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NUR FARHANA MOHAMMAD 910524-03-5646 TSL 3108

Lesson Plan
Target group : Year 3 (low level)
Grammar focused : Personal Pronouns (I, he, his, she, and her)
Allocated time : 45 minutes
Integrated skills : listening, writing, reading
Teaching aids : Song entitled A Boy, A girl, worksheet, word cards, picture cards
Content standard : 5.1 By the end of 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to
use different word classes correctly and appropriately.
Learning standard : 5.1.5 Able to use pronouns correctly and appropriately:
a) Personal
Learning objectives : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
a) Identify and state 3 out 5 pronouns correctly.
b) Build 3 out of 5 sentences using 3 out of 5 pronouns correctly.
c) Replace 4 out of 6 nouns with correct pronouns.
Note: students already learnt personal pronouns from previous lesson.

Stages/time Activities Notes
Stage 1
(5 minutes)
1. Teacher will ask the students about
pronouns they learned from previous
2. Teacher uses picture cards and word cards.
3. Teacher shows the words cards and picture
cards, then students need to guess the
Sample words:
a. He
b. She
c. His
d. Her
e. They
f. We
NUR FARHANA MOHAMMAD 910524-03-5646 TSL 3108
Stage 2
(20 minutes )
1. Teacher will project the lyrics on the board.
2. Teacher will play a song. Students listen.
3. Teacher will play again, and students need
to identify pronouns in the song.
4. Teacher will call few students to say aloud
their pronouns. Teacher will write on the
board the pronouns they can find in the
5. Students need to build simple sentences
using the pronouns listed on the board.
6. Teacher will show examples first to the
7. Students have to submit their works and
teacher will check their sentences later.
Refer to appendix A
Stage 3
(15 minutes )
1. Students will be given a worksheet.
2. Students need to replace the nouns with
correct pronouns given.
3. Teacher will discuss the worksheet in class.
4. Students need to change the worksheet with
their partner and discuss the answers with
the teacher.
Refer to appendix B
Stage 4
( 5 minutes)
1. Teacher will conclude the lesson of the day.
2. Teacher will ask the students to say aloud
the pronouns they have learned and their

NUR FARHANA MOHAMMAD 910524-03-5646 TSL 3108
Appendix A
A Boy, A Girl
My name is Ahmad Faris,
Ahmad Faris, Ahmad Faris,
My name is Ahmad Faris,
I am a boy.
My name is Norhaliza,
Norhaliza, Norhaliza,
My name is Norhaliza,
I am a girl .
His name is Encik Ali,
Encik Ali, Encik Ali,
His name is Encik Ali,
He is a man.
Her name is Puan Siti,
Puan Siti , Puan Siti ,
Her name is Puan Siti,
She’s a woman.

NUR FARHANA MOHAMMAD 910524-03-5646 TSL 3108
Appendix B
Replace the underlined words with correct pronouns.
he she they it

1. Ali went to the market to buy some groceries.
2. Puan Adina has work as a clerk for 3 years.
3. The taxi driver told John to wait because he had to go to the toilet first.
4. The cat has stole Mark’s food.
5. Wawa and Wani are twins but go to different school.
6. Amin cannot find his work book, so he does not bring the book to school today.