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Consumer Perception &

Newly Launched
Brand Awareness Survey

1. Demographic Information

1.1 Gender
Male Female Others

1.2 Age
Under 20 years 20 – 25 years 26 – 30 years
31 – 40 years 41 – 50 years 51 – 60 years
Above 60 years

1.3 Education
Under High School High School Bachelor Degree

Master Degree Doctorate Degree

Others (Please Specify) __________________

1.4 Occupation
Student Housewife Employee

Entrepreneur Government Official

Others (Please Specify) __________________

1.5 Monthly Income (in Rs.)
Less than 20,000 20,001 – 30,000 30,001 – 40,000

40,001 – 50,000 50,001 – 60,000

More than 60,000

1.6 Marital Status
Single Married Divorce
2. Planet Sports: Store Image
2.1. How frequently do you visit Planet Sports?

Once in a week Once in 15 days
Once in a month Once in 2-3 months
2.2. Which products do you purchase more often in Planet Sports?
Apparels Footwear Accessories
Sports Equipments
2.3. Which source made you to buy product from Planet Sports?
News paper Hoardings Friends

Others (Please Specify) ___________

2.4. Why do you make purchase of products from Planet Sports?

Low price Better Quality Variety of products
Various Brands Others (specify) _____________________

2.5. How much money (in Rs.) do you generally spend per a shopping?

Less than 1500 1500 –2500 2501 – 3500
More than 3500

2.6. Does Planet Sports provide sufficient type of company products in one product category?
Yes No Not many None

2.7. How are the sales representative’s interactions at Planet Sports?

Effective Not effective Good No Interaction

2.8. How is Planet Sports maintaining product Quality compare to other retail stores?

Good Normal Not good Poor

2.9. Are you satisfied after shopping at Planet Sports?

Yes No
3. Planet Sports: Store Attributes
3.1. Please Rate the following factors with respect to Planet Sports:

1 2 3 4 5 6
Disagree Partly
Agree nor
Agree Don’t
Store Ambience
a. The shop windows
are appealing and

b. The store feels

c. The atmosphere in
the store is appealing

d. It is easy to find
what you are looking
for inside the store

e. The store is clean
f. The layout of the
store is logic

g. The lightning in
the store is good

h. The images and
graphics of the store
is good

i. The store has good
parking possibilities

j. The location of the
store is easily

Products Offered
a. The products are
of high quality

b. The product range
meet your

c. There are enough
to choose from

d. There are enough
products within each
product line (e.g. the
products are
available in

a sufficient number
of sizes
and colors)
f. The products are

g. The products are

h. New products are

i. The products I
have bought are
worth the money

Service & Personnel
a. The service is
always good

b. The sales
personnel is friendly

c. The personnel is

d. The personnel is

f. The personnel
gives logical advices

3.2. Compared to other similar stores that offer sports products, how would you rate
Planet Sports?

A Lot Better Better Somewhat the
Worse A Lot Worse

4. Brand Awareness of the New Launches: Umbro & Champion

4.1. Have you heard of the brands Umbro & Champion?
Yes No
4.2. How familiar are you with Umbro & Champion?
Very Familiar Moderately
Slightly Familiar Not at all

4.3. Where have you seen advertisements for our brand?
News paper Hoardings Television Never Seen

Others (Please Specify) ___________

4.4. Which of the following brands have you used before? (Select all that apply)
Nike Puma Adidas Fila
Speedo Spalding Umbro Champion
4.5. If you have used products of Umbro and/or Champion before, how would you rate your
satisfaction level?
Satisfied Moderately
Slightly Satisfied Not at all

4.6. How often have you heard other people talking about our brand?
Extremely Often Very Often Moderately Often Slightly Often Not at all Often

4.7. How likely is it that you would recommend our brand to a friend or colleague?
Not at
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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