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Management Representation Letter

(Entity Letterhead)
(To Auditor) (Date)
This representation letter is provided in connection with your audit of the financial statements of ABC Company for the year ended
December 3! "# for the purpose of e$pressin% an opinion as to whether the financial statements %ive a true and fair view of (present
fairly! in all material respects) the financial position of ABC Company as of December 3! "# and of the results of its operations and
its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with (indicate applicable financial reportin% framewor&)'
(e ac&nowled%e our responsibility for the fair presentation of the financial statements in accordance with (indicate applicable financial
reportin% framewor&)'

(e confirm! to the best of our &nowled%e and belief! the followin% representations)
*nclude here representations relevant to the entity' +uch representations may include the followin%)
• There have been no irre%ularities involvin% mana%ement or employees who have a si%nificant role in internal control or that
could have a material effect on the financial statements'
• (e have made available to you all boo&s of account and supportin% documentation and all minutes of meetin%s of shareholders
and the board of directors (namely those held on ,arch -! "# and +eptember 3.! "#! respectively)'
• (e confirm the completeness of the information provided re%ardin% the identification of related parties'
• The financial statements are free of material misstatements! includin% omissions'
• The Company has complied with all aspects of contractual a%reements that could have a material effect on the financial
statements in the event of noncompliance' There has been no noncompliance with re2uirements of re%ulatory authorities that
could have a material effect on the financial statements in the event of noncompliance'
• The followin% have been properly recorded and! when appropriate! ade2uately disclosed in the financial statements)
o The identity of! and balances and transactions with! related parties'
o Losses arisin% from sale and purchase commitments'
o A%reements and options to buy bac& assets previously sold'
o Assets pled%ed as collateral'
• (e have no plans or intentions that may materially alter the carryin% value or classification of assets and liabilities reflected in
the financial statements'
• (e have no plans to abandon lines of product or other plans or intentions that will result in any e$cess or obsolete inventory!
and no inventory is stated at an amount in e$cess of net reali3able value'
• The Company has satisfactory title to all assets and there are no liens or encumbrances on the company4s assets! e$cept for
those that are disclosed in 0ote # to the financial statements'
• (e have recorded or disclosed! as appropriate! all liabilities! both actual and contin%ent! and have disclosed in 0ote # to the
financial statements all %uarantees that we have %iven to third parties'
• 5ther than ' ' ' described in 0ote # to the financial statements! there have been no events subse2uent to period end which
re2uire ad6ustment of or disclosure in the financial statements or 0otes thereto'
• The ' ' ' claim by #78 Company has been settled for the total sum of ### which has been properly accrued in the financial
statements' 0o other claims in connection with liti%ation have been or are e$pected to be received'
• There are no formal or informal compensatin% balance arran%ements with any of our cash and investment accounts' E$cept as
disclosed in 0ote # to the financial statements! we have no other line of credit arran%ements'
• (e have properly recorded or disclosed in the financial statements the capital stoc& repurchase options and a%reements! and
capital stoc& reserved for options! warrants! conversions and other re2uirements'

(+enior E$ecutive 5fficer)

(+enior 9inancial 5fficer)

*f re2uired add :5n behalf of the board of directors (or similar body)';