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Sept 22/23 2012
Contact: Sally Harding
Tel: 07793526930
Cost of the 2 Day
£325 / £250 if you bring a
friend - including the PSYCH-K®
book, ‘The Missing Peace in Your
Life’ by Rob Williams and also a
PSYCH-K® pack with all the
materials you need to become a
PSYCH-K® Facilitator.
All wo rks ho ps s t art at
9 . 3 0 am and e nd at
6 . 0 0 pm bo t h days .
“The secret of life is beliefs.
Rather than genes, it is our
beliefs that control our lives.
PSYCH-K® is a set of simple, self
empowering techniques to
change your beliefs and
perceptions that impact your life
at a cellular level.” Bruce Lipton
Instructor: Cazzie Dare
Did you know that 95% of your life is being driven by the subconscious
beliefs and programmes that are installed at a very young age - many of
which can be extremely limiting and disempowering.
Imagine being able to take control of your own life by changing the
limiting beliefs that hold you back, into empowering beliefs that help you
create a positive future. Our beliefs can affect health and body image, self
esteem, personal power, finances, spirituality, confidence, ability to relax,
relationships and much, much more.
In Your 2 Day PSYCH-K® Workshop, you will learn -
• The theory behind how PSYCH-K works - We will look at the differences
between the superconscious, conscious and subconscious minds and also the
basic theory of split brain research - the differences between the left and
right brain hemispheres, and why both are important when changing beliefs.
• Muscle Testing - you will learn how to use muscle testing to identify which
beliefs you need to change in order to achieve your desired experiences, and
also to identify which PSYCH-K ‘Balance’ is needed to change your beliefs.
• Two Balances - which are used to change beliefs at the subconscious level
of the mind, called the New Direction Balance and Resolution Balance. Once
your limiting beliefs have been changed, you will be able to experience the
reality you choose.
• A VAK To The Future goal clarification process: used to communicate
directly with the subconscious mind when you have a large abstract goal.
The VAK moves you towards your goal and supports it to manifest more
• How to create beliefs - you will learn to create your very own belief
statements that are personal to the changes you would like to make in your
• Self muscle testing - so that you can work with yourself as well as others.
Practice time - to become confident about using all of the processes you will
learn through the weekend.
At the end of the two days, you will be able to change your own beliefs,
help friends and family change theirs and also work in a professional
capacity with clients and charge for your services as a PSYCH-K®
Change Your Beliefs, Change
Your Life!
Imagine waking up every day wit h
t he f ollowing subconscious belief s
driving your t hought s, f eelings and
act ions:
”I can` t ‘ ”I` m not wort hy .......‘ ”I
don` t deserve ........‘ ”I won` t ever
achieve anyt hing‘ ”I hat e myself ‘
Lif e could be pret t y challenging and
it might t ake a lot of willpower,
ef f ort and energy t o get t hrough
your day.
Now imagine waking up wit h t he
f ollowing subconscious belief s driving
your t hought s, f eelings and act ions
inst ead:
”I can‘ ”I` m wort hy...‘ ”I
deserve.....‘ ”I can achieve anyt hing I
want ‘ ”I love myself‘
Lif e could be very dif f erent !
Sabot aging success in dif f erent
areas of our lives occurs when what
we desire consciously conflict s wit h
what we believe subconsciously!!!!
We may t hink one t hing and yet
have subconscious belief s t hat say
somet hing ent irely dif f erent .
”If you believe you can, or you believe
you can` t ..... you` re right ‘ Henry Ford
Have you ever wondered why lif e never
seems t o t urn out like t he self help
books say it should?
The answer, it seems, lies in belief s!
Research shows t hat most of our belief s
are st ored at t he subconscious level of
our mind - t he part of our mind we` re
not aware of !
It is our subconscious belief s t hat drive
our t hought s, act ions and t heref ore t he
result s we get , on a daily basis.
Every day we` re being driven by belief s
we don` t even know we have - belief s
t hat are t he result of lif e long
programming and condit ioning t hat can
somet imes be sabot aging and self -
def eat ing
Once changes have been made at t he
subconscious level of t he mind,
repeat ing and sabot aging pat t erns can
be released, allowing you t o creat e a
more balanced and f ulfllling lif e f or
yourself .
PSYCH-K is a non-invasive, simple and ef f ect ive way t o change subconscious belief s
t hat limit you, int o belief s t hat support you.
During t he PSYCH-K workshop, you will be able t o creat e belief s t hat will help you
manif est your conscious goals and desires.
A process called muscle t est ing ( Kinesiology) is used t o ident if y blocks t hat may
prevent you f rom achieving your goals. It is also used t o ident if y which PSYCH-K
’ Balances` are needed t o make changes at t he subconscious level of t he mind.
Once t he changes have been made, muscle t est ing is used t o conflrm t hat t he new
belief s have been st ored and programmed in t he subconscious mind and, if
appropriat e, an act ion plan will be designed t o support t he manif est at ion of t he new
belief s and goals.
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