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“Rikki-Tikki Tavi” by Rudyard Kipling
Please do this now
Think about a time you were rightened or nervous as you were meeting new
people! "es#ribe your eelings about your new surroundings and your
personal e$perien#es! %ist as many details as you #an re#all!
N&'( preview the story vo#abulary you will en#ounter in your short story!
Pre-reading vocabulary list: Look at the short defnitions provided
for each word. Circle any unfamiliar words in the list. Write your
own sentence for each guessing how each might be used in the
story we will read. !ou can make corrections as you read.
)! revive:bring ba#k to lie *+,
-! draggled:wet . dirty */"0,
1! 2in#hed:moved 3ui#kly4
espe#ially to get out o harm5s
way *+,
6! mourning: e$pressing
sadness be#ause o a loss *+,
7! #onsolation: something that
makes someone eel better
ater a loss *N,
8! #unningly: sneakily */"+,
9! #antonment: military
housing *N,
:! providen#e: a ;odsend *N,
<! slui#e:a drainpipe *N,
)=! pur#hase: a hold on
something *N,
Trade papers with a partner. Read. Circle the vocabulary
words as you fnd them.
Connections: "ill in the # section on the following chart$
listing things you already knew or %&'()&% you knew
about mongoose$ cobras$ and *ndia during the late +,--.s-
early +/--.s. 0lso write down what you hope to learn 1W2
as you read this story 1based on the vocabulary and the
preview activities we have completed.2 %hen$ read the
selected informational pieces and begin to fll in the L
section. !ou should be able to fnish flling it in 0"%34
reading the entire short story.
# W L
>There was an ?nglish military >@s this a story about an
presen#e in @ndia during this time #hara#ter or an @ndian
5(4*6) !'(4 4305*6)
Circle any UNFAMILIAR words as we read this section of the
EXPOSITION of Ri!!i"Ti!!i"Ta#i$ to%ether& Mar! in the ri%ht hand
col'(n any tho'%hts) *'estions or co((ents yo' ha#e as yo'
This is the story of the +reat ,ar that Ri!!i"Ti!!i"Ta#i fo'%ht
sin%le"handed) thro'%h the -athroo(s of the -i% -'n%alow in
Se%owlee canton(ent& .ar/ee) the Tailor-ird) hel0ed hi() and
Ch'ch'ndra) the ('s!"rat) who ne#er co(es o't into the (iddle of
the floor) -'t always cree0s ro'nd -y the wall) %a#e hi( ad#ice)
-'t Ri!!i"Ti!!i did the real fi%htin%& 1e was a (on%oose) rather li!e
a little cat in his f'r and his tail) -'t *'ite li!e a weasel in his head
and his ha-its& 1is eyes and the end of his restless nose were
0in!& 1e co'ld scratch hi(self anywhere he 0leased with any le%)
front or -ac! that he chose to 'se& 1e co'ld fl'ff '0 his tail till it
loo!ed li!e a -ottle -r'sh) and his war cry as he sc'ttled thro'%h
the lon% %rass was2 3Ri!!"ti!!"ti!!i"ti!!i"tch!43
Now) read on with yo'r thin!"0air"share 0artner and contin'e to
(ar! the new words and write *'estions and co((ents in the
ri%ht hand col'(n&
One day) a hi%h s'((er flood washed hi( o't of the -'rrow
where he li#ed with his father and (other) and carried hi() !ic!in%
and cl'c!in%) down a roadside ditch& 1e fo'nd a little wis0 of %rass
floatin% there) and cl'n% to it till he lost his senses& ,hen he
re#i#ed) he was lyin% in the hot s'n on the (iddle of a %arden
0ath) #ery dra%%led indeed) and a s(all -oy was sayin%) 31ere5s a
dead (on%oose& Let5s ha#e a f'neral&3 3No)3 said his (other) 3let5s
ta!e hi( in and dry hi(& Perha0s he isn5t really dead&3
They too! hi( into the ho'se) and a -i% (an 0ic!ed hi( '0
-etween his fin%er and th'(- and said he was not dead -'t half
cho!ed& So they wra00ed hi( in cotton wool) and war(ed hi(
o#er a little fire) and he o0ened his eyes and snee/ed& 3Now)3 said
the -i% (an 6he was an En%lish(an who had 7'st (o#ed into the
-'n%alow8) 3don5t fri%hten hi() and we5ll see what he5ll do&3 It is the
hardest thin% in the world to fri%hten a (on%oose) -eca'se he is
eaten '0 fro( nose to tail with c'riosity& The (otto of all the
(on%oose fa(ily is 3R'n and find o't)3 and Ri!!i"Ti!!i was a tr'e
(on%oose& 1e loo!ed at the cotton wool) decided that it was not
%ood to eat) ran all ro'nd the ta-le) sat '0 and 0't his f'r in order)
scratched hi(self) and 7'(0ed on the s(all -oy5s sho'lder& 3.on5t
-e fri%htened) Teddy)3 said his father&
'hat important
details are
revealed about
the mongoose at
the beginning o
the storyA Bark
'hat type o
is the author
'ho is Rikki-Tikki
TaviA Dow does
he meet TeddyA
@dentiy the
setting o the
story! Bark
spe#iE# portions
o the te$t that
provide details!
Preview the remaining 3uestions beore you Enish reading! /s you
read4 identiy spe#iE# parts o the te$t that #an help you answer
ea#h 3uestion4 and list spe#iE# te$t support within your answer
when you are able! /nswer the ollowing 3uestions in #omplete
senten#es! Fe sure to prooread your answers4 and be prepared to
)! Dow to Teddy5s parents eel about R-t-t staying at their houseA
Dow do you know thisA Ghare supporting details that support
your answer!
-! 'ho is NagainaA 'hat #an you iner about her rom the te$tA
1! 'hat happens when Rikki meets KaraitA
6! 'hat plan do Nag and Nagaina hat#hA
7! 'hat do you think Rikki will do with Nagaina5s eggsA
:!'hat prevents Rikki rom #elebrating Nag5s deathA
<! 'hat does Rikki bring to the verandaA
)=!'hat happens when Nagiana goes down the snake holeA
0"%34 !'( 4305
What is a theme7 &ur literature book deEnes theme as a #entral
message4 #on#ern4 or purpose in a literary work! / theme #an be
e$pressed as a general statement about human beings or about
lie! The theme o a work is not a summary o its plot4 but instead
is the writer5s #entral idea!
Bany themes are #ommon throughout all o literature! / theme
#an be as simple as one word: loyalty, courage, love, and
friendship. They #an also be a little more detailed like: cheaters
never prosper, it is better to give than receive, and love conquers
all. These are themes that #an be ound in a number o stories and
Now that we have read “Rikki-Tikki Tavi”4 you will need to End a
#entral theme to use or your response to literature proHe#t! %ist
two one-word themes that are ound in the story “Rikki -Tikki
Tavi! Ghare them with a partner . prepare to share your thoughts!
)! __________________________________________________
-! __________________________________________________
Now that you have listed two possible themes4 it is time to add
some detail to them! Pi#k one o the words you wrote above and
write a #omplete senten#e with a more detailed version o the
Type ) Iollins 'riting--Theme Genten#e:
%!P3 %&433 W4*%*6)-- 'ptional 0ssessment
Choose one of your themes for the story. 38plain and
support your theme using 9 specifc details from the te8t.
*nclude an opening that states your assertion and
concluding sentence that will satisfy your audience and will
fnali:e your thoughts and ideas. ;ecause it is a type 9
writing$ you will self-edit your work and complete a fnal
draft on )oogle 5ocs for submission.
"C0 +: Writer completes a minimum of one paragraph that
includes 9 5*""3436% reasons$ each supported with te8t
e8amples using proper <L0 citation.
"C0 =: Writer e8presses himself in a way that is thoughtful$
logical and convincing
"C0 9: Writer pays attention to mechanics and punctuation
for strong$ clear writing

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