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worl d' s larges t exporter of coal by weight in 202 and the fo!rth"largest
exporter of #N$ in 20%& Indonesia's total pri'ary energy cons!'ption grew by
(() between 2002 and 202& *he petrole!' share acco!nts for the highest
portion of Indonesia' s energy 'ix at %+) in 202& O,erall- the energy sector
.incl!ding electricity/ constit!ted 0&+) of Indonesia' s $D1 in 202&
International oil co' pani es are 2he,ron-
*otal -
2onoco1hillips and 31& 2he,ron is the
largest oil prod!cer with abo!t %4) of
'ar5et share in cr!de oil prod!ction in
Indonesia has %&+ billion barrels of pro,en
oil reser,es in 6an 20( which is 0&( billion
barrels less than the last year& 7eser,e
replace'ent is 02) d!e to delcline in
in,est'ent in oil exploration& Se,eral
factors ca!se deline in o!tp!t e,ery year
li5e licensing appro, als at the regional
le,el of go,ern'ent - land
ac8!isition iss!es- oil theft in S!'atra
region- aging oil reser,es and ins!9cient
in,est'ent in !nexplored reser,es &
$o,ern'ent awarded ( o!t of + o:ered bloc5s& *he 20% bidding ro!nd in,ol,es
; oil and gas bloc5s- 'ainly in the eastern part of the co!ntry &
Indones i a' s total ref i nery capaci ty was aro!nd & 'bbl<day in 20% by its 4
re=neriees &>ain re=neries are 2ilacap .%(0-000 bbl <d/ in 2entral ?a,a- 3ali5papan
.200-000 bbl <d/ in @alia'antan- and D!'ai .+0-000 bbl <d/ in s!'atra&
2!rrent re=ning capacity is ins!9cient to 'eet de' and growth- as there is
ala lac5 of go,ern'ent
=nance incenti,es to
sti'!late foreign
1erta'ina plans to
constr!ct a ASB(00
'illion oi l ter'inal
which will allow
co'pany to blend its
own cr!de oil with the
grades of i'ported oil
and act as oil reser,e
for the co!ntry&
Do'estic cons!'ption
totaled &+ 'illion bbl <d
in 20%- rfo' &% ' bbl<d in 200C th!s ha,ing higher i'ports& 1etrole!' !se
declined in the power and ind!stry sectors while it increased in transport sector&
Indonesia oil and gas de'and is increased by 4) fro' 2000 .20000bbl<d/& #1$ !se
has increased by ;0) in 0years reaching 2(-000 bbl<d in 202 d!e to go,ern'ent
s!bsidiDation and price reg!lation for do'estic sector&
Indonesia also largest biodiesel prod!cer
in with ro!ghly %C-000 bbl <d& >ore
than %0) was bl ended within Indonesia
while re'aining was exported&
Indonesia cons!'ed abo!t 2-000 bbl <d
of biodiesel in 202&
Indones i a pos s es s ed
0(&( tri l l i on c!bi c feet
.*cf/ of pro, en nat!ral gas
res er, es i n 20(-
down fro' 0;&( *cf i n
Indonesi a was t he f o!rt h"l
argest #N$ ex port er i n
20%- f ol l owi ng Eat ar-
>al aysi a- and A!st ral i a&
In 20%- Indones i a ex
ported approx i' atel y ;;
3cf -
down fro' ;C0 3cf i n
202& l i 8!efact i on pl ants
are l ocated i n Northern
S!' atra .A r!n/- @al i' antan
.3ontang/- and 1ap!a .*angg!h/& 2o' bi ned operat i ng prod!ct i on capaci ty of
thes e pl ants
i s abo!t &0 tri l l i on c!bi c feet per y ear .*cf <y / accordi ng to IFS $l obal
Ins i ght & *he 3ontang
#N$ ter' i nal i n Eas t @al i' antan- the l arges t ter' i nal i n Indones i a
and one of the l arges t i n
the worl d- has a c!rrent operat i ng capaci ty of & *cf <y & *wo l i 8!efact i on pl
ants GDonggi "Senoro and Seng5angGare !nder cons tr!ct i on i n
S!l awes i &