00 5.

aarthiconsultants.27642217/27638111/27634445Fax: 040 – 27632184 Web: www. Registrars of the Company at the address given vii) Share Transfer System: Your Board has delegated the power of share transfer to its Registrar and Share Transfer Agents for processing of share transfers to Aarthi Consultants Pvt. if the documents are clear in all respects. Hyderabad – 500 029 Andhra Pradesh. 1-2-285. Domalguda. Page 18 of 48 . Hyderabad – 500 029 Andhra Pradesh. The turnaround time for completion of transfer of shares in physical form is generally less than 7 days from the date of receipt. We have internally fixed turnaround times for closing the queries/complaints within 7 days of receipt from the shareholders. India. Domalguda. viii) Dematerialization of shares: The Company’s shares are dematerialized on National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (India) Limited. India.27642217/27638111/27634445 Fax: 040 – 27632184 Shareholders’ grievance can also be sent through e-mail to the following designated email id: info@aarthiconsultantsy. Address for correspondence:All correspondence relating to the shares of the Company should be addressed to Registrars & transfer Agents at the address given below: M/s Aarthi Consultants Private Limited H. Phone: 040 . No. Ltd. quoting the Company name Pochiraju Industries Limited. 1-2-285. Phone: 040 .POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED vi) Registrars and Transfer Agents (for shares held in both physical and Dematerialized form) M/s Aarthi Consultants Private Limited H.

33 1247027 12470270 6.57 1195262 11952620 6.32 3 10001 - 20000 594 4.73 456259 4562590 2.55 953039 9530390 5. Mutual Funds and Banks Total No.97 2008512 20085120 10.04 4 20001 - 30000 227 1.96 7.4 6 40001 - 50000 95 0.62 1 1 2 5001 - 10000 1379 10.5 Total: 13041 100 18906675 189066750 100 Page 19 of 48 .6 8 100001 & Above 148 1.97 454236 4542360 2.44 57.23 1.03. No Category - 5000 Holders Holders % Shares Amount Amount % 10299 78. of shares held as on 31.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED ix) Shareholding Pattern As On 31-03-2013 % of shareholding 33.1 5 30001 - 40000 126 0.41 7 50001 .00 Category Promoters Individuals Domestic Companies FIs.13 12006004 120060040 63.20113 6322392 10958309 1366953 259021 18906675 Distribution of Shareholding as on 31st March.74 586336 5863360 3.37 100.100000 173 1. 2013 Sl.

The compliance conditions of Corporate Governance are the responsibility of the management. adopted by the Company for ensuring the compliance with the conditions of the Corporate Governance. We further state that such compliance is neither an assurances as to the future viability of the Company nor the efficiency or effectiveness with which the management has the affairs of the company.. 2013. It is neither an audit nor an expression of opinion on the financial statements of the Company. and the representations made by the directors and the management.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED AUDITORS CERTIFICATE ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE The company has obtained a certificate from the Auditors of the Company regarding compliances of conditions of Corporate Governance as stipulated in the Listing Agreement with the Stock Exchanges. we have to state that the Company has certified that as on 31st March 2013 there were no investor grievances remaining unattended/pending for a period exceeding one month. Firm Registration Number: 010371S Chartered Accountants Place: Hyderabad Date : 14-08-2013 M Madhusudhana Reddy Partner Membership No. The said Corporate Governance is as under: CERTIFICATE To The Members of POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED We have examined the compliance of conditions of Corporate Governance by POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED. For M M REDDY & CO. Sd/PSudhakar Date: August 14th. Our examination was limited to a review of the procedures and implementation thereof. As required by the Guidance note issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. for the period of 12 months ended on 31st March 2013. we certify that the Company has complied with the conditions of Corporate Governance as stipulated in Clause 49 of the abovementioned Listing Agreement. 2013 Managing Director Page 20 of 48 . 213077 Declaration as required under Clause 49 (I)(D)(ii) of the Stock Exchange Listing Agreement: All Directors and senior management personnel of the Company have affirmed compliance with Pochiraju’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for the financial year ended March 31. In our opinion and to the best of our information and according to the explanations given to us. as stipulated in clause 49 of the Listing Agreement of the said Company with stock exchanges of India.

Page 21 of 48 . and the Statement of Profit and Loss for the year then ended. the auditor considers internal control relevant to the Company’s preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances. This responsibility includes the design. 2013. In making those risk assessments. whether due to fraud or error. as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial statements. whether due to fraud or error. Those Standards require that we comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free from material misstatement. 1956 (“the Act”).POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED INDEPENDENT AUDITOR’S REPORT To the Members of M/s POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Report on the Financial Statements: We have audited the accompanying financial statements of M/s POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED (“the Company”). Management’s Responsibility for the Financial Statements: Management is responsible for the preparation of these financial statements that give a true and fair view of the financial position and financial performance of the Company in accordance with the Accounting Standards referred to in sub-section (3C) of section 211 of the Companies Act. which comprise the Balance Sheet as at March 31. We conducted our audit in accordance with the Standards on Auditing issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. implementation and maintenance of internal control relevant to the preparation and presentation of the financial statements that give a true and fair view and are free from material misstatement. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of the accounting estimates made by management. and a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory information. Auditor’s Responsibility: Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements. We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion. The procedures selected depend on the auditor’s judgment. An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements.

Date: 14/08/2013 Place: Hyderabad For M M REDDY& CO. and taken on record by the Board of Directors. we report that: a. As required by section 227(3) of the Act. 2003 (“the Order”) issued by the Central Government of India in terms of sub-section (4A) of section 227 of the Act.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Opinion: In our opinion and to the best of our information and according to the explanations given to us. we give in the Annexure a statement on the matters specified in paragraphs 4 and 5 of the Order to the extent applicable to the company. and Statement of Profit and Loss dealt with by this Report are in agreement with the books of account. on the basis of written representations received from the directors as on March 31. b. Madhusudhana Reddy) Partner Membership No. none of the directors is disqualified as on March 31. As required by the Companies (Auditor’s Report) Order. and (b) in the case of the Profit and Loss Account. e. and Statement of Profit and Loss comply with the Accounting Standards referred to in subsection(3C) of section 211 of the Companies Act. the Balance Sheet. of the state of affairs of the Company as at March 31. in our opinion. the financial statements give the information required by the Act in the manner so required and give a true and fair view in conformity with the accounting principles generally accepted in India: (a) in the case of the Balance Sheet. from being appointed as a director in terms of clause (g) of sub-section (1) of section 274 of the Companies Act. 2013. d. c. 2013.213077 Page 22 of 48 . of the profit for the year ended on that date. No. 010371S (M. the Balance Sheet. in our opinion proper books of account as required by law have been kept by the Company so far as appears from our examination of those books. 2013. 2. 1956. we have obtained all the information and explanations which to the best of our knowledge and belief were necessary for the purpose of our audit. Chartered Accountants Firm Reg. Report on Other Legal and Regulatory Requirements: 1. 1956.

(c) In our opinion and according to the information and explanations given to us. There is no discrepancies were noticed on such verification. 2013) 1. inventories have been physically verified by the management at reasonable intervals. the transactions have been made at prices which are prima facie reasonable having regard to the prevailing market prices at the relevant time.As explained to us. 2. As explained to us. in our opinion. In our opinion and according to the information and explanations given to us. (c) No substantial part of fixed assets has been disposed off during the year. In our opinion and according to the information and explanations given to us. the company has not accepted any deposits within the meaning of Sections 58A and 58AA of the Companies Page 23 of 48 . the procedure for physical verification of Inventories followed by the management is reasonable and adequate in relation to the size of the company and the nature of its business . we are of the opinion that there are no transactions that need to be entered into the register maintained U/s. 5. 1956. 301. (a) The Company has maintained proper records showing full particulars including quantitative details and situation of fixed assets. fixed assets and with regard to the sale of goods. the verification is reasonable having regard to the size of the company and the nature of its assets. 3. firms or other parties covered in the register maintained under Section 301 of the Companies Act. no material discrepancies have been noticed on physical verification of inventories as compared to book records. (b) Fixed Assets have been physically verified by the management and. the company has not granted or not taken any loans secured or unsecured to or from companies. In our opinion and according to the information and explanations given to us.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Annexure to the Auditors’ Report (referred to in paragraph 3 of our Report of even date to the Members of POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITEDfor the year ended March 31. (a) Based on the audit procedures applied by us and according to the information and explanations provided by the management. there are adequate internal control procedures commensurate with the size of the company and the nature of its business with regard to purchases of inventory. (b) Where each of such transaction is in excess of Rs 5 lakhs in respect of any party. 4.

the company has not defaulted in repayment of dues to banks and financial institutions. In our opinion. According to the records of the company. Based on our examination of the records and evaluation of the related internal controls. 10. securities. We also report that the company has not held any shares. 8. Wealth Tax. The Company neither has accumulated losses nor has it incurred any cash losses during the current financial year and in the immediately preceding financial year. 11. 12. Page 24 of 48 . the provisions of clause 4(xiii) of the Order are not applicable to the Company. Sales-Tax. 13. Service Tax. The Central Government has not prescribed the maintenance of records in pursuant to the Rules made by the Central Government for the maintenance of cost records under Section 209 (1) (d) of the Companies Act. wealth tax.2013 for a period of more than six months from the date they became payable except in some cases. there are no dues to statutory authorities. the company has been regular in depositing with appropriate authorities undisputed statutory dues including. the company has an internal audit system commensurate with the size and nature if its business. In our opinion and according to the information and explanation given to us. we are of the opinion that the company has not granted any loans and advances on the basis of security by way of pledge of shares. debentures and other securities in its own name.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Act. no undisputed amounts payable in respect of income tax. 1956 and the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules. Income-Tax. 7. sales tax. Custom Duty. as at 31. Based on our examination of documents and records. Therefore. 9. debentures and other securities. we are of the opinion that proper records have been maintained of the transaction and contracts and timely entries have been made in those records. 1975 with regard to the deposits accepted from the public. a) According to the information and explanations given to us. customs duty and excise duty were outstanding. 1956. 6. Excise Duty and other statutory dues. b) According to the records of the company. the Company is not a chit or a nidhi / mutual benefit fund / society.03. In our opinion.

21. 16. securities. Date: 14/08/2013 Place: Hyderabad For M M REDDY& CO. 010371S (M. 20. 15.Madhusudhana Reddy) Partner Membership No. Accordingly. the funds raised on short term basis have not been used for long term purposes. Based upon the audit procedures performed and information and explanations given by the management. debenture and other instruments. 19. Chartered Accountants Firm Reg. 18. The company has not made any preferential allotment of shares to parties and companies covered in the register maintained under section 301 of the Companies Act. 17. During the year the company has not raised any money through the public issue. we report that no fraud on or by the company has been noticed or reported during the course of our audit. 1956. the company does not have any outstanding debentures during the year. According to the information and explanations given to us and on an overall examination of the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement.213077 Page 25 of 48 . the provisions of clause 4(xiv) of the Order are not applicable to the Company.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED 14. The term loans and working capital loans obtained from the banks have been applied for the purpose for which they were taken. During the period covered by our audit report. The company has not given any guarantee for loans taken by others from banks or financial institutions. The company is not in the business of dealing or trading in shares. No.

Note No Assets (1) Non-current assets (a) Fixed assets (i) Tangible assets (ii) Intangible assets (iii) Capital work-in-progress (iv) Intangible assets under development (b) Non-current investments (c) Deferred tax assets (net) (d) Long term loans and advances (e) Other non-current assets (f) Long term deposits (2) Current assets (a) Current investments (b) Inventories (c) Trade receivables (d) Cash and cash equivalents (e) Short-term loans and advances (f) Other current assets Total Summary of Significant Accounting Policies The accompanying Notes are an Integral Part of the Financial Statements AS PER OUR REPORT OF EVEN DATE For M M REDDY & CO.856.558.947 54.278.330 8 9 10 11 C A+B+C 2.750 987.846.000 973.456.528.101.725.066.669 7.265 16.147 217.265 287.134.126 317.000 249.907 13.881 180.230.117 42.357.838.000 1.830.861 1.750 1.239.860 - 4 5 6 7 B 232.642.287 69.000 - 719.066.314 73.528 1.910.965 42.545.131.417 213.330 287.342 1.000 1.917 426.343 - 189.134.485.933.934 9.566.305 925.565 12 13 A 14 5 15 16 666.859..POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED PART I-FORM OF BALANCE SHEET POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Balance Sheet as at 31.566.565 1 2 (2) Share application money pending allotment (3) Non-Current Liabilities (a) Long-term borrowings (b) Deferred tax liabilities (Net) (c) Other Long term liabilities (d) Long term provisions (4) Current Liabilities (a) Short-term borrowings (b) Trade payables (c) Other current liabilities (d) Short-term provisions Total III.438.866.342 193.028.593 11. A 3 Managing Director Sd/Director Page 26 of 48 .910.943.381.820.485.440 1.230. 213077 Place : Hyderabad Date : 14-08-2013 For and behalf of Board For POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Sd/P.103.147 211.326.858 1.875.440 17 18 19 20 21 22 C A+B+C 105.332. As on 31/03/2013 Rs.2013 Particulars I.421 247.765.849.027.660.675.265.523. Firm Registration Number : 010371S Chartered Accountants Sd/M Madhusudhana Reddy Partner Membership No.521 65.583 2.000 1. EQUITY AND LIABILITIES (1) Shareholder's Funds (a) Share Capital (b) Reserves and Surplus (c) Money received against share warrants As on 31/03/2012 Rs.444.264 192.744.514.830.375 1.000 - B 214.679 1.365 77.103.110 11.

Sailaja Director Page 27 of 48 . Firm Registration Number : 010371S Chartered Accountants Sd/M Madhusudhana Reddy Partner Membership No.IV) VI.75 7.667) 5.019.575.575.580. 23 1.477.335 68.023. work-in-progress and Stock-in-Trade 26 (45. Extraordinary Items IX.841 575. 2013 Particulars I.179 - - X.498 Employee benefit expense 27 41.141 Depreciation and amortization expense 12 & 13 53. Revenue from operations II.953.307 Changes in inventories of finished goods.XIII) - - - - 52.179 2.86 (2) Deferred tax XI.044.986 28.179 Financial costs Total Expenses V.799. Profit before exceptional and extraordinary items and tax ( III .483 148.762.803.575.VI) VIII.745.113 Research and Development expenditure 31 24.75 2. Exceptional Items VII.687 24. Tax expense: (1) Current tax 16.179 XII.088.320. Earning per equity share: (1) Basic (2) Diluted Summary of Significant Accounting Policies The accompanying Notes are an Integral Part of the Financial Statements AS PER OUR REPORT OF EVEN DATE For M M REDDY & CO.729. Profit(Loss) from the period from continuing operations ( IX .483 148. 213077 Place : Hyderabad Date : 14-08-2013 For and behalf of Board For POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Sd/P.759 IV. Profit/(Loss) from Discontinuing operations (XII .326 629. Profit before extraordinary items and tax (V .817.575.237.073.163 19.324 724.X) XV. Expenses: Cost of materials consumed 25 696. Tax expense of discounting operations XIV.Sudhakar Managing Director Sd/P.514 - - 1.575..375.514 432.483 148.195.705.928 28.483 148.435 Other operating expenses 28 105.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED PART II-FORM OF STATEMENT OF PROFIT AND LOSS POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED STATEMENT OF PROFIT AND LOSS Profit and Loss statement for the year ended 31st March.483 148. 724.959 18.817.744.447 30 47.VIII) - - 68.86 7.580. Profit/(Loss) for the period (XI + XIV) XVI.044 Selling Expenses 32 58.796 Administrative Expenses 29 38.289.961.110.000 - 52.817.088.179 - - 68.292.803.320.152 17.102 1. Total Revenue (I +II) As on 31/03/2012 Rs.324 24 III. Profit/(Loss) from discontinuing operations - - XIII.073.031. Profit before tax (VII . Other Income Note No As on 31/03/2013 Rs.

029.483 148. 213077 P.137. Chartered Accountants For and behalf of Board For POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Firm Registration Number : 010371S Sd/- Sd/P.719 (20.575. 7.141 75.198.548.961 166.337.172 134.947 Cash and Cash Equivalents The accompanying Notes are an Integral Part of the Financial Statements AS PER OUR REPORT OF EVEN DATE For M M REDDY & CO.433 Increase in inventories (36.275.400.Sailaja Director Place : Hyderabad Date : 14-08-2013 Page 28 of 48 .237.Sudhakar M Madhusudhana Reddy Managing Director Partner Sd/- Membership No.625) 3.473.817.426) (12.800.266) 68.762) (26.523.902) - (5.961.207) (312.405.791) (12.846 133.856.661 Net cash Flow (6.521 13.141.500 Receipts from new borrowings (55.272 Net cash Flow (6.920 - (26.024.961. Expenses ADD: Interest Less: Interest received - - 47.348.496.860 Increase/Decrease in current liabilities Cash generated from operations less: Tax expense Less: Interest paid Cash from operations Increase in Investments Add: Misc.179 ADD: Depreciation 53.292.548.326 629.065) 155.432) Increase in loan & advances (11.856.141 - - Operating Profit 170.426) (12.540) 5.534.304 1.333.113 ADD: Misc.161 Net Cash Used Financing Activity (55.602.364 123.761 Increase in debtors (67.276.431.173.947 26.022..152 17.305) - Add: Interest Received - Receipts from share capital - - Add: Decrease Fixed Deposits Net Cash Used in Investing - (315.705) - 10.015. Income Add: Additions to Fixed Assets 47.473.326 629.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED ST PARTIII-FORM OF CASHFLOW STATEMENT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2013 As on 31/03/2013 As on 31/03/2012 PARTICULARS Net profit before tax 68.000.065) 166.326) Opening Balance 13.333.

b) Basis of preparation The financial statements of the Company have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in India (Indian GAAP). Page 29 of 48 . Interest on deployment of surplus funds is recognized using the time proportion method. upto the time asset is ready for its intended use. d) Fixed Assets i) Fixed Assets are stated at cost of acquisition inclusive of duties (net of Cenvat). The Company adopts the accrual basis in the preparation of accounts in accordance with the Accounting standards referred to in Section 211(3C) of the Companies Act 1956. 1956. erection/ commissioning expenses etc. on a systematic basis over its remaining useful life. The Company has prepared these financial statements to comply in all material aspects with the accounting standards notified under the Companies (Accounting Standard) Rules. if any.. a) Basis of Accounting The accounts are prepared under the Historical Cost Convention. 2006. e) Depreciation Depreciation on the Assets has been provided on straight-line methods at the rates and in the manner specified in schedule-XIV of the Companies Act. The estimated future cash flows are discounted to their present value of the weighted average cost of capital. An impairment loss is recognized wherever the carrying amount of the asset exceeds its recoverable amount which represents the greater of the net selling price of assets and their ' value in use'. ii) Capital Work in progress is stated at the expenditure incurred upto the date of the Balance Sheet including capital advances. taxes. The accounting policies adopted in preparation of financial statements are consistent with those of previous year. incidental expenses. iii) The carrying amounts of assets are reviewed at each Balance Sheet date to determine if there is any indication of Impairment based on external/ internal factors. c) Revenue recognition Sale of goods is recognized on transfer of property to the buyers for consideration.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTES ON ACCOUNTS a) SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTING POLICIES AND NOTES ON ACCOUNTS FORMING PART OF THE ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31ST MARCH. Planting material is written off over a period of 5 years equally. Depreciation on impaired assets is calculated on its residual value. The financial statements have been prepared on accrual basis and under the historical cost convention. (as amended) and the relevant provisions of the Companies act. based on interest rates implicit in the transaction. 2013. 1956.

which is exempted from Income Tax. construction or production of a qualifying asset. market development expenditure and expenditure on research and development will be amortized in over a period of 5 years in equal installments from the year of start of commercial production. are stated and carried at cost.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED f) Investments Long term investments. Interest on Loans raised for the expansion/ diversification project is set off against interest earned on unutilized Public issue funds. j) Retirement Benefits: As regards to provident fund benefits. m) Expenditure during construction period: The expenditure incidental to the expansion/ new projects is allocated to Fixed Assets in the year of commencement of commercial production. differed liability/ asset can be recognized once the diversification projects are completed. g) Non-current assets Expenditure incurred for public issue. the company makes the stipulated contribution in respect of certain class of employees to regional provident fund authority under which the company's liability is limited to the extent of contribution. l) Earnings per share: Earning per share is calculated by dividing the net profit or loss for the year attributable to equity shareholders by the weighted average number of equity shares outstanding during the period. Gratuity and leave encashment has been provided based on the actuarial valuation. However. h) Foreign Currency Transactions Foreign Exchange Transactions are recorded at the exchange rates prevailing on the date of transaction and any exchange differences arising on foreign transactions are recognized as income or expense in the year in which they arise. Accounting Standard on deferred Tax Liability is not applicable in so far as it relates to the income from its agro based operations. packing materials. Page 30 of 48 . Hence. if any. for its Bio tech and Pharmaceutical operations. i) Borrowing costs: Borrowing costs are charged to profit and loss account except in cases where the borrowings are directly attributable to the acquisition. pre-operative expenses. unutilized issue proceeds are invested in fixed deposits with the company's bankers. However. stores and spare parts. k) Taxation: Current Income tax is measured at the amount expected to be paid to the tax authorities in accordance with the Indian Income Tax Act 1961. o) Deferred Tax Liability:The income from Agro based operations of the company comprises Horticulture and Nursery operations. n) Raw materials. finished goods and work in progress are valued at lower of cost and Net realizable value (as certified by the management).

680. Sudhakar 4.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Notes to Accounts (All amounts in Indian Rupees except for share data or otherwise stated) NOTE NO.145 23.906. shares 25.066.89 1.675 189.906.000 18.680.066.906.619 8. 2012 Number of % shares Shareholding Mr.675 - 189.750 18.389.906.each.21 4.675 189.750 Details of the shareholders holding more than 5% shares in the company Name of the shareholder As at 31 March.750 18.750 - 18. 2012 Number of Rs.389.066.066. 1: SHARE CAPITAL Particulars (a) Authorized Equity shares of Rs. The company has only one class of equity shares having a face value of Rs.000 250. P. shares 18.675 - 189.10 each with voting rights (b) Issued Equity shares of Rs.000.10/.000.675 189.21 Mrs.066. Page 31 of 48 .750 Reconciliation of the shares outstanding at the beginning and at the end of the reporting period Equity Shares At the beginning of the reporting period Issued during the period Outstanding at the end of the reporting period b) As at 31 March.675 189.750 18.066. Each shareholder is eligible for one vote per share held.10 each fully paid up with voting rights a) c) As at 31 March.000 250. 2013 Number of Rs.906.000 25.750 18.619 8.906.000.750 - 18. Sailaja 1.10 each with voting rights (c) Subscribed and fully paid up Equity shares of Rs.906.906.675 189.675 189. P. 2013 Number of % shares Shareholding As at 31 March.145 23.

3 : SHARE APPLICATION MONEY PENDING ALLOTMENT As on 31/03/2013 As on 31/03/2012 S.810.110 - - 1. Rs.179 711.No.955.500 275.Profit and Loss Account Add: Transfer from Profit & Loss Account Less: Transfer To General Reserve Less: Dividend Less: Bonus shares Less: Transfer to/from reserves.000 260.000 711. Particulars No.483 763.593 987.883. As on 31/03/2012 Rs.110 NOTE NO. Particulars Rs.110 563.955.838. I Share Application Money Notes: Period of Delay in the allotment of shares if any along with the reasons to be stated - Page 32 of 48 .039.955.112. 275. I RESERVES AND SURPLUS a) Securities Premium Reserve As at the commencement of the year Add: Additions during the year Less: Utilized during the year h) Surplus : i) Opening Balance .000 275.500 15.575. II III A Reserve specifically represented by earmarked investments Negative balance of reserves and surplus account Total Reserves and Surplus As on 31/03/2013 Rs.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTE NO.842.593 148.810.234.931 52.765. 2 : RESERVES AND SURPLUS S.073.

presently. 6 : OTHER LONG TERM LIABILITES S.265 287. 4 : LONG TERM BORROWINGS S.No.a.. The Loan is repayable quaterly over a period of 5 years with an initial moratorium of 18 months.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTE NO. - As on 31/03/2012 Rs. Krishnagiri Dist.7 Phase II Alexandria Knowledge park KOLTHOOR (vill) SHAMIRPET (M) R. satyamangalam village.830.R. Particulars As on 31/03/2012 Rs.744.(Dist).357. - NOTE NO. I Long Term borrowings a) Bonds/debentures Secured Unsecured b) Term loans: From banks: Secured Loan 232. Buildings and other Fixed Assets and further secured by personal guarantee of the managing director)*1 Total long term borrowings 232. Hosur Tq. No. As on 31/03/2013 Rs. Particulars Total other long term liabilities As on 31/03/2013 Rs.. Term Loan from Bank is Secured by equitable mortagage of land and buildings of Bio Pharma unit situated at PLOT No.000 Particulars Deferred Tax Liability As on 31/03/2012 Rs.265 287.330 (Term loans from Punjab National Bank is secured by way of hypothication of Biopharma Unit situated at Shameerpet Hyderabad and Second charge on the company's Floriculture Assets like Land. The Loan carried interest @17. The same is further secured by first charge on the floriculture assets of the company situated at 1/102. - Page 33 of 48 .357. NOTE NO.50 p. 5 : DEFERRED TAX LIABILITY ( NET ) S. As on 31/03/2013 Rs.330 Security Details *1. Tamil Nadu and personal guarantee from promoter directors.830. No. 16.

136. Total short term borrowings - As on 31/03/2012 Rs.365 1. Particulars No. 7 : LONG TERM PROVISIONS As on 31/03/2013 Rs.583 S.000 Interest accrued but not due on term loan Total other current liabilities 73. Term Loan Payable 73. - NOTE NO.558.934 Page 34 of 48 . No. 8 : SHORT TERM BORROWINGS. As on 31/03/2013 S.660. - NOTE NO.558.829 2. 9 : TRADE PAYABLES S. As on 31/03/2012 Rs.754 514.858 As on 31/03/2013 Rs.365 1. - As on 31/03/2012 Rs.642.456. - 1.858 5. 2.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTE NO. I a) Trade Payables b) Sundry creditors b) Expenses Payable Total Trade Payables As on 31/03/2012 Rs.000 35.625.727 2. 1.587 538.811. Rs. 10 : OTHER CURRENT LIABILITES As on 31/03/2013 S.000 NOTE NO. 11 : SHORT TERM PROVISIONS S. I a) Provisions for employee benefits Provision for gratuity b) Others Statutory Liabilities Provision for Income Tax Other Provisions Total short term provisions As on 31/03/2012 Rs. Rs.314 NOTE NO.326.675. Particulars No. Particulars Total Long Term Provisions As on 31/03/2013 Rs. Particulars No. 5.456.934 1.642. Particulars No.

- 5.827 1.749 12.092.961. - - - Rate of Depreciatio As on 31.864.631 23. - Rs.04.375 505.433.2012 Rs.129.841.394 7.375 5.000 903.736.015.175 75.070 42.641 23.813.261.125 217.384.000 1.957 33. 15.937.180 412.520 Additions during the year Rs.887.254.75% 0.958 96. Total Depreciation Rs.596. Sale / Deletions during the year Rs.2012 Rs.367.366.375 266.928 397.286 116.657.75% 20.688 6. 54.75% 4.00% 4.736.109 1.445. No.570.031.75% 4.887. 5.721 1.827 1.161 572.485 29.763.405 910.560.437. 23.377 Net Block as on 31.550 169.305.752 107.980.34% 4.864.296 2.286 116.752.494 217.109 1. For the / Reversal of year 2012-2013 Impairement Loss for the Year Rs.59% 0 113.03.896 80.417 169.394 7.217 10.602.150.595.285 53.00% 4.618 265.158 286.830 171.458 14.937.752.673 Net Block as on 31.629.03.944 19.2012 Rs.2012 Rs. 802.34% 4. 0.375 5.940 . Particulars Land & Developments Buildings Irrigation Misc.548.934.292.00% 3.944 19.254.373.869.922.748 2.417 113.522 15. - - - - Rate of Depreciatio As on 31.765 42.763.763. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Particulars Land and Development Buildig and civil works Plant and machinery Technical knowhow and Electricals and accessories Miscellaneous assets Capital Work in Progress Total(B) Total(A+B) Previous year As on 01.976 1.606 1.158 286.397 Net Block as on 31. Rs.957 27. No.03. Rs.125 211.305 826.305 79.629.087.375 675.205 123.2012 Rs.21% 0.147 28.305.04.995 47.499.957 33.872.943.658.309.164 793.869.693 Net Block as on 31.550 Gross Block Additions Capitalised through during the Business year acquitions Rs.860.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Notes to Accounts (All amounts in Indian Rupees except for share data or otherwise stated) Note Number : 12.514 8.702 339.230. 1.402 17.803.566 4.122 2.330 24.223. 15.955 516.163.75% 16.806 Impairment Loss Dep.895. 4.305 5.042.038 27.531.04.670 25.843 23.147 27.237. 15.957 19.230.486 4.555 2.394.125.929 762.595.602.070 Depreciation/Amortization Additions during the year Additions through Business acquitions Capitalised during the year Sale / Deletions during the year Rs.305 1.651 1.068.662.00% 3.081 3.2013 n Rs.763.113 Rs.922.107 266.00% 17.175.285 121.644.867 Total Depreciation Rs.2013 Rs.03.602.143 3.033 787.268 10.377 Bio-Pharma:- Sl.703 2.302.095.471. For the / Reversal of year 2012-2013 Impairement Loss for the Year Rs.934.801.641.00% 4.522 15. Fixed Assets Green House Planting Materials Electricals Cold Chain Facilities Office Equipment Furniture & Fittings Computers Capital Work in Progress Total(A) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 As on 01.644.020 925.724 4.670 25.292.545.75% 4.267. 15.079 363.2013 Rs.807.04.957 29.241.75% 0.070 42.806 79. As on 01.709 5. 54. As on 01.217 10.998 2.074.542.830 171.807.147 28.152 17.843.699.545.13 & 14 FIXED ASSETS Floriculture:Gross Block Sl.305 5. Rs.580 Depreciation/Amortization Impairment Loss Dep.658.2013 n Rs. 0.175.275 329. Rs.756. 505.688 6.070 - Dep.615 218.254.107 266.685 1.955.070 Dep.2012 Rs.847 2.236.000 820.902 142.75% 4.768 190.070 186.230.305 1.662.537 104.75% 4.129.305 1.752.165 4. 54.830 166.411. - 5.511.560.995 47.220.373.03.998 2.194.

250 23. 135.760 NOTE NO.000 As on 31/03/2013 Rs.103. No.902 135.103. 2.902 8.000 1.427.7. 61.599.000 1.103.680 49.440 *2 Research and Development Expenditure of Rs. As on 31/03/2012 Rs.337.000 1.35.858 40.534.680 Total Non Current Assets 213. 14 : OTHER NON.343.79 lakhs during the firnancial year 2011-12 spent on product development of Bio-pharma Division and eligible under Section 35(2)(b) of Income Tax Act 1961 shown separately.000 1. 15 : LONG TERM LOANS AND ADVANCES S.103.582 57.00 Lakhs received from DSIR as grant to wards approved project for development of liquid rebies vaccine. Particulars Total Current Investments As on 31/03/2013 Rs.743.CURRENT INVESTMENTS: S.283.902 61. Preliminary & Pre-operative Expenses Market Development Expenses Research & Development Expenditure *2 Research and Development expenditure of capital nature Add: Incurred during the year *3 57.343.term loans and advances: Security Deposit Secured Unsecured Doubtful Total Long term loans & advances Less : Provision for Doubtful Debts Total Long term loans & advances( net ) As on 31/03/2013 Rs. I Particulars Long .000 1.858 40. As on 31/03/2012 Rs.72. No.872.250 23.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTE NO. 1.680 77.337.21 Lakhs during the financial year 2010-11 and Rs.034. No.034.599.760 135.103. - As on 31/03/2012 Rs.405.16 : OTHER NON . *3 The R & D Expenditure of Rs.582 consists of capital equipment procured for R & D and is net of Rs.750 10.902 consists of R & D Revenue expenditure of Rs.427. - NOTE NO.78.CURRENT ASSETS S.278.405.342 192.750 10. 100. Particulars Public Issue Expenses.000 20. 50.103.054. Page 35 of 48 .99.

742 - 325. I Particulars Inventories : a) Raw materials Sub Total b) Finished goods Sub Total Total Inventories As on 31/03/2013 Rs.856.528. No.881 As on 31/03/2013 Rs.866. I Particulars Outstanding for a period exceeding six months from the date they are due for payment Secured.514.907 As on 31/03/2013 Rs.394 51.490 180.417 5.634.894. Considered Good Unsecured.450.267 42. 19 : TRADE RECEIVABLES S.064.669 174.490 174. 5.205 13.450.450. 20 : CASH AND BANK BALANCES S.417 5.669 247.523.714 7.947 NOTE NO.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTE NO.306.894. No.372. As on 31/03/2012 Rs.634.494.417 5. Particulars I Cash and cash equivalents : a) Balances with banks : 1) On Current Accounts 2) Margin Money 3) Bank deposits with more than 12 months maturity 3) Un Paid Dividend Account b) Cheques.197. Draft on hand c) Cash on hand d) Others Total Cash and Cash Equivalents Page 36 of 48 . No. Considered Good Doubtful Total trade receivable Less : Allowance for bad & doubtful debts Total Trade Receivables(net) NOTE NO.417 242. 42.394 17.521 4.882. As on 31/03/2012 Rs. 18 : INVENTORIES S.154 105.550. As on 31/03/2012 Rs.421 51. Considered Good Doubtful Other Receivables: Secured.487 69. 7.267 63.332.487 17.807 - 9.907 180.882.450.154 63.332.514.252 247.252 242.064.494.372. Considered Good Unsecured.

131. Particulars Other Receivables Secured Unsecured Doubtful Total short term loans & advances Less : Provision for Doubtful Debts Total short term loans & advances( net ) As on 31/03/2013 Rs.917 54. - As on 31/03/2012 Rs.126 54.131. As on 31/03/2012 Rs. Particulars Other Current Assets Page 37 of 48 .131.820. No. No. 21 : SHORT TERM LOANS AND ADVANCES S. - NOTE NO. 65.126 As on 31/03/2013 Rs.820.126 54.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTE NO.22 : OTHER CURRENT ASSETS S.820.917 65.917 65.

108 216.851.274 As on 31/03/2012 Rs. 24 : OTHER INCOME S.651 466. - As on 31/03/2013 Rs.324 1.580. No. (i) (ii) Particulars Revenue from operations in respect of non-finance company a) Sales Domestic Sales Export Sales Other operating revenues Total Revenue from Operations As on 31/03/2013 Rs.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTES TO STATEMENT OF PROFIT & LOSS NOTE 23: REVENUE FROM OPERATIONS S.305.134 45.320.218 242.851.320.195. Particulars Inventory at the beginning of the year I Add: Production/Purchase Purchases Nursery Materials Flowers Fruits and vegetables Less: inventory at the end of the year Page 38 of 48 .809.741 111. No. No.541 418.324 As on 31/03/2012 Rs.660.375.088.088.580. 1.227.540.088.465.320. 25 : COST OF MATERIALS CONSUMED S.514 724.298. Particulars Other Income As on 31/03/2013 Rs.451. 47.274 696.167 732.441 36.175.747.023 172.324 1.547.759 NOTE NO. 33.224 71.514 NOTE NO.382 128.095.679.580.863 129.875. 724.514 724. - As on 31/03/2012 Rs.307 432.033 33.100 698.

As on 31/03/2012 Rs. No.154 (45. No. 17. 27 : EMLOYEE BENEFIT EXPENSES (AGGREGATE EXPENDITURE) S.041.023.251 1.253 105.986 28.520.253 338.803.659 450.284.477.487 63.074.934 Total Employee Benefit Expenses 41.796 Page 39 of 48 .657 1. 22.803. Particulars I Finished Goods Finished goods at the beginning of the year Less : Finished goods at the end of the year (Increase) / Decrease in Inventories As on 31/03/2013 Rs.690.652 1.487 5.598 2. (a) Salaries & Wages (b) Contribution to Provident & Other Funds (c) Staff Welfare Expenses (d)Provision for gratuity 32.894.840 1.254.165. I Particulars As on 31/03/2013 Rs.487 9.914.800.364.917.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTE NO.847.352. 26: CHANGE IN INVENTORIES & WIP.390 4. I Particulars (a) Carriage inwards (b) Labour wages (c) Electricity charges (d) Power & fuel (e) Repairs and maintenance (f) Job work charges (g) Factory maintenance (h)Other Manufacturing expenses Total Other Expenses As on 31/03/2013 Rs. S. 215.572 2. 17.894.028.468 3.543.067 1.449 7.652 291.044.655 71.498 NOTE NO.626 24.687 As on 31/03/2012 Rs.660.378 24.625 1.144 7.359.985 17.294 7.456.031.435 NOTE NO.028.372. 28 : OTHER OPERATING EXPENSES S. No.667) As on 31/03/2012 Rs.

422 156. 29 : ADMINSTRATIVE EXPENSES S.025 1.478 19.698 250.728 358.000 1.979 44.415 384.450 119.916 475.976 320.258 191.269 582.741 350.398 3.025.036 487.699 3.655 553.650 415. 533.423 535.052 2.481 726.654 425.041 149.000 635.129 250.148 465.829 167.150. Book & Periodicals Computer Maintenance Conveyance.150.504.764 1.866 392.560 311.615 7. Filing Fee Insurance Legal Expenses Licenses & taxes Listing Fee Membership & Subscriptions Miscellaneous Expenses Office Expenses Annual maintenance charges Advertisement expenses Postage Printing & Stationary Printing Statutory Professional Charges Pooja Expenses Rates & Taxes Rent Repairs &Maintenance Security Charges Payment to auditors(*) Telephone & communication Charges Travelling Expenses Foreign & Domestic Service charges Vehicle Maintenance Vehicles Hire Charges Total Administrative Expenses As on 31/03/2013 Rs.577 838.247 20. Custodial Fee Annual issuer fee D-mat Charges Directors Remuneration.998 51.204.508.256 117.846 76.838 1.547 2.000 836.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTE NO.660 725. 134.248 982.661 77.058.267. No.326 1.463 183.447 Page 40 of 48 .141.987 2.879 587.671 86.732 1.000 350.955 899.050 253.694.773 705.878 239. I Particulars Meeting & Conference Expenses Bank charges.163 As on 31/03/2012 Rs.712 1.921.892 38.657 3.689.735.200 550.000 150.526 356.953 3.000 389.110.746 301.438 916.145.289.184 281.703 120.590.651 91.

151 29. 3. As on 31/03/2012 Rs.941.564.517. Particulars Selling expenses: Packing material consumed Opening stock Add: Purchases As on 31/03/2013 Rs.959 3.044 NOTE NO.086.081 4.762.005.259 9. I Particulars (a) Interest Expenses : .Interest on term loan 2 .705.574 4. 47.141 629.578 940.878 6.326 As on 31/03/2012 Rs.581 5.375 28.808.928 24.285 58.141 NOTE NO. 32 SELLING EXPENSE S. 24.133 23. Particulars Research & Development exp of prior period written off Consumables Glassware Utilities Manpower Research &Development expenses for current year Total Other expenses As on 31/03/2013 Rs.Interest on Cash Credit .Interest on Car Loan .705.341.029.237 Other selling expenses Total Selling Expenses 21. 629.243 6.Interest on term loan 1 .745 8.326 47. No. No.713 18.961.Loan processing Charges & Bank Charges (b) Other Borrowing costs (c) Applicable net gain/loss on foreign currency translations & transactions Total Finance Cost As on 31/03/2013 Rs.727 10.927 9.173. No. Less: closing stock Consumption of packing materials Freight Sales promotion 5.586 3.333.808. 30 : FINANCE COST S.710.720.848 5.413.275 As on 31/03/2012 Rs. 31 : RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT EXPENDITURE S.102 Page 41 of 48 .729.202 5.132.961.533.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED NOTE NO.727 23.799.

000 3) Production b) CIF value of Imports c) Expenditure in Foreign Currency Foreign Travel d) Earnings in Foreign Currency e) Remittances made in foreign Currency in respect of dividends (Net of Taxes) f) Auditor’s Remuneration . 1956.Tax Audit fees . d) Managing Director Remuneration Rs.31.00 lakhs 2) Installed Capacity 120.50.00 lakhs 120.50.2012 a) Licensed and installed capacity and production 1) Licensed Capacity 120.Audit Fee .000 Rs.Certification work Page 42 of 48 .000 Rs.50.31.2013 PARTICULARS 31.03. 1956.2013 31.000 Rs.000 Rs.50.50.000 e) Information pursuant to the provisions of part II of Schedule V of the Companies Act.88 Lakhs Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Note:33 PARTICULARS 31.2012 Nil Nil Nil Nil a) Capital Commitments Estimated amount of contracts remaining to be Executed on Capital Account and not provided for (net of advances) b) Contingent Liabilities not provided for c) DUES TO SSI: There are no dues to SSI units in respect of sundry creditors as required to be disclosed in accordance with section 211 read with part 1 of schedule VI of the Companies Act.000 Rs.30 Lakhs Nil 21.00 lakhs 118.000 Rs.1.50 lakhs 118.50.00 lakhs 120.55 lakhs Nil

23 7243. 1956 71967483 154875179 Maximum permissible remuneration to Managing director as per Section 198/309 3598374 7743759 Maximum permissible remuneration to Non executive director as per Section 198/309 NA NA g) Segment information 2012-13 2011-12 Segment Revenue Rs.57 -- Page 43 of 48 .150. in lacs Rs. in lacs Floriculture Pharma& Bio Pharma 10009.000 Year ended 31-03-2012 Add: Directors sitting fees Managerial remuneration Commission paid to non executive directors Depreciation 53237152 17292113 Loss on sale of fixed assets - - Provision for doubtful debts and advances - - 12520463 5 172167292 Less: - Depreciation u/s 350 53237152 17292113 Net profit as per section 198/ 349 of the companies Act. 1956: Particulars Year ended 313-2013 Net profit as per profit and Loss account 68817483 148575179 - - 3150000 3.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED f) Managerial remuneration: The computation of net profit in accordance with the provisions of section 349 of the Companies Act.20 876.

10 14851 Segment Result (Profit before tax and interest net of interest income) Profit Before Tax Capital Employed (Segment Assets-Segment liabilities) Floriculture Pharma Bio Pharma Total Page 44 of 48 .80 7243.18 1479.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Total 10885.30 9624.22 9593.75 Add interest income (net) -479.29 688.72 -- Total 1167.50 4591.29 15669.79 1485.75 Pharma& Bio Pharma -161.22 635.20 Floriculture 1329.46 5441.41 -6.49 635.51 1485.

25MT --- 43.36 Lac stems ------- 17. in lacs Value Value 41.18 161.81 33.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Opening Stocks FLORI DIVISION a) Fertilizers b) Pesticides c) Packing Materials d)Nursery e) Finished Goods Flowers f) Fruits & vegetables PHARMA DIVISION a)Tablets b)Raw Material c)Packing Material Closing Stocks FLORI DIVISION a) Fertilizers b) Pesticides c) Packing Materials d) Nursery items e) Finished Goods Flowers f) Fruits&veg&flowers PHARMA DIVISION a)Raw Material b)Packing Material c)Tablets Sales FLORI DIVISION a) Export Sales ( Deemed) b) Nursery & flowers c) Fruits & vegetables d)Pharma& Bio Pharmadivision 2012-13 Quantity 94.46 ---- -4591.18 58.20 99. in lacs 2011-12 stems in lacs Rs.18 58.23 lakh stems ------- 16.00 94.08 396.78 MT ----86. in lacs 6591.21 lac stems 20.25 MT --71.76 3.09 876.00 --------- 87.00 2012-13 stems in lacs Rs.86 406.08 396.18 161.78 MT ----86.68 40.04 3.36 Lac stems ------- 17.87 20.57 -- -Page 45 of 48 .25MT 62.87 20.83 3.97 24.55MT 2011-12 Quantity Rs.68 417.84 60. in lacs 41.14 213.03 ----- ------- ------- 135.11 2652.76 220.20 16.29 228.50MT 3.55MT Rs.77 3417.

40 356. No. Imported Indigenous Nil Nil 100% 100% PHARMA DIVISION 2012-13 2011-12 Rs. Name of the party Nature of transaction Amount Rs. CONSUMPTION OF RAW MATERIALS 2012-13 2011-12 FLORI DIVISION 449.03 55. Sudhakar Remuneration 31. in lacs 1 Shri P.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED h) Information regarding stocks NOTE: Since the items of Nursery and other flowers are of many varieties it is not practically possible to give quantity details. in lacs 324.50 Page 46 of 48 .59 b) Pesticides 90.14 Value of imported and indigenous raw materials etc.81 c) Packing Materials Rs.27 -- 85.16 a) Fertilizers 112. in Lacs Raw Material 0 0 Consumables 0 0 Packing Material i) RELATED PARTY DISCLOSURES: Transaction with related parties pursuant to AS-18 for the financial year 2012-13 Sl. and percentage of the Total Consumption.

1956. advances from customers etc. n) Information pursuant to the provisions of part IV of Schedule of the Companies Act. 10 per share k) In the opinion of the management. 213077 For and behalf of Board For POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Sd/P. l) Sundry Debtors. 2.73 Lakhs Rs.) 2012-13 2011-12 Rs520.. Balance Sheet Abstract and Company`s General Business Profile: For M M REDDY & CO.75 Lakhs 18906675 18906675 Rs.Sailaja Director Place : Hyderabad Date : 14-08-2013 Page 47 of 48 . m) The figures are rounded to the nearest rupee and previous year`s figures have been rearranged/re-grouped wherever necessary to confirm to the current year`s classification.75 Rs. the current assets. other liabilities. Firm Registration Number : 010371S Chartered Accountants M Madhusudhana Reddy Partner Membership No. unless specifically mentioned otherwise and provisions for all known liabilities have been made..Sudhakar Managing Director Sd/P.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED j) EARNINGS PER SHARE Profit after tax (as per profit and loss A/c) No. are subject to confirmation.86 Nominal value Rs. loans and advances. 7. loans and advances have a value on realisation in the ordinary course of business at least equal to the amount at which they are stated. sundry creditors. of Equity shares Earnings per share (in Rs. 1485.

hereby appoint Mr. Affix Re. of shares:_______________ Signature:_________________________ Note: The proxy in order to be effective must reach duly filled and signed in at least 48 (forty-eight) hours before the time of holding the aforesaid meeting. 2.---------------------------------------------------------POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Reg. Satyamangalam Village. Hosur (Tq) Krishnagiri (Dt). Signed this----------------------day of ----------------------2013 Address-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No. Shareholder/Proxy holder wishing to attend the meeting must bring the Admission Slip and hand over at the entrance duly signed. T N 635105 PROXY FORM FOLIO No. DP ID: CLIENT ID: Signature of the Shareholder/Proxy* Notes: 1. Satyamangalam Village. ----------------------------------------------------.POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED 1/102./Ms__________________ in the District of _________________________ as my/our Proxy to attend and vote for me /us on my/ our behalf at the 18th Annual General Meeting of the Company to be held at Registered office of the company at 11. 26. Off: 1/102./Mrs. 3. Thummanapalli Post.M. A proxy need not be a member.00 A. DP ID: CLIENT ID: I/We______________________________________ of ________________________________ in the District of____________________________ being a member(s) of the above named company.1/Revenue Stamp Page 48 of 48 .09.00 A. No gifts / Coupons will be distributed at the Annual General Meeting. T N – 635 105 ATTENDANCE SLIP I hereby record my/our presence at the 18th Annual General Meeting of the Company at the registered office on 26th September 2013 at 11.2013 and at any adjournment thereof.Thummanapalli Post. Name of the Shareholder/ Proxy* No. Shareholder/Proxy should bring his/her copy of the Annual Report. of Shares Held: ________________ _______________________________________ FOLIO No.M on Thursday. Hosur (Tq) Krishnagiri (Dt).